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J Ffim'iin Prsnelseo
; -Nxt mail,; Dee. 6.
For San Francisco
'Next mafl;.Decl.
Evening., BonetIn. Eit. lS82. -Vo. 958.
.JUwiDrt 'Sftr VoUXXy,' No.' -.J9.
' " - --iV:--' A: -' " 1' ' " - '. ''-, J M-- ' -i
r wA - i iT TIT Z1 i - - - ' - ' . , ,
i,., i ' U- f A ? I I I I 1 1 7 1 I ? I A- villi J I J I I I j . I ZJ Ji:i MJr I l-l l i; ' ..il I 1 1 -J III
i .'
tinne In Mireis at Moling
Daclares Sugar Men of Hawau . Have National
' Duty'to Perform" '
!'iE ;inust study : our-busi-Z
Y nes rbm' V waif per-
. epectire and remember that.we
have?; patriotic' obligations to
carrytnrougno' ? :
This Sentence, pari'of tbe ad-
( Urm of President EDnney
HawaiiaiSngar Planters
Jpciaton ; wliiclibegan tociay,
eoimded the note ' of J war at
the outset of Iho first -general
States-entered the '-Euro
tessloii .of :tKe:,planter8;mthis
f. conmct.:i,v.,v::".v-' i'.
... The teMlon, beHnnlng at 10 o'f
Jit-the new experiment tation bulldln
on : Kepajunoku itteet. , wUl-. tonUnut
for several fait?' War condition W
r necesBlUes rm-plar,Urge part
la the dlwus8lon .There ara a. ntm
. .ber -tf printed reports ot the standtaj
coamittees to'ba read and discussed-
President Tenney's. address, .part ot
the trocrain of the xoorninf session,
referred repeatedly, to the tpeclal prob
lemtf arising from - war conditions:He
, 7 said:' ? ,;' ri .'
- "TV.i li the thirty-seTenth annual
.' meeting; of -the Wf aniration .and the
first to be held in its on buildlnf.v
: The -value of these" gatherings has
been so 'clearly demonstrated by, past
experience that- furfher reference; to
ttls 'fgctSioul oexn superfluous.;'. ,
v;: : :'.'V;i ,C-ei-r?rld: aflame aad-ie t
- irtt H"1 State into the-v-
: . -we x -a 'c-i.' v-i' ie confronted it
' ' r 'v- r 3 " rcrtUxliig'. proUCtns : - which
l t s ' difticnit pf .nolaUon and7 iay
' caU-fcr the exerclseref.a hih .degree
of ratriotlEm'andtgVeat material sac-
rifice.' - We iaust. beat "ihese burdens
r n ith;a 'spirit ; of determination-, and
ithnut undue criticism of: those' offi-
. cials urn' vhoaUa.s ' .faUen; the: dutyi
of inrc::r -tnenrupon vt; una poa
A n-hosa. t houldersj rests the Tespenslbfl-
ity . f cr the t successful prosecuponor
the ar..i -v''
Ve must study our business from a
war cerspectiTe, -and remember that
V9 hsve' rtTiotic obligatrohs tp.Jcarry
through as well as' those who Join.'the
eclefs and actively engage in fighting
the '.battlefields- of" Europe end
the : :rheas";The auceess of the !$
tu" rcsts QUlte aenuch iipon the efff
c'!t ' manner In which: we whovremain
at ! - rre periora our aijouea xasxs as
ur .V those at the' front,, for, unless we,
by cur industry, supply , them .with
fr-1. c,sIPent j and'. material' with
-Vv ch to R-frU they can only fa!L'i'We
curt te prepared to maxe, and make
ch ? n rf v-Uy. erery aacrlflce necessary to
win hi war, and these sacrifices-wilt
be nany. ram certain that, when the
final accounting Is made, this associa
tion, throngh its membership, will be
found to be high up in the list of those
who have contribute&to tho. utmost e
tf r.t materially and"1 In patriotic effort
toward the:' successful '.accomplish,
o e zx of cur country's .aims , : HV
1 CrcfS'1917 and;19l8. -
. "The "crop of 197 is 4he second larg
est la-the history ; of the .Industry,
thowir g a .total of .64474 short tons,
as " -Inst the largest f previous crop,
ttU ct 1815,- which ;wa8 646,445 tons.
. The crc? wctild bare .been riy.far.the
1 r r : : t : on reco rd. ; ha d : not ,the excea
lira (Tsrsht so delayed cperaUon as
to.; :rent the complete cf harvest
ir - tcTrro the clcse cf the statistical
Ttlr. This, record-treati-g Crought
has dr:agei the 18 W crop to an esti
c it : I ttal cf frcra. T5U503; to ' 100.CCO,
tczs. -Illih rricea lor sugar have.pre
vai: !. i4 tuhstanUal profit hava re-
-y. v. 1 -"C: n r raKy tpeakirLt'thebbr supply;
?- hae t ::n eufricienr to meet1 the.needs
' cf th e r Ii- it!cas. The Urge earnings
r -: :il '. 2 .' ur i er . the. prevailing f ystem
cf ccr - ":itlcn have attracted to the
; ..... urge. pcrticmcf eur'Coat
:tz r -tlrn, with the result that the
f - ie rzuher cf laborers is great
" ef i n hrrctcfcrel..-Labor. taa: never
t; 3 f 3 weU c-psnited, so rrosper.
. e- ,.rir hiT the gsaeral.oonditians
A f... U beea to col'aa duting
ths rttt -jcir. - Tte-bcsua paid has
t:-- 13 Urrs Cat, rp Czai estfle-
1x2- t, tie U-crcrs are reeetvirj aa
t- -i forrr-t Uatcxnrar leaving
" -C-3 ."t:c-s to rrid thtlr rzcztj
'v tl:: cr crra ti -ether crra
ti:-1 r : 'it: i ;;Itil crat!ef thera
- to v "i;o t:-;ii:ri!:: tusbet are
I!'.: 7 fcr t-' coast-and. the Phm
tt - t i ; :ruit ctttr-whica win
,' c , l 'Jia ''frr.-cs-nalieratJon.
T.: t:--a cr:ten,. ti?si cpoa "the
r:; ; re cf c:rir la the- Ken Tor
" vri r rtitUihtd aa a method
t ' r r i::i ti lihsreri wonld share
,; h'i 3 rrc:; :nty cf tha :plantatis.
" s.trrs' ehazjed naterlaily
f : : : 3 t s c::.rts.x . cf . war, bringing
. .'. " . I
n r:re Twer
Hawail'e sugar Industry has ape
clal . problems arising from . wr,
and must bear. burden without un
due criticism of off telala, ,
. Industry niuat ; be studied frem
waf perspectlve"td planters as
sociation has ;lgnal? duty to per-.
form. . . ' "u.'r v .,
Crop of.4 1917 second larflest In
history of Islands. Crop of. 1918
damaged frVmT5,f)tX to ,100,000
tons by drought,-- j, "
.? jaaestlpn of 4 labor compensation
most Important before ,1917 annual'
jmeetlng. , - Modification may b
necessary. f - :
a Experiment station praised; ten
of Its employes havejeft or. war
.servlee.-v-'--f . '-v. f. -v-
v-tProbltnVflf transportation ... for
next "year1 la importanV.but that
and other difficulties arising from
war. wilt be', met and ' settled.' M.
Price ot sugar for. next yearswlll
probably be lower, as fixed by flov- j
.rnmsnV tnan) if , without govern-
AIl officers 'of the Iawaiian ' Sugar
iatea, iAaaciAtionhamed:;yu-the
trustees foUowtng;UieresIgnaUonoi
Oeorg Rodlelt aa president f a few
months ' ago wrhen he was called . aay
for a prolonged stir,", as hia resigna
tion statedwere reelected this morn
ing after: new f trustees iVere (elected
at the'thirtyeventhamiiuaT'jnetlng of
the association. The .officers elected
are-1' '""it v j, "T'-'V W-v.'v
unney,i presjaen; . y (-.xx.
Wodehouse.. vice-nresitent : j W.v O.
Smith, secretary and treasurer: L.; '1.1
,warTen, -assxsiani aecrmajy ana . trea
surer, and 1. W.-Waldron, .auditor.
Preceding " the election" f ofticem,
.the fcllo wit g trustees .were eleote4 Py
the planters', association on the CQSii
nation 6t v John ' Scott, manager, pf.. the
Wainaku plantaUon, ' HOo, awali i
F, A. Schaefer.v.TY; o. Smith,
Faxon ' Bishop.vXV P. Cooke, Ji . y.T C
HagenSr . JLfW( ' T,' .BottomleyV J. lit
DowsetL; 13. "K.- Wodehouse and.: D.
r dually the f residency of rthe asso
eiaticn . rotates stncag the heads '-of
the various sugar plantatlon'agenclesrj
and .tiormaiiy.the presidency; wouw
have passed; toNjlr.Tenney; at- this
meeting:'''Tk ;.' '-3
l :: Due to the s Bodlek . resignation ' he
was elected 4 to the position - a : .few
months agar and . named this morning
to. succeed himself
. e
. . . sssf . - . ' - a
' 's. Only manager of plantations and
trustees of .the organization .were per
mitted to be present at the executive
meeting of . the , Hawaiian ' Plantere
Association": whlch beginning jit ;1 : SQ
ocr?ck this afternoon : took;'up-.the
grave and. momentous consideration of
a-new wage and bonus system for the
laporers on the plantations of the is
jana.w:-.v--r . . --
'ctitmitation ef the attendance at. the
meeting this .afternocn to the planta
tion managers and trustees bars many
men of high standing-Sd. heavy in
vestments In theugar tndustry of Ha
waii. and - infiicateathe seriousness
with : which the planters .association
considers .the need for a newr bonus
and wage;plaa-:.;-
It was openly announced ; at r the
meeting this morning that as this snb-Jecr-was
one . of the most important
to be .considered . at . the . meeting it
bad. beea decided to take? if trp first
lick ot taowleCge- as to 'shipping
conditions; for. next , year, the" extent
of, federal taxatlcu asa rw& ot the
war,- the hlier wage -demands of the
Japanese btberers or their reprsseuta
tives ,and the increasing-. cost ot pro
daction, mak;a jeolution of ihe' proh-lm-
imperativ at,this,meeting"of the
plater. :. iUj-i; .--i'-o
tnttsalioa cl. what plan win bt
arrived at wa given r la any of . the re
marks made at the opening session ef
planters this mcming.
An electrically controlled I peed boat
ef . the Germans was. sunk while mak
lag an attack ; tm. wrltiab i vessels r pa-1 ported free
tsu tt Cf?rtta Tfi:'
0. C. Buick'Said to Have Been
Identified By : Victirrr as His
Assai lant; Mystery, Sur
rounds Red Hill Attack;
Prisoner Refuses; to Speak
W. Q. Ito, a Japanese.'salesman for
the .Schumann Carries company, is In
a critical condition at the Queen's
hospital as a result of . being, shot
twic last. night as he was carrying's
passenger from this city "to'AIea.. :His
conditien is such teat uttie nope
held for his recovery.
, D. C. Buick, : who, it Is said, was
fotmerly. employed by. .the Lord
Young Engineering company, andwho
is a member of the Healanll, rowing
chew; is held it police headquarters
in connection with the shooting, and
isaid to have been identified by the
Japanese last night! a his assailant.
No motive has been ascertainedfor
the : shooting. Buick : refuses to make
any- statement to the detectives : who
are investigating the case- J.bvr sV
after he had been brought to the emer
gency hospital, ; he . had picked 'up - a
passenger ,"at Hotel and Itlver streets
about H'otlock jlast night,: if 1th in
structions to ijroceed to AleSi,;- Near
the water tank. at! Red.' Hill the Japa
nese declared that" his fare ordered
him to stop th car. Jto did so, and
thefcrnexMhing:heiwaS'ware of the
passenger . strucjc him dverijh ; hefd
and then "sliot hinlThe!. paseenger,
evldenUy frightened by what Ea r had
done: toVkrto , bis: heels ''fsnddisap
pe.ared in the rrear of the.wwater tank.
An incomlpg- auto flaked i up'the Js!pa
nese , an brought him v tct ihe emer
gency ?h0ipat: nTna'-drven. of the i
kund ;car. declares h'; aiw 7$L pa
senger rnnninginlhe. bjMhes. Pr"x
donars"as found .ori the aeaCV--
ito;-r,v4"r ct : f-.':-
HTne JAPanese.M -cut javes the:rlgit
"t shot Bear the heart - th bullet ev
denUy having been flred from in front
V' til?', IUB mUUtiiCI VUUU.nu Uil uw
left aide .through Ws1 back., 16 was
later .tranaferreil o theCeem'shos-
; City defectives visited. Itot the hos-
pital this morning and. secure a state-
ment from hint. -NO formal Charge has
been bookel against. Buick, -ij, ;s ;6
t"Buick .waa , arrested at; tiU , 6'cfock
this morning by r Motorcycle-V Officer
Sizemore, . ? Vryf)
Buick Vas member of the Healanl
Yacht and Boat duh. .He; cameta Hor
nolula from Calffomla -about two year
ago and lived at, the: ,T, IL CJ Jl. for;
time. He played on one of the basket
ball teamaat the "asaociatloxL !. - i
. , Bclck had been connettfed with v the
Lord-Young Engineering Co for -tome
in. . In d?16 h brought the Healanl
crew to vfetorv. etroklne the. crew that
year, t jn be last regatta he rowed at
Ne.: 5. . JBulck has . always been - popu
lar in ' athletic circles nd ha many
friends among the- members !of the
Healanl club. HU habits have always
been of the best, . and - he was well
thought f generally;, - ys".
x. irvi.?.-.'fe.vC--- v
WAmfQTOS'm CDecl i-The
federal shipping . hoard t today? uked
congress for- Power to -prevent extor
tionate freight rates.ana also Tot. au
thorny to facilitate -the; tranfcfer of
vessels to. foreign. registry;
, (Special . Star-BuneQnfWtreless.V5,
HILO, Hawaii. Dec . gA-double
murder occurred neat Olaa plantation
Sunday: when a " Jaeanese. jnaa ; and
woman - were slain by TJgai, another
Japanese. Rivalry between 'the; men
for the' woman's" affections is .believed
to have led to the killing."
The' aamet of 'the' Jaaneie .In the
tragear ,ar Misa uatsnae utaxe ana
K. Hirsyama: Accordingr to reports in
local r Japanese' wrtlee .Hiraysma Is
atm alive,: but the glrljdled shortly
after the attack. TJgai : eseaped,bnt
the polity aje toVctiJila
CHI f i ESE C AD 1 N ET f 1 AF.jNEO
TQKIO, Japan, jlJeo. f-preaidest
Feng; Qnock-Chonr.cfflclally- named
tht catlaat cinlsters of China today.
Tien Was ahbatfbeen : saaad: as
zauustry , oi cxncuiiuxe ana wresur,
taking fte place of Un Trog.yu..who
reaigaed.:- 7 -'
f tven eases . of itmaupoz: wers :re-
frem th vUlags of JClue .Ban;
Lost' Ona
RnterPlease Return PigB0NS
roUncfeamstay :mm wm
' (AMdsMrrHyU.a.llsvalWlnlMU
.WICHITA. Kansas. : Dec. Z. A
4- giant .armyjballoon has broken
4- loose from7 its moorings ; here
4; and is careering over the. conn-
; try with destruction in its warke.
. The baHoon escaped yesterday
and is sailing south over Okla-
f home, driven- by a strong winnV 4
' It has a nail" 600tt feet' In length. 4
4- of two-Inch, steel j:able, which ej.
4 had. anchored it to terra Crma.
This all 14 now dragging; the'
4-around and wrecklns: . telephone, 4
4 telegraph anl-power wires as the 4
4 big balloon moves south. ' " 41
4 . I . '-A .-
4 f 4 4 4- 4- 4-4 4 4
I .Attorney , George McK. vMcGleUan,
former 'secretary ; to Delegate Kuhlo m
rWashtagton and more recently-reel-
aent pi-eeatxie, vu, it is..-expeciea,
close- with the' Honoluln ' Chamber 'of
Commerce 1 to represent .theichambei!
la-Washington,: ; -$ "Vf'Vi''
-'A speclar meeting .o'the?;directora
of the chamber i this oornlng author;
laet tbe,appointment of fr. tlcClellan,
and details, of- his engagement 'were to
be qettled-. this .-afternoon; He l4vto
leave br the first - available ste.amir
f or the mainland. tofct&WasWngtoa
br wayt;of Bitfie;ywhere UtiirniJoek:
y. The appointment was maae with vie
approval ox ijeiegaxe-ii.uniownons
announced; is aecord wlth ..thejcham
ber's ; plans, f4. hive : mi special .repre
senfhtlre.'r 'The cnamber .f eels , that
throughr M McClelland representing
onaineas uteresis nqi merexy oi aonor
lulu- but ' Hawaii many matter "of
beuefittto . the territory can! rnpsf -id-1
vanta?ebusly be fcrqugbr to ' the; atten-
ftIoh( pf . officials at'the; national; cap-
itaU He has had idhg experience, and
enjbya'alwide aCQfiamtahce .in; Waah
IngtonV where' he'.reslded rhlle Ur:hta
former poaiaon. -'-t i'V, ' '
ikurXg PrM ft u; st Raval WImImmL)
WAS! U:3TON. D. CU Dec. 3. CoH-l
gre: convene .today - but - only . per
f unctoryibnaines was transacted.',
v The -president will' deliver hi open
ing address tomorrow,- but ; It la -expected
that this message will deal only
with war legislation he wishes to nrsre.
The, leaders of congress, are 4ifpcsed
tn rfT,Bti.Tiiun.Mnr,ootUocpresen board
measures as, Mr. Wilson advocates, - t
(sseeklrCahle'le Utow JSilJ- '.
. TOKIO, Japan. De S: H. TatsukJ.
newly appointed Japanese-minister to
Chile left-TokOham yesterday on the
Seyd MarU ' He: lilexpected to arrlTsf
far Honolulu' In about JLwoi. weeks: , v, i
-.-l-4 ' '-- :t Zl
r-f----J,-S--&..":i;; v.r":, -
Extra cojpies of ihe Star-
BriHeti pagi wi! be is
isned:: carrpg-the-Ulus-
5 trated avc o u nt of the
i even .connected with the.
eathVarid. f faneral vof the
'lateV ' .. '
Thia ihrebpies of the
'Boiwitiwi of Koy. 24
z wilt be oldat ten7 cents
S'- - -V'. -"-y. .
,' 1 w r
1 i - . i .i-
i :" V w ; .
u mi5
J- BSV -
irflllllllll III nil II F ll I..V IMII III..V
Exectitivd Bases Action on Con
fession of Garcia, Who He
Believe Slew Kimana Girl
. Jose Bltlnuevs Filipino, convicted
more than a year ago on a charge of
murdering Harriet Kunane. a Kohala
school girl, has been pardoned by the
governor: . , - . .
The ; pardon, announced today, by
Governor Plnkham,' represents his
second act. of clemency in the case of
Bilinuee.'as the .' sentence, of death
under! wh,icb he - was . brought to Ho
nolulu had already been commuted to
life . imprisonment. Governor - Pink
ham : makes : the ; following statement
In regard to the pardon: '-
-I , am thorpughly of the belief . that
Jose Bllinueva is not the man that
murdered .Harriet Kunane. After, sev
en: months .study of the case from,
ev ery; angle 1. had become convinced
that the!; charge: against him had not
beep' -proven, ' and .that . there: were a
number, of. missing, links in the chain
of'testimony.y . '
-".For this treason I commuted': the
death sentence to one of life impris
onment; Since then I have been v. dis
turbed. hightV and day over the case,
fearing , that . r had deprived an ; inno
cent' man 6f. his liberty. " '
"Following the confession ot ; An
tonio' Garcia that he . hid murdered
the Kunane girl I bad two5 long tote
viewr.with'him and there is no ques
tlbni.la:my mtndt tlat: hey Garcia; .was
the muWerigr; -We were never; able to
shake hts testimony and the' very last
thing he' did befoe beifig,- strapped
tor the hanging, was to swear: that he
was the: girl's , alayex" ? -I '. ' :-. , '
l(vern6r,rPmttam.:has pewonally1
attended -to providing Bllinueva with
clothing and enoughmoney to liTe on-
lapaaltlea-lrttins to: his
necessiues.csjs.. oe,naa.;'-i 7. -...
incidentally .there: la laid not to- be
a' dollar; of money ' inv'thr conUolvOf
territorial officials io provide forany
Indigents save ,th0se brought here by
the territoTy for plantation labor.? h ;
Procram;isl to; Accjuire ;Site f or
K yharf By jiondation v
' What .may prov a deflnitestep in
the- secnring,rol breakwaterr by fed
eral, appropriation: at Nawiliwili 'har
bor on the islsnd of Kauai will btf pro
posed fo - the territorial vharbor 'com
mission at a meeting; to 'be held-to-morrow'
morning at .11 o'clock.7 ,;
Commissioner James Wakefield
t f11
stated today ; that ja move Is; now on
concrete' plamn for1 the ; condemnation
ot .unas on jwnaf-wiu eTenioaaiy oe
the' wharf .'and .railroad 'sites. st Ns
wiliwfll when rthe breakwater project
has,. beea .completed In order.' that
these lands 'may; come from rprivAte
ownership Into, the hands ; of : the ' ter
ttOTTr- --H---
v Mr. WaieXleid has been broached on
the subject, and it.Jta his. understand
ing that the- matter -will: be formally
presented at' the . meeting 1 set for to
morrow in f the' capitol; Ha did "not
knowtodayiwhat Unn are .to be in
cluded -'in: the coneVmnationpIanor
who are the owners. ,:- - v '
It. is' said that ,th. purpose ' of get
ting" the' lands under territorial con
trol Is to .make easier .the securing, of
a: federal appropriation, ; As long: as
private persons hold the wharf ?and
railroad sites lt'ls ;not: deemed likely
that congress: will : appropriate funds
which will multiply the value ot these
holdings. This is " not . congressional
poUcjvltIa argneiVi;;. -.
On, tie .ether' hand -If the' territory
comes into possession of the sites and
it - Is made plain to congress , that not
one individual or grouy of individuals
will suddenly reap a harvest fif wealth
as -a. result' of the breakwater's being
built, it is held much more likely that
the project: wfU be given backing. y r -
- 8cm of the congressmen 'recently
vlsitlnr ' the territory.' touched upon
this point in discussing various public
Improvements for: which appropria
tions may. be sought . ( '. " i
; One of -them remarked in a discus
sion , ot local conditions with a repre
sentativ of the Star-BalleUn that he
had found communities on the Islands
whereat would be impossible ;for a
newcomer to' purchase land enough to
put tn a store that might compete with
stores already established and owned
by the Wact'Li?:.;-'.';' - .
-This state ot affairs' should not ex
lit,' said the eongmsman, "and until
Hawaii teaches" stage : where she
overcomes this ccadltlon.' she cannot
well expect to.be. living ou.t . the gen-
tral tvy?ry cf American deaocy
niiTinrMTinii nv; sr-r-s nni
(Associated Press hytTJ: .l1vni; Wireless)
f ONDON, England; tDec. S.--News i rom Rossia today heralds
Li the; reappearanceof iemierKerensky's fbrcea in opposi
tionto the peaee partn now ;n cbf ol'through the Bolshevikis
and socialist cabinet. X.y- ' " ' '; ' ' '.v;;
tA Petrograd idesritfi'todaysaya that leaders of the former
provisional government iiave ;
i-u vituuo vuc pwpi4iuurg,e uuem 'not ,10; recognize, ilia
authority of thi JtoUhevg it . h -Q''"r-v?yHi'
It is said that Ihe'provisiohal I
government ; f drcesarej at?
tempting ;,tp :jjiaintain certain
departments, iilluding the war
and finance ideparjtments.i .in
r eisi liation, . thej Bolshevikis
have, suprssejj thepapere
charge'-of plants rwhere such
papers.ere pnntedw
NEW .TORK. "Dec. J. Russian en
voys. 'officers and soldiers are .within
the. German Unes bearing .with them
nmnnWftioYbr m ituce. : - They were, wel
comed "and 2 th,eir?speechei received
with ...cheers. ' , German' sentiment
stronglT ; favors tfucefsna peace with"
Russiar v but ; there Is -a'- sentiment
among r- the ' Pan-American 'element
against a general' truce sack-as was
outlined: in the platform of the Petro
gradradicala, :'.;;
Speeches' Cheered .'v- i '-0 :
- , On Saturday a deputation of Hpwian
officers and K soldiers Awas -passed
through the . AustroSerman lines1 and
proceeded v to j the - headauarters . at
Csernowltx. where they were received;
They preaented thetr proposals : asd
spoke In favor 'of them- and theit
speeches were : received j with cheers
by the f Austrian : anil German- officers
present i This' tof ormation waa- con
tained fn reports received in London.'
,.;;.'."..r.).".0. ; ;. ' ' . -'.: " : -
v INDON.Dec. SCmisideratlon of
the advisability; of .sending. American
forces to the eastern front to strength
en the forces of Heasla and Rumania
that will continue to fight, in that the
ater of war in any event Isurged by
M. Gavronaky, the spedsl commis
sioner of . thedd Russian, provisional
government- who continues here. He
declares there will always; be sr Ruy
slsn front and, the .Russians-on the
east and the Rumanians -will .never
stop, fighting until a general -peace Is
declared.1 --lr-- V -l.-f.-r
- Members of : the Russian, embassy
staff, as well aa-M.; Gavronsky : are
continuing at their" .work- here ' as - be
fore, except that since the overthrow
of the Kerensky government their-offices
are known as thr Kukhonln head
quarters Instead of the Russian lega-j
tion. Ther claim that the army of the
loyal rto the old : provisional regime
and to Dukhonin as commander 'of the
.- .5
1 r :
NEW : YORK, Dec S. -The . terriflo
efforts of Prince Ropprecht to .nullify
the advantages gained for the British
by the advance of General Byng's army
against 1 Cambrai are seemingly vain
and costly His attempt to. carry for
ward an encircling movement has ap
parently proved a failure. Its cost in
man power, to Germany has been an
palling.' The British Unes are relative
ly the same as they were, before the
attempted German attack and the tact
ical position is fully as-.strong. r On
the other hand the German forces have
been depleted as never, before.' ; r
. -vv . ' - - - i ' .f
(AMatai Pmi fey U. Naval wlrtiMa.) I,
ator i Lodge of ! Massachusetts today
made a statement ; declaring that he
f avorsv a declaratlost of war r by th e
United States against, those countries
which are allied with Germany. ? -4-, :
, (AuMiitH rmi fcy U. a. Nsvl Wlrtfws.)
?. WASHINGTON, : D. C Dec i-To
make the thrifty and the, small savers
able to do their bit in the war the sale
of thrift and. savings stamps will begin
throughout the United States -today.
These stamps are to be placi ci -:!a
at all the tanks and at the postolt.ces
v- K. v;.'yi
im ' sn s"t nmsmir. sisiesssk.nvsissessajek
reappeared and are'attemptin?
(AiiniiM PrtM by U. Bv Naval wlrMS.)
I ; STOCKHOLM, Sweden, Dec. S.-rTl
Associated 'Press has learned that '
Vladimir .Schner.L' .the-n BoUheviy
party's-prime-: peace 'representative, ,
waa arresieg m,reirograa a lortnijnt
cer charge qt being a German spy." -,
3.:; V,i o s' ' '
"a i r''' :M "yi r
" (AtMNaM Prtti y O. s. Naval WlrtSna.) .
) '- NEW'.Y.QRKj r Kr : Y: Decrj-Tl
Grand Uama of .Thibet ' is. prt?arlr ;
100.0QO priestr and peasants of Ti.it u
into a fighting force with'the. object cf
offering their services to England to
help 'the allies, -according.' to wcri
from'Edmund. Heller,' an explorer wia
has;reached.the;'outslde-liworlj after
spending somevtIm'ia the fastsasie
of Interior Asia, '.7v vi- . -
. . i "' ".-I
(AMiltW Pm fey U. 9Nml WlrtlwJ
ARMY IN TRANCE, .Dec. 3.--Of- :j
fVo mths first American contingent t?
receive 'actual training In the trench j
here have; beenf transferred Ho rc;I-ments"0fmen-newly.arrlving,
In . the
capacity of. instructors Transfer of
enlisted men for the same purpose will
be made Uter.-- - - "- - ; - '
The 'Americans-are ' gaining their
training rapIdly.'CThere are few tew
developments to "report Snow 1 fi!I-
construction recently were under be:
bardment, but escaped without casual-
t :.v:-:4 f t a n if rr - Tn n v
Today. -' day,
Alaska Geld ,:. y 2Va
American' Smeltsr. .Y. , .74H
American Sugar Rfa- 85 : -
American Tel. A Tat ,V 1C5' '
Anaconda Copper. . .. . " 7s: i
Atchison -. .Vm. ' ' it 81 "
Baldwin: Loctf. w .,54U
Baltimore V Ohio ...... 4IH
Beth lehsrw Steel .X. ' 78H
Csllf. Petreteom '12 . v.
S .
Canadian Pacific Z2Vz "113
C, M. A SL P. (3t Paul)'? 3S4 ; 3Sli
Cole. Pusi A Iron 34 33
Cruelbla Steel 534 $4'a
Cuban Cane W. 728' " 23U
Erie Common . .h.... 145
General Electric 130
General Motors, Ni'w -: SO'z
Great Nerthern. Pfd. .V 87
Inter. Harv N. J. ..Jr..?Ii
Ksnoecott Copper
Lehrgh It. R. . . ..i
New York Central
f" ,
; 8r ,
f. s: i
81 Vi
44. .
Ray Consol. , . . . .". ;'..
Reading Common
Southern Pacific
T St "
Texas OlFST s it ; Vi.'v142,4
Union Paelflc-.r..; .V., 111 ?i
U. 8.' Steel ivi;., 1 1 ?
Western T Union '. 814
WestJngheus V

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