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What is Best for Maui
is Best for the News
If you wish Prosperity
Advertise in the News
Board, With Exception Of Chairman, Succeeds Itself
Change Is Made Without Fuss Or Excitement S. E.
Kalama ' Takes His Seat iPTable.
Hotel Matters
Are Discussed
Giant Powder
Maims Boy
(tight Hand Of Lad Is Blown Off
When He Makes "Firecracker"
Of Dynamite.
There was no hustle or excitement
when, on Monday last, the old
hoard of Maui supervisors stepped
out of office, and wore at once suc
ceeded by themselves that is with
the exception of the chairman,
P. Pogue, who gave way to the new
Supervisor at large S. 15. Kahuna.
The change in soluns was made
without any fuss and the retiring
board did not throw any bouquets, to
its "successors." Mr. Pogue, on
the stroke of noon, arose from his
chair and the rest of the supervisors
followed his example. The new
chairman then took his place at the
board, and the new supervisors were
then in chargo of Maui afi'airs.
There was nothing much doing
on Monday or Tuesday, as the
board had to get organized properly
before proceeding with the County
business. However, later on in the
week, the solons got busy on many
matters, and the way things were
attended to, promise well for the
manner in which the County of
Maui will be looked after in the
The new board will discuss the
milk ordinance and it is said that
many changes will bo made in the
bill. The old board passed the
hi ...... i . ....
oucic" to tiio new uoaru turn mat
is tho status of things at present.
Many reports were read and
action on them was, in most cases,
left for the board to take. The dis
Maui Sheriff
Gets Praise
Federal Authorities Commend Work
In Connection With Robbery
Other Police Matters.
Sheriff Crowoll has received a let
ter of appreciation and thanks from
tho United States Marshal in Hono
lulu. Tho Federal authorities are
delighted with tho rapid way in
which the Maui sheriff got hold of
tho Filipino burglars who robbed
the Kipahulu post office. The burg
lars are now in Honolulu, where
they will stand their trial for the
ffenso against tho Federal govern
Sheriff Crowell is a busy man
just at present, and he has several
cases to attend to. Tho Filipino
who was so badly assaulted by a
band of his count ry men at Ilaina
kuapoko, last week, is recovering
rapidly. Ho was cut up in an aw
ful fashion, and it was at first
thought that ho could not possibly
live. However, Dr. MeConkey has
dono fine work in patching tho Fili
pino up, and tho "little brown
brother" will soon bo ablo to appear
in court, ami testify against his as
sailants, two of whom aro now in
Manuel Martins, Jr., who is held
for investigation by vthe gnnd jury,
on a 'charge of manslaughter, has
been released on bail of, 81,000.
Tho bail had to bo set by the Chief
Justice of Hawaii, as the only other
person able to do so Judge Kings
bury is out of tho territory at
trict overseers sent in their reports
and ihey were adopted.
Tuesday was taken up with rules
and other matters pertaining to the
formation of the board. There were
several caucuses on Tuesday and
Wednesday. Tho matter of appoint
ments was taken up and, later on,
tho list of county employees was
Appropriations took sometime
and, when that matter was settled,
the news was given out.
All of the jailers, guards and
police officers were reappointed.
The policemen are to get a small
raise in salary. The Wailuku of
ficers get S10 per month more, and
the outside ones get a $5 increase.
The matter of a motorcycle officer,
as recommended by the sheriff, was
turned down, and tho proposition
was made that a man bo appointed
as examiner of chauffeurs, hack in
spector and special officer to watch
out for speeders. It is proposed
that this officer be provided with a
motorcycle. As soon as a suitable
man can be secured, tho change
will be made. For the present, the
old hack inspector will continue in
The following reappointments
were made by tho board :
T. B. Lyons deputy clerk to the
county ; Robert K. Wilcox, assist-
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Notes From
Haiku Homes
Mr. Karl G. Bartlett has taken
over Mr, Hamilton's lot, and spent
his Christmas vacation erecting a
house. , Mr. Bartlett's family will
move in on April 1st.
Mr. W. Bourne, of Wailuku,
has purchased Mr. Starritt's lot,
adjoining his own, and will pro
ceed to build a house. Mr. Bourne
now has one of the finest as well
as the largest homesteads on the
Prof. I G. Krauss spent his
Christmas vacation looking after
his homestead.
The contract for the new Kuiaha
schoolhouse has been awarded to
Aheong. The building will cost,
approximately, $1,400
A meeting of the Homestead
Association was held at the home
of Will. J. Cooper on January 3,
to take action regarding roads for
the several tracts; the question of
a water supply was also discussed.
Gordon and Donald Brown who
are attending Punahou College
visited their parents during the
Christmas holidays; they also made
the Haleakala trip.
Mrs. K. Herrick Brown has join
ed her husband and son on their
Miss Isabell Lindsay's new house
is nearly finished, and will make a
very attractive home.
Mr. and Mrs. Sommerfield moved
into their new house last week.
Mr. Sonunerfield's pines are al
ready making 0 good start.
Mr. Chester Livingston was a
guest of his brother, Stanley Liv
ingston, during part of the Christ
mas vacation.
Kaliiilui Hostelry Will Be Built In
Near Future Want Haleakala
Ifoad First.
At tlie regular, monthly meeting
of. the Maui Chaiuberof Commerce,
held Inst Wednesday, the report of
the committee appointed to investi
gate the Kahului and Haleakala
hotel projects, was read by Chair
man W. O.Aiken. The substance
of the report was that while the
Kahului hotel will, sonic time in
the future, be built, the Haleakala
hostelry proposition will not be
taken up till a good road is con
structed to the summit.
A committee composed of W. O.
Aiken, W. II. Field and J. N. S.
Williams met last Monday at Ka
hului. The hotel matter was then
considered, and the result was that
a site containing two acres has been
selected Tor an hotel. The block is
near the Claudine wharf, and some
filling will have to be done before
the land will be ready for building
It was the opinion of the com
mittee that an hotel, run in con
junction with a Wailuku house,
would be made to pay if a liquor
license were granted. Mr. Field
said that he would be willing to
take over the hotel under these
conditions. v
Louis von Teinpsky, the well
known ranch manager, met with a
rather serious accident while play
ing polo at Makayvao last Saturday.
He tore the muscles of his right
arm, and is now obliged to carry
the nienlber in a sling. No serious
results are anticipated, but the in
jury is a very painful one that will
take months to' cure.
The accident happened during a
practice game, and was caused
through Mr. von Teuipsky's mal
let getting tangled up among the
hoofs of his mount. The player
held on to his stick and there was
a terrific strain for half a minute.
Then the muscles gave way, and
the damage was done.
All the friends of the genial
manager hope to see him his own
old self in the near future.
More Changes
Of Steamers
Two very welcome changes are
announced by the Inter-Island
Steamship Company. The sailing
hour ol the Claudine from Kahu
lui, has been changed from five
o'clock on Saturday afternoon, to
four o'clock. The steamer will al
so go direct to Honolulu, and will
reach tho capital at about eleven
o'clock at night.
The Mauua Kea is now scheduled
to sail from Honolulu at three
o'clock on Saturday afternoons.
She will reach Lahaina at a reason
able hour, and then continue on
her way to Hilo.
Since the removal of the Clau
dine" has caused hardship to people
with goods to ship to Ililo fiom
Kahului, the Inter-Island people
ate said to be going to put one of
their -mall steamers on a run that
will take in Kahului and Hilo.
The Wailuku Poi Factory manager
.will be glad to hear this news.
Another cripple has been added
to the list and, as is usual, the
blame can ho laid on the illegal use
of "giant powder.'' The victihi is
a lad of thirteen years, and his
right hand has he n blown off. At
least, the giant powder shattered
the hand so much that tho doctors
hail to amputate at the wrist. Tho
youth, whose name is Manuel Bo
thello, resides at Makawao.
It appears th t the lad obtained
a stick of dynamite somewhere or
another and, thinking that it would
make a fine fire cracker, placed it,
end up, in the ground. lie then
proceeded to light a fuse and then
the inevitable happened. The lad
was rendered unconscious by the
shock, and had a narrow escape
from bleeding to death. He was
conveyed to the hospital where the
doctors at oilco operated on him.
Sheriff Crowell, who is investi
gating the accident, is" curious to
learn where the lad obtained the
dangerous explosive. There is a
rumor going the rounds that the
County storehouse at Makawao has
been broken into, and that many
articles, including some sticks of
giant powder, are missing. ,
Committee I
ATow at Work
That the elected representatives
of Maui, in both houses, will have
assistance in the drafting of bills,
is now assured. The legislative
committee appointed by the Maui
Chamber of Commerce has gotten
together, and is now ready for
work. The chairman of the com
mittee is W.F. Pogue. K.R.Bevins is
the secretary and D. H.-Case is the
treasurer. The object of the com
mittee is to find out what legisla
tion the people of Maui want, and
to draft bills accordingly.
The supervisors were invited to
name one of their 'board to act
with the legislative committee.
Chairman Kalama was selected,
and he will help out. As, he has
had considerable experience in the
legislature, his assistance will be
Chauffeurs Are
Heavily Fined
Judge McKay is determined to
put down automobile speeding and
this week he has inflicted some
stiff fines in eases where the evidence
was sufficient to convict tho speed
Two Japanese, who had engaged
in an auto race along tne public
highway, wore arrested and taken
to court. The evidence was very
clear and tho witnesses to tho affair
swore that both the chauffeurs were
going at racing speed.
Tho Maui "Oldfields" were
soaked 875 each and costs. It is
safe to assume that racing on the
public roads will not bo very popu
lar in future among tho chauffeurs
of tho district.
Tho police department is doing
good work in the way of keeping
tab on wireless chauffeurs and 1I10
probabilities aro that some more
drivers will bo summoned to court
before long.
Mayor Fern Thrown Down By Sensible Supervisors
Thurston Backed By PeopIeH'est Box Barron
Talks Too Much i'acheco's Argument No Good.
(Special Corrcsion.1eiice.)
has been robbed of its sting; the
grave is its own victim for Henry
Williams has east aside his mourn
ing clothes and goes now to fifnorals
in somber grey, even to his socks.
I'll confess surprise at the trans
formation of tho man with an im
perceptable smile, from what al
ways reminded me as death on the
pale horse, to a frivolous young
Chesterfield, a symphony in lighter
vein whore wo formerly looked for
the long frock coat of blackest
black. Never having tried, I am
not a competent witness, but J. am
of opinion that one may now look
forward with pleasure rather than
pain at the prospects of dissolution.
The dread has disappeared with the
mourning clothes of Henry, and
one may walk the street at any time
from this date and feel sure, as a
funeral approaches, that Funeral'
Director Williams will bo neither
on the hearse or in tho first cab;
with the change in sartorial affairs
comes an automobile with the di
rector following, instead of leading
the van. If you have any friends
in the business put them on to the
latest in funerals, so that Maui folks
will not have to come to Honolulu
to be in the swim. Mr. Williams
caught on at the coast.
The anticipated arrival of the
Want Road
W. O. Aiken presented a peti
tion from the Haiku homesteaders
to the Maui Chamber of Commerce,
an Wednesday last. The petition
ers prayed that the association help
them to get roads into their home
steads. From S10.000 to $15,
000 in needed to build the roads.
Aiken explained that there is no
money available for such roads at
present. Later 011 roads will be
built to the tracts, but that may be
three years from now. The idea
was to try and get the legislature
to advance money for roads and to
pay the amount back in the future.
It was moved and seconded that
the legislative committee take the
matter up. The Chamber went on
record as endorsing the petition.
oon Start On
Kihei Wharf
Work on the Kihei boat landing
will soon be started. That is the
latest news about the long talked
of proposition. The money avail
able is sufficient to do the job-on
the modified plans.
That the people of Maui will be
glad to hear that the new lauding
will be available before many
months, goes without saying. F.x
perieuces at McGregors ar& re
membered by people who have had
to land at that dangerous place.
The Kihei landing will be .con
structed of wood and concrete.
Many tons of crushed rock are now
being sought and other supplies
are "being purchased by con
tractor Hugh Howell.
colored troops is causing some ac
tivity among the reformcis here,
and a natural dread of possibilities
has taken place of the quiet home
like feeling that was just getting
hold of tho public after the Homo,
of a dilemma in which the mission
aries, and their off-spring wore
placed through charged against the
white soldiers, and which, it ap
pears wore without foundation.
The negroes are to bo sent out to.
Sehofield which, as you are aware",
is some disiartce from tho nerve
center of good, Puritanical . Hono
lulu, and distance will, no doubt,
lend the customary enchantment to.
mo view. . t
The arrest of Sylvester Marques
was not followed by the sensation
the public looked for. When tho
time came lor a reckoning, Toiri
McGiflin's udnntnd d.-nifrliti-i- h-infr-'
fired, and refused to say anything
against her Romeo, so the ease fell'
of its own weight. But Attorney
Lymer, representing the Society , of
Physical purity, says ho has some
thing up his sleeve beside a vaccina-
tion mark, ami, lie-is going to bare
it for. ilie bunelit of those youths
who have not proper regard for tho
Ul .lllUkliULTlll.bU o 1.UI1IU.
All day Monday, or to bo exact,'
rConUtiucil on puge 8 .
F.F. Baldwin
ails Jan. 25
Qn January 25, F. F. Baldwin
leaves for the mainland, where he
will fight for the honor of Maui
and All-Hawaii on the polo fields
of California. The team from
Hawaii is going to do or die, and
there is. no doubt in the minds of
followers of the great game, that
the Island players will "bring
home the bacon." It will take a
very strong team to lower the colors
of All-Hawaii.
The ponies belonging to the
Hawaiian team are already on the
Coast. Trainer Ilannon is in
charges of the niinaturc mounts,
and he reports that his charge are
in the best of condition.
Walter Dillingham, F. F. Bald
win, Harold Castle and Arthur
Rice will form the island team.
CJni.i 1)r.1i..,;.. TI 1.1 ...1..
wtiin. utiiilt, in ,II1V1 ililllJHl IwIlMIC
will go along as substitutes. All
six players are expert polo men,
and they are also dare-devil
riders, Maui No Ka Oi.
A. Jones Will
anage Ranch
Arthur Jones, of I.eilehua
Ranch, Oahu, will succeed "Alika"
Dowsett as manager of the Ray
mond Ranch. The Maui ranch
will, in the future, go in for other
products besides cattle. Turkeys,
chickens and bees will be raised on
the estate. Fodder crops are also
to be grown and silos will be built
or dug.
The marketing of beef is to be in
the hands of an expqrt who is com
ing from the mainland. r
The ranch is to be put :
up-to-date condition am'
thing points to a vurv
future. y

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