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v '."Whenever -yon, encounter ..a' loud, surly,. domi
neering executive you've met a new comer who'll
J: likely not 1x5 an old-timer in office. Ucrbert
Kauffman. ' , :
The only faith that wears t. ell an 1 I . :
color in all weathers is that -which is v.-oven t '
conviction and -set with the. sharp inert! n t c f
experience. James Russell Lowell.
i1 i ini
" 5:
li Uoo
. -
f r.
: : :CM,lPAIGliilAY iiii
1A vy
This comins winter is bringing us a I
"collection ol remarkable hats as well J
as interesting costumes. This, is not j
an exaggerated description,' as it is J
roilly an inadequate term,-1 as - one f
-simply sits and. tetares at these ; un
booked for models, these distinct-inspirations
from the work shops of our
famous .designers. Georgette for in
stance lW sent-us' the picturesque
hat on the left; Just imagine the
smartness of a hat that turns up on
. two sides, edged with ostrich quilling,
and trimmed with a black and silver
bow! Wc cannot help but say exqui
site! ' Y: ;''.-V-; ":'v'r':
Fortunately we women of Hawaii
will be ablo to ignore the tremendous
lv lavish furs that Fashion is dictating
for winter modes 'with combinations j
so ciuerem irom auy wu-uuvo otvu
heretofore. Possibly we may feel in
clined to follow to a slight extent, use
nir cnmfl nf mir furs : ia trimming
..J 1. n .4 1 A. 4 Y . nam fvfCt i
at their present fabulous .prices," for
bid! ' ; ; .
. Erte is a genius, we all must" admit:
be is one of those people whose cha
racters are many sided. One mement
he presents you at Sheba's court, and
while you are having a heavenly time
salaaming about, and . surreptitiously
looking atr the . jewels and things, he
whisks you off and you find" yourself
again in the twentieth century looking
' admiringly at the futurists' contrlv
ances for turning the head of the fem
inine worshiper that hover constantly
about 'him. ' The motor coat on the
V7 n
-f 3.
French hat of black velvet,
turned . up on two sides and
trimmed at the edges with -f
ostrich quills, and a black ana t
silver bow. . . -f
Futurist motor coat by Erte,
in green cloth and moleskin -f
fur hood. This model suggests -hurrfcanes
and things.
Gown with the new bustle
silhouettes that is going to be -f-popular,
or , know the reason
for disfavor, iL there be one.
The lovely err;DroIdery of sil- -f
ver threads was most surely
not the work of idle bans.
-f -4- v-r r f -f -f
right is one -of Erte's ravings. This
design is a motor wrap that would re
sist a hurricane with shell buttons
fastening-the mole hood; mica shields
the face, while the wrap Is of green
"cloth.- . ... '. .
- Paris has exerted her boundless, en
ergy this year by producing some mar
velous embroidery. The Renaissance
tapestries have been turned to for in
spiration, and their .motifs copied al
most exactly; even the wool and dull
"silk embroidery yarns are ; the same
faded shades that Margarite de Valols;
threaded back and forth four centu
ries ago, in her castle at Chenonceaux. ,
Classic designs have also been revived,
co one might truly, say that embroi
dery is the mode of the moment. Even
the famous silk, looms Of France . are j
reproducing these old embroidery do- j
RfmnHHtv mav hft tha kvnntft of-thP. La shows old fashioned quilting
bright color, and forms a new triangle
Skirts are narrower than the tunics
or drapes which form the outer gar
ment, and are shorter than shown by
most dress-makers. The coats of
suits, like the, majority of winter of
ferings are more than three-quarter
length: and speaking of lengths, it is
quite astonishing j to view the short
ness of some of Premet's evening
dresses, and though no trains are used, '
an effect of length is obtained by their i
draperies. '
times, but extreme simplicity is , used af a. mof for. trlmmms suits and one'
in the mort costly of gowns, a vcri
tive paradox. - .'
Having these embroideries in mind
attention, is centered in the extremely
Pro. "' -; N ' - O -'KW;:-
j I '''' Lc) :
T.I J : .:
Unless- all materia and data is Into sign the pledge car when dilivered,
hand by that time, the territoria food
commission Imay not be able to begin
Hawaii's "P'ood Pledge, week next
Monday ; morning, as had been anticl-
pated. According-; to J. F. Child, fed
i eral food commissioner for the islands,
mere is sun considerable work to be
done on arrangements, but the com
mission hopes to be able" to launch
the campaign on time. ' : ; :, :
It is planned to use the machinery
of-the Red Cross the same that " so
successfuly; conducted the recent Red
Cross drive -to secure the signatures
and cooperation of housewives during
"Food Pledge", week.- The following
methods of - distribution have been
"suggested r.i vi::".
First: If the householder is. willing
tha er1rriif run nrocPTlt fhft hn!15fi-
hold direction .carti and window mem
bership card and collect the signed
pledge car. ' : ''i. .'
Second: . If" the householder does
notn- wish to immediately sign the
pledge,; the solicitor should deliver
the household direction card and re
turn later to collect-the signed pledge
card land deliver the window mem
bership card. ' . : - ) r' -' '
Third: If the householder does not
wish to immediately, sign the 1 pledge,
the solicitor may deliver the house
hold direction card- and-pledge card,
requesting "the householder to sign
and mail the pledge card.
r. It it vital to the success of the plan
dot-to givo up the window tag to any
one who has not signed the pledge.:
! piece dresses. They are trimmed with
I bands . or just quilted on - the hem.
There , is also a great deal of fluting
used. For example; sleeves are flute.d
I 4.1 11 A 1
modish gown-in the center. While out- '?rii luow 1 .mTVDa .
line is extremely exaggerated, this ho- ?eld. n by rlst band.-Some of
rizon blue velvet embroidered in silver rma. patent leather belts arc
possesses-a cliarm that is distinctive. shes rather than .belts, and are
What would delight the hearts of our .aped and crossed in front, buttoning
women is the exquisite muff of white -Dn the.-Wps. A few. smart coats have
chiffon that goes with this lovely cos-' !op! ,of satin aced grosgrained nb
tume. The velvet turban, one of the ; Jn trimming the opening at the front,
most simple offered, lends a last ex- J?V al08t u?de4tho .cbm; and
elusive touch to "the whole. tne third midway Jo the waist line.
Muffs wiH relieve us for a while! To complete a costume most eleg
from, our eternal -hand-bags, but bags - gantly, hosiery to match the gown
we must have for out knitting, so one must be worn, and, most frequently in
of our designers has - cunningly com-, turn the hosiery is only complete when
bined' both, in a muff of white satin worn with plain -black French heeled
lined with purple. It looks like any
other innocent muff on one side, but!
oh the other side
with an elaborate
cious pocket in which can be carried a
whole sweater, or a half dozen balls
of yarn. "
A feature of Premet's skirts- thia -Preliminary ; to turning over the
year, arc their uneven lengths, many jBeretania hospital building to the
models being longer on one .side than Kapiolani Maternity home the former
on the, other. Another of the distinc- ; institution has been closed and all the
the features of this collection is a ' patients removed. It was stated today
charming collar, which buttons on that the building has been thoroughly
one side to the shoulder in a very cor-j renovated for the change, but the ex
rcct and rather severe fashion, but can act time that the transfer would be
be worn unbuttoned just as ', well; made was not stated "It will be
in which case, it -falls over in a deep j known in the future as the' Kapiolani
revere, which is faced with some. Maternity home annex.
flapf forms TckSZ- j ALL PATI EMT S 0 UT: 0 E
: .. v
-f - - ' -f
This article is number 16 of a -f
series of papers on practical . -f
dressmaking and millinery sub- -f
jects, with special hints ton prof-
f . itable buying for year in Hawaii.
f This new department is being
f conducted by Janet Walker, who,
f with several years of experience -f
in dressmaking and with a wide
-f knowledge of materials, patterns -f
f and values, brings, to the work
f an unusually thorough equip- -f
f ment. All materials described in
-f these papers may be purchased -f
f at the Honolulu shops and the -f
f aim is1 to furnish hints tn an at- -f
tractive, readable form ' for the
-f women and girls of the city whe-
4 ther they make their own clothes
-f in whole w or in part, or buy at
f the j tailors, the - milliners, the
-f dressmakers or the shops. -f
.f .. Future articles "Things We .
-f Can Make for Christmas Gifts."
f -f
f .-f -f f -f ,f 4-. 4- 4-4- 4 4 4
Mrs. Maria L. Parsons, 34 years
old, died in the hospital at Middle
town as the result of burns sustained
at her home in Old Saybrook two
weeks ago.
a v a a a a aia a ; BBVUiUV
A series of new rules for the terri
torial marketing division, of interest
to producer and consumer alike, have
been made and approved by the board
of agriculture Jand forestry. One rule
of especial interest provides that ac
count sales" will be rendered as soon
as the consignment to the markets Is
disposed - of, - and. settlement- will be
made in full at the same time if funds
are available. It is also provided that
in no case will settlement be made
later than the tenth of the month fol
lowing date of sale. i
The new rules are as follows:
; Shipping. Mark-AII consignments of
goods for the division must be marked
"T. M. D." The name and postof fice
address of the consignor must .be on
each package in' order to prevent con
fusion, s ' . ' , -
Postof fice AddressAddress all mail
to the Territorial Marketing Division,
P. O. Box 1237, Honolulu, T. II:
y Bills of Lading :Vhere goods are
shipped by rail; or steamer, a copy of
the bill of lading -mus1. be mailed to
the division at the. time of shipment
or earlier if possible.
. r Freight The freight on consign
ments may be charged to the account
of the division. In such cases the
amount will be deducted on the ac
count sales. ' , 'A ' i ..
Com m ission--1 A 5 ; per li cent commis
sion will - be; charged Von; the gross
sales on all consignments and de
ducted on the account sales.
- Drayage-A drayage charge of one
cent a" cubic foot measurement or 50
pounds weight will be charged on all
shipments hauled from the wharves
or railroad depot, with a minimum
charge of. five cents. Hauling goods
for producers in the city, to the divi
sion, will be at the regular rates
charged by the draying companies. Y
Cold Storage One-quarter of a cent
"A bazaar wilf be ' held at Bishop a pound per month or fraction there-
count sales will be rendered as soon
as " the consignment, is disposed of
and settlement will be made in full
at the same time if funds ; are; avail
able. 'In no case will -settlement be
made later than the 10th of the month
following; date of sale. . - ; , -
Credit Accounts No consignor will
bo allowed , to purchase , merchandise
against his consignment : account un
less he has a credit cash balance due
him -on the. books of the divisioa, or
a consignment of non-perishable pro
duce, which when sold will more than
payN for - any: goods purchased. ;'No
credit' accounts will be opened on the
books for. retail customers. Persons
ordering seed . by ; mail must enclose
check or postoffice money order to
cover i, cost before seed . will ' be sent.
; Only business houses of good 'finan
cial standing and government institu
tions will be given credit,; and these
will.be required to settle in full with
in thirty days- from, elate of rendering
account.. " . .
All buyers and sellers shall conform
to these rules and regulations in or
der to claim any right under Act '206
of the Session Laws of 1917, Terri
tory of Hawaii.
i 4
The Experience cf TLese Women Prove Thzl
There is a Remedy for Your Illness.
Aberdeen, Idaho-',Last'year I suffered from
a weakness with pains in my side and back. A
friend asked me to try Lydia E. Pinkham's Vege
table Compound and I did so. After taking ono
bottle I felt very much better. I have cow taken
three bottles and feel like a" different woman.
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound is the
best medicine I have ever taken and I can recom
"mend it to all 'euSering women..' Mrs. Percy
Prestidge, Aberdeen, Idaho.
Kingfisher, Okbt "Fcr two years I cafTered
with a severe female trouble, was nervous, and
had backache and a pain in ray side most of the
time. I . had dizzy spells and was often so faint
I could not walk across the floor. Th3 doctor
said I would have to have an operation. A friend
asked me to try Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound. After taking ten bottles I ami now
well and strong, have no pain, backache or dizzy
spells. Every one tells me how well I look and I
tell them Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com
pound did it Miss Kina Sodthwics; R. F. D.
No, 4, .Box S3,-Kingfisher, Okla. -; ; 4 :
to. Ml
At Yo tir Dr u 6 disfs
-. " v t j -v -. - :
Park; opposite Young Hotel, Saturday,
November 3, 1017.', Begins at 10 a. m.,
closes at 10, p. m. ' - -
Fancy work grab-bag, dolls, chil
dren's dresses, 'flower's and leis, deli
catessen, cakes and pies, candy, sand
wiches -and coffee; ice cream, lemon
ade, Portuguese sweet bread, shooting
gallery. ' . ; ..
Laulau, pbi luncheon and luau will
be served from 11 a. m. to 2 p. m.
Adv. - - y t
With a view to. its purchase by the
city and county-as. a- park addition,
A. K. Vierra,-superintendent of parks,
has been asked; by the board of' su
pervisors to ascertain the ownership
and purchase price of a strip of land
adjoining Kalihioku ""park, near the
Catholic church ln.Kalihi valley.
deducted on
of will be charged for cold storage on
all dressed meats.
Livestock Unless livestock can be
sold immediately at a fair price, it
will be slaughtered and put In cold
storage, the slaughtering and cold
storage charges being
the account sales. .
Feed A charge of one cent a day
will be made for each head of poultry
held on consignment at the division.
Candling A charge of one cent a
dozen will be made for candling each
dozen unstamped eggs received. Eggs
stamped with the name and guaran
tee of the producers will not be charg
ed for candling.
Grading A charge will be made for
actual expenses for grading and pack-"
ing consignments received in poor
condition. '
Settlements with. Consignors Ac-
v LONDON Eng. School children all
over England will spend their 'leisure
time during the nextslx weeks gatherr
ing horse chesnuts, which the govern
ment is. able to use in unlimited quan
tities in the manufacture, of munitions.
Researches last year by the Royal So
ciety led. to the discovery that horse
chesnuts provide a satisfactory sub
stitute for the grain used in certain
processes of munition making. Every
ton-of horse chesnuts" harvested 'will
save half a. ton of grain - for human
consumption.-. Plans made by the
school authorities Indicate that "more
than 300,000 tons of these chesnuts
wil be turned over to the government
by school children this fall. '- -
The plans for the harvesting are under-
the supervision of ; local commit
tees, proups of children will gather
the chesnuts systematically in bags,
which will be taken to a central square
and deposited in great heaps. , " , ;
. No payments will be made to the
children, i Chesnut collecting is . to bo
regarded, as their contribution to warJ
the war." ; . . ;
0f-Piii3sp;i!3 Z::1
Everybody in the city and county
of Honolulu who eats, should eat pine
apple; on Pineapple Day, which -will
be Wednesday, November li" sal i
Mayor Fern this morning. "The news
papers' should c say more " about this
day, to keep it before the people, r.ui
the; people themselves should talk
about It. We want to encourage the
extensive use of pineapples in the
territory. . . '
1 "This observance of Pineapple Day,
the Mayor continued, "I look upon aa
entirely in keeping with the nation-,
wide movement toward food conserva
tion,, in that it encourages the usa
of; a, home-grown product. I am In
favor of its wide observance on Nov
ember 14. . ';-V-:-' . ';-!(C:--.J -::-.''C
"I ant nbtrging the celebratlcn"cr:
Kalakaua day, which falls on Novem
ber 16," said the Mayor, "because It
seems to ' me that, with the country
at. war, with all being asked to econo
mize in every possible way so that
more'food, as well as money, may be
left to supply our army and our allies.
It is quite the right thing to be having
banquets, Juau3 and other festivities.
Kalakaua day should be remembered,
I don't, want it forgotten by the
people, at all, but, this year at least,
I am not in favor of spending any pub
lic money on its observance, nor do I
believe the people should be en
couraged to celebrate it privately at
enj great' expense. "When the war is
over,' we shall make a big day of Ka
lakaua's birthday, as we did la3t year.
' But ' Pineapple day," concluded his
honor, "should, be observed through
out the i territory on ".Wednesday,
November 14. -I hope every table in
tlie Islands vill serve pineapple tlires
times on that day." . , . ,
Guy Emerson, . director of publicity
for the second federal reserve dis
trict, reported that the German Volx3
zeitung refused to; take a Libertj
Loan advertisement? ; .1.. . :
f4:fT f t.r
4- . ' ;:;--. .. - 4-
4- . ; ';"-: .;,: .
4- S. Asano, president of the Toyo
4- Kisen Kaisha. has sold the tan- 4
4- ker Soyo Mam tcr the Anglo- 4-4-
Saxon' Petroleum company at a,--4-.
price of 260,000. The gross ton-4-4-;
nage of the . ship is 4614, regis- 4
-tered tonnage 2S07, length 370 4
4 feet, breadtl 4S feet and depth 4-4--30
feet. -Japan Advertiser. - ;
4- 44 4 4 fvl f'f
"Society Sufro
in Suranio?
TofMilbljr there is nothine . more annoying P
a refined woman tlwn offensl re pcrspiratlin or
body odors. These shooilnabl social pestj
hate txfen WfU exemplified In tho eipctlenr
of Dr. ME Cbrtier, I'acnltt de I'a'm, france.
'Dr. Chartlcr oscs sponso bath made of
l rz.-Tyie Antiseptic I'oMtJcr in one aalloo
of "water as preventive and cure Ha says be
finds the powder to be a deodorizer and stimu
lant of the iLhi and an aUsrhitor, of paio.
Two tcaspoonfals of tbe ' pun" powder . in. a pint
of: water gae hJin excelleat icsulfs-in a caw
of I'olson Oak arter all other remedies bad
failed. - Similar happy effects wore obtained
from the use of tho same si renjtli solution La
The tender sis hi of chnd lj eieepUonally
sensiUre to heat. Tyree's Antiseptic Towder
used either dry, mixed with talcum, or la solu
tion as a sponge bata , sires the little oae
comfort from aU such, painful affections.
The doctor further suggests to social patrons
the use of Tyree's Powder Instead of poison
ous tablets, , carbolic aeid. peroxide. ., etc.. as
it Is In every way more agreeable and the
results accompanying its jise are much to be
preferred to the dangerous and disagreeable
agents now in ns.
It Is sold in packages at 2Sc and $2.00 by
the manufacturer. J. S. Tyree, Chemist, Inc..
Washington. I. Cv" s
A- I
Suited : To All Occasions
Men's patent vauip, plain toe, black serge top but
ton boots: Sells for $8,00 a pair. " Particularly proper ,j
for Sunday and evening wear. . - .
' , ' . ': . - V -. . " ; ': '. 1 ' ' -. .'
- . -.. .v . . ..... ... i . -i.. " --7-' ; :
Mclnerny, Shoe Store
'".';''... - Fort Street, near King.';
" . J ' .'".-'.:V.-f -
Most of us are dependent
on a milk supply which
is far from satisfactory!
it -
" "
. 1 1
The cows majr be unhealtKy -the tupply may taie too
, long to reach us, it may. be poor in quality, the .mill U
subject to contamination by disease germs, it cuy be
watered and by not too clean water at thU
And yet there's a remedy at hand. . . :
In Oionsands of homes throughout Australasia and the
Pacific the raOIonaanaslbeen superseded by a tin bcaris;
the famous HighlanderBrandV V;,- ..:
Highlander Condensed milk (full cream) is absolutely germ
free the milk is drawn from healthy cows subject to Gov
ernment Inspection oa the rich pastures of Southland. New
Zealand, while the processcsof lteratxoa and evaporaticn
remove all dirt and destroy all disease germs. The milk
is condensed within a few hours of leaving the. cows. s
Highlander quality ts the highest tn the world -full cream.
Why not prove it for yourself?. It Sats but little to" buy
a can, and yon a nnd that it heips to solve
- the milk problem simply and economi
cally. -:;; r-J; V v; : : v ' " ;' -,
a a 1 1
tl 1
' A Big Cookery Book FREE"
TTiere'i free cep of the HigWandf r
Cookery Book awaiting yoa nearly 200 ; ,
leaatiully Castrated page of ; practical, .
ccoamical tested recipes. . Send jour name -end
address to-c!af ta rHisiilaJtcfer.'";
Dept "A" . ' -
Frtd L. Waltfrsn. Lit. Atwts,
V ill li
3s . ' """ - . . . 'I ' -

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