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, .
on every
horn the
far East-
Bronze Ware
Lacquer Ware
Silks Ind Satins
Art Curios V
Granite Towers
Japanese Lanterns
arid a thousand
suitable articles
for Christmas
109-115 N. King St.
When the sky is overcast, ami
dreary drizzles cover our spirits and
dampens our ardor with dabs of drab,
we are confronted with the vexatious
problem of being comfortable, and at
the same time becomingly groomed.
There are those of us who, remaining
consistently feminine,, pay little heed
to practical reasonings and go forth
to meet the elements clad in light
weight, light colored frocks, that sug
gest spring and the flowers rather
than November showers.
In the spring and summer months a
voman groomed in velvet and furs,
f,'ves us an unpleasant impression,
een though it may be a fairly cool
day, and while we may possibly exag
gerate, a white clad figure in sheerest
crgandie, standing in a torrent of 1
or crossing a rain soaked and muddy
street appears almost as freakish.
If one would be smart, one must
heed the promptings of Paris coutur
;1 iers, who, having taken thought for
fhe comfort of their old clients, have
provided all sorts of new and cosily
comfortable garments for cold or
rainy weather. They are offering
- suits and gowns of serge and duvetyn
materials that are as much a part of
fall and winter modes as the organ
dies and wash voiles are the embodi
ment of summer.
Typical of the beautiful simplicity
of line that emphasizes the offerings
o! our great designers, is the Callot
model on the right. Paris is very par
tial to loose backs aud narrow hems,
md Callot puts both of these becom
ing features in this adorable suit built
for youth. It is made of gray -duvetyn
and trimmed with navy blue wool em
broidery. A close fitting belt encircles
the front of the normal waist-line, and
passes under the back, through , an
opening underneath the arms. Blue
velvet buttons finish the closing. A
hand bag of scarlet velvet is carried
by the "Lady-of-the:Suit," and this de
lightful touch of color proves it "be
longs" by showing a .lining of -gray
duvetyn when the lady opens her bag.
This suit will weather the hardest
shower, and look perfectly fresh and
charming afterwards.
Another model which should gain
much favor this winter, is the modish
little suit of brown and black check,
and brown velvet, on the left The
skirt of check has the new narrow lino
at the bottom and the skirt ends fin:
ishlng in front to simulate a tunic.
The cunning box like waist of brown
velvet is finished In brown worsted.
Tiny buttons of the check outline the
Hosing. The hat is very picturesque
and made of the same 'brown velvet,
, with a cap-crown of the black and
irown check This Is very soft and cut
Artistic designs executed
in golclor silver for rings,
brooches, comb s, scarf
pins, necklaces, bracelets,
Attractive Christmas
24 Hotel Street,
bet. Smith and Nuuanu
Art Goods
THE CHERRY, 1137 Fort Street
Do Your Xmas Shopping Early
A most attractive and acceptable Oriental Xmas gift can
be bought at greatly reduced prices at the
i : '
' nuit.i-riJ rr
-f .'-. -f
':; V -
Left Rainy-day suit of grey
duvetyn with a loose back coat 4-4-
of which Paris is very fond.
-f Right Callot model of black
-f arid brown check. The modish
f box-like little waist is made of
brown velvet trimmed with wor-
sted embroidery. '
Above- Military hat of tan ve-
lours which its designer. Tappe,
f has : fittingly - named: "Over t
There." '
long enough to allow the end to fall
over the right side to form a- trini-
ming. -Thc muff of Angora wool Ms
knitted In.' two ; tones of bown 1 to
Local Far gasfe Section is Brimming With
Wealth of Art Treasures G itltereil from
China and Japan for H no alti Stores
FOR visitors or residents of the
city, a trip to Honolulu's Orien
tal quarter day or night, offers
not only , picturesque interest but
genuine commercial value because
of the opportunities for shipping
such as exist in no other American
Here, in the Chinese, Japanese
and Korean shops, you may find
the clear green jade, the pure soft
gold, the silks and satins, the per-
fumes and spices Of the Far East.
You will find fans of waving feath
ers and of fragrant sandal wood;
embroideries such as grace the
robes of shoguns in Dai Nippon
(Japan) or the grave mandarins of
Peking, Nanking and Kwanglung.
Here are inlaid cabinets of teak
wood garnished with shining
mother-of-pearl and holding in their
dusky .recesses' the graceful kimo
nos from the great shofcs of Kioto
and Osaka, or the glistening silk
garments woven by the cunning of
patient artisans in the Flowery
A visit to Honolulu's Chinatown
is incomplete without a glance at
.-v-.-sv ii--2
match the suit. It is the very newest
extravagance Intr6ducedi:H'.::
the jewelry stores. Here, day and
night, are the skilful workers in
gold, jade, silver and precious
Withlapparent slowness, yet -with
real speed they labor, and under
their deft fingers are fashioned
bracelet, earrings, pendants and
jeweled combs fit to delight milady
in her boudoir and to adorn her for
stately formal occasions.
At night, with the streets crowd
ed with Honolulu's ultra-cosmopli-tan
population,. the Oriental shops
may be discerned because of the
gay and fantastic lanterns floating
Fort Street,
opp. Fire Department
This article is number 18 of a
series of papers on practical
dressmaking and millinery sub
jects, with special hints on prof
itable buying for wear in Hawaii.
This new department is being
conducted by Janet Walker, who,
with several years of experience
in dressmaking and with a wide
knowledge of materials, ipatterns
and values, brings to the work
an unusually thorough equip
ment. All materials described in
these papers may be purchased
at the Honolulu shops and the
aim is to furnish hints in an at
tractive, readable form for the
women and girls, of the city whe-
ther they make their own clothes
in whole or in part, or buy at 4
the tailors, the milliners, the
dressrriakers or the shops.
Future articles: Dresse3 For
Little Girls. Lingerie. Further
Christmas Suggestions.
Herman Patrick Tappe has given
os some wonderful inspirations in hi
latest models (center). These hats
suggest, even voice, the varied emo
tions that hold us tense these remark
able days. This tan velours soldier
hat with the military cord he has nam
ed "Over There." Truly its very brim
makes one realize that "the Yanks aro
coming." Its serviceable type is un
questioned. The one-piece dress of navy serge is
as popular as ever this season, and al
ways will be. It is dignified, and rich
appearing, and lends itself to most
any style of trimming, however novel.
This season, many models" are 'being
shown that suggest military duty.
Hems are faced back with red cloth
or flannel. Buttonholes arc bound with
red, and smooth, shiny brass buttons
ylip through them. Some of these
buttonholes sound a further note of
extreme to the moment by an addi
tional outline of gilt braid. The cuffs
of red cloth turn over the sleeve from
underneath and button with real but
tonholes around the entire cuff. The
collar carries out the same idea. Hats
of Astrakan fur cloth are very popular
for wear with these serge costumes.
moves the cause. Used the world over
to cure a cold in one day. ... The signa
mre of S. W. GUOVls oa each box;
Slanoiaciured by. vhe PARIS
CINI3 CO., St. Lcui TJ. .
n rr
above their lighted doorways. And
there are many visitors who like
hugely to visit .the Chinese chop
suey houses, or the Japanese tea
houses during an evening of wan
dering on the search for pretty
Here is a particularly fine oppor
tunity noW for Christmas shopping,
with many bargains in rare and ar
tistic things. There are surprises
on every hand.
It is educational, also, a trip
such as this. It is. like an excur
sion into the fabled lands hereto
fore visited only in books ol travel
and description, r
There is a little Orient in Hono
lulu's midst. And. outside the dis
trict generally known as "China
town' there are scattered small
..iiops w ell worth inspection.
Just now all these shops are get
ting ready for the holiday season.
They have special stocks of goods
of wide variety and attractiveness,
and even a casual glance at these
stocks will convince the visitor that
he has an unusual chance to secure
here something for "the folks back
of exclusive Chinese and Japanese Art Goods'. Attractive
selections for Christmas gifts at low prices.
Tli e Honolulu Bazaar
Fort Street
Clearance Sale of Japanese
Silk Goods and Curios
Silks, Kimonos, Satins, Mandarin Coats, Crepes; Baskets,
Cloisonne, Satsuma, Ivories, Curios, Antiques, ftta
1120 Nuuanu Street, above Hotel
This evening the women of Central
Union church will keep open house
for Uncle Sam's enlisted men, and it
is hoped that the' full quota of 250
lighting lads will he present. A most
entertaining program has been pre
pared, a portion of it to he furnished
jy some of the guests, light refresh
ments will be served and a pleasant
evening' is promised. Mrs. George
Brown Is chairman of the committee
of arrangements while Mrs. J. Oscar
Phillips has the program in charge.
.Members of the church and congrega
tion are urged to be present early to
assist in greeting and entertaining the
One new number has been added to
the program for the evening a group
of songs by Mrs. George K. Tacka
bury, the contralto soloist of the
hureh, whose beautiful voice is al
ways so much enjoyed.
G. L. Bergman will sing some comic
songs, the .-men's-. quartette will sing
"Over There" and other numbers,
while there will be seine clever read
ings by Miss Porterfiehi, instructor of
reading and expression at Oahu Col
lege..' There will also be one or. two
To Other
:ak3. m. e. laucks
all who suffer with stomach trouble or gall stones.". - ... '. 2
Fruitola and -Traxo a re prepared in the Pinus laboratories at Monticello, II!.,
and can. be purchased of Benson, Smith k Co., wholesale distributors ; - a doctor's 1
prescription is not necessary. Fruitola is a pure fruit oil that acts as an intestinal
lubricant, disintegrating the happened particles that cause so much suffering and '
discharging: the accumulated waste to the sufferer's .intense relief. One bottle is i
usually suEcieBt to indicate its effiicacy. Traxo is'a tonicra Iterative that is most
effective to rebuild and restore the weakened,1 run-down system. i'-;.-.:'::'''.:'V-J
.A booklet of special interest to those who suffer with stomach .trouble can be
obtained by" writing to the Pinus Laboratories. Monticello. Illinois ;'
.Oriental . .
1 1
Embroidered Mandarin
Coats, Dress Silks, Crepe,
Silk Scarf s;; Capes ; Grass
Linen Doilies,' Table Cov
ers, Dress and Shirtwaists
in all c 0 l.o rs; Chinese
Crockeryware,1 Camphor
7ood Trunks, Sandalwood,
I v 0 r y, Silverware and
Teakwood Furniture.
922-927 NUUANU ST.
musical numbers by some vof the sol
dier guests. The ' songs which were
to have been sung by Mrs. C. L. Hall,
must be omitted, owing to the death
offthe queen. .Miss Helen Grace Cad
well will accompany Mr. Bergman,
while .Miss Alice ; Harriaon will play
for Mrs. Tackabury. ' s '"V;v a. ':'"-
Following the program light refresh
ments, countenanced , by the food con
servation committee, will be served.;
Tred G. Kfrqhhoff superintendent of
the city waterworks, has ; compiled a
curve chart by which it is shown that
if the population of Honolulu contin
ues to grow in the future as it has in
the past there will be 125,000 people
here in 1940. .,. V. :- . . .
The chart commences with the year
1878 when ' the population .' here was
estimated at 7,000. In 1881 the total
population reached 20,000, and in 1890
it went to 22,000. In 1900 it reached
38,000 and in 1915, it was 66,000. The
chart 13 worked out to show that by
1920 there should he 75,000 here, and
m in.10 Honolulu should have 100,000
people.; ' '..,-;-:.,;-;:; ','-;' ' ;. .:'-. ;. ;
'..;; --o -:r.-'K-
Acting Collector of Revenues Ralph
S, Johnstone, has asked the public tof
bear in mind that no personal income !
tax returns under the new law are duct
until January 1 next. He intends later;
to publish a brief synopsis of the law,
giving examples of its ' workings' for;
the benefit of the public :y
Australia's beautiful and 'dainty j
dancer with lvan Bankoff s Ballet
Russe, November 21, 22, 23, 24.Adv.
Had Been Troubled1 for Years
With Gall Stones Until Fruit
; . '':): ola Brought Relief .
. agony bf gall stone trouble Will under-1
l stand the sense of, gratitude that impelled -Mrs.
M- E. Laucks; Red Lion, York Co '
Pa. (R. F. D. No.1), t write to the
Pinus laboratories as follows: "I feel h.
my Christian duty to anyone suffering from ,
gall stones to write this testimonial I j
suffered for several years with gall stones)
and severe attacks of gall colic. The best'
doctors in bur community could not help
me ; the only thing they recommended
was on operation, .which I hesitated to ;
permit. I I am very; thansful I heard bf ,
Fruttola and Traxo and used u Have
nor had an attack for two years and .
gladly recommend Fruitola and Traxo to
-yr . "'Sv ' ', '""""11""'"'"'" ""l "
. Ideal Gifts
Gold and
-" '"r ":. .-;?:''.' .
Made to order
Oriental Designs, k
Hotel Street
. ' ...... .
. v Importers of
Japanese Dry
Goods and
32-34 Hotel Street
near Nuuanu
(By J. 1L Watson, M. D.). :
Swollen hands, anklesvfect re due
to a dropsical condition, often caused
by disordered , kidneys. Naturally
when the kidneys are deranged the
blood 1 Is filled with poisonous waste
Tatter, which settles in the feet, ;
ankles. and wrists; cr. under the eyes
in bag-like formations. -
As a remedy for those easily recog
nized symptoms of inflammation caus-"
ed by uric acid as scalding urine,
backache and frequent . urination,, as
well as sediment in the urine, or if
uric acid in ; the blood ; has caused
rheumatism, lumbago, sciatica, gout,
it is simply wonderful, how quickly
An-u-rie,-acts; the pains and .stiffness
rapidly' disappear, for Anuric, (double
strength), is many times more potent :
than lith ia and often eliminates uric
acid as. hot water melts sugar. -
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets for the
liver and bowels have been favorably
known for nearly 50 years. ?
Anuric Is a recent scientific discov
ery by Dr. Pierce, Chief of Staff at the
Invalids' Hotel and Surgical Inst., In
Buffalo, N. Y. .Send 10c there for a
trial pkg. of Anuric Adv.
6 Pound
Element Guaranteed
kWcstinghouse Electric Co.
8l Co., Ltd.
Phcne i2
- 4

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