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Race Club To
Hold Meeting
Maui Racing Association Will Meet
On Tuesday Evening"Annual
Election Of Officers.
July Fourth is going to boa great
day on Maui, and the Haeing As
ociation of this island intends doing
the tiling in the right way. The
horse raced on Maui are always the
best in the. territory, and the local
people and the visitors from the
other islands, always have the time
of their lives on this island. In
the past Maui has gained a splendid
reputation for hospitality, ami there
is no doubt That the record will be
kept up.
On Tuesday evening next, at the
Wailuku Town Hall, there will be
a meeting of the race club members
and some very important matters
are to be discussed. Every mem
ber and all those interested in the
"sport of kings" should attend the
meeting, which will start at seven -thirty
The annual election of ollicers
will take place and, besides that
important work, there are a num
ber of suggested changs to be dis
cussed. It is up to all members to
bo on deck and to take an active
interest in the club affairs.
Elect Officers
On February 5
As the regular annual meeting
of the Maui Chamber of Commerce
was not held in Novembee, on ac
count of the elections upsetting the
plans of the association, it was de
cided at the meeting on Wednesday
last, that the election of officers
will take place on February 5.
The officers then elected will hold
office till November next,
Chairman Baldwin intimated that
he thought some "new blood"
should be brought in. He said
that he and several other officers
had had a long spell of .office, and
that he thought new raan should
be elected.
The meeting did not see it that
way, and the hint was thrown out
that Mr. Baldwin, who leaves for
the Coast on January 25, would be
re-elected during his absence from
Mr. Baldwin said that while he
felt that the Maui Chamber of
Commerce was a 'most important
body, and one that did a great
amount of good, he thought that
some one in nearer touch with Wai
luku. and in a position to round
up members for meetings, would
be the best man to elect as president.
However, on February 5, the
election will take place and the
opinions of the members will then
be learned.
Nippon Consul
Coming Soon
Consul Etakai, of Japan, will be
a visitor to Maui soon. He is
scheduled to arrive at Lahaina on
January 21. The distiguished re
presentative of the Mikado is to
tour the whole of this island, and
visit every plantation and settle
ment where subjects of his Imperial
Majesty are located.
The consul, who is a new arrival
in Hawaii, is getting in touch with
the Japanese of these islands. He
intends to visit every island in the
group, and will study, at first
hand, the condition of the Japanese
Preparations are being made by
the Japanese of Maui to welcome
the consul. While in Wailuku the
consul will be located at the Maui
Are Needed
Chief Inspector Hugh Trevcnen,
of the Board of Health, reports
that health conditions arc now very
good on Maui. The inspector has
been very busy for a long time
past, and he now feels that more
assistants should be given him.
The two county inspectors who at
present are working under the
chief inspector cannot cope with
the increased work, and efforts arc
being made to have two more men
appointed. With the force increas
ed to four, Inspector Trevenen
feels sure that health matters will
be better attended to.
The matter of transportation also
should be brought up. At present
the chief inspector has very long
distances to travel. A horse and
buggy cannot cover the ground,
and a small runabout, automobile
would more than pay for itself in a
short time.
The good work done by the chief
inspector of Maui is recognized at
head quarters in Honolulu, and
the county of Maui is expected to
do all it can to help out the health
Honolulu Letter.
(Continual from Page i)
the greater part of Monday, Fort
street was very popular with the
ins, and those who wanted to be,
because the supervisors were in ses
sion, and it was expected that
changes in the personel of the de
partments would be made. But
those who waited for something to
turn up were disappointed. Barron
took his luncheon while tlie band
was playing in front of the county
building but, when the noon hour
came, he was off like a shot to hear
fie axe fall. It did not fall, and
will not until Tuesday evening. I
learned today that it i3 probable
Thurston and Frazeo will bo re
tained. Whether Blaisdell will be
saved as assistant is a question, and
I am of-tlie opinion that there is a
deal on, by which ho will have to
go to make room for a democrat.
Barron had Alexander . Do Fries
slated for Thurston's place, but I
guess there is too strong a pull from
the board of underwriters to land
him there. Besides there will bo a
chance that the insurance rates will
advance as soon as tho board sees
there is an incompetent head to the
lire department.
Whitto'morc, who is mentioned to
take tho place of Whitehouse, must
bo a stranger; I have not boon able
to find any old timer here who
knows him. Of course that cannot
be put against him; ho may not
have learned of the beauties of
Honolulu until he lauded. Then,
again, it was a more accident of
birth that ho did not grow here
from the cradle. The putting off
until tomorrow what might have
been done today, however, may be a
disastrous delay for those who arc
expected to stay and -go in. Serious
complications often arise overnight.
Tuesday was almost a repetition of
Monday, in a political way, and if
there was a difference it whs worse.
I am told that Barron stood in the
hallway and directed tho board of
supervisors what to do and when.
Hardcsty, who had been looked up
on by some of tho business men as
one to bo relied upon, took talk
from Barron and left the conserva
tives to join the dynamiters. What
ever there was in Hardesty's" ap
pearance- to causo the public to
count In in as a conservative, I hav
failed to find; from appearances ho
is with tho right faction. A man
ager of one of the big retail dry
goods stores, a man who takes an
activo part in civic affairs, saw the
road Hardesty was taken, and re
nionstrated with him in no uncer
tain terms; then another public
man took him up and, when he
loft, you saw, metaphorically speak
ing, hooks sticking out of tho newly
elected supervisor at every angle.
Young Birch, manipulator of corns,
bunions and callouses, also took, a
hand in tolling the elect how things
should bo run and Barron objected
It is said there was a clash of arms
but as tho story came to 1110 from a
man unknown to Truth, 1 will not
verify the report. But it is a sure
thing the party is at outs with it-
elf, and I am inclined to believe it
is all on account of Barron's man
ner. He has an aching for spot
light publicity, and goes where he
knows ho can get it in type ,
The reported loss of tho'old Hose
crans came as a shock to the people
hem on tho waterfront, who are
familiar with the vessel and her
officers. And the dispatch which
told of a'nian in San Francisco suc
cumbing to tho extrenio cold, reads
like a fairy story, and strengthens
tho desire of the people of Honolulu
to stick around where it is always
warm instead of going to inhospi
table climates. I have gono about
il bit, but I am blessed if I havo
found as congenial surroundings
and climate anywhere in tho world.
It is those who spend a winter or
two away, who know the blessings
of Hawaii in all respects, even as to
the cost of living. Think how far
away are the lobster palaces, thoso
dens of high living and headaches.
Yesterday morning Brick White-
Wednesday, January 15th, 1913
i .
All remnants and short len?ghs of dry goods, laces
and embroideries. Odd lots of ladies' muslin underwear,
hosiery, children's dresses, drawers, caps, etc., etc.
All at prices so low that they will be sold in one day
as they are real bargains.
house, county engineer, was notified
by the democratic board that it
would be necessary for him to dis
miss all of tho lunas, clerks and
drivers in his department. The
axe is to fall on the lfith, inst.
That is the kind of a new year's
gift the men who worked to elect
democratic supervisors did not ex
pect. When all is said and done it
was tho republican vote that put in
tho democratic supervisors, but it
was a small majority of them who
thought that by so doing they. were
digging their own graves. Hot
heads like Pacheco believe, or say
they believe, the victors should have
the spoils. Ho is not willing to al
low credit or job to tho man who h
efficient and who has been faithful
to tho county.
Such qualifications ir. a business
man are not thought worth consid
ering in the case of tho men who
are getting their daily bread from
the government. Efficiency is lie-
low par with the bunch. I supposo
if there should bo a split in tho
Star-Bulletin and the present man
ager should be succeeded by a
stranger who carried a Pacheco be
lief and fired all of tho employees,
who have aided in building up tho
business, Pacheco would say it was
the right thing to do. I can hear
him tell it. Also I imagine I can
hear him talk to his Portuguese
friends who happen to read the
Star-Bulletin and toll them what he
Whether democrats or republi
cans, the sooner they get down to
running tho affairs of the county as
they would a business, the bettor
for tho county, tho taxpayer and
all concerned. Tho other day tho
old board after weeks and months
of inactivity in tho neighborhood of
King street, set a gang of laborers
and a steam roller along to tear up
the streets and do patchwork. Now
friend Petrie comes out with a
statement that he opposes the im
provements, because ho hopes to
havo permanent work done. Bettor
what wo are getting than go another
year in the mud. A bird on the
griddle is worth two in the market.
At tho first meeting of tho super
visors on Tuesday night tho nomi
nations of Martin Scully and Alex
ander Do Fries to bo firo chief were
turned down, and thoso of Thurs
ton for chief, and Frazeo for city
electrician, confirmed by vote of
five to two in both cases. This will
probably settle tho matter of insu
rance rates, for it was openly de
clared by persons in the know that
if an incompetent was appointed
tho rates would go up. As far as
Scully is concerned, there is no
question of his ability to run the
fire department ; Do Fries is a non
entity. The humorous part of the
appointments made last night is
in that which fired Jimmy Lynch
and put in Thco. Hoffman. Lynch
is competent and a democrat; Hoff
man is competent and I don't know
what in politics he is. Ho is in the
employ of the Young Hotel which
is dominated by the von Ilamm
Young interests, and these interests
are centered in tho sale of automo
biles of certain makes. Thero may
bo no connection, but it may bo
easier to learn how to run one of
tho makes for which tho company
is agent than to learn to run one
which they did not sell. Of courso
that feature is merely a side one,
the peculiar actions of tho board in
firing a good democrat is what
amuses thoypublic and, I believe,
Jimmy. Caldwell states, throHgh
tho press, that he does not caro
when tho axo begins to drop; ho
has accepted one of five positions
offered him and is ready to go to
work. As supervisor ho has been
satisfactory to tho county.

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