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If you wish Prosperity
Advertise in the News'
What is Best for Maui
is Best for the News
attorney at law
Makkkt Street
WAILUKU. : : : : MAUI.
Aoent to Grant Maruiaoe License
Onico, Circuit Court, 2nd Circuil
Notary Puiilic.
The price of all Patent Medicines
is generally printed on the wrapper
by the factory. We riever charge
any more than this price. Hence
you can buy as cheaply from us as
you could in New York.
Try ouc Horlick's Malted Milk,
hospital size, 3.75 or the dolls r size.
It will make uny man, woman or child
stout and strong.
Goods sent anywhere, Phono or
write us. Wo have about t00 kinds
of Patent MedioniPS.
Drs. Weddick and Dinegar.
The Bank of Hawaii
Incorporated Under the Laws of
the Republic of Hawaii.
CAPITAL $000,000.00
SURPLUS $200,000.00
,Chas. M. Cooke President
P. C. Jones Vice-President
F.V.Macfarlane..2nd Vice-Presicent
C. H. Cooke ..Cashier
C. Hustaco Assistant Cashier
E. D. Tcnney, J. A. McCandlcss,
'C. H. Athcrton, E. F. Bishop.
Transact a General Commercial
and Savings Business.
Correspondence Solicited.
Few people give enough thought to the- earning
capacity of a dollar. When you look at a dollar, do
not .think of how much it will buy, but
When you find yourself thinking of your dollars
in this way, you aro starting on tho only straight
and sure road to wealth. Idle dollars are of no moro
' use to tho world than idle men. Every dollar you
mako over the cost of actual necessities should bo
immediately placed under tho safeguard of "a strong
bank and kept busily at work earning other dollars
for you. Wo pay four per rent interest on saving3
accounts and figure the interest every six months.
Honokohau Church Dedicated.-0ne of the Pret
tiest Small Churches on the island. -
Minister Superintends Construction,
Rev. J. K. Hihio is Suspended From The Ministry.
Financial Report Shows Balance of
Cash on Han.
The September meeting of the
Evangelical Association of Maui,
Molokai and Lanai was held at the
Wainee Church, in Lahainn, Sept.
14 to 19. The thirty-one churches
composing this Association were
well represented. There were pres
ent Rev. Doremus Scudder, D. D.,
the Secretary of the Hawaiian
Board, Rev. O. II. Gulick, the
Superinttndent of the Hawaiian
and Japanese Department of the
Board, and Rev. Enoch S. Timoteo,
the Hawaiian traveling Evangelist.
A now and pleasing feature of
these meetings was the introduction
of an opening address in Hawai
ian by the moderator and in Eng
lish l.y Dr. Scudder. Rev. B. V.
Bazata gave the young people an
inspiring address upon ''God's
Power in His World." The book of
I'hilippians was the subject for the
Bible study period of several days
and was expounded by Revs. Dr.
Scudder, B. V. Bazata and R. B.
On Saturday, Sept. 15, a largo
number of the ministers drove to
Honokohau to dedicate the beauti
ful church, which through the gen
erous assist anco and personal su
pervisoin of Mr. R. C. Searle, the
manager of the Honolua Ranch,
has recently been completed. Rev.
D. W. K. White, pastor of the
Wainee Church, Lahaina, Avho be
fore ho became a minister was one
of the well known builders in Ho
nolulu, took charge of the carpen
ter work and painting of the build
ing. Hon. H. P. Baldwin through
the Maui Aid Association gave gen
erously toward the church fund.
Friends in Honolulu helped to
ward the furnishings. These com
bined efforts produced one of the
prettiest small churches on Maui.
The dedicatory sermon was preach
ed by Rev. Doremus Scudder, D.D.
Sunday was long to bo remem
bered by the Lahaina church. The
day was filled with a remarkable
series of services, tho most impor
tant of which was the morning ser
vice by Rcv.O.II.Gulick which was
followed by tho communion service
and reception of six new members,
five of whom came on confession
of fuith.
The business of tho Association
passed off pleasantly, and among
the important transactions was the
following resolution:
The Congregation Association of
Maui, Molokai and Lanai solemnly
memorializes the churches and
pastors of tho thrco Islands, to-wit:
Wo believe it tho duty of cacli
Church so to love its Pastor that
it will pay the agreed salary faith'
fully and promptly.
Wo believe it the duty of each
Pastor so to serve his Church in
love that he will succeed in win
ning an affection which shall se
cure tho full payment of the agreed
Where it is found that the agreed
salary cannot be paid, wo believe it
duty of the Church and Pastor to
consult with reference to the salary
which the Church can and will
.payand if this bo too meager, that
the PaBlor shall resign and seek
another field with the approval of
the Association.
Wc believe that all real estate
and invested funds belonging to
churches are a sacred Trust which
no Board of Trustees or Church
has any right either to alienato or
with tho exception of rentals and
interest to apply towards tho pay
ment of tho Pastor's salary or any
current indebtedness, and it is the
duty of churche3 and Board of
Trustees to sell no real estate and
dispose of the principal of no in
vested funds without the approval
of this Association.
Wo recommend that every
Church consider the question of
placing its property in the hands
of the Hawaiian Board as Trusteo
for the Church..'
During the year ten preaching
stations havo been opened on
Maui, three new churches, ono Sun
day School building and one new
parsonage erected; and collections
made for tho repairing or building
of two parsonages and several new
One of theso new enterprises is
tho repairing of the so-called "Halo
Cannot be obtained through merchandise dealers. They nre delivered
directly from milker to user only through the Company's own em
ployees. There is ns grent a difference in the cost of making sewing
machines ns there is in making watches. A cheap watch will indicate
time with fair accuracy for n short time. 1'nirly good stitching can be
done on some of the old patterns of cheap sewing machines when they
are new, but they always work hard, nre noisy and soon wear out.
Kvery SINGIJR MACHINK is tested by actual sewing nt the factory.
It is always ready for every kind of stitching and will do belter work
and do it longer than any other because it is of better design and
construction. A Postal Card to
Aloha" of Lahainn. In former days
this big hall doventy-six feet long
and thirty-two feet wide was the
public school of the town. It has
always belonged to tho Church,
and now under the inspiring lead
ership of Rev. W. D. K.. .Vhite,
earnest efforts aro being made to
repair the old building for tho par
rish house o! the Church. When
the project is carried through, the
Wainee Church will bo tho best
equipped Chinch on Maui.
Tho Association thoroughly in
vestigated tho rumors that have
been circulated against Rev. Isaac
D. Iaca of Haiku, and find them
entirely without foundation. The
Association completely exonerates
Rev. Mr. Iaea and commends him
to tho confidence of the Christian
Rev. J. K. Ilihio, formerly past
or of Kaanapali has been suspend
ed from tho ministy on account of
his intemperato habits.
Rev. Geo. W. Kolopapela, who
in consequenco of mental aberra
tion has traveled widely soliciting
gifts of money and is charged with
having otherwise brought reproach
upon tho Christian name was dc
posed from the ministry.
Tho annual report (ending Sept.
12, 190G) of Rev. R. B. Dodge,
Agent for the Ilawanr.n Board and
Secretary and Treasury of the
Maui Aid Association is as follows
Maui Aid Ass'n. Acct of
Pastor's Salaries
Rev. O. P. Emerson, Acct
$1230 00
47 40
74 00
of Honokohau Church
Rev. O. P. Emerson, Acct
of Kaupo Pnrsonago
Rev. O. P. Emerson, Acct
. of Maui Aid Association
Honolua Building Fund
Kaupo Parsonage Fund
Kipaliulu Parsonage and
Church Fund
Chinese Parsonago Fund
Kahului Native Church Fund
Maui Aid Ass'n, Acct of
Wainee Church
Halo Aloha Fund
If nnaio Church Fund
Huelo Church Fund
Pookela Church Fund, Miss
Laura Green
Kaahutnanu Sunday School
C. A. MacDonald
Judge A. N. Kcpoikai .
20 25
150 07
57 10
125 00
215 15
174 00
205 39
5 00
241 00
151 50
0 00
100 07
45 00
12 00
Kaahumanu Sunday School
Song Books 5 00
Maul News Co. Kipaliulu Pgms. 3 00
Contributions of Churches & In
dividuals, American
Board Account 29 05
Contributions of Churches & In
dividuals, Hawaiian
Board Account 19 35
Total $2940 43
Pastors' Salaries $1230 00
Labor Honokohau Ciiu-ch 10G 00
E. O. Hall Acct of Wainee
Church 49 91
G. G. Soong Acct of Wainee
Church 11 45
Lahaina Store Acct of Wainee
Church 113 03
Lewers & Cooke Acct of Wai
nee Church 21 00
Kahului R. R. Co. Acct of
Kaahumanu Sunday
School 100 00
Hawaiian Board Book Room
Acct Waineo Church G 50
Maui News Co. Kipaliulu
Programs 3 00
V. A. Votlesen Receipt Books
Acct Maul Aid Association 5 G5
PostaL'o 5 30
R. Grieve Printing Co. Reports
Acct Maui Aid Ass'n 10 00
Maui News Co. Printing for
Wainee Church
15 00
29 55
American Board Acct
Hawaiian Board Acct
On Hand
49 35
1755 74
1190 G9
294G 43
Terrific Typhoon Sweeps Hongkong and Hundreds
of Lives Lost.-Many Ships go Down Dam
mage Runs Into Many Millions
Congressman Kitt is Dead. Gans-Nelson Ffght Followed
By Suit For $50,000 Steamer City of
Seattle is Ashore.
Sugar 96 deg. 4.125. Beets 93. lOJd.
HONOLULU, Sept 21. Steamer Mongolia floated at 7 o'clock
this morning.
HONGKONG, Sept. 21. Tho loss caused to shipping by typhoon
will reach $20,000,000. Among the steamers lost are tho -United States
ship Albatross, with 142 people, the steamer Hongkong with tho entiro
crew, steamer Kong Fat with 130 people.
The steamer Heung Shan is stranded on Lantario Island.
Another storm visited this port last Monday, but the damage done
was not great.
HONGKONG, Sept. 21. The corpses of victims of the great ty
phoon aro being carried away in carts. In many cases the scavengers
have been overcome by the stench of the decomposed bodies while as
sisting in carrying away tho wreckage.
Rev. J. C. Hoaro of Victoria was drowned yesterday.
WASHINGTON, Sept. 21. General Funston has been ordored to
sail for Cuba Saturday.
SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 21. The government has issued autho
rity to tho Paymaster to provide for living expenses of passengers of
the stranded transport Sheridan.
CHICAGO, Sept. 21. George Sieler, referee in the recent Gans
fight in San Francisco, has entered suit against Nolanjand Wilson for
libel in tho sum of -150,000.
NAItAGANSET, Sept. 20. Congressman Hitt of Illinois, diod
hero today. Ho was a member of the commission that framed tho
Hawaiian Organic Act.
TACOMA, Sept. 20. Tho steamer City of Seattle is ashoro at
Trial Island. Tho passengers aro all safe.
HONGKONG, China, Sopt. 18. A typhoon has swept this harbor and
done territic damage. Many lives have been lost and a million dollars'
damage done to ships in tho harbor that were either wrecked or barely
The principal ships that suffered were the American shipS. P. Hitch
cock, the British steamers Kwong Chan, Montcaglo, San Chuag, Wing Chai,
Fatrhan, tho gunboats Robin, Moorhen and destroyer Taku; tho French
gunboat Phoenix, destroyers Francisquo, Fronde aud tho , Gorman steam
ers Appenrade, Signal, Petrarch, Pnnz Baldomar, Emmluymen.
The liner Empress of Japan escaped without serious injury.
MIDWAY, September 18. The mail, baggage and possongors from
the stranded liner Mongolia havo been landed. The passongers are being
well provided for and tho position of the vessel is good. It is believed there
is no danger of the Mongolia's breaking up.
HAVANA, September 18. Tho rebels ave concentrating near Havana
to await the outcome of tho peace negotiations.
Seuor TIevca, director of the State Department, has resigned.
Tho U. S. cruiser Dixie has gono to Cienfuegos.
PANAMA, Sopeember 18. Secrotary Root has arrived hero and will
leave on Thursday, probably to join Secretary Taft in Cuba, Barrett and
Lee, United States Ministers to Colombia and Equador, have arrived.
TANGIER, September 18. The Chorif of Taolaiacn, with 250 men,
eutered Casa Blanca yesterday and pillage the French iron works. They
were pursued through the streets by Europeans and several woundedj
VICTORIA, B. C, September 18. -It is reported that twenty Rus
sians and a dozen Japanese poachers havo been killed in an affray on tho
Kamchatkan coast.
LONDON, September, 18. British Jews have issued an appoal to tho
nations to prevent, the wholesale execution of the Jows on trial at Siedlco,
GRENOBLE, Septembor 18.-A strike, accompanied by riots, broke
out yestorday and tho police station was sacked. Troops dispersed tho
JACKSONVILLE, Fla., Soptember 18. Secretary Taft has arrived
hero on routo to Tampa bay.
HAVANA, September 17. Hostilities havo beeu suspended with tho
object of effecting' a settlement bofore tho arrival of Secretary Taft.
WASHINGTON, September 17. The warships Louisiana, Virginia
and New Jersey have been ordered in readiness to sail for Cuba.
Secretary Taft has started from Norfork In tho Tacoma.
The Clovoland has sailed for Cuba. Tho Minneapolis and Nowark will
Tho navy can land 4000 men by Wednesday.
CITY OF MEXICO, September 17. Tho anniversary of Mexican .In
dependence has been obsorved and Congress opened. President Diaz in. ills
mesago praises the gold standard. ' c
SAN FRANCISCO, September 17. Two persons wore killed and a
score injured in a car collision hero yesterday.
BUDAPEST, September 17. A statuto to Gcorgo Washington hag
been unveiled hero,

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