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If you wish Prosperity
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Honolulu Letter Gives Interesting Details-Newspaperman
Wanted Job In Washington-What Knox
Said-Other News From Capital.
Special Correspondence.
HONOLULU, Nov. 22.
The gubernatorial talk seems to
be sifting down to hard pan so that
McCandlcss is about the only one
with his head above the dust pile.
E. M. Watson, the attorney, came
out in the Star-Bulletin on Monday
acknowledging an honor which his
friends seem to think will be thrust
upon him. He is a good citizen,
a good lawyer and would unquest
ionably make an acceptable gover
nor. But Link crops up just the
same and one hears very little of
Mr. Waller so that ho may drop
out, or pop up, later as a dark horse.
W. A. Kinney, in riding west to
San Francisco, two weeks ago, ex
pressed the belief to a friend that
Link would be the next governor.
In fact Kinney is back of McCand
lcss in spite of the fact that he has
himself been mentioned as a possi
bility. TRUB STATE.
The true state of affairs in the
democratic party on thiSjisland is
not made public by those who
know, but Rivenburg did not hesi
, tate to say the other day that he and
' Link have had a serious difference
and Link was heard to sputter pro
fane words to a degree that was
unmistakable in their intent. He
told Rivonburg ho was a lot of things
unfit for publication', and Riv. told
Link to go to the tap and wash out
his mouth. It looks as though
there was a real break between the
powers. In a Bmall coterie McCand
less wants to be the bull moose,
not a Rooseveltan, of the crowd,
. and if he is not allowed everything
in sight, motion or resolution, he
threatens to quit playing and go
back to his water rights. In that
respect he is almost babyish.
While on tho subject of democracy
it is well to consider what the big
fellows in Washington will do after
the Fourth of March. Wilson and
Champ Clarke express themselves in
favor of lighter duties on sugar and
everything else, in fact, that tends
to increase the cost of living. I
have thought over the matter a good
deal and ask myself what it is tho
sugar of peopleHawaii will have to
put up for an argument why the
duty should remain. Secretary
Fisher was pretty well convinced
that the few individual planter?,
sometimes called homestoaders, are
not profiting largely through their
efforts to grow cane. It is not on
record where tho men have more
than come out even.
Here's an incident which may ro
flect tho handwriting on the wall:
Out at the Moana Hotel one day
during the visit of Secretaries Knox
and Fisher, tho former put this
Much Money
At Bazaar
No less a sum than $555 was taken
in at tho bazaar of the Church of
tho Good Shepherd. Tho affair was
most successful and the committee
in charge feel very satisfied.
The bazaar was held last Satur
day 'evening and a big crowd of
people attended. A special train
ivas run from Puuneno and Kahu
lui and tho rain that fell did not
keep many people away.
There were many beautiful things
on sale and tho stalls were cleared
-out at an early hour.:
question to a gentleman who hap
pencd in the room: "What does
all this unrest in tho islands mean?
There seems to be more than has
come to Washington." Tho person
to whom the question was put not
answering tho query promptly Se
cretary Knox answered it for him
this way.
"There is too much of the busi
ness of tho country controlled by
too few; it savors of a gigantic trust
which should be ended.
And then Secretary Fisher re
peated his somewhat famous remark:
"Thero are greater things under
lying affairs in Hawaii, and causing
turmoil in a business way, than the
objection to the Governor which
ended in the charges being made."
Of course these remarks may not
moan anything important to the
people of tho islands, and then again
they may. Knox is a peculiar little
fellow who frequently emphasizes
his remarks in a manner more forca
ble than fastidcous. It is needless to
say that when he expressed himself
as I have noted above the dashes
and what-not were there. Unlesd
the chango in tho administration at
Washington interferes, I expect to
have some interesting reading in
the Fisher document.
I understand one of the bright
and shining lights of tho newspaper
fraternity is an applicant for the
position of representative of the
Chamber of Commerce and Mer
chants Association at Washington.
Also I am told thero is pposition
to the appointment of anyone to
the place for the reason ' that as
Ballou is toting for tho sugar inter
ests, which is the largest by long
odds, the little fellows will need no
staff to lean upon.
When the last Central Committee
went out of existence Billy HoogR,
the treasurer, turned over a clean
slate and a balance in cash to the
credit of the new committee. The
difference between the old and tho
new was shown in court Monday
when Bad Debt Collector Mills se
cured a judgement against the com
mittee for a debt due Dcering, a
chauffeur, for services rendered and
it is said on the street today that a
lot of the patriots at $2.00 per diem,
who were supposed to hand in
truthful reports of conditions in the
various precincts, are howling for
tho last few weeks pay. Automo
bile drivers and owners now go
about with a continual crouch be-
i cause they haYO not been paid. It
does not reflect credit on the men
who held the destinies of tho patty I
in the hollow of their collective
hand. They have had tho experi
ence filed away carefully in their
individual safe depostt boxes in ono
of tho trust companies.
Ready For
Mask Ball
Without a doubt there wiU be a
big crowd at tho Masquerade Ball
in tho Wailuku Town Hall, on the
Evo of Thanksgiving. Tho affair is
being worked up well by the com
mittee in charge, and the music,
floor and refreshment will be tho
best possible to obtain.
The costumes aro being worked on
in many a home and tho variety
will surprise those peoplo who do
not know what Maui is capable of
in that line.
Tickets are selling rapidly, and
those who like a good time Bhould
get busy and purchaso the neces
sary pass at once. r Jt&ljik
Soon Changed
His Opinion
Farmer Gets Jolt When He Realized
What Free Trade Really
Reports from tho mainland arc
beginning to startle peoplo who be
lieve in Protection and who, with
Lincoln, think it better to "have
both the goods and the money for
the goods, in the country," than to
send the money to foreign countries,
whilo our own workmen starve
A good story by Judgo 0. J. Pago,
of Marion, 111., is printed herewith.
It will show tho Democrats of Maui
how mistaken they were in voting
for anything Democratic. The
story follows:
Illustrating the mistaken impres
sion that some farmers have of con
ditions, the speaker related an in
cident of a young Illinois farmer
who recently went to a hardware
storo to buy a buggy. Tho young
man had heard tho Democratic
claim that the Tariff wa3 robbing
him by raising the prices of what
ho had to buy and, like other
thoughtless people, believed it.
Especials trees had been laid by those
to whom he had listened on the
vast increase in the prices of farm
machinery, and ho had been made
to believe that what he had to buy
should be no higher than it was in
1896, wheu nobody had money to
buy anything.
It was before the new crop of
corn had begun to bo marketed and
tho price was around 00 cents that
the young farmer went to his dealer
to get the buggy. He was asked to
pay $65 for a Moon vehicle, manu
factured in St. Louis by American
labor, from American materials.
' Why," said the farmer, "my
father bought that very same buggy
from this very same storo in 1896
much cheaper than that, and now I
know it is true that prices have been
raised, as tho Democrats claim, and
that I am being robbed. Guess I'll
have to Btand fo.r the robbery and
take the buggy, but I intend to get
even by voting for Wilson."
Let's see if what you say is true, ' '
returned the merchant. He opened
his ledger at the page containing
the account of the parent who had
bought the cheap buggy in 1896.
Hero is the item, and you are
right," the merchant admitted.
"The books show that your father
bought a Moon buggy from mo in
1896 foi $54."
I told you so,'' exultantly cried
tho customer. And now how are
you going to get around tho claim
that wo farmers aro being robbed
by Tariff taxes?"
Tho merchant, was crestfallen for
a moment and apparently could not
make up his mind what to fifty, until
presently his oyo caught an item on
the credit side of the ledge?. It
was the payment for tho $54 buggy
and read, "by 300 bushels of corn,
at 18 cents per bushel, $54."
"Well," said tho merchant,
"hsre it is shown that your father
hauled mo 300 bushels of corn to
pay for that buggy, shoveling it into
my crib a shovelful at a time. Now
you bring me 300 bushels of corn.
Hitch up to that $65 buggy.
"Drive up a littlo and I will try
to show you about this robbery
business. I went to tio on behind
you this $55 farm wagon. You
have a good strong team and can
pull raoro. Take this $45 mowing
machine. Thero she is.
"Now drive on a littlo further
with your Tariff robbery procession
and givo me room to get at tho front
door. Hero is a $28 cultivator, thut
Elks Play
Masons' Nine
Great Baseball Game At Tuuncne
This Evening Electric Light
Will Be Used.
There will be a great time down
at Puunone this ovening, and not
only will a baseball gamo be played
on tho tennis courts, by electric
light, but a dance will also be given.
The affair promises to be unique
and the Maui fans will be ablo to
watch tho gieat American gamo
played by artificial light. Tho Maui
Elks go up against ttho Maui
There arc a number of players
among tho Elks and the Masons of
Maui, and it is whispered that the
team that wins tonight will chal
lenge tho All-Chinese nine, cham
pions of tho Territory I
It is going to be one big joy burst
this evening, and from the time the
first ball is pitched till tho dance
that follows the game, is ended,
there will be nothing but fun.
The ball game should prove to be
funniest thing seen on Maui for
years, and the men who are to take
part in the strugglo have been train
ing hard for months past. Billy
Lougher and Wren Wescoatt are
wonderful pitchers, and they will
do most of the twirling tonight. It
is rumored that "Bill" hasa "pan"
ball that will make the batters sit
up and take notice.
The Rowing Club will benefit by
the proceeds of this evening's ball
game and dance and, as tho tickets
arc only one dollar each, there is
sure to bo a big attendance.
Tho music will be tho very best,
and an imported band will assist
tho best Quintet on Maui to keep
things going.
I don't want, and it goes along for
tho corn.
"You say you may break your
old harness pulling this stuff? Well,
I would not want you to have any
bad luck like that, so take them
off and put on in their place this
new $35 set. The corn, my boy,
tho corn, so don't get excited.
Now, 3'ou'ro pretty well fixed,
but wait. You are a young married
man andmay need it, so take along
this $10 baby carriage. Look like
a storm is coming up, 'and as you
are somewhat overheated just, now
you might catch cold. This $2
laprobo will help to avoid that, and
hero's a $2 whip to help induce that
$500 span of mules to do their best
in getting homo with tho difference
between tho value of 300 bushels
of corn in Tariff robbery and Free
Trade times.
"Not yot ready to start? Have
you got to buy a suit of clothes and
some groceries? Well, there's a
robber Tariff on them too," and the
merchant bade his customer wait a
minute beforo driving away at tho
hw of the Tnriff robbery, Republi
can procession.
After making a fow figures, he
took out his checkbook fvlld opened
it, as he closed his monologue with !
"I am fighting the robber Tariff to
day, and tho high cost of living
shall not hurt you. Here is somo-
tning tnat will take caro of the
clothes and groceries, Tariff robbery
and all, besides, possibly Jeave you
something for a present for tho
wife,' and ho handed tho man who
kicked on tho $11 rise in tho price
of the buggy a check for $30.
1 he story brought down tho house,
and well it might, for strange as it
may seem, tho differenco in 300
bushels of corn at 18 cents and 90
cen'j will about pay the articles
mentioned at tho prices quoted.
American Economist.
Whuo will we all bo if tho sugar
duty is fiddled with? Probably like
tho farmor of 1896 up against it!
Head Inspector Claims Maui Man Takes Wrong Point
Of View-Hon. P. P. Claxton Commends
Hawaiian Course of Study.
Editor Maui News.
Dear Sir:
Mr. Copcland, wittingly or un
wittingly, made several mistakes in
his article in tho Maui Nkws of tho
2nd inst.
Ho stated that tho course of study
as revised and worked out in detail
by the Supervising Principals, last
May, contained no Nature Study.
Now, the original copy of that
course of study together with tho
letter of transmittal, signed by all
the supervising principals is on file
and does contain a full outline in
Nature Study.
The Commissioners appointed a
committee to revise and preparo the
manuscript for tho printer. Tho
members of this committee were
Mr. J. C. Davis, Mr. H. II. Brodic,
Mr. H. M. Wells, Miss Bertha Ben
Taylor, and tho Inspector of
Schools, ex-officio, Chairman. The
majority of this committee decided
to change the heading Nature Study
to Home Geography and cut out
some of tho detailed work recom
mended by the supervising princi
pals, so that the courso.as approved
and authorized by the Commission
ers contains less work in Nature
Study under the heading "Homo
Gcograbhy" than that submitted
by the supervising principals with
tho recommendation to the Commis
sioners to adopt the same and to
that recommendation is attached
the signature of C. E. Copeland.
Tho statement that prior to the
introduction of Nature Study into
tho schools, sixteen per cent of our
(.Continued on page 2.)
Rival Teams
For Tonight
Now that the lineups up of tho
two ball teams that are to battle it
out Electic Light, on tho Puuneno
courts tonight, are known, more
interest than ever is being shown
in tho coming struggle. The play
ers will bo as follow: Masons D.
C. Lindsay, F. P. Rosecrans, II. K.
Duncan, C, C, Campbell, W. W.
Westcoatt, Rev, W. S. Short, E. F.
Dinert, C. J. Schocning and C.
Savago. Elks F. W. Locey, Dan
Carey, Win. Lougher, F. W. Jen
nings, Wm. Walsh, Mr. Hutchings,
Win. Decoto, P. Ilenning, E. C.
Mellor, Capt. Parker, J. B. Thomp
son, Hugh Howell, Dr. Russell, E.
J. Walker and Capt. Wickert.
It will surprise Mauians to know
that among tho forgoing names
thero aro men who have, in tho
tkrfc past, played baseball in somo
of tholnest of our American cities,
and who have friid tribute to tho
leading league tC$m teams of
The gamo promises to bo full
sensational plays and a largo score
is inevitable, just which sido will
get tho score is in doubt, but the
odds aro being offered of 100 to 1
on ono of tho teams.
If you mis3 tho gamo you will
miss a good time and also a good
danco after tho game.
"Bill" Stewart, of the Honolulu
Police Department, va3 a Wailuku
visitor during the week,
pupils passed beyond tho Fourth
grade is also a mistake. Nature
Study was tho second time intro
duced into the course of study in
1897. The percentage of pupils
above the Fourth grade in 1896 was
8.8, in 1897, the percentage rose
to 16.8; in 1899, it was 18.
Now, it might bo contended that
this improvement was duo to the
introduction of Nature Study into
our schools. But tho reason for the
change is much simpler. In 1896,
tho Fifth grade used the Third
Reader; in 1897, tho Fifth grade
began the Second Reader. Again
in 1905, when a new course of study
was adopted prescribing tho Fifth
Reader for tho Fifth grade, tho per
centage of tho pupils aboye tho
Fourth grade fell from 14.5 in
1904 to 9.1 in 1906. Tho per
centage has been going up ever
since and in 1911, it was over 14
It is evident that considerable
progress was made in tho eight
years since it was deemed possible
to raise the requirements in reading
in the Fifth grade from tho Second
Reader in 1897 to the Fifth Reader
in 1905.
Mr. Copeland has tho wrong point
of view entirely in regard to Nature
Study. Ho seems to think tho
teacher is required to teach tho
child botany and agriculture when
tho Courso of Study says, Plant
and observe the taro, tho rice, tho
bean, etc.," or that he must be an
entomologist to lead the children in
studying the "life history of the
wasp, dragon-fly, mosquito, etc."
New Book For
Maui Library
"Light and Shades of a Long Epis
copate," has just been placcdin the
Maui Library. This is a most in
teresting biography of Bishop Whip
ple of Minnesota. The Bishop is
very well known by many on Maui,
and tho tho book will bo read with
much interest here.
A largo numDcr of new members
have joined the Library this his?
week. At tho last meeting of tllg
Administration Committro, Mrs. C.
C. Gossin was given a leave of ab
sence for six months. She goes to
tho coast by the next "Honoluluan,"
leaving about December 6th. Mrs.
Louiso Chisholm Jones has been
selected to tako her place for the six
Teachers Will
Read Papers
KNext Wednesday, at the Wnilukn
"v -
Schobrtll0 MftU Teachers will meet
and many '" ,w
Tho pi
will begr
thoso int
invited t
If 41

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