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aa:6 i 'ABa? T" 7 : i 7: : !7-- v $''A!fA '' r , :v : j ? V 77''
, V
- r.c::nt:r the
liCS7 Pcztaje Eatci
- Letters crnts an
ounce. ' " - '
Prop letters 2 CCB'T.
an ounce.
rostals 2 cents eaca
-T" retire November-
2 - ' .": - '
. i - " .
ti i.rcn:r.5 t.ijcunv t6t.'iwj, xso-i.;
Iltwailan Star.; Vel XXV: Na-1312.
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TT7 7 A .
'- : J . '.';V -7 .-. ' - " ' ,
; U l i
: To::oiffiov;fliti: draft day news
If You Want to Know if You arc' Drafted, Watch-The Star
r BuUctln.: J -
. i ' .r
r - ' Tomorrow is a rcd-lcttcr ! ' day in the history of Hawaii.
tit ris;Draft Day. '-Beginning at 9 a. m. the drawing of the caj.
suics eaen containing a seiecuve araii iiuuiuw. luut wuiKaii
to Uncle Sam ys service ; the man allotted the corVesponding
serial r -ril er, will; begin at the executive building i Naturally
Lcverv"; frant; wui dc jjjger vo Know wneuier ue w vaueu w
XV' the .fci .u',. The Star-Bulletin will furnish its, readers that
ap to 2 o'clock, the 5:30 edition all Uie namesdrawn up toJ
'clock, and as the drawing probably will not be finished before
1:30 or 5 o'clockth'e Star-Bulletin will issue a Draft: Extra at
3 or '5:30 "o'clock eo that its readers may know who are called.
Not only will tlie Star-Bulletin publish. the serial numbers
5 !rawn,: but is in position to surmount the mechanical 'difffcul
acs involved in S'the feat of publishing the names of the thou-
fands cf men drawn;:, v Y -V Y'Y Y - v,:,.-j. ' '
1 Oxring to an eleventh-hour; discovery of mistakes in regis
raticn in the'-Second District on the island of Hawaii, the dis
rict drcft list has had to bo reworked. As the Star-Bulletin
m r.ot receive tlie new list until late yesterday, it cannot today
ublif h tho revised list for the Second District of Hawaii but
rill publish the names of all those drafted in this district to
sorrow: ; So ; tbe -'old numbers allotted the; Second District
hould be discardedand the numbers that will; appear m; to
'tar-Bulletin tomorrow will be the ones that were drawn in the
;raft and the' pn'es" that" wilb apply to the Second District,
laTrnii. "- - ,' . . . . v ' .
' , GET THE 5:30 EXTR A! v' r
Brotherhood-' of iTrainmerr and
Conductors' Meet Tomorrow
w;r Formulate Plan b Action
V--:-;- r"",'i fVW' ....'"''' '-".- .i'
(Assoditvd VntM f V,. Usral ITlrtlttO v
4 t 4 r 4
- CHICAGO, IIU Oct 31-iA,new
crisis in railroad: circles ., I Je- -f
f verepin. A nationwide sgits-
tfoi l urnitr way ' by ; railroad
labor organizations, yvriich ? are
demanding higher, vwages, UThe
" brotherhoods of- trainmen nd
conductors will 'meet tomorrow
to formulate a plan of action. -.
J A DETROIT. MclL, .Oct. 31. The Dodge motor Intercstt won their case-
in court wlttr a decision ncre toaar n oldinr tnat tney are entitica to a
sUare'in' th'c. dirldends oZ the ford M otor company. :
vt WASHINGTON, D. , C. Oct.! 31. That American shipyards between
now and March 1 will complete a million, tons of shipping was the pred.c
tion today of Chairman Hurley of. the federal .shipping board. During the
whole of 1916 only three-quarters of a million tons were turned out.
MONTREAL, Canada,;.Oct 31. A petition. was filed in the superior
court here, today asking that the military draft in the Dominion be declare
ed unconstitutional. . . -
(Aodtd Ttm brU. S. VsTal Wlraltss.)
Is learned ccie that gunner cf . he
steamer Lewis .L.ucKenDacn sunic
submarine three hours - before the
bteamtr was torpedoed; An officer o
the steamer ti rags the informaUon. .
; at the. stroko Sf 9 tomorrow 'morning,' GoTernor 'Pinkham;wiU
first carsule In Hawaii' portion of I the military draft. Every
3 t !s Job that has been necessary to preparethis terrifbry for
; as teen finished and today .Major, F. J. Green and ms corps
breathed easily. It has been a con5tant task of some three
l iara wiU nqt be blind-j
; the Boy Scouts that .
etc 3 ion the 'drawing. '
necessary, as the
Ives are;cnclosed In.
. Te - number - that
c :
tri:t c
?. If th
cra n
r-.-n f
V 2 C'.
t .it v.
i t.s
:;t 1 Sraw s' ',tomorrow
f ' - t man ia ach of
to be, summoned.'.
'-!!$ men, of course,
:i to be too ; large to
z, c:-tricts."'Some of
o fc rial lumbers rpn-t;:;:rs.1-
Ti)e .second
r,i. -r example.- has
1 i. ;.cr COCO should
VCradle to Gravest K
;Yar TaxlGccUhtol
. .
v.-futa- nox-iociuuff
r crtioa of .Hawaii.
: f i T.i) wpri drawn
- a::i -. -
w ill, be .used to stir up
. ju?t previous w to th
the j
:uts v.
,t to
: s ! i
L2 i::c"
Tomorrow,- November 1, will
see a larpe number of : the sec- ,
Hons of: the new war tax Jaw go
f Into effeet,for taxation. It should
be remembered that the taxes,
4- by law, are to be paid by the In-
emauai uui coueciea vy. iub t
firm 'ftf hnfnst' fmm which '-he
-a all lx 'of . the j. mAti , hia purchases. . The f ol-
lowing become - operative tomor-
" row-; -" v; ' ; - ' - A
-' Common carriers of freight
auch as railroads or vessels, or
. any others" form of mechanrcal
motor drivtn vehicle Which oper-
ates in competition with "'these
carriers.' ' ' .V.
Passenger carriers, such as
railroads or vessels, or any ve-
hide In competition .with, pro-
-viding that the distance compet-.
ed against is more than 30 miles
or the charge thereof la rnore
than 35 cents. Three percent for:
freight,. S for passengers; .Telei;
. phone, .telegraph, wireless . or
cable rnessages, :a tax of 5 cents
for every message, -r costing '13
cents omore .A- ; . A.r
. - Life insurances marine : insur-
ance, Inland," fire and ' casua'ly '
.Insurance, to e "taxed on tne '
amount of premiums paid. . : -
-3 trWcrk in Relays ' ' - :
, ; r r . G : vc r : or rinkhanf has rawn
,:rc f. -t ''h vfil be" succeeded
v crk at a time,one on
rf t!.e V.z class container
h t: t carsv.les are to be placedJ
w'M tr.ke 'out the capsules ai;
s CriT.-n from" the contain
v'.- rsi'.l-bo handed to, a
I: :v the headquarters.
l cut. tne eUP or paper
r.ur.ber Is written and
reader wno -.win can
t'.:ct vcicc Three clerks
;i tcke down tbe'num.bers
Lr.-ounced, -putting them
ccr.yecutlve" 1 numbers
are to determine the order . of j -ah theaters, moving pictures
ft f : ens. , :t ;1 - O- or shov houses. Tax of one cent
WASH1NG1 ON, D. C.fc Oct. 31. An
nouncement is made j here tb af : ' the
anned gnard,v seven of "the crew and
the French iildt of the Luckenbach are
given np ,as lost. V- AA'i:'A,
' (iiMdsUd Tnt iy XT. S3. KsViii Artists.) t
. SAN . FRANCISCa,' Cal.,: Oct. 31.
Forty members of the Hawaii con
gressional party which is "on its way
to the islands arrived here, today, and
are In the midst of a great patriotic
program. . A - ,-; v v-. f
, They were the ; guests of honor , to
day at an official luncheon and many
of the; members visited v the. public
schoo, to make, patriotic i speeches,
part of the day) is devoted to sight'
seeing. Tonight there will be a huge
America rst.massmeetmg
. Henry . P' Davison, bead .of the Red
Cross work, -and pther Red Cross: of
ficials , will ; participate, in the meeting
tonight.,-, r?!;i?Ax AAAA- -
. . 1 .
t :icu; tne cay lire worit
:h a complete change
ca'paje 'twe)j
n i
n's proclamation re
t. o . r.rg of all firms or
- cinr" Ar.s or 'dealing in'cer-
: -s Into cJTect tomor
j c 3 failing to have their
- c.f:cr t: it cay .will be sub
i t r Lr. r - r. t r e nalties. r Irotec
i; .v z:: concerns haa been se-
:rc t'-e;-Chamber' of Com
t I t; cta to receire Uhe
'. s frcm . Washington,
i i a few. days After they
l r; .3 must fill them out
; i'.-r.; within 10 days. vFall-
i to
the rejuirements ot
roclamatlbn will re
ef the defaulting
n hr.3 Issued in
c i ' rtv to be
:':..t;.rv Ac: i
44for. each' 10. cents of admission
'charge .or fraction thereof. U . - '
", Social and athletic or, sporting .
clubs. . taxation " levied on mem-'
t b'ershlp . Including , Initlationfees't
amounting -to more ithan $l2La
year; . ; : y . t ;
fractions'' are handled accord-
Ing to thelMixe. A:taef '4 and
two-fifth : cent will be cbnsid,
ered aa4 cents, but a 4 ceni
tax will, be .counted aa 5 cents.
T"'a Is reqaired by .law. r - i't
V ; The ? foregoing - become ; opera-
tlve tomorrow. 'The incorne Ux, ,
excesa profits tax and cerpora-
tion-tax . -are for the calendar
tyear of 1917 and are ftot'due un-
til January 1. Returns- must be
filed -on or before March 1 of '
next year. In the inccme tax any -.4
indfvldual -with an Income of
t1CC3 or rnore a year must file -
return at that time.' - The reve-;
nue office receives , many tele-,
phone and letter Inquiries as to -
this feature and-the date of fil-
; Ing returns. , - s ' . . .
r ' The .stamp tax. on documents
is not due until December
to the revenue office. -...'"'
. " '
- . .. A. ' -'. A"-. A . A A A A
(AiMdstad Tttu by V. a. Vsvsl Wtnlm.)
LONDON.; Eng., Oct. 31. The Sinn
Felners of Ireland have started a focnl
control movement indepencent.cf , the
government, it was given out here to
day: 1 They now -urge halting of te
exports - from the British c isler and
particularly from Ireland, ;to' protect
the Irish source of supply. I . ' : . '
. Retums-foV businesses provided
the federal law that became effective
on. October J, such , as liquor dealers,
cigars, -cigarettes and ' tobacco deal
ers, and dealers In" those . subjects
enumerated in the excise tax law . such
aa cosmetics; toilet- articles patent
medicines and chewing gums, must alt
be filed on or before the close of busi
ness, November .2.::fij;;;::t-- . -;
Any additional taxes " disclosed by
these returns . that hare not ' yet been
paid ' must dco Jbe paid vat that time.
Failnre;to: comply" Unpunishable by
penalty iprescribed by law.- : j ' y
v ;Actmv Collector Ralh S. Johnstone
stated today, that although the revenue
office has taken i every possible step
In' the brief ; time allowed ?tov notify
dealers' there may be persons subject
to taxation who hafb not been noti
fied by revehue officials. These will
ka liM lliMa i" - '. i
, rersons 'who have .'f iled their ' lni
rentories- and not paid their , taxes
must do so without further visit from
revenue - officials or rotice from the
federal : office. -; 'A-: A-AA AaaVk .
:' A : ' ,:" ' "A:..;A".ry. A-
C AsMdstsd ttts ky Vl 8. Jranl WttlMl
A PACIFIC PORT, ; Oct;- 3L The
Japanese commission -'of-; merchants
and financiers arrived here today and
an interhamrer conference; In which
local .commcrtlal bodies shall take
? Vigorous applause' greeted Albion Clark, chairman of the Ad Club
Reads committee, when be reported to the Ad Club at its luncheon today a
recommendation of the proposed consolidation of city -departments under
one management, which is known as the- "iiott-Smith plan." Clark's re-
portdeatt with the project of. secur Ing the city's water - entirely from
artesian supply, and .with a plan for a road engineering board as well as
with; the ilott-Smith; scheme. The Ad Club decided to, place the Mott-
Smith scheme in- the hands of the civic affairs committee for further In
vestigation, awhile the road committee will get np a more definle report un
the other two subjects. The" crab hopes to; formulate a well-thonght-out
and comprehensive plan and decide how to get behind it for action.
; WASHINGTON, D. C. Oct, 31. The Elgin butter board has reached
an agreement with the food control officials on the closing of dairying for
the warj V- ,. v..
LONDON, Eng., Oct. 31. A thou sand British: and Indian, natives have
been drowned In . great floods at Dur ban. Natal, South Africa.
. -, PARIS, France,- Oct 31. Ten co ngressincnV visiting . France will
rive at the Pershing camp on Friday. ' - . : ; r ; : "
I- ' That he is not in favo of increas Ing. the price of milk at the present
time, but that the producers must .be protected and given the increase they
ask for. was the assertion made to th e .food commission ' this afternoon ; by
v. tr k. isenoerg. principal siocimoiaer m ue xionoiuia uairymen s Associ
ation. ;He, said he believed .the proposed Increase-to 9 cents a quart to the
producer was, fair, and declared the association could not pay 9 cents with
out raising' the1 price now, paid by the consumer.:- Abou , 34 . dairymen are
attending the rammission meeting. , ' , r'V,'':y:-y-rt
At This Figure Hawaii's 1918 Crop Will Yield Biggest Revenue
in Islands' History as it is .80 Cents Higher Than Years High
Average-Means Gross Income of Over: $80,000,000 ;
M j -
rice 1
TT llJci Associated rress report? that tlie international sug
I A committee sitting in New York had agreed on'a basic p
of 6.90 cents i per pound for sugar was hailed with deep-seated
satisfaction v by r Jiawaii sugar planters today;. Should this
price, prevail during; the war it will mean- that based' on an
approximate output of. the 1918 crop of 600,000 -tons, Hawaii
planters will receive;, in the .neighborhood of $84,000,000, the
highest total- for any yearcrop in the history of the island
sugar business.' :'aa: aasAka-. a'''--:-a:a
c ine news, nowevor, came as a i,wn.
surorise to A. M. Nowell. secretary of
the Sugar Factors Company. In fact it
is sack a . surprise" - that . Secretary
Nowell cannot bring himself -to a full
realization V that it Is tnre. , Never
theless he hopes so. But In the face of
the official decision of the food aa mm
lstration - month ago; that 'the maxi
mum basis for refined F. 0.: B. - Atlan
tic, seaoorts' was to be 75 cents, he
declares he canno see how the, , food
commission has consented to such a
radical Increase inthe price, basis un
less it be that. the influence of -the
Cuban planters,; .who control the mar
ket, was so great as tojorce such , a
toncession from the American board.
' Persons In touch. with the sugar, in
dustry hav known for the; past month
that the Cuban -planters were dissatis
fied -with the 7.25 maximum, which,
duty "excluded, allowed "A them 4.05.
cents for , their ; product.; VJth aha
food commission's figure of '1.30mar
gin between s the -raw j and refined
basis, the prlco under, the original fig
ure for, domestic raws was placed at
5.95, as announced in the Star-Bulletin
r f-- w .- The anniia! social evening at - the
u?;I T5" iSe - Institute will-be-Friday,
y - TTu November 5. at 8 o'c ock, . ;
for - ti-cent sugar, and if the domestic I , -
Benjamin L. Marx, of the law firm
of Frear, Prosser, Anderson & Marx,
was notified this morning by Gover
nor' Pinkham that he .'had been ap
pointed by : President "Wilson as a
member of the Local Exemption Board,
Division No. 2, for the '.Territory of
HawaiL A Recommendation for .Mr.
Marx's appointment , was sent to the
President by ' the4 governor a short
time ago. , ; . ; ; ' -;;;.
Speaking of his appointment,' Mr.
Marx said: . . . -',-:r- a.:"'--; '
"I feel every word of President Wil
son's admonition to "exemptioh board
members when he outlined the dutiea
that would " befall them - in this work.
The matter Is by no means a light
one,, but one heavy with responsibili
ties. Each case we "decide will have
its own merits and must be decided
upon taem.- ' ' ' v ''
$200 For Piling
Up Autos Horse,
Heedless Driving of Street Cars
to Be Stopped, is Ultimatum
of inspector Liliis ; a'a
NLESS motormen- can ' have
their cars under complete
control at all times, the
" ? trolleys , should be taken of f the ;
County Prosecuting . Attorney "
Chanes Chillingworth In police
court ; this i morning. Hf was
i pleading for - a stiff sentence in .
- the case of Joseph SQva, Rapid
Transit motorman,; who was . ar
rested by Chauffeur Inspector Bob .
Liliis for' alleged heedless driving
:' '.'of a street car, A ' i-'A ,.yA ,--y
"The court sentences you to pay
a fine of 1200 and costs. . said
Judge Harry Irwin, after hearings
the testimony of Mr. Liliis. ; -
' -. This . is the heaviest fine ever ;
imposexi on a defendant forheed
' less driving. ' Silva started his
.car at Alakea and King streets a
V week ago, piling up i; Ford, a ;
Stutz and. a horse and buggy. .
- - "The street cars go so fast
- they endanger the lives of pe-.
Adestrians and motorists, . de-
x dared Liliis. '."I am going to go
; ; after every c ar crew that thinks'
fit; : has. special right-of-way ,
privileges on ihe city streets. A
;- 8treet'car has no more right to
v exceed the speed limits than a mo-
' torist, but lots of motormen think,
they--have. ?'. Al-A ?- AA': x,
- m t a '
Silver Crown. .and .Lei Stolen
From Casket of Monarch in
Kawaiahao Church vi "
: A '"' . V:,, ; : ;
Breaking into the royal vault in the
churchyard " of the ' old Kawaiahao
church, late last night or at an early
hour this morning, vandals stole the
royal silver crown and a diver lei from
the coffin-of King Lunalilo, once ruler
of the kingdom of HawaiL The casket
cover had 'been thrown back, but the
casket . itself had not been opened.
Detectives are searching now for the
ghouls .who so flagrantly desecrated
the tomb of the dead monarch. -
The. casket of the king's father was
untouched. .' , . --A:'.'-.A A ;
Attendants inspecting the . royal
yault ; this afternoon discoTered i tlie
crime. The door to the vault was open,
and a dank musty smell filled the
darkened sepulchre. A black cover,
draped over the coffin of the monarch.
had been thrown back, revealing that
the royal silver crown and lei had
been 'stolen. - ; ... :. -. " '"-'
Secretary Lansing and Italian -v
Commissioners Plan Speedy
t Aid for Hard-Pressed Coun
'try; News of German Sol
diers' Revolt Against Officers
, Reaches Holland -'
'-;.; - . - - : -
(Aited&ttd Tttu y U. ft. SitsI WlxtluU
WASHINGTON, D. C.,Oct. 31. Or
flcial Washington is deeply gratified;
and the Allied representatives here
equally so over news coming -from
several sources that the- imminent
Teuton menace has united Italy be
hind the armies, now at the front, and
that indication of a stiffening is. giv
en."- ; " ;v:: ;. i. -:- - . .
The cablegrams say tthat all par-;
ties are now urging that: the enemy
be met with determined battle. " The'
peril of the Teuton drive is- well ia
derstood. ! r '
.. , Secretary of -.State Lansing ani .
members of ' the Italian mission dis-"
cussed plana today for speedy aid of
Italy by the Unitoi States. -. : A '
LONDON. Eng - Oct 3l! Figures
or British casualties for the month of.
October were given out 'today. They
are 82,377.-
AMSTERDAM, Netherlandg, ;
Oct. 31-The newspaper Lcs
Nouvelel , reports tliaf German '
troops . massed' - in Beverloa ;
camp, Belgium, have mutinied,
th e revol t being of a very so-,, a
rious nature, - ; V-v v-;
'liriistaled" that the frobps;: "
were ordered to move to tho
front'but rcfusedrvTh'cy dain- '
aged their rifles and evepf. fired;
on their own ofiicers. Other
troops were sent to quell tuo
mutiny and the mutineers were
ally mastered I and removed
frmn the camp in cattle trucks -
.The frontier guaVd at Brou-
chot ileserted on October 15.'
- '-,- ' . . ': .
ROME, Italy, Oct. 31. Italina cav
alry is now covering the rat eat; tf
the Italian ' army from the hill and
canal .engagements fn . which It haa.
been driven back' by tbef'Au8tro'Ucr-
mans. , . . . . -vv,.--:-
Band Yill Toot
7 Being Postponed
BERLIN; Oct 31 j The campaign
on the Italian front developed tcday
In accordance-with the plans of the
Austro-German' generals.- . ; v
price' has been set at 6.90 it is a direct
concession to the , Cuban market of 1
cent: a pound, which, also grants ; the
domestic producers a similar increase.
In other; words ;it grants the : Cuban
planters ' a sprlce of 5.90 at -, ' Cuban
ports. AxAH-AA, "C-AAA-A
On this basis the maximum tor re
fined would advance to &.20 cents, al
lowing a margin of .1.30. between raw
and refined price, , and it. Is almost
certain that the refiners will Insist on
their 1.3( margin.'; " - V vi; :
With 6.90 sugar ; Hawaiian planters
wiu face one of the biggest years, if
not the bisgtst year, in the point ol
gross revenue since- the cane Industry
became associated with -the islands aa
its : leading: industry.' Wle the 1917
crop was estimated" to .be worth ; ap.
proximately 175,000,000, the 1918 rop,
even wiUr a sUghUy: lesser 'tonnage
due to drought, wiir exceed it by about
15,000,000. AAAJ.A' A A- fA'A :
Preliminary estimates compiled by
Secretary Nowell -indicate .that "the
Sugar Factors crop ,wUl be" less 'than
the' 1917 output by ; 50.000 to 7 60,000
tons .bringing the total down to about
this' year. - ' r
' Sam Goldino, charged with the mali
cious conversion of an automobile, will
be placed on trial in Circuit Judge
Ashford's court tomorrow morning,
" Frank J. Dougherty, formerly 'regi
mental .adjutant -of the '1st 'Hawaiian
Infantry, was called to actlvo service
tod ay through cabled.. , orders 7 from
Washington. ; He was recently com
missioned ask capUin inUhe; oiarter
master . reserve - corps, . and wiU ; be
assigned) as assistantto' the depart
ment quartermaster. ' - ;'7
'' 9 m m .' ,
, About fifty enlisted men of the' Ha
waiian. department wUl be entertained
tonight by the ladies! of the : guild of
SL-'Ajndrew's Cathedral.. An brgan7re
cital , beginning at ,5:3S rwill be ."the
first entertainment feature. A supper
will be eeTved to. the men by their
hostesses, and all the young people of
the church .are invited to come In for
the evening, when . Hallowe'en Stunts
and games arranged by' Mrs. L." .Ten.
ney peck will ensure' a , Jolly time
local planters:- The figures of Secre
tary A Nowell . show that the average
FTER a month's vacation the;
Hawaiian band, - under , its
new director, R. H.- Baker. V
will resume its duties tomorrow, ;
the proposed strike having - been '
indefinitely postponed. - , ; .;
Due to a resolution passed last
night by the board of supervisors, '
Mr. Baker and his band will bare'
their work cut out for them this -
year. In addition to a bi-monthly
- tour of the islands, whereby six
'concerts a year will .be provided'
for outlying districts -such as .
. Ewa, Waipahn and . -ICoolauloa,
Mr, Baker will be instructed to
- hare . his band - play twice a
? week in KaUh t V once , a' week
i:- In , Kakaako, r and also three ;
Sundays a month in Kaplolani
'.park; besides the regular weekly
programs that T have been given
'7 heretofore by the band, and any
special concerts it may be callei
" -upon to. provide. 7
m ...
Schools for each"'coast artillery of
ficer will be established at each fort
in the coast defenses of Oahn, begin
ning tomorrow and ending February
28 1918. 7 The course of . instructibn
will incltfde such subjects aa ballistics,
fortifications, serrice of the piece and
nomenclature. -: , A --y AA - :-
7Ah Chong. and Ah ;Yee were fined
$25 each in police court '- today - for
having; che-fa tivkets in their posses
sion,"' They paid their fines, but
wanted their tickets back. - .'.-; y
, NEW . YORK, OeL 31. Emperor
Charles of Austria entered tlie recap
tured city of Gorizia in triumph yes-,
terday, riding through lines oi cheer;
Ing troops, according to a Vienna de- -v
I spatch received last night by ray- of
Amsterdam. . . -: ' .; ' I . '" - o.
Simultaneous with the trlamphaut
entry of the Austrian emperor tnt6
the city Whiclr-has been described in
the Italian communiques as the key to
Trieste, enthusiastic. patriotic dem
onstrations were held in Menna 'and .
Berlin, which' capitals were gaily, dec
orated for the occasion, :
Gorizia, according to. the " Vienna
despatches was first .7. plnndered,' by r
the retreating Italians and then jrac-
tically destroyed. When the center
army of General Cadorna's forca was
retreating it" carried away e verythhr; ;
of value and also carried off the en
tire citizen population, which . U 7
mainly Italian.- - 7. v;"- A
' v r - - . '.
lAMtoeuUd Pro vr tr. avvtval Wirtli.
PETROGRAD, Russia, Oct 31.
Ready "artillery ' fire ; from loyal Rus
sian gunners on the northern front in
the last few days has broken up an
attempt' of some . of the, dissenting
Russian Infantrymen to ; fraternize
with detachments of Germans on tW
opposite line; - f . 7
: Circuit Judge Asfcford announces
that, lie wiir, continue- to try cases un
til the congressional . party leaves for
the other Islands. He will accompany
the party and, upon hfs rtt-'rr., r-n
BERLIN, Germany, Oct 31. Itis
officially announced that Chancellor
Michaelis has resigned and that Pre
mier von Hertling of Bavaria has been
offered the "portfolios - ' 7 . .-7
After appealing' their case to cir'
cult court from police court. Ah Tons
and 24 'other Chinese, -charged . with,
being ' present;- at' a gambling. game, '
pleaded guilty,, before Judge. W. IL
Heen this morning.. ' Each was Cae3
?20, thus enriching the city an 3 cc-.n-ty
coders by D-r-J ' '

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