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From San Francisco
Tuesday, Jan. 1. -'
For 8an Francisco
Tuesday, Jan. 1."
r -
Eyealng Bulletin. Est' 18S2. No. 881.
Hawaiian .Star, yoL XXV, .No. S022.
" X'":'
i,. '.VCi;---'":.'--'-'?T-'i'ii
... . - - ' - e ...
as? v? :i fmi
I ' I ' ' ! 1
r--rd F.Tcmhera Resent Statement Given Br 6en. Jo
Caturday Complete Document Shows Number: of D
uriucjsms ana iignmcani oiueuyiiw rcxsacu uw
Adjutant-General's Summary Given Press -: : ; ;
Cat tie ft - Cooke, aenU of the T.
K. anncrante that they are Just in
receipt Tot adTlces r from "1; the : Toyo
Klaen KaUha to the effect that , the
Calcntta Steaznahlp llnea operating ber
tween CalcutU and Hongkong had re
cently reached an agreement with the
Pacific MaU Steamahlp ,Co.', and jthe
Toyo Klaen v Kaiaha ou a, through
freight rate from Calcutta to Honolulu
on augar'bags of 1100 per ton of 40
cubic feet meaaurement, for January,
ebruarr and March, 1918. ahlpment,
hla nev rate .being an adrance over
e preaent rate of 965 per ton.
Declaring that they will not stand for an- apparent att
to "TvhiteTvashM flaws of the national guard camp and its "p
cisder. Briff.-Gen. S, I. Johnson; members of the board w
invc s Uprated Kawailoa camp conditions, with the full assefwith : thia-.- high f freight 'v. rate in
n . tv:i.i.: a-j li. ivi- t : v. eiiLTrect and the ; preaent high pricea
CI . uovcrnor. nnKaam, iuua maue it pusaiuxe w "fB.:auir basf cost tte piantera
Bulletin to publish herewith the complete report of the boardout .24 cenu eacic nearly 400 per
Governor Pinkham made the document pu
ir.cminp: in which he held that the entire report .was proper fonbaga in im; waa juatVabout the
i i- - - :.--:;'..- ... . 'V...,r- ,i .,: - he.aa lathe announced freight .rate
i-uvuuyu. ,. -, , . v .. .. v. ::: : .t. ,:.,); , .i - .v ; b CalcntU: to Honolulu, t.
Gen. Johnson, in turnisning
to the: Star-Bulletin Saturday
vrLat ho declared to be as much
r, - ttz s " proper for publication,
to a purported summary: of
:li portions as did not relate,
e r id, to criticism of officers.
Cc orison of the summary
Gen. Johnson with the com
? report secured today
that many' drastic criti-
i made .by.tlif inTe'stigat-
' card arc not included in
Tc!:r.:on statement ' ,:
J.1 cn declared thatatrlct
i u'.atlcns rrevented Mm
tvc c-.t!ro dacucerit pub-
;: J? ; f.-r- .J
. -er.t you are at llttrty
i channsli xt ycu thooie."
? r e r-litlcn of the John
t :::;--t cn Saturday which
13 ttand taken ty the Inves
- i card that-the complete -re-;v.:i
te published la the inter
trv.ih, fairness and justice to
vers tr.d the people of. the
It la held that the Johnson
-.t hes "tcaed down BOine-'Cf
-t lcrous criticise, and baa,
t easculated thsr entire doc-.
; t t'-.e Instance c the board,
, r has now given the full
3 l-terestlzg things reveal-
; - in reiauoa 10 me criucisa
J;l-.r.scn for attending the
r.ihs course-: of Intensive
rt f-e cfr'.ccrs' training camp.
3 c:r-r''e report tut vas not
fin the Eursizary furnished the
: -i:a ty Geo. Johnson:
l rard -finds that the hrlsade
- :r ves officially relieved
!s duties as a training camp
c:i cr about November 9, 1917.
- r-;ccific purpose cf. assuming
-1 cf Camp Lllluokalanl, and
-'..-.r.dlng the fact that be ras
1 frcn his training camp du-
2 crr-tinued to participate In
:;-.:::: 3 thereof. - ; .
t s t:stlmony c'ven by quail--:,
we find that the camp
- vzs derelict In hla duties
it w:s net proper for h!m to
: j trainlnj carr.p under the
: - :zz.n " ' " " - T .
: t -.t cne of several Instances
r r r.tincel on rage Two.) V .
; iv ych:; STOCK v -:
- c
Today, day.
-n Tel. & Tel. ...t1C3't.
.a Ccrper .....i oi?a
i .....;v..-;-53i;
. rot.
1 uoco.
t . .
-e CMo
1 i-ZSEI
i :trcTium
. Ct. P. (St. Paul)
r:l a. Iron ......
's Cteel
i Cine .
Ztr-rr.on ...
:! Z!i:trlc
: 134
; 52'i
: 25 H
( -r"i:o(V. r r.n'Air-ricari'cit.izWt'acknr
i Gvii. superiors, 'dcsl-ed all official docu
u.vts ,of .tho Honolulu., German consuinUho; United
States 'declared war on Germany. accoLg ta Rodiek's owi
admission - before Judge yanj eetfobecebrvl; when
Rodiek, appearing as.a government witfc in the- Hindu con
spiracy case in San Francisco, related Wonnectioh "with the
movements" of : tlie i'4 mystery, ship jMrickni!fflwanan
! r'ctors, New ...1045;
rtL;rn Pfd.
n. n
. crk Central
r c I.
- Common
rn FacJfie
- e r . . . . .
; 6S'4
71 ?.
, 23'4
v: 8
( ' ' '
Kodiek. who pleaded guilty In the
Hindu conspiracy atrial,? directly, con
nected the ZSan Francisco consul-
at with the movements of the "mys
tery" ships, Maverick and Annlelitf-
sen, In bis testimony.- He admitted
that he bad received Instructions in
code to provision the 'Maverick at
Hllo aind said that money and provis
ions to the amount of $5000 were pro
vided the Maverick by Hackfeld tt Co.
The Maverick's bUla were paid here
by the German iascret agent, "K-n;
known as Klrcbefcen, who was a, quar
termaster on the S.8.' enmaaare
vealed by the diary of Captain Grass
hof of the German gunboat Geler.;
A summary of Rodlek's testimony
as given by tie San Francisco Chron
Icle follows: : ': i '
-Georg Hodiek,' managing director of
IL Hackfeld & Co. of Honolulu and for
mer German consul in the Hawaiian
islands, yesterdax . directly connected
the San Francisco German consulate
with the movements of the mystery
ships Maverick and Annie Lareen as
a, witness in the German-Hindu re
volt trial.;:'- ?' ":.-'.
"Rodlek; who haa entered a plea of
ruiltv with his secretary, H. k.
Schroeder, took the, aUnd aa a gov
eminent vwltnesa and In hla atory
named the San Franclscc German con
sulate as the directing power behind
the movements of the Maverick and
Annie Lwsen, while Franz Bopp and
E. H. von Schack, former San . Fran
cisco consular officials ; for Germany,
glowered at-.blm from seats behind
their attorneys. c ' :- r-'.
"Rodiek. an American citizen, first
learned of the Maverick and Annie
Larsen. which played stellar roles In
the plot to overthrow British rule in
India, charged to German Intrigue, In
June, IS 15. he :- said. He ; received
during that months, the witness said,
a letter written in a secret German
code from San Francisco.; This mes
sage, the witness presumed. ; came
from the German: consulate here be
cause of the code, v In this message
he was Informed. Rodiek testified,
that the Maverick had failed to meet
the Annie Larsen . at, Socorro Island
and would - appear at Hllo, outside
the three-mile limit. He was instruct
ed td provision the vessel." , - '4 "i
r Cablegram Shows Cargo
"A cablegram from San: Francisco
signed 'Consulate later revealed the
cargo of the Annie Larsen to be arm
and ammunition, Rodiek said, and di
rected that after t being provisioned
the . Maverick .proceed to " John
son Island, where she would meet the
Annie Iarsen. - take on the . latter'a
cargo of - munitions,, and proceed ; to
Data via, to await further orders. ; '
"While Cart-ia lle!r.rik Eelbo. a. de-
114 i frsdart r-i tr: 1. r- t ff?: hm
Z"a j Maverick outs:.:? t:.2 thrca-mile limit
in a ftr- V ? MYcricli arrived In
1 f ? I r. : ' t :'.::::i ha sent!
Comoratiohs; Not Government
Charged With Keeping Alien
Enemies 1 00 Yards Away
From Piers; Huber Gets Copy
rot Order From Naval Bureau
4-y 13. An alien enamy shall not -
4- approachV be found within 100 f
yards of any wharf, pier or dock
4 uaed directly or : by . means .of
4- llohters by any, vessel or.ww;
f Avr soo tons crosa engaged ln,v
4- foreign or domestic trade other
4- than flahlng nor within 100 yarda
4- of iny warehouse? shed, elevator,
4- railroad .terminal; itorage . or
a. Mnfa"rafilUtv-'-'adaeent'. to :or 4-
' operated In connection with any
4- suchwharf, pier or dock, and
4- wherever the distance between
4- any two of " such, .wnarvts, piers
a. wnrka measured along the
4- shore ln connectJna.them Is leas
4- shall not approa or,os icunu
4- within 100 yards of x such shore
tin- s-rtlorr. 13 of President. 4
wnnn' tiroclamatlon. ' -" .-
' i " - - v . . . .. ' .
; Allen enemies are now barred ' from
ntorine- into tones within 100 yards
of any whart, pier, dock, canal or other
vital waterway In the territory of Ha
won - Ther are also barfed from en-
teringzones within 10Q yards of ware
hAi1u. of other buildings adjoining or
adjacent to these wharves and piers,
in tw words, r Hen-enemies in Ha
waii must stay away from all whsryes.
docks and water fronts. 5 All .permits
whlc-may have I snVlssued giving
alien enemies' ie'right-far3lert
and docks are revoked. ' f - ? : V-,'
lYith the receipt, this" morning of a
copy of the - president's proclamatlOYi
(h.M -. fMtrictlons : on 1 hlien
tMefHrt Attorney S. C. Huber
annpun6ed that its provisions become
effeltive here immediately., "
'?Se copy of the psldproda-
matlon did not come 10
(Contlflued on page,two)
a -.. v.- -v-. 4
That the? members of the con- 4
gressional party which visited 4-
4- Honolulu in Nomber are bear-
4 lng in mind" the land problems of 4-4-
Hawaii was learned In a letter -4
4- received today by-Fred J. Halton.
4 secretary of the Hawaii promo- 4
4- tlon committee from J.A. Els- 4-4-
ton, representative from CaHf or- 4
4- nla. .- ... . 4-
4- : ; Mr. Elston writes that he re- 4-
4- cently saw Dr. Elwood Mead, pro- 4-
4- feasor of Irrigation at the Uni- 4-
4- versity of California and father
4- of the California land settlement 4
4 bill, and had arranged with him 4
4 to meet the other members of the 4
4 party. .:-.:?V:::'vi-- -:.- 4
4 "I am sure," says Mr. Elston, 4
4 rthat his views will be of benefitr4
4 to them. In i making 'up their 4
4 minds on the island's land ques- 4
4 tlon. You will see from this that-4
4Vwe base carried away, with: us a 4
4- deep interest in your welfare."? J 4
cnmsii solos
31 V
' 22Va
HllRPRiHoTc ile' Dnni
; Comrrfi
the Star-qi
other papfc c
war on thdHuh
an Investldion
at he xanki a
which to tie a
.v-'--i.- .tnrv Dubllshed-1n toclay'aZiasue o
o the effect that Georg; RodieK "roJr5".' U'a
-..,Ta en lh- dav S. America aeciarea
Hstrlct Attorney 8. C. Huber declared
. .- a. . MIMA . MUT MS 191
toon as all the facu are prwcm
jresent,'he added, there appears w n u. -f
"rv'jAPAee l.-i rn rueee iMiilRFFV: IN AlEA EXPLOSION
ttt' ' v ;t f .tm 'nine at the Honolulu Sugar
Co.s mill aiiea L morning one Japanese Is dead and three othere are in
, vuo uuBpiutijawuyfcaldeflU out wiu prtwBujy
LOJfDOHFnirniU 91 1-TrMtnwlnar their capture of Jerusalem ana uie
- defeat of coifcr-aticks by the Turks, the BriUsh now have fourstrong po
vsitlons betweitha lTmT nd Jrnsalem instead of the one previously ex
isting. ,aeh.mfl advance.has been scored nortnwest to Jerusalem.-
v i iiD i iiri v to'dBOP RODIEK
sfacW-answer U filed-by Georg Rodiek, be will .be
Mia th. nahn rnnntiv i:mn on nexi ouuum.' -u
aA.! h.h h hvivi rtanire invst be given
fa atiwi ft rhrtrM hftTe , teen ruea againss. mm,
Baturday as an aftermath of Rodieif's piea w guw
IracitrlaL ' .
i v Unless a
dropped from
the end of
member before
The charges we
In the Hindu co
' -r:nt!Tnin Tvtt fvaMfi Tia titiA -r : KArman Caum. former Star-
Bulletin police retteiy Aho was engaged at noon today by Sheriff Charles
H. Rosa to work vLr,cht of Detectives Arthur McDuffie." Sheriff Rose
Stated vesterdav hirfl th hnard nf nTwrrlsora that bO was In search of
man who could mala gold appearance in society! Caum applied today and
was accented.-."" ' I - -i.-- ' ,....y
KveryorporatiIor oitanization will have to prove itself "chemically
pnre American" bef It can be appointed as administrator,- trustee, or
uardJan,' or to direclny other legal wdVk, Circuit Judge Ashford announc
ed this afternoon.7 fc Iddge added that each1, .corporation win be "put
: through its paces? sofet the court may be thoroughly-eatlsfled of Its Amer
.icanlsm befom insklrlannofntmentjL ' " ' - - "
Bent on
im Tnrrri!
LONDON, Eng.', Dec : 31.-Brltish
counter attacks in Cambrai region toA
day . regained important territorr on
welsh : ridge, , taken yesterday by th e
uermans. v : , -
Irrespective of r the president's proc
lamaflon: providing for ;-the protection
ot American, ports the harbor, 'com
missioners have ttlecided to established
Sdard for the Honolulu .water-front
as soon as the necessary - rules can bo
drawn up, be approved, by the commlii
sioners and published for. the required
time In ; the newspapers,5 after . which
they will have the full force of law. ;ti j
This decision was generally decided
upon at an informal meetings of th
harbor commissioners held at James
Wakefield' office Saturday afternoon
at which the f representatives of tto
various. . shipping ' companies " were
present, i- - J ) ' ',.vr-' - v..-'- :
The new rules for entrance to the
territorial wharves will prohibit any
one entering who has not secured a
pass. ,-They may also require all pe
destrians on streets along the watet
front at nighttime - to keep on , tho
mauka slde. f .r' :' : f-T
DIscB3In; the proposed water 'rent
rules this morning, CommlssloterNo'
iran 7atkfns aald:; ; y-' -;
'Rules win be .'promtigatM;Wbicih
will - debar Vall people from , territorial
wharves, uiless they ; have business
there, " (and such persons with bus!
ness on the wharves wilt be required
to obtain passes before they may at
tend to their -water front di?ies.'
Britain Incates Serious Answer Will beRcturncd
When Germans Show Good Faith by-Malda-;
I Bona Rde Peace PropositibnH:;
' (Associated Press by U. S. Naral TVireles) : - 4
BERLIN, Germany, Dec 31 The general : staff announced- today that ;
the French off enalve' in northern Ital y has penetrated the Austro-German
positions at Monte 'Jomba..i... V.---..' '; .'.v-: : f -
i ROME, Italy, Deft 3iir-The French troops 'which have re ;:
inforced the Italians today began a smashing attack on the wide
front between Osteri di Monferna and, llarankine Hany posi
tions of importance were wrested from the enemy, which at
this "point aremostly Austrian troops ana tne irrencn .toos .
1400 prisoners,v16 machine guns and seven cannon. ' . ; :
31.-tJonnter measures to meet the
new French attack have been prepared . in the Monte T6mbav
iONDONj' Eng., iDec Slanchester Guardian ; in
significant article today says ; that lit is the intention : of the
British government to return a serious and reasoned reply when
the Austro-German." terms for peace , have been presented '; and"
.the good faith of the enemy is proved. t f ' v ; : . :
V Premier Lloyd George' has arranged a visit to France to meet
PremierClemenceau., ; ; ' ; - - .
, : LONDON, Eng., ( Dec 31.
Evidence to . show that - Ger- 4
many managed the- Bolsheviki
revolt; against the Kerensky
gdvernmrr. vvA rcvenli" r: tl :
Fcnsatiocal cabinet upsets , ij '
published in the London Times
from; its Petrograd correspond
ent, Thi. correspondent in hi3
letter alsopurjiorts to substan
tiate the view that the Bolshe-.
viki movement is anti-national
and anti-Rnssiai.
Aviators of
' Mr -Watkins added that the ; new
rules ; arere now being drawn up and
vouTd be considered at tUo nex rc so
lar meeting; after -whicTi, -t ,he are
approved, which he thinks certain,
they will have to he published la. the
ntewspapersifor a stated period.' t :
, ' Just how the water rront , guara is
tar he maintained Is still'to be le
elded. It is possihle - the muitary aa
thorltles win be Induced to supply the
guard, but If this cannot bo obtained
there remain two other method ,0 i I
of these Is the "securing of a ccmpmy
of the1 national guard or tha empby:
ment of private guards for ine water
front u ;: ' ;v.r '"
; Hereafter no alien enemies can be
employed on. the 1 water front, as the
president's proclamation , specmcany
states no alien" enemies are to be al
lowed to I approach nearer than 103
yards to any port landing. -.
Britain Win
(aisoeUtl Pzm by O n. Wittlaa. -
LONDON. Engv Dec. 31. Five Ger
man airplanes were destroyed and put
out of action In a battle Saturday on
the Briysb front The British won the
battle without losing a machine- -
- N EW yoR K, ' N. Dec 31-Ac-cordlng
to the first official advices
received by ; the Guatemalan ' consul
here, the material damage from the
Guatemala earthquake. Is heavy but
the loss- of life small, r.'; ' :''
The : correspondent' ot the ' Daily
News says that the "Bolshevlkf move
ment Is extremely efficient, energetic
and -decisive. It. is facing " the ncl3y
opposition, from the privileged classes
and Seeking to check it by sabotage
and by libel based on force. The peo
ple may not like the situation thJs de
veloped, but they obey with. alacrity.
- "Any attempt to turn' out the Col
she viki by force win result only Ln
ankrrhy favorable, to the. Germans. It
Li unbelievable also that such a force
Is now available." . . . ;:;."
i nr.ii Anpurve rn r.T as RRAPT ADVISORS
I 'iWaminamt... a Tl.md.n t A manMtUfvn A tft h . AJlkftd to "dO
his bit" as advlsor-tofcal men called by the draft and Circuit Judge
Ashford and ''AttorneysFlllIam T., Rawlins and W. W. Thayer are rneet
lng this. afternoon to oifcie a program'for the part local lawyers willjlay.
It is now planned to apnt two committees of three attorneys for the
fourth district and simfc committees for the fifth district "Every attoi
ney win be asked to stal bis. trick," says Judge Ashford.
r : DAWSON CITY; YukI Dec. 31. Alaska is in " the midst of unusual
cold. The record -cold sll has continued for a month. From the mouth
of the Pelly. river and t&up the Yokon it is reported that tne tnermome-
I? Who Is He ?
v ; At White Horse it Is ibelow. at Dawson 50. and for a month past h as I
ranged from 50 to 6ff belowi The hospital Is crowded with pneumonia, pa
tients and. IS- deaths bavlresulted. ; The weather is so cold that no fun
erals can haA . "' 1 r-' ' -.;'-V
Mr and Mrs. F. N. Doubleiv will
epeak to the women workersfif the
Red Cross hv the f Capitol "h amb50
o'clock Wednesday morning. Jl wo-
rrcn vho haTe been doing EedVrosJ
' ttz r 1 1- sttefl - ; - h-. '
. In the case of the territory, against
F. GCorrea, a land matter, the: judg
ment of ' the district .magistrate of
Makawao, holding, that; the 1 land (i bi
question be restored to the territory,
has been affirmed in a decision band
ed down by the supreme court
-- - '4
THB ' FACTS: The; Honolulu-
postofflce received a letter, ad-;
- dfessed as follower Mr. Bus
r(oossJ No. 1 of Whole Plinta- -t
4- s. tins HaaaIL" rlt was prompt- 4
f A ly put Into one of the boxes.
THE . QUESTION: .Whose box?
Who Is classed as Boss No. 1 .of
JvVhole Plantations ? I ?v-: , ; --i :
E ANSWER:.; Will be -pub-
isbed by the Star-Bulletin In a
w days. Meantime, this paper
be glad to receive answers
o the c.uestiori'and will publish -f
hem. Jou need not sign your 4
name.., -7--'::C - -r
Address:' ; Star-DuUetin, e?A- 4
Acquisition of Hendrick Site at
- Mercnant Jina AiaKea uives
; v: Purchaser Entire Block
; After! negotiations extending over
several r months .the Theo. IL Da vies
Co LtdJ has. finally, purchased the
Hendrick property' at ' the corner of
Merchant, and Alakea streets,-now oc
mniM' b-r- 8 moot & Stelnhauser. .The
consideration Is not given out. but It
Is valtl to be a good price for business
property. X? 'ik. r; '
v -The deal was practically closed Ja3t
sumider, but the sudden death of H. E.
Hendrick in! Callfosnla : delayed '' the
closing 'hi the. transaction until ; last
Saturday The sale was made through
the "Henry Waterhouse Trust' Co. r i
Tbe Davies company now owns the
entire ' block' bounded : -by .Merchant
AlakeaiQdeen and Bishop streets, and
CTeutuailyi plans to erect a building
w.hie .wUI - occupy the whole square,
thus.' making Jt possible to house: all
the. .departments of the firm ;: under
one roof." : :' : .. '
; L. C. Mullgardt' ' California archi
tect is now'emiTiOyed drawlr cp the
plans and .specifications for the new
bunding.- . .- : ' :- :
joA hbwJ soon the Davies company
wfll let the contract for the construc
tion of the building 13 not. knrvn a3
yet according to C IL-V.'cdeLcjse,
managing director.' It will probably t3
two months before ths plana and speci
fications are finLhei ani . receive :1
here, he says. When the d'r-:r3 cf
the company get then t': . .1 t.v-:3
decide if it feael-'.a tj erect t:.;
building called for. The r'-"3 cf t.a
building now-, under cc-?: : :r;t? . .i c-'.J
fcr" four stcrl: v;i'.!i 1 C.3 : ' : '
tr:rr"Tf.t t!:c-r-" rf " r ' '
:a.v. :,.v:, ;,:-. f..j v.v ' -4
LONDON', ' Eng ; Dec. 21. Leca
Trotsky was expected , to present a
new note to . the. Allies .yesterday tt:t
up to an early" hour this morning no
Information as to Its ; contents had
been received and It Is believed that it
will probably be presented to the var
ious ambassadors of the Allied nation
today, or .at, latest tomorrow. De
spatches from 'Petrograd told cf hla
expected notes. It was sent on Satur
day but was delayed In transmission.
V-Even- In Germany the .-propose!
peace terms are not meeting with un
divided saUsfactlon The Pan-Cermci
press haa invited its readers, to h'.e?
von Kuehlman on his return to T
lin for having betrayed the army c r
his country. He is expected to tzz:'i
Berlin today from Ituosla'and U to 1 3
immediately 1 received iy the i-I; r
and then by von Hind enb erg.'
'; wi?jfiir:9-i:j palesti::h
(AJioclaMd rrtas by T7. S.va V.Ir : u
LONDON, Eng; Dec. ?1. 7: r
progress is reported by Ce 1 A:
by to the north and ie,r. r
Jerusalem. A strong .re::. . r.-? -offered.
by the Turks but f '
overcome et;1 fere :i to re'.:. r
uat?ng Rlreh '.vhich ri iz.zz.
occupied by thi-Erit;-:. Tercet.
' SAN Fr.Af.'CICCD, c
Su;;r: . 3 Czz- t: st, C '
vious quctz'.'cn, C.r ; c
4- try
c-. - -. - .
T r1
r torial depaitr

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