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Personal Mention
Dan Quill, of Puunene, was a visitor
In Honolulu this week.
Foster Robinson, of Puunene arrived
home this week from Honolulu.
Mrs. John Chalmers, of liana, has
been visiting friends iu Honolulu.
Miss Lizzie Kalino, of Kahului, Is
attending summer sehool in Honolulu.
Mrs. ,T. S. Walker and children, of
Honolulu, are visiting friends on Maul.
J. F. Visher ,of Paia, was a visitor
to Honolulu the latter part of last
Miss Martha Visher, of Faia is home
from Honolulu for the summer vaca
tion. Miss Ethel Meinerke, of Faia. ar
rived home last Saturday from school
in Honolulu to spend the summer.
J. II. Kunewa, tax assessor for Maul,
was in Honolulu the first part of tho
week on odicial business.
C. E. King, of Honolulu, was a
business visitor to Maui last week, re
turning to home on Monday night.
C. D. Lufkin. of the Bank of Maul,
Ltd., was in Honolulu this week on
Mrs. C. J. McCarthy, of Honolulu,
arrived today and is the guest of her
daughter, Mrs. Frank Burns, of Paia.
Miss Helen M. Searby of Puunene,
was a returning passenger this week
from the coast by the Wilhelmina.
Mr. and Mrs. Joaquin Vincent, of
Waiakoa, were passengers to Hono
lulu last aSturday.
M. P. Bush, head of the Bush Oar
age. WailuliU, was a business visitor
to Honolulu hist Saturday.
Herman K. Slender, a Maul boy, was
one of the St. Louis College graduates
last week.
Mrs. H. M. Wells, of Kuiaha return
ed home last Saturday from several
weeks in Honolulu.
Reuben Cockett, of Waikapu, is
home from Honolulu to spend his va
cation. He is a student at St. Louis
The children of Mr. and Mrs. George
Freeland, of Lahaina, arrived home
last Saturday from school in Honolulu
to spend their vacation.
Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Robinson, who
have been visiting for several weeks
in Honolulu, were returning passen
gers last Saturday morning.
Richard Sloggett, of Hamakuapoko
returned home last Saturday from at
tending the Honolulu Military Insti
tute. Mrs. John Fassoth and children
were passengers from Honolulu by the
Claudine this week for Kipahulu,
where they will spend the summer.
R. C. Bowman, vocational instructor
of the Maul public schools, is in Hono
lulu where he is one of the Instructors
at the teachers' summer school.
Jack McVeigh, superintendent of
the Molokal settlement, returned
home on Tuesday from a business trip
to Honolulu.-
Miss Vera Meyer and Miss Dorcas
Meyer returned to their home on Mo
lokal this week from attending school
in Honolulu.
Miss Pauline Schaefer, of Honolulu,
arrived this morning by the Wilhel
mina, and will visit Maui, friends until
after the Fourth.
George K. Larrison, territorial
hydrographer, returned to Honolulu
on Monday night after spending 10
days on Maui in connection with his
official duties.
F. N. Lufkin, cashier of the Lahai
na branch of the Bank of Maui, Ltd.,
returned home this morning by the
Wilhelmina from a two months trip
to his former home in Illinois.
Sheriff Clem Crowell made a quick
trip to Hana this veek, returning on
Wednesday. He left for Molokal yes
terday. He Is engaged in looking in
The Racing Committee assures an extraordinary
racing card including the best horses in the Islands
Entries close Saturday night at the Maui Hotel at eight o'clock
to police matters in the two districts.
Mrs. John Chalmers, of Hana, re
turned home this week from Hono
lulu where she attended the comme
cement exercises of Punahou, where
her son Joe Chalmers was graduated.
William McClusky, supervising prin
cipal for Maui, went to Honolulu last
Monday night where he will act as
one of the instructors in the summer
school. He is accompanied by his
Manager II. B. Penhallow, of the
Wailuku Sugar Company, made a
short trip to Honolulu last week, re
turning on Saturday accompanied by
his two sons who are home for their
Dr. A. L. Dean, of the College of
Hawaii, and head of the food commis
sion, returned to Honolulu Saturday
night. He delivered the commence
ment address at the Maul High
School, last Friday night.
Miss Clare Stevenson, of the teach
ing staff of the Lahaina school, has
gone to Honolulu where she will eon
duct a department in the summer
school. She will teach In the normal
school next term.
Dr. Victor A. Norgaard, territorial
veterinarian, returned to Honolulu
last Saturday night after a week spent
on Maul work'ng on the anthrax out
break. He believes the disease is well
in hand now.
Miss Winifred Weddick, who has
been on the coast for the past, two
veais attending school, arrived home
th's morning by the llhclmlna, to
spend the summer vacation with her
mother in Wailuku.
Rev. L. B. Kaumeheiwa, pastor of
the Kaahunianu church, was a pass
enger to Honolulu by the Mauna Kea
on Monday night. He goes to attend
the meeting of tho ministers of the
Hawaiian Board.
Among the Maul ministers who are
attending the annual conference in
Honolulu this week are Rev. R. B.
Dodge, of Wailuku, Rev. W. B. Coale,
of Lahaina, and E. E. Tleasant, of Ka
hului. Mrs. Pleasant is visiting
friends in Honolulu during the session.
Mr. and Mrs.' Stanley Livingston,
and children of Honolulu, arrived on
Wednesday evening and are living at
their homestead at Kuiaha. Mr.
Livingston will return to the city
shortly but his family will remain on
Maul for the rest of the summer.
Mr. and Mrs. Ferdinand Hons, of
Honolulu, but formerly of Maui, are
expected to arrive by the Kilauea
this evening to be the guests of Mr
and Mrs. W. S. Chillingworth. Mr.
Hons will return to Honolulu shortly,
but Mrs. Hons will spend some time
on Maui.
Frank Stark of Lahaina, Maui, is a
visitor '.n town for a few days, Mrs.
Frank Stark leaves on tne Matsonla
on Wednesday for the mainland to be
gone three months. She Is accom
panied by her sister, Mrs. John Glenn
of Punahou. Advertiser.
Capt. R. P. Harbold, U. S. A., at
present national guard instructor on
Maui, has received orders to report to
Washington for assignment. He ex
pects to sail about the middle of next
month. It is probable that he will be
attached to one of the regiments dest
ined for early service in France.
Fred Murphy and J. R. Franklin,
teachers respectively in the Kaupa
kalua and the Makawao schools, left
Maul bv last Saturday's Claudine and
sailed for the Coast by the Ventura
from Honolulu on Tuesday to spend
their vacation. They expect to return
to Maui unless detained by the army
selective draft.
Herbert Melton Ayres, the well
known poet, newspaper man and sports
writer of Honolulu, is on Maui for a
week or 10 says, taking orders for
his latest book and gathering data
for another volume now in prepara
tion. Incidentally he will take in the
races at Kahului, next week as a re- ,
presentatvve of the Advertiser.
Maui High's Class
Of '17 Is Graduated
(Continued from Page One.)
Chorus "Good Night Gentle Folks"
High School
Prof. W. S. Beeman, principal an
nounced that the reason there was no
valedictorian this year was because
the average of the two graduating
seniors Miss Constance Kinney, and
Mr. Douglas Wells, were within less
than three tenths of n percent of each
other. The only pupil in the High
School who was not absent or tardy
one day during the term is Miss Eliza
beth Lindsay. According to tho con
ditions under which the senior cup
was presented last year, Mr. Scott
Nichol whose average was 96 percent
will have his name engraved on it.
Reception Much Enjoyed
The senior class reception and dance
was held at the Pala Community
House on June 23. The hall and stage
were beautifully decorated in green
and white.
Those who were in the receiving
line were Miss Constance Kinney, Mr.
Douglas Wells, Miss Couch, Miss
Mast. Mr. Beeman. Mrs. Beeman, Mrs.
D. C. Lindsay, and Mr. D. C. Lindsay.
Miss Barton was to have been there
but she was unfortunately delayed
and arrived too late.
The dance followed and continued
until 12 o'clock. Ice cream and cake,
and punch were served.
TTnolirn PjuOt nf the Salvation ArmV
who returned this week from a short
trip to Honolulu, made arragnements
while away for another visit of the
Salvation Army girls' band. This in
teresting aggregation now numbers
over 20 instruments, and is said to
be making even better music than a
year ago when they visited Maul. The
iiand will arrive on July 13 and be
iinro fnr a week. It is in eharre of
Capt. Harry Booth. Col. Robert Dub
bin, head of the Army in the Islands,
will also accompany the party.
Gwendolyn "I hear that Fanny
EYirfv.nriri is to be married. Who is
the happy man?"
. . . , T 1 .... 1 -
Grace wny, ner lamrr. i-m-iv.
Mr. and Mrs. T. T. Meyers, of Pukoo
returned home last Saturday from a
visit to Honolulu.
W. II. Field and family have been
spending the past week on the beach
east of Kahului.
Miss Gertrude B. Judd of Wailuku,
is in Honolulu this week on account
of the meeting of the ministerial as
sociation. .
Miss Mollie Cummlngs is home from
Kauai, where she is a teacher in the
Kapaa school, to spend her vacation.
Miss Eva Robinson, daughter of
cnnxinr nnil Mrs Robinson, of Wai
luku, is home from Honolulu for a
vacation. She has not been home ior
over a year.
u-niH KnVon. n 6 vear old Hawaiian
boy of Waihee, was drowned about
inst Sntnrdnv. while nlaying
with some other children on the beach
near his home. The body was re
covered, but efforts at resuscitation
rvnnir TTowes the well known auto
mobile man, has received his com
mission as captain in the officers' re
serve corps. He is attached to the
quartermaster's department.
V XV Pl,,iKtinns R. B A., the Well
known painter, who has lately creat
ed much attention with his work in
TTnnrtlnlil la rtn Tnnl ncnin find is at
the Maul'llotel, Wailuku. He expects
to paint some more maui scenes i
the near future.
LONDON, June 27 Progress south of Lens continues. Enemy's
positions on With sides of tlic Souchez river, on a front of 2 miles to
depth of 1000 yards, are now in I'.rilish possession. French front quiet.
Berlin reports no lighting anywhere of consequence.
WASHINGTON, June 27 Both sides predict senate passage of
food control bill next Saturday.
Wilson orders trade commission to investigate steel and lumber
costs. Export control committee and producers in each slate will fix
prices with approval of council of defense and control committee. Will
stimulate production. '
NEW YORK, June 27 Canadians slowly encircling Lens. Germans
have already ceased mining in immediate vicinity of city indicating they
realize their tenure is short. Gen. llaig is possibly paving the way for
a new thrust.
Gen. von Tirpitz suffering seriously from diabetes, arrives at Black
Forest for treatment.
MINNEAPOLIS, Minn., June 27 Imperial Potentate Neidering
hause, at Shriners' conclave, pleads for unity of Americans during the
war. Candidates for next conclave arc Fort Dodge, Topeka, and Hono
lulu. WASHINGTON, June 27 Bakhmctreff, member of the Russian
commission , addresses senate and gives solemn vow in name of Russian
people that they will fight on beside America. Is convinced that separate
eace means the triumph of German autocracy.
Recruiting is lively. 1451 enrolled on Monday, double the average of
last week. Expected rate will be still speedier.
War tax bill will probably be revised by senate financiers today ,and
reported to senate on Friday. Liquor taxes are unchanged.
Six department of justice agents are guarding Judge Mayer who is
trying Goldman and Alex. Bcrkman for anti-draft speeches. The judge
and Hacontcnt, assistant district attorney, have been threatened with
death by anarchists.
PARIS, June 27 Calm on French front. Except active artillery
at LafTaux and Rheims which been violently bombarded.
NEW YORK, June 27 Austrians have taken initiative from Itali
ans at objective Monte Orignal. Rome says arc holding lines and arc
inflicting heavy losses. Battle still continuing.
There has been heavy fighting between Russians and Austrians
southwest of Luskcn, Volhynia and on Neister river in Galicia.
HONOLULU, June 26 Editor Matheson arrested charged with
criminal libel preferred by Governor. Appeared this morning before
Judge Jieen. l'lea set for rnday. Charge complains of editorial cap
tioned "Under What Flag," published last Saturday.
J. Morton Riggs gets captaincy in reserve quartermaster corps.
City attorney sends ultimatum to Link McCandless who refuses
to pay his share of frontage tax for Beretania street improvements.
Honolulu Consolidated Oil Co., announces that commencing July
5th, dividends will be raised from IVc to 314. Also extra dividend
same date of 3.
aviation department.
Annapolis graduates for 1917 go into active service Thursday.
CANADIAN, HEADQUARTERS, June 26 Canadians today en
tered Lacoulotte on west front where Germans withdrew from two
miles line. Germans destroyed houses in Lens in order to give free
scope for guns.
BERKELEY, June 26 Thief detected in chemical laboratory.
Dropped blue print showing research plans being carried out for war
service. Government leaves impression that thief is a spy. Soldiers
now guard laboratory.
LONDON, June 26 Venizelos is forming cabinet which will pro
bably propose to house of deputies that Greeks join entente immediately.
WASHINGTON, June 26 Senate agricultural committee has
agreed on absolute prohibition of the manufacture of alcoholics during
war and place question of manufacture of wine and beer in the hands
of the President. These are substitutes for house prohibition clause.
BERLIN, June 20 French enter German' positions north-west
of Hureibise Heavy counter drove them out of most parts.
ROME, June 2u Austrians open bitter attempt to recaptured
LONDON, June 26 Bonar Law states that the British daily ex
peditures for the past ten weeks have averaged 7,752,000.
Nine Normal Graduates
Assigned To Maui Schools
The following members of this
year's graduating class of the terri
torial normal school have been assign
ed as teachers to Maui schools as follows:
e""i i? Klp
Secretary Baker opposes special
Puunene Frank Martins and Miss
Afoon Lipuni Ah Nin.
Lahaina Misses Lily Lau Yin Chi
and Annie Nyuk Tsin Ho.
Paia Misse3 Gladys Martina Traut
and Olive Marian Villiers.
Nahiku Miss Rosabella Coelho.
Honokohau Miss Jennie K. A.
Makawao Miss Emma Sui Kim
Pertinent Paragraphs
The Paia Tennis Club has sent out
invitation for a "Patriotic Dance" to
,)e held on Tuesday evening, July 3,
in the new nationnl guard armory,
Paia. Dancing begins at 8:30 o'clock.
Governor Pinkham has appointed
Harold Rice as Maul's commissioner
for the territorial fair to bo held in
Honolulu next fall.
The children of tho Sunday school
of the Church of the Good Shepherd
plcniced last Monday on- Waihee
beach. A delightful time is reported.
Bishop Henry Bond Restarick left
th's week for the Coast by the Mat
sonla. On his return he will be ac
companied by his daughter, Mrs. Paul
Withington, whose husband Is leaving
shortly for red cross duty in France.
An important meeting of the Haiku'
Farmers' Association is to be held
lomorrow evening at tho Kuiaha
school house. The plans and work
of the food commission, as it relates
to the farming industry, will be tho
chief features of the meeting. .
The long-lalked-of shooting match
between teams of the national guard
:md the Wailuku police force will
take ph'co next Sunday morning at
Ihe national guard armory. Much In
terest, centers in tho result.
J. Garcia, administrator of the estate
of Manuel Cosmos, deceased, on Mon
day filed in the First Circuit Court,
Honolulu, an inventory of the estate
which consists of $G98.77 in cash de
posited in the First National Bank,
of Wailuku.
The Wailuku Sugar Company will
finish grinding today. The yield, it
is stated will fall a little below the
estimate.'and under last year's output,
on aecoft of damage to the cane
caused fr the big storm a year ago
last January.
The annual picnic of the children
of the Wailuku Union Church Sunday
school, was held on Monday of this
week in the grounds of the William
and Mary Alexander parsonage. The
affair was a delightful one for the
The yacht La Paloma, purchased
recently by Joe Faiko from Clarence
Macfarlene as a pleasure Ashing boat,
sailed for Honolulu yesterday from
Lahaina where it has been for a few
An unusually attractive entertain
ment will be that to be given to
morrow evening under the auspices
of the Maunaolu Seminary alumnae
association at the Alexander House
gymnasium. Fancy dancing by about
ino children in costume, who have
been training for the affair for weeks,
will be the leading features. Danc
ing for grown-ups will follow.
The last meeting of the season of
the Maui Club was held on Thursday
at the home of Mrs. E. E. Boyum, Ha
makuapoko. The subject of the after
noon was Schubert and his work. The
following program was listened to
with much pleasure:
Paper "Schubert's Life"
Mrs. Worth Aiken
Paper "Schubert's Work"
Mrs. H. D. Sloggett
Vocal solo "Who is Sylvia"
Miss Lois Murdock
Piano solo "Serenade"
Miss Dorothy Foster
Vocal solo "The Death and tho
Maiden" Miss Couch.
Modern Way
Flubdub "Isn't there some fable
about the ass disguising himself with
a lion's skin?"
Synicus "Yes, but now the colledg
es do the trick wilh a sheepskin."
Buffalo Courier.
i m

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