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Xt'MP.ER 48.
13 Dead From Storm
1 That Ravaged All Maui
Wailuku and Kahului Without
, Lights or Water. Telephone
Service Demoralized. Road to
I Lahaina Washed Out In Dozen
places. Hana Suffers From Hur
j ricane Gales. Plantations All
Sustain Big Damage. Many
Yheodore Marquez, Filipino.
Chung Qui, Chinese.
Suyetaki Jitsu, Japanese.
Cerillo Fernandez, Spanish.
Mrs. Cerillo Fernandez.
Infant Fernandez, 18 months.
Juan Roman y Madronar, Spanish.
Roman y Madronar.
Mrs. Roman y Madronar.
Infant Madronar, 3 years.
Infant Madronar, 2 months.
Mrs. Sodetanl, Japanese.
Daughter of Mrs. Sodetanl, 8 years.
Infant Sodetanl, 2 years.
' 6- far as is known this completes
S the U'pt of dead from the flood in Iao
stream. At noon on Thursday all of
the bodies had been recovered with
the exception of that of the 8 year
nl'it Kiolani eirl. At first it was be
lieved that at least 18 persons had
lost their lives, but others who were
missing have since turned up, and so
farp ' the police have been able to
leart, all have been accounted for.
It is believed quite possible, however,
that others may have been drowned
in the flood, who have not yet been
missed by friends or acquaintances.
Swept away in the debris of their
homes, by a raging flood that swept
down! out of the mountains with so
little 'warning that they had no time
to escape, 13 residents of Wailuku
ace known to be dead, besides a num--ber'
Injured. Whether any more must
, bt a,dded to this list can only be
known "later.
' So tremendous was the flood of Iao
stream, that it burst its banks in a
dozen places, and tore its way through
stretches of land that never before
had been known to be flooded. And
so sudden was the rush of the cloud
burst -jin the head of the valley, that
for many of the victims escape was
cut off before the peril was realized.
The only marvel now is that several
times as many did not lose their lives.
Scpres etcaped by the narrowest pos
sible ; margin, and many owe their
I1W 0 lUtJ unuic nun "
The disaster occurred about 6
o'clock; on Tuesday morning, just as
It was getting light. Plantation peo
ple onj their way to work in some in
stances realized the danger, and were
able t give warning which no doubt
saved 'many lives. Had the flood
come earlier, the death roll must cer
tainly ,have been many times larger.
Many Houses Washed Away.
At the north end of the steel bridge
which spans Iao stream at the foot of
Market street, a dozen or more build
ings of, various kinds were carried
awajt enmasse. There was a Japa
nese lodging house, a blacksmith
Jhop, and a number of other small
hqps flanking the street at this point,
with a cluster of small cottages back
: of them. Probably a hundred or more
persons wore in these buildings when
the flood broke. Some managed to
wade or swim to safety, and others
wero rescued after much effort.
Thrilling Rescues.
Joseph Welch, who happened to be
In the vicinity, and on the northern
side, of the stream when the houses
began to go out, saved, with the as
istance of three Hawaiians; John I,
Levi Hoopii, and David Kaiwa, prob
(Continued on Page 5.)
The storm which has swept
the Island of Maui during the
past few days, has no paral
lel in history. It has cost at
least 13 lives, and the pro
perty loss cannot bo approx
imated at the present time.
The houses and other build
ings which with their con
tents were swept away and
destroyed by the Iao stream,
may represent some $25,000,
and this takes no account of
kuleanas and other lands in
tho valley which were car
riod away crops, soil, and
all. In a largo proportion of
cases this destruction was
complete. Taro patches, gar
dons and fruit trees, which
surrounded comfortable and
homcsdisappearcdin the cosy
angry flood as though they
had never existed, and in
their stead was left a chaos
of water-worn boulders.
The Wailuku Sugar Company's loss
has been particularly great, much of
the devaBted land in lae Valley is
owned by this company, and was
either planted to cane, or furnished
home sites to employees. Flumes and
bridges crossing the stream are ali
swept away, including the company's
railroad bridge and big flume near the
mill. Further up the valley, ditches
and flumes have been destroyed in
dozens of places, by the stream, and
by landslides and falling trees.
The company also suffered heavily
on its Waihee and Waikapu divisions,
where, however, there was fortunate
ly no loss of life.
County's Big Loss.
The damage which the county of
Maul has suffered in washouts, and
destroyed bridges, has been immense.
It may be days or even weeks before
the Lahaina road can again be open
ed to trafiic. At Waikapu the stream
left its usual channel above the bridge
and is washing through the main part
of the town, and down the government
road towards Maalaea. Several build
ings at this point were wrecked by
the rushing water, but there was no
loss of life. The road, which has been
turned into a water course is almost
completely destroyed at this point.
The river, after leaving the road, now
runs directly into the Wailuku Suar
Company's 11 million gallon reservoir,
which is probably badly damaged.
The bridge near the junction of the
Lahaina and Kihei roads has been
washed our, as have most of the cul
verts on the whole section of road.
The pali section of the road is report
ed to be badly damaged in many
places from torrents of water.
On the Lahaina section of the road,
the concrete bridge just west of Olo
walu is gone, and in a number places
the road has been completely torn out.
At a number of points the road has
been completely obliterated by sand
and gravel washed up from the sea
by the terrific surf.
(Continued on Page 5.)
Relief Committee
Now Hard at Work
Representative Residents Organize
to effectively Assist Those Who
Lost Homes in Storm.
Thirty-four homes of various kinds
were demolished in Iao Valley by the
About 300 persons are in need of
more or less assistance.
These estimates were given at the
citizen's committee meeting, held this
morning at the Wailuku district court
room, to consider the matter of relief
for the flood sufferers.
As a result of the meeting, which
was largely attended, the following
committee was appointed, with full
powers to organize and act; County
Sheriff Clem Crowell, R. A. Wads
worth, J. Garcia, J. II. Kunewa, N. K.
Otsuka, Dr. Win. Osmers, and L. It.
The general meeting at which this
committee was appointed was presid
ed over by F. F. Baldwin, with J.
Garcia, as secretary. H. n. Penhallow
suggested the committee as named,
which suggestion was adopted after
The executive committee plans to
at once make a survey of tho situa
tion, in order to ascertain just what
is needed, and as a basis upon which
to ask for money for relief. The com
mittee will have the handling of the
larger portion of the $2500 appropriat
ed by the supervisors for relief pur
poses. Some of this turn will prob
ahly be used for Lahaina and Hana
districts, In case need is found for
such. The Jocal conur.il tee, however,
will not work outside of WMluku
Manager Penhallow, of the Wailu
ku Sugar Company, stated that the
company has taken care of all its
laborers' families as well as possible
until new buildings can be built. It
was stated that the local Japanese
committee has relieved the most im
perative needs of its own people,
while the Maui Dry Goods & Grocery
Company has supplied between 200
and 300 refugees with clothing and
Headquarters of the relief commit
tee vvl.! '.on nt the Alexander Settle
ment House.
The committee has been subdivid
ed to facilitate the work in hand and
for obtaining the information in tne
following manner: Mr. Crowoll 'vill
ascertain from the Hawaiians and
part Hawaiians their needs; Ali
Fillipinos are to make their wants
known to Mr. Mathews; Mr. Garcia
known to Mr. Matthews; Mr. Garcia
will handle the Portuguese and span
lards; Mr. Otsuka will have charge of
Japanese cases and Mr. Wadsworth
will handle Chinese and others.
MITTEE. Headquarters of the above named
Committee will be maintained at the
Alexander House Settlement, corner
of Main and Market streets, which
will be open every day. Contributions
of food and clothing will be gladly re
ceived at headquarters for the relief
of the distressed. Money subscrip
tions will be requested as soon as the
Committee has ascertained the needs
of the distressed. A telephone will be
installed at headquarters tomorrow.
The body of John Gregerson. the
sailor of the schooner Melrose, who
fell overboard from the vessel in Ka
hului harbor, on Thursday evening of
last week, was recovered on Monday
after it had risen to tho surface. The
coroner's jury brought in a verdict
of accidental drowning. r
Hana's Storm Loss
Will Be Very Heavy
Buildings Wrecked and Cane Destroyed
By 80-Miles Gale Phone Lines
All Down.
(Special to Maui News.)
HANA, Jan. 19. Old Lady Hana
dons the Malo once more and goes on
the war path. Not satisfied with her
performance of a week ago when she
almost destroyed the Hana wharf Bhe
conies back to complete her job of
Sunday the 16th it began to blow in
gusts from the south and the wind
commenced to whistle and howl all
through the night and the whole of
the next day, Monday the 17th. It
rained in squalls during the night and
the register showed 3.90 inches in the
morning for the 24 hours.
Tuesday tho 18th the- fun began.
The wind increased to an 80-mile clip
from the south west and kept up al
most the entire day.
New Stable Wrecked.
The Maui Telephone lines in the
village are all down and practically
all the posts are on tho ground. The
groves of trees planted by tho County
along tho main thoroughfare from tho
Hana Store to the plantation stables
hive been uprooted. The Kaeleku
Plantation stables are partly demol
ished. The Aiona stables are a
wreck. The new f3000 county
stables recently built by Howell and
Lada are a crumpled mass of corru
gated iron and splintered posts. The
wharf at Hana temporarily repaired
last week by Mr. Craik and assistants
for tho Board of Harbor Commission
ers is now minus part of the roof. The
Hana jail fence is down and the Milo
trees that aft at least 50 years old in
front of the Court house, are all down.
In the Kaeleku manager's yard the
stately blue gum trees planted some
40 years ago are all down and one of
the trees went crashing through the
cottage in the yard doing consider
able damage to tho building. The
trees are 3V6 feet in diameter. The
plantation camps at Kaeleku and lia
na suffered considerable damage,
about twenty of tho Camp houses be
ing toppled over and roofs carried
away by the terrific wind.
Deputy Sheriff Silva and Chin Kce
look extra precautions and tied the
roofs of their houses down with rope
and In consequence they are still
standing. Chin Kee lost his stable.
The Claudine came in the harbor
Tuesday afternoon but on account of
tho gale she slipped out again for
safety as it was almost impossible for
her to hold to her moorings. She
went to Nuhiku for protection. She
returned this morning and landed
mail. No passengers this trip.
The rain fall for the 18th, was 2.95
inches and all through the night this
was accompanied by lightning and
heavy peals of thunder. It was some
storm, and kamaaina's ate all dead
and gone that have ever witnessed its
Kipahulu Isolated.
No word has como from the outside
villages of Kipahulu, Kaupo, Keanae
and Nahiku as the telephone service
between these places is out. Beyond
a doubt the Kipahulu Plantation has
suffered as she is right in the wake
(Continued on Pago 6.)
Notice Is hereby given by the Wailu
ku District Relief Committee that no
person is authorized to receive con
tributions In behalf of said Commit-
mittee, without written authorization
signed by the officers of said Commit
L. R. MATHEWS, Chairman
J. GARCIA, Secretary.
British Claim Success in Bagdad Campaign Fierce
Fighting Reported On East Front Rebels
Defeat Yuan's Forces.
Owing to the interruption of telephone communication with I,a
haina, no wireless press news has been received since last Monday
morning. Also, due to the storm, no mails have heen received from
other islands since Tuesday morning.
CONSTANTINOPLE, Jan. 17. The Turks orating in the
Caucasus have won an important victory in defeating a fresh Russian
offensive, undertaken in force. The Turks drove the Slavs hack in
defeat and ended their offensive campaign for the present.
BERLIN, Jan. 17. After holding for a week the advanced iosts
which they had occupied in the face of strong Russian forces in the
Caucasus, the Turks have withdrawn these posts according to a Turkish
official statement.
LONDON, Jan. 17. The Spanish steamer Bclgica has heen
blown up, 23 of the crew heing saved.
ROME, Jan. 17. Twenty-seven million lires have heen subscribed
to the new national loan by the National Insurance Institution.
PHILADELPHIA, Jan. 17. Six thousand garment workers
struck in this city today and 250 factories are closed as a consequence.
The demands of the strikers include a minimum wage of $6 a week
for women, $8 for men, and better conditions for working, including
better light and sanitary arrangements.
L111UE, January 17. Storm drives schooner Prosier ashore here
when she broke adrift under fierce thrust of raging gale which is sweep
ing the kona side of Kauai.
British bark Yeoman is in grave
ed to aid were forced back when small boat overturned.
LONDON, January 17. Second attempt of British armies to
force open the back door of the Turkish empire, after front had been
barred, has met with signal success.
Object of campaign is to secure
protect Suez canal, I his victory
FElkOGRAD, January 17.
s nipped by Russians. Turko-Teutonic exicdition dragging through
Northern l'ersia towards the empire
routed near Hamadan. Muscovites
is believed to have exposed hand of
King George's domain.
CHK1S1IANA, January 17.
toric city of Bergen has been swept
leaders in Shanghai report general
forces which resulted in defeat for
WASHINGTON, January 17.
state department that bandits who
when captured.
Berlin advises state department
portant documents and aided Horn,
Experts declare that the explosion on submarine was due to other
causes than Edison batteries.
VIENNA, January 17. War
port of desperate fighting going on
frontier. Slavs have at times managed to reach trenches.
BERLIN, January 17. Italian
Tyrolean front. Lille is bombarded
PARIS, January 17. Contradictory reports continue to reach city
concerning condition of the Kaiser.
HONOLULU, January 16.
school superintendency.
v isitor from Spokane, died at
Judge dder notine d Auditor
Coast, with expenses paid from incidentals fund, is unauthorized and
illegal, but that he will not ask an injunction.
LONDON, January 16. Slaughter on east front is frightful on
Russian side. Battle along front of many miles is raging in most des
perate way With Teutons claiming the advantage. Slavs are charging
in face of machine guns against
Pctrograd olhcially has sent out
but announces resumption of heavy
EL PASO, January 16. On
ington that Secretary Lansing had sent instructions to various U. S.
consuls in northern Mexico to leave fighting zone, instructions have been
countermanded. Order is not significant.
BERLIN, January 16. Replying to British offer to arbitrate death
of submarine sailors, Germany declines to arbitrate and will prefer executions.
NEW YORK, January 16.
guns with American manufactures.
NEW HAVEN, January 16. Hiram Maxim warns this nation
that war may soon follow ieace in Europe. Whoever wins in Euroc
may likely turn uion the United States. He would have veteran millions.
Plenty of chances for complications now, our army poorly equipped
would be only something for one of the European powers to exercise
and play with.
THE HAGUE, January 16. Ford party of ieace-makers is now
reduce to 30. May go back to Stockholm where receptions are more
NEW YORK, January 16. Governor Whitman declares for
Hughes for president. Says he is the right man for nomination.
SAN F'RANCISCO, January 16. Capt. Yosikawa, Japanese who
Fas been lighting in the Carranza ranks, lias been arrested here. Is
held for investigation.
LONDON, January 15. Dutch steamer Masshaven struck mine
on Thursday. One of crew of 26 saved.
Flood damage in Northern Holland greater than first supposed.
Dikes of the Zuider Zee collapsed.
TOKIO, January' 15. Rebels defeated Yuan Shih Kai's forces
and captured Suchau, city of half a million inhabitants. Revolutionists
now marching on Chung King.
BERLIN, January 15. Germany in reply to note bearing on the
Baralong case, makes it plain that she intends to atke summary mea
scres of her own to avenge the killing of her subjects. Kaiser's health
is matter of much rumor, lmdon rcrts brother called to be-side.
Berlin says he has appeared at several public places.
danger. Volunteers who attempt
Musselmans met with a heavv loss.
Bagdad in order to more effectually
sounds knell of Constantinople.
German attack against British-India
of the east, is said to have heen
make many captures in battle which
Kaiser m project to carry war into
For third time in history the his
by (lames. Estimated loss $15,000,-
17. Dispatches from revolutionary
engagement between 60,000 of rebel
Yuan Shih Kai s forces.
Carranza has given promise to
killed Americans will be punished
that von Papen may have had im
but merely as a German citizen.
department last night repeated re
in eastern Galicia and Bessarabian
forces are increasing activities on
Fred Anderson gets Waialee reform
beach from heart-failure while
Fisher, that Forbes trips to the
leuton line.
no word as to outcome of battle,
heels of announcements from Wash
Russia has places order for 32,000

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