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flOaui Wcvvo
(Ui i- r.. 11AIL.KY BLOCK, Main Sr.
W.Ul'Kl, MALI, I!, I,
firJ 1 iCiUPTlOX UATI-'S
O i .yo.ir, (in udvau'.' J $2.
Sir t 1... " , l.od
T.i r.l pirn of In Ntr.va jiVu!t fonuuuiiiuii
ilia 0:1 purll'l-l'lt t.ipU'j,. Writ only on
ii i in !( .ti t. S.;:i you- ;i n ' wliluli
V.l! ' H' It'll. I C'IUIMhu: iill if l-1 ;lpl.
G. B. ROBERTSON. Ed, and Prop.
M13. G. B. ROBERTSON, Bus. Mgr.
Siturdiy, September J 5
Wnwt-nl liritul nt T .mTi i ln:i
small but well kept hotel at Liliahvi. Tho Kinau and Cliuuline
each touch there twice a wek. tho Maun.i Lo.i once each week,
and t rimy steumrs ctmst.uvtly lmdtlure. To avoid the trip
i round the west end of Maui, many would drive from Wailu'iu to
JVihaina overland and tike the steamer there, but there is no mI.ico
in Lahaina to stay. Recently a party came there and h il to sleep
hi a hack all night. A small hotel, well kopt would pay.
Hj The attention of the people of Honolulu is strongly attracted
foward Wuiluku as a place of business and of summer homes. In
the latter rogard. the opportunities to secure some of the most
lovely building site i imaginable are numerous. Along the Iao
Valley road from town to the reservoir site is a long stretr'i of
unoccupied ground, tho view from which is a real Heuluh Land,
with tho Iao Valley and mountains for a background, a boun Hess
pxpanse of sea view for a f areround, Haleakala looming up i.i the
distant??, and ten thousand acres of velvety, green cm 5 s: haling
o!I int.) dim. given ribbons us far as tli3 eye cm roach. Add to
this, pure water and tin liveliest climate on the Islands, and one
h is an i lea of the charni'ng opportunities for securing a delight
ful summer home in Wuiluku.
The proposition to segregate the Islands into counties with
munk-ip il governments may fail to pass at the coming legislature,
bat if so, the true reason will not be that we are not ready for it.
Tii-j v.itors on Maui, whether Hawaiian or haole. fully understand
the proposition of self government, and are quite ablo to attend to
tiu'ir own a!fairs without hel j or advice from Honolulu. Taj idle
claim th it a-cami.u;.g:i of cju ration is needed to lit the Haw.iiians
for s-'if g r. cm meat stultitie ! itself for there is no way possible so
go .l for tli 3 purpose.of e.lut a tion of people in the art of self govorn
ni jut as to put them to governing themselves. Influences of a
:.;lfUh niture in or em mating from Honolulu are more tliv.i likely,
however, todefe.it tho measure in tho approaching legislature.
O 9
Tho proposition, uow successfully launched, of establishing a
ya:-ht club at Kahului is one full of promise of benefit to Kahalui
and pleasure to the members of th) club. Yachting excursions,
tp.it ra'a? and a surf bathing resort are secured, with indications
of other athletic amusements to be ald?l. This is but the begin
ning of w ilt K ihulul is to become in tin not far distant future.
Anew l itel will b.!t'nni:ii atrraction, and as dosiraMo new
comers arrive, opportunities willb.o olfered them to engage in busi
ness at our sea port, so th it bjfore m my years there will b? a
right littl 3, tight little town covering t!u present drewy wai: jj of
No one who could have seen the Hawaiiuns assembled in the
?iaui Republican district convention, and observed tho alert and
manly Vjaariqg of those representatives of the people, would ever
again doubt that tho Hawaiians of Maui are up-to-date Ameri
cam citizens. T Ira sovereignty Avhich was taken fron the hands of
their queen and put into their own hands was wisely bostowed,
and whether tle IJawaiians become republicans, democrats or in
deiiencents, th,a tas,ta of individual pov7er which our form of gov
ernment boas given then, has done its good work, and will bear
fruit in the cHrectiqii of aq .d''able class qf Hawaiian American
HI A loading commission merchant of HqnQ.lulu. whq visite4 Maui
hist -week and observed tla wonderful opportunities in tl;o vic-imty
of Wailuku for establishing vegetable market gardens, could
Ivirdly tincl words to express his suprise that n.q qne has yet
embarked, in this industry. All in good time, brother Camarinos,
the News is, slqwly and patiently trying to teach the people that
there are nanv profitable industries right under their noses only
waiting fqr the right man to aoine along and develqp. them.- By
and by they will begin to see them.
The crease, in the price of labor on Maui sugar plantations
" will chip a, slight fraction off the
stock, but th,ere will be compensation in the increased amount of
money turned loose on the Island and the consequent increase in
the amount of trade ana jenerul
And it is to ho h.cspod that, less Japanese and Chinese labor wiil be
employed, thus diverting a steady
Tliere has been quite a little discussion here touching the
matter of removing the vile, ill-smelling and disease breeding pui
factories from Market street, and
of tho Hoard of Health to remove them. Tho board, has that
power, nevertheless, and it is the
Wailuku at. heart to see thorn removed.
D Tho reception that Hob Wilcox is meeting on Maui see-ms to
indicate that the day of shallow
the Hawaiians of Maui are- an-eady educated up to the idea c
managing their ows uffiairs without the interfore-nco of efforvescin
j Occasional irregularties in the matter of mail delivery hi
naturally to be expected
Wailuku on Saturday is not delivered in Kahului till Moudaj
afternoon, somebody is liable: to kick.
Hun. J. W. Knlim. Ciri'iilt Ju'lun, Wr.lliiHU
.1. K. N. Kinln. ci.-rk IJInntt i'iirl. Wuiluku
JuWoMHKotxirt-HmlMxt. MimlHtriHe, Wuiluku
Kuliopimhum, " " Mu'.uio
" U;.l"Hili'llo, " " l.iimlim
" K.ili'lkikti. " " H.iuimil t
" .l.wip.i. " " H'liu
' l'llniiiuu, " " Kl'inlinlu
" M.ilm', " ' M.ilnlmt
" KilUn mulil'ml I, " " l:tll:l
I.. M. H.iMwIu, SlliTifT, W;llluU'l
A. N. H'tv.oiM.m, Deputy Sliorllt W.-.lliitm
W. H. IviuK. " " M , tinvi'i)
:. II liutl.4ikv, " " L iiiiihni
I'. Wllt.nirk. " " Huu:l
li. T.-lnsliI'!. " " Molokivl
W. K. S.HTitv, C.i'.italu lu!in Wiil'ukn
S lv lli.m:,. ' " MilkuwiMl
M. KiiuIiii vh;i:i, " " Luluilim
UI-iilsi'V. " " Hnim
F. .1. 1'ii'nry, " " Mnlnkiil
C. Tt. Dli kny, Tux As.m'sir, H:llm
W. T. iT(illtim. U.'imty Ansrsmr. Wu'.lukii
W. o. Atk mi. " "
(1. D un.. " " I,nh:lim
.1. lira is. " " Himu
Tliorn in 11. pri'imr np for II
percentage of dividends on s.ugar
prosperity among business tye-n.
outflow of gold to the orient.
some deny the authority of the
desire af all who have the good of
pretenders has passed, and that
but when mail which leaves
The Myrtle Juniors won tie boat
No republican primal it's were
liekl on Kauai.
The HiloittM lire actively tigitaiin;,'
the matter of improved sklewaliis.
There was aa entensive Tiro in the
cane nt Patiuhau Plant u tion on
Wednesday of lust week.
Ah Cho, a Chinese hack chiver
was mysteriously murdered near
Hilo on Saturday nhjht, two weeks
Supt. MeCandlaess and Mr. Rowell
met the citizens of Hilo last week
and discussed internal improvements
tor Hilo.
Mr. Win. McKnight came down to
Hilo on the Annie Johnson to accept
the position of foreman on the
A contract has been left to move
back tie post olnee building on
Front street, Flilo, iu line with other
It was decided last Tuesday to
hold the Republican Territorial Con
vention at Honolulu on September
24 and 2.").
A E. Cooley. the Oahu railroad
man and Miss Wores, sister of Then.
Wores, the celebrated painter wei e
married in Honolulu last week.
There is very large registry of
voters on Hawaii. Over 21." per
sons registered at Hilo alone up to
Wednesday noon of last week.
The Honolulu Republican says
that a shark bit the seat o it of a
Waikiki bather's t-ousers the other
the other day. Confirm Ctioa is lack
ing. Judge Silliin in has resigned the
the Judgeship of the First Judicial
Circuit, to resume the practice of
law. George D. Gear wiil probably
succeed him.
A first class Japanese theatrical
troupe are playing in the Japanese
theatre at Honolulu. Theae Jap
thespians are pronounced by those
who have s-?on them, to be the real
cherry blossom.
Efforts are being - made to get up
a new year's race meeting at Hilo.
The track will be in flue condition by
that time, and Mr. Wilson is going
to the Coast to bring down some
flyers for tho event.
George Rodick, manager of Hack-
fcld & Co. store at Hilo, has been
elected a director of that. Company
and will, after a six months visit to
Germany, go to Honolulu, aud will
be succeeded ill Hilo by Mr. Aug.
Plans for a new Orpheum Theater
in Honolulu, prepared by Heardslee
& Page, are being considered by the
management, and it is probablo that
they will be accepted and a new
theater built on tho site of the pres
ent Orpheum.
The present arrangements of
stations for wireless telegraphy lias
not proved successful, and it is like
ly that two stations will have to be
established on Molokai and two on
Maui in order to successfully send
messages. It will be several months
yet before messages can be sent.
J. A. Scott, vice-president of the
Hilo Electric Power and Refrige
rator Co. has returned from the
coast, having placed orders for a
complete plant in Now York and
Pittsburg. The machinery for tho
ice plant will be shipped Nov. 1, and
tho electrical machinery a month
later. A three story cold storage
building will bo erected.
Au assessment of $1.00 per month
for five months will be levied on
Mauna Lei stock, the first due Sept
5. This is to raise funds to care for
300 acres of growing cano one half
of which will be ground at Pioneer
Mill, Lahaina, hi about five months
and which is estimated to yield about
JSO.OIMI. A syndicate In the States
will probably take hold of tho plantation.
Strange Dep-Sta Anlmale.
A government report bv Prof. C.
Brown Gixwln tells soma curious facts
About, the denizens of tho great ocean
depths. In the Introduction Prof.
Goode says: l-It seems probablo that
there are many inhabitants of the
deep that are too swift, too wary,
too cunning or too largo thu. to bo
taken. It cannot be doubted, for ex
ample, that somewhere in the sea, at
some link nown distance below the sur
face, there are living certain fishlike
aninals unknown to science and of
great size, which come occasionally
to the surface and give foundation to
such storiosTis those of the sea-ser
pent." Since deep-sea dredging be
gan, more than six hundred species
of deep-sea fishes have been discover
ed, all of a more or less wonderful na
ture; but it is very rare that large
fishes are taken. Tho net on tho bot
tom, dragged along by a wire three
or four miles long, catcVes only the
very sluggish forms; tho large and ac
tive animals dart away and escape as
the strange object comes bumping a
long over the bottom or ploughing
through the ooxe. From time to time
reports come of strange animals be
ing seen at sea, and while these re
ports have generally been scouted as
sailors' yarns, recent investigations
show that they may be true. There
are well authenticated cases where a
creature known as the eel-shark has
been seen a genuine sea serpent 40
feet long or so. Another well known
but rare marine monster is the ribbon
fish, of about the same length a beau
tiful creature with rich scarlet tins.
Still another resident of the marine
depths that occasionally strays to tho
surface is the giant squid or devil fish.
These creatures generally put in an
appearance only when they have been
injured in some way. While the larger
animals of the deep sea are well
known, tho conditions in which tliev
live are well understood. The ocean
bed has been reached with a net in
about six miles of water, and that
there are valleys and depressions of
greater depth can well be imagined.
The situations iu these vast depths
is not conducivo to strongly-built,
heavy and solidboned animals, such
as the carnivorous whales and others;
the enormous strain would shatter
such an animal and crush it todeath,
the pressure being at five miles below
tho surface five tons to the square
inch in contrast to tne fifteen pounds
to the square inch on the surface.
The objects lowered into this region
como up frayed and worn; wood is
twistol out of shape, the copper
frames of ther jiometers bent, and the
glass itself reduced to powder. The
temperature is low; it is either above
freezing or below it; one record made
at a mile showing less than 2D de
grees, while others at three or four
miles range from 30 degrees to 34 de
grees. Animals to exist here must
be virtual sponges through which
the water mnst circulate and inset
otfsettiug tho pressure. Nearly all
the lishes so far found in the deep sea
are, when taken from the water,
found to he so loosely constructed
and porous that many drop apart,
while tho bones aro mere tissue filled
with mucus. Yet though the tish is
a literal sponge in tho deop sea, it
may bo a ferocious creature, with the
strength to rend large and powerful
animals. The large fishes of the abys
mal depths are undoubtedly light-givers,
their bodies emitting a brilliant
light by which they recognize each
other iu the trackless wates.
Chinese Posies ih Warfare.
The mobility of thu Chinese has al
ready seriously affected the military
situation in China. Mounted Chinese,
like the Boers, have very excellent
ponies. Sir Walter Gilbert, ii'his
"Small Horses in Warfare," has' an
interesting description... of, the
animals commonly used by the boI
diery. They aro bred - in 1 the
northern part of China, where im
mense droves run on tho "plain three
or foUr hundred miles from Pekin,
and tho breeders bring them 'down
every j-ears for salo in the more pop
ulous districts. Thoy average
about 13.1 iu height, and though iu
wretched condition when brought to
market, they pick up rapidly or
good food. They are usually short
and deep in the barrel, have good
legs and feet, and fairly good
shoulders. G reat speed is not to be
expected from their conformation,
but they can carry very heavy
weights, aud their power of endu
rance arc remarkable. Tho allied
Powers will probably commandeer
some of this stock when the op
portunity arrives and their own
niouuts have been depleted by the
wastage of war.
Doing advised that the convenience
of the voters of the Island of Lanai
requires a polling place on that
Governor of the Territory of Hawaii,
by virtue of the authority in mo
T3tod by law, hereby set apart the
said Island of Lanal as a separate
precinct of tho Third Registering
District, nr.d fix the Kahalepalaoa
storehouse as the polling place for
the said precinct.
Given under my hand and the Seal
of the Territory of Hawaii, this
31st. day of August, A. D. 1P00.
By the Governor,
Ueshy E. Coopek.
Secretary of tho Territory.
The Department of Public Instruc
tion has adopted a rule that all
teachers in its employ must, at the
commencement of their service and
on or before the first of August in
each year thereafter, present to the
Department a certificate from some
regularly licensed practitioner, sta
ting that they are free from tuber
culosis or other communicable disease
and that they are physically ablo to
discharge the duties of teachers.
Blank forms for certificates will be
prepared and forwarded to the
School Agents, who will furnish them
to teachers as may be needed.
Health certificates as provided for
above are to be forwarded to the
Secretary of the Department before
the beginning of the coming terms.
Is hereby given tliat Jas. N.K.
Keoln, Esq., has this 19th day of
July, A. D. 1000, been appointed
Notary Public for the Second
Judicial Circuit of the Territory
of Hawaii.
Attorney General.
Honolulu, July 19th, 1900
will hold the following Meetings:
Thursday, Sept. 20, 1000, at Kalau-
papa, M'.'lokai, (Kalawao
people take notice),- (i A.
M. to 1 P. M.
Sept. 21, 1000, at Halawa,
Saturday, Sept. 22, 1000, at Pukoo
Court House.
Sept. 24, 1000, at Eamalo
Plantation Office.
Sept. 2,)l 11)00, at Kauna
kakai Plantation Store.
Friday Sept. 2s, 1900, Honokowai,
Maui,- 11 A. M. to 1 P,
M. At Honolua, same day,
3 P. M. to 6 P. M.
Saturday Sept. 20, l!)00, at Hono
kohaU School House, 8 A.
M. to 10 A. M. At Kaha-
kuloa, same dayt 1 P. M
to 2 P. M. At Waihee,
same day, 4:30 P. M. to
5:30 P. M.
Monday Oct. 1, 1000, at Hamakua
poko Store all day.
Tuesday Oct. 2, 1000, at Hamakua-
poko Store all day.
Oct. 3, 1900, at Huelo
School House, 10 A. M. to
12. M. At Pauwela Store,
same day, 2 P. M, to 4 P.
Thursday Oct. 4, 1900, at Paia
.Plantation Office, all day
Friday Oct. 5, 1900, at Paia Plan
" tation Office, all day,
SATURDAY Oct, (i, 1900. at Sprock-
kelsvillo Plantation Store,
; A 10 A. M. to 4 P. M.
Moko.YY Oct. 8, 1900, at Kihei Plan-
tation Office, 10 A
M. to
1 P. M.
Oct. 9, 1900, Wailuku
Court House, 10 A. M. to
; 5 P. M .
Board of Registration for Maui, etc.
Your business in the
can bo had at the office of tho
Island News
We-also have a complete and up-lo-date
line of Job Type and are pre
pared to do
Lett r H a s
Bill Ilea s
' Cards
Etc., Etc,
All work executed m. a
filion in need of Printing
of any kiud
Maui News

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