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'L - r -v-. ; v ,":-A.' , 'V'-''---'- - V'-M" -': :V'.'
1 I 1
1 I - . I I I 4 I I I - . 1 I I I f V I 1 ' I I . 1 I I I
Letter cents an
"ounce. ; --.--' V-.
Drcp letters 2 cent
;ta ounce. -;"'' v',v;r'
Fcstals 2 cents each.'
Effective '- Novenbcr -2,
1817. 'r, V.v;-..
Etctlr- CulleUa, CsL 18S2," No. C331.
IIt r "3a SUr. VcL XXV, , Na TS72,
Trcops -Fire'on Own Officers,
, Damage Rifles and Refuse
- to .Go. to Front; Mastered
xnd Removed in Cattle
'vTrtick: Italian CavalriCoY.
; crs t -my '5
' lit rru tr U. ft. KtU wiraltna. f
vAMLERDAM, Netherlands,
Oii; 43i:-The .ncTrspaper Les
. Kcuvclcl reports ;that;, German
4,roops l massed- ini -Bevrloo
ccip, 'Belgium,' have miitinied,
' tec .revolt -being; of -aery "se
. rious nature.;". ' . :r :'
It "is stated "thatUhe trdops
xrere -crdered to ; move to the
front' Hut -refused;; -They jdam
a gc their - rifles and even fired
oh 'their; bwli olHeers. ;r Otrier;
trocr iTreieVisent to quell; tlic
mutiny and the mutineers were
finally mastered : and removed
f rc n tha camp. in-cattle trucks.
The f rentier guard at Brou-
ci?ct deserted on October lo. -ITALY
. ; rr.n.GiiTD;cAVALRY
It-lr, Oct. 21. ItiUaft;cT-
- cr "y frcra the'btU tnn
tr.ts- io' waici? H t
. r, uck, y tht Auitro3e
: r-t. -Tl. Tte carupilsa
:? v.ilh thev plABS;Cf tlie
fa ;
:; Oct.--31. Emperor
r'a. c-iered ttc recap-
. c c . c : : ! :ia la -triutapi 'yea
. : tvr-':2a'Haea o?;cUcer
i 4 , : : a;Vieana de-
r''-ciT;J Ust cijat liy v:ay o
" ' . v
"j 3 with , the Ulutnat
f--- Vk v 3 Av:iri2a: capcror, tato
T -"c"v vi::. . 1.-? teea described in
t ' -;':a c: -riucs Aa the. key to
c-V-.u ;iic,; patriotic dew
(4 ,. -3 veld la Vienaa aad
Z'.zh c : lt-ls ycre gaily-dee-
'' ' r tl 2 c-caslcal - V, ; ' .."
, trcr:: - to the- Vieaaa
t- " t . J.rst pluadrred ty
- r-- -' l:-:::ns sad thea prac
.. '-,- ( Wfcea the' nter
, V. y" c ' ( - - -1 C:craa'e force waa
r:- - it t-r:'.;i away everj-tWu5
r' x ' - ; 1 t.:o carrltJ olf the en-
"c i pc;alaUoa, rMca ;ia
: ;:::y FHATERniziUG
:- j r. &. it1 Triris.)
. .D, ru:la,--"0ct-",:51.-
- ry fire fron loyal Rus-
. i c a the northera froat la
t I;u d;y's,r.as'fcrcea.JBpvaa
: c:-fce cf .the .clrscaUng
- ' : r.trynca to , f rateraixe
' - c"t3 cf Ceriaaa oa the
' LC NT C ' Er "Oct; SI .The Slan
--3 c' Izt'.zrA have started a fotnl
;I r , ;r.::at iscepenceat ci me
- . . it v s ivca ont aere io-1'-
r?iv ur?e halting of te
- i Ce British Jsies. and
f::n Ircliad, to protect
?tio:j COARO ' '
; . .3 AuE SVVOnil IIJ
- i ii i ' 4
:' : 1
r.-c-v aad Joha Guild, newly
: r "ocra.cf IIcaolulu.-Ex-I
;ari, DiTlsioa No. 1,; H.
r;:'.i,' ch&innan. Were sworn
:ti-s cf the board yesterday
The following exempUoa
: trc-szcted. Vv
I cr discharged fro. cenrice
Ilclicy, formerly from Loa
: ct the Pleasaatoa hotel.
: r: ; .:ca:iy?uafit fcf ralUtary
. nushfcrth..fonaerly of
, : cf TVr&" Dougherty.
. ' : ."y cafit' for miliUry
v, c:t:r'5 trartrneats,
-, --.""::r la rivy
n R:, :.'L. :;
Qiatoa " G. Ball eatyne,- maaager for
taaayeir8 "of ther'HoBOlula EapId
Transit Xand company. .' may be
come raanag'cr. r Ihe ' Moataaa-Blng-hatarrdialng,
property.: in "which local
capitsl lis largely.:iaierefited. accord
ing to ;iclcgraFhic taf onaation ' , late
yesterday to aome of !thoge. herf. who
are' interested . in t, the mainlands pror
The rumor'that Callentyne would,
become manager was, responsible .for
a flurry -ia, the stock' market -whicQ
senjf Montana-Blngham up materially,
though Plater a flight, reaction - set in.
Tresidcat 1, Tenaey: Peck:! of the
Rapid -Transit said Vto the? SUr-Builo-tin
today that lie had hd,no informa
tion bearing out the rumor lhough,ne
alsc- bad heard 'of it. In the ' ab
sence. of ;: any R'ord ';t rota Mr. , Balleii
tyne, he could say nothing as to rob-
' New advances" In thfe- price 'of milk
and gas" go into effect tomorrow. .
Increased , cost producUoa,;" , de
mands cf the producers and advances
In .the price of supplies, are the reasons
given by the Honolulu Dairymen'a. As
sociation 7 for ;"lts advance. Common
milk, which naa-.been selling -for seven
cents.' pint and K cents a quart,-will
go to-eight cents pint and 15 cents
a ! .quart--1-.' Hereafter jersey, milk iwlll
cost 17. cents'a quart1 and nine cents
n rinL Babrmilk will cost 10. cents
a pint and 20 cent a quart. An invea-j
ugauon oi me ne in ui ui mum.
was begun this alternocri jjy the terri-j
torial food'eommissiom : J
in. increasic 1410 4Jite ui, ts, uic
Honolulu , Gas Co. calls attentioa ' to
ursr-cccdcr.tP'l advarcts la the cc?tcf
I N I: I !" ' I' I :J I . : j I 7( J I
Crew : Here and Lost scnooncr cnurcntm
'. V-'
C v: .iN w';--. ;.:f:';;.;.-
. . ' fj- v;,;-i', vj''-'--. .:.
. : ' 5-:':. .:-..,''
, ; ! K
- u ... 'i
abffltleVjror ould he Jtalk oapbs
sitle enccessor 'la ' -the; :naPld?Tranlsit
clfice dn! Alapai :i;reet 'SL
4 -The v rumor .,was f jua'ded, the ?Star?
Bulletin learns,! on-;a'e8patch trow
the-5&ingie party, .ww-in sail ,xjlv,
intiEatiag ;thif Dallentyne mighv.Jxe
come manager an3 f mcatfpnlns'.the
prospect", that Salt - Lake capital . would
take part la th reorgaairatlonol the
comp8iiy;Cwhlch.v,w.oqld : mean reor
ganiratioa. o.f its" peronnel.r.Thepiaii
also ;c6itemplate.s4 taking' Tentire.-eon-t.rplOfltlietoaimInfc
BailVptyne went to the) mainland to
report , oa Montana-Biaghani :for ; the
lccfitockholiJerKT.hla report.t being
favorable.;-: It, is cqnJectureii that the
contemplated jsaote : tneap.s that'. Ha
waii capital, woaldf have-much larger
control . rttth :miae - group rthap iiere"
tofore.rj--': J'VV'Vva r.'Kf
facture Tof. the'f ucl.'as Iwejl aa ant in
crease in' tbs scale of Swages paid4ts
employes.. yz 'v:;AJ-: -.-V. o ,-' u V
V Underthe new schedule the small
consumer will; be charged '$2 k ' thou
sand cubic feet for the first 2000 cubic
feet -consamed, and ?t.7o- a thousand
cubic " feet f of . all consumption ' over
that amount, up to and Including 2993
cubic feet f All rates aresubctto r
discount of 23centS a thousand cubic
feet if bills, are paid 10 days from re
ceipt. -The' minimum' charge ; remains
at- one dollar month. -,f -."
Heavier ixmsumeraXct gas .will, se
cure reduced rates in accordance with
the quantity-used, For example, those
using from s 35,000: to. 29,939 cubic ' feet
will : be charged ' Vif per -thousand.
Users cf 2.C:0.C00 cubic feet and over
1 - - j ' .-" ' . --)- T .- ':.-: ...---V-: - '1 .--iT"- -. C a.v -'v-:
(, i t 1
, - Amonj the many tales of .ahlpwreck erf he; Pacifio - few are more
thrilllngvthan that of 'the fescue of the captain and crew of the 1 schooner
Churchill on French Frigate ahoala, at told in yesterday's Star-Bulletin.
Here are pictures of the crew and of the; loat schooner. .The picture , of
the schooner was taker just as she.was awain, with tha captain and four
men taken" olf by the Hawaii sampan. party In the nick -of -time. In the
photo of the crew. Captain Charles Granzow ls on the extreme left, with
his seven-yearld aon Carl by his side and the 14-year.old son Lofius close
by.; Chief Officer Henry Anderson Is beside the skipper and Second Offi
cer Fred Wilson Is the man In the white shirt In the center of the group.
'The! officers and crew are now belnj eared for at the Seamen'a Institute,
-the captain having cabled to the. own era of the schooner for instructions
what to do with the homeless men. These photos were taken by H. I
Tucker,one of the party with Harold W Rice ; of ;,MauL In .the rcseuinj
tampan.; ,yf;A y;".:1:. h. , .... 7.y: - ;
At This Figure Hawairs'1 91 8 Crop Will Yield Biggest Revenue
: n Islands' History as it is.80 Cents Higher Than Year's High
r AverageMeans Gross Income of Over $80,000,000
'': i ; : -,. , ... :l t-:'7:' r '
TTHE iVssociated Press report that the international sugar
J .committed ttingn'New York had agreed on a basic price
oif 6.90 cents r p
satisfaction -by Hawaii sugar planters today. -' Should this
price -prevail during.; the war it will mean that "based on an
approximate? output vof ; the 1918 crop of. 600,000 tons Hawaii
planters will feceivfe in sthe neighborhood of $84000,000,; the
highest :t6tat for any year's crop an the history' of theG island
sugar business.;
The .news; however came as a great
feurprise . to A.v M. NQwelt,.aecretary . of
the Sugar Factors Company In fict it
Is such a -surprise ; that;- Secretary
KTowell cannot bring himself 'to a; full
realization, that It.i isv true.:;?. Never
theleas he hopes so. ' But in the face of
the official decision of the food administration-
a,, month ago that the maxi
mn'nvbasls for' refined F. O.-B. Atlan
tic seaports was to be -7.23 cents, he"
declares he cannot see' how the food
commission 'has '.; consented -lo 's'acp 'a
radical; increase inlhe price ..basis' i un
1r" It hftilhat- th: influence of th
Cuban jilanters j who ' control ".the mar1
ket, .was" so great ar to force such & i
concession -from the American : board.
y Persons eln touch 'with the-sugar in
dOstry have known for the past month
that the Cuban" planters were dlfsatia
fiedvith - the 7.25 maximum, -which,
cents for; their product." With - the
food- commission's .figure of 1.30 mar
gin ;( between - the - raw v . and refined
basis, the price under the original fig
ure' for domestic raws was,! placed at
5.95,; a,s announced1 In the Star-Bulletin
receaUy. t - .
? But-"- rtrong pressure Vhas " been
brought to bear by the .Cuban planters
for .6-cent sugar; and if the domestic
price has been set at 6.90. it is a direct
concession to the Cuban market of 1
cent; a "pound,' which r'also grants - the
domestic producers a similar increase.
In other; words it grants the- Cuban
planters, a price of ' 5.50 at Cuban
ports. V,' - ' -'
- On this basis the'maxlmnm for re
fined would advance to SO cents, al
lowing a margin of 1.30 between raw
and refined price, and it is almost
certain that the refiners ;will Insist ion
their ;10 margin.' . - ; - "x
: Wita 6.90 : sugar : Hawaiian' planters
win : fade one of the biggest - years,: if
not. tho bigg stv year,f to ; the point ; of
gross re venue 'Since the cane" industry
became associated with the islands as
its-leading-'-Industry. -.While the 1917
crop was estimated to. be worth ap
proximately 75,O0,00O the 1918 crop,
even with - a ,: slightly ; Cesser tonnage
due-to drought, ill exceed it by-about
SS,O0O,C0O.- -t .
Preliminary 'estimates compiled .by
Secretary JNowell indicate l, that the
Sugar, Factors crop will be less than
the 19 1 7 output by 50,000 ; to V 60,000
tons, bringing- the total down to about
n75,060Uons, -as against ;6il,000; tons
this year. -; ;; -: '
IA:6.90 price iwiil be i a" booia - to Ctae
local planters, v The figures of Secretary-
Nowell show; that the average
j . . - "
'..'V--.4-,- -J. ,x
FTEft a month's vacation - the
-: Hawaiian ' band; v under its
new director, R. H. Baker,"
will resume Its duties ;tomorrow,.
the proposed strike having- been
Indefinitely; postponed.- ri.
, .4 Due to; a resolution passed last .
night by the board of supervisors,
Mr. Baker and his band will have
their work -cut - out for r them this I
year. V In . addition to a bi-monthly
tour of the Islands .whereby, six ;
"concerts a year will -be provided
of or outlying -districts such as
1 Ewa, Waipahu and y Koolauloa,
Mr. Baker ' will be instructed to
have ' his ; band play twice : a
week in iCalihi, once' ' a week
in Kakaako, and v also three
.Sundays a month, in " Kaplolahi r
park, besides -the regular weekly
programs that, have been - given
heretofore by the band, and any
special concerts it may be callei
', upon to provide. ...;;",i
. It Is quite possible, too, that
Mr. Baker, may. haVe some plans
of his own in mind for additional
coticerts'to be given.'-He said a ;
day or two ago. that lie expected
soon ta begin work on some com-"
" poeitions of , his: own," but.4 these v
are more" i the way, of - musical
settings- for Hawaiian songs than
' band' music. f :-
The'band,; under Us new. mas
ter, will .be . heard, for the " first
time next Saturday, November 3,
jfchen It wUl play at 11 o'clock for
the Catholic bazaar to be given in
Bishop Square.- " :- ;; :-v;;: :
A - PACI FIC V PORT, Oct. v 3L The
Japanese ', commission - of merchants
and financiers arrived here today and
an Interrchamber: conference, in which
local commercials bodfes shall take
part;; is now beingr planned. ' . :
C. B Cottrell, whq has been In the
Qeea's Hospitarfcr about a week, is
yeing Postpone
n w fob nasTBiiiiVJi;:8 at 9 k p.
Relays of Boy Scouts Will Take Up All-day Work .After Chief
Executive Has Drawn First Capsule ; ;
II You Want to Know if You are Drafted, Watch Tha Star-
';y. 1;"' ':v' -y-' ";:-y:: Bulletin. ; -
Tomorrow is a " red-letter1 day in the history of Hawaii.
It is Draft Day; Beginning at 9 a. m. the drawing of the cap
sules, each containing a selective draft number that will call
to-Uncle Sam's servicq the ' man allotted 4hV corresponding
serial number, will begin at the executive building. Naturally
every registrant will, be eager to know whether he is called to
the service: The Star-Bulletin will furnish its readers' tho
information. x ; ;';:':! V V . .. ' i -; . '7 - "V L'i--''---,
The first edition at 2:30 will contain all.the names drawn
up to '2 o'clock, the 3:30 edition all the names drawn np to 3
o'clock, and as the drawing probably will not be finished beforo
4:30 or 5 o'clock, the Star-Bulletin will issue a Draft Extra at
5 or 5:30 o'clock so that its readers may know who are called.
5 Not only will the Star-Bulletin publish the serial numbers
drawn, out is in position to surmount, the mechanical difficul
ties involved in the feat of publishing the names of the thou
sands men drawn.,' ".. ' : ' -i-'J:y.
Owing-to an eleventh-hour discovery of mistakes in regis-"
tration in the Second District on the island of Hawaii, the en-,
tire draft list has had to ; be reworked. v?As the j Star-Bulletin
did not receive the new list until late yesterday, if cannot today
publish the revised list for the Second District of Hawaii but
morrow. - : So the, joldumSers allotted hcr Second District
should be; discardecl 'and . tho numbers Hiiatili appear in the
Star-Bulletin tomorrow ;will be the oneslIat were drawn, in the
draft and ; the ones that will apply to the Second .District,
Hawaii - '-' '"-;U : ' ' r ; '- - ' -:v'::':' ;.;.: vA- :
' -, v GET THE 5:30 EXTRA! : . :
PROMPTLY-at the stroke of 9 tomorrow morning. Governor Pinkham will
draw the first capsule in Hawaii's portion of the military draft Every
detail of the big job that has been necessary to preparejhis territory for
the drawing has been finished and today Major F. J. Green and his corps
of assistants breathed easily. It has been a constant task of some thres
months duration. '. ; ' ' . ; ' . , -5, '-yy.
- Governor Pinkham will not be blind
folded, nor will the- Boy Scouts that
have (been selected for the drawing.
This is not deemed necessary as the
numbers themselves are enclosed In
gelatin capsules. The number that
Governor Pinkham draws tomorrow
will decide the first man In each5 of
the six' districts to be summoned.
This will decide six men, of course,
unl8s' it happens to be too large to
Include all of the districts. Some of
them do not have serial numbers run
ning as high as others.; The second
district on Hawaii, for example, has
1738 If the serial -number 2000 should
hA drawn first : It would Hot; Include
any man fronv that portion of Hawaii.
On the other hand If 150 were drawn
;irst it would Include all six of the
istricts. V "it '"'':H'V '
A koa paddle will be-usedto stir up
the numbers - just ' previous to the
drawing by jthe governor. . t - ; " ,
Scouts to Work In Relays ;
-' After Governor' Pinkham has drawn
the first capsule he will be succeeded
on -the "platform; by Boy Stouts. Two
Scouts wfll work at a time,' one on
each side of the big glass conUmer
In which the capsules are to be placed.
They , will take out the capsules al
ternately. , ;. . :' I 7 ' ;
k . As soon as drawn from the contain
er the capsules will be handed to a
lady clerk Troa the headqnarters.
She will take out the" slip of paper
on which the number is written and
hand It to; the reader who " will caU
out In a distlnct voice. Three clerks
at desks' win take down the numbers
as they are announced, putting them
opposite i the consecutive numbers
which - are to determine the. order of
the draft summons. ; ;;
. Steadily throughout the day the work
wttr proceed, with a complete change
(Continued oa jjage two)
Sun!t, Uad Downed
Uloat JutDefore
- f AssocUUd Tnn by n. & Vaval WlxelM.)
is learned hcie that gunnerr cl the
steamer Lewis Lwckenbach sunk a
submarine three hours ' before the
ateapit.r was torpedoed. An officer of
the steamer ti nigs the information.
nouncement is. made;; here that . the
armed guard, seven of the crew and
the French H!ot tv T ..-v,.v,.v.r.
Congressmen Coming ;
Here Center of Big
Patriotic Program
SAN FRANCISCO, Cal.. Oct. 31.
Forty ' members of the Hawaii con-"
gressional party which is on ita way
to the Islands arrived here today and
are In the midst 01 a great patriotic
program. -: y.m --'; .
They .. were the guests of honor tb
day at an official luncheon and many
of , the members visited the public,
schools ' to make patriotic speeches
Part of the day Is devoted to sight-'
seeing.' ' Tonight there will be a huge
"America" First" massmeeting.
. Henr'y P. Davison, head of the Jlcd
Cross work,1 and other Red Cross , of
ficials win participate in the meeting
tonight. 4 ' '; .- L'u -
, (Special CM fTIpw J1J'
- TOKIO, Japan, Oct, 31. Speaking
before a gathering of Japan's leading
businessmen here today, Jlr. R. Naka
ahoji, . minister of agriculture and
commerce, made a strong plea for
encouraging the steel industry of Ja
pan to put the country on basis of
self-supporting as far as the steel i
concerned. - Jle declared that Japan
must not rely solely on foreign coun-v
tries for Its steel supply needed In
shipbuilding industry in- Japan, -v
; Reiterating the . line already advo
cated by Jlr. Nakashoji, . Mr- Den,
minister of communication, urged that
Japan must take care cf her own steel,
supply, In order to guarantee a steady,
progress in her shipbuilding activities.
He advocated that the steel Industry
in Japan should " be encouraged in
every way possible. "
The gathering before" which the two
ministers spoke was the joint annua!
meeting of the chambers of commerce ,
of tarious cities ef Japan. The meet
ing today discussed the advisability
of holding in ;Tokio In the latter part
of next year of Japan-China commer
cial exposition and a resolution In its
favor was unanimously passed. -
, The hour set for the meeting of the
Civil Service Commissioners for hear'
ing the charges brought by Sheriff
Rose against Officer Walciti U ZzZ'i
n?xt Tuesday aftcr-ocn. '
f :

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