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The Latest
What the Wrestlers, Boxers and Base
Ball Artists Are Doing.
Summing up tho world's series
just closed, tho champion Athletics
outplayed tho Giants at every angle
of the game. They out-hit them,
out-fielded them, out-guessed them,
out-pitched and out-stayed them.
Tho Mackmcn made good on their
acknowledged asset hitting. The
Giants failed in their strong point
speed. That tells the Btory of how
tho Athletics won four of the six
games played. An honest compari
son of tho two teams yielda tho
palm to the Athletics in every de
partment of the game. Perhaps two
positions, second-base and catcher,
wero a toss-up, but in tho other de
partments the Athletic players prov
ed in a class by themselves.
Standing head and shoulders
over tho stars of past world's series,
Frank Baker is today acknowledged
the greatest sensation of the diamond
in years. His luttmg in the game
was simply marvelous. Twice ho
.was individually responsible in
winning games for the Mackmcn
with homo-run clouts and, during
tho other four days, his heavy bing-
ling was" ever prominent. Baker
scored seven runs and made nine
hits, including two home runs and
two doubles, and his record thus
speak for itself .Added to the fact that
Baker was playing in tho face of be
Ing made a target for his opponents
spikes, his playing was tho nerviest
ever witnessed in a world's series
Taking into consideration that a
loser always looks 100 per cent,
comparatively, inferior to a winner,
the Giants proved a dismal disap
pointment to their supporters. Their
much-talked about offensive strength
so-termed "aggressiveness," was
lacking quality and their heralded
base-running prowess did not mate
nanze. Unly lour times in tno six
games did they advance a baso by
stealing and the Athletics evened up
this scoro with four pilfers them
selves. And in tutting and pitching
tho Giants alto fell by the wayside
Rube Marquard, tho famed south
paw, crumbled something woefully
when called on in tho pinch. Ho
participated in three games, and ox
cept for a couplo of innings in the
second gamo Marquard failed to
show anything liko championship
form. Tho great Christy Matthew
son was also a failure, after getting
off to a flying start. Ho pitched
great ball in the first game, but in
the other two contests he could not
hold tno Athletics, iwico he was
given substantial leads, and when a
twirler of Matthewson's caliber can
not hold a team after getting out in
front, his work does not count for
much. McGraw's second - string
pitchers, with tho possible exception
of Crandall, did not come through
with the expected victory.
Tho Mackmen,on the other hand
showed brilliantly in tho pitching
department. Chief Bender pitched
three magniucent games, winning
two of them, and Plank and Coombs
mado good with a sparkling victory
apiece. Tho feat of Bender in pitch
ing and winning two games within
three days easily makes him tho
pitching star of tho series.
On tho oasis ol individual com
narison taken from a consensus of
opinions of experts at the games
Meyers and Doyle aro tho only two
men to compare favorably with the
Mackmen. Doyle played a consis
tent, heady gamo for tho Giants
(Coutiuued on Page 8)
Story Of
French Sailors Fight Heroically' But
In Vain.
Never before in a time of peaco
ias a nation's navy suffered such a
great loss of life and a squadron
been so greatly damaged as has
Franco in tho total destruction of
the first-class battle-ship Liberie,
carrying to their death over zvu
French jackies. in the harbor of
Toulon, on tho morning of Septem
ber 25th. Now the great mass of
twisted metal, raising itself liko a
gray spectre from tho bluo waters of
the harbor, is all that is left of tho
great sea warrior, and there in the
twisted wreckage lie over 200 bodies
of the dead sailors of tho great re
Fighting tho flames that threaten
ed tho powder magazines for tho
better part of the night in tho hope
of finally warding it off from the
high explosives, the valiant sailors
were compelled to give up tho bat
tle The bugle had just sounded
Every man for himself when the
gray battle-ship was torn and twist
ed asunder, and tho quiet of tho
still morning air was broken by tho
roar and rumble of a series of explo
sions that could be heard for thirty
miles. Fragments from tho ill fated
ship were hurled broadcast and a
captain of a training ship two milea
away was killed by a fragment of a
hurl'ng shell. Tho shore for miles
around was strewn with wreckage
and nothing was left of tho gray
battle-ship but a tangled mass of
twisted scrap iron covering the dead
bodies of over 200 of tho iackies
that had stood by the ship to tho
The Liberto was one of the best
of tho sea warriors of Franco. An
eighteen-knot vessel, costing JEl,-
425,000, tho Liberte was launched
in April, 1905. Her armament con
sisted of four 12-inch guns, ten 7.6-
inch guns, thirteen 9-pounders and
four torpedo tubes, two above
water and two submerged. She was
tho sister ship to the Democratic,
the Justice and tho Verito.
This appalling disaster was but
the hrst ol a series of accidents in
tho French navy that followed close
on tho heels ol each other. The
Republiquo and the Democratio,
both of the same squadron as tho
Liberte, were badly damaged short
ly afterward by internal explosions,
three sailors being killed on tho
former ship and two on the latter,
It was rumored for a time after
this appalling series of naval acci
dents that it was tho woric ol somo
enemy of the republic, bqt nothing
has since been made public to sub
stantiate tho theory. Undoubtedly
tho scries of explosions was by far
tho worst in tho amount of damage
dono and tho number of lives lost that
has ever occurred in tho timo of peace
to any navy of the modern world.
The Orpheum Theatre.
Eddie Fernandez is endeavoring
to give Wailuku good shows. This
was demonstrated last week in the
high class work of Early and Fitch,
and also in the regular moving pic
tures he puts on. Mr. Fernandez
has secured, Odell and Hart, a
dancing team, who aro reputed to
present a great comedy act. Also
Miss May Taylor a comedienne.
These acts will bo put on for a few
nights next week, beginning Tues
day. Also the usual high class
moving pictures. Popular prices
will rulo.
Earthquakes in Berlin.
BERLIN, Nov. 17. An extensive series of earthquakes occurred
hero yesterday. Nothing like it has ever before been experienced in this
WASHINGTON, Nov. 17. Rear
cido here yesterday.
OTTAWA, Nov. 17. Parliament was opened yesterday by the
Duke of Connaught. Sir Wilfred
WASHINGTON, Nov. 17. Three 14-inch guns have been install
ed in the turrets of tho battleships
TOKIO, Nov. 17. Yuen Shi Ki
members of his cabinet. Wu Ting
China in Turmoil.
Shantung province has proclaimed
the province has been elected commander in chief. It is reported the
new government of tho republic will
n the foreign concession at Shanghai, on Monday.
NANKING, Nov. 16. Fifteen
paring to advance on the rebels.
to China, to bo stationed at Wong
tional duty to keep open communications with Pekin.
TOKIO, Nov. 16. Negotiations between the premior and the
rebels have so far utterly failed. Both sides are preparing for a decisive
ndered to the rebels were used in
Honolulu News.
HONOLULU, Nov. 17. A general carting day will bo held next
Sunday. The merchants will loan
The cruiser Cincinnati will be hero next week en route to China
A riot at Kekaha, Kauai, resulted in the death of one officer.
Eugene Love will be courtmartialed for irregularities when ho was
clerk at the post exchange.
The escaped murderer Rodrigues robbed tho store at Laie and
escaped with the booty.
HONOLULU, Nov. lb. Mr.
against the banana cutters. The
masses are against the banana crusade.
Sweezy of the experimental Btation made affidavit yesterday that
thero are no wrigglers in the banana trees.
Road work has been stopped. The men prefer to work for
clean-up committee at fifty cents a day advance.
Giffard asks the cooperation of tho citizens in the Mediterranean
One case of diphtheria has been reported.
Court Valley Island
The first dane'e held under tho
auspices of Court Valley Island,
Order of Foresters, last Saturday
evening, was a hugo success . Tho
order has only recently installed tho
officers of tho lodge here on Maui,
and the progress they have made in
a few months, has heed very flatter
ing to those who wero instrumental
in getting the- local lodgo started.
Tho Foresters is a purely fratenal
order, and no doubt a lodgo hero
such as they have organized will be
a great benefit to tho community.
The dance was held in tho town
hall, and was well attended. Tho
music was tho best heard on Maui,
and reflected credit on tho musical
talent of Messrs. Machadoand Kaia,
who have joined forces in an effort
to give Maui an up-to-date orchestra.
Refreshments wero served during
tho evening, and everyone present
enjoyed themselves to tho limit.
Tho officers of the local lodge aro
O. J. Whitehead, Chief Ranger; A.
J. Fernandez, Sub-Chief Ranger;
M. T. Maura, Treasurer; J. E. Gar
cia, Recording Secretary; II. C.
Mossman, Financial Secretary; M.
G. Paschoal, Senior Woodward;
George Rhoades, Junior Woodward ;
J. Coelho, Junior Beadle. J. M.
Machado is tho District Deputy
Chief Ranger.
Admiral Taylor, committed Btii-
and Mrs. Laurier may visit Hawaii.
Oklahoma and Nevada.
Bishop Smith is dead of heart disease
has announced tho names of the
Fang is not among tho number.
Nanking is reported captured. The
its independence. The governor of
establish a Chinese national bank
thousand imperial troops aio pre
has been decided to send a regiment
Tao. It is regarded as an interna
The 13 imperial ships which
the attack on Nanking.
their wagons to haul the banana
Belhna askR for an injunction
hearing will be held today. The
Arbor Day in Wailuku
Arbor Day, Friday, November
10th, was observed in the Wailuku
Public School with appropriate ox
erciscs in tho various rooms.
No planting was dono, as tho
school grounds are well laid out
with somo 150 palms, shado and
ornamental trees and shrubs.
I'retty borders m colored crayon
picturing trees, were observed in
tho primary rooms. Attractive
board decorations, suitablo to tho
day, wero seen in tho principal's
room. Hero also were on exhibition
sonic very creditablo specimens of
the pupils drawings of various trees
leaves and landscape in pencil, cray
on and water colors. Clever little
invitations, in tho form of booklets
with covers designed by tho pupils
wero sent out.
Talks wero given on the following
historic trees: Charter Oak, Hart
ford. Conn.; Penn's Treaty Tree
Philadelphia; Washington Elm
Cambridge; Liberty Tree, Boston
Carey Tree, Ohio.
The Woman's Guild of the Church of
the Good Shepherd hold a sale this even
ingi at the Kindergarten rooms. Many
good things, including suitable Xmas
gifts will be on view.
he Gaines Last Sunday Both Well
Judging by tho big noise coming
from tho row of automobiles and
from the grand stand last Sunday,
somo people in Wailuku get excited.
Tho baseball being played on Maui
now will compare favorably with
that put up in Honolulu, and as
the season progresses, the different
teams will tighten up and runs will
become harder to get.
Tho first game Sunday between
Paia and Kahului, began with both
teams very confident of winning, as
both had strengthened. Tho
strengthening of Paia was illegal,
ho.vever, and they were obliged to
let their new man warm tho bench
The sluggers from Kahului got busy
soon after the game started, and
they hammered tho hall all over the
lot. Towards the ciid of tho game
Paia woko up and gave Kahului a
fight, but it was too late, and the
breakwater boys got away on the
long end of tho score.
Tho second game between the
Stars and the Wailukus was tho big
noise. When these two teams face
one another, it seems as though the
spectators become charged as with
electricity. Many of them became
so excited last Sunday, that they
entirely forgot themselves. Tho
game was a good one, and it was
demonstrated early that the score
was going to be small, as the play
ers were up on their toes, and tak
ing chances which required many
close decisions from the umpire.
The Stars mado tho same fatal mis
take that tho Kahuluis did ii; the
previous gamo against Wailuku
They waited too long, looking to
the wildness of Meyer to give them
a free pass to first, and whilo he
did pass quite a number, still he
continually had the batters in
hole, and succeeded in striking out
13 Stars. Tho game was won for
Wailuku in the third inning, when
by good clean consecutive hitting
they knocked out four runs. Aftor
that Bal tightened up, and only
one more run was scored.
Next Sunday tho sccno will be
transferred to Kahului where tho
Stars meet the Paias for tho
last gamo in the series, and the
Wailukus meet the Kahuluis. The
Star-Pa-a game will bo played
first, and these teams should make
an effort to start their game on
time, as last Sunday tho last inning
of tho last game was played in
Isaac, If 5
H. Moto, 2b.... 5
Meyers, ss 4
Kalco, c 4
Sylva, lb 4
Meyer, p 4
1110 0
2 112
2 2 0 2
10 0 0
10 11
3 2 8 0
0 1 14 1
0 0 10
0 0 0 1
Lyons, cf 20
Lufkin, cf 20
Masaichi, 8b. ...4 0
Totals 38 6 11
8 27 7 7
Oliveira, If 5 2 3 0 1 0 1
Garcia, 2b 5 0 0 0.1 0 1
Bal, p 5 0 1 1 11 0 2
Cummings, c. . ..5 0 10 10 2
Bento, ss 5 0 0 0 2 1 0
Kama, cf 5 1 1 2 2 0 1
Viola 4 11 1 2 2 1
Cockett, lb 4 0 0 0 4 1 1
Voeller, rf 4 1 0 0 0 1 0
Totals.... 42 5 7 4 24 5 9
The Death
of Ely
The Man Who Made the Hist Daring
Flight Meets End.
From an aviation field in Macon,
Ga., where lay tho crushed body of
an aviator who had fallen to his
death, came sad news that recalled
to thousands the memory of a lithe,
boyish looking figure clad in cordu
roy and leggings, wearing an auto
mobile hat and goggles, of a youth
acclaimed at Sclfridge aviation field
ist winter because ho was the hero
of one of tho greatest feats of mo
dern times. Euceno B. Ely had
flown that day to the cruiser Penn
sylvania, landed on its deck and
demonstrated the possibilities of a
Imiliinn ns nn nir pnnrlnr fnr nnvnl
The world astounding flight of
Ely took place just nine months be
fore the day of his death. A3 ho
xrrived aboard tho cruiser ho was
greeted by a beautiful young girl,
lis wife, whoso praiso meant more
to him than tho money and medals
ic received for risking his life.
"This never would have happen
ed if Mabel had been with him.''
declared Mrs. II. C. Hall, mother
of Ely's widow, at her homo in
Corto Madera last night.
"She always inspected his ma
chine before every flight. Ho call
ed her his guardian angel, and sho
wouldn't permit him to ascend
when there appeared to be danger."
Ely's guardian angel was absent
recently for tho first timo sinco her
husband began flying. She receiv
ed word of the tragedy whilo in
New York and telephoned homo
this message :
"Gene i3 dead. Am going to
Davenport, La., at once. Remains
Davenport was the homo of Ely
when a boy. Ho left thero sixteen
years ago, equipped to mako lna
living as a mechanic. Ho worked
at odd jobs indifferently, ho took
up automobiling with slight success;
then tho era of aviation dawned and
Ely taught himself tho flying art.
But Ely knew that the fate of all
who fly is death.
"Tho game will get me somo
day," was his occasional prophecy
to the little wife who kept him un
der her care. Then to reassure her
ho would say :
"I never fly, except where I know
it to bo safe. You know, dear
heart, from insido mo must como
tho necessary assurance that I am
fit. I can't translate it into words,
but when it's voico says 'Don't fly 1'
then Eugene Ely does not fly"
The Monthly Ministers' School was
held at SpreckelsvilIeron last Thursday
morning. The session was one of the
best for many months, and nearly all
present took active part in the proceed
ings. Rev. Mr. Dodge read the second
lecture in a course upon "The Holy Spl
it" assigning topics for Biblical reseach
for next time. Rev. II. P. Judd gave a
drill in New Testament work, while
those who attended passed in work for
Rev. C. G. Bumhaui's ciass iu Sermon
0 4 0 1
0 0 0 6
13 10
o, 1 1 -11
10 110 10 1
0 0 2 2 10 0 2
Two baso hits, Kaleo, Sylva:
on bases, Wailuku S, Stars 10; first
baso on errors, Wailuku 4, Stars 3;
struck out, by Meyer 13, Bal 11;
first base on called balls, of Meyer 6,
Bal 2 ; passed balls, Cummins . ,1,
Tf i . r . 1. 1 i i -mr .
ivaico z, wiui piicucs, uoycr x. t "

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