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Maui Views
brncE. HAIT.EV BLOCK, Main St.
subscription I I S
UilO VClir. (II1. llllVa V' ,) . !..)0 i
aiy inolili i. . l,,itl i .
T'.-.i' i'nlni. : 1';c N"i:w I'.ilmlt cwnn.ml.-ii-tl-i.is
H i ii -r i'-i n'. topic. i. Wrii' only o-i
i.n.'.si.irif t-r. Vi'.-ii vn.ir i:rm.' ttiiich
will lu- h'-l.l'ci.nlM.'Htial If il.'slivil.
G. B. ROBERTSON. Ed. and Prop,
Saturday, March' 3 1 .
1 Wanted, a drug slo'c'. There is not a batter opening any
where for a retail drug store limn in Wailuku. We want one1 with
an iee cream, soda and stationery attachment. Ve want oi'.r with
a green light in one window4 and a l'ed light in the otlier.
If a skillful druggist who is a graduate of .some reputable school
of phurniaey will come hWe and bring; a., fresh, lot of ft ist class
drugs and medicines, ar'd in addition to .his will carry a stock of
fancy articles, such as are usually handled by druggists, including;
the inevitable soda fount lin. or at lenst a nlillc-shakc outfit, he will
make money. Wo have two physician's in Wailuku. Vitb a third
pvomiso.l, and these gentlemen, to s';y nothing of physicians iu the
neighboring villages, would orily. be toe glad tei patronize a drug
gist mi whom they could rely. Tliere is also a Kijayy deniaujl for
patent me.licines which v. ou'etprove an important foaluu'c ir the
business. It would be well for some one of the Honolulu' vvho'cs'alo
drug houses to make a note of this,"
i tr 1" -i . ' i . . . .-jj
uM A pebble dropped into a pond ponds a l'ipplo to the Utte 'i y.ost
parts of its borders, and its vibratiitns prepuce an indesi'ru 'able
offoct. So the editorial work of the Key.' Cliarles Sheldon w 1 be
felt among the masses of newspaper1 men; and it is to be hoped
that his work will bear fruit. . . . ?
Hut the scope of ilie religious .ewppaj-'i'ij l, so di'tidii'trrom
that of the daily or Weekly nevvspnper that ,tiie incougru;!y of
trying t conduct a religious paper along the lines of a st.ictl.y
news pioer gives a sense of pain to the ordinary lay man. The
. . . i i ' 1
War C;y which is left oil oijr desk ovciy Saturday, will i;j our
opinion, do move good than (lie Christian Capital can he; o to
accomplish, for iht simple reason that the V av Cry is working
along legitimate h'acs.' ,
m The feal is cxpiTSfjod in some quai tels U).at the CJiint se com
panies being organized In Honolulu are fin imitation of tlie highbind
or org mizatioiYs in Sanlrncisco Th:s ishardlj j-;cbal?, for two
reasons. Flrsi. the co.nditii-r.s areso different in tlie i.s:ads from
those of Caiifovnja Umt .sucji organizations would Got find cotitfonial
conditions iri which to exist,, and secondly Vei'y different class of
Chinese make heir homes iri the.
Ihe Chinese of the , tslan'ls are. a shrewa.' I'ralticat sol of busi-
il In i 1 . . . 1,1 . f I f''4! f I n ' . T , 11
ness men H a, general rule, 'dm while of ccutse Iheir standard of
morals and ethics are esseritiidlj' different from tlioao of (lio Cauca-
morals and cihics are qssentiidly
Man race, still tney are not to be classed witn tlie scuni ol t'hma
which was raked up and imported to California to nuild thf1 Central
Pacific. . .
.... 9 9 t-
' .... I . . . .
Over a w'etk luts elapsed since Maiil rarrCcived a ?1iai
Honolulu. Once before the News hact ti'. refer to tlfeniuti
... . . ' ' . 'it hi .1 : :t r.'lf
tonally .:nu usk for a more efpf;icnt 'au, Boryice: , lJ.,,y.htt nt;er
Island boats cannot perfouiu Hi required fjerviee. f)prt;ai's tlie
secured. xhH mylleti, don't bite any tr",like
il at, Alolokai. and.iiiosp ,lhat do bite itdji'1 have
they did last fall
opium in their moullis.
It is
liiive oJTr-red to sell bet- to the
.... . ,
be a good idea to buy hrr and set her to tiie tiluk oi carrying the
(H The government law ai'propriated 45'l.!il,fl.'of- fj.'r public needs
in, Honolulu, and 4?74,(j(0 for Hilo.
discrepancy and generouslv pleads for Hilu. .
; t - ? - , , . ' i , .
The cev" wisjjes (o joih.hl this j-JAi, so far as Ililo isroncei'iu'd
b(t:ause it possible tm it1 should ,be giyen to 4Hilo for her ini mediate
needs. But the News would se,i Lciisiy regret to see one dollar tak
en off of the Honolulu upprpvialioh .Evqrj- cert which was voted
js needed to make Hon. iulu , what she, should, be., th'e gate city.
the garden city and the pride of
v . . - n
8a "Anon;. i?bus inuMes In a little quiet fun in iiiicilicr ci.lui:
rebitiv;- tothe Lahnu .quarantine. i Putjt seems lo us, spc'kJ
ditorially. that Li'haina has a
cause the cibiect of a Quarantine
' ' i ' s ..i , .- ,
disease', jind Laluuna t hCwfj. af.lt;a
by no means of certain tliat f he
ciuarantine had bec;n conducted in
Kahului was quarantined prior to trio advent of the plague;
o e
It is too early yet tn make
be tliHjdemocratic candidate tel or'.jntf y.jinley in the ne.rt nresi
dentin! 'f but at present Bryan is in the lead. . If the .o,Jy-.taign
is tc be- fougi',' on the lines which ho indicates, lie will surely Vet lio
nun'. .Hut as a iratjer of fact, new issues are always, pojiping up
unexpectedly in An.friean poljtics, Jience it is too caily to predict
what the issues or who Ihe standard bearers will be.
ExS -A qwc'.&tion has arisen here J.elu'h e to how' Jar a, man way go
in tlm niutter of preventing anyone fayui criis.i'g.teij'ardino!
Oene.M'ally speaking, a man would be jt'.'jijVd. in resort iri. o .the
extrc-iiiest measures. Tlie statement is ij,vl,J.hat at New Orhu'bs
a man would slu'ot his father if the old gentle man should .try t
cross the dead line in a yellow fever epidemic. The case pending
here will bo wa'ched with interest.
, ... . ..
j llu'ie fa, no iv.(r interfbted class of readers of the Nev.s iha-j
Ihe native' Jlawuiiaus. There u re but ft w'.of tuem v ho cannot reae
Fuglish. as over nirtt.y,4e.r cent, cfdhenj I'eac! Hawaiian; Already a
movement is on foot among them to issue a Hvaiiu'i weekly at
.the New office, and it. would riot be surprisK? in v few months
the Hawaiian of Maui liove a weekly pii; cc 'A 'zJ. " )3.
Hun. .T. V'. Kiiim.Tlrciill .tml:i,
.1. K. N. Ivi'i ln. I'lcrlt Mri'iilt Court,
liiitvr McKay. Ulst. MiinlHtnit.
, Wultumi
.Hi. nr.
.iuU-.it1. no
Vt ailnliii
I 'n hi
IMiiiuimi, "
Ki'honhulnllilllt, " "
Hillilnin, lu'rlft. ,.
l. M
N. H:-.vsi kli n. Dt imly tfhcrtlT,
W. H. K'lllf.
('. R. I.ln.lsii.v, " "
K. Will-KcU, '.' "
(i. Trimlilo, ,; "
litlV li . 1 1 1 , e. (l)l;,i!l P(tk'
S. K.'li'.iiut.
M. K'uniii .luiii, " "
K. .). Fr.Miry. ' "
C-H. Dk-lii'y, Tax Awswir,
VV. T. I'u'i'tivili. Ucimly AsKi'of,
W. O. Aikvu,
i. !;i:m. " "
J. e;ros, " "
Islands n.om. Those of California
. , . ' k r.i
er edi-
saiu that th? owners )A the, Alalolo
Govui - nmeiiL ajit pciJiajiH il, Would
I ! 1 1 .1 ' I . '
i ... I ... I -----
, The Advertiser points o -l the
the Hawaiian Islands.
little th. best end of the ioke. be
is tc nrpvent. the sili'eiid of the
w r- ir t .r ti if i i
biD of health ttoday, which it is
c rjj.kl have t tme if L.ihaina
the slip-,shod jnanne; in which
any definite for.eeast,as to wl.o will
t c
r.. ...
he.don'8 CHRISTIAN bAltY.
The KfV. Charles M: iicklon's
newsjinper. edited aw Cliiant would
eilit it in the estiintUloil ii'f tlie rev
erend gentleman, h hei-li. The now
jourimlislie. Moses is iif';0'i"g tlie test
fairly and squarely: , 2?o challenge
has been thrown pi li'un that he has
not accepted. His deiuii'te'-e from
the accepted n clliods and rules of
jounlalisiii are ruilical. News is
buried in the background; special ar
ticles intended to benefit mankind,
Ixidy and soul, occupy the places of
honor1 on the front page under
"ser.ro" heads. The first article 'on
the Hi st page is a prayer, written
for the. occasion by' Bishop Vincent.
The first bond on the first page deals
with the famine in Tnd'.A, and sand
wiched in between the head and what
Mr. Sheldon regards as the news is
an editorial appeal for aid. The
head Is as follows:
''Starving India. Fifty Million
People Affected by the Faniin'e.
Conditions Growing AVorse Instead
of Hotter. The Urgent Need of Aid
From Christian America."
The second head on tlie first page
deals with the department that in
worldly newspapers would called
'Transvaal war." Mr. Sheldon's
method of handling the South Afri
can conflict is told hi this head, which
'The War Srarit A Phy.-ician
Diagnoses It as Jtilitarv Fever A
Disease Epidemic In All Latitudes
Its Causes, Dangers and Cures."
The next place of honor, the third
column, is a "story" which tells how
prohibition has succeeded in Kansas.
The fourth, head on the first page
exploits an article which Jias no ap
parent news interest, but , the Itev.
Mr J Sheldon, is not wedded to news
as tlie world has learned to under
stand it. The head follows:
'"Colorado's Burden -Consumptives
Come to It From All the States' A
Call Upon the Nation's' Philanthropy
to Help Provide for , Them."
, Buried on the first page is a
story" which luiks the liquor evil
with the industrial problem, the
head being:
The Cry for Work-The Answer
the Sahxm Sluices to It -Fearful
Waste Caused by the Liquor Industry
It Makes i Millions Idle." .
Old newsiianer nien will coiisider
the first Sheldon Capital a freak.
The first pago contains ho news, the
: ' '.i .; i j ii,.. ii.
id telegraph news', the fourth
o local intelligeul'c niu
given c1vcr to coiitrihvt
and the fifth is
tors who hnve
yiewrf. The last three are filled with
advertlsonKuits, alibuiiched together.'
The Capital begins with a subscrip
tion list of 380,0(1(1 and street sales
m the larger cities are expected to
bring the total to oilil.oiMt. jjh ex
pert has estimated tri t the total ro-
ceip'ts will approximate 11011,0110, in
cluding advertising, and that the ex
penses will reach WO.OIIO for the
week. i, ,
What will be done with the profit
of S70.000.only the Capital publishers
aild Mr.,She.ldon can say, and they
have uot yet decided. S. F: Chroni
The Catholic nonagenarians of the
world present an address of oongrat
ulatioa to Pope Leo 311 on the oc
casion of tje holv year, as the sov
creign pontiff completed his liintieth
vear la.st Friduv. The iuhu of this
novel .address by fg'r.J.!w, heaiiy a
ci'iiturv Oleh oi'iginated. it is. said, in
the jiiilid of an aged priest ii! Tliun
Switxe viand, The suggestion r.-a:
met with favor on the continent and
copies elf the document were prepar
e'd for signatures. .The following
a translation jrii the tte.itress: "liav
ing. arrived a.1, an io i hcu the soul
feel;-- itself frv.v fronhtiW'iie'OS which
at other ctat'P of life, oftc'n n'ir lead
or smother its nobler impulses, the
undersigned are able to understand
more than ever before ttiose great
truths of which your holiness has
nevfr vejarled in reminding the1
world-ami) .which tjiij latter, to U
own nii.sforomr, .otivtyilitely Ignore s
Tlut ivnu'nibvanie of, til',',, great part
of. youy,', holiness' i.ife ,iaust4 fill yoyi"
fou wi.tit gratitiule, ;o. (,od for,,. ul
Uut he; hiiS ace.ii.ljhhed t!ire:':ixV
ypu-. , AiU i,b this eepi',iiousne,ss ilu'.
t v i taii'iy be . indebti'd the tiuurisli
ing hi'iith, .the .cer useful strength
.which are the , wonder of tiie wout
4 t:d the loy.i-f J,ho:,ucivc,rsul churoh.'
1'his date hu.f ; Li:".:i)le siguijleiviice.
lis it is also the twenty-first jnidver
siu'v of the coronation
i of the Po)e.
gratuhitions of
He received tlu con
the high prelates in the throne ro)m.'l
Mow ths Sriflfe Bill wn Pnssccl.
The follcnx'ing inter'sting account
of the fortuiiey O'f tlie lfawaiian Dill
in the Senate has b'eei'i received at
this otiice fr'oirt' one Who is in close
touch wifli legislative matters at
I send you today a copy of the bill
as it pasifed the Senate on Thursday.
March f-. The clause ratifying
and Continuing the titles to lands
take n up bet ween August 12,
and Sept. It. lSil'!, remains in the
bill with a slight alteration, but il
hud a very narrow escape. Senator
Itan ",'rough. of North Dakota, had
niovl d to strike it out. and after a
slight show of opposition by Senator
Culioni this was done by ''unanimous
consent." not a vote being cast for
or against it.- A few miiiuteu later
Senator Spooncr'th'sired to offer an
amendment to this clause, when he
was reminded tint the whole thing
hud just been stricken out.
"You want it put back?" asked
Senator Piatt.
"Do not let it go out," replied Mr.
Spoolier. as if it had been a eat they
were chasing around the Senate
Senator Cullcm then poured o'l on
the If'Wublod waters by saying: ''We
will put it hack, then."
Thl President pro teiiiplore (Sen
tor Frye): '"That amendment just
went out By unanimous eonserit."
Senator Cullom: ''I hope it will
go bi'ck by unanimous consent."
The President pro tempore: "Shall
it go back by uuuuiimtus consent?
The' Chair hears no objection, and it
is hack."
So. after plaA ing f .olball with the
lucstion of our lands and kicking it
t about from one end of the Senate
to the other, it was lost sight of in
the diversion of another amendment,
and so it remains in the bill, slightly
A great danger threatened the
bill a few moments before its final
passage, when Senator Piatt; of Con
necticut, offered an amendment pro
viding that nothing In the bill should
be understood to imply or promise
that Hawaii would ever become a
Slate of the Union, or attached to
any State. Of course no congress
an bind the act ion of a future con
gress, but the meaning of tins amend
ment was that Hawaii should forever
remain a colony of the United States,
somewhaf analogous1 to the Indian
Territory or Alaska. Fortunately,
Senate),!' Morgan, who has so long
hanipioned the cause of Hawaii, was
alert, and made the point of order
Ugtiinst the amendment that tlie hour
of 4 o' clock had arrived, at, which
time ihe Senate had lonvi'd to vote
ii the b'l! and The presiding ;flicer,
who tit first seeiui'd incl'mcd to ijl'.ow
the amendment to be voted on, final
ly sustained the point of order made
bv Senator Morgan and ruled the
.intendment out. Hilo Tribune
From oir poiat of view, we thii
it is the office cf a daily or periodic
newspaper to do all in its power to
inspirit il s readers and to allay every
symptom of distress which may wise
'rom ill tidings of any kind. The re
at ion of had news is fearful enough in
a community of so mixed a population
as ours, but the comments of editors
tin) often increase the agony, even of
rational pemiiis who kiiow full wd
thl,'. writers. Of course there, ari
soiiiewlu) jihare the political or other
one aided opinions Of the editor, vho
will fie delighted to find th"ir own ideas
expressed in briht. but the others
who jthink ditlerontly are entitled to
consideration from what should be an
m par Ua I teacher in this' country.
The. republication of articles on the
war jij.'W being waged .'n, Africa,
written by writers with a.i-ercw loose,
in spite,! of their. e-'.i'VcliK'.'is . when
J'h'gU'.'.iil is e oncenvd. is all very well
when those on the other sie'.e receive
an equal attention, tint it is not
necessary to advise generals who are
so fur away as t the tactics they
should pursue in the war. It is sheer
folly to record the insensate remarks
itf irrcfSi'iinsible persons who imagine
.hey Uiy t'V'iying patriotism by giv
ing ve'it'to blatant reuiarl.s, in svm
pathv with eitlier side of tlje liellig
"re"t J.--- Anglican Church P'troncle.
., 5t fa .always well lo be prepared,
unci every Hawaiian who wants to
have a voice in ovr next '!ectk:i
i.iioukl pay his jtersotuil taxes ator.ci;
- 1 j'.nd not take any chances of l.einf
I disfranchised by fraling to put uj.
j .-ho sinell sum demunded. Indepcn-
Horoi.C'i.f; Mar. 27. The two Sun
day su.sj)Ccts, John Hurley, white
man froi'it Vineyard street, and Ya
masaka. Japaneue from Ka'kaako.
have both proven lobe, genuine eases
of bubonic plague.- The. postmortem
exaiiiination in each case showed un
nt'stakeable signs of tlie disease.
Boors With Coat of Aemii Diuap
icr.r From Str.te Vehicle.
A thief, who has a liking .for,. his
toric, relics anil especially those
which have been in possession of the
royal families of p:is't dee mles, some
times ago took the panelled doors of
a former royal carriage belonging
to Kalakaiui. The carriage is one
which lias been . lying in a public
street near the lumber yard district,
exposed to all kinds of weather, and
shows the dilapidating effects of its
outdoor existence. The present own
er:; have boon notified several tines
to remove' the carriage, together
with a companion "spider." but no
nttontioti hiis been paid . to the re-
(uests. ino panels were decorated
with the royal coat of arias, and al
though soniewhat dim in color, still
showed much eif the brilliance of its
heyday glory. The possession of
these panels would have warmed the;
cockles of an . antiquarian's heart
but there is little reason to believe
that they were removed by any lover
of suc h relics. They were probably
unhinged and spirited away by an
ordinurv thief morel v because an op
portimity was pres. ntcd. Advertis
er. A New Construction Company.
Architect Ripley left; on the Aus
tralia for Chicago and other eastern
cities. It is understood that Mr
Ripley will withdraw from active
connection with the . firm oi Kiplov
& Die-kev and will take charge of the
construction eif steel and concrete
buildings. The company of which
Mr. Ripley is at the head will be pre
pared to erect fire-proof, earthquake
proof end microbe proof buildings of
anv size and will have, the best known
machinery and appliance for the
rapid anil, econeiniical construction
of such buildings. The Stangenwald
block on Merchant street will be the)
first to be built by the new method
to be adopted bv this company. An
expert engineer will accompany Mr.
Ripley on his return trip to take his
place in the firm of Ripley & Dickey,
The Hawaiian Carriage Company
is awaiting estimates from the con
tractors preparatory to occupying
the premises lately acquired by the
company on Qut-en street facing the
rear of the Judiciary building. It is
an important move, for that portion
of the street is rapidly bt'eoming the
recognized thoroughfare for manu
facturing enterprises. The ground
in question contains, about S.'i.tilK) sq.
ft., more than twice as much as they
control on the premises at present
occupied. The frontage on Queen
stree t will he marked by the erec
lion of ar. cilice, . while all available
space in the real' will bo utilised for
the manufacturing plant; which will
bo greatly increased. It is doubtful
Whether the entire .rnanufacturin.
plaat cau be moved within the next
v.; months, but work on the build
ings will be carried on stcadilv until
the machinery con be hou-e'l.
, .What will be tlone with old build
lugs on th'r premises back of Hack
field A Co. not known at present
The property belongs, to tip Wid
man estate, but ;.- urihr lea
Une of the liUear.g:! was fornier.'y
a residence ai!d occupied r.t one time
by no less a personage' than theDul
( Edinburgh during his visit
Honolulu in ISii'.l. Advertiser.
Miss Mary Krout' the accomplish
ed iiuthoress and newspaper writei
will deliver a short course of lecture
at Pauuhi Hall, Oahu College, begin
Ing on Monday evening, March IV.
.,1 w
o I'loclc. lite Ill's i lecture v.i
on "Memorable CcvnioniMs.
The second one on ''Dis'-inguishcl
Pee).le and When I Sa-v Them,'.' will
occur on Tuesday ey'ming, Ajtril
Miss Krout has late'" traveled in th
lar Fast, w'nere she hal. experience
i .f more than ordiiKry interest ai'd
and value. Ad vert'. '!
Tlie Doric wiil take iio pu.sse ngers.
Il is also probable that neither the
Moana nor Nippon Maru will take
anything except mail for the Coast.
.-r.:Y,. ., . ... ,
KKCM T1IK Hll.fl j:mi.u.t.
Thhi sda.v'. itdn h 22.
Olaa nCttlers rt're satisfied
Hiinutelv thev will receive recogni
tion from the authorities' at Wash
" . ..... . .
The Honolulu fJuhetin has become
such a formidable opposition to the
wernment that the fumigating
officers assign mailed copies of it .to'
the hottest place in-Mhcpan. Copies
by the last mail were .so saturated
with sulphur vM to be almost unread
able.' The engagement of . Miss Clara
assett to E. N. Hitchcock is nn-
louncecl. .;iss i-assett is irom tne
States and is in charge of one of. the
departments of education in River-
ide School. Mr.' Hitchcock is a son of
the late Judge Hitchcock , and is
with the. Hilo Telephone Co.'
Work of dischargl'iig the .31)8 onb.
mu!s from the . transport Siam will.
begin today. They are all in gooc
onditiou; only two were lost on the
Hilo. The Siam is the
largest transport afloat and is .the
one that met with so niiKh bad lucl
on a previous voyage;. Upon that
occasion most ol her siock dieni.
' 1 !
The Hilo Railway hus located about
three miles of Its Puna branch line,''
The railwaV will begin at fl miles ami
xtend direct to the Green Lake hill.s .
where the jilantation hcaclquarters
are to be located. . Tltc- line ,will bo
in operation by, the- time the firt
trop of cune is ready . for ,. tiie mill.
Manager Campbell will put a large
foi'ce of men at work clearing lands
t Pahoa about April 1."
R. II. Davis, otherwise "Dicky,"'
came up as piil'ser eif the lvir.au on -'
hor last tr'p and received u warm
weleoiiip (I'om the business men of,
Hilo,'. Mr. Davis., hart been in the..
employ of the Wilder 'a S. S. Co..'. for.
the past four years uud ,hs .uniform
treatment of tlie public, has ypn. him
many friend!. His vHlii)gness to
serve the public cheerfully, makes,
him ft valuable employee for even in
ttses,.wiic,i;e u request cannot be.
granted, Djck deies it in a ,way that.,
makes the incn wlio links the favor
feel as well. sii lis tied as if he had re--.
r 1- v ii
ccuveel what he .wanted Jlr. Davis'.? '
will e eintinu ns put'sef until changed
by the coirpany.
uiti.-ni.- in
frituM TI1K HlI.O illlUUKE l
!; ..Alt
batiirday, March 21.
T! - t: -T'ji ; ms'i."iMp)'i'.idi:
Heavy night-rains kcchi to indicate
that the old lliitl. rain, pd have npjt.
altogether, djlthe pljic hayf
just been asleep and tlie ularm clock
rli n down.
The Hoard rfjuijih had Mr'Ietz."
the sanitary lt.'p.ectqr, .uri . carrying
the, work ()f ptttthjlo',, ,a dean
aiiaju'ultiiful cijnilitloj.jiMtiht alon
not withstanding the -fact the jiluguo
scare here has fuosided.
jil!. -.
The Cable Hill poems to take
official notice of the fact that Oahu
is too small u, point to hit with the
end elf a submarine1 telegraph wire,
and soliie point on the Island of Ha
waii will accordingly be selected.
It woukin't be, a bad idea for .the .
Administration to take a day oft from
their self-imposed job of teaching the
Filipinos tli)ejvay.vj' life and do a
little missionary work down in "Old
Kentucky.", where . the . blue grass
whisky jjCeiiis to be' t?ti'onger than
usual this year;
: ... , .
A H'ljO fire is a ycry mean anel
unreliable brunch of the general
Writer Of conllagralions. Probably
that 1.3 wliy the uiuruiy-e companies
charge three r'atj:s.on Jtilo property.'
Thy. first Ililn.fi re in Jive years oc
9u.r:vd early Saturday rning, just
tiK)( Jate to be chroniiled in lust
week's Tribune. A morp cjontempt
ible trick titn hurdly be imagined.
i u; ; :
Hilo a lliule landing. We
can't se,::i to break away from it.
Honolulh we admit, hus,dpiie all she)
could tei help us .out, but they will
come here. The mules, you under
stand, are so far us possible kept
front associating with others of their
kind; it might make them dissatisfied.
Hence they are hot takcu to Hono
lulu. .
Dr, W. II. Jones of the transport
Mem has maele a coupjo of trips to
Ok;a plantation, riljiij, Ijfiiles, to look
aft,'y. the niules wiry!) .have been sie k
there in. fpusiil'i-hibl' .l'irnbers of late.
They viere. supjiei i p. be sutt'ering
fyoiu ganders a.ivd ,: ji'd been shot,
lSlV.4'Jjoweci:i to;, )h'. Jones that
the : k kness is only ii sort of influeiua
or cokl. wiiie h they will readily re
ceiver from, if tliev('are not killed be
foro they get a chu'ice.

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