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Peace Essay
Contest Open
Committee On International Arbi
tration Issues Notice Regarding
Conditiona regarding tlie Peace
Essay Contest for 1913, are now
known and tlie committee in charge
of the affair has sent out letters to
the Principals of forty-four schools
in this Territory with a view of
arousing an interest amongst the
children. The committee consists
of Oeorge It. Carter (chairman,)
V. C. Parke and V. A. Howen.
The Chamln'r of Commerce is hand
ly the contest. The full details are
as follow.
The Committee on International
Arhitration and Peace, appointed
by the Honolulu Chamber of Com
merce, takes great pleasure in an
nouncing the Judges for the Peace
Essay contest of 1913, as follows:
Judge Sanford B. Dole, Mrs. Wal
ter F. Frear and Mr. Wade War
ren Thayer.
The terms and conditions of the
contest are as follows: Open to itli
students over fifteen years of aue,
in a'd schools, both public ainl pri
vntc, in the Territory of Hawaii.
The subject of essay shall be exactly
stated, as follows: "The Price !of
War.'' The essay shall be not less
than 1000 words, nor more than
1500 words in length. Essay is to
be signed by the writer with an as
sumed name. 1 he real name, to
gether with name of school with
which the writer is concerned, is to
be placed in an enclosed envelope,
duly sealed. The said duly sealed
envelope must be labelled with the
assumed name of the writer, and
will hi held by the Peace Commit
tee unopened until the Judges have
rendered their decision to the said
Committee. All essays must be
sent, or handed in, to Mr. II. P.
I Wood, Secretary of the Honolulu
Chamber of Commerce, as for the
Peace Committee, on, or before, the
fifteenth of May, 1913, on which
date they will be submitted to the
Judges. The decision on the merits
of essays will be made known' by
the Judges to the Peace Committee
on, or before, Thursday, June 5th,
1913, which decision will le publicly
announced by the Peace Committee,
immediately thereafter.
$10 00 for the first best essay;
$30.00 for the seond best essay;
$20.00 for the third best essay;
$10.00 for the fourth best essay.
Accompanying the essay must be
an open written statement, signed
with the Assumed Name of the
writer covering the following parti
culars: inai me writer is over
fifteen years, and is a bona fide
student in one of the schools of tlie
Territory. That the numler of
words comes within the maximum
( and minimum limits mentioned in
the offer. That the enclosed en
velope contains the real name of the
'ritc, as also the name of the
iool to which the writer belongs.
That, (while assistance from teach
ers and parents is hereby permitted
in the securing if material for
' study) no outside assistance has
lieen accepted by the writer in the
actual composition of the essay it
self. And, further, where Autho
rities have I'cen quoted, there shall
be attached to the essay a list of the
Authorities consulted. Writers
must use the exact Title for their
essays, as named above, as also
must comply with each of the other
conditions required.
Julius Casar nineteen hundred
and seventy years ago founded the
first newspaper called Acta Diurna,
"The Day's Doings." News was
gathered by reporters and the mat
ter run was a good deal the same
as today. Acta Diurna, July 26
"Thirty boys and forty girls were
born at Trimalchl's estate at Cu
We." The same day, "a fire
broke out in Pompey's gardens; it
began in the night, in the steward's
Sugar Work
At College
The new buildings of the College
of Hawaii have provided more am
ple laboratory space and greater
facilities for instruction in all lines
of work. Among the several new
lines of work taken up, one espe
cially should be mentioned at this
time. A Department of Sugar
Technology has been organized and
Professor Herbert S. Walker has
arrived to take charge of this work.
He has already worked in Hawaii
and, in aftdYim, has had wide ex
perience in Porto Rico and the
During the coining semester, be
ginning January 27th, he will offer
two courses pertaining to sugar
technology in addition to other
courses in chemistry already being
given. A brief description of these
courses follows:
A laboratory and lecture course
intended to fit the student for the
position of chemist in a sugar house
Among other topics taken up
are the theory and construction of
polariscope and the refractorometer
the calibration and testing of these
and other laboratory apparatus,
general laboratory routine and the
fitting out of a sugar laboratory.the
methods of sampling and of analy
sis of the various products met
with in a cane factory.
Instruction is also given in sugar
house calculations, and consider
able time devoted to the working
out of problems Involving the
yields and losses ordinarily en
countered in actual factory work,
and the making out of typical la
boratory reports such as are re-
quired'by plantations in the Hawai
ian Islands.
In order to take this course the
student should have a working
knowledge of general chemistry
and laboratory manipulations.
Lectures and recitations on the
basic principles involved in the
manufacture of cane sugar, with
discussion of ty pes of machinery
and methods used in the best mo
dern factories . embodying such
topics as mi lling, the effect of ma
ceration, clarification of juices, fil
ter press working, multiple effect
evaporation, sugar boiling, includ
ing the most usual methods of ex
hausting molasses by boiling mas
secuites to fixed purities, the use
of crystallizers, curing and drying
of sugars.
A brief description of beet sugar
manufacture, refining and the mak
ing of white sugar without char
filtration is also given.
Students are given the opportun
ity of visiting the near-by planta
tions and witnessing the processes
oi manutacture as earneu out in
actual practice.
It is recognized that theoretical
instruction can be of value only
when accompanied or supplemented
by practical work, and the College
will endeavor to secure positions
for students who satisfactorily com
plete this course, so that they may
acquire the necessary practice in
factory technique and sugar house
manipulations under the most
favorable conditions.
This course may be taken with
or must tollow tlie course out
lined above. For each course three
College credits are given.
It is the policy of the College to
offer courses that will meet the de
mands of our local conditions and
industries and where these require
instruction of university grade. It
is believed that these courses along
with those already given will con
tribute to the economic advance
ment of the sugar industry in Ha
waii. Prospective students who may
wish further information regarding
these or other College courses may
write to the College of Hawaii.
Z. II. 11. Hit llkw
jbovh press.
Mayor daynor to the contrary
notwithstanding, New York never
hears a pack of wolves howjing
though those few wolves in the
Bronx Zoo may bark in a mourn
ful tone when the moon is full
On the snow-covered plains in Kus
sia wolves will attack human be
ings when frantic with hunger
But the American wolf living where
his pack can find wild game, shuns
il. . i .
me iiuman scent, a trapper in
the St. Francis basin of Arkansas
tried an experiment to learn jus
how far a pack of wolves would fol
low a scent until their noses toll
them a human being was near. He
rubbed some assafetida on the
soles ot Ins shoes. 1 Ian he went
to the woods in the evening, walk
ed some distance and climbed a tree
Wolves soon picked up the assabc
tida scent. They came towards the
trapper at full cry. But as soon as
they were near enough to smell
man they stopped howling and se
Several years ago a play was pro
duced in New York in which the
howl of a wolf was supposed to be
heard in the distance. The pro
bleni was to get the real howl
Men with a big phonograph went
to the Bronx Zoo one evening and
put the machine near a timber
wolf. The animal turned his back
refusing to howl.
Public Notice.
To the Owners anil
All persons claiming mi interest in the
premises heina'ter described:
PANY, a railroad corporation duly
chartered and existing under the laws of
the Territory of Hawaii, and having, in
accordance with such laws, acquired
power to exercise the right of eminent
domain under Section 785 of the Revised
Laws of the Territory of Hawaii, lief by
gives notice, in accordance with thero
visions of Act i6 of the Session Laws of
the Territory of Hawaii of 1909, to said
owners and unknown persons claiming
an interest in said property hereinafter
described of its intention to apply to A.
G. M. Robertson, F.sq., Chief Justice of
the Supreme Court of the Territory of
Hawaii, for the appointment of ap
praisers to fix the amount of compensa.
tion to be paid to the owners, or others
having an interest in said property, for
the property to be condemned.
The property sought to be condemned
is situated in I'auwela, in the District of
Hamakualoa, Island and County of Maul,
Territory of Hawaii, and being Land
Commission Award 6510L, Royal Patent
2181 to Ku, and described as follows:
All that certain parcel of land situated
at Haiku, Hamakualoa, Island of Maui,
T. H., being a part of that portion of
Grant 21S1, Apaua 2 to Ku which lies in
Waiaama Gulch on the line of the Kahu-
lui Uai'road Company, and bounded and
describ-'d as follows, to wit:
Commencing at a driven iron pipe at
the nor'.liwest of Grant 5259, Apana No
2 to K.:inak.iiu and running ly magnetic
bearing as lo!!o:
S. 340 00' W. 12J.5 feet to a driven
iron pipe; N. 650 30' V. 176.S feet to a
driven iron pipe; N. 770 00' V. 7.0 to a
driven iron pipe; N. 5S0 09' ! 123.0 to
driven iron pipe; S. 670 45' K. 169.6 to
the point of beginning, and containing
49-100 acres.
The time and place at which such ap
plication will be made is at the Cham
bers of the Supreme Court, in Hrewer &
Company's building, Fori street, Hono
lulu, in said Territory, at 10 o'lock a.
111., 011 Monday, the 3rd dav of March.
This notice is given in consequence of
the said owners and other persons hold
ing an interest in said premises not ac
cepting the offer of said Railroad Com
pany to purchase tlie same for a value
set forth iu said ofler.
Dated January nth, 1913.
Uy Its President, P. P. 1KLDWIN.
an. li, iS, 25, Peb. 1.
Hoolalui Akeu.
Ina Ona ame
Na poe a pau e koi ana he kuleana
iloko o ka waiwai i hoakakaia mahope
iho nei:
hui aluhao i hoohuiia a e liana nei ma
lalo o na kauawai o ke Teritori o Hawaii,
a i loaa, i kulike me ia mail kanawai, ka
iiiana e hoohaua aku i ka polio aina kie-
kie, ma keia ke hoolaha ia aku uei, i ku-
Maui Dry Goods & Grocery Company, Ltd.
like ai me ka maiiao o ke kanawai 86 o
na Kanawai o ke Teritori o Hawaii, kau
o 1909, 111a Ona 1 oleloia ame na poe 1
ike oleia e koi ana he kuleana iloko o ka
waiwai i oleloia i hoakakaia mahope iho
nei 1 koua maiiao e noi aku ia A. O. M.
Robertson, lisq., Luuakanawai Kiekie o
ka Aha Kiekie o ke Teritori o Hawaii,
no ka hookohu ana mai i poe Luna hoo-
holo waiwai 110 ka hooholo ana i uku e
uku ia aku ai i 11a Ona, aiole ina poe e
a'e i loaa he kuleana iloko o ka waiwai i
oleloia, no ka waiwai e hoahewaia aku
O ka waiwai i niaiiaoia e hoahewaia
aku ana, aia ke waiho la ma I'auwela,
maloko o ka Apana u Hamakualoa, Moku-
puni a Kalana o Maui, Teritori o Hawaii,
oia hoi ke Kuleana 65 10L, I'alapala Sila
Nui 21H1 ia Ku, a i hoakaia peiiei:
'O kela Apaua Aina a pau loa e waiho
la ilni Haiku, Hamakualoa, Muktipuui o
Maui, T H., he maliele hoi no kelahapa
o ke Grant 2 1 Si Apaua 2 ia Kue waiho la
ma ke Awawa o Waiaama" ma ka laina
o ka Hui Alahao o Kahului, a peiiei ka
nine ana o na timkuna:
' I1', huomaka ana ma ke paipu liao i ma
kiaia ilalo ma ka Akau Koiiiohaua o ke
Grant 5259," Apana He'.u 2 iaKainakaeu
a e holo ana 111a ka ill 11 mageneti peiiei:
II. 340 iKi' K. 123.5 kapuai i ke paipu
hao i niakiaia ilalo; A. 650 30' K. 176.S
kapuai 1 ke paipu hao 1 niakiaia ilalo; A.
770 ixj' K. 7.0 kapuai i ke paipu hao i
niakiaia ilalo; A. 501,9' II. 123.0 kapuai
i ke paipu hao i niakiaia ilalo; II. 670 45'
II. 169.6 kapuai i ke kibi 1 hooiuaka ai,
a e ili ana he 49-100 pka.
O ka manawa ame kahi e lianaia ai
keia noi ma na keena 1101.1 o ka Aha
Kiekie, ma ka lialeultrcwer& Company,
Alauui l'apu, Honolulu, maloko o ke
Teritori i oleloia, ina ka hora 10 kakahi
aka, I'oakahi, ka la 3o Maraki, I913.
I'a hoopukaia kela hoolaha maiiiuli l
k na Ona ame kekahi poe v a'e e paa
nei he kuleana iloko o ka waiwai i oleloia
:ie ole ana i ka haawi a ka Hui Alahao i
oleloia e kuai lilo mai i ka waiwai 110 ka
waiwai i'o i hoikeia ma ua noi la.
Hauaia Ianuari 1 1 , 1913.
Mao Kona I'eresidena, P. P. HAI.DWIN.
Jan. 11, IS, 25, peb. I.
Notice is hereby given, that the Maui
Shin bun Company, Ltd., will hold its
annual stockholders meeting at the oflice
of the Company oil the afternoon of
February 15th, 1913, at 1:30 p. 111. at
which meeting the following business
will be transacted:
The annual election of oflicers for the
year 1913; ,
Recently Received.
The adoption of a set of by-laws for the
company; and a motion and vote for the
increase of the capital stock of the com
Dated Wailuku, Maui, T. II., Jan.
3t. '9'3-
Jan. IS, 25, Peb. 2, 9.
On January 21st, 191 3, at II a. 111. at
the front door of the "I'aia Orpheuin"
at I'aia, Maui, T. II., there will be sold
to the highest bidder for cash, all of the
properly consisting of leasehold, build
ing, furniture and fixtures belonging to
the I'aia Orpheum Company, a co-partnership,
which co-partnership is about to
be dissolved by mutual consent of the
undersigned, parties thereto.
Jan. IS.
There will be a meeting of the stock
holders of the Maui Pineapple Company,
Ltd., at its factory, I'auwela, Maui, on
Friday, January 31, 1913, at 9 a. m.
Business, general.
Jan. IS, 25.
Saturday and Monday, Jan. 18-20
Operatic Trio
Mine. Oetel, Soprano
Kstelle Gervaise, Contralto
Manuel Jourdane, llaritone
Inexhaustible Repertoire of Operatic
and Classic Selections; also Latest
Popular Numbers. Best Singing
Act on the Vaudevile Stage.
Prices 25c-35c-50c
Children Half Plica
5 Especially Selected Pictures wil
be Shown Between Numbers
LODGE MAUI, No. U84. A.F.&A. M
Stated inepiinys will be held at
Masinie Hall, Kahului, on ; tie tirst
Saturday nitrt't of each month at 7.30
P. M.
ViKitiny brethren are cordially in
vited to al tend.
V. K. COl'ELANl),
t.f Secretary
Regular meetings will be held at the
Knights of Pythias Hail, Wailuku, on the
second and fourth Saturdays of each
All visiting members are cordially in
vited to attend
ARTHl'R HF.ITS. K. R. & S.
Harry Animate. II. Cushmau Carter
Samuel A. Walker.
Harry Armitage & Co.
Slock ond f)oiict
Meyiber Honolulu Slock and liotid
1'. O. l!ox 6S3. Telephone 2lol.
Cable ami Wireless Address:
"Armitage." ,
Honoluiujlusic Co.
Jas. W. Bcrgstrom. Manager.
8S King Street. Honolulu.
Latest Hawaiian liooonls.
Victor and Columbia Talking
Machines, l'riniatono ami
Autopiano Players, Knabo
Pianos. Latest Popular Music,

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