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tzsi tatUe for existence, Ch I ropracUo is rapidly supplanting i the older
lornis of healing, because It logically rmovea the cauaa or disease.
- . . - Try Cblropractio and get wen! ;;
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' ' ; ' 204-5 Boston Bldg. (Over Maya).
. nnrvfrmTtv to. tKIs for voL It vrfflrdevelop your beauty
to its Hghest point. .If ..you have permanent f aaal blenushe it
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vill effectively conceal them. Highly antiseptic uaed tor
in the treatment of akin
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Gouraud?s iiledicated Soap ifaSft J
purify, and protect tfie akin and complexion. Ont of y
t 6 of ks Ingredients is universally Used In Aa treatment s ; :
urh tkin diseases as Frrrma, etc; V-
'- skin by preventing injection, use a
to ' prepare the skin before applying
Gouraud's Oriental Cream. V:
Said 10c for On total t!z9 - ,1
; Kw York City :
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; . . ' . - J
;. -: -",.: v."- ,
nnCvincs cii cm 1 1 i i ci -. o r p din in f, w. "., " ,
fins' prints,: furniture, - and : fcbrics:
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; ; oy tne
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th' knowing jur : slan; and
complexion - always have a
pleasing appearance. How often
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of youtru-Won t you give . ' - ,
troubles, iryit to-cay, . Irzf ;
Trial S!z i
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It ncins' iczsrdollarsjsavedi
to ths, naticx; Thei
Yvwe doing their part by helping keep'V
clothing cxTsenditilres. ClatriM ''ii
Tv that, look as though thsy rhad eenH
work : personally supervised
'uK;-'- s;: 4--U -t?--
2919 PHONES 1491
and Sfra, Frederick Hadra are enter
taining tills evening at dinner In tUelr
home on the main post for a number
of guests from the post and from Ho
nolulu. Seated around the prettily ap
pointed table will be Captain and Mrs.
Bryan. Captain .and Ma Henessy.
Captain and Mrs. Ogllvie. Mrs. MT.
Moore. Lieutenant and Mrs. James M.
Jon neon, Jr Dr. William EL Kramer,
and ' Captain and Mrs. Drinkwater.
After dinner Major and Mrs. Hadra
will take their guests to the hop being
held at the Aamlniatration building.
' .
Captain and Irs. Alfred L. Rock
wood will be the week end guests of
Captain and Mrs. Walter S. Greacen
at Schofield barracks from Saturday
to Monday.
Cadet' Jack Bennett is spending his
Thanksgiving holidays with his par
ents, fskjor, and Mrs. Claire R. Ben-
Captain , and Wr,s. Ernest H3y have
moved over to the main post and aT
nnw occunving the quarters wntcn
were left vacant by the-departure of
Captain Eugene A. Lohman for tne
Mrs. Charles Pinckney of Schofieli)
Barracks, Is the house guest of "Mrs.
Beth W. Webb.
Captain and ,Mrs. Ralph C. Holliday
entertained on Thanksgiving Day with
dinner, for Miss Ruth Tubbs, Miss
Georgia Hayes, and Miss Portemeia
- The Tuesday Night Card Club hid
their 'meeting as usual this week at
the Administration building. Mrs
Ernest Ely was the hostess for the
week. There were playing Major and
Mrs. Frank C Bolles, Major Frederick
Hadra, "Mrs. Edward Fuller Witsell,
lieutenant and Mrs. James m. t. fear
son, Lieutenant Charles A. Aicuam
rie'CaDtain andh Mrs. Ralph C. Hoi
liday. Lieutenant and Mrs. William D.
Walters. Captain "and Mrs:: Sims T.
Hoyt, Dr. Harry M. Deiber, and , Cap
tain and Mrs. Ernest jsiy. a most at
tractive prize had been proviaea ; dj
Mrs Ely, a leather auction bridge case
containing all the necessary articles
for the game. . and this was won by
Mm Edward Poller WitselL I The next
meeting will be held at the residence
of Colonel and Mrs. Frank u. jtsoues.
Lieutenant Colonel and Mrs. Daniel
ttienty lttt on the MauLlhis week to
spend twcTmontiB on the mainland,
L7 - .. .. . . . T
Coioney. uienty naving oeeu tmuiou
this length or time tor a sick leave,
; -v-'-v :- m
: nrtiwri will be a hon at thepost this
evening In a the Administration build
v Miss Alice Davis" of Honolulu was
the house guest of Mrs: Seth WWebb
for aaveral days last weea. '
: ': V . -. - u t.: ' -; -
Maior and Mrs. Frederick Hadra
had as the'lr guests for Thanksgiving
f'-iet on Thursday Dr. ana. Mrs. car-
IjU T; v Haines, little i Miss Jeane
Haines, and Dr, AVffliam e. jsjamer, .
0 Mr.Arthur Troyal was the guest of
Dr. Harry' JI. Deiber for dinner at the
Bachelor Mess on Sunday, - . v ; , ; ..
cviinnfii -Earl 1L Carnahan and -Ma-
jor-C- W. C. Deering from Schofield
Barracas were on ue yui u n wwr
day on official business J. v.
1 Major and Mrs. Henry C K Muhlen-
Derg- ana xaajor ana . mr.u4wf
Hobley were. ; among J the dancers en
joying the dinner, dansant at tne . iio
ana Hotel: on Tuesaay evening. ; r
: : Xln: Seth W.,Webb ; was- the week
end guest of Mrs. cnarxes wncuney ai
Schoneia Barracas last.wee
llss .Ruth Tubbs and Lieutenant
Marcus P.Tayior were the guestsof
Captain rand-, Mrs. Ralph a Holliday
for dinner on Sunday.. : f : '-i
f . - .
Major, and Mrs."- Claire R.? Bennett
entertaluedat dinner ' on TnanKBgiv
Ing Day -for lieutenant Abraham Co
hen and Lieutenant Joseph uarso. . ,
Dr. Terry M. Bull was : the dinner
tuest rf, Dr; Harry M. Dleber at ; the
Bachelor' building' on Wednesday ,eve-
"; Mrs. Roy Ogllvie was the hostess at
one table of bridge on Tuesday afte
noon for Mrs.. Edward Fuller Witsell,
Mrs." Horace : D. ; Bloombergh and Mrs,
George MJ Callender. 1 A sllver pocket
pencil was; won by Mrs. Bloombergh,
After 4he j game. the., party : was in
creased by Mrs Henessy,- Mrs. Bryan
and Mrs. Drlnkwater, and delightful
refreshments were- served by ? Mrs.
Ogilv4e,-,assisted by Mrs.: Bryan. ;
i Major and Mrs. Henry C K.' Muhlen
berg had as their dinner guest on Mon
day evening Congressman C. F Rea
vis, vwho is JUrs. Muhlenberg's cousin.
I Captains , Edward F. XWitseU t and
Lester Baker were visitors on the post
on Tuesday evening, having. come in
from Camp Unuokalanl. to attend a
dinner at the Moana.HoteL ' " '. J;
Major and "MrsTw Frederick ; Hadra
were the guests of Mrs. M. T. Moore
for dinner at the Courtland on Thanks
giving Day..c: ' V 'viV?V;'-''
r.C- -'J-S - !-': 1 ;. -,: ;',. ' .
i! Lieutenant and Mrs. Ralph R. Vt
gef. were the : guests of - Mr. Carl B.
Andrews for the week end at his home
on Tantalur. wi;'" ' X :
''.:' "' ' ." !'; 'v:'
-Major and Mrs-.- Claire R. Bennett
and Captain and Mrs. Ralph C. Holli
darwerer among the dancers at the
roorarden on Saturday evening. ;
.;-.;-.; . :.v,,p"t"4--
Dr and. Mrs,; Charles Pinckney 5 of
Schofield Barracks and Mrs. Seth W,
Webb "had; dinner -" on -; Thanksgiving
Day at the Xnlversity Club.
,t .... . .... .
Miss Isabel Baker was the guest at
Schofield Barracks on Friday ; evening
for dinner' and for the hop that , eye-
nlng.: v-v.-- v-.v: t?c-' :.. 1
: The moonlight dance which took
place at the Country Club on Wednes
day evening was a very enjoyable af
fair, ' at which Fort Shatter was f ep
resented by , Miss Isabel Bafer, i Dr.
Harry M; Deiber, Captain William H,
Britton," Captain Robert A- .;. Sharrar,
Captain Robert GGnyer, and Captalr
Colonel Hurd of Schofield Barracks
waa the guest of Major and-Mrs.
Frederick Hadra on 'Wednesday for
luncheon. -
Major and Mrs. Henry a K. Muhlen
berg entertained at dinner on Thanks
giving Day for Major and Mrs. 'Alfred
H. Hobley and the Misses Grace and
Dorothy Hobley. ...... t
Invitations have been received by
some -of the younger set on the post
from Miss Louise Clark for a dance
at the Navy Yard on Saturday eve
nlng. The unique Invitations read as
Come do your bit .
. And make a hit.
Be sure and remember.
It's the first of December,
So pass the guard
Atibe Navy Yard. ,
Nine is thetime
Thus ends the rhyme (?).
The ones fortunate enougn to have
the cards to this dance, which will be
held at the residence of Miss Clark's
parents. Captain and Mrs. George R.
Clark, are Miss Isabel Baker. Dr. Har
ry M. Deiber, Captain Edward F. Wit
feeil, Captain Lester Baker, Captain
.William H. Britton, Captain Worsnam.
Captain Robert G. Guyer, and Captain
Robert A. Sharrar.
Captain and Mrs. Alfred L. Rock
wood had as their dinner guests on
Thanksgiving Day Captain and Mrs.
K Walter S. Greacen and Miss Katharine
Greacen from Schofield Barracks.
Captain Lester Baker has returned
tp the post after three-weeks spent at
Camp Lfliuokalani as Instructor of
the National Guard,
i Mrs. Edward Fuller Witsell was
hostess at a rose porch party on Fri
day afternoon to which about twenty
five ladies had been bidden. Five of
the party were to leave the island on
the transport In the next few days and
this was in the nature of a farewell
for them. ; After the guests- were as
sembled, little folders were passed
around bearing the title "Marriage of
William ' and Rose,": done in gold on
the covers. Inside were twenty-five
questions relative to this, the answers
to : which ' were different flowers.
Thinking' caps , were soon put on and
deep- thought took the place of the
chatter, which had 'died the air the
minute before: As one would find the
answer, a triumphant cry, would arise,
and the other would, bend ' with re-;
newed energy.;; to the task of fitting
flowers to the questions. The prize for
the best set of. answers was a lun
cheon set .Of pineapple tissue embroi
dered in pink ' roses. Refreshments'
were then served, the rose design be
ing carried' out in the cream and cake,
the first being - in the form of pink
roses and the other being white with
pink, roses on the top. The table ap
pointments were all of the pink rose
effect and Jirs. Henry;C K Mrfhlen
berg, Mrs. Alfred - H. ; Hobley,- Mrs.
George M. CalleflderMrs. Horace D.
Bloombergh and Airs; Clarence R. Bell
were each, presefated with a rose' cal
endar; as a souvenir. otr the occasionr
Mrir: Witseffa eats-4d the pleasure
of enjoying the , delightful band con
cert which was given bythe Second
Infantry Band, and of witnessing the
regimental -parade.' which Is always an
inspiring sight. The guests invited for
this afternoon were Mrs. Frank C.
Bolles, Mrs. Robert M, Eyoni' Mrp. Al
fred H. HoWey.'Mrs.-Ralph ,C. Holli
day, . Mrs.. Alfred L.-' Rockwood, Mrs.
Ernest Ely, Mrs.rCIaire R. Bennett,
Mrs.; Henry C K. ; Muhlenberg, : Mrs.
Frederick H. Hadra, Mrs! M'T: Moore,
Mrs. Robert H. Pck, MrsJ Johh Han
doIph, .Mrs.- James 4 M. Johnson, Jr,
Mrs. 'Seth - Webb, Mrs; Charles
Pinckney, Mrs.;' James Ml Tl Pearson,
Mrs Ralph R. Vogel, Mrs.- Carlyle T.
HaineSi Mrs. Sims Tv Hoyt. Mrs. Susan
T. Peterson,? Mrs AWiHIam H. Brown,
Mrs. George M. CailenderV Mrs; Horace
D. Bloombergh, Mrs. Clarence R. BeU,
Mrs; Matthews, and Mrs Roy Ogtlvle.
Christmas 'shoppers should make it
a point to inspect the large new stock
of ; Hawaiian Christmas cards, ladies
beautifully; colored silk hand bags, and
other - novelties, . including cocktail
trays, children's- hand-made toys, etc.;
on display at Laniakea, 1041 Alakea
street.- Adv;
r ...... : u
t?A - wonderful collection of smart
hats, : especially appropriate , for the
holiday season, is now on display at
the shop of Miss Power, second floor,
Boston building. Fort street. Some
directly from Fifth - Avenue, others
original creations and replicas of' the
very, newest modeaAdv.
Credits advanced to the Allied na
tlons since the entrance into the war
of this country" amount to ?4,000,000,-
Farewell! .
-f : Av - ,-.N
Admission SOcalli seats
Large, heavy, bleached bath towels -with initial embroidered in red. The size- is-.
22x44 inches, formerly priced at 65c each, speoial clean up price, 40o each. . - i' ; T
Heavy quality bleached huck towels, size 24x39 inches, 45c value at 30c each.
340 Hemstitched Union Damask Towels ; S
Special At 25c Each !
Soft absorbent linen mixejl damask towels, all white or with colored borders, size ;
19x37 inches, regular price,35o each, speciarprice 25c each.
. - r." . .
v.' -.. ' V . . v
1 'Home : memories that are cherished most "are'
g ifiome" aayunnstmast d eiier inan iper rnemory t . moujgn, is v
gay young; follcs, the - gro-up boys arid girls back home again? ;
.. - .' . .V-.; UiVV J..
i v, will givr
: j .the ''years' comp; ; Let us show jyu . the '"simple . ' j
- - . i Ko3 hich makes picture-taking so much fun; -j . "
"Everytfiing - Photographic1
Alexander Young Roof Gjarden' ifwewelu
Russia's Celebrated Dancer, and
For Monday
. ;" . . v -"-thins - )- r
. - ... - ,
.- . w , .. . . ;-. .. :
No.;l Autographic, Jr. ; .;...fV u :; '1
Z - ; If p. ' lAutophic Kodak, Jr. .. $13.00 up f:- '; ' j
No." 20 Autoerraphic;Kodak Jn ; .$15.00 up (tS ; ' ;
No. 1A Autographic Kodak ..$18.00.up v - r f - A )
No; 3 Autoiraphic.Kak i lL:ir$
No. 3A Autographic Kodak !. . 1. .$22.50 up " '
REQUEST ' ; ' ' ' '
Aimee Maynard of Australia. . 1
" v.- -
. a. t'.
-; v .. ? 5-:-: ,. , r i
-1" .
t . , : . AYJatll
:v4 .
- - - - '-.-;
F -" -
thosfe of the great : ;
r v-j i
-; ;--.;:of,,r';--; : : 1

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