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' - -
,TZ... .... ,ILU i ijijmi . ' ",1V, i K1
- I
VVill interest you fop many
reasons. We can't tell them
all to you at one time but if
you will visit our show
room we can explain the
many advantages and we
are sure you will consider the time well
S Pp ,,,, ;fou t m.''V V,':Wyy ii'ift..i i:iitin oT ' j j n vijr-, : n .i .Tomi.,.,,
Turn a VsiiVe, IlgWt a match; tbljcttjt fntO
the burner, and you are ready to commence
cooking at once. Simple, isn't it? When you
have finished, turn the valve, out goes the
fire, all expense ceases at once, then it's
always ready for you, and so clean as well.
No heat in the kitchen where you do not
want it, but plenty of heat directly where you do want it.
You can increase the heat or diminish it, just turn the valve.
Prices no higher than for a wood stove that cannot equal it
for convenience.
I .
i 5 "J .'!: v- I
If you' need a new one better look
at our line. If you do not need it now look
at the line anyhow. When you arc in
need of one you will not think of taking
any other kind.
,,s I
. t . . . .
Cil I. U ! ''..nil
t t. tit ttrV-
tSEWING machines ,
We have the STANDARD .which
we think is thbest. You will be inter
ested in the diad rnachinc.
.... -
Open Saturday
The Big Store
with little prices
Board of Supervisors
Investigates Road.
For reliable and first class work in Iron
Fences, Monuments, headstones and
Coping consult the Hawaiian Iron Fence
& Monument Works, Honolulu, T. II .
All work will.be given their prompt at
tention. -
IJ. O. Horn has resigned his position
with the Kahului Store to go into the
brokerage business on Maui. He will
make his headquarters in Wailuku and
will make regular visits to all the leading
places of business in the County., We
understand that he has agencies for
wagons, carriages, (arming implements,
the Ford Automobiles, cigars and labacco
and life insurance. Mr. 'Born is well
known to the business community as he
was the first manager of the Wailuku
Cash Store, which position he resigned to
' become the assistant manager of the Ka
hului Store.
Alpine Milk (unsweetened) is absolute
ly pure, thoroughly sterilized, and the
richest in butter fat and flavor. It keeps
till vou are ready to use it. H. Hackfeld
& Co., Ltd., Distributors.
The Women's Aid Society of the I'niou
Church will meet with Mrs. E. Battelle
on Tuesday afternoon April 14th, at 3
p. m.
The dance given at the Armory Satur
day night for the benefit of Company I
as a financial and social success.
Billy Green of M. Phillips & Co. is
again in town and will remain for about
week on Maui.
The Manna Kea tarried a full list of
passengers on her way down Friday and
again Tuesday on her way up. The new
boat takes about six hours to make the
run between Honolulu and Lahaina.
Mr. and Mrs. M. S. Grinbaum came
over from Hana on the Claudinc Wednes
day and returned to Honolulu.
Marstou Camplell and Captain Otwell
were among the list of returning passen
gers on the Clandine Wednesday.
Hennie Decker returned from Honolulu
on the Mauna Kea Tuesday.
S. M. Kanakanui has been surveying a
piece of laud desired by the Daparttnent
of Public Instruction for the purpose of
enlarging the school grounds of Wailuku
S. Decker has accepted a position with
the Maui Steam Laundry but has been
unable to attend to business recently on
account of an injury he received to his
back while at camp Barry this week.
Dr. Geo. S. Aiken will be in l'aia next
Monday for a few days professional visit
From there he will no to Makawao and
return to Kahului about May first.
Those in Pais and Makawao and vaci
11 it v who wish dental work done should
see him while tvi'un his present tcur,
The Doctor ww 'ave his office perma
nently in the Nicholson house on his re
turn to Kahului.
There will be the usual Palm Sunday
nrocessiou at the Church of the Good
Shepherd tomorrow.
The Queen Lodging house of Wailuk
has new rooms, new furniture, clean
beds, 50 cents per uight.
t.f. A. Do Rego, Proprietor.
The household effects and other per
sonal property of T. M. Church of Paia
will be sold on the 2oth instant.
F. W. Knight returned Friday from
the volcano where he went to see' the
liquid lava surge to and fro as the wave
of the sc-a.
M. H. Reuter the deputy tax collector
of liana is iu Wailuku thin week.
The Adelina Fatti Cigar is just what
you want. Fitzpatrick Brothers of Hono
lulu are the agents for the Territory.
R. I. Baker of Eureka California is
registered at the Maui Hotel. ..
G. H. Brown of Victoria B. C. is at the
Maui Hotel.
R. C. Searle was a Wailuku caller this
H. M. Coke of the Maui News went to
Honolulu Friday on business and return
ed Tuesday by the Mauna Kea.
The Lilliputians have won the admi
ration of all Honolulu. There are about
thirty little children who are selected
with care for the special parts they are
Mrs. A 1 11 1 i Dies
of Apoplexy.
The entire Board of Supervisors
went to Lahaina this week and in-
estigated the road matters there
that were taken up by the County
Central Committee of the Republican
party on the reeomendation of R.
While on this trip the memliersof
the Board took particular pains to
interrogate every citizen in the dis
trict they saw and did so in the
absence of Chairman Henning who
desired the members of the Board
to hear what the people had to say
free from any influence ho might
Among those interviewed were
Hiram Hiram, the head of the
Home Rule Party of Lahaina, Judge
Rccard, W. L. Decoto, George Free-
und, William Kaluakini, George
Dunn, Kalei Kahaulelio, C. R.
Lindsay, Ed. Waiaholo and many
Hawaiian!. Not one of these object
to the new road and although all
were asked not one had heard of
any objections to the new road ex
ccpt those of one man.
Judge Rccard stated that he had
heard of two or three Hawaiians
who stated that if the road was to
le left without any top dressing they
would object to the road but when
assured that it was the intention to
do this said he had no objection nor
did lie know of any Hawaiian who
would objec t.
One of the returning party stated
that lie had heard a Ft renin u kick
from W. Robb, t lie plantation ware
house keeper who objected to the
road on the sole ground that it took
all of bis front yard and if that is
Mrs. Kalai Aluli died suddenly of
apoplexy at her home in Wailuku
on Thursday morning.
She had lx-cn in apparently good
health up to the time of her death.
The funeral took place from the
family residence on Thurs-'.a- , v. ;.-
Mrs. Aluli was the w idow
late John Aluli one of W
prominent Hawaiians. S1m
three sons, Deputy County A:
Xoa W. Aluli of Hilo, ai. 1 W
and Webster all of whom survive
her. She was a sister of Judge A. X.
Mrs. Aluli was an unusually in
telligent woman and her 'bright and
sunny disposition won for her many
friends who mourn her untimely
All tenders to be on, blanks furnished
by the Superintendent of Public Works.
The Superintendent of Public Works
reserves the right to reject any of all
Superintendent of Public Works.
Honolulu, March 37, 1908.
r t 1
' : V- -'
.'! '',!' y
exoected to perforin. Their performances 1 the case we think that Mr. Robb is
All persons holding certificates
of etoek in the Kihei Plantation
Company, Ltd. in names other
than their own and who may wish
to dispose of said stock are urgent
ly requested to have same trans
ferred in order to avoid delay if
payment is made on July 1st, VMS.
Xo Etock can be purchased except
from stockholders of record on that
Treasurer, Kihei Plantation Co. Ltd.
Honolulu, March 20th, IMS: .
Sealed tenders will be received by the
undersigned up to 10 A. M., Friday,
April loth, 1908, and then opened by the
Board of Supervisors of the County of April 4, 11.
Maui, for the construction of the follow
ing roads iu the Couutv of Maui. T. H.
1st. Relocation of IlaiUu.KnVrmin rnn.l SEALED TENDERS.
from Belt road Up to Upper Haiku-Pau-
wcla road, District of Makawao. Sealed Tenders will be received by the
and. Relocation of the Paia-Makawao- Superintendent of Public Works until 12
mad from Kaluanui to the Cemetery, oi Thursday, April 16th, for the con-
Makawao District. struction of a one story frame teacher's
3rd. Relocation of Belt road from East cettage, at Waihee, Maui, T. H.
Bank of Maliko Gulch to Main road to- Plans and specifications on file in the
ward Pauwela, District of Makawao. omce of Superintendent of Public Works
41I1. Relocation of the Paia-Makawao aml w- A- McKay, School Agent, Wailu-
riad from the foot of Kamole Hill op- ku Mau-
pisite old Grove Ranch House to Maka- All tenders to be on blanks furnished
wao Court House, District of Makawao. bY tue Superintendent of Public Works.
5U1. Relocation of the Belt road frotn Tlle Superintendent of Public Works
Kuau to Maliko, District of Makawao. reserves the right to reject any or all
6th. Relocation of Belt road across I bids.
Maliko Gulch, Makawao District. MARSTON CAMPBELL,
7th. Relocation of the Wailuku-Lahai- Superintendent of Public Works,
na road from the bridge near Mile post Honolulu, March 25, 1908.
number 13 to Mile post number 14, Dis- (April 4, 11.
trict of Lahaiua.
iiie various plans ana specifications 1 CTC 1 If CD TIUD Tini r
for the above roads can be obtaiued of hJlLAHiLIl I IMC 1ADLE.
the undersigned at his office at Wailuku,
.muui, 1. n. on aim auer naiuruay, DATE NAME FROM
1900. 1 iicposii 01 rive ijoi- Apr. 10 Hongkong Maru...-. Yokohama
lars w ill be required for each set of plans
and specifications which will be refunded
ed when the sauie are returned.
All tenders must be made on the pro
per blank forms which will be furnished
intending bidders upon application.
The Board reserves the right to reject
any and all bids,
Per order of the Board of Supervisors
of the County of Maui.
County Engineer.
March Il-S April 4
N. B. The oning of above tenders! DATE
to Mongolia-
are surprising and each night saw a
crowded house. So anxious were the
people to get seats that the only way to
secure them w as to engage them ahead.
This condition lasted all through the sea
son and up to and including the last
night. The children are iu charge of
special teachers who guard them as care
fully as they would their owu.
The mcmUrs of the Board went
over the road and invited Mr.
Searle to state his side of the case
but lie was unable to stale a single
objection to the road and the nu-m-bci's
returned with the unanimous
opinion that the road should le
builtj as proposed.
H. Beuneson has recently arrived here
from Chicago. He will work for the Ka
hului Harness Factory as outside man.
A. A. Wilson the contractor was iu
Wailuku this week.
Miss Fanny Moir went to Honolulu on
the Mauna Kea Friday. She was accom
panied to Wailuku by Miss Ethel -Taylor. Maui.
Nebraskan San Francisco
Asia San Francisco
Hilonian :.San Francisco
Alameda San Francisco
..San Francisco
Korea v Yokohama
Nevadan San Francisco
Aorangi Colonies
Hongkong Maru..San Francisco
America Maru Yokohama
Marauia Victoria
Alameda San Francisco
has been postponed to Saturday, April Apr. 10 Hongkong Maru..San Francisco
18, at 9:30 a. 111.
Sealed Tenders will be received by the
Superintendent of Public Works until la
m. of Saturday, April Sth, for the con
struction of a one room school house at
Olowalu, Lahaiua, Maui, T. II.
Plana and specifications on file iu the
office of Superintendent of Public Works j
and Mr. A. Waal, School Agent, Lahaiua,
14 Asia -.Yokohama
18 Nebraskan San Francisco
to Mongolia Yokohama
21 Hilonian San Francisco
it Alameda San Francisco
24 Korea -San Francisco
9 Aorangi Victoria
May a Hongkong Maru Yokohama
a America Maru. ...San Francisco
a Marauia Colouitt
a Nevadau San Francisco
9 Siberia San Francisco
13 Alamvd.... Sail Francisco

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