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Urnes. UAILKV BLOCK, ?.:aix St.
subscription katis
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1.- Fire li,
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and inc m
il rants.
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-rilf.-r.ld. bo :
. Those li d wants, if
:ittael;od to our valor
Wailuka with n host cart unci f-onio lire lioso Tlio water lales paid
uy I ho citi.His of Wailuku oiiiitle them to some p.otection against
tires, and the income from this soarco, over and above actual run
rung expanses, would bj ample to equip Wailuku with hydrants,
L-c.fse curt ,. h.ose and a hook and ladder outfit, and it only bo an act
cf justice Inappropriate, enough of the surplus inco'ic from the
Wailuku & Ka.h ul uj water works to afford the citizens some means
dil rUrhtinr fires.
It is impossible for a local
matter of building up the town where it is located. It can do
snitch.,, as is admittedly demonstrated during the past two years, of
th.e bi story v VV'iiluku. But there in a point where the limit of
aowspaper work ends,, and at that poiiitt the citizens of the town
; Uiiist take hold and carry on th work. But the newspaper is the best
Indication of whether the citizens of a town tiro progressive or not.
Take a newspaper bristling with live ads of locjil merchants, and
; wne may feel sure that the town supporting it has a, bright future.
But,. i9 in Wailuku, where three of the leading dry gxds and
grocery ltouses. lvive not even enterprise enough to advertise in
the local paper, it s a safe bet that either new and enterprising
Ui'ms will locate here and drive out the nipssbacks, or clso the
to vvr. will die oi dry rot.
The News publisl.es a communication this vcok, concerning
.io macadamising of the strer-ts of Wailuku. all the more willingly,
because it is written by a member of the Waiiuku District road
; board, who knows whereof he spuaks. However the News stated
i that an ''appropriation," not "funds" are available. Possibly there
' may bj only two prison laborers, av.iilab.le far road work, but itl .s
r ire when, one cannot look up and down our streets and see at
i lua.it Uvuuv thre of the striped suit gentry riding or driving, or
' sauntering leisurely along with sacks and grass knives. As for
f coming forward wit':, hard cash sufficient for the work, lelyiug on
i . the legislature for. reimbursement, we cannot resist the temptation
' of cordially inviting onr correspondent to step into the breach, and
1 thus win the eternal gratitude of Wailukans.
: The groat railroads of America, feeling the stress of Pres
ident Kocsevult's enforcement of the interstate laws, which will
f cost these companies the loss of millions of dollars, are openly
threatening that Roosevelt shall not succeed himself as president,
f in 15.104. 1 rue. money is a great power in the United States, but
' . Morgan and the other magnates will have another factor to deal
with, if they attempt to enforce lioosevelt's retirement. The rank
and tile of American voters are readers and thinkers, and when
they come to v.nderstand that the money powers are arrayed
against the president, there will come a ground swell which will
carry Koosevelt into the presidential chair again with the banner
majority ever tendered to a presidential candidate.
fs!? It is evident from x'ocent dispatches that Russia and France
' ure on the brinn of a war with Japan end England, and the attitude
' of the United States and Germany are all important factors in
determining whether or not the first gun shall be tired. Were
America and Germany in the mood to observe neutrality, war
would be begun at once, but neither of these countries are willing
to tie their hands at the request of Russia, Such a war will doubt
! less come soon, for neither Russia or Japan care to wait much
longer, but when it does como, England, Germany and the United
: states will be lined up to resist Muscovite aggresion, and Russia
; will be effectually bottled.
The citizens of Wailuku do
lever united efforts would prove in enforcing municipal improve
ments, such as grading and macadamizing our streets, building a
new court-houso and school house, securiug an industrial high
school, aud other improvements sorely needed in Wailuku. But
the spirit of uniting for the purpose of accomplishing something
in this direction is abroad in the air, and it is believed that some
thing will be "doing" along these lines in Wailuku in the limni
nent mahope.
t a
jij As the News had occasion to assert editorially some time
since, Roosevelt will find himself up against a stone wall, if ho at
tempts to enforce his Cuban policy against the will of tho people
of the United States. At heart, the people are all right, and no
sophistry regarding our tender duty to Cuba will blind thein to
tho real interests of the sugar men of the United States, including
the Hawaiian Islands. All will end well.
'?& 1 11 disinterested observer, it seems as if the democrats and
home rulers of Honolulu have joined hands ugainst the republicans
in 1 he election of a new legislator to succeed Giliillan. When the
light begins on Maui, the News hopes to see tho republicans, dem
ocrats and Itome rulers all join hands and unite in an effort to send
the best men available to the legislature. -
O O 9
Tho News some time since agitated the question of having tho
liiwaiiau Hand visited Maui, and they will be here next week",
'. a 1 irgj ami varied assortment of hot and cold air. Next will
came the dray, store, to bo followed soou by the photograph gallery
.,-rid the bakery. .Is it too much to expect that the macadamized
L streets will come, by and by?
linn ,1. V. Kn!'it 0"ciill .TiuU-o, tVallunu
I.. !!. ( TiHik. I'lrrW r.rt'uit (Hurl. WailuLu
Jii.te W. A. McliLf ,'J t. 'unisini;c, Wailuku
" i;h.is. CkI'H. " ' " Milium :m
" Kiil-'iulrlio. " " l.iiimiim
' Kali-ilsau, " " Iloimiu'.l.i
' .Itxi'iui " " Hmm
" 1', in, aim, " " Klpal-.r.lu
Mal... " " Wnl. il i.i
Kul.m hala'iala. " " l.s.iini
r V. i i )! v. ill, plu rill. V;i:l!Vii
w. k. sn'inr, Deputy F.iit-i 'n . WriiiiVu
S. N i.i.nn, " Mti'.n.. i.o
I'..'.' l.il'H.M'V, " ' !.;!('. i!:ll
W in li'i-iv, " '
i i. Tr:iluiU-. " ' M-ilil.tn
Cal 'nir. lNilico-
w'm. Ki inr.;.
I K. C. i.I'l.M v.
.1. Wniuman,
; Y. T. Il.iliinun.
.1. N. K. kV.ila. 1
i W. 1 1. A ii.iMl,
i II. lliili'.j.
J . I i I'll1 S,
il ;l
;i.l'i; ,ii :i
V ili;l;it
Y A si'i
;! A
Th- hhv.o on Market street tins
:!'..: ii' tin' fact, tliat tkoiv arc n nniubt.-r of
nous i ydiaul.s ly inir l.mso aiouiiil t'. Wr.i-
better ones cannot l,.o sc-curod.
mains, with a view of Mipiilyin:;
iewspaper to do everything in the
not scarcely understand what a
The Golden Rule.
The r.'oUli n Kuie is woridwido
is variously voiced as fo'lmvs:
To as you v.-nuM be !o:ie hy. Per
sian. Do not. Ilia', to a n i'.:li!'r v eieh
vou would take ill 'com hiia. Grecian.
What you would rot wish di,i;o to
yoursi IfdoHol la.'n o'.l.ers. - - C L'.ii.'ve.
On:' .-1 oniil c.-.,.; f, el i c: s l i e 1:
pi i. oss i;e desires fer one-self. Br
He sou, t fur oli. ers the ".'iiod
desired fur l:in.seif. Let l.im
or.- Kjjyp! iai;.
.Ml t! uliatsoever
llait, men sl.ollld do 1oyi.ii.',
so to them. -Ciiristi oi.
Let lame of you trea t l;i:
e even
do v
brother in
way he himself would ("lis
e 'o be
t real I'd. -lehanimedar..
The true rujein laisines.. M t -a guard
and do by the things of others a they
do oy their own. Hindoo.
The law iuipiiiUed on the hearts of
all men is to love the members of so
ciety as themselves. -Roman.
Whatsoever you dc. not wish your
neighbor to do to you do not unto
him. This is the whole law. The rest
is a mere, exposition of it.- Jewish.
A Roosevelt Story.
New York Sun; "If stories about
Roosevelt are in frder I may nar
rate a little domestic incident," said
a political friend of the President.
"One evening at dinner Mr. oud Mrs.
Roosevelt were disoussing an old pro
gram which she bad preserved, and
both referred to the entertainment,
saying how much they had enjoyed
it at the time. The youngest child
listened, closely, and at length burst
forth in genuine grief and disappoint
ment. " 'Why didn't you take me?'
" 'Hush, mv der,'said paterfamil
ias. That was before your mother and
I were married.'
They t nought no more of the inci
dent. A few days iator the tot was
telling. some widely improbable tale
to the eldest. Mr. Roosevelt, who
overheard the weird narrative, de
manded sharply:
" ' A' hen did you do all that?'
' 'Oh, that was before you and
mamma were married,' replied the
tot with the utmost gravity,"
Points About a Good Horse.
There arc some points which are
valuable in horses of every descrip
tion. The bead should be proportion
ately large and well set on. The
lower jawbones should be sufficiently
far apart to enable the head to form
an angle with the neck, which gives
free motion and graceful carriage
and prevents it bearing too heavily
on the hand. The eye should belartfe,
a little prominent and the eyelid fine
and thin. The ear should be small
erect and quick, in motioe. The" lop
ear indicates dullness and stubborn
ness. lien too fac back, there is a
disposition to mischief.
John Wanamaker say: A newspa
per whose columns overflow with ad
vertisements of business has more
influence in attracting attention to
buildim; up a town than any other
agency that can be employed. People
go where there is an enterprising
community. No power on earth is so
strong to buiid up a town as a paper
well patronized, and its power should
be appreciated. The man who over
looks his town paper injures himself
by injuring his town and townsmen.
An Eastern manufacturer of bicy
cles, being compelled to go away on
a business li id about the time an
interesting domestic event was ex
pected, left orders for the nurse to
wire him results according to tne
following formula; If a boy, ''Gentle
man's safely arrived." If a yiri,
"Lady's safely arrived. The father's
state of mind may be imagined wren,
a few days later, he received a lele
gram containing the one word, ''Tan
dem." Strength of bono structure is said
to be allied to honesty and reliability
of mind. The prominent bones in
Linc'.iVs face and body ace cited to
prove the bout honesty theory. They
physiognomists. 6ay that large men
whose boue bear a full proportion
to the other parts of their bodies
will be. fomid , t.o , bo decided, firm,
The deal betwoun Messrs Do Rego
aad Homing for the Pioneer-Stables
mentioned in last week's issue, was
successfully accomplished lar-t. Ss.tur
!ay,. April 4th, when the transfer of
owncship was made. Nearly all
the fltoek and vehicles of the Lah'iiua
stables iiavf been brought o'er to
'.lie Pioae'-'r stables which remain
under the nip lavement of Manuel
I Vitro.
Oiio of tde rollers in the I'loreer
Mill broke last Friday, and was sent
to '! 'r-i;.-!i:Ni hv Saturday boat for
r pairs. Tin; mill has since been
j; rinding turning; into sugar the cane
already cut, but shut down hist
Thursday, the 1 lit li iust. pending the
arrival of the repaired roller which is
effected next. week.
The bark Diamond Head. Ciipt.
Vtersoti. which has been at Kaa
napali sinet March Ktth, discharging
coal, left for Kan Francisco on the
10th with a cargo at 2H237 bags P. M.
On Tuesday the 8lh hist, a Japan
ese employed in blasting rocks on a
new diten being constructed by the
plantation, lost his life through a pre
mature explosion. His hand was blown
otf his face and chest literally stud
ded with bits of rock and debris, and
although an effort was made to save
his life by an amputation of his hand
above- the wrist performed by Dr.
Peter, assisted by Dr. Miyat,a, bis
injuries w?re too severe and he suc
cumbed shortly after tho operation.
Mrs. W. Y. Honcer, who suffered
a relapse last week after a short
'carriage ride,, is again improving
andruble to have her room, although
still weak.
The Lahaina Ice Co. intend to de
clare a dividend of 30 cents per share
on May 1st. and in consequence the
stock is uow quoted at Silb.tM).
Messrs Holloway and Richardson
of the engineering tirm of Grim wood
Richardson & Co. arrived on the
"Me una Loa" last Friday evemng on
some business with the plantation,
returning cn last Saturday's Clau
dine. Roy. Canon A. R. Weymonth was
a returning passenger ori the Mauna
Mr. Henry Dickenson, warden of the
church of Tho Holy Innocents at
Lahaina, received a supply of new
Hymn and Prayer books, conforming
to the ritual of the Protestant
Episcopal Church under American
jurediction, by the last steamer.
Mr. AV. C. Crook, tho well known
and venerable pedagogue from Ma
kawao, accompanied by his daughter
Miss Rose Ellen Crook, arrived in
town on the 8th inst. and is register
ed at the Lahaina Hotel under the
care of "mine host" Matt McCjnin.
Hon J. W. Kalua and Sheriff L.
M. Baldwin came over from Wailuku
last AVednesday the 9th inst.
OuThursday, the 10th inst. Judge
Kalua, sitting in chambers, tried the
case of 17 Chinese arrested for gam
bling, appealed from the lower court,
reversing its decision and discharg
ing defendants on the .grounds of no
sworn complaint having been filed.
A. N. Hayseldeu and John Richardson
conducted the case for the defense.
Messrs Wyllie. and Hraymer, re
presenting Honolulu houses, were
visitors in Lahaina during the week,
According to latest arrangements
the Hawaian band will I'lay in Lah
aina during Saturday April 19th re
turning to Honolulu by the Claudine
that night, a bit of uews which is
hailed with general satisfaction.
Programme of Berger's Band.
A citizens'ineeting was held at Wai
luku Court-house last eight, at which
the following program was adopted
for the Hand;
Wed, morning.
Wed. afternoon.
Wed. evening.
Thursday (day)
Friday (day)
Fri. evening,
Tho band will reach Lahaina Sat
urday morning's Kiuau, and the
people of Lahaina will make further
The following committee on finance
were appointed; N. W. Aluli, W. E.
Hal, Manuel Ross, F. Petefmau, and
G. 13. Robersou.
A committee consisting cf L. M.
Ualdwin J. N. K. Keola, Geo. Hons,
N. W. Aluli and R. W. Filler were
appointed to meet and receive the
bat d at Kahului.
Mr. D. C. Lindsay. Mr. W. O,
Aiken and Mr A. Fornandes were
appointed to make arrangements
for the band ttt Paia on Wednesday
afternoon, and Mr. Coke, Judge Ka
leikau and J. W. Marshall were ap
pointed as 4 like ccminittco for
CAnrr.xTr.K axt Contractoh
Plans and Estimates.
Furnished on Short Noti:5
Oftice and Shop in ('iles Ruilding
IT ton St. Waii.inv,
P. E.
ContrfiGtors & Knineers.
AVc solicit all kinds of construction
work, such as Railroad, Gov't
Roads, Reservoirs, Ditches,
Wells, Tunnels, etc., etc.
Mem. Tecu Soc.I'ac Coast.
TJVnlluKiJ, mnul
J. A.
Sign Painting, House Paint
ing, Paper Hanging and
Interior Decorating.
Carriage Painting a Specialty.
Send your carriages aud bug
gies t3 my shop for repainting.
SKATING RINK, Wailuku, Maui.
Scientific Iforse Shoeing
Contractor & Builder
(Formerly fiend Carpenter at Kihci.)
Has located at Wailuku. Building
Contracts taken in, all parts
of the Island. A large force
of skilled asaistapts always
on hand. .
P. O. Box 63 Tel. No. 293
And Dealers a
Wilder S. S. Co.
Terminals at Wailuku,
Spreckelsville r;.nd.
Paia. ...
Kahului, Maui.
R. CO.
Kalei Nani
Wm. WHITE, Titor.
Complete Stock.
First Clsss Wines 5 Liquors
Primo, Seattle S Eudwciser
icr; cold
The Aloha
T. 13. LYONS, Prop.
Ice Cold Beer
First Class Wines & Liquors
Primo find Seattle Beer
Market St., (Adjoining old Meat
Macfarlano & Co.
Opposite Wailuku, Depot
Wholesale & Retail Liquor Dealer?.
Sehlitz tliat mails Milwaukee famous,
Anheuser Dusch& JoUn Wioland New Drew.
O. I. S. llourbon, R.vo & Bour-mash.
Old Gov't, Old Peppiv & Capa Horn Whl.iltey,
Duffy's pure malt & Ttvood'H pure malt Whiskey
SprunnccSianley'nfi4niouKO.F.C.& Keu.favortto
Cclobratcd John Oett ar S D.C.L.Scoteh Whiskey
O. C. L.. Old Tom, Si London Dry, Honeysuckle
Pa'.m Trc-o, & Palm Doom Olu.
Hcnuesny's 1 randy & Australian Boomerang
Kohlor & Van Hereon wine & the famous Ini;ic
nook vine, O.H.Munmi & Co. cjj-dry Chumpasnq
We make a specialty of shipping.
Matt. McCaxn Proi'metor
Choice Brands
America & Scotcli Whiskey
Beer, AIeA Wine--
Ice Cold Drinks.
Lahaina, Maui T. H,
MN li
J 0TM1
The Best Medical and Table
Water Iti the World.
Bottled only at the celebrated
Bartlett Springs, Lake Coun
ty, Cal., without exposure tq
the air.
Thousands of remarkable cures
have been effected by this
Sole Distributors for the Territory of Hawaii
Corner Market and Main St.
Wailuku, Maui
Liquor Dealers
Rainier Bottled Beer, of Seattle
C. Harpy & Co., Uncle Sam Wine
Cellars and Distillery, Napa, Cal
Jesse Moore Whiskey
Cream Pure Rye Whiskey
Long Life Whiskey
Lexington Club Old Bourbon Whiskey
J F Cutter's Whiskey
Moet 4 Cliandon White Seal Cham
pagnes ,
n il n n r j
LfUllllll M um
bonest ana enduring.
W aihee.

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