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1't Waihiku,
this week.
Several imk's of grippe in a mild
form are reported niiout town.
Horn. At ahiku, Maui, on July
'ilsl, 1W to Mr. and Mrs. K.
Lemmon, a daughter.
Miss I.c (!oy of Honolulu is vi.-.ilLitf
sit tlic Mnlulaiii Hospital taking u
niurli needed rett and recreation.
Miss Giles ami Miss Me La in of
Honolulu are visiting with Mr. ami
Mrs. C. Ii. Jennings of Spreck "Li
vine. Tlic grade at the brow of the l.ill on
Market stret t is bcinr lowered sever
ed feet. This is a Ion;,' needed raid
welcome improvement.
More new ads in this issue. By
ami by the Wailuku merchants will
bruin to understand that it will pay
to do u little intelligent advertisingin
their home paper.
Mrs. Scrinijrer and Jliss Kate
Scrinifjer. of Lahuir.a, and also Miss
Perle of Honolulu were visitors at
Wailuku this week. They explored
lao Valley and also spent a niht on
Mr. F. Hagt.neanip, who left the
Kahului store three years ajo to take
a position ns storekeeper, chemist,
surveyor, wharfinger and Poo Bah
generally at Raimaktikai.returned to
Mnni this week, to make his home
Lost. -- A paekage of papers be
lonsrin" to the ship J. O. Porter, be
tween Wailuku depot & Vineyard St
Wailuku. $5.(10 offered for its return
to this office or to II. Meyer, Capt.
Mr. Thos. McTigheot Macfarlane
& Co., Honolulu, name over on Wed
npsflii v's Claudine. Mr James Thomas
. j - (
has resumed his position as manager
!'.f i,o Wiuluku Saloon, and will be
succeeded by W. G. Scott.
Mrs. W. J. Lowrie and Miss Clara
Lowrie left on Saturday the 21st inst
for Honolulu. Miss Lowrie is on her
p'uy to th'i coast to continue her stu
dies which she has been pursuing for
the past year at the Irving Institute
at San Francisco.
Chairman Qeorge Smith of the re
publican Central Commit tee has ap
. pointed Hon. H. P. Baldwin a mem-
of iha nveeutivi! committee a d
U L v ...... .. .. 7 -
Hurh Howell, George. Hons and D.
II. Kahaulelio as menibers of the fi
nance committee for the third dis
llpv. Father Valentine of Honolulu
; i ;iti-.nr U'uiluku as the truest of
the Rev. Father Liebert. Father
Valentine's rendition of the ''Holy
pity" at 10 o'clock mass last Sunday
was a revelation totbo.se whohad the
uleasure of hearinjr him. He return.'
io Honolulu on the "Claudine"; today-
Mr. narrower, who was brought
to the hopital from Kihei last week
nn.l for who.n Dr. McDonald of
Honolulu was called over to Maui
died at the hospital on Tuesday
ovoninnr His remains are to be
hipped to Honolulu today, and thenct
t.i California, where he leaves a wife
and family.
Chauneey Miles, the equine dentist
who recently adervtisec quite liberally
in the News, has just returned from
Liilniina. where he has been doing
work on all the horses and mules on
thp Pioneer Plantation, He still has
a. ynod deal of work ahead of him in
hU line, and says that . as an adver
tisino medium, the NEWS is Wd
enough for him.
The Evening Bulletin of Honolulu
is the oldest daily and the best news
medium ou the Islands. Full Associ
ated Press dispatches up to the hour
of the steamer's departure from San
Francisco, insure its readers the
latest possible foreign news, by each
steamer, "AU the news all the
tinnr" is its motto. Subscription
ratea, $8.00 per year, in advance.
The handsome new club house at
Spreckelsvilie will be ready for occu
pancy by September 1st. The building
is in every way a contrast to the old
cue, being a large two-storied build
ing with large verandas running on
bath sides of it, will; the largv airy
rooms opening off them. The whole
house is titled with all modern im
provements tending to nuke the elub
quite one of the jujasantest plans
The Postal Savings Bank has been
abolished, and if you wish to place
your savings where tlyy wtii be safe
and draw interest you .should write
to the Bunk of Hawaii, hi Honolulu,
a corporation incorporated undtr the
laws of the Territory They h ive a
barings D'piirtuieuU iu cMineiiir.i
.r T:--' 1 ' "',
with the bank and will tip;m applica
tion mail you circulars giving rates
o:i term and orthnavv deposits.
CvriM Green is fiot ting n building
with a floonT of ''OvliO'feel '.idjohi
i ,,r 4i... .',il J..1' .'.', V.'' i!
nil: tiii- ,, tin, usii .jiiit'wi, m ui- iir,,-vi
hii wholesale liquor f.oi.vo for' Mne-
fai'laue & Co. An order for stock has
icen placed i:i San Francisco, and
will be shipped direct to Kahului, to
n rived about the first of September
by whii.h time the building will be
eudy for occupancy.
Tioyejoy $: Co's Liquor t louse on
lie corner of Main and Market,
Street, AVailuku is now open for
justness, a portion of the stock hav
ing heen heen orougnt iroin lioiioimu
on ednesdav s Ulauiune. A large
piisigiin.ei.ji from the Coast direct is
dui here in a day or two, on the
T. Alexander. This house will im-
poi t its entire stock from the Coast.
their ad. iu another column. v
Labor troubles are brightening up
wonderfully on the big plantation at
Spreckelsvilie. The Japanese, tired
of loafing, are returning to work by
the score, but there is slid a short-
e of labor, owing to which fact
the mills are only running, for the
most part in the day time.
Planting Is being pushed forward
rapidly and all concerned feel that
it will be but a short time until the
the labor difficulties will be entirely
and satisfactorily adjusted.
Foreign mail was brought over
from Lahaina, yesterday mornnng,
but no papers. The Isews with its
characteristic, enterprise organized
a pony express line to Lahaina and
secured the only Coast, paper on the
island m order to give, us readers
he latest foreign news.
If the, plague came to Kahului a
a blessing m disguise, the change in
ownership of the Kahului Railroad
will no less prove an undisguised
blessing. Now blood has been in
fused into the management of affairs
and progress is r.ow the watchword.
Mr. James T. Tavlor. the civil
engineer, tp, whose f.nei'gy and ability
Wailuku and Iahului are indebted
for the completion of their water
system, is now engaged in making
a new survey of the railroad and
depot system at Kahului, with
view of entirely remodeling them
:iud better adapting them to th
comfort and convenience if the trav
elling public and shippers of freight.
The passengers cars of the Company
are now in the repair shops, where
they are being properly fitted for
passenger traffic.
the two wharves are to be en
lavged, three new scows and eight
self-dumping coal cars will be add-nl,so
that freight blockades will be
thing qf the past. New depots
round hnuscs and car shops are to
be constructed, possibly on the burnt
district, if the company acquire
the control of that property.
All present moorings will be exchang
ed for iron buoys with new chains and
anchors. As soon as repairs are
effected and new buildings construct
ed, Mr. Taylor will begin the survey
of the new line of road, mentioned
a recent issue of the News. Cyrus
Green, Esq., has the contract for the
construction of the new Paia depot
which will be built just below the
Paia mill.
Plans are being drawn for a ne
hotel iu Kahului, to bo built near the
wharf. This will be a large and
roomy building, modern in style, and
comfortably fitted up. There will
be a lower and upper balcony, ex
tending around three sides of the
hotel, and the side next the sea will
extend oui into the water, supported
on piles.
Trees are to be planted around
the building, and when ready for
occupancy it will make a lovely little
seaside resort, with delightfnl bath
ing facilities. A boat club is bein
organized, a nice boating club
house and bath houses will be
built, and a yacht is o be brought
from the Coast. No more sliantii
are to bo built at Kahului, but neat
and ccmmodio'.is cottages will I
erected as needed.
Camp Wood will be kept as
home for the laborers, and a special
camp boss will lie employed to kei
this portion oi Kahului in perfect
sanitary condition.
Superintendent Filler, of the Ka
liului Railroad Co. is enthusiastically
in favor of these improvements, and
with his characteristic energy, v.i
i)usi these enterprises, undertaken
by his company, until Kahului be
comes what it should be, .the most
delightful little sea port town and
' alhing rc-sr .1, ou the TsaVs.
.... .. mrl -. ml II.M"
A s'rW wat'dilvis been set upon
Dr. John WedlicW. the government
physician nt'NVailiiku.'by the citiz'-ns
The cause of till- action on their
part originated' during tlic "plague
pideinic at Kahului. At that tinie,
he diK'tor gave up his private prac
tice and aevoted his whole tune to
the cflre of the plague patients, and
to quarantine matters till all danger
was past.
As' a token of appreciation, a sub
scription was raised, and an elegant
gokTwa.teh and c.iain was purchased.
On iast Satwdny, a charming
breakfast was " hrved at Shrader's
New hote"l, Wailutu,' at which as ma
ny as possible of the dono'-s were prcs-
nt. Dr. Weddick was invited to the
breakfast, and was presented with
the watch. Mr. James Thomas, who
acted as master of ceremonies, truly
oieed the sentiment of the donors
when he stated that a genuine aloha
for the doctor, no less than admira
tion for his self abnegation, was the
motive which led to the presentation.
The doctor responded briefly and
touchingly to the speech of presenta
tion, admitting however that for mice
his Irish gift of gab failed him. He
kindly thanked the donors, adding
that his appreciation of the gift was
not for its instrinslc value, but rath
er for the aloha which the sight of
it would ulways recall.
On the inner case of the watch was
an appropriate inscription. The donors
were II. P. Baldwin, C. B. Wells, H
E. Eldredge, W. A. Bailey, B. Bald-
win,D. Lindsay, H. Baldwir.,J. Thom
as, W. G. Ogg, Joe Cockett, E. B.
Carley, C. W. Baldwin, W. Goodness.
J. Dow, F. E. Atwater. G. B. Robert
son, J. do Kego, . a. aicoii, w. u.
Scott, D. L. Meyer. F. Hons. J. N
K. Keola, D. D. Baldwin. Carl Wal
eyer.iW. Ault.W. H. Cornwell. E!os
pital and Catholic Mission.
Improved Telephone Service.
Sup't E. B. Carley.of the Maui Te
lephone Company, is keeping right a
breast of the progressive movement
on Maui.
On board the S. T. Alexander
which left San Francisco July 11, arc
four new switch boards for the cen
tral offices, of which one will be at
Wailuku, one i.t Paia, one at Lahai
na and one at Hana. A number of
new telephones of the latest im
proved patent are to arrive, for the
use of new applicants for telephone
service. The Alexander is "due in a
day or two, and as soon as the ni;w
plant arrives, the switch boards and
telephones will be put up.
The W ailuku central office will be
placed in the building recently oc
cupied by Mr. Ben Lyon, on iMain
street, adjoining tlia (vfllee of
Judge Kepoikai.
It is d.psivablo that all who wish tele
phone service should make application
to Superintendent Carley by or bt
lore me nrst ot August, as a new
telephone directory is to be publish
ed early in August, and it is the
wish of the oynpanv that the new
subscribers sJo,uld apply in time
have numbers assigned to them, and
to have their names listed in the new
ir. cariey siaxes iuat as soon a:
the switch boards aud telephones ar
placed, he will ma.ke a tour of the
whole Island, feu' the. purpose of re
novating the wp-ps owl hr-ipging the
service generally up, to, he highest
attainable standard, oi iwefulness
Is it Tru;9
A rumor is afloat that, the nuuia
gers of -.he Pioneer Plant atUn at
Lahaina now proDoso to furnish the
citizens of Lahaina with water from
their pumps near sea 'level, and to
take unto themselves the pure, fresh
water from the mountains. Pump
water would have been acceptable,
although brackish and .not. fit for
drinking, if it had been offered soon
er. But now that an . appropriation
for fresh water has been made, the
people of Lahaina naturally object to
brackish water.
Fortunately, Senator John McCan
dless is now our superintendent of
public works, and aithpugh he is an
owner in the Pioneer mill company
there is not much danger that he
would allow such an imposition to be
practiced on the long suffering peo
ple of Lahaina.
l-'or&er Fort uml Hutcl Streets.
II. I.
LoVpoN. .Tiry IS. --I y
!i .i r
eived during the lasi, I .venty-four
hours have dL-'pellcd ri! doubt i'"-
pecting the nbiiily of ike allies to
hold their ground c.t ' "kn-l.-!! The
Chinese were roulfd on Saturday
uid tli:' European fore -, vi'h li e
American and Japanese cont ;e;rei.t .
occupied tue native c:t' mans .e-
London July IS. 1
'lie IViiv .Mu:l
l-a'..-h from
'M-iiidr.y. which
im fkuiM that
: against lius-
publishes a seiisntiona'
St. I'etersburg.daled
isserts that there is
China hasdeclarcd wa
Washisc.Tos, July 17.- The Chini so
Ministei has received a dispatch
from the Chinese Minister at London.
luthenticated by Sheng. the Impe-
ial Inspector of Tciegraphs and
Posts at Shanghai, and oy two
Viceroys, declaring tha t Ike r,n elgn-
rs in Peking were safe o.i July !'th
md were receiving, the prot ec tion of
the Government. This is two days
after the reported massacre. Minis
tor Wu has laid the message before
Secretary Haj.
London, July 17. A dispatch from Tien
tsin dated July 2)st, . says: . The
Chinese made a deterinened attack
upon the railway station early this
The French tixiops were forced to
give ground, and the Japanese gal
lantly charged in their supp rt. The
Frenched casualties reached fifty
including five officers killed: English
and Indians t wenty. Russians twenty.
London. July 17. The Daily Mail
to-day gives the Associated Press
the following dispatch from lis Shang
hai correspondent. ur.aYr date of July
The allied troops rev.u.'.t d thr at
tack upon the Chinese v. al'ed city, of
Tieu-tsin on the morning of July Htl
and succeeded in breaching the wa!!.-
and captured all the forls. Tin
casualties sustained by the allies werr
exceedingly heavy, especially those
of Americans, French.and Japanese.
Several explosions in the untive city
were caused by the bomhiM-dment.
The Chinese appear to have exhaust
ed their supply ,"if smokeless powder,
as thcsy uiy. nwv iw'p.g Ivftcfc .(wder.
Wasiiincton, July 17. The State
Department has bulletined tic fol
The Secretary of Stal e ka.-; received
a dispatch from Consul McWade' at
Canton informing him that the Vice
ray, Li Hung Chang sailed today for
Hongkong He receive -:1 an edici
la.s,i; iwVt appointing,' l.ii;'. Viceroy v,
Cki-i and coimnanding I. is immcdiait
presenws there. Fears are entti
tained at Canton that his absiici
may give rc-it4"u fr disturbance
of the peace. French gunboat have
arrived at Cunto.
New York, July 15. The Journal's
Tien-tsin cable of July Sth.via Shang
hai, July 15th. says:lnerrectual at
tempts have been mad" to conceal
the horrible fact that Admiral Soy
mour was compelled to shoot his own
wounded during the recent disas
trous retreat of the Peking relief ex
pedition. All the wounded and pris
oners who fell into the hands of the
Chinese were frightfully tortured.
. When Admiral Seymour in his re
treat found himself so hard pressed
that he was unable longer to carry
his wounded with him. he asked them:
"Which do you-prefer, to lie left to
the mercise of the Chinese, or be shot
by your own comrades?'' As Admiral
Seymour put the question tears were
runniug down his cheeks. "We pre
fer death to torture. Shoot us now,
that we may die like men." was the
prompt response of the helpless. A
tiring s(jnul was told off, and while
tho little, allied force stopped and
beat off with gun lire the Chinese
horde that surrounded it, inside its
lines an act of mercy was performed
as the firing squad carried but its
orders. A few . vo!Uvs fr in rirh'&ui
tin; hands of friends ai.cl the hatr.ssed
expedition was relieved of its buiveii
of wounded.
New Yoit'ii. July 17. A Sc.:: ; pei-i.'I
from Washington says: lcpitc
assurances from Russia and CJermany
that they desire complete harmony
among the powers to the end thit
order may restored cukkly er.tl live.
and proparty of foreigner- protected
in China, informal i-r.; h s been tv
ceived here which indicate that these
two governments are hampering
Japan in her desire to put a. large
force ?f troops ou CVU0!,ei.
1. P.K'-iot vkd. That the BoaiV.
Health do herciiy declare Pr.l.noi.iiry
Ti;bei'ci'l'::-is t ) be ii '''ommimicai.'U
ami a jireventablu disease ;:nd thai
all prncticiijg iliy.-lciar.s and the
perintent.en.s ot all hospital'-.
Miitariuins. dispensaries. .4yh-,tns.
oris. ics I'.nu sc'Ihk)!s in' required io
re:i:rl to the Hoium oi f-icami an
cases ot I. ulmoMary i ipiuivuios ,
coming under their care or notice
v iliun one weeli ot ihe ume itiai suc i
casi s coaic to 1li ir knowledge and
that such physicians and super
tendent.s W also reip.iired to notify
the Board of Health in case the house
or apartments occupied bv a person
having Fuhnoaary Tuberculosis
should become vacant by reason l
the death or removal of the patient.
2. Rr.sot.vKt, That all houses or
apartments in which a person having
Pulmonary Tuberculosis has lived be
disinfected to the satisfaction of the
Board of Health wheulvacated by rea
son of the death or removed of the
tubercular patient, before being a
gain permitted to be occupied.
Dated at Honolulu, .fuly'f l, 1!HMI.
C. k WOOD.
President Board of Health.
Attest i
ciias. Wilcox,
W. O. Aiken, Esq., has this clay
been appointed u Notary Public
for the Second Judicial Circuit of
the Territory of Hawaii
Attorney General
Office of the Attorney General
Honolulu, July 1'. 1!00.
Is hereby jfiven tint Jus. N.K.
tveol'i, Esq., hiis this llUli day 1 1
July, A. D. WO, been appointed
Notary Public for the Second
Judicial Circuit al tho Territon
jf Hawaii.
Attorney Genera!
Honolulu, July l'Jth, l'JOt)
Pure American arte
Scotch Whiskeys
Selected ESremcly,
Seer & IVines
Ice Cold Drinks
Opp. Wailuku Depot
Matt. McCann Puoi'riktou
Choice Brands
American & Scotch Whiskey
Beer, Ale and Vine -Ice
Cold Drinks.
Lahaina. Maui IK I
ft (I Peacock I Go
"Jsfters Scotch
O. V. G. Special
:ri-(.iich SlrandleM and
i.. i c. rss
.'3tckiiircl C t m (in ri o
A1 Lending Bfandit
For Sale
Importer: StccK
Pv.i'im'Jiii. A pi ii v t i
i "At. Invoice of RcsHy
lixcct'ont Spjirs from
CO to GO foot lonQ. h
3trf!;t; ?i'so trom Knots.
R. R. CO,
And DealeiT, in
Terminals lit Waihilcu,
Spreckelsvilie and
Paia. . . .
Kahuh27' Muij
4 General Baakihg--
Exchange Business
Connnereial and Traveler's
Letters of Credit Issued
availahle in all the. pruierir,
cities of the world.
Speuial attention lvei
to the business entrusted to u,
ly our friends of the otlie:
islands, either as uejxisits, er .
lections, insui a u e or reijvicsii
for exclian-t.
& Co. ;v ;1
Liquor Dealers
Rainier Bottled Beer, of Seattle
C. Carpy & Co., Uncle Sam Wine
Cellars and Distillery, Napa, Cal.
Jesse Mcore Whiskey
iream Pure Rye Whiskey
Long Life Whiskey
Lexington Club Old Bourbon Wbisl.ey
J F Cutter's This!cey
;09t & Chandod vVnite Scol item
pannes A. G. DSCK1NS,
m if ,ft
mr business in. the
iVAUl NEWS. "'"

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