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What is Best for Maui
is Best for the News
If you wish Prosperity
Advertise in the News
Notes From
Capital City
Vivas' Death
Very Sudden
McCandless May Protest Election i Candidate For County Attorney
Joe Cohen Astonished Jim
Quinn's Troubles.
Killed On Election Night-
Pure Accident.
Special Correspondence.
HONOLULU, Nov. 5 The past
haa been a week of working and
calculating by democrats nnd re
publicans alike. At this writing
both sides arc as certain of victory
as tho Turks are of defeat, and the
same old rulo obtains. Some one
will get it in the throat. Thero was
a largo gathering at tho final rally
of the democrats Monday night
when McCandless throw the hooks
in to Kuhio. Tho same words may
bo used in speaking of tho republi
can rally changing only tho names
of tho persons on whom the hooks
were directed.
The greatest campaign in the his
tory of the islands is that mado by
Cohen. He has been without an
organ though the Advertiser is
obviously not a republican nor de
mocratic mouthpiece and conse
quently, might have boosted Joe to
victory. Its attitudo in tho support
Parker has been much admired
by the straight out republicans, and
croated smiles on faces of those who
have lived hero a long time, and
who know Sam's ability aB a busi
ness man. Before this letter ib
closed tho result will have beon
wimd vou for that reason there is
no use prophesying results.
There was only one serious thing
to spoil the fine, glorious, Repub
lican clean sweep on Maui. That
was the terrible accident that wiped
out the life of poor John Vivas.
The well known attorney, who was
running as the Democratic candi
date for Comity Attorney, died in
the hospital before the results of
the election became known.
There is no blame to be attached
to anyone in connection witn
Vivas' death. It was simply one
of those fated events that will hap
pen, from time to time. The
Coroner's Jury that investigated
the matter on Wednesday last re
turned a verdict of accidental
From the story developed at the
of a notice inserted in tho Adverti- (Killed Accidentally On Election Night.)
scr by Ex-Supervisor J. C. Quinn jnqUest it appears that J. B. Thom-
that lie will pay no acDis uniesa uicy son ftnd Dan QuiU of puunene
have been contracted by him or on j . on the ront seats o
his written order. The advertise- the first uamed mau,s car j, M
ment was tho outcome of a lamiiy yivas was QU the rear seat-
scrap botween Quinn and his wife
the othorday, in which the femalo
of tho snccics did not come out
second best. The green eyed mon
ster invaded tho Quinn home
shortly after tho genial James went
over to the other side of tho island
and nurchased a Chineso wife. It
The party was returning to Wai-
luku from Puunene and, when
near the Electric Company's power
house, it seems that Thomson, who
was driving, got some pipe ashes
in his eyes. He swung around
the curve and just grazed an
electric light post. The front part
was a departure from all tho rules lf the car did not touch the post(
governing marital reiauonsmp m
nnlitn Ancrlo Saxon society. But
x -
tho wife of James' bosom is said
(Continued on rage 6.)
Fine Record
For Bowling
but the rear side of the machine
must have just scraped it. The
hind mud cuard was seen to be
dinted when examined later on.
As soon as Thomson passed the
post, Quill turned in his seat ana
remarked "Hello John." There
was no reply and the car was at
once stopped. To his horror
Thomson found Vivas huddled up
on the floor of the car. The man
was unconscious and had evidently
been stricken by something.
Haste was made to the hospital
Voters Declare They Are Satisfied With Present Officials
Supervisors to Have New ChairmanQuiet
Day Kaupo First In.
Hana Is Mad
Right Along
Claudine's Visit this Week Stirs Up Town
People Big Kick From
Maui was truo to tho G. 0. P. on
Tuesday last, and tho results of tho
election on this island showed that
the Republican Spirit is just as strong
today on the Valloy Island as at any
timo in the past.
The election proceeded veryquictly
and, except for a family scrap or
two, the day was gone through with
only hard Iwork and intervals for
The Maui News kept tho public
informed of the results of both the
local, Oahu and Mainland elections.
The news from Honolulu and tho
coast was very meager, and all efforts
were directed to keeping the Maui
figures straight. A big crowd gathered
outsido tho News office and, as the
results wero posted on the black
board, cheers went up from the de
lighted Republicans.
It was after midnight before the
final figures for Maui were announ
ced. The crowd then melted away
and except for a fight or two, every
thing was quiet. As far as Maui
went, tho only real interest was
taken in tho contest between Coelho
and Kalama, for tho Chairmanship
of the Board of Supervisors. All tho
other contests were won before a
vote was cast.
In connection with tho fight for
the Chairmanship, it will bo noticed
that both men fell away down on
the vote. This is accounted for by
tho fact that Coelho and Kalama
aro both Union men. Tho brethren
were not disposed to voto for cither
candidate in case, by doing so, they
might injuire tho other "brother".
One of tho Union's creeds is that no
brother can injure another.
The first return in to tho News
office was that of Kaupo, that star
ted tho ball rolling and, incidentally,
showed how strong Kuhio was on
the other side of tho island.
It was not till nine o clock or so
that tho returns began to como in
fast. A willing body of volunteers
f Continued on page 2 ,
Honolulu News.
HONOLULU. Nov. 8. Chief of Detectives McDuffie leaves for
China on the steamship "China." The Chief is after Chong, the ab
sconding bank clerk, who got away .with $15,000.
Kuhio, who won out from McCandless by a big majority, spent
$l,2UU in the campaign.
McCandless has not yet decided to contest the election.
The Republicans in the Legislature are not strong enough to
control the House. There is danger of a deadlock.
G. J. Waller is candidate for Governor; Isenberg for Secretary of
Territory; Effinger for Auditor; Trent for Territorial Treasurer'and
half a dozen men aro mentioned for United States District Attorney.
R. W. Breckons is said to be resigning at once.
HONOLULU, Nov. 7. The following figures are now available.
Mayor, Fern, 2605; Hustace, 675; Sam Parker, 2033. Sheriff, Jarrett,
4162; Bob Parker, 2167 County Attorney, Cathcart, 3298; J. Light
foot, ,3225. Only one Republican Supervisor elected (Cox) . Two
Republican Representatives (Cooke and Watkins.)
C. K. Chong, for fourteen years in the employ of tho First Na
tional Bank, has defaulted to the tune ot thousands. Ho is .said to
have left on the "Siberia". He may bo brought back from Yokohama.
W. C. Moore sues his wife for divorce and names Captain Houd
lette the man in tho case.
Kiawe Bean
Going Strong
Company That Bought Renear Patents
Boosting Industry Along
To Success.
Coast News.
LOS ANGELES, Nov. 7. Complete returns show
lead by 457.
CHICAGO, Nov. 8. Wilson carried the election here
He carried KansaB by 15,000.
SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 8. Governor Johnson controls California.
WASHINGTON, Nov. 7. President Taft returned to town today.
Roosevelt to
by 10,000.
! Maui can do something else bo
sides elect a straiuht Republican
ticket. The Mauians can play where everything possible was done
bowls bettor than mo3t island teams, by the doctor and nurses. There
In fact Ed. Deinert, tho biggest fan was no hope for the unfortunate
n.n .lnnina flmt Armii is man. however, and he died one
oninc to beat tho rest of the clubs hour after the accident happened.
The idea of everybody is that
ill fcvi. 1
Puunene leads in tho Inter-Island Vivas was asleep 011 the rear seat
4MiKnnmnnt nnrl Mm tontll InnVs lllTfi His head was reclining on the side
. of the car and, when the rear side
a winner. , , of the auto grazed the post Vivas
As thero was some talk about strieken and killed. The man
Maui only being an in and out never moved after being hit
team with no endurance." Deiner The Lusitana Society was uoti
r. .noil nnrl plinllnnrrnrl flirt "K"nnni fied of Vivas' death and the body
,i ... n'u was shinned to Honolulu last
go camo off last week, and Deinert nurs
and Scholtr represented Puunene. H. E. Adams, representing tho
T?nr tlirno hours nnil t Viivtv-fivn Mutual Life Co, of New Yark, is in
!, 4, i 1 J Wailuku. Mr. Adams has traveled
,. , , , extensively and has gathered a great
Knowing cniuuwn aim repealing f , f oslwrioncc8 in different
ino uose. ccuouz aauered out aiwo COuntrios.
while Deinert accounted for
Supervisors Decide To Do Work Right-of-Way Will
Be Sought Biggest Job Maui Has Ever
AB'the im n neaved the end of their
task tin y were as fresh as when they
, started 1 Now Oahu and Kauai,
Mrs. Luiso C. Jones will sine Sun
day oening, Dudley Buck's "My
Redeemer and My Lord." Tho
choir will repeat tho jYnthcm UBcd
indication Sunday, "Tho Lord is in
His Holy Ti niple," by request.
i-'f ,
Halcakala will bo accessiblo by
auto within a year from now. The
County of Maui will build tho road,
and preliminary inquiries aro now
being made.
It was all brought about at the
meeting of the Board of Supervisors
last Thursday. The Solons went
on record as being in favor of build
ing tho rond'and stops ar to he taken
at onco to obtain the necessary
right-of-way through tho Haleakala
Ranch lands.
As soon as mo ngm-oi-way is
secured, tho surveyors will get to
work and solect tho best route to be
followed. The engineers and road
builders will follow, and actual work
will begin within a short time.
All Maui.and, in fact, tho wholo
group, should rojoico over tho
news. .With Haleakala within easy
reach by automobilo, tho tourist
trade will grow by leaps and bounds.
Tho eight miles of road that must
bo built will cost a good dial of
money, but the County of Maui feels
strong enough to tackle the job.
Maui No Ka Oi.
Special Correspondence
HANA Nov. 6.
Tho Claudinc, on her usual run
from Honolulu arrived at Hana on
Saturday night, at 7:30, The vil
lagers were notified that the
steamer would return a day earlier
on account of election. Tho crew
had to vote which was quite proper.
In addition to this wo were told
that she would bo in at 3 a.
Monday and, 11 wo wanted our
freight, we had to bo down at 3:30
a. m. to receive it.
Well, well, what next? Instead
01 coming in at d a. m., she camo
along Sunday evening at 9-30, and
at 3 a. m. Monday, she blew her
whistle for all hands to turn out
and go to work. This was about!
tho limit for the peaceful populaco
of Hana.
There is no hurry at all, you
understand, it is just to show what
is to bo expected from tho steam
ship scrvico in this islands. Do
what they wish or go begging for
your freight.
Thero was absolutely no hurry
this week no need of getting to
Kahului any earlier as, by so doing,
the poor stock holders aro out that
extra eight dollars that it costs for
docking at tho wharf at Kahului
before 12 noon.
Of course wo must not forget tho
fact there was a lot of satisfaction
in making tho beggars at Hana
hump their freight this week
It seems about time that, for tho j
comfort of tho steerage passengers
travelling on our Island boats, better
accomodation should bo furnished
them. It is too bad that some good
citizen did not call Secretary Fish-
cr'a attention to this.lt is bad enough
to travel as it is, but have you ever
stopped to think what agony and
suffering goes on in the stcerngo dc
partment of these Island boats?
You, who have never seen tho
steerage of these boats, should go
down and peep into this department
any ono steamer will be enough.
Here is where our Humane Officer
could do a lot of good. Just picture
to yourself if you were poor and
bad to put up with tho state of
affairs. Thousands go through this
ordeal ovory year. Wo hopo tho
Representative from Hana will bo
able to havo a bill passed in thiB
next session of tho Legislature,
where- by tho Bteamship Company
will be compelled to put in berths
for each individual passenger.
If this is impossible, let them go
out of business as passengers boats.
Hero is a matter that our Delegato
Kuhio should bring before tho G3rd
Congress at Washington if it is now
in the power of Hawaiian Legisla'
tion to give the matter its full at
It is up to our Republican Sena'
tors and Representatives now elected
to give this matter their immediate
attention when thoy moot at Hono
lulu this coming Session.
Tl t 1
11 woum not do a Dau iuea lor a
few of our Honorablo elected gentle
men to make the trip to Honolulu
in the steerage so that they will bo
able to talk intellegently on tho
Aro you Gamo Boys I
W. II.. Hoogs, representing tho
syndlcato that bought ot the Re
near algaroba mill patent, was on
Maui during tho week.
Mr. Hoogs, who is well known to
everybody, is deeply interested in
the algaroba indust' and he and ,
his partners aro getting down to
real work regarding the turning of
the Kiawo bean into a well balanced
ration that will take the place of
imported barley, corn and oats.
And, when ono stops to remember
that in ono year 1911 tho huge
sum of $1,760,000 was spent on
imported stock feed, tho magnitude
of the industry that is to supplant
the foreign stuff, can bo imagined.
Mr, Hoogs company is getting in
touch with all the' plantation people
and tho resulta, so far, arc very en
Tho difficulty caused formerly by
the excess of oil in tho bean and
which clogged the rollers of the mill,
has been removed. Tho crushing
of tho algaroba bean goes on as
easily as possiblo now, says Mr.
Mr. Hoogs, who was on the Ha
waiian Promotion Committee for
years, is a great traveller. Ho has
visited most parts of tho world and,
last year paid a flying trip to Aus
tralia. Ho was entertained thero
by tho biggest men of tho Common
wealth, and was shown everything
of interest. The Honolulu man re
turned to Hawaii an ardent booster
for tho Island Continent.
While on Maui Mr. Hoogs took
an active interest in local affairs..
Ho declared that Wailuku is a fino,
clean up-to-dato town. "It is a
pleasuro to seo such a town," he
said. "I think that the town is
simply fine. You havo excellent
hotels, and the way tho election
news was given out on Tuesday,
night would have been credit to a
much larger place than Wailuku."
The much traveled ono left for Hilo
on tho Mauna Kea. Ho will placo
the algaroba proposition before the
plantation manager and others of
tho "Big Island."
Alley Record
For Five Men
Down at Puuneno all sorts of re
cords in the bowling line aro being
shattered. Tho story of tho creat
endurance record is given elsewhere
and now here is another ono that
compols attention.
Tho fivo man record was made at
Puunene last week and the men and
scores wero as follow :
1 2 3 Totll. Aver.
Hal 204 18S 226 61S 209.0
ciniiiugwottu 193 204 188 585
201 199 203 603
148 171 148 497
136 159 IS7 4S
882 921 922 2725 Total.
got a good start on school building
that is now going up in tho town of
Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Anderson,
of the Nuhiku Rubber Co., are back
again after an extended trip to tho
Congress of Rubber men at New
York. Their many frionds wnrn
Oss and lus carpenters havo fairly glad to seen them looking so well.
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