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"pa Tfl cyt nii irn
IU 51.1111 fOlUUt
Program All Ready for Con
I gress Session Which Be-
(8pcUl Sttr-BAItam OoiTMVoade&eO
WASHINQTpN, D. a. Not. 12.
The opening gnn for the achievement
of natlon-wda prohibition ; has been
! fired. It Is ftiUnded to abolish the
j manufacture .-of beer along with whls-
' l been formulated which will be pressed
for execution at the session of con
i gress; beginning December 3.
The Anti-Saloon league held two big
; mass meetings here in launching its
program for : nation wide prohibition.
w. J. Bryan addressed a crow a mat
fUled Poll's theater. The overflow
was 86 large that he delivered a sec
ond address on the south steps of the
treasury. Wayne B. Wheeler, secre-
: tary of the legislative committee of
the league, outlined the coming pro
fhlWtlon campaign.
The Program
The Program is:
Repeal of the provision in the food,
control act leaving the use of f ood
; stuffs" In beer to the discretion of the
t president and absolute prohibition ot
t beer.
-ft Passage in the house of the senate
resolution submitting a constitutional
- amendment for nation wide prohibi
tion to the several states.
W. J. Bryan added a third feature
for the program.
"Pass a law putting everybody In
ScoutsjStory Related By .An
tonio6arcia and Wants Him
Jaken to Hawaii ;
(Spedift Sur-BUtlB CorfBOBfloc.) '
HILQJ Nov. 22. As far as Is known
at the present moment nothing has
been dine In the' way of accepting
the govfcrnor'a Invitation that two rep
resentffctve men of this Island ; pro
ceed tJ Honolulu and there Interview
Antonife Garcia, the man who claims
that fcV murdered Hattie Kunane la
the Kfchala district a year or so ago.
Pinkham absolutely de
clines to allow Garcia to be brought
to Hfl. wall. The chief executive de-
clardfi that any such proceedings
wouffl be a dangerous one. It Is un
derslood that the atttorney general
loojw upon the matter in the same
ma is conoemnea lo nauK vu
smber 30 for : the murder or a
'inese at Honokaa early In this
. He has confessed to the murder
Hattie Kunane and also another
inJirder in the Philippine Islands, be
rare he came to Hawaii
f Of course I don't want to see an
nocent man nangea or imprisoned
r life," said Sheriff Samuel rua.
ontinuing the sheriff went on to say
at he believed Jose Bflmueva to be
Jthe- man guilty of the outraging and
anurder of Hattie Kunane ana war
Antonlft Garcia, who claims that he
uniform," he said, "and you will have I committed the terrible crime, is ly
1 IJ. tUUU- m 1 M U 1 . . . a
rumen wiu prvniiAuun mi "jung when he maxes sucn a siaiemeni
Vt I
was referring to the law forbidding
the sale of intoxicants to soldiers in,
uniform. !
The meetings were In celebraUoit
of a "dry" District of Columbia. Secj
retary of the Navy Daniels presiaaa,
"Mike the atmosphere of Washington
and the odor of It." declared Bryarj.
"It now has more of the grape JuiAi
flavor than I have ever known it."-8?
declared that the first week of prjiji
bltlon in the District had shown a
marked decrease in crime over if le
first week In October. 'The arreits
from drunkenness?' he said, "h&ve
been reduced from 226 the first feek
In October to only 16 the first j?ek
after prohibition went into effecti"
Secretary Daniels said Washfclfeton
is the - firot national capital to take
this step for prohibition. "I hop? thiat
we may live to see the day wbjpn no
capital on earth shall suffer the.ourse
- of liquor in its midst," said he."Con-
gress had the wisdom and the ferit to
get the idea that if a man shoots
straight he must think" stralihi: and
. see straight and must bef clean.
. Therefore it passed the law that no
liquor can be sold to soldiers! in uni
form." - v j
"We have captured the political
heights,", Bryan said, "and now we
..ffrnust see to it that prohJi ition is
brought fSe rest of the nflion. It is
a great thing that two-thlrQs of the
members of congress have Igreed up
on the righteousness of 'riving out
the saloon from our midst.; When the
constitutional amendment is placed
before the people it will pbe carried.
Ohio will be one of the tstates that
will vote for It. Even if vs have lost
that state to the "wets" ua have won
a great victory there, fwr. when" the
question was voted on tjsfore In that
state the majority for tf-fcy saloon was
84,000." f
Mr. Bryan said that ri creater iM
tould be given the soldi rs than keep
ing liquor from their rfidst and that
this would help to wfi the war for
democracy. "We are fighting," he
continued "to establish .the principle
of democracy in the i world. Demo
cracy means that it is? the part of the
people to rule. The iiit of the peo
ple to rule is the voifce of the major
ity In making' the la5.. While the war
is on I believe It 1 the duty of the
citizens to" support .government In
every way." 1
Mr. Bryan declareft that the conser
vation of foodstuo; is one of the
greatest argument for preventing
their use in beer. ,
Secretary Whecir said the senate
resolution to submit the constitution
al amendment wai sidetracked in the
house t because a jew, on the plea of
patriotism, threned to block the
food law If beerrtoras abolished
I am convinced that in Jose Blu-
nueva we have the right man" de
dared the sheriff, "and I am convinc
ed by the fact that all ; of the wit
nesses -who 'testified against Jose at
the trial still stick to ther stories
without a break.
"Garcia's story regarding the mur
der is a most improbable one. He de
Clares that the girl went willingly in
to the canefleld with him and that',
later on, she asked him to kill her as
she had been dishonored. Then Gar
cia had stated that Certain wound3
were Inflicted on the body o? the girl.
In these statements he is wrong to a
certain degree. He also got mixed up
when he was questioned about the
hat the girl had on at the time and
also about the kind of lei there was
around the hatband. This goes to
show that he did not quite get the
story right from whoever prompted
him to declare that he murdered Hat
tie Kunane.
"There are many discrepancies in
Garcia '8 stcry and the real " way " to
discover If the man is lying or. not
would be to bring him to this island,
turn him over to me as a prisoner
and allow me to take him to the Ko-
hala' district, there to have him point
out the exact spot of the crime' he.
says he is guilty of. AH the rough
drawings that Garcia has made while
in prison are'valueless because, as he
used to work in the Union mill at Ka-
hala, he would probably be aware of
the general locality in which the mur
der was committed. No doubt hun
dreds. of people have viewed the placp
since the commission of the horrible
Wong Goon Let, local Chinese who
lost an appeal from a federal court
decision sentencing him to serve nine
months In prison for commuting a
statutory offense, was arrested by
Marshal J. J. Smiddy yesterday after
noon and will be required to serve his
sentence. The arrest was made on
the strength of a mandate Issued by
the court of appeals of 'the ninth cir
cuit, California.
. Word was received yesterday of the
death of Reir Admiral WTalter C.
Cowles, U. S.;N. (retired), at Redlands,
Cal., following an illness of a week.
Rear Admiral Cowles was formerly
commandant of the Honolulu and
Pearl Hartvft naval station. In March,
1913, he reifiquished this post. During
that time brought the construction
work at Ffcarl Harbor to the point
where it wks receiving attention as the
leading nifjral construction work of
the world.
Admira? ; Cowles was born in Farm
lngton. (Stfin., July 11, ,1853, and was
graduate from the naval academy In
1873. H& commanded a number ot
battlesbbts on the Atlantic, Mediter
ranean jfod Pacific oceans. He com
mandedthe receiving ship Hancock,
New Ycrk harbor, prior to coming to
Honolulju, and after leaving Pearl
Harbor he was given command of the
Pacific kfleet.
- i
Oncl.ble authority from Washington
orderVJhave been issued from depart
ment headquarters giving provisional
conxoroslons as second lieutenant to
Frank Romaine Schucker, Joseph Ath
.erton Richards and Harry Morris
BreMs. Lieut. Georgev Clark, signal
corAg Is directed to proceed to Camp
S.iw-B. Morse, Texas, for, duty. Sec
onds JJeut, William Moe. signal corps.
Is alf -ected to join the 3rd Field Bat
tj. Fort Kamehameha,- - 4 y
Says we can't help but look
better and feel better
after an Inside baf
To look one's best and feel one's
beBt is to enjoy an inside bath each
morning to flush from the system the
previous day's waste, sour fermenta
tions and poisonous toxins before it is
absorbed into the blood. Just as coal,
when it burns, leaves behind a certain
amount of Incombustible material In
the i form of ashes, so the fd and
drink taken each day leave in the ali
mentary organs a certain amount of
indigestible material, which if not
eliminated, form toxins and poisons
which are then sucked into the blood
through the very ducts which are in
tended to suck In only nourishment
to sustain the body.
If you want to see the glow of
healthy bloom in your cheeks, to see
your skin get clearer and clearer, you
are told to xirink every morning upon
arising a glass of hot water with a
teaspoonful of limestone phosphate in
it, which Is a harmless means of wash
ing the waste material and toxins
from the stomach, liver, kidneys and
bowels, : thus cleansing, sweetening
and purifying the entire alimentary
tract, before putting more food into
the stomachr - j
Men and4 women with sallow skins,
liver spots, pimples or pallid com
plexion, also those who wake up with
a coated - tongue, bad taste, nasty
breath, others who are bothered with
headaches, 1 bilious spells,- acid stom
ach or constipation should begin this
phosphated hot water drinking and
are assured . of very pronounced re
sults In one or two weeks.
A" quarter pound "of limestone phos
phate costs very little at the drug
store but is sufficient to demonstrate
that just as soap and hot water
cleanses, purifies and ; freshens the
skin on the outside, so hot water and
limestone phosphate act on the inside
organs. We must always . consider
that Internal sanitation is vastly more
Important than outside cleanliness; be
cause the skin pores 'do not absorb
Impurities Into the blood, while the
bowel pores do. Adv,- - - 1 .
The Store of
Practical Gifts
1 -
Buying Early
What? Not
purchased your
Set yet ?
r w. i.'j
Well, my ctear sir, you had better
make it a point to stop here at the cor
ner this evening, before you go home,
and get one. You can't serve the tur
key right unless you have good carv
ers, and of course the KEEN KUT
TERS are the best there is or we
wouldn't be telling you about them.
Sets from
$3.00 to $20.00
- - V
. .. : :
TV t EVER before perhaps, has that question been, so .fraught with difficult
We have a splendid line of Roasters
in both the Savory and other makes.
Savory Roasters are in Enamel and
Aluminum models.
Other styles in aluminum, enamel
ware and Russia Iron.
Second Floor.
ties in the answering.
But there is one sure solution. . . t - -l , -That
is the PR A0TI0 AL ONE.
In choosing a gift that is practical, you not only assure yourself : that
your gift will be the most highly appreciated because' it will; be something
to . help in the daily work, or in keeping physically fit, but you know also'
that your money is being WISELY SPENT.
. The offerings in all our. busy dep artments are Practical first of alL . -
And that is the reason why . you should come here to make your selec
tions, and come here first of all ' j
Christmas in the Hardware Dept.
Keen Kutter Tool Sets
In Handy Household Cabinets
Pocket Knives
Safety Razors:
Keen Kutter, Gillette,
Auto-Strop and Others
Shaving Kits
for Trench and Travelling
Star ret Tools
,' Manicure 8eta
' v t Scissors and -
Shears Sets ;
Carving Sets
3 ED
Christmas in the Sporting Goods Dept.
- i
I 7!
''""'"-"ir' ;t .... .
- -Zr" i.'j
Spalding Sporting
Goods for all kinds
of healthy sports
Spalding Shoes Ever. Ready r.DAYLO
Baseball, Tennis, Golf,
Gym, etc. r
Flashlight a;
Ingersoli . .
Radio Watches?
Luminous Dials
Second Floor,
The man' own headquarters If or ' the choosing of gifts- for 5 :
Mother, Wife, Sister, Cousin. Aunt" Daughter, Niece, or Platonic ?p
. . .... .,.. - ' " " r'r- -
Cha mbers Fireless
Cooker Gas Stoves
First of all a Fuel Saver.
It combines the Fireless Cooker with
the modern Gas Range, having the ad
vantages of both.
Particularly well made and finely
We have a new shipment for you to
Second Floor.
Electric Cooking Utensils . ;
China and Semi-porcelain Dinnerware
Cut Glass " k
Vases and Jardinieres v;:
Silver Plate, Rogers 1847 "
Klever Kraft Silver
Vacuum Sweepers and Cleaners
Washing Machines
Aluminum and Granite Cooking Ware,
f ....... ,1" .
Conditions peculiar to Hawaii will
require that draft regulations recently
prescribed from Washington for the
next call will have to be worked over
to a considerable extent.
This is the statement of Maj. F. J.
Green, officer in charge of draft work,
who plans to visit the other islands
of the group in a short time to deter
mine on a plan best fitted to cover
the situation.
One problem that arises is how the
matter of medical advisory boards is
to be handled, for on some of the other
islands the number of doctors is
scarce as compared with the number
of registrants. The burden that would
be thus placed on such a small board
would be physically impossible ot
Another question is that of inter
preting. It has been suggested that
the corps of interpreters that worked
so ' efficiently on registration day be
used again to get the questionnaires
filled out. Major Green has a complete
list of these men. He is, hoping that
the work may be systematized in
some way with the plantations on each
island as basis for the several districts.
Tuesday evening. Dude Miller's mu
sic boys will furnish, the music Adv.
(BpeeifJ Bur-Bulletin ''-nrrcaoondenM)
WAILUKU, Maui, Nov. 23. Robert
C. Lindsay of Lahaina, for many
years deputy sheriff, popularly
known the island over as "Bob," died
on Friday night about 10 o'clock.
Mr. Lindsay was 50 years of age,
and was born at Hamakua, Hawaii.
For many years he was on the police
force at Wailuku, becoming captain
of the same, and later captain of the
police in the Makawao district.
Some eight months ago he became
ill and has been falling in health ever
since. He leaves a widow and nine
The funeral was held from the
Church of the Holy Innocents, La
haina. Rev. Frank C. Cockroft offic
iated. He was assisted by Rev. D. W.
White, a personal friend of Mr. Lindsay.
- !
Members of the Wakaba Kai Club
of the Y. W. C. A. and the 100 Club
of the Japanese Y. M. C. A. will give
a dinner at the Y. W. C. A. on Wed
nesday evening at 5:30. More than
150 are expected to be present at the
T. Kawasaki will preside at the
dinner. Miss M. MacDougall will
talk on what Thanksgiving Day
means and Miss Lillian Welch will
sing a solo. Mrs. T. Kawasaki, a
graduate of an eastern musical
school, will give a piano selection.
George Andrus has been selected as
leader of ? the general singing.
' The menu for. the dinner will be:
Honolulu salad, roast duck, corn
bread pudding, squash pickles, cel
ery and pumpkin pie.
The Hawaiian Girls' club of the Y.
W. C, A. will hold a social at the'as
sociation building this evening
at 7:30.' Games will be played and a
short , pragram will be given. The
young ladies have asked a number of
their boy friends to be present. Miss
Etta Agee and Miss Eunice Carter
will have charge of the party. -
given under tfce auspices Schofield LodgerNo-;1060, ;
and Honolulu Lodige No. 800, Loyal Order of Moose, for
the I :nefit of the Ked Cross Fund. : r ! .
Tickets Gentlemen,- 75c. C Ladies Free
mi in hill Mi I v milium rr I
Henry May & Co., Ltd., have just re-j
ceived by ' today's boat a large ship
ment of fresh celery, cauliflower, pars-;
nlpB, rutabagas and Hubbard squashes,'
especially for . Thanksgiving. Place
your order at once.' , Phone 1-2-7-1. De- ;
liberies will be made Wednesday in.
time for Thanksgiving cooking Adv. I
I Scientific I
j SIdn Remedy I
JL CeapMEsi sf 02s taat Cas U4 th Terf.
; Benson, Smith & CoV Drugslsts.
for your -iflj:! ; ;
'! : ' , H at the famous
Mauna kea sails on Wednesdays and Saturdays.
Inter-Island Steam Navigation Co., Ltd.
i I
1 .

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