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v '
In a resolution passed by the Cham
ber of'Commerce yesterday the sense
of great loss suffered by the Hawaiian
.islands through the passing of Captain
V.'illiara Matron ts fully expressed.
Tiie resolution is as follows:
"Whereas. Captain William Matson.
an honored member, of this chamber,
liavinp on the eleventh day of October
last parsed out of this earthly life, it is
fitting tliat those who were associated
with him ia the business activities ot
this Territory should record gome ex
pression of their sincere regard and
appreciation of his valuable work in
the development of the commerce of
these islands;
"Therefore, Be it resolved: That
ia the death of Captain Matson this
chamber has lost one of its most
worthy members; one who was dis
tinguished, for wide enterprise, and . a
high sense of honor; one who in all
, the pursuits of his busy life displayed
a clear insight into the public needs,
and with a readiness to meet them
which should be gratefully remember
ed by this chamber. In the construc
tion and equipment of the fine fleet of
steamers which bears his name he has
materially aided- in the upbuilding o.
our merchant marine, and has earned
the commendation not ocly of the peo
ple of Hawaii but of the American peo
ple at large, for at this period of our
country's great need of ships the Mat
son steamers will prove of inestim
able value.
"Be it further resolved, that this
tribute to tne memory of Captain Mat
son be spread upon the records cf the
chamber and that a cooy thereof be
transmitted to his family and the Mat
ron Navigation Company, together
with our respectful sympathy in the
great loss which they-have sustained."
"f '. .
(Special biar-baUtnOrribonde&c
'..-WASHINGTON, JVC Nov. 2. The
statfe or unrest in the United States
caused by the apparent shortage of
sugar seems to have abated. In a de
gree, the people of this country can
thank the Republic of France for its
generosity In releasing 26,000 tons of
sugar to the American market which
had been stored here for export to or.r
sister republic for use of her fighting
Wees" and the general public This
concession on the part cf the French
republic, for which the federal food
administration is deeply grateful, was
made in spite of the fact that it was
only a month or so ago that a request
had been received from the French
government stating that she woul-J
need 100,000 tons of sugar during the
next month and probably more at a
later period.
Hat the shortage in sugar hit this
country of a sudden. The Cubau crop
was not on its 'way and the planters
of Louisiana had not shown auy dispo
sition to relieve the situation. Then
France, although sorely in need of
?nigar, agreed to release more than
one-fourth of the entire amount of the
commodity which she had stated
would be absolutely necessary for her
own use. Herbert C. Hoover, federal
food administrator, andHhe American
public as well are amazed at the ac
tion of the French government.
When the sugar supply was threat
ened here the food administration di
rected all manufacturers and distribu
tors of the product to cease sales to
confectioners, syrup and luxury man
ufacturers until the Cuban supply be
came available. It was hoped that
sugar consumption by this means
would be igreatly reduced. And it .was.
Warnings were a!so given to house
holders not to make purchases of
more suar than they needed 'from
week to week.
Later on the food administration
modified its order prohibiting the sale
of sugar to manufacturers and confec
I rm rd Viv firfvfsfrte' rT1nara onrl Hie.
An editorial sugsesuon mc; ri- lrIbutors to deliver to them such
dent Wilson visit Europe was Printed f quantitie8 as when added t0 the,r
in the Paris Information.' - ' stock on hand, would amount to .")
IT,! iflfcn MilftJr
ttpAREFUL saving and careful spending invariably
promote success. Economy is one of the most -essential
elements of success, yet most wretchedly
disregarded. The five or ten cents squandered a day
if saved, will in a' few years amount to thousands of
dollars. If a manis not competent to manage a small
income or a small business, he is notr competent to
manage a large income or a large business.' Marshall
Field. ' r . .
We pay 4 interest on time deposits
Bishop & Company
Savings Department
per cent of their nofmaf requirements.
Wilf, restriction will be in force until
January 1, 1918. : ' v
These "regulations sent out by the
government have had the effect ot
stimulating he supply and has placed
sugar in the hands of those mostly in
ceed of it. v
But the food administration is. now
stating that there will be aeraporary
shortage in the supply of sugar during
the presen. month pending the arrival
in the market of new sugar. The beet
hugar factories in the Western state
are.coming rapidly into action and to
gether with the Hawaiian production,
should be able to cope with the situa
tion and relieve the shortage now fac
ing the American public.
But the exports o'. sugar from this
country during the present year have
also lessened the supply at home.
Thus far,-the United States exported
over eighteen times as much sugar in
1917 as it had averaged in the three
years before the war. In 1914 sugar
exports totalled but 72.323,615 pounds,
while in 1917 the totaPwas 1,254,551,
2S0 pounds.
As the production of beet and Ha
waiian sugar Increases the areas sup
plied from this source will gradually
extend eastward, and beet sugar
should reach the Atlantic seaboard by
the end of November. The rapidity
with which this sugar invasion from
the West can take place will largely
be controlled by the economies shown
in the consumption cf sugar by tho
people in the Western area, and the
food administration is making a spec
ial appeal to them that they should
vigorously reduce the consumption of
sugar, moTe especially of candy and
sweet drinks in order that the north
eastern states may be supplied at the
earliest possible moment.
The consnmption of sugar in the
United States is, even now, over seven
pounds per month per person and a
saving of one-third of the candy and
sweet drink consumption would have
saved the situation now confronting
the Eastern states.
Charles F. Chillingworth, president
of the territorial senate, who accomp
anied the congressional party to Ha
waii, but returned Tuesday with
Senator William King of Utah be
lieves the island trip will be of great
value to the territory.
'The congressmen5 are not only en
joying the tour of Hawaii, but they
p.re industriously gaining much infor
mation about island conditions. They
are assiduously asking questions about
the territorial laud problem," he de
clares. "Personally," I believe one of the re
sults of the congressional tour will
bo an amendment of our land laws, I
look for the appointment of an arbi
trary land committee, empowered to
decide and pass upon .the petition of
cverv applicant for a portion of the
public land. This committee will be
expected to determine if an applicant
Tor public land is a bona fide home-st-eadcr
in intention, or whether he is
merely acting for. quick gain with the
hopes of turning his land allotment
back to some of the corporations.
Iiut there is also an expressed be
lief by some of the more prominent
members of the party that the terri
tory should be allowed to get an ade
quate return for all the land home
steaded. That s that land worth
S100 or $5oo an acre should bring the
territory 5100 or $500 an acre."
Senator Chillingworth is not so sura
as to just what, the attitude of the
congressmen is regarding the cutting
up of big sugar estates.
One of the duties of the land com
mittee, he thinks will' be appointed,
will be to ascertain if an applicant for
public land is financially able to pay
for iils land and make a success as a
homesteader. ,
Honolulu Stock Exchange
Thursday, Nov. "15.
"Not a Question of Price, But
One of Supply," Declares
Hoover Representative
some domino sugar. A five-pound
box had to be brought from another
First relief from this stringency 13
expected to come from the Western
beet sugar crop; which started in
Utah, Colorado and Michigan on Oc
tober 15, but does not reach the mar
ket until later The Western states
demand this sugar and comparatively
New York must go on half rations
of sugar for the next six weeks, says
the New York Evening World of Octo
ber 18.
M ntlloKr TCI til.
jiuj.wi4Mr.c little nt U fa TnrtAH in rnm tn thft
out suzar while others have been
obliged to limit their sales to small J "
quantities. xuv mai ica. u.r ,. . . . ... . . t
tion of war has hit the metropolis ! "niVr 7'," "
and will pmcn u naraer eatu uay
from now until December 1.
James H. Post, Chairman of the
American Refiners' Committee of the
Federal Food Administration, made
the following announcement.
Every person should try in every
possible way to reduce the quantity
of sugar consumed from day to day.
percolate into the market a
frcm now
. The great Cuba crop, which is the
principal source of supply, begins to
come in December. This year's crop
is a bumper and by Jan. 1 the Amer
ican stringency will be fully relieved.
President Babst of the American
Sugar Refining Company said: "Dur
ing, the period of international and
I Paper Hangings i
of Quality
Meaning intrinsic value and best results s
in connection with interior decorating. E
The new designs and colorings brought S
EE out by M. H. Birge & Sons Co. are here
S for your inspection at which time the j
par excellence of these materials will be
apparent. Their renderings carry the dis-
tinction that is characteristic of their mer-
chandise and they represent the most ar-
S tistic collection of paper hangings ever 55
placed at your command. H
In connection with this exhibition of
S beautiful Wall Papers and Cretonnes EE
g Mr. F. R, Zelif f, Interior Decorator j
S of New York, now in Honolulu, is pre-
S pared to offer valuable suggestions per- H
S taining toj the decorating of your home.
ue painouc in iuis suuauon ana bimrt: dpmestk: readjustment of the next
in the temporary stringency of the two or three months there will be
next four to six weeks, when we nope SOme inconveniences and annovanrps
a new crop, will arrive from the West to consumers and manufacturers, but
and South to supply the normal de- jt is necessary as an incident to the
niand. . larger nurnose of feedinir the Allies'
"It is not a question of price. The , providing stores for our army and
navy and for winning the war."
t . i ' "
Luoa proiueers are primarily re
sponsible for the immediate sugar
necessary sugar is simply not avail- j
able: We cannot reduce. Any dealer
who tries to exact high prices because
of the scarcity is not patriotic and de- famine in the United States. There
serves public censure. are left of the last cane crop about
"We must all join in cutting 'down 3'").000 tons in Cuba, -?;hich the own-
one-half our daily consumption of i crs are holding for extortionate
sugar in order that the supply on hand i prices. This amount would tide over
may be parcelled around."
A majority of the large refineries
our present emergency. But the Fed
eral Food Administration has advised
of the East are closed and others are I American refiners not to buy at. ex
nrv;n art Hmf nn ncmiinf of the ccssive prices ana negotiations are
lack of raw sugar. They are dividing no,w pending to induce the Cubans tc
their product as equitably as possible , relf ase. th,"s raw sugar at a fair price,
nmm trhnlesalprs. uha in turn are' Administrator Hoover has fixed a
doling it out to retailers. Between re- j price which 8houId be Pd for raw
finers and the Federal Food Adminis- s"sai; nuch below th3 figure which
nation there is close harmony and . tug u""3 are aemanaing.
i J 2 r t .
ine wnoie muusiry is m pruuess ui uc- .
ing talien under government super-
Officers of the Administration were
& Cooke, Ltd. :
- "' -
W Lumber and Building Material 169-177 So. King St.
ff rif i ii r in if iiiiiiii i iiiiif iiii nil if i ni ii n iiii nn i f n n II i u ii iiii inii if iliii n im r 11 iiiri if
opened yesterday at No. Ill Wall
street, where George M. Rolph, rep
will bo in direct charge, assisted by
will be in derect charge, assisted by
the International Sugar Committee
and the American Refiners' Commit- j
tee, which will practically control the I
sugar business ox the world.
Wholesale grocers are as badly off
for sugar as retailers. The distributer
who has a few hundred barrels of
sug.ir on hand is the exception and
he is dealing it out in restricted quan
tities to retail, stores. The refiners
are doing the same with their re
stricted output to the wholesalers.
No specific regulations have been
I pioruulgated yet governing this prac-
j deal rationing. It is expected that
within a few days a rule of one or
(two pounds to a customer will pre
j vail throughout the city,
j The government has taken absolute
;coutrol over the supply of raw sugar
jfor distribution among refineries. It
has licensed both brokers and refiners
rand fixed the price they may charge,
which is on the basis of S.33 cents per
pound for granulated, less 2 per cent
discount, making a net of 8.18 cents.
The government has no direct con
trol over retailers.
Hoarding is denounced In highest
Vagar circles. The wife of the presi
dent of a leading refining company
appealed to her husband to send home
an extra supply. He refused and Mrs.
President Is now going, to -the grocery
to get hci limited supply of two
pounds at a time.
. The vice president of a great Wall
street financial institution appealed
to a refiner yesterday to get him
! Timely information on the Liberty
f Loan bonds, and notification to bond
holders of their privilege of exchange,
j is contained in a statement issued by
; the Bank of Hawaii, Ltd., which reads
as follows: .
i "To Owners of First Issue of Liberty
"Regarding the first issue of V,i per
cent United States Government Lib
erty Bonds, you are no doubt aware
of the provision made by the Treas
ury Department, allowing owners or
bonds of that issue to exchange same
for any higher rate bond subsequently
put out.
"Under this provision you have the
option of exchanging, bond for bond,
your o4 per cent for the new Second
Issue 4 per cent bonds now being sold,
or any future higher rate bond to be
issued by the government; we aro
therefore desirous of ascertaining
your wish in the matter." ' "'.;,
Local bankers have already found
out that not all the bond buyers are
aware of their exchange privileges
and the advantages accruing therefrom.
When Your Eyes Need Care
Try Murine Eye Remedy
Alfred Ocampo, attached to the cen
tral detective bureau, and Miss Eliza
beth Plummer, both of Honolulu, were
married "Monday by Rev. John Baker
at the home -of the bride's sister, Mrs,
Annie Malapit, on Fort street , .
Alexander & Baldwin
brewer & Co
Ewa Plantation Co.....
Haiku Sugar Co.
Mawn. Com. & Sugar Co.
Hawaiian Sugar Co. .....
Honokaa Sugar Co
Honomu Sugar Co.
Hutchinson Sugar Plant..
Kahuku Plantation Co...
rvenana Sugar Co.
Koloa Suoar Cn
McEryde Sugar Co.Ltd;!
Oahu Sugar Co. ,
Olaa Sugar Co Ltd.
Onomea Sugar Co.
aauhau Sugar Plant. Co.
Pacific Sugar Mill ......
Paia Plantation Co. ....
Pepeekeo, Sugar Co. ....
Pioneer Mill Co. ........
San Carlos Milling Co. . .
Waialua Agr. Co. . . . .
Wailuku Sugar Co. .'.!,!
nd.iu Dev. Co., Ltd. ....
1st It. As. 7 Pd ...
2nd is. As. fully- paid. . .
Haiku Fruit & Pack., Pfd
4aiku Fruit 4. Park. Com
Hawaii Con. Ry. 7 pc. A.
Hawaii Con. Ry. 5 pc. B .
Hawair Con. Ry, Com...
Hawaiian Electtfp Co. ...
Hawaiian Pineapple Co.".
Hon. Brew. 4 Malt. Co..
Honolulu Gas Co., Ltd...
H' R. T. & L. Co.....
Inter-Island S. N. Co....
Mutual Telephone Co. . . .
Oahu Railway & Land Co.
Pahang Rubber Co. .....
Selama-Dindlngs Plant.
Selsma-Dindinpa, (70 pc.)
Tanjong Olok Rubber Co.
Beach Walk Imp. Dist. . .
Hamakua Ditch Co.
Hawaii Con. Ry. 5 pc...
Hawaiian Irr. Co., 6s. . . .
Haw. Ter 4 pc. V.efnd . .
Haw. Terr'i 4 pc Pun imp
Haw. Terr. Pub. Imp. 4 pc
H?w. Terr'l 3. i pc.
Honokaa Sugar Co., 6 pc.
Honolulu Ga Co.. Ltd, 5s
Hlio Gas Co., Ltd.......
Kauai Ry. Co.. 6s
Manoa Imp. Dist 52 pc.
nm.t.ryde Sugar Co., 0$. .
Mutual Telephone 5s ...
Oahu Railway & L. Co...
Oahu Sugar Co., 6 pc ..
Olaa Sugar Co., 6 pc.
Pacific Sugar Mill Co... 100
San Carlos Milling Co... ...
Slticfo- and 'Bmii
We execute orders and furnish information on stocks
and bonds listed on the New York and Chicago stock
exchanges, - . ; : '
Bishop Trust; Co.,
Bethel Street Phone 3646
f; '. . .;
29:30 1
.. 175-. J
.... 40
40 41 'i J
:::: :::::::
.... 19 I
.... LJ-
;.. M
? S .tiLi' n rt r: ti r: rs
50 53
. . fr
ivz v
....... ...... , , -
30 32 ft' $?Jh-
23?4 24 ' .
.......... "A
v ft . - -i J NX
1 s.' 3
. . . . . . . . . . j 5 ZfJZ.ifi-- ; I (MMMM
W kJ JO. -
18 18g 1 1
it 31
Stocks and Bonds
Real Estate - ;: ; : . Insurance
' ' '. Safe Deposit Vaults .
Authorized by law to act as Trustees, Execu
& i tors, Administrators and Guardians
97 100
Life. Fire Marine;
"Automobile Tourists'
Baggage or Accident
. - . . . . . ..
Insurance AgehS
.- -
Fort and Merchant Streets
Between Boards: Sales: 30 Olaa,
6; 40 Oahu, 29.50. '
Session Sales: 5 HoKokaa, 4.50; 20
Ewa, 29.50; 5 H. B. 3L M., 18.12'2.
Dividends: Hawn. Sugar, .30; Oahu,
0; Pepeekeor 1.00; San Carlos, .10;
Waialua, .0; Oahu, .65.
CapUal : paid up . .... -yen JMJJJO 0
Reserre funds.. ...-yen 22A0O.O0O
s. AWOKI, Local Manager
At the Singapore Rubber Auctions
this wee. plantation pale crepe real
lzed 51 cents per pound. The New
York price for the corresponding date
wa3 61 cents. ? - : -
10 McCandless Bldg.
'i ; Honolulu, T. H. : r:
i Stocks, Bonds Securities Loans ?
Negotiated, Trust Estates Managed
Latest "sugar quotation: 93 deg. test,
6.90 r;ts. or $133 ;-r tan.
Thursday, Nov. 15.
Bid Asked
Honolulu Con. Oil
Engels Copper Mining
Mineral Products Co..
Mountain King Mining
Montana Bingham Cp.
Madera Mining Co....
Sales: 4000 Madera, .31; 400 Ma
dera, .33; 12,450 Madera, .35; 300 Bing
ham, .50;; 1000 M. King, .06; 400 Hon.
Oil, 3.90; 12 Engels, 5.50.
79 Merchant St; :r Phone. 1846
Commissioner of Deeds
California and New York
Draws: Will, Deeds, Mortgages and
all Legal. Documents ; ;
Paints, Plumbing Supplies, Building
Materials. Prices low. House built
on Instalment plan Che leer House
Lots for sale 4 1; ..
Telephone 2478 - T. O. Box 951
Henry Watemouse Trust CoH
Members Honolulu . Stock and Bond
Fort and Merchant Streets
Telephone 12C8
, Consulting, Designing and Con.
structing Engineer
Bridges, Buildings, Concrete Stru
tures. Steel Structures, Sanitary Sys
tems, Reports and Estimates oa
projects. , Phone 1045. ;
" Distillate,. Crude Oil and ;
V . Kerosen
45 King St- , Phone 1962
Mrs. George Dewey accepted the
chairmanship of the naval auxiliary of?
the District of Columbia Red Cross.
Service, Comfort, Style
and Safety is my motto.
1917 COLE 8
By Appointment:
f A. IOMBO ("Bumps")
' : Wailutu, Maui.
Fort Street, near Queen
a General Bank&s
Invites your account and guaran
tees safe and efficient service.
Exchange Letters of Credit and
Travelers' . Checks Issued on
principal points. s- --
Cable Transfers
AGENTS - '. "
List of Officers and Directors:
E. F. BISHOP. ....President
G. H. ROBERTSON..........
v. . .Vice-President a. d Manager
: R. IVERS ;.
: Vice-President and Secretary
A. GARTLEY. ...Vlce-Presidest
E. A. R. ROSS...... Treasurer
GEO. R.' CARTZR.VlDirectar
C. H. COOK .,.... ...Dir.ctcr
: J. R. G ALT. '. . . Director
R. A. COOKE.. ........ Director
, D. G.;. MAY... ..........Auditor
Just received and can be had for the asking,'
A synopsis o the War Tax
with accurate tables and concrete
examples of its , application to
individuals, partnerships,
corporations, joint-stock
companies, insurance
Companies, etc.
,4 Ask the
Bank ofHawaiiyLtd.
' Cor. Fort and Merchant Sts.
- for a copy.; ,
; Baldwin J
; Sugar Factors '
Commission Merchants
and Insurance Agents
' :'..''' " '. AgerrU for ':.. ''; - . .
Jawaiiaii Commercial 6 Sugir
Company. ' ;'' ; ;
Haiku Sugar C jmpany. V'
Paia Plantation Compsny.
., Maui Agricultural Company. 5
v Hawaiian Sugar Company. .
.", Kahului Eailroau Company.;
McBryde Sugar . Company.
Kahului Railroad Com pan yV '
; Kauat Fruit & ;Land Co., JUd. I
Honolua "Ranch.'
'v" ;- ' r:- Keep your ;t ;
In a safe place. We pay 4 InteVest
; B. F. D I LLI I :G H A M CO, LTD. -
PHONE 4915 ;r
Fire, Life, Accldent,?Comp; nsatlon
816 Fort Street " Telephone 3521
Information Furnished and Loans
: " Mads . " :
Merchant Street Star . Buildlnj
;l W Phone . 1 572 : v : i ' '-
Electricity, gas, screens in all houses
Neat two-bedroom house in town. 521
Small furnished cottage for two, 517.55.
Fine ncrc 3-bedroonV house, 130. v
f f jHscHick :' ;
824 Kaahumaxu SL Ter. C!'7 :r

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