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Eugsn War' Quick Wit.
The rendy wit of the lnte Eugene F.
Ware, author of "The Washerwoman's
Song" and other poems. Is shown in
the following story:
lie was giving a dinner at his home
In Kansas City, Kan., the place to
which he had retired after he resigned
from the office of pension commission
er at Washington under Roosevelt
The guests were equally divided be
tween Mlssourlans, from the twin city
across the line, and Kansans. All
present had Imbibed the spirit of their
genial humorous host.
Said a Mlssourlan: "Ton Kansans al
ways have your brass bands going
and your flags flying. We, from Mis
souri, get tired of your cocksurencss.
Tell me, what have you decided about
the hen, for instance. Does she sit
or does she set?"
"We don't bother about things like
that," flashed Ware. "What concerns
us, when she cackles, Is, has she laid
or has she lied?" Llppincott's.
B Loving,
They gleam like the dawn of the morning,
These two little heart searching words,
And thrill with a passion of music,
Like rapturous carol of birds.
Be loving they hold In completeness
The germ of a beautiful life.
The heart that with love Is o'erflowing
Has no room for rancor and strife.
Be loving true love is forgiving.
Unselfish and patient and kind.
Flies quickly to render glad service.
Some plea for the weakest will And.
Be loving, for never a blossom
That blooms In his garden abova
I dear to the heart of the Master
Aa the great white lily of love.
Louise JackBon Strong.
Wound Up th Wrong On.
Jones was Just putting on his coat
when he casually remarked to Mrs.
Jones that bo would be working, over
time that night
"Don't wait for me, dear," he re
marked. "I may be rather later than
usual. But, there, It cannot be helped."
At breakfast next morning he was
stonily silent and the stillness of the
room was not even broken by the tick
tick of the clock on the mantelpiece.
"Mnry dear," remarked Jones pres
ently, "there is something wrong with
the clock. I wound it up last night
"Oh, no, you didn't!" said Mrs. Jones
Icily. "What you did wind up was
Teddy's musical box, and when you
came to bed at 3 o'clock this morning
It was playing 'Ilome, Sweet Home.' "
Chicago Journal. .
It Tickled Hr.
' E. B. Sothern, the actor, says that a
laugh In the wrong place strikes chill
to an actor's heart "Sometimes," he
continued, "it works havoc, as the fol
lowing Incident will indicate:
"A stock company was playing
'Othello.' At the point in the fifth act
where Othello cries, 'It Is too late!' and
smothers Desdemona with a pillow, a
burst of convulsive laughter pealed
from the gallery. Othello at first paid
no attention to the disturbance and
went on with his lines 'Not dead, not
quite dead!' when another and more
uproarious ' guffaw, coupled with the
contagious giggling of a hundred worn
en, caused him to arise in real rage and
call the curtain.
"Next morning, while the leading
man was at breakfast, the meek wait
ress who brought his dishes whispered
apologetically, 'Perhaps I am to blame
for the trouble at the play last night
"'How Is that? the actor Inquired
with a frown, for he had just finished
reading the local press notices.
"'I I'm awfully sorry, sir,' she re
plied, 'but really I couldn't help laugh
ing. If there's anything that tickles me
It's a pillow fight !' "Cosmopolitan
Magazine. -
A somewhat unpatriotic little son of
Italy, twelve years old, came to his
teacher in the public BChool and asked
If he could not have bis name changed.
"Why do you wish to change your
name?" the teacher asked.
"I want to be an American. I live In
America now. I no longer want to be
. dago."
"What American name would you
like to have?"
"I have it here," be said, handing the
teacher a dirty scrap of paper on which
was written Tutrlck Denuls McCarty,
Carlyls, Emerson and Satan.
Carlyle and Emerson once had a pas
sage of arms on the subject of the ex
istence of the devil. Carlyle believed
in the devil. He hud a robust and de
fiant faith in such a personage, and we
kuow that when Carlyle had a belief
In anything it was so even If it wasn't
so. The greut American writer did not
believe. They argued the thing for
some time. "Well, come and see him
for yourself," said Carlyle, and the
poor poet, wondering whether the otb
er had the devil chained up anywhere,
put on his bat and went out into the
London night. Carlyle took him round
to various gin shops in Seven Dials, to
certain dens of lnfuuiy and low cluss
music halls. "Do you believe In the
devil now?" said Carlyle. Apparently
Emerson did not. They finished up by
going to the distinguished strangers'
gallery of the house of commons. It
was a wild night of impassioned
speeches, sawing of arms and thump
ing of fists. Emerson had never seen
anything like It and said so, and Car
lyle nudged bis elbow into Emerson a
ribs and whispered gravely, "Do you
believe In a devil now!"
fwo Jolt to Hi Dignity That Cam In
Rapid Succession.
The late Chief Justice Waite, a man
of extreme dignity, started for Balti
more one afternoon many years ago
from the old Baltimore and Ohio sta
tion. Ue discovered, to his horror,
that be had only a few pennies in his
pockets. His train was due to depart
In a few minutes, and his engagement
was an important one. He looked
around for a friend, but found none.
So be filed boldly up In line to the
ticket office. When he reached the
window he smiled pleasantly at the
agent and asked htm if he recognized
"Naw, I don't!" snarled that amia
ble official. "What do you want?"
"I want a ticket to Baltimore and
return," replied the justice. "I am
"do Ton KNOW MB?"
chief justice of the supreme court. I
have no money with me. I must have
forgotten my purse. I can give you
my personal check"
"Oh, you can, can you?' Interrupted
the agent wrathfully. "You mean you
can't! That game don't go with me.
I just had two members of the cabinet
try to work me for tickets, and the
supreme court gag don't go half as
good. Brush by! There's others be
hind you with the price!"
Justice Waite was dumfounded. He
couldn't fine the young man for con
tempt of court so he just glared at
him and blushed and perspired.
He dashed out of the station in hope
of meeting some one who could iden
tify him. He had only a minute or
two left At the entrance of a saloon
across the street he accosted the pro
prietor, a short haired, freckled faced
Irishman, with the frantic inquiry:
"Do you know me?"
"Sure I do, yer honor," said the man
behind the bar. "Ye are wan of the
bosses of the supreme coort I see ye
lvery day goln' by here on the cars."
"Will you cash a check for me?
Quick! I have no time to explain!"
And the excited justice grabbed a pen
from the desk near by and began to
write like mad.
"Sure I will!" agreed the Irishman
promptly. "I have seen ould b'ys off
on a tear befure git out of money.
Trust me, sir; I'll say nothin. Is It a
twinty ye want? Here ye are. Will
ye have a dhrink befure ye go?"
But the chief justice was on his way
across the street, and he just managed
to catch bis train. Edward Riddle
Padgett In Washington Star.
A 8urpri.
The Rev. E. J. Hardy, in his book
"The Unvarying East" tells a delight
ful story. A young lady about to
visit the Holy Land called on an old
lady friend. She mentioned that she
soon hoped to see Jerusalem, Bethle
hem, Galilee and many of the other
places mentioned in the Bible.
The old lady put down her work,
removed her spectacles and exclaimed
in great surprise, "Well, now, I knew
that all these places were In the Bible,
but I never thought of them being on
the earth."
Two Punster.
Senator Pomereue of Ohio and Sen
ator Martlue of New Jersey had never
been known to crack a joke. Con
sequently, when Senator John Sharp
Williams announced the other day
that be bad beard some airy, humor
ous pleasantries passed between them,
be was regarded as giving forth a
peculiarly malicious falsehood.
"It's true, nevertheless," insisted
Williams. "Senator Ponierene turned
to Senator Murtlne and said, 'If Sena.
tor Burton were to go into the cellar
would the coal shoot'
"At which Senator Martlue instant
ly said: 'No, but the kindling would.' "
New York World.
A Prix Definition.
A netably amusing answer was given
by a student in the natural philosophy
class at Edinburgh university.
Professor Talt bad given as one of
the questions in an examination paper,
"Define transparent, translucent and
opaque," which was dealt with by the
student thus: "I cannot precisely define
these terms, but I can indicate their
meaning in this way; The windows of
this classroom were once transparent;
they are now translucent and if not
cleaned very soon will be opaque."
The answer gained full marks from
the amused professor.
Notice is hereby given that the
following ordinance will be taken
up for final consideration at 10:00
o'clock A. M. Saturday, January
4, 1913:
Be it Ordained by the Board of
Supervisors within and for the
County of Maui:
Section 1. No milk producer
or milk vender shall, after this Or
dinance becomes operative, either
himself or through his agents, ser
vants or employes, offer or expose
for sale, or sell or deliver fdr sale,
use or consumption within the
County of Maui, any milk or pro
duct thereof, without first having
obtained from the Board of Super
visors of the County of Maui a per
mit so to do as hereinafter provided:
Section 2. To procure such a
permit, the applicant therefor shall
present to the Chairman of the
Board of Supervisors a written
application, and shall state therein
the name and business and resi
dence addresses of the applicant,
the source or sources from which
said applicant obtains, or will ob
tain, supplies of milk, the number
of cows in the possession of said
applicant, the daily average quan
tity of milk disposed of by said
applicant, and the manner and
character of such disposition. He
shall, within four months after the
filing of such application, furnish
a certificate from a veterinary sur
geon showing that all such cows
are free from tuberculosis. The
Board of Supervisors shall provide
for the testing of cows and the fur
nishing of such certificate without
charge to the applicant. Such
application shall be made to the
Chairman of the Board of Super
visors upon printed blanks to be
furnished by said Board for such
purposes. Such application shall
further state the specific brand of
business name, if any. under which
said milk or milk product is to be
sold, exchanged or distributed,
Sectiom 3. If the Board of Su
pervisors, upon sucn application
shall determine that the statements
therein made are true and satis
factory, it shall be the duty of the
Board of Supervisors to direct its
Chairman to issue, and said Chair
man shall thereupon issue to said
applicant a permit to sell, expose
or offer for sale, exchange, deliver
or distribute milk or its products
within the County of Maui.
Section 4. One such permit
shall be required for each place of
production, general sale or storage
of milk or its products. Such per
mits shall be issued only in the
names of the owners of the supply
of milk or its products thus on
storage for sale or use, and shall
for the purpose of this Ordinance
be conclusive evidence of such
ownership. No such permit shall
be sold or assigned or transferred.
Such permit shall be subject at all
times to revocation by said Board
of Supervisors in its discretion up
on sufficient cause therefor shown;
provided, however, that no permit
shall be revoked until after a hear
ing given by the Board of Super
visors in the matter of the revoca
tion of such permit after five (5)
days' notice in writing has been
served on the owner of such per
mit, which notice shall state the
ground of complaint against such
owper, and the time and place of
such hearing; aud provided further
that no permit shall be revoked by
said Board of Supervisors for the
first offense without the unanimous
consent of all the members of said
At least once each year every
person or persons, firm or corpora
tion holding such permit shall
register with the County Clerk his
name or their names and permit
number, and shall make a written
statement to said Board of Super
visors containing all the informa
tion required to be given by appli
cants for permits in their written
applications for permits as here
inbefore provided; and all appli
cations for permits and all such
written statements required as
aforesaid shall be registered in a
register to be kept by the County
Clerk for that purpose.
Section 5. wo person or per
sons, firm or corporation shall sell
or expose for sale or exchange or
deliver or distribute, within the
County of Maui, milk or its pro
ducts from any wagon or vehicle
unless there .shall be exposed on
loth sides thereof the permit of the
person or persons, firm or corpora
tion selling or offering or exposing
for sale, or distributing or deliver
ing or exchanging such milk or its
products. Such permit number
shall be painted on said wagon or
vehicle in Arabic numerals not less
than three (3) inches in height,
and shall be placed on said wagon
or vehicle under the direction of a
duly appointed milk inspector, and
in case milk is sold from vessels
(not carried in any wagon or vehi
cle), then the permit number as
aforesaid shall be put in a conspi
cuous place on such vessel imme
diately below the opening thereof,
so as to be plainly visible on super
ficial inspection; or if such milk or
milk products is sold or exposed or
offered for sale, delivery, distribu
tion or exchange within a store or
house, or on the sidewalk of any
street in the County of Maui, then
such permit number shall also be
constantly exposed in some conspi
cuous manner at the place where
such milk is sold or kept, so as to
be plainly visible.
Section 6. It shall be unlaw
ful to expose for sale, sell, distri
bute, exchange or furnish for
human consumption any milk or
products thereof, in containers
other than glass or glazed earthen
Section 7. It shall be unlaw
ful for any person or persons, firm
or corporation, by themselves or by
their agents, servants or employes,
in the County of Maui, to render
or manufacture, sell, offer for sale
or exchange, deliver, distribute, or
have in his, their or its possession
with intent to sell, expose or offer
for sale or exchange, or distribute
for human consumption, anv im
pure, adulterated, unhealthful or
unwholesome milk or any of its
products or any milk from which
tne cream has been skimmed or
separated unless the same is speci
fically and openly stated to be
skimmed milk.
Section 8. Milk shall be deem
ed to be impure, adulterated, un
healthful and unwholesome within
the meaning of this Ordinance un
der the following stated conditions,
1st. Milk containing less than
eight and one-half per centum
(8.5). of . milk solids, excluding
milk fat.
2nd. Milk containing less than
three per centum (3) of milk fat.
3rd. Milk drawn from cows
within fifteen days before or with
in five days after parturition.
4th. Milk drawn from cows fed
on any unhealthful or unwhole
some feed.
5th. Milk drawn from cows
kept in an unhealthy or unsanitary
condition, or from cows affected
with any form of infections, conta
geous or transmissible disease, or
milk which contains more than one
million bacteria per cubic centi
6th. Milk from which any part
of the cream has been removed,
and milk which immediately upon
being drawn from the cow shall
not have been cooled by submerg
ing the vessel in which the milk is
contained in cool water to a depth
equal to that of said milk in the
vessel, or else cooled by a process
of aeration, and kept in a cool
place at a temperature of not high
er than seventy-seven degress
(77) Fahrenheit until removed
for delivery thereof.
7th. Milk which has been di
luted with water or with any other
fluid, or to which has been added
or into which has been introduced
any foreign substance whatever,
8th. Milk drawn from cows or
by milkers that are themselves in a
condition of filth or uncleanliness
9th. Milk which is shown by
analysis to contain any substance
or substances of any character
whatsoever not natural or normal
constituents of milk, or to have
been deprived either wholly or in
part of any constituent naturally
or normally contained in milk.
10th. Milk containing any pre
servative or antiseptic.
11th. Milk products shall be
deemed impure when produced
from impure milk.
Section 9. It shall be unlaw
ful for any person or persons, firm
or corporation to have or carry on
any wagon or vehicle upon or from
which milk or cream is being or is
brought, carried, stored, deposited,
sold, exchanged, delivered, or dis
tributed, or offered or exposed for
sale or distribution as food for any
human being, any swill, garbage,
refuse or any decaying or ferment,
ing putrefying, foul, unwholesome,
noxious or filthy matter, or any
cans or receptacles containing any
material or substance with which
milk or any of its products might
be diluted, adulterated or rendered
impure, unwholesome or unhealth
ful. Section 10. The County Phy
sicians of the various Districts of
the County of Maui shall appoint,
subject to the approval of the Board
of Supervisors, one or more milk
inspectors, for their various dis
tricts as may be necessary to carry
into effect the provisions of this
Ordinance. Said inspectors shall
have all the powers and shall per
form all of the duties provided in
this Ordinance, and shall have
such other powers and perform
such other duties as may be here
inafter prescribed by the Board of
Section 11. It shall be the duty
of the County Physicians in the
various districts to exercise practi
cal supervision in respect to such
milk inspectors, and said milk in
spectors shall be subject to the
direction at all times of said County
Physicians. Said milk inspectors
shall make weekly reports to the
Lounty Physician of the District
for which he may be appbinted of
his official doings.
Section 12. In order to carry
out the purposes and provisions of
this Ordinance, the County Physi
cians and the milk inspectors and
any other duly authorized officers
of the County of Maui, and any
member of the health and sanitation
committee of the Board of Super
visors, shall have the right at any
and' all reasonable times to enter
upon or into the premises of any
producer or vender or distributer
of milk authorized under the pro
visions of this Ordinance, and any
refusal on the part of such pro
ducer or vender or distributer to
allow such entry and such inspec
tion as may be required by such
County Physician, milk inspector
or other officers, may be punished
by the revocation of the permit of
such producer, vender or distri
buter by the said Board of Super
visors. And it shall be unlawful
for any person or persons, firm or
corporation to obstruct or interfere
with the County Physicians, milk
inspectors or any other duly
authorized officer or employe of the
said County in the performance of
any of the duties required by this
Section 13. It shall be the duty
of the milk inspectors to inspect
from time to time all dairies and
other milk establishments within
the various districts of the County
of Maui, for the purpose of satisfy
ing themselves that the provisions
and requirements of this Ordinance
are being observed and obeyed.
Section 14. The County Phy
sicians, the milk inspectors and
other officers of the County as
hereinbefore described shall have
the right to enter and have free
access, egress and ingress at all
reasonable times to all places
where milk or its products are
stored or kept for sale, and to all
wagons, carriages or other vehi
cles, railroad cars, steamboats, or
conveyances of every kind used
for the carrying or transportation
or delivery of milk for the purpose
of consumption in the County of
Section 15. The County Phy
sicians and the milk inspectors
shall have the right at any time to
take samples of milk from any per
son, persons or concern selling or
exposing for sale or exchanging or
delivering or distributing milk in
the County of Maui not exceeding
one quart for each sample, such
sample to be taken in full view and
in the presence of the person from
whom said sample is taken, aud
shall then and there fiiruish to the
person trom wnom such milk is
taken one-half of such sample
sealed, and shall retain and seal
the other, half of said sample
Such sample so retained shall have
written thereon an identification
number, the date of the taking of
the sample and the name of the
person by whom it was taken, and
a memorandum thereof shall be
made by the person taking such
sample in a book to be kept for
that purpose, showing the name of
the owner or driver from whom
taken, tne' date when same was
taken and the number of the deal
er's permit.
Section 16. Nothing herein
contained shall be construed to pre
vent the use, sale or manufacture
of what is known as condensed
milk, or what Is known as butter
milk, or what is known as sour
milk, provided the same are made,
compounded or prepared from pure
clean, fresh, wholesome and un
adulterated milk, within the mean
ing of this Ordinance, and are in
sound and wholesome condition
and provided also that in the case
of condensed milk the proportion
of milk solids shall not be less than
twenty-eight per cent (28), of
which not less than twenty-seven
and one-half per cent (27y9fc)
shall be milk fat.
Section 17. Pureskimmed
milk shall be permitted for sale or
delivery, provided that the vessels
containing it shall be distinctly
labeled Skimmed Milk" in letters
one aud one-half inches high.
Section 18. Any person who
shall violate any of the provisions
of this Ordinance shall be deemed
guilty of a misdemeanor, and, up
on conviction thereof, shall be pun
ished by a fine of not more than
one hundred dollars ($100.00), of
by imprisonment for a term of not
exceeding three months, or by both
such fine and imprisonment.
Section 19. This Ordinance
shall take effect from and after
having been posted upon the
bulletin board in front of or near
the rooms occupied by the Board
of Supervisors, and its publication
in one issue of a newspaper of gen
eral circulation published at the
County seat.
Board op Supervisors Within
And For The County op Maui
Chairman of the Board of Super
visors. Attest: WM. FRED KAAE,
Clerk of the Board of Supervisors,
County of Maui.
Dec. 21, 28.
The undersigned having been
duly appointed administrator of the
estate of Jose Fernandez, deceased,
hereby gives notice to all creditors
of said estate to present their
claims, duly authenticated and
with the proper vouchers, if any
exist, even if the claim is secured
by mortgage upon real estate, at
the office of Antone F. Tavares in
Makawao, Maui, within six months
from this date, or they will be for
ever barred.
Administrator of the Estate of Jose
Fernandez, Deceased.
Nov. 30. Dec. 7, 14, 21, 28.
The undersigned, having been
duly appointed Administrator of
the Estate of Manuel C, Pimental,
deceased, notice is hereby given to
all persons having claims against
the said estate to present the same,
with proper vouchers, if any exist,
dully authenticated, whether sec
ured by mortgage or otherwise, to
the said Administrator at his office,
in Makawao, Maui, within six
months from the date of this notice
or tbey will be forever barred,.
Dated, Makawao, Maui, Nov. 27,
Administrator of the Estate of
Manuel C. Pimental Deceased.
Nov. 30. Dec. 7, 14, 21, 28.
Harry Armitage. H. Cushtnan Carter
bamuel A. Walker.
Harry Armitage & Co.,
Stock, and Bonds
Member Honolulu Stock and Bond
P. O. Box 68 j. Telephone aiol.
Cable and Wireless Address:
Notice Of Annual Meeting.
The Regular Annual Meeting of
stockholders of The First National
Bank of Wailuku, will be held at its
Banking House in Wailuku, on
Tuesday January 14th, 1913, at
10 A. M.
Dec. 14, 21, 28, Jan. 4.
Honolulu Music Co.
Jas. W. Bcrgstrom. Manager.
88 King Street. Honolulu.
Latest Hawaiian Records.
Victor and Columbia Talking
Machines, Primatone and
Autopiano Players, Knabe
Pianos. Latest Popular Music,
Notice i hereby given that all claim
against the Couuty of Maui lor the bien
nial term ending December 31, 191a,
must be filed with the County Clerk not
later than January a, 191 J.
t-ouniy Vierx.
Dec Si, 38.

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