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Evening Bulletin, Est 1882 No. 6938.
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From Sn Fwnelieo V-. ,.. i f V 1 I I . w:
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Tokio Anxious to Gaoperate in Launch
ing Blows Against Praianism--Teu-ton
Propaganda of Years Swept Away
by Frsmk Exchanges
1. Complete agreement ' of Japan and United States 'on
China, jlv'.::V'.;:'v, -
2. German intrigues" "to embroil two - countries exposed
and ended. . " . . IT s .
3. ; China's sovereignty and independence assured.
4. United States recognizes Japan's ''special interest" in
.China. "
4. "Open Door." is again guaranteed to world.
6. Broad intimations that Japan is to take more active
part in military and naval campaign against Germany.
r . i n
Blood Is Shed
Congressmen ontieirMrrivalW
California-Hawaiian Company
Will Shut Off Jobbers' Sup
v ply if Hoover's Rules Re
garding Sales Not Obeyed
btates have reached a complete agreement .in.TdgaricLm
and a clearunideretanding upon luUita
cooperation i against Germany. vj r ' --vy ,v
This important announcement . was made today by Sec
retary of State' Lansing. At, , the same time he made pnblie
notes exchanged with Mscoulit Ishii, bead of the great Japan
ese mission which came to the United States some weeks ago.
These notes record an agreement recognizing Japan's
special interest in China, and pledging the independence and
the territorial integrity of that young republic. The notes also
reaffirm the doctrine of the "open door" in China for American
commerce and industry.
Secretary Lansing's statement emphasizes the point that the Ishii mis
sion has performed a service of the highest value to he United States. and
Japan in clearing up misunderstandings, -which, if unchecked, promised to
develop a serious situation in the Far East. . y
The statement also refers to the atf
titude of constraint and doubt in the
two countries fostered by a campaign
of falsehood adroitly and secretly car
ried on by the Germans. It declares
that through the frankness and cordi
ality of the Japanese commissioners
this propaganda of years has been un
done in a few days. - .
.The text of the statement, which is
dated October 2 and ' addressed by
Secretary Lansing to Viscount Ishii,
"I have the honor to communicate
my understandings of an agreement
developing from our recent conversa
tions and questions of Interest to the
governments relating to China.
"In order to silence mischievous re
ports, 1 believe that a public an
nouncement of the desires and inten
( tions shared by the two governments
r in regard to China Is advisable.
"The governments , of the United
States and Japan recognize that ter
ritorial propinquity creates special re
lations between countries, consequent
ly the United States recogntees that
Japan has special interests in China,
particularly that part to which her
possessions are contiguous.
(Note. This appears to refer to
Manchuria.) H
"The territorial- sovereignty ot
China remains unimpaired and ; the
United States has every confidence in
the assurance that Japan' does not de
sire to discriminate against the trade
of her nations or disregard the
treaty rights heretofore granted by
China to other powers. The, govern
ments deny any purpose to 'infringe
upon the independence and territorial
Integrity of China, and declare that
they will always adhere to the prin
ciple of the 'Open Door and equal op
portunity for commerce and industrj
In China; and that they are mutually
opposed to the acquisition by any gov
ernment of any special rights or
privileges affecting the Independence
of the territory; or will deny to the
citizens of any country full enjoyment
of equal, opportunity for commerce
and industry in China. . -
"I shll be glad to have -Your Ex
cellency confirm this understanding
and agreement." -
In reply to this, Viscount; Ishii ad
dressed Secretary Lansing on Novem
ber 2 also, as follows:
T have the honor to acknowledge,
and am happy to confirm imder the
authorization of my government, the
understanding In the following terms
At this point the Ishii statement re-
(ABsncl&tftd Press V. S. KiTal Wirtleta.) ,
CHANDLER. Ariz., Nov. 6.
f The peace proclivities of William
4- J. Bryan, former , secretary ot -f
state, failed to save a dangerous
4- situation today. Brj an got chased -f
4- by a bull while out duck hunting. .4-4-
The bull meant business, so 4-4-
Bryan took to a mesquite tree
4- after his suit had been rent by 4-4-
the animal's horns.' 4
4- A fellofr hunter came to the 4-4-
rescuekilling the buU. ;
4- --jr.
4 4- 4- 4 4t f
candidate, leading Furro "Mitchell by
some 25,000. The count olyes Bennett
7517, --Hylan 47,561, H I Hquest 18249,
Mitchel 22,299.
1 A
5 v
i n "
' r' ."
Report on Bourse Says Cen
trals Will Propose" Confcr
r ence at Berne;-Italians Arc
.. Again Retreating
f AstociAtod frti by U. &. KitsI TTttlsji.)
I ONDOX, Eng., Nov. 5. Am
L stefdam . wa3 in . a great
flurry ol excitement today fol
Icwing peace rumors on tho
bourse." The report .'declared
tlat the powers of the central
alliance would make an oiter to
the; entente before December
proposing ': a conference at
Berne, Switzerland. , ' y fc ;
ROME,-Italy, Nov." 6. The Italians .
have been compelled to evacuate te i
rltory in J the mountains near tho
north plains of Northern Italy in or
der to establish a new -line. Tho:
enemy has occupied the old line.
' The Italian forces are-retiring me
thodically to their new:-lines. The
morale of the troops" is unimpaired.'
The cavalry lorces are fighting' hero
ically in the v rear, screening . tha
movement of the main armies.
. districts .in odaymlydriityj
kioni' Judge Wylahtjramaiiy i
1 1J . i . I.'.JI.. B.i..j''Uii;i. V...
21,891 FOR WEEK
LONDON, Nov. 6. The weekly- cas
ualty report shows the British losses
in Flanders for the past week to be
21,891 killed and wounded. ' '
PETROGRAD, Nov. 6 Premier Ke
rensky is planning to leave for Eng
land in a few days, presumably to dis
cuss the situation in Russia with refer
ence to internal conditions and possi
bly map out the winter campaign of
Russia's armies.
- .w
: W -J -1.- '
JUAREZ, Mexico, Nov. 6.VilHstas
are again on the rampage. Today they
dynamited a train at Armendariz, 50
miles south of Chihuahua City. Sixty
g-iards were killed and a number of
passengers wounded. ,
At a meeting of tne Honolulu ex-,
emptio board, division No. 2, held
today at headquarters in the armory,
the following men, transferred from
the mainland for examination, were
Manuel Marks, from Martini, Cali
fornia, now living at 1439 Kauluweia
lane, Honolulu; Martin R. Aden, from
Solano county, California, now living
at 3214 Palolo avenue.
T ; nere are t. some or - 'pje. i con-T5
- gressmenyhowiltVarIve'.onr,th
Matsonla l;' tomprrow ftniornJn'gf
-f .among ; the Voff fcial: party j ;The;
. men gathered a:St.k,L'9uiiipr''
paratory. to starting Jjtheirt
f trip. Jn the upper photb ief vx6; -f
-f right, i are Representatives: Ben-?
-f jamih F.- Weltyf;OhioTiOscar -E.
-f Bland, I ndlana ;y.W. yH.1.Ypung,2a
-f St.v Lqufs man; Representative;
-f James ;C. McLaughlinvMlchIgan."
f In lower photo are-Representa-
tive's Louis B. Gdodall'of'Maine 4-
-f andS. J. Nicholls of South Caro-:
-f lina4 Photographs taken fof'thei-f
f Staf-Bulletin. ' vviV '-JH
: .--v.-. r. ... ... a,
HILE hoarding of cane sugar
here is notanticipated, rules and
regulations regarding the sup-
Dlvinc nf nnfftrtionpra anrl retailers
by the jobbers issued recently by the J ESTATE OF BROWN IS
California and Hawaiian Sugar Refin- VALUED AT $243,535
An inventory of the estate of the
late Cecil Brown, filed in circuit court
today, shows it to e worth $243,
535.24. Stocks are valued at $154,-
5o9.9o and real estate at $4o,840. The
appraisers were H. H. Walker, F. E.
Steere and I. H. Beadle.
5: Continued on page los ¬
ing Co., at the Instance of the national
food administration, were received in
yesterday's mail by A. M. Nowell, sec
retary of the Sugar Factors.
It is specifically stated in these reg
ulations ' that, confectioners are to be
supplied with but 50 per cent of their
normal demand, and if the rule is vio
lated by the Jobbers their supply will
be cut off. Retailers are required to
watch carefully the purchase of cane
sugar by their regular customers or
others to prevent consumers getting a
big-supply in stock.
Percy Swift, manager of Henry May
& Co.. thinks the Regulation regarding
the supplying of confectioners will not
apply here, as only a limited amount
of sugar is. used by Honolulu candy
makers. He does not look for a cut
ting off of the Importation of the fancy
sugars, cube, bar! and powder sugar
either, but believes the regulation is di
rected against the big candy manufac
turing companies of the mainland, be
cause of the requirement, of the food
administration that candy production
and candy consumption must ; be cut
down in order to conserve the world's
supply of sugar. . -
Others point out that because 1 Ha
waii is a sugar ; producing ' country
there, is no danger of hoarding sugar
here. As Mr. Nowell says, nearly all j
iae augar proauQea on any 01 tne Ha
waii , plantations Is good enough for
table consumption, and where It Is not
one more .washing will make it so.; It
Is also a matter of -fact that for many
years most all plantation employes use
Lieutenant Otto Portwich, an offi
cer of the former German gunboat
Geier, who was detained in the Is
lands at the time therest of the pris
oners from that vessel were sent to
the mainland will leave on the trans
port now at Honolulu. It isunder
stood that he will be sent to join' the
other Germans . interned at a war
camp at Fort Douglas, Utah. -
Fred Harrison has sold for $30,000
(cash his property located in Alakea
(Continued on Page 10; 1
street, between the Schuman Car
riage Co. and Catton, Neill &. Co
Ltd., the purchaser being William . P.
Thomas. Irwin H. Beadle of . the
Trent Trust Co. has had - this deal un
der way for several days, but it was
"not untH today at noon that the final
papers were signed. ,-:--
The sale carries with it "the build.
lng,now on the property, which has
been untenanted for some time; Mr,
Thomas is now making plans'for ex
tensive repairs and alteration to the
building, - which will probably ' be
used for an automobile repair shop. -;The
property brought nearly $6.50
a sauare lot -r
The congressional delegation" - of
five senators and 18 congressmen
will be officially welcomed ' lb ; the
shores of Hawaii Nei .bright and
early tomorrow morning. .
Arrangements have been '" complet
ed by -the committee In charge for
tne oinciai welcoming or - the "con
gressional party which ; arrives off
port at daybreak tomorrdwiYJ-While
thcliner Matsonla is, at ancHorawait--Ing
4 quarantine inspection,' the-office
ial welcoming party ' will ; board the
ship from one of the small, launches;
MagdF. J. Green will represent Gov
ernor- Pinkham : Captain,1 Harold
Laomis and Lieutenant IFrankVTnohy;
vdll be the official representatives ot
Brigadier General John Pi Wisser.and
Raymond P. Brown will represent the
chamber; of commerce.. Represents
tive Gerrit P. Wilder will also be on
band. : i '
The ship will be off port at j; an
early; hour tomorrow morning, and as
she cannot Tiass praoque before 6:30
o'clock' at the ; very earliest; the
launches will leave from ;the' foot of
Nuuanu street at 6 r!5 o'clock.' prdmpt-
ly. Senator ChIllingworuiwill be in
charge at this dock. .; ' .. ;"' l
The official reception party : will
leave;.on the launch Sea; Scout; and
the Hawaiian band will leave aboard
the i launch -Huki f HukL " Representa
tives "of , the press i will : leave on;,the
Sea it; ScouL i Both .launches leave
propmptly: at 6:l5tfrom Itbefopti oi
Nuuanu street , arid those .who are gor
ing out"tb meet the -congretssnien" on
the -', launches mustv be; there, at '; that
time.-,-:-v--r'i.-;v.:v;;T :
The of ficlal. welcoming partyi will
6.'-'-r-,'Vri ;" I;
Dr.-Bell : is: Authority For Statement
Hawaii-France Linled;by;V Phone
.J'Hello, Hawaiir,
;;..v!;o- the globe. Does it mean that we
'.,c.' j can talk from any ' part - of the world
; Hawaii; and Jr ranee A . have .claspea t to anptneivwruhout wires 7 ' -badsacroliatBpaer.lnvOUidrTxords
the'islands areLithln '.'speaking 'dls-lcials at ttae.naval radio :off ice today
tance with. America's ally.on: the other i did ,nbt attempt to conceal their sur
side of th'ernd.JThe
has been ' bridged and, through j; the v "llstened In'f on the conversation with
medium: of the-wireless: telep3i but it may have
806o.iriiles 1rfdH6nolQlii.theHElffel j been an operator; at the Pearl Harbor
.Tower-ne-thirdr? the'cIr(nnTttference ! naval: station, where successful exp eri
ot the iglobe-has become a mere J merits -have been conducted with the
nothing: as"faf asCbmmunlcationJ is wireless telephone.- A Mr. Espen
coricerried;: v;- -i J fsehied ' was in - Honolulu ; recently as
(- According; toaTnews:dispatchi from 1 representative of the Western Electric
1st. Catharine's Ontario", i Ca nada,- Df. Co, and. Is, known to" have made ex-
Alexander; Graham BeH,?inyen$or,c-r nausuyev iestsanj experiments with
. BERLIN, Gemany, Nor. 6 In aa
Interview, given the Assorted r::i
byLeader -Energer c! t'.; ? C : : '
."partyr tSejexultatioa' cf G:nr.:.r;
-the victories over Italy If hho n.
; "While tie troops of the Central Al
lies were crossing the Tagliamento,"
Erzberger said. 'Germany at home has
quietly crossed the political rublccn,
and In the space of five days -ha 1
changed from an autocracy into a d
mocracy." t. - . ;''
'.PETROGRAD,. t Russia, Nor. 6..
Russia": Is still ; doing her - utmost " to
carry on' the v war and will continue to
do so, says Premier Kerensky, In a;
statement - given . out today through;
his secretary,' protesting against any!
other- interpretation 'of his recent
statement." -
: LONDON, Eng., Nor. 6.A British'
attack today In the neighborhood of;
Passchendaelep ; ' made - satisfactory
progress. ' ;: -v : , " . - ;
v PETROGRAD, Russia ; Nor. 6
General Verkhovsky,, minister of war,
has been give an indefinite leave of;
absence and General Manicovsky Ij
acting minister of war under the di
rection of Kerensky. ;V ;
200 SETS 0?
Two hundred sets df food license-
blanks reached Raymond ' C. Brown
secretary of the Chamber of cw
merce, at & o'clock this vlou
Within 10 days all concerns iyflawaiii
that are " distributing
foodstuffs Z
cor?r within tne;
.dtion licensing:
dlan't Clahsaid f.There Is'- .-possibility.: that "he is the
Tf the; telephone) has iriot? reached ! onewho 'Glistened in " v v r r ; V
Tf the teleDhone
its Extreme ,itxriit3;i wh at. nextlJI 1 ' can
not: say what -next but'l'can tell; you
of - something; thathappened, in Wash-
Idgton; about-three w eeksv ago,.; $
t'Theltelep honeys' been appIiedto
wireless, Mdi;a'man'ifnATUngtoa?'jast
across the river ;f rom Washlnstdn,
talkedwlth a rnaa on th e, Eiffel' Tower;
in ParJsr by : tele phciTa' without wires.
noluluheard the cdjvcrsatrc!i.f From
Hbnbruia! tbi thsvE: : : : I' To r. : r' i 3 S00O'
; .Officials at, the naral ; radio office
have 'heard of: the remarkable feat
arid, according: to their version of the
incident, the .man wno "listened in"
hearb!tevery; word of. the conversation
that. was golngron 8000 miles away.
" t ;;; . ,;;
.t The weight limit to the; parcels to
the - American , expeditionary forces in
France : has been fixed at seven
pounds ' instead, of twenty pounds as
hereof ore;' -r.'Pcstmaster. D. II. Jlac
'Ai -i:"rvctivc'3 ;-aa- cr t-' tt!i e!-,
' ror!
such concem-Tust have their blanlij
filled 6iUjZ?ih& mails and on the wayt
to Washington, D. C. v !
;. promised . the merchtnts teat v
would" "notify them through the. press'
as soon as the blanks arrived," said;
Secretary Brown this morning. "Nowj
they are" here, and ; it is up to tha
merchants to. get busy," . ;
As soonjas.the blanks arrived Sir.;
Brown notified the , United State3 at-?
torney a office, which will handle . all,
president's proclamation. ' "
" Assistant U, S.'Attorney J. J. Bank3:
expressed the opinion that, i therc
are not enough blanks to go arour.i,:
the national food administration, un-j
doubtedly will grant further time ta';
those .merchants unable to secro,
them froin the initial lot now in tr
city.; Secretary . Brown ; says that i :"
the blanks do not go aroundhe wi::
have : some printed locally. "So tv.
merchants need have no fear," 1 :
adds. .- ;
It is not known yet how many rr.T
chants and dealers in Hawaii will h?
to . secure the licenses. - Secret:.:.
Brown has i notified all ctainlcr;
the steps he has taken regardir -
licenses. . v
, The blanks requirs the furr.i '
of considerable information frc-i
cerns subject to liccr-:r.'. i-:'.
commodities hanilei, avsrr--? r
volume cf buslnsrs ar. 1
pacity. A letter r :c"
plfcatf ' :
t: 1 '

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