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HONOLULU Bi-autdj&Tiy, mjciJAr; u&cxaigim 3, lau.
Woman Tells How Lydia E.
rinkham Vegetable Com
pound Helped Her.
TTest Danby, N. Y.--"I bare had
fcervcna trouble all my lira until I took
Lydia E. Pinkham'
Vegetable Com
pound for nerve
and for female trou
ble and it straight
ened me oat in good
shape. I work nearly
all the time, aa we
live on a f anh end I
hare four girls. Ida
all coy sewing and
other work with
their help, to it
coowi that I stand it real weS. I took
vthe Compound when my ten year old
.-caognter came and it belped me a lot.
I keep It in the boose all the time and
recommend it" Mr. Drwrrr Sixce
SAUCH,West Danny, N. Y.
Sleeplessness, nervousness, irritabil
ity, backache, headaches, dragging sen
tations, all point to female derange-
merit which may be overcome by Lydia
. Pinkbam'a Vegetable Compound.
Ibis famous remedy, the medicinal
Ingredient of which are derived from
choice root and herbs, has for forty
yean proved to be a most valuable tonic
and invigorator of the female organism.
Go to tlit
for cooling sodas and soft
- drinks.
1 a. a, t le awm.
Watch Our Windows!
for the" November display of
, Topaz Jewelry.
, Your eld Jewelry remodeled en
.. modern line. :'; .
' We manufacture rings, brooches
and lavallera in platinum as well -
at -field.;; -r ..
' V t:-;
H. Culman Co., Ltd
r -1112 Pert . St. ,
1 Ind CGtitible
Tv V i
'.1 y.,-!.'
11- Elemaos.
' if ft II- -- .Y, -
IXo glass Ato break.
lfo- fillers to Duy.
. Pcr sale by
V The IIous97of EorisiWarcs
: - :. v 53-65 kiiieT. Bt. " .
PhbnB 4.937 1 Honolulu
I: :
' 1 ! I ' A WW
1 ,
Quality inn
k n ;? .
: ( Six tPirieapples to. the case; . these are packed tinder Wells Fargo
siipSibnandyar in perfect condition.
Prices include fruit; bongi -packing and transportation. V
PoKland, Or. ,
?i , . Seattle, Ween.
rl-. Dinver.rColo.
? , -v ? ; . r'----" Chicago, lit
y ' AH eastern poInU
More than 100,000 manufacturers,
wholesalers and other distributors of
staple food rin be under license by
the United States food administration
for the duration of the war
Business men who have taken
prompt steps to secure licenses need
cot worry because they have not re
ceived the actual documents, the food
administration announces, bo' long as
they are not violating the food control
act, which has been in effect since
August 10.
Those who have not yet 6ent to
Washington for their application
blanks should do so at once, mean
while continuing their normal busi
ness activities in compliance with the
Thus far nearly 50,000 application
blanks have been called for, and re
quests for them are pouring in at the
rate of 4,000 a day. No licenses have
been mailed out yet, but thousands
are stacked up, filled in and recorded
ready to be Bent to the applicants as
soon as booklets containing complete
rules and regulations for the guidance
of licenses have been received from
the printer.
The license section of the food ad
ministration estimates that when the
lists are complete there will be about
100,000 licenses, including importers,
packers, canners, manufacturers,
wholesalers, commission men, brok
ers, auctioneers, storage warehouse
men, together with retailers doing
more than $100,000 business annually,
which embraces mail order firms and
chain stores.
Small retailers will not be licensed.
These retailers, however, are all sub
ject to the provisions of the food law
Itself, which forbids speculation,
hoarding or excessive profits. They
will also be controlled through the li
censing regulations controlling whole
sales, who will be obliged to cut off
the supplies of dealers of any size,
and in any branch of the trade, who
' Work commenced today on the con
struction of a unique and beautiful
$12,000 residence for Mrs. H, R. Mac
Farlane in Nuuanu valley on the Wai
kikl aide of Nuuanu street facing the
Nuuann stream. ! - The bouse will be
situated on Lot 4 in the Dowsett tract
and la to be built in an ideal location.
The work wiU be performed by the
National Construction .Company; Ltd.,
recently organized and .will be com
pleted early" In 1 April of next year.
The architect ot the -mansion and
also In charge of the beautification of
the ground is C. w. Wlnte.
. It will be two story bome of the
classic Italian rennaisance . style wltb
straight dignified lines. All trimmings
have been1 eliminated and the feature
of the entire building will be its solid
mansion-like appearance. The pro
Ject as planned by the architect uti
lize the contour of the Ipt which
slopes from the r street to - the reai
where a 12" foot terrace will give a
view of the Nuuann stream. Beneath
the terrace will be the servants' quar
ters, ' the laundry . and ; the shower
rooms. The sloping grounds . will be
beautified with an Italian garden ef
fect. :-V-i:r ;; - ;f
The residence wai - originally de
signed to be buljt of hollow tile, but
on account of the uncertainty of the
shipping facilities between jthe main
lapd and the islands it has been de
cided to use cement bricks manufac
tured locally. Forty thousand .of these
bricks will be used to make each wall
of the house practically double with
a six inch space between the outer and
Inner . walls. In this way the bouse
will be made everlastingly fireproof.
A subfloor; will be - put in "for the
first story and the ' hardwood laid
right on the cement . so that the pos
sibility of dry, rot will be eliminated.
The exterior win, be stucco, finish,
while -the interior of the bouse AwDl
be plastered throughout. ..v..; ; v
The ground floor win be 65 by 40
feet nd - will .contain a; Urge living
room Jn the center,: a reception ball,
a dining room, a pantry and kitchen.
There will be a tiled lanal to the rear
and a tiled loggia in front The unl-j
2J$ San Franclc,
SM Oakland, Cel ..
a.40 Sacramento, Cal.
3.60 . , San Jose, Cal.
U. S... . .. t.i.70-i Los Angeles,, Cal
u uuxucar'Vi ov niucjru, juxpress- w on
exact exorbitant profit on the neces
sities of life.
The licensed foods Include beef,
pork and mutton, fish, poultry and
eggs, milk, butter, cheese, flour, eer
eals, sugar, lard, beans, peas, fruits,
vegetables, sereral lines of canned
goods and other products.
Hereafter no distributor of any of
these foods may do business without
a license, excepting the small retail
ers, canners, packers and specified
classes of manufacturers having small
outputs. The penalty for operating
without a license is $3,000 fine or two
years' imprisonment.
The food administration emphasizes
that for the immediate future any one
who has not yet received his license
may continue his business in the
usual way without fear of penalty, if
he makes prompt application, within
the next few days.
The purposes, of licensing are stated
as follows:
"(1) To limit the prices charged; by
every licensee to a reasonable amount
over expenses,-and forbid the acquisi
tion of speculative profits from a ris
ing market. i
"(2) To keep all food commodities
moving in as direct a line and with a
little delay as practicable to the con
sumer. "(3) To limit as far as practicable
contracts for future delivery d
dealings in future contracts."
With few exceptions, those engaged
in the handling of food have shown
the utmost patriotism and a desire to
go even beyond the requirement of
the law itself in supplying the public
with necessities at moderate prices.
The exceptions are, being noted land
vigorous use will be made in these
cases of the powers conferred by con
gress. For the most part, however, the
food administration anticipates i the
full cooperation and voluntary sup
port of all licensees, without resort to
Twenty-two cases and two motions
are. on the calendar for hearing during
torial supreme court, which began
this morning. Following Is the calen
dar; ' f '
. Motions ' !
M. F. Scott et at vs. . E, N. Pillpo,
et aL and C. K. AL Motion by plaint
iffs for-order to complete record."
Antone Fernandex, Jr vs. Sodedade
Lusltana B. de Hawaii, i Motion by de
fendant for correction of the, trans
cript of evidence. --
Cases . ; -
Henry C Brown vs. Henry W.i Kin
ney; superintendent public instruction,
et al. Error to circuit 'Judge, Fifth
circuit. " ., ' ,.
'. Territory of Hawaii, by B. G. Riven
burgh, commissioner - of public lands
vs. F. O. Correa. Error to Circuit
court Second circuit .
; J. W. Ambrose vs.-Kealokaa. Ap
peal from circuit Judge,, Second, cir
cuit v - ; . :,-"'
In the Matter of the State of David
P, Kaiena, deceased. Served Questions
from, circuit Judge, First circuit.-
Alfred N. Hayselden ts. WtHIam B.
Lincoln, et al. Error, to circuit court
Second district ;
In the Matter of the Petition of T.
B. Lyons for a . Writ of Juov Warranto
directed to J. Jl. Uabinul. Reserved
que feature of tiu first floor, is . Utat
tne garage wui oe part or the main
bouse and open for entry directly from
the living room; vrbe terrace to the
rear will be tiledVlOn the pall side- of
tne House - there will be : a circular
driveway,. 10 feet . wide V which will
carry- the -automobiles beneath the
porte-cochere and lead also to the au
tomobile entrance of the garage. , On
the second floor there will be four bed
rooms, a sleeping porch, a sewing
room, an open porch and two bath
rooms. ' , r
When completed the architect clalma
that It wqi , he one . of the most' dis
tinguished looking - residence In the
Island. The butjding permit for the
structure was Issued this mornlngby
the bnflding inspector's office, v ; j
ror Ainas ocna xour
Cel.... .'...12J5
; 2.45
application. V
- mm A
; - ' '. " ' ' ' ", Hotel and Fort Sts. .-illp!
questions from circuit-judge, Second
circuit . c . -
- Sung So 14m. vs. TMiyauchi. et al.
Appeal from circuit judge, Third cir
cuit. , ;iv ;
, -TerritoiT of Hawaii vs. JohnWaJa-mau,-
et al. Resenred queatlon from
circuit court. Fifth circuit.
Mutual Telephone. Co. .vs. The Nlppu
Jiji . Co., Ltd. ' Appeal from circuit
judge, virst CfrcuiL
Territory of Hawaii vs. Hermbgomes
Alcantara. - Exceptions from circuit
court; First circuit.
ong Wong. vs. Honolulu Skating
Rink, Ltd, et'sJ. Error -to circuit
caurt, First circuit.
Antone Fernandez, Jr. vs. Socledade
Lusltana B. de1 Hawaii, a corportion.
Error to circuit court, Second circuit
- In the Matter " of the .Contempt of
Goo Waa Hoy. Appeal from circuit
judgeFirst 'circuit : -
In re petition of, the Territory to
Register and' Confirm Its Title to a
Parcel of-Land -Situate In Hilo, being
mainland rnends a Uase
The Why of Regal Shoes
for Christmas
IN giving a pair of such quality shoes as may be
selected from the Holiday stocks we are carry
ing, you are given something of a known value,
something that will reflect the proper spirit in
quality, beauty of style, and utility.
The Regal Christmas Stocks
Are Really Wonderful
. Far better than we had hoped to be able to furnish on account of
leather scarcities. In fact, when you come here, we believe that
' you will find us as fully prepared as any time in our history, due
to an early personal visit to the Eastern factory markets.
In giving shoes, the most satisfactory way is to give a Regal Shoe
Order, thus insuring a perfect fit to the person to whom you give.
Here you may make your
Christmas selections for
Men, Women and Children
Utz & Dunn's
Wichert & Gardiner's
We also carry
the sea nortion of the land jof Ponanoa
2nd,vHIlo, HawalL Appeal from land
Nina Bertelmann, et al. vs. -Joseph
K. Cockett, et aL 'Appeal from circuit
Judge, First circuit '
M. F. Scott et al. vCB. NT PJlipo,
et aL and C K. Al. Appeal from cir
cuit judge. First" circuit
Public Utilities Commission vs. Inter-Island
Steam Navigation Co., Ltd.
Appeal from Circuit Judge, First cir
cuit C. B. Dwiiht vs. S. Ichiyama, et al.
Exceptions from circuit' court. First
circnit v
Catherine Machado vs. T. Mitamura,
Exceptions from circuit court. First
Sentaro Yanagi vs. Kenshlro" Oka
Appeal from district magistrate'of
North Kona, ,
Alfred N. Hayselden vs. William B.
Lincoln, , et ah Error 10 circuit court
Second circuit - 1
Phiiomena Sllverhorn, Administra
trix, etc. vs. Pacific Mutual Life Insur-
of Delected, Delicious
Buck Hecht Army 8ho6
Army Puttees.
a fall line Pump-Buckles,
Polishes, Laces, etc.
ance'Company of California, ' corp
oration. Exceptions from circuit
court, First Circuit v :
Wall. Nicnols Co,' Ltd., big toy de
partment wiU be open every day and
evening for Its, many patrons to call
and inspect their immense stock 0!
joys and holiday goods now -ready.
Bring the little ones with you and let
their hearts jump with Joy. Remem
ber the place. Wall, Nichols Co., Ltd.
If you want your' adver
tising: to get the results you
hoped, insert it in the Star-
Wednesday night on ; the!roof7 Thr V
fortunate winner will receive s bean-;
" ": "- y s e '
- ' -
Tuesday, evening with Dude Miller's-'
orchestra. Adv.;. t:.-. .-v :.;
m BBBIBBB,IBk)ie!BB,BssaaaBsaas -'
" - TODAY'S . N EW8 TO DAY: ? i
& ..CO.
Soikin Street:
i .- a
4 -

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