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HONOLULU STAB-BULLETIN, THURSDAY, PECEIBER 6. 1917. ' . .; . . . - 'ttsvca
Some of the season' latest novel
tles are very easily made, and will
prove moat acceptable nollday gifts.
These inspirations are new and prac
tical. Take the illustration on the I
tgbt for Instance. This smart little ;
scarf will fl in anywhere this sea-.;
eon. Is adaptable for wear morning,
afternoon or evening. It is made of
very fine white serge, and embroid
ered in different shades of worsted.
The scarf is two and a half yards tii
length, and twelve inches wide. The
I IV i. ST' 1
edge are made quite distinctive by
raveling out the material as a finish,
the sides to a depth of half an Inch,
and the enda one and'a half Inches.
The embroidery is done in Shetland
wool, and four or five shades are used
for contrast, and th diamond design
is a substantial pattern that is easy
to follow.
The picture on the left shows this
same scarf worn as a surplice) a belt
of the same material and design bold
lng it In place. This is an original
Many of our "knitters" hare little
odds and ends of wool left from
sweaters and caps. An entirely new
'use can be found for them in mating
dress and sweater trimmings. Vividly
contrasting colors have been worn for
several seasons,1 and proved rery pop
ular, but now these colors are used
more as trimming on solid coloi
backgrounds. To present -one's best
girl friend with a set of knitted dia
tnonds, blocks or oblong pieces, would
endear her to the heart of the recip
ient, as the little trimming sets can
be used on scarfs,, hats, muffs, bags,
sweater skirts and blouses. Hat fan
cies made of colored worsteds are
chic and If a bag or a scarf is gives
for a gift, one could complete the out
fit pith, one of these imitation toma-
hik feathers of worsted embroider
ed" upon the same materials used is
making the . other articles. '
' A book cover is always a "thought-
. ;fuT gift, and some of the newer ones
are made of laahala mats and finished
. on the edge with colored , worsteds.
Card table covers of .these mata are
quite unusual, with the corners fin
' ished in the traditional card motifs.
V For patriotic and Bed Cross bridge
, . parties a novelty table cover of khaki
:r embroidered in Impossibly - perfect
little :' soldier girls and boys is the
i Tery newest wrinkle for prizes. The
edges are rough and raveled ever, so
v little,- ant! the figures simply outlined.
? It looks very much, as if Santa Claus
himself Is suggesting things that take
Tery" little .time-' to make, that our
.shipments of sweaters and Red Cross
; dreeslnrs may continue in an unbrok
if g(p(p
if lill
on every
' .. i l
Bronze Ware
Lacquer Ware . r
v r Silks, and Satins
--"Art' Curios;-;
j i Granite vTowerjr .
Japanese Lanterns
arid aiusand
suitable articles
Hfor Clinstmasv
.109-115 N. Kin St.
if-.. vr-v.in
: ' V.. - -i - .
Si '
en line, in spite of all the holiday ac
tivities. Another trifle that is quite novel is
a , photo-sachet j Scenes of Hawaii,
palms and flowers; are used on the
front, and soft sheet cotton with the
sachet folded between la pasted to
the back. "A piece of tissue paper is
placed on the cotton and picked vlth
a pin to allow the fragrance to escape.
This is Just a little more than a
Christmas card, and will fit In an av
erage enYelope.
To friends who enjoy fancy work,
gitts of stamped linens with floss or
of 'rare artistic value will
add greatly to the pleasure
vof 'those receiving your.
Christmas gifts.
.tQur jewelry is specially
.carved in gold or silver,
according o your own
ri;.; v 24 Hotel Stireet, ,''
v bet Smith and Nuuanu
UMMm fvTlvW ?riT'" ' A
J" I I .r ? 1 9 III 4MMltf S I
, fr.gTf I ti fx
1137 Fort Street
" : ? 1
Tcjrt'StreV.-,)- -;. Opp. Catholic Church
Upper right: New and dainty
is this scarf of white cotton, em
broidered in bright colored
worsted. It is absolutely new.
Upper left: When a belt to
match the scart is used this way
besides holding the scarf in place 4
it makes a smart new over-
Lower right: Another effec
tive way of wearing the scarf. 4
cotton to work the patterns, will
prove an inspiration, as the Joy of ac
complishing something one's self is a
never ending one.
Then 'we can always fall back on
merchandise orders; especially at this
time will they prove acceptable, as IV
Is very' much better to give these or
ders than to buy something useless,
which would be a real extravagance.
Hosiery is always a nice gift for a
girl's chum, and if a little variety is
sought for, small klocks or figures
can be embroidered on at home. To
embroider stockings successfully, an
oval embroidery hoop should be in-
Local Far East Section is Brimmin
Wealth of Art Treasures Gathered from
China and Japan for Honolulu Stores
Honolulu's own Chinatown Is
glowing with brighter and brighter
colors as the Christmas season ap
proaches. The tourist and the resi
dent alike are finding here many
an appropriate solution for the
ever-recurring question. "What
can I buy In the way of new and
novel and original Christmas
In the Chinese, Japanese and
other Oriental shops of Honolulu
treasures of Dal Nippon, the erst
while Flowery Kingdom, now the
great' Oriental Republic; of India,
the Philippines -and Java and Bur
ma and Ceylon are ready for the
eager purchasers.
An. excursion through China
town, provided one enters upon It
with the proper spirit of adventure.
Is intensely Interesting; The var
iety of gifts is surprising, when
one knows how to shop.
No matter how much time one
passes amid Oriental art treasures,
one' never becomes surfeited with
them, for there is a certain air of
mystery about the products of the
Far East that keeps one's interest
aflame. Perhaps Vt is because the
art of the ChineseV and Japanese Is
so unlike that of the Occident that
VtHaJrMarftlJ I
This article la number 20 of a
aeries of papers on practical
dressmaking and millinery sub
jects, with special hints on prof
itable buying for wear in Hawaii.
This new department is being
conducted by Janet Walker, who,
with several years of experience
in dressmaking and with a wide
knowledge of materials, patterns
and values, brings to the work
an unusually thorough equip
ment. All materials described in
these papers may be purchased
at the Honolulu shops and the
aim is to furnish hints In an at
tractive, readable form for the
women and girls of the city whe
ther they make their own clothea
In whole or in part, or buy at
the tailors, the milliners, the
dressmakers or the shops.
Physicians Recommend the Use of
Magnesia for Quick Relief.
Sufferer: from 'ndlgestlon or dys
pepsia should lemember that the
presence of gas or win in the stom
ach invariably indicates that the stom
ach is troubled by excessive acidity.
This acid causes the food to ferment
and the fermenting food in turn gives
rise to noxious gases which distend
the stomach, hamper the normal func
tions of vital Internal organs, cause
acute headaches, interfere with the
action of the heart, and charge the
Mood etream with deadly poisons,
which in time must ruin the health.
Physicians say fiat to quickly dispel
a dangerous accumulation of wind in
the stomach and to stop the food fer
mentation which creates the gas, the
acid in the stomach ny:st be neutral
ized and t at for this purpose there
is netting quite so good as a teaspoon
ful of puro bisurated "la-nesta taken
in a' little wat?r Immediately after
meals. This instantly neutralizes the
acid, thus stopping fermentation and
the formation of gas, and enables the
Inflamed, distended stomach to pro
ceed with its work undir natural con
ditions. Bisurated magnesia is obtain
able in powder or tablet form from any
druggist; but as there are many dif
ferent forms of magnesia it is impor
tant that the bisurated which the phy
sicians prescribe should be distinctly
asked for. Adv.
serted in the stocking and the stitches
made very loosely.
it holds its charm; or maybe the
reason is to be found in the histor
ical associations that the Oriental
vases and paintings, bronzes and
lacquerware bring with them over
seas. Chinatown has more objects of
Oriental art concentrated in a com
paratively small area than has al
most any other city outside of San
Francisco in the United States. If
your interest lies in antiques, you
will find them there, hundreds of
years old; if In modern examples
of Oriental craftsmanship, that line
is just as varied and complete.
The Chinatown baeaars have
to inspect their pretty
Japanese Goods
1212 Fort St., opp. Fire
Eat One Banana
A Day Is Slogan
Of Nolte's Board
"Strategists" Figure That if;
Everybody Does so, banana
Problem is Solved
Eat a banana a day!
Nolte's "strategy rtoard" has evolved
a scheme which If it materializes on a
broad scale is believed will provide the
solution for Hawaii's problem of pro
viding a market for its banana crop.
The "strategy board" has started
the ball a-rollinjc with the decision to
make every Thursday banana day at
Nolte's. When the member-? of the
board gather for luncheon that day
they will eat bananas and then pome
more bananas, with a plass of milk
and some corn bread on the side.
The idea was launched at yester
day's gathering and it appealed so for
cibly that the "strategists" t;ot their
heads together and under the lead of
J. M. Westgate figured out that if
every person on the island were to eat
one banana a day Hawaii's banana
crop would be taken care of without
worrying about ships to take it to
other markets. Not only that, but it
would be in line wih the food conser
vation movement and give impetus
to the movement to have the islands
produce their own foodstuffs.
As a warning to any un-American
merchants who might seize upon the
patriotic spirit of the movement to
boost prices It was decided to report
for official Investigation any dealer
found artificially increasing the price
of bananas.
Eat a banana a nay, says the "strat
egy board," and accomplish three
Find a market for Hawaiian ba
nanas. Assist the, food conservation move
ment. Give impetus to the demand for isl
and products.
The government at Washington Is
preparing a campaign that should be
effective in killing the rats that are
so destructive both to lives and prop
erty. A conservative estimate places
the loss of foodstuffs from rats at
over two hundred million dollars an
nually, and in the present scarcity of
food, this loss n:ust be prevented. The
most efficient way to "Kill the Rat" is
by the use of Stearns Paste, and
thousands of dollars worth have been
bought by the government. Every
housekeeper troubled with rats, mice,
roaches or waterbugs should buy a
small box of this reliable exterminator
for thirty-five cents and stop further
not taken advantage of the high
cost of living to raise the prices of
those goods imported before the
rate advanced. They are still held
at the old figure, but once sold,
they cannot be replaced at the
prices which now obtain. This sit
uation has appealed strongly to
connoisseurs, who are daily taking
advantage of it .4
One of the favorite gifts of oc
cidental Christmas buyers Is san
dalwood. This comes in many
Perhaps the sandalwood fan,
which can be purchased at virtual
ly every Chinese and Japanese store
Is the most popular of the smaller
purchases. There are fans of var
ious feathers, also. Some of the
combinations of peacock feathers
and sandalwood are extremely at
tractive and the price is moderate.
Various textures which cannot
now be secured from the Orient
are still on sale in local houses.
Exports from India have been
much restricted since the war
broke out but large stocks were
on hand in some of the Honolulu
shops and offer Inviting possibilities..
From the Land of Cherry Blossoms
the greatest collection of imported Oriental Curios, appro,
priate for gifts.
Artistic articles from 10 cents up.
The Honolulu Bazaar
Fort Street Centrally Located
Japanese Silk Goods and
Silks, Kimonos, Satins, Mandarin Coats, Crepes, Baskets,
Satsuma, Ivories, Curios, Antiques, etc.
1120 Nuuanu Street, above Hotel J v iii
Thirty-day excursion tickets Ik '.ween Honolulu and Walalaa, Ha
l.iwa or Kahuku: First-class. $2.15; sctsnd-class. J 1-30.
Special weekly rates at Hotel during summer months. $25.00.
Splendid bathing, golf, tennis, glass bottom boats, .owing, pool
An ideal vacr'ion resort.
Oahu Railway-Haleiwa Hotel
Should be
Naturally if Possible
No aubttitute can give such good results as Nature's
method nothing can taka its place.
At times, howeTer. it is necessary in warm climates to
use Condensed Milk, and the mother should know that
there is no purer, richer product than Highlander Con
densed Milk (full cream). Prepared from tb milk of
healthy carefully tested cows on the rich pastures of
Southland, New Zealand, scrupulous cars and clean linaw
marks every step of the process of manufacture. !
Highlander is the finest, rich, pure milk, with pari of
the water removed by evaporation.
When the time eOmes to wean baby, however, High
lander Condensed milk is of especial value. The
famous infant specialist. Dr. Eric Pritchard, points out
that the caseinogen the indigestible element for young
children in fresh milk ia altered by the process of con
densing and ia more digestible almost like s pepton
tsed milk.
Ue believes that Condsnsed Milk is of special value in
tiding over the change from breast to ordinary milk,
and thinks that the child should be Riven an increasing
proportion of fresh cows milk with condensed milk -until
gradual training of its powers of digestion enables
it to take fresh milk entirely.
,'rJpT of
emieal, Matd noip.
Wing Wo Tai
& Co.
Full line of
922-927 Nuuanu St.
bet. King and Merchant
With . , rz
the BlrUaadar Cookarr Book awetttaf
Brad tow udmM mtSti
Hhkadw -.XBt.
m nB a 1
rrtS h Walsras. tt4. Aim
for your ' .
Gold, Silver, Platinum,
Precious Stones
Hotel Street
The most attractive
Japanese Dry Goods and ,
; Curios. '
it " r--,
; 324 'Hotel Street, V
near:Nuuanu. iS-
i t
i .

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