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.'"'' ' '. Yy- - ;'": !" -..iVj'.vr; -f - 'v' .-:" , ;; -i'Y ;', . '
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Drop letter cctU
ma cuoce,
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h cnitig Bulletin Et.'1882. No. 927
Hawaiian . SUr. VoL XXV. No. 73
iim mi
i ii i-'iiiii
9 Y
. . J- " . f , .
Reprieve , is Granted Man Sentenced to Die for
Honokaa Murder -When - He Makes Known
: ; ; Guilt oV Crime - for Which, Another is Now
; Serving' a ' Sentence - of Life Imprisonment
LAD in the soft shirt and
lie was to have, gone to
, morning i on . tho r gallows?v Antone Balahaida,
- alias - Antonio, Garcia, granted ; a second tem-
. : pora.ry.repricyc by tlie governor from sentence
7 of hanging for the murder of a J apancse plan
YatidH man at Honokaa Mill, Hawaii; today
unfolded a bloody tale' that brands him as a
Y 'I triple murder. v V" ".: -V'
Balahdia,' or Garcia as iie is known In; the
records of court' and prison, related through
an x interpreter the details' : of
i. lurrlet unane, wbose muracr in tne
; autumn of 1315 "stirred the territory
"''Y as few crimes haVo ever dont and re
eulted In. the trial and conviction on
evidence almost entirely circumstan
tial of Joee ; Uellaeuva, afipherFiU-
tack. He tras to hrave been hanged
' this nornlnff vlth the other two 'Till
plnos who went to their death today.
Realizing that the hour of his death
C'was hut a brief span off, Garcia last
evening called fur Sheriff Jarrett,
, i telling him that be had a confession
to make, Tba sheriff ascertained the
v nature of ; It and sent at once for At
torney Btalnbackv Upon the state
' menu rAade by the condemned man
' thv.ttorfcejr recommended a tempo
rr 1 Etaylrg of execution. ' Today fol--"
k lig the tanging of - Bonella and
Verver, th- confession was taken la
detail.-: . ; ,- ;;V:
- Present at the scene .were Attorney
Stalnack. Sheriff Jarrett, Alfreds
Ocampo, police Interpreter; another
' Filipino Interpreter from among the
prisoners at the penitentiary,; the at-
torney. general's stenographer and a
(Continued oa pagt two) . '
NXW YORK, N. V., Oct. 26. A ten
tative agreement has-been reached by
the tommiuee of American Sugar R
Tlners which bls fair, In their esti
mation, to solve the acute sugar situa
'tjon'ln tho Eastern states; .
A): "Ottfii cement yas made today oa
.l.half jci-lhe refiners of an agreement,
subject to approval by the Internation
al scac11 committee, now being.organ
!zedr' hereby all raw sugar will be
' 'apr-c " o;d; among the different .'to
finer; 4 In foe country, with the re
sult, the ewnmittee" states; that many
idle .'re fir tries- would bo oiened" up
and (be cutput, speeded: op- vcrf con- J
4-: Of t I fntsett to J2USI N ESSv4
- f'Cf rf the territory Is a s'um-
: 4
' 4'
, cf-he new . Income TaK4
C , ii ,:ra a'ntTWar; Revenge .4
c . , I t r -C a u d e ' I . barker1 of Lot 4
Acs"cies,;;Expertrformer. U. S.v4
ccllettct- : ?$:.,: '-hY ? 4-
4 A 5PCCIALSARTICLE. prepared 4
by' a local financial expert will 4
4 ' discuss the new war revenue 4
4 'y bill from the particular stand- 4
point of Hawaii how It af- .4
'4 fects plantation capital and In- 4
4 divlduala, . ' ' - : i.Y -;4
4 TREND of the local money mar. 4
4 - ket toward mainland offerings. 4
f- Schofield: News .and Pictures 4
4 Trenches and Eorab-throwihg. 4
coming on a visit soon. "Who 4
they are, and their pictures. . 4
4 Live News from Every Field '4
' 4 - ' -
h .4 -f fffTt
K.taaaAuoroeTGonCran.uia I Gabriel and Rorencto Go Calm lr
ids ' rap
ME .
: la Confession
J f !
That he killed Harriet Kunane, -f
4- Kohala school girl, on Oct. 9, l&li,
instead of Joso " llclineufa, now -f
f serving life sentence for the
-f crime in Oahu prison. Declares
f that Bellncura is in no 4 way Im-
t- plicated In the crime.
t That he killed Gabriel, a Fili-
f pinb rival for
f eona Morales, in. sampaioc dis-
4- trict, Manila, on Ihe night of Feb-
f ruary yt, 1911. Blow was; struck
4- over be head with a four-pound
hammer. . i M .
4;-'- That he is the Filipino "Known
4,as Antone that police. sought for;'-
4; "in the Kunane trial atKailua, not
.4 as the perpetrator jof. thecrlme 4
4 but as a valuable '.witness Jose '4
4- having said that he had borrowed 4
4; a shirt from a man by .that name. 4
4 ' That ''his real name Is not An- 4
tonio Garcia bntAntone Bala ha- 4
4- dia, and- that he went by this 4
4 name but that he changed' it to 4
4 the alias' after he inurderi1; - 4
4 r That at Kohala at one of -the 4
4- Filipino, day, celebrations he was 4
4 elected -president of ceremonies
4 and delivered one of the orations 4
4 there. '' . . ' r iY . v-..---' 4
'.4 4- 4" 4 4 f -4 4 4 4 4 4 -f
street fsiiit that
his death in this
the killing of
mer Faints When Noose is
; Latter Sheds Tear as Death
you all. :J am sorry.
Please excuse me for all trouble
have, caused" for you.'M '. I.
Spoken in a firm voice that betrayed
no quiver of muscle or nervousnesj
of inind, Florencio Bonella, co-murderer
with Gabriel Verver of the Jap r
anese storekeeper Hayashlbara at
Kaneohe, last August, uttered these
words , through an interpreter - this
morning -at 9:43 o'clock--bls last
breath on earth. . The straps -were then
placed around his arms and chest; his
knees and ankles and eight Jnlnutes
later he swung Into eternltyin final
payment. for his share In the brutal
murder. ; .. '- 'Yy
- Both Florencio and " Gabriel went
gamely to their , deaths The stolidity
with which they met their fate aroused
comments of iu prist-, from een t'e
prison attaches of the territorial jail
whose softer sentiments have been
blunted by: constant contact with the
hardened scenes of life and immediate
association irith similar executions.,
r Shaking': hands with. the, slxvother
members .of "'deatUl'Tow -Florencio
and tlabriel ;8ubmitte3 calmly tr what
was oh the part;of othenC a tryitfg duty
h& tying of (he death straps about
tne Doaies or tne conaemned men;
Then led bjrHighv Sheriff Jarrett ;ahd r
their spiritual advisee, Fatherl ain.
tin. the tloomed men marched braverfi
aided by -prison guards on eitherside
of them, the few Met, through 'the
prison walls to the. gallowa , erected
in the prison courtyard where were
gathered some 100 spectators, and 3bf
ficiais. -:,:v y ? . v ' ;i
' Only' once did either man 'falter;
Florencio, following the reading of the
death warrant by Sheriff Jarrett anil
its Interpretaticn tirough' him. gave
way to emotion as he was Jed back into
his cell to spend his .last five 'minutes
on earth. As he ; stood witti folded
arms, hearing through the thla bars
of his ?ell the words ot condemnation
fc? Jils comrade, Gabriel; 1 as 'prb
nounced by.: Sheriff Jarrett, -a v'.tear
welled Into his eyes' and flowed doW
his cheek,- Seemingly as if ashamedj
arxinff guiiiyoi a oispiay; or jsean
ment, be . .seiaed. a.prison tbweJ, end
bmBQuelV brushed the! tear Aasjdc
4 Then resuming , his iorriaHy stolidlly;
"r"1 u i uuiuii i
T-srllntr rtf thai rarrnTiT . v; - . .
reading of the warrant.
Gabriel, on the other hahd,Tfaltefed
4 only at Hhe very -last. N'ot-s: w'ord
! v J . ... . .
weaRness trad escaped mm; through
ail .the painful proceedings- preeedlng
the execution he had maintained an
air of indifference to the fate that
hung over him. But with the black
cap over his head and as ; the execu
tioners were adjusting the noose about
his neck he 'collapsed In a semi-faint.
He never had time to recover. In a
second or. two : the trap , was sprung
and his body, floating willow-like un
der tbe force of the drop. . oscillated
to and fro beneath the sallows.
, Tense - indeed were the hours of
last night and early morning in the
lives, of the two-condemned men.'Bnt
while an inward nervousness--gripped
their souls.: not an outward " clew, of
their mental perturbation .was mani
fest Sretched on "thair. h,arl I
I TZ 1 L f'TTCOaiVilfini v rEl nfrFllDr.R. O 'Aver, officlatine sureeons.
the - hand - of Sim--f !
mi mm mm
?: Placed -Around His - Neck -r
Warrant is Read
j UUeoc1au FrM ky U. S. Svl Wirelm.)
' MONTREAL, Canada, Oct-.si
Tremendous explosions. took: plice
ttodif in; the plant of the Canadfan -EiptosiVes
company, at VaudretdL .
'U near: thb city, doing an Immense i
ijmage.- -. V i t
'Starting in bpe of the-shops, u
i ; an nonr At the Tirst concnslion
' . r . .
many employes rushed 'away ffom 7
. Uhe; plant,: and to this is largely
attributed, the fact that so far mo
Y loss " of lifpr has been "reporttd.i
, though - the 'damage wiTl- reach :-
iL00,OOO.r No . reason f oV; the e- ; .
" ploskns has been assigned. The .'
" plant had a large amount of ex-
plosive-making under way.
they dosed at Intervals; slept soundly
during short periods and In their wak
ing moments .pufTed contentedly at
their dgaretes. ;
And this morning as the first rays
of dawn pierced the mantle of night,
(Continued on page three)
. Elizabeth : K.k Alohlkeaias filed In
the circuit ' court a auit to, quiet title
to .9490 square feet of land in Llliha.
street IL II. .Webb and one other are
named as re&noada&ts ,
Yi:J... - r-'y..::
' . ; . . ;:;
f-vf : 'Y
' , 1 'I : Y- ' '
Pair Who Confessed Shootintf'and Stabbing of
" Japanese Storekeeper Expiate Cnrnj; Trap
is Sprung Without Warning, Hurling Both
Men Into Eternity Necks Broken
GABlflEL VEUER, who Hdthe stabbiug,
and Florencio Bonella,; tie shooting, were
hanged this morning in i thcVprison yard at
Oahu penitentiary, in payment for the murder
of T. Hayashibara, a Japanese storekeeper,
one night last August at Kanfeohe village.
Delayed from the hour of 8, o'clock set for
the execution a delay made necessary by a
governmental reprieve "for Antonio Garcia
the hanging was not effected until shortly be
fore 10 oclock? It was exactly 51 and one-half
minutes after 9 oclock that'Bhoriff Jarrett
aignalled by electric , buzzer lor tne
three guards ' to ; press, the buttons
which' dashed the men" into eternity.
sixteen, minutes later Bonella was
declared dead by Dr. R. W. Benz and
prison guards; fastened . the leather
bands about his arms and legs and
until ' the 'floor dropped- beneath him.
Verver, Who had stabbed his victim,
crumpled af the last v moment when
the noose was , being fitted over the
black cap that covered him, and would
have sunk on hls knees' tor the jlat-
k- Y ( Continued on page Two.)
Governor Pinkham this - afternoon
received a "cablegram .from Brigadier
General E. IL Crowder; giving approv
al to the date of Novembef 1 recom
mended from here for-the draft draw
ing and congratulating '.the governor
and: the territory. for. the, fine spirit
already ? shown In the V work. The
cable says:. '; ;
s f The president approves your rec
ommendation y of November, 1 for
drawing. Contents . of; your telegram
evidence of fine spirit on the part of
the Hawaiian territory, and you have
my ;. thanks and ; congratulations. I
have taken pleasure in giring public-,
ity to its essential features.! '
Upon the receipt of the message by
the governor Major F. J. Green, offi
cer;: in charge tor the territory, an
nounced that the' drawing will begin
next - Thursday morning - at f o'clock.
The quota will be announced from the
local office.- c v.
The How
'f rnmon you to ft great duh', a great privilege, a
shining dignity and distinction. I shall expect every man
jho. is not a slacker to be at my side throughout this
great eritenrriseryii it no man can win honor who thinks
of liimself.-Presiilent Wilson.
How can you serve yourself and your country better
than by responding to the call of our great leader How
van you . hesitate to buy 1 Don't ask yourself "How much
i- can r spare TM Say How much can I raise?!' Buy till
the pinch of buying brings to, your heart the glow of a
.good deed done. If you have one Bond, buy another, and
; sell two more bonds to two other good 'Americans.
BUY AT ONCE J. The Campaign ends at NOON TO
WOltKOWr r v , :-
' 't
(Aioclt4 Frcss by V. S- arsvsl Wlres.
4 4 ft 4- 4- 4 t,t 4- 4-4
4 ' i Y, w' 4
4 RIO DE JANEIRO. BraailOct 4
4 26. The Brazilian, chamber of 4
4 deputies br a vote of 149 to 1 4;
4- today declared that a state of 4
4 war exists between Germany and 4
4- Brazil. 4
4 ' . . 4
4 4 4 4 4 4- 4 4 4 4 4 4
..-yY-." ' y.-: -:s'i-
ROME.' Italy. Oct. 26. Premier Bo
Aelli announced tonight that th6 Itat
lan cabinet has resigned. .
CHICAGO, I1U Oct, 26. John' Bar
rett, head of the Pan-American bc
reau, declares today , that-. German
propagandists had arranged to -spend
a " million dollars in newspaper pub
licity in eight ; Latm-Amerlcan counr
tries in the event of the failure of the
second Liberty ; Loan to come up 'tb
full' expectations. They would "ex
ploit the statement that : the Unite!
States was waverjng and the German
sure to win, and that it would be un
wise for Pan-American countries to
break with the Germans. . ' :Y
Captain Lawrence M. Jiidd. Machine
Gun companj, 1st Hawaiian Infantry,
and 1st Lieutenant D. X. - Mackaye,
Company ; D, -1 st Hawaiian V Infantry,
ere -promoted, to, rank of major and
captain jresjectlvely ttroiigh qrdert
? SergeanOJetSh: lJ Worrall, hinf
Gun company, ' is made a second lieu
tenant and assigned to the same regi
mentt . . . . "
Cabled orders 'received today from
Washington by Gen. Wisser, Hawaiian
department commander, call to active
service Capt George W. Armltage and
Capt. 'Richard Bolton, .quartermaster
officers' reserve corps. Both. men. are
connected with the local office, Capt
Armltage being engineer in the con
structing department and Capt Bolton
In charge of transportation. They will
be assigned to this department as as
sistants to the department quarter
v Because he stepped on an Ameri
can flag after a playmate had dared
him to, . a boy was . before Juvenile
Judge Heen this afternoon and, as
Probation Officer Leal puts 1t, "got
tiie lecturing of his young life." The
boy, after promising never to step on
the Stars. and Stripes again, was
placed on probation.' The affair hap
pened at the Central Grammar school.
NEW YORK, N. Oct 26 Jacob
von Horn, -an ex-officer. from the Ger
man naval vessel Geler, has been ar
rested here . and Interned at Ellis
Nothing could be learned locally
of von Horn this afternoon. Inquirv
failed to establish that ' any officer
named Von : Horn had been on the
Geier while that vessel was here.
Two officers, Lleuts.-Sauerbeck and
Pretzell, were supposed to have
broken 'their parole and escaped on
the coast after arriving on the coast
in November, 1014.
y ,:Y7-:iy:Y:Y:YY-
For Beirliia;
l Brazil
E, D. Tenney Elected President
But Unable to Devote Time
l to Shipping Business';; -
- (AssocUUA Prttt by U. 8. Vsval WIraluaJ -.
4 4 4 4 -t..t 4 t t f 4 .4.4 4 t t i
4 - :.c- ' . : -4
4- SAN FRANCISCO, Cat, .! Oct, 4
4 26. William P, Roth; secretary 4
4 of the Matson Navigation Jcdm-
4 pany and son-in-law of the late 4
4 Captain William Matson was 4
4 elected, vice president and gener- '4
4 al manager of the Matsoa line to-
4-day at the reorganization follow-
4" ing Captain Matson's death.
4-;r.Edward D. Tenney of Honolu- 4
4 lu was elected president but will 4-4-
not ; be able, it was announced v 4
4' to give his entire time to the.af- 4
4 fairs, of the company in view of 4
4 his other important business In-
4r;tereitt;-.'';.i'-;: " ; . 4
4- ; . AC, rerkx was named assis- 4
4 tant general : manager, A. C
4- Green, director, F. A.- Bailey, 4
4; secretary, , and , AY M. McCarthy, 4
treasurer. - . 4-
Tf i--., m. " " . : 4-
4 tilt wag said today at the of flee -4
4- of Castle St v Cooke, agency for 4
4 the Matson line, that the - A. C 4-
Green referred' to is probably 4-4-
Charles. E. Green of the Crocker 4
4-, National Bank The others men- 4
4 tloned are already actively asso- 4
4 elated. with the Matson shipping 4
4 interests. Mr. Dlericx, new assis- 4
4-. tant;- general manager, visited 4-4-
Honolulu' last July and is thor-
R oughly familiar, with the local sit- 4
4- uation. ' ";-'.' , , , ' Y ."4-4-
William- P. Roth Is a'HonoIura1 4
4- bos'-jHeL was inthe stock brokr 4
1 4;ertt.TebtTc'ne5S.v"!lvre.j; " his 4;
4- softp and his connection ijh .ihe. 4
4 Matson ftrm, upon whlcb he mov- 4
4 ed tb San Francisco, where r he 4
4; has since resided.? :Y -.. :. --4
-YYrY,YY-'- ?--:.;
444f4444 4 4'44f4
::vV -,' ' ..-;:.
: 6,728,000
f 4" 4 4 V 4r 4- 4- .4-
, r : - - y
4 Wlth the 'announcement at noon 4
4- today that, Alexander & Baldwin, 4
4 C Brewer 4. Co, and thttr plan-4
4 tatipns had .subscribed direct, to 4
4 the Federal Reserve Bank in San 4
4 Francisco ' but had placed ithe 4
4 credit with. Hawaii, the sum of 4-
4 $177300, the grand total for Ha-
4 wall's subscription to the 8econd 4
4- Liberty Loan reached 6,788,750. 4
4 The civilian committee at noon 4
4- had collected (3,944,750 from 4345 4
4- subscribers, while the army clos- 4
4 ed Its campaign today with 4
4 $166,500.' Nearly seven millions 4
4 will be credited to. Hawaii when 4-4-
the campaign closes at 12 o'clock 4
4- noon tomorrow.' " 4
4 . -.".. ''4-
4 4 4 4 4 t 4 4 4
ITU the announcement by Alex
ander'; Baldwin, C. Brewer &
Co and their plantations, that
they have subscribed 1,577,50G to the
second -Liberty Loan, Hawaii's total3
at noon today reached the amazing
sum of $6,788,730. i The subscriptions
of the big kiisine3S houses were tele
graphed direct to the Federal Reserve
Uank of San Francisco, but with ex
plicit Instructions that the credit for
the amount be given to Hawaii. Ac1
cordingly, with the additional million
and a half, Hawaii's quota is oversub
scribed by nearly ? 4,000,000.
The civilian committee had collected
a total of 13,944,750 at noon today,
from 48 4S subscribers. The army totals
were reported as $1,266,500. The
campaign for second Liberty Loan
subscriptions ends officiaUy at noon
tomorrow. At 12 o'clock, the executive
committee will telegraph the results
of Hawaii's patriotism to the Federal
Reserve bank at San Francisco.
- Hawaii's authorized quota, set by
the treasury officials, was $3,000,009
but. when the campaign workers began
to pile up the subscriptions so rapidly,
the executive committee set the new
mark at five million dollars. With
less than twelve working hours be
fore the campaign is officially ended,
the sales agents are redoubling their
efforts to collect an additional 1250
000. ... ,v '
"Seven million by . tomorrow noon"
(Continued on Page Two.)
' ' '
Eight persons will be examined in
federal court tomorrow morning on
their qualifications to become H Ameri
can citizens They are A. Castushin,
Two Attacks Launched North
and East of Ypres; French
Give Rne Aid; Russians on
North Front Advance Further,
; Without Finding Germans
l ; OotY 26.General Haig's
forces, smashing 'steadily at
the weakening Genriau army,
swept further forward today;
The British commander'
launched '". two stiff, attacks,
north and east of Ypres. With1
the aid of the French, Who re-'
sponded to the call with spirit
and dasli, the armies made ex-'
cellent; headway on a wide
front. . ,'. ;'.- ". y- ' ; : j
LONDON, Eng., Oct. 2G.
Tlie British have entered a
number of ' pillboxes- or con
crete shelters previously held
by the Germans on- the Belle-
yue spur;; The British ' have
also , captured . Poelderhookl
chateau, Flanders. ; r '
.: : - a - vr h .
BERLIN, Oermany, Oci 2G.I
--Armies of the Central Powers!
have won a signal i victory cn;
:tLjiy3v - j y . z
"Tlid Antrb-lGfTrmariShayCj .
captured 30,000 ' Italians and
three hundred guns in the bat
tling over the plateaus and ap
proaches to Trieste, Fighting
is now partly 4n-Italian terri
tory.;:;;: ; "
The northern - wing of. the
second Italian army has ; been!
defeated and is retiring. : v
The German have thrown Italians '
from strong hill positions. 4 t :
The Italians are evacuating Balnslz-.
ra and the Heillgengelst plateau. They '
are unable to save their guns. -
In the face of a French attack at
Pinion the Germans have withdrawn
behind the Oiseau-Aisne canal. Near
Chavlgnon a French attempt to cross
the lowlands was repulsed. , -
- -v -V,:-''-.'. : .: ---- - - .
ROME, Italy, Oct. 26.--The Italians,;
facing the defeats sustained fro the'
reinforced : Austro-German forces on.
the Isonzo front are planning th,e:
evacuation of Bainslzza.
Recent maps do not gite the loca
tion of Bainslzza but it is evidently ;
part of the, aavanced territory taken
by the Italians In the Isonzo campaign
and around which there has been se
vere fighting for several days..
(Ajsedatod Ttm by u. S. Sav&l WlxtlM) (-
y PET It OG RAD, Russia, Oct. 26. .
Again today the Russian forces on the
northern end of the front advanced .
along the Riga-Oyel- railway without
finding any Germans. - : . ' : - .
They'have repulsed the Germans in
Teuton attacks at Werdel, on the Ea
thonia coast. r ..y'Y. :
: German dreadnaughts have anchor
ed at Kuivast bay and the eastern end '
of Moon Island.' ; - - ' ;-.
' (Associated Press fci V. 8. Sm! Wirtli.) - " !
PARIS, France, Oct. . 26. French '
soldiers won a ' series of. Important
successes today In the Flanders fight
ing. They took the village of Draei
bank, the German positions In Pape-
goed wood and several fortified farms.
. During the day hundreds of German '
prisoners were made by the ' 'French
torces. : ' ;. '''.'.':' ' V '.
r What Food Inspector A. W. Hansen
describes as one of the filthiest res
taurant kitchens he has. even seen Is
that of Ching Sau Tee In the Me-
Candless Cafe on Alakea street
"raided" this afternoon by him and
board of health officials, accompanied
by a representative of the Star-Bulletin.
Food was : being" prepared in
the toilet. and lettuce was . ; being
washed : on the same ' floor. ' Flies
swarmed everywhere over the.; food
and food .containers. - The. restaurant
keeper was given a huTry-up order to
clean house. v-v. - : . ; Wai n
McEvoy, Jens Jensen. Albert Cosher,
Antony Walauski" ari r- --
v -
' -v

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