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Governor Still To
Appoint Magistrates
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the Senate this week.
A number of new billa have been
introduced during the past week re
lating particularly to Maul county.
Among these Is a bill asking for
$5000 for the purpose of building a
road to the Waleli rifle range of the
national guard, in the sand hills below
Walluku. It was submitted by Pasc
hoal in the House.
Molokal residents also want a new
wharf at Pukoo, and to that end a bill
was introduced on Monday by Wai
holo to appropriate 115,000 for the
New Style Doctoring Wanted
A petition was presented by Repre
sentative Tavares this week from
Maui residents, asking that the bill
to permit chiropractic doctors being
allowed to practice in the territory be
passed. It has not learned here who
or how many signed the petition.
The new "method of drugless treat
ment has been trying to get a foothold
in the islands for several years, but
is being opposed by the regular school
of medical practicioners.
lao Embankment Bill Pau
Paschoal's bill to provide $15,000
for the purpose of building an em
bankment on Ioa stream to prevent
future overflows, failed to pass, being
tabled in the House.
The same fate overtook two of Ta
vares's b'lls each relating to corpo
ration and corporation exhibits.
Lobsters Protected,
Amaama No
Wilder's bill to protect lobsters and
crabs passed in the House by a nar
row margin, but his bill to make a
losed season' for mullet failed by a
large majority. The law which at
present protects mullet, runs out In a
short time, after which It will be legal
to take the toothsome amaama at any
and all seasons.
Rabbit Bill Passes House
Tavares's bill to permit the raising
of rabbits for meat purposes, passed
the House on Monday, and has gone
to the Senate. If it gets through it
will take the bunnies out of the class
of pets, under which alone they may
be hsrbored at present, and place
them In the commercial class.
No Increase For Queen
A bill to increase Queen Liliuokala
ni's pension from $1250 per month to
c1500 per month, was tabled in the
Hana Women Want Dentists
Sixtv-six mothers in the Hana dis
trict have petitioned the legislature
to make provision for free dental at
tention of school hildren. The peti
tion w-as presented the first of this
week, and at last reports had not been
acted on.
Woman Suffrage Resolution
Senator Shingle th'p week introduc
ed r concurrent resolution calling up
on the Contrress to give the Hawaiian
legislature the right to put to vote the
people the question of woman suf
frage. It is believed that this resolu
tion w'll carry, inasmuch as both par
ties have such a plank In their plat
forms. Shingle's other concurrent resolu
tion calling on the Congress to pm
vide for election of governor and
fecretarv of Hawaii, . died on the
Senate table. v
House Passes Lyons Bill
House Bill 129, to pay Thomas Ben
jamin Lyons $590 for the use and oc
cupancy of his land by the Royal
School, Honolulu, passed the House
last weeK, ana is now in me senate.
Macadam For Belt Roadl
Representative Tavares has asked
for $80,000 from the loan fund, in H.
B. 231, for macadamizing the Maui
belt road from the Pauwela depot to
the Juncture with the Kanrpakalua
Tavares's bill No., 87 to reduce the
rate of interest on homesteads from
8 percent to 5 percent per annum, was
tabled in the House.
Married Teacher Bill Killed
The same fate overtook Brown's
bill to prevent married women, whose
husbands received salaries of $125 or
more per month from teaching in the
public schools.
More Compensation Law Amendments
Representative Walsh has introduc
ed another of the several bills already
in the legislature intended to amend
Act 221, S. L. 1915, being commonly
known as the workman compensation
law. Walsh's bilPis No., 226 and the
amendments proposed are all of minor
Walsh After Truants
Walsh has also got a bill through
the House (H .B. 161) requiring deput
ies sheriff or police to visit all schools
at least once each week to ascertain
what pupils persist In absenting them
selves, and to enforce the truancy in
such cases.
Board Of Health Slammed
For some reason or other the board
of health seems to be having bad luck
with its bills. Not only did it lose
nearly half a miiron dollars from its
estimates at the hands of a senftte
committee a week ago, but it has since
had bills giving it instruction to
handle the milk supply of Honolulu,
turned down, a bill prov'ding for the
mitigation of nuisances killed, and a
measure providing for system of dis
trict nurses to work with tuberculosis
cases, also got the ax.
Let Little Lobsters Look Out
Representative Paschoal has no
t.nnrf fn, Vio Httlp lnhster. As a
.noiviHo nf iVio Hnnaa committee con
sidering the bill to protect the delect
able crustacean, he joined forces with
Mossman, of Oahu in handing in a
minority report.- He and Mossman al
so joined forces in similar action
against the bill to provide a closed
season for mullet.
They did not bet, but before the last
territorial election Representative
Tavares of Maui agreed that if Dr. J.
H. Raymond was beateri by George P.
Cooke bv less than four hundred votes
in the Maul senatorial race he would
nresent. William H. Engle with a ten
dollar Panama hat. Of course the of
fer was also made otherwise were the
result to be different. Tavares won
the hat, but has lost It. The Panama
went overboard from the Claudine last
Wednesday night when the Maul
member was returning from a brief
visit to the Valley Island. What's the
use ! Advertiser.
He Hoped
Officer (to boy of thirteen who, in
his effort to get taken on as a bugler,
has given his age as sixteen) "Do
you know where boys go who tell
Applicant "To the front, sir."
Booming The Circulation
"If the young man who was seen
Sunday evening kissing his best girl
while standng at the front gate will
subscribe for The Observer before
next press-day, no further mention will
be made of the matter." Hartford
Hartford (Ark) Observer.
No. 10451.
Report of the Condition of
At Paia, In the Territory of Hawaii, at the close of business
March 5th, 1917.
Loans and discounts (except those shown on b) $73,855.53
Notes and bills rediscounted ' ' d
Overdrafts, secured, $819 00; unsecured, $889.80 1,708.80
U. S. bonds deposited to secure circulation (par value) 10,000.00
Total U. S. bonds 10,000.00
1 onds and securities pledged as collateral for State, or
other deposits (postal excluded) or bills payable 5,000.00
Securities other than U. S. bonds (not including stocks)
owned unpledged 28,346.00
Total bonds, securities, etc 33,346.00
Value of banking house (If unencumbered) 3,500.00
Equity in banking house 3,500.00
Furniture and fixtures 1,000.00
Net amount due from approved reserve agents in other
reserve cities 3,198.08 3,198.08
Net amount due from banks and bankers (other than
included in 12 or 20) 25,950.48
Outside checks and other cash items 92.93
Fractional currency, nickels and cents 937.16 1,030.09
Lawful reserve in vault and with Federal Reserve
Hank 24,997.95
Redemption fund with U. S. Treasurer and due from U.
S. Treasurer 500.00
Total $179,086.93
Capital stock paid in $ 25,000.00
Surplus fund 3,000.00
(Undivided profits 854.10
Less current expenses, interest, and taxes paid - 643.44 210.66
Circulating notes outstanding 10,000.00
Dividends unpaid 23.50
Individual deposits subject to check 130,927.13
Certificates of deposit due in leSB than 30 days 1,964.40
Certified checks 67.50
State, county, or other municipal deposits secured by
pledge of assets of this bank 5,193.74
Total demand deposits, Items 33, 34, 35, 36, 37,
38, 39, and 40 138,152.77
Certificates of deposit 2,700.00
Total of time deposits, Items 41, 42, and 43 .... 2,700.00
Total $179,086.93
I, W. O. AIKEN, Cashier of the above named bank, do solemnly swear
that the ubove statement is true to the best of my knowledge and belief.
W. O. AIKEN, Cashier.
Correct Attest:
D. 11. CASE, ( Directors.
Subscribed and sworn to before me this 13th day of March, 1917.
Notary Tubllc.
Merchandise Department
rane's heck Valves
Standard Brass Vertical
Check Valves, Screwed
For Steam Working Pressures
N Up to 125 Pounds
Sizes Inches: H, , H, 34, I, 1 4, 1 H, 2
No. 24.
No. 31.
Brass Horizontal Check
Valves, Screwed
Ball Check Pattern
For Steam Working Pressures
Up to 1 25 Poun3s
Sizes Inches: V2, I 1 4, I li 2
Brass Regrinding Swing Check
Valves, ScrewedMay be in a Hoi
g h izontal or Vertical Position
No. 35.
For Steam Working Pressures
Up to 1 50 Pounds
Sizes Inches: V4, , V2, 34, 1.1 4, 1 H, 2, 1V2
Special Brass Regrinding Horizontal
Navy Check Valves, Screwed
For Steam Working Pressures
No. 72
Sizes, 1 V Inches and Smaller, up to 225 Pounds
Sizes, 1 V2 to 3 Inches Inclusive, up to 200 Pounds
Sizes Inches: V4, , V2, 1, P4, 1 V2. 2, 212, 3 '
inSrti062 Kahului, Maui, T. H.
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