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Honolulu star-bulletin. [volume] (Honolulu [Oahu, Hawaii]) 1912-current, December 01, 1917, 3:30 Edition, Navy Army and Features, Image 16

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; Iliupahoehoe, Hawaii,
!Ir.:,Dcaler: .Sme one.told-inethai
. yoatavenucApm.i1yp.ttr ao-
tc-cbl!e. . Ihave savedCsoae ,money
Icst'ycir-' Endwant'toTgetlwm
1 cf cir.tLkt will run-on good roads and
t.::? c3lroush': placesfwh'ereTOttfcani
o very fat.r-::'-t-,
3 -Een i Bay thatxit Is , hard, to
r-i ut?otilWjiow, but1fthe:ium
1 d is rclcg off sobn.I.will'wantto
: -. : .-: 3 &utomoWle;which wlU run
I. llrl-s you.getithis"; letter and
1. ne, about1 the "lumbago:. . '
.V f;redX.slecker. ;
-4 Tfcis letter, wasTrecelved by
: I cl; ' : dot He firm.1 The writer
' ' 7 'covered ' that ; the"eni-"
i k m t I I v r-t
;-"'J.-: ; K. .McAlpine,' cheerful ; head
salesman' and f automobile expert V at
the ( Schuman n Carriage ? company,
splutters like .a .wet . hen every :i time
somebodycalls the American Boldiers
In France "Sammies. He loathes the
word He; declares . It r? la effeminate,
and give the ; Impression t)f -a lot of
!slssified', Tnen,;with wrist watches
and light mustaches and vacant eyes.
''. Andi he never tires of . denouncing
the "nickname v that -has been bestow
ed upon, our soldiers. : The otherday
one of vthe other boys in the shop' sug
gested a new nickname . and , there is
a. conspiracy on . foot to ' appease Mc
Alpine' by suggesting to him that he
use 'his efforts' to "promulgate a" new
name' for, the; soldiers In' France, -i
And i thaf'newC name Is f Dutch
Cle&rser&y -x-i:'
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-"Automobile accessories are becom
ing popular ;as; Christmas gifts,", said
Arthur - Wayne, manager : of Smoot &
Steinhauser today in discussing the
Yuletide spirits "On the mainland the
bouses handling automobile accessor
ies do a wonderful business with the
Christmas shoppers, and it-should be
to'us;.v '; ;v- ".CV ''";V
' rThere are a;: hundred things , that
one may purchase. Mirrors, bumpers,
spot lights, clocks, motor meters, etc
make, ideal, gifts, and they are really
appreciated. In Los Angeles, one of
the largest, department; stores - sells
thousands of dollars -worth of. acces
sories. Honolulu shoppers are coming
to It, as I know of a number of people
who Intend to purchase a gift wliich
will.be something worth while to the
motorist.' .- j . ';-c-..v?v ' :
You willnotice that th man vrho
w'w y - receiTB-a-EB3 CTicoscjuaea.- vKui?": ':':V
Fairly flying on the road from San
Antonio to Dallas, a Chalmers four-
passenger car, driven by Joe Daw
son, with Roy Estes of the WadJey
Morrlss company of Dallas, covered
the distance between the two cities in
the remarkable time of 6 hours 55 min
utes and 40 seconds, en "Monday, Octo
ber, 22. That this record will remain"
unbroken for some time goes without
saying, for the average was something
like 43 miles an hour,
v The car was checked out of San
"Antonio at 6:31 i 20 on the morning of
vthe 22d by J. B. Mabry, Texas Good
' Roads association, and finished In 'Dal
las at the court house at 1:27 noon of
the same day, being checked in by
J, C. Welch of the Dallas News. The
significant fact about this run was
'that strict attention was paid to the
speed limits .in the thirty small and
large towns on the rojite. Three
stops were made at Austin, Temple
and Hlllsboro. These were for gas and
oiL ". - '-:,:
.r Not only did the- Chalmers break
the long record, but it set records be
tween the various cities en route that
iwill not ; be broken soon.'; And when
J. C, Welch of the Dallas News check
ed the car: in, the only thing wrong
;jhat cquW be found was that, the wind
shield wara triflt loosed rThe car was
equipped wlth-U Royal cord tires.
!- .Around .BharKcurYes, oter bridge?.
1 over dirt ro&& gravel, macadam;and
ementOiieKlittleL ca tore;, the'roar pt
I her; exhaust floating down the wind
(long after she had passed from sight
In a cloud of dustr Negroes picking
cotton in the feld he the exhaust
in the distance. In an "fnstant the car
was in view. ' Before they, could5 say
"Here. sha cornea! " they had to start
over and say "There she goes!" And
the only reminder was the ."mellow
sound ot thejexhaust growing fainter!
in the distance. ?
The cir made records that the wise
ones said could not .be made. Austin
was reached in 1 hour and 39 minutes.
Waco was reached in -4: 29.' There, was
not a complaint from the car about the
various hills that had to ne negotiated,
and the feature of the whole thing Is
that the car ' was not a racing car,
specially built to do this thing, but
I was a our-passenger stpck'car. "
Honolulu's road 'program for 1918
has been shifted backward and for
ward like the sands of the desert and
In conversation with many of the lead
ing boosters for good ? roads, it: ap
pears . that there ia a possibility that
there might- not be the improve
ments which were -originally' planned.
There has been much talk regarding
the purchase of the street improve
ment, bonds, and this point must be
taken' into consideration.' To begin
with the: bond issues of the Hotel and
Smith street improvements were of
fered for sale, some time ago and
there wasn't any grand rush forthese.
If the bond issues to .come meet the
same fate as the first, then there is a
great possibility .that there will. not
be $500,000 expended on our road
A number ot those. who are Inter-
Von-Hamm Young Co., according
to O. H. Shepherd of . the tire, ami ac
cessory department, received a ship
ment of 600 Mich elln casings of the
Ford sizes oh one of the steamers
from the coast last week.
vThe Michelln . casings, on account
of their special type of construction
in the Ford sizes, give remarkable
mileage on these cars. They are" of
the flat type and - have extra thick
treads where the tire is most subject
to wear. '
Out of the hundreds of the Michelln
casings' which this -company have sold
this" year ; f or Fords, Mr. Shepherd
states that only three have been re
turned as defective. .
some hunting equipment; the fisher
man will receive a rod, tackle .or
other Izaak Walton instruments, and
it stands to reason that the man-who
loves to motor, or the girl who loves
to drive he car, will also receive a
nresent that will be annreclatei).' ht I
Auto .Service & ; Supply Co
Booster Nearly Gets Away
With 20o During Ride
Bill Bibee o f the Auto Service and
Supply Co., one pf the best known tire
salesmen In the" city, said the other
day that he didn't have to feel back
ward while boosting the Goodyear
cord tires.
' While . Bill was bowling along one
of our well paved streets he very gra
ciously, asked the writer it he desired
to ride, which was indeed a noble
thought After, Bulcking for. three or
four blocks ' the writer ..looked at : the
little Instrument which; much resem
bles a Big Ben: and discovered that It
pointed to 6086 which in tha language
pt- the motorist ; means .- tnat many
miles: , . l. r v , .-. - - . i -. .v-f J.
; That is what I ; have got but pt a
Set tit. Goodyear - cord tires," said , the
former; Oregon : athlete.- "I know .what
the tires - will do and I "don't have to
dodge - around the corner when I say
that Goodyear . cords i are real tires.
Then BUI began to tell the advantages
ot the Goodyear. . cords, and Jf Mr.
Goodyear .or whoever was responsible
for the 1 tires had overheard the ora
tion he would have cabled Bill "You're
president from now on." If the Good
year booster had been selling lead
pencils he could have taken the 20
cents which was hiding In one corner
of the writer's pocket with ease. Two
seconds after Bill ' had finished his
talk the writer decided to get out and
walk. v Losing 20 cents isn't the nicest
thing In the ,world when one. has but
two dimes. , He might have disc6vered
aomething that Goodyear sold for. 20
cents. ? We didn't want to take the
ested in good roads - believe that the
city and county may have to finance
all street improvement work, and this
naturally, means that there .will be
less work done. It has reached such a
point that the ; board of . supervisors
and : others vitally interested have
taken a step .to meet, the condition.
In speaking -of 'the road -situation
recently, A." M. Crlsty, deputy city and
county attorney said:;
"Under the "street improvement law
the businessmen ' are expected ' to ii-'
nance the bond issue-and stand back
of rthe' city' and county Unless they
do it the permanent improvement of
business section; street will be cut In
half next year."- , . ,
Archie Brown,; former head of the
insurance department of the Von
Hamm-Young company has been ap
pointed a captain in the United States
army, and will have charge of the in
surance department of -the army In
Hawaii. At' present he has rooms in
the Hawaiian department suit in the
Alexander Young hotel building. -
The . many-, . friends r of K- Captain
Brown, both- at the -Von Hamnv
Young company and , around the city,
have been complimenting him on his
receiving a commission as a first lieu
tenant. With the added honors Cap
tain: Brown is .. again receiving the
best wishes of hi& friends. ; ; : :
The New. Bedford Cotton. Manufac
turer announced, a5 10 per cent in
crease In v the waee" nf as.000 ? m.
I ployes, effective December 3.--v ;
J.H.HERT5CHE (riht) telling why: P. F. RYAN (left)
Packard Company
To Dattle Field
Nearly 1000 men having been called
to the colors from among the Packard
Motor Car tympany's employes, it
has been necessary f to Introduce fe
male workers into the factory, to
maintain production of motor , car
riages, together with an Increased pro
duction of trucks In response to gov
ernment demand.'
In line with Packard thoroughness,
a school has been established to train
women In upholstering, trimming, and
other work calling ' for skilled opera
tives. ; S-h
In numerous departments of the fac
tory women arei taking ; the. place of
men- who 'have gone to ; the front or
are in some - way serving the nation.
Most of the . women- employed rare' in
the carriage division,' as their natural
ability can ; be utilized." to better ad
vantage in that department K;t-f
ti t women are now. mamag tops sua
curtains, ttoing alF sorts of inspection
work; and i handling . . cartons :..smai.
chassis parts, v A large number are op
eratlnr drillpresses and , automatic
screw machines. . Clerical work,' such
as keeping time cards and doing the
routine office work of the various fac
tory departments. Is now largely-done
by women. :j; --4 i -ii 'fin
Frank : Cheske, labor.;: supervisor;
says he Is greatlypleased iWith th
war in" which women take -up swork
in the factory. He says they learn as
Quickly as men, and he believes that in
some departments they are more effl-
hcient than men, although these depart
ments 'have , been: employing men. ex
clusively . for years. :u Women workers
take a great deal pf pride In being able
to do as much work as their. brotners
and being able to do it as thoroughly
andaccurately. ;:-;:' ,: :'",- :..:..::'
Many of . the women have had pre
vious-' factory, experience..' Some of
them have come to Detroit from the
East. ' -i''-j' ;
In certain parts of the carriage di
vision the work of women has actually
made for Increased production."- 1:
For the duration of the war, it is be
lieved that the employment of women
may be an increasing factor jn : en
abling the Packard "company, to meet
the demand for motor carriages, which
have been and are a greater economic
Influence on the efficiency of America
in the war than many realize. ;
The Safety First department In the
factory has prescribed costumes ; for
the jwomen'" workers. Thesei';may be
either : loose overalls or . Jumpers. . or
bungalow - aprons made of khaki or
overall material. : Women' must ' wear
caps to protect their hair. 'Most of the
young-women who: are In the factory
prefer not to wear overalls. . ':
John C. 1 Searle. -SrVwho has been
connected with ' the firm ot f Slaght f&
Searle r for about three - montns, nas
joined the - firm and -will take , care
of the . office and -bookkeeping depart
ments. . ; ;;'4 ;. -V.-'
The .business has greatly: increased
during the past three months, and
owing .to the rush in work.' the firm
was forced to secure larger .Quarters.
For the past two years the mechanics
have not had room for all the work in
the;. present quarters ; and the 'men
could Often be seen at work outside
the building. 4Mr. i; Searle, Sr said
today that he 'believed ' that the 'com
pany would be able to take care of
alt the r work whea they moved ' Into
their hew; building on' King street. 'C:
Following Is 'the list of new Auto
mobile licenses Issued during the past
452 i
775.' -
i 3334
' 3338
H. KurizakL evro!et " - :.
KHiga, Ford. .
E. C Wolter. Overland. !
K. Miyake,'Ford.S--.'-: 0:"':
v J. Bi AmorL Briscoe - " y '
". u a: siu, rdge. : ;
Hoopii, Ford. , ' , ' . ' : v ; .
; Honolulu Wine ;.Coi I Ford. j
' N." Aokf,- Hudson, :. ;
John Resents, Bird.- . :- :
Mrs. Rosa Sylvester Cadillac.
? H. Doravitz, Tcri ; ,.
JIlCiLll&SEil: l
cfliiFioar Tim
good ros f.v;
r : . .V f: MMMH ' V " ''" ' - ;"
President of Auto" Club ; Say a
City - Siaves Money Build-
W ing Permanent Roads .
.. Jack Belser, president of the Hoso
lulu Automobile Club is a ; stress
booster for permanent roads. Durinj
the recent run to Schofleld and Ka
wailoa, the head ' of Honolulu's live
organization waxed eloquent on a
number of .points rdoing with good
roads.-'; : ; '
"We ought ;to have permanent)
roads.: v if you will take the time tq
Investigate" you will find .that : there
are some ' sections "of road 1 around
Honolulu which has not, cost the city:
one 'cent! since. they were built On;
the 4 other hand :there are stretches
of road In JHonolulu which have' ccst
mere to. repair than' the' original cost
of ) good c and we haven't got
anywhere. --r
. have discovered that lnv . scrr 3
places en .the mainland the cost cf
repair for stretches of road is about
350 :. a mile, while ; In' Honolulu w
have spent between. $3,000 and 3t,0C0.
."At, the present time there are a
number of sections of the city asifcx
for good. loads, and I understand that
the people along Kalakaua extension
and the, property owners In Iwilei dis
trict; are unanimous in : asking for
good roads. ;Thla work will besla
about January 1, and I expect to sse
a big Improvement In out, roads dar
leg the next two years" he concluded
ia G.nirivor::3
Automobile Company Receives
56; Cars -From Mainland; 4
v-Bodge Tells of Hawaii
The so-called' "lumbago' or rather
embargo has not had any effect ca
the Von : Hamm-Young company dur
fng the present -week,' as this com
pany received a shipment of 5$ car3
in the past, ten days.; :
Numbered among.the cars received
were - uuks,. Cadillacs, Faczar'3,
Dodge and Chandlers -' which tr?
ready ;for. immediate' delivery. ?.Ir.
yon Hamm is now: on the malr.Izzi.
and has written -that: there will t3
more coming.' -. .-'..' ' '.. .
EL;E. Bodge -has been wearing z
pleasant smile during, the past iz:r
days and with a big shljcsit ca
hand there 1 very ; little pesil!:i:i
talk around - the Von . Hamm-Tcuz t
ompa4y.,ln v addition -to ; the ; lar; 3
shlpnsent'of kcars. aa .enormous eh!p
meat af Michelln tires were, receive i.
The tfreSi have been -placed in tha
basem ent, but; already there has been,
large inroads -on 'the stock.
i. illr. Bodge -reports t a , f Ine basin ? -3
in' Hawaii, 'and says ' that the ' Hi: 0
branch has been doing a rushmg bus
iness all year. Hereports large sales
of Buick and Dodge cars 'on the E'T
Island.:-:V'.r ; -'';..' .
The - people . of the Hamakua coa ? I
have been praying for rain for ;t.'3
past seven months, accordiss-to Mr.
Botfge,rand he slates that the reads
in: that district have gese ta pieces.
These roads were built for wet weaii- :
er roads, and the;Ic2g dry epell trs
taken the ; entire . f op surface .off. an 1:
one .must drive over the' stone ..fouaJ
datlOnS.: v..; y - ' ..
George Todd cf HUo ft In the city
at present learning the vulcanizla
business , at Smoot- . Stelahaussr
branch on ; King street. He Is con
nected with the Hawaiian Garas
Company ; In the Crescent City. n
Intends to return to his horns vhea
he has completed his coarse cf stuirJ
A ' time bomb was found at C : 1
bright, N. J. adiressed to a rzai z'
I.Icnmouth teach. Later it v:n i
;tiat no r:cVr:i live J t!:-:
i : '

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