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noluluocK i
tSaturdayv OecJl.j,
AlexaHder A Caldwln
C. Brewer; A' C.;
S y - - M ..M. . ' MM M 1
r ''t i iiiii ii i .mi i-i-ii ill iiii i.iii nii. i i i i p i i i inu r v 1 1 1 iniift i",, ..ii i ii i' i I
nTfin rr ni mrro mil i urn tVi i:aii iiihsiiiii7 111 n y -rav-ii.i h p,rvu ion n AkxHder endwi ;., - ;
i ' vftj -,r largi
' U" . cn I
f -
. v
. '
PreDared for Planters'
Annual Meeting Goes into ;-.
Subject Thoroughly ':;
Rsilv caual to ' the . Cuban i jrugar : in
bat few of Uio large mills now that oo
not either 'shred the cape or -reduce
if to almost at ; fine dlTlslon with
cIose-e knlTea; driven at high speed
It la heccsalng generally recognized
that o get the best work out of a nil!
the cane must first be dllntegrateL-
"The effect- of the ImproYements
gTaln; and ' tna; :witn tne "Penenc ril0n?-tfil--lto la ahowing: Itself In a,
calned durlne the past season ana tne t na.,n ,naa nt oear In
,tacreaed boiling, equipment of many baga88e. each year. This season
.5 i?fS. .fCl?,tI t ror th rt time atn averatge mill
m wurca7 m N"M 7 '7 -1 tractldn' f over 99 ' per cent, ror a
: grain of local augar at a higher stand-. rfod of,a: week,;liaf-.. been obtained
i rd than that of Cuban sugararis the mUl8t that of the Maul
inforaation' contained -. In messages i JerlcuUural Company, and two others,
I'., received from various reiiner8 bo . Wallaku Sugari company and Hawai
I -published In tae report of the commit, ) . rftmm.rci.v and Sugar Company
tee on 'toanoracture of sugarand bave reached this mark fonseveral
ligation of by-products" of.; the Ha- a&vM JLt a time'. This high standard of
Ywailan Sugar Planters ; Aasociation. lr k u.t enr)eciAt imoortance at
Ptari May Be Proposed ' to Fix Bonus Based K oh -Aggregate
Average business oi rianiauynsrungci wmiy gi ompriniy,
Excess Profits Taxes, and jndefiniteness of 1 91 8 Market
- Make Solution of-Problem Difficult' '-'-J- -
. 8
That a plan may be proposed to. ttx Hawaiian plantations for raw sugar,
. iwimi haxpd on the aggregate aver-j through the .orlce fixing of the food
age business of the Hawaii , planu-j administration, ? still remain in some
tions, followingr the annual meeting oijaouDt. ...
the Hawaiian' Planters' ' Association. Throughout next year the planters
next week, is intimated by directors J may- hav to pay a high - fluctuating
of the oreanization. -. i ' "'. ' freight rate in order to get tbelr sugar
s Most of the planters are loath to ;to the refineries instead of the ntnlpaefe 3UgarMiu ...... , ...r
discuss the.subjectmtil sov " dfinltRnai rate of;about $4 a ton as. in the paa pianutlon Co. i ...' ...
4as of action nas Deen oojij v Mpa3w- ou m w repeeKe& sugar ce. ....
annual meeting. E.; Faxon -Blsliop.Uion of the ships in the Pacific, as well t Pioneer Milk Co. .;;:. 28
vice-president of the association and; as in thfe Atlantic. : San CarloV Milling Co. . .
Walalua Agr.Co; ...
Wailuku 8ugar Co. , ....
Ewa .Ptontation Co.
Haiku Sfugar Co.i ...
Hawaiian Agr. Co.
Hawaiian Com. A Sug Co.
Hawaiian Sugar Co.-.
Honokaa.Sugar Co. .. ...
Hsrtjmu Suear Co. .
Hutchinsrfn Sugar flant.
Kahuku Plantation Co. ..
Kekaha Sugar Co.
Koloa Sugar Co. . i .....
McBryde Sugar Co Ltd.
Oahu Sugar Co
Olaa Sugar Co' Ltd; .
I Onomea. Sugar Co. ... . .
aaunau augar Kianu
. .
head of. the labor committee, auXnoi- i 7 Also there , , is. the J possibility that
the ntAterhent.; however. that be .augar ADaav hare 'to be stored for long
, The report is.algned, by R. S.;orrrs, t Mt - woen cost of the sugar 1 prefers the "establishment of "a bomm periods- due fo Jack of shiiw to carry I-
chairman. , On the particular uojec delivered to. the tnlll In the cane and, payment for laborers for J918-whiot.:it,away. ; v V "
of th grade of -Hawaiian sa?. ' titbe price to be obtained for all of itwill be jBsUmatedoiuthe'actuairesuitai :TBesldes, there is the great Increase
following is taken from the report:; j that nn covered are both so ab. 0r the year's sale ;of Hawaiian auga.4 in. federal, taxatloif" which the Hawaii
Congratulalioria,. r. ; normally high. J C : -f' ' v '1 The total amount and price received an corporations will have to pay to the
:Tharthe re'finers 'aVe pleased with ;it is being found, furthermore', that ' for' the sugar .would 1 be; averaged "up federal government on account of the
ih imnrevement that ha been Itaade i ih mhrpAMnr of th cane, makes tt'f.w thu-dlfferent' nlanU Jon and thejwar revenue bill and -the increased
proaucuon.. - . . .
these-; problems, to face,
Japanese laborers, the-, United
government ; and the sugar
. ... . .
J. Henry Liehau, superintendent Na-
tional". Sugar : Refining Co. April ,
. 1917:.. There has been much Jmprove-
rr.ent in the grain of your sugars thia
'season.' -". ': r"
i -"Pennsylvania ; Suar Ca July 17.
.19171 I wlrh to saj that the: Uawa
. iian. sugars" recHved this year taken
; as a whole, have been of very good
quality arid we are very much pleased
'.with then. '' -
V. ; H. ' Hoodless, superintendent,
j rcnnsylvanla Sugar Co., Aug. 12, 1917!
Vou will be Interested In regard to the
. E--ars we are receiving. We.axe very
v nuch pleased with them In. general
"Private ccn:c:i:nicatIoa. from. New
"-rk, Mar 16. -1017: 'Mr; Lienaa and
IIc?ci:es3 lcij radicular stress on
Coir in:rrovencrt in , the grain and
Of pf c' ai:t:c3 cf Hawaiian susars
r 1
on f
cn I
lo tl
. tUe,
fs t!
' used "
In T.
be fd
cr ri
;cc;vcJ bst year, and both
tic on this fea
: ,"
-r-f cf tLe
:I.'cr.t Xta
:'':.a jrrs
. I ' f 1 1
iz i tone
tiiat will
. (
1-o.es tiey
a'i;aa' su
it CCZt Ul-
:3 contain
well recognized advantage of grinding
the cane while at its inaximum sugar
content,'. ' .'v,.4-.; .' ' J 'V: .-T;. :.'t
Ira portant Move .';-',i,v ;' V r r-,"' :
With th growth in favor of shred
ding process ther has been a. move
ment on foot to improve the refining
quality of sugar tiponVwhJch the re
port says : ' V fM 9 '? -i )
'"The most important 'Activity in
manufactured tot this season has' been
the attempt to Improve the ; refining
Quality of the commercial sugar. .
-This' subject Jcame into : special
prominence during the 1916.. season on
account of complaints by the refiners
on the quality of Hawaiian.' sugars.
ThrbughV improvement in the sugars
this, season and world conditions caus
ing great demand for sugar, the sub
ject iS flo longer atissue;With the re
ficers. But It will be of interest to
reviewtfie situation to see what has
been accomplished, y s ; ; ;rj'vi
, Efforts have been concentrated on
the production of a larger grained
pc-ar, rand most of the - plantations
have succeeded - In improving their
pre duct la-this respect quite satisfac
torily for such a short period, of time.
Yi'Kh the many enlargements in -vacu-in
rd earspity that are contemplated
f : t!-.4 ccir;-Eeason? It is protable
1: . :.t tl. re will le an even greater pre-
-: t '::.ate ia:rrovexiett- next sea-
., . . . .
i - ... --.j "5
ry-frci-cts ':-
The list item dealt with In the re
port br tlie committee Is on the utili
zation of by-products which follows:.
"Although ihere are . no details 'Of
special intereslv to report on the sub-
Hbnolufu Gat Co.,; Ltd.. .
HawaiT Con.'Ryi 7 pc A,
Hawaii Con. Ry.6 pc. B.
Hawaii' Con. Ryi Com,:
Hawaiian ; &icutt. Co.' . . .
Hawaiian Plneaonfa Co.. .
ther ta the attitude of the '.planters re-. planUtlon stockholders to satisfy, and Hons Brsw. V . Malt: Co..
garding the complaints of the Japanese ; with all the other: different angles, un
Higher Wage Association against beings decided tones ; which ; cannot ; be accu
required to work 20 days a month; and rately anticipated, the dilemma: of the
remain with one plantation 'tor a 'year planters' associatlotf seemingly is a
in orde? to receive the full . bonus!! ' ; difficult orie v-.;v- -. -'T.-The
J apanese Wage Association id t , There : ia atUP one . .other element
its lengthy "letter to the planters ask which makes the problem all the more
ing that more' money be paid to the . difficult of solution.- .This is the fact
Japanese laborers on the plantations 1$- that the increased cost of production
regarded 'as indefinite in stating just makes it impossible for some of the
what, is wanted. ..'Several interpret poorer. '.paying properties to agree to
tiona as to the requests f of the- Japa: i the continuance of ; the present bonus
nese bare -been made:.-vv-V.',tJ system.' v ''
- "Somet think that higher straight ; ! Divergent sview are .'held by, Uhe
wagr is what is aimed at; others that members of the 'Plantera" Association
the " Japanese ; want -.ar larger bonus, 1 aa to what action , to -take at the an
nual meetnu. f v:-V'.w;. ' .-: 34
t. One auggestioij 'whicli' it is . believed
will be that the. present monthly part
payment 4 be ccntinue'd . to allow the
planters more time to determine what
. . . -im
ject cf Titllizatiolivof by-products, this
season has witnessed the beglnnlng of
projects that are ortmofe Importance
to the by-products en3.of the industry
than anything that haslet been under-
1 taken. Olaa plantaUonUsCbntenplat
j Ing; tho manufacture of paper from ba-
" I gasse, and the JIaui Agricultural com
cerv, ? pany intends to utilize ; some of - its
rs wnica . fini mr'-icspQ . fnr the nroductlon of
to l 3 superior alccv.0i;. vjhe experiment V station ; la
' j e o a'co navirte- ' a epnerai mvestiranon
1 cf IIvvt!Ianjflan-v
and: still others that it is the restric
tions of the present bonus system" to
which the. mala objection 14 made.
. .The labor - and ? wage question .for
the plantation , laborer" is certain to
occupy a great part of the time of he
planters at their annual meeing.
additional amount, if any, can be paid
when costs ?: of . production,: including
The assoclaion has several problems ; freight charges. and the receipts from
Involved la the wage question : ! The' sugar -6ales; . Jiave : been- - definitely
price which will be received; ; by ; the ascertained,
tsviH-.- :.r;:i jiiyk inm
Activity In real estate for the month.- Concrete for .the Igarage to be built
; 38
... - '
' . - ' - ' .
f an vi
H'-. R. iT. dt-. L. Co. . ,
lnter.lsland S; N. Co....
Mutual .Telephone . . . .
Oahu Railway 4 Land Co.
Pahang-Oindlngs Plant.' .
8elama-Dlndlngs Plant.
Selama-Dindlngs; (70 pc.)
Tanjong Olok Rubber Co.
? onu---'-c".;; .'-:
Beach Walk Imp.-Dlst...'
Hamakua Ditch Co,; '.... .
Hawaii Con. Ry. 5 pe..
Hawaiian Irr.fCo: 6s V.;
aw. itr. 1 ec. nnwio f
Haw; Terr-t 4 pt, Pim.Smp ...: ..
I "aw, Terr. Pub. Imp. 4 pc'V ..'.
Hyw-Terri 3, a pc..
Hono'kaa Suaar Co, 8 c.v...
Hilo Gas Co.; Ltd 6 pe.: 97 ; ,100;
Honolulu aaa ce. uia. os ...-....
Kauai Ry Cow .fia.
Manoa Imp. Oist. S"pe
yda Sugar Co
Mutual Telephone 5s
Oahu R. & L. Co- 5
Oahu Sugar Co, 0 pc. . ..Jcas om a. tunnel and several
Olaa Sugar Co 6. pc. . : .J . . . 98 . ta, 3 as. from the natural ex
Pacific GMano. A.: Far, C;Vjiii'SH(Vures r are excellent, it Is prob
Pacific Sugar Mill Co9T:::4i-4s tha bre hi more or les super
San -.Cartpt ilSJllto0'r..5',S;i'i jfal? aj ts not extend 'down In-
Illir 1 . 1 1 '-r'Tir .'rr'trif. -!tei 1 it-mT flninim ht
HI t fnl exposures that the
;e ..as Ot on xxre-irverage. of
! ate Received By
r )yj Officials
1 ; J ora
i 1 least 3.wj0 tons of
a .Jcarbonfite on the
"nowbird claims of the
s property. Patterson,
toj expert estimate
' I lant 'tn Mlnrot Pnv
here by Andrew C.
ed' to make the estl-
led November 5, which
r9t with much interest
itals and stockholders
Mt, follows. It should
'Ms U a report only as
;jantities and includes
is, : with your request, I
;t j-!the Snowbank and
'tis, on the Arroyo
"f Patterson, for. the pur-'ting-
the available ton-
io advise you as fol-
"To dfcrmlne exactly the content
of the O!
In carbonate of magnesia
would re a careful sampling ex
tending pr many days. If not weeks,r
But this consider unnecessary for
your pre at,purjo8e. Bodies of pre
which ai iar to me to be fairly typical
of the w te .mass have yielded la twoi
large sai lea treated in your plant ac
Patterso rpm' l0 to fa per cent baicl
magnesii carbonate. A great' deal'
of the n eriaf was estimated by rao
on the - i und: to have a content of!
hydromalesite ranging between one;
pne-half and I am satisfied)
leposit as a whole will run?
third as
that, the
better tl 2o per cent down ' to '
feet on the average. Thus'
sea of extraction there-is
pagnesite in the Snow
3 burs chiefly In the form
-ir nodules ranging from
kf one-inch in diameter,
."a. in the form of irregular
t tins of small size. The
;e imbedded in a aoft de
' pentine and the seams
werse the same rock. ,
fnvolved in the estimate,
plber, of tons of magnesia
fcnd the content of car
iknesia per ton.
Is Arrived At ;
Anna era rv n?flrei Kla aa
uy be arrived at in the
L of development of the
Vscertaining the area oc-
tie . ere and ' assuming - a
which shall' be safe for
-of the estimate. The ore
thq sprface of the ground
over an area of about
;feet,; on a hill slope, the
ot the exposure .being
Vertically above the
The extreme length ot
f et ;V
72 Pc;.,.:v,,'f - I The extreme length of
' ...8.i,' - i-v.H de; 4 exposed on 'this slope
aV.ts ;.WM01JtoM jnd- the extreme width is
i pcU. ,.;... 101 faec ;:: -:'
made of the possibilities: ot bagasse
cf nillirs the report
; c
.- c 3 c
: . v !.-. favc-, six tlllzrl
1 - . !::t:i It curias the
; . ;".3 d:ffl:::::::s have
: r : - . :. I.i z 1 : - tl the pro-r.-...
. 1 c . r :':tic-s, tL.'e reports
: :-: ;-;:;- t:c3 are cn the
rr-.l The troubles have
: : with the shredder
: cf tzi increased
cf cu.hUh to handle. The
1 had Its cffect.cn the filteJ
:t c:vcci-lly where this
:."y ECjwhat under capacity.
' -?, toweTer,' ranely, that at
: II Co., the press cake has
3 ::--h mere Iredy than for.
:t a i.lterirj area that would
t 1 3 c".:i.l:red rather lira-
' C : rr:'::r.i !a connection 'with
i : r ' ' - i : t.t v. hich a considerable
-to cf c:'.r.!:x trs developed,
:: T : ;'..tr t" 1 car.e should he first cut
; - cr crv '-.i hefcre it is--thredded.
1.;ra czi to' r.o Qutttica that 'that
Ca car 2 13 shreddeS .Xincr if it is. first
cru:l.d, Lut results in factories where
.tha c'zi i: -V.rcfdtd directly would ia
c!:?r.to, 'it-scents to nee, that there is
tut -little if try. cdvt-tcrs in this.
ra.a superior to "lroEa Hawaiian cane as a source of pa
!ij rer' cr paper pulp.;: ;,.?. 'r-.
Taper has ceen made from Hawa
Ian tasasse and alcohol from Hawat
iaa rclas;"?, tut not ca a plantation.
A trial cf t .ese .two processes on a
practical e:i!3 will furnish more .valu
able Jr.fcmatioa as to their possibili
ties locally than any deductions from
data gathered elsewhere- could pos
sibly do." : -, : ' ; KM C'&C M
cane cca-
:h::s i3 cr.3 p::::
Ive cdrantase, how-
ever, in pa:
- T V
the cans-through a
I. ca evertr f:sd cf c&ne to the
thredfrr, tni ccrsc;uently to thenilL
Eut th3 u:u:.l fcr3 cf crushers recS-i
m M . m - 1 M
ucry t--:e:ntr:ci r:;ers tor a trca-
t" -er Upon thi3 pcint I hava taid else-
r! "A rrvVr rcrfcrms two func
tr.d Uth cf thea tidirrerently.
C3 cr dlitesrates the cane,
Efficiently th&a ft shredder;
-,; ?-cts t: of the juice, tut
j0lll'r thiaftcill. It also re-
Cpoliri IVtzacmat cf .power la
. t res w wuoun
Ute results at Oao
"', w. where ft chredder
Qoe9 becajistk crusher," tal. the
heyI ' xtncUoa ct the
xa been Ehrea-
Ji--h 11 crush
1 -i-f. rteZzd Lhat la
:d that Is
(Cy TICK R.'tAPE) ' ' ",
.The sugar stock market has remain
ed flna but inactive during the past
week and local brokers'. do. not look
forward to any flurry on the exchange
la th e next few , weeks. Buying has
teea doze but only in, tniall lota.. .
In the week previous a little naln
laad capital found ita way into local
suar stocks tut the unouat was aot
exceedingly large end vwas not suf
ficient to create. bull movement of
any kind.' .-
The fact that the market has re
mined firm is taken ty local brokers
to indicate that thft low levels of the
year have already - ttea reached and
that frcra now on the stocks will tary
Uttle .until the next, season openi, Vv
The Pessimists ;:-i-,--4r
" There are," of , course, ft number JBf
pessimists who are .loud in? their; opia
ions that this Is but the beginning of
the end and that the sugar stocks will
go even, lower when the shipping dif
ficulties increase. " They view .with
alarm the action cf the government in
taklag away the M&tssa teats and are
septic! in belief that - the fader&l
atiFir-S board will ksep JU 'prcniie
cf supplying sufficient ships to handle
sugar cargoes;' ; :ti?yi hy
v .Ttey,, further point to Vsxi. fact tbat
the planters -are Prepaying tO ; bulid
large .warehouse' to houit -their en
tire output r as n iign that erw the
l lartcra- feel the possibility. ef laclf et
shipping- tyfagTwr their alilrnienta,
The .-mere , cptlraiiti:, taveT:r, 4U14
that means the: majority cf U.a rck
crs, are ' -coafldeat that the shipping
beard " ttl have to kej its proc!'8
t by - 'daclartoa
of November has been light,' and cop'
fined, for any large amounts, ; to the
transfer of lots, and . parcels of .land.
No building permits5 involving ; large
sums of money, have been issued.: -; j
Tentative- plana, are , nndef way-for
the construction of several 5 important
buildings, but, with the exception -of
the new theater on Fort street,', none
of these plans seem to have gone as
far .aYarttehiteetV offlcev;;;:.
Work ' bn : toe enlargement and im
provement of commercial houses' on I
Fort Btreet; betwetenr Hotel and King,
Is just about completed,; with 'all the
new .show ' window in and -dressed on
the waiklkl elde, and the scaffolding
down from, the fron)c of B. P. Ehlers ft
Company tn the ew)a side of the etreet
Rumor had it yesterday that two ad
ditional stories would be put on. thB
office building now being erected on
the ewa-makal corner of Fort and Ho
tel streets, making the building nve
instead rf three stories.-Work on this
building la progressing nicely, and the ( fop $41,459. . y
demands for of ncea in ; It are . already
belns entered by the Waterhouse Trust
Company WJMW&pl ; S-0j.
bythe von Ham m-Young Conipan ad.
joining, their salesrooms . on Alakea
street is bejng put oa ther gropnd, and
the actual 'work j of -construction 'will
begin next eek. The contract price
i 23,000.; A ;U r:VJ:.:Vlo-V, Vf
'A Mtsa Annie .Hiistace yesterday took
out a permit to erect ft two-story dwell
ing on Beretania street on the ewa
makal :corneir of Kaplolant and 'Bere
tania.? The putef -walls: of the: house
are to be pf clapboards, nd the -plans
are or a pretty ard commodious dwell
ing ;Wm. ; Kbaack . & ; Cdmpany ijiave
contracted ' to finish, the , building at a
cost cf SS,525 t:
--Work on the new Hawaiian IJvangel,
cal! Mission, on Beretania Weet near
Jlauna Kca is going on apace. . The
building when completed will be i two
stories high, with chapel" sad office
for mission workers dewn stairs, and
gymnar ium aad recreation rooms on
the second floor : George Tamaniata
naa contracted to fmlsh the building
Date. f'V No; Deeds , No. Mortgages
-Deeds, mortgages. leases .and : litiiM.
mg permits - for.- the .week - ending
iuursaay, iMovemner; zstn, were as
f oUows M, Jrt
I Nov : Leases t ' NoV BldgPermlts
Not.23 4
Nov. 24 ,-;13
Nov. 28 m
Not, 27 13
NOTi 28 -IT 30.122.00-
$ 5,200.00;
' 8W82.00-
1 $ TOO.OO V
3'- 18,970.00
4 5.850.00 y
5 r 8,900.005
.3; is 800.00
. ... --
,f ... . ;:
- 800.00 ' 7
$ 4.450.00 ;
' -58, 880.884.00
Thanksgiving "Day 4:
$88,470.00 ?2?J& $12,800.00 P 14 i24.9s0.0fl
will la ft xaeasure escape 'the various
taxes that have been levied oa idle
taoney.'f y iJZvr '
But even the; most optimistic brok
ers admit that a big bullisb zaovement
la a.ugar stocks need not be looked
forward to until After the warunless
some' unforeseen incident occurs
which Is not in their vision at present
The Questlort ; . ; : -7
-: The jQuestlba that arises la the mind
ot the investors la rWill the .govern
ment Jceep: oa price-, fixing; after; the
war," when the people have become so
used to:lt that they Will demand It
la the event thatthe government does
maintain price flxin of sugar after
the war,- sensational soaring la eujar
bot v Supposing: for ftmoment that It
was found that the alcohol for chem
ical ; purpoaer cbuld ) be- easily "manu
factured from' used: augar cane. This
would mean aa extra: source of income
frorA u commodity ; in f demand and
might chuse R considerable fluctuation
In sugar stoeki.- Similarly the'manu
facture of paper; from bagasse might
cause A rise., But; that it for, the fu.
tore The : preseat . outlook" e I fdr a
firm but active market for some time
to come...-;.,v "
-i.' X-..-
atockure btliim to beimpciilblo (ottVMMpBan
the past buU marketa caTo beta bullif ' VAJ-UKY ?T' - 0.TAllr
oai ahortage, f crope la other sugar
cane frowlnf toftdeiVai
.VThere la the possibility however,
that sugar atocka much ' the tame as
railroad siocka wiireoay la the event
that ' parftUnK, costs . reach, ft -figure
whero the, profit la so decreased that
the ccpanlescannot i continue; to
ruai Ia'thatT4ntt It is polatea cut,
the augar factor, say Appeal to the
government $0 raiio tho price of sugar
and svta a move ot this kind would
bate A.tendeaey to causd ftarupward
trend.; even ai railroad t toeka have-
raoTed .upward-11 wttlo-Waco the ae-
tloa f rtbe intcntatl eotmnereo conn
xalssloa; - But' that Is for the future,
The present Js devoid of the possibility
of;; any great' bull', moTements,;the
brokers ;agree unless r thaTjy-prpdueti
efngar aheald prove to-eali,;foy bish
e? rtcei vi:--:i:-.v
" ' Csme or tidCpiaatatieaa (ara egnerl
masting- with paper making and othr
Qrosa baa. Accepted & cosition - with
the pioneer Mill company of Lahalnkj
For aeveral years "Mr Qrose has been
at the head of thf Waikapu division
of the Wailuku 8uga? oompaay, ' . ;
It la- understood ,fc that George -W
Wilbur.ia to bo traajf erred from the
head, lnnft'ft , peaUioa In Wailuku to
Iheposltlba . wbleh; Mr; Gross leaves
vacant la, waikapu.
1 :
HAW A II A M PI tiOTti I n Th t& ?
- The. Hawaiian f; faecirJQ - Cempaay.
Ltd' ta pi&naiag to erect 'M e pgwer
house Just makal ef the present newer
house within; the nar future, but the
plans have not yet 'reacbea ihe' suge
Vbere; nnjr estimate, has beeni reaehed
ae to tbo coat Pf the new, buildlngti
- Retail : prices pf baeda V and hani
Session 8a1efc 70 Oabu29; -35,;1
Olaat5.37J, ?0 Walalua, 5. Ew. M thatfn feet m4y be
rM..uw.. i u.ttr.. V ftn -ir.waK1' 7 S ,j;upon, an, average
these 'figures,
000 tons of ore
which ; may be
tiiaed? aaply; there beingi little
UNLISTED SECURITIES. : ?r no-l Jett . As the ground la
unea u nay prove mat mere is
ich m V available than 415.000
:Bld ;l,:Askt;a but; .is kU there Is ;n, sight I
j. uiviacnaai- riaiisM i.w, rv.t. .h j i.--arft
4 . . '."
depth of
availablelt least 29,000 tons ot hydro
magnesia which Is practically ' the
same as e proposed product of baaicr
marnesii carbonate.
! On til Snowbird claim, ore of the
same tyflas on the Snowbank is ex
posed . in number of cuts- and tua
nels, whrj its appears to be of excel
lent iuai; probably exceeding on the
average? per cent hydrom'agneslte.
The na I exposures of the ore are, "
howevev ot so clear as on the Snow
banK ch : and there Is an over--'
burden ' several feet, probably not
exceedlc feet, to;be removed" before
getting the ore.' 'Oa the basis of.
the yarl- .cuts that have,been made
in the h ide X was able' toform an
estimate the area and depth of the
ore. I imated that ;there are at
least 40; tons of ore available whicli
will run fer than 53 per cent hydro-"
magnesl (and that If .: the ' ground
were str ed the tonnage might prove
to be ccflderably greater than this.
You maj lerefore count On about 13.;
000 tons hydromignesite from this
claim aE minimum; r. Cy - : .
'"From e two claims, there la thus
available - least 42,000 tons of hydro
magnesi ' Allowing for extraction'
losses tl should prpbably yield 3 5,
000 tpn:
- rv
f basic magnesium carbo
nate. Pliant' designed tor aa ' out
put of 2l tons a year . would thus be
occupiecar 18 yearr in handling the '
deposits a the basis of a mlnimura'
estimatepth as to tonnage and con
r-aa.1 -rT . V ' - 2V aiff - " v
; TVaitendaJii 37l oaad, or e se n,
bond saCnan who has been. in Ho
nolulu fl some - three .weeSi nego
tiating tl sale .of . Ochoco irrigatie a
district" cer centbontfs; has return
ed to tl. mainland. ."The Ochoco
bonds tV proved - particularly at-
1 A
:" oil .,;:vv..v
HenoluUi Con. Oil v. .
mini nc ,! .I i" '
Engeia Copper "Mining ,4a
Mineral Producta Co;. ?09
Mountain King Mining ; 6
Montana ' Bingham Cov M8
M adera -Mining Co, , 31
'HSaies'i V'60aBirhaiwU9f :r$f
r :.. ."'-. V, . v' '
Hehry Watertiouse 4nist
.-:,; imVJ:--'u:': :..f;
Membert . Henelutu Steck and f
exenan-e v;h
fat prese
1 rf
tractive' local , investors on ac
count ofnelr tax''; -exemption : fe
tc(res' KlalVwhO" now makes : his
horde in rtland, was connected with
the Henl Waterhouse Trust, coni-
pany herfome years ago.-3. J
.;: V : iTteofcon !;vt
'; Atft meeting of the stock5 3f$
of the Kauai Fruif and Lanfcj11
pany beld last Tuesday jit r a
cJded ; to tncreasi the - capita11
of the company from $.75,000 tV
ooo:::.--:-.. ;-0,v t
- Need -for; additional wotkIn(PIU
is given as the reasba for the FeaR
of tihe capiUlixaUon, and" the lana:
fctlon made; is that it does advntt
an - Increase la acreage or F -t
meats - for ; aa Increased . cajJ -
the Kauai ,McBryde cannery,; ,
..Th trnrbtifc ranttot fctfS!ayi
been -too small. and. with a PSP
ot the
year's cropIt became import
the eapltal be Increased," ej
atotkholdera eays r;. S . .
AUthe additional capital '5.ei1
subscribed, ;.;;V-V . - .;
rkfihvAi iiPQ-QTH.i fe
Whllethe real estate fe
BIshojf. Truet mpany.Vji5Jn
.., vomto we rare, iue: .
mm : t.. 1 ier..
Lore to" Cnariea ueasV fefK
a,jMt::made": miblie p e '-(-
Q. "3VUeatformeiPef -
W. D, Head. DriKjhg : ."p, I 't 2!
WUkes-Head nvX"" . JeJ Y1!
fields from 8an;Vpv.frrteoi t",' :
tet.tMSb' aPtta$ta j
ttea of the West aAfiric
id diArici,
t -.' '-VV- i' -; 'v.- .v . . , .-,-r '
H- :jt;;l; r'; '- -
.:;,- uCa;: :?' -
.- '.I. .;.t,;:..-f :i:-:; 4ifiTil ;- -
h.J;iri "-! ;:s i -;'.-; , ; W: v;.-.v -f -
Yarrow-Gilraan eottage tin beach, : completely
use, yard ; boy'furmsheU.
. V-
per Bionth tintil
A&--Y gt-A jot 50i teit :bi4d
-r;- ;.eottHy immediate sale at Its tax
.the.Iong estab-
to secure a good "
h nrftch at Kahala. y On
t& liahHrnes. Broad . lanaw, 'well k
.- k -. 6us ILnVnfnrtablel An oDDortun
; f; i-honiitiio beach. V4 V-
; 262 I 'j ; Helffhta A portion of -0fthe ori
acreti a fine outlook: upon tne c:
Harika the Waianae fountains
lar jlion ' deliveries, gas, cctri Tantalus sprjdg
feet street ironu .
- v : floor
k on this property shouKr
1 rent iot ; pr: moi
nt with a 6-rooin:
n.valnev ;'A little -
C it worth $3250
tot 65 by 130 feet. r Anjgan home; ohia',
3 'bedrooms
asement; garage.;
"... V '
beach'A : fully,
r $45 per month,
our home at the
ierete base,
$3000 VTVl.'W'lthln i2 minutes of?
g rurnl Ijottage, 3 bedrQoms. ' Rer
. ; lofe I 0 investment. ur mwa.
' I H ; - .W 'AI
( ' .-. . .v iy. .-"-. 1--' - .-.-. j ' . -' "v:. o -
T;ere xuv rrom a 10 -10 eenia a yvmi
H iniaois by the fod adminfstratof,
J are interested
era Tre;-eiy5a.Terii!g'"td;Tf?du?
' ft lit r I

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