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Haikus Take Heartbreaking Game Blaisdcll Twirls Inler-Island Polo
From Waes; Asahis Lose Once Morel Kula To Victory Ray ge Played
On Maui Soon
League Standings
Team Standing
Haiku 7
Chinese 6
Wacs 6
Spoils 6
Asahi 6
Sundays Games Chinese 8, Asalii
1; Haiku 8. Wacs 5.
With every break of the luck and
every close decision aeainst them the
Wacs lost to Haiku 8 5 Sunday after
noon. The game was protested on a
third out for the Haikus but the pro
test was not completed yesterday as
was required. He alleged that
the Wacs' catcher was out of
position when or before the ball was
delivered. The Wacs fought and kick
ed through the nine innings. It was
a hard afternoon for Leandro and not
a delectable one for attendants who
like orderliness fo- a large part of the
grand stand was after "his umps" af
ter the first inning decision which was
not generally understood. The crowd
could not see why a runner should be
brought home on a third strike of a
third out and the batter have four
strikes on him before being called out.
Only a very few knew of the rule un
der which Leandro made the decision.
There were a number of unpleasant
episodes. Gene I'.al was forced to
leave the field. As to that episode
the management of the league and the
umpires are to blame as well as Hal.
hast year there was a rule made that
no one not in uniform except the club
manager should be permitted on the
players' bench and that rule has not
been enforced. Last year showed the
need of the rule and it was folly to
Ignore It this season.
Wacs players are open to criticism
on the hard kicking they did but it
was a heartbreaking game to lose, they
felt they were getting the worst of it
and at least they are entitled to
credit tor having played hard to the
Filipino 7
Kula played errorless ball Sunday i
afternoon and handed the Japanese j
team of the East Maui league a 12 to !
1 drubbing. Neil Blaisdell occupying I
the mound for the victors was in fine !
form, letting the Japanese down with I
four safety's. Kula batters fattened!
their averages materially, the team
hitting at .319 clip for the game. The
feature was the sending of 17 men 1 o I
the bench via the S. O. route by Hlais- I
dell. ,
Second Game !
I Asahi'. Am faiu
! In contrast with the first game was ralf 8
the second, it was quiet and orderly L ,a. ?
as a Sunday School picnic and so one i Kl"a 7
j sided that interest ended early. The i 'nmvpln 6
Asahi nine made its nomest slmM-lne- 'Japanese 8
I In weeks. On one occasion where the
plate was not guarded a runner stop
ped at third and looked calmy at the
l home plate with no one to stop his
scoring. Fielding was ragged on both
sides, seven errors scored by each, but
the American-Chinese misplays were
! not disasterous.
The Encleites scored in the second
half of the first. Silva walked and
stole and Shim sacrificed him to third,
pitcher to first. Haake's single scored
i Silva. fial fouled out to catcher. F.nos
' singled and Haake was caught be
tween bases but the Asahi second base
'man dropped the ball and Haake was
safe at third and Enos on second.
They were left when Wndsworth foul-
i ed out to catcher.
Two more came across for the Am-
; erican Chinese in the third. Silva was
safe at first on a missed third strike
that went by. He stole second and
went to third on the throw from the
plate to second. Shim flew out to
second. Haake singled to left and
Silva scored. Haake stole and was
sacrificed to third as Pal went out
third ta first. Enos singled, Haake
scored. Enos was caught at second.
In the fifth Ihree more runs were
added. Soong singled over second.
Silva bunted and went all the wav
around the bases on the overthrow of! Two teams from the Settlement
first, Soong scoring ahead of him. j Tennis Club are contenders for the
Shim went out second to first. Haake: oil Maui doubles championship in the
singled and stole. Bill Bal singled finals which are to be decided next
and Haake scored, Bal going to sec-! Saturday afternoon on the Tuunene
ond on the throw in. Yamaoka went courts, play to start at 3 o'clock highly
in to relieve Sueda who had seemed : creditable to the Wailuku organization
to lack speed through the game. Wads- j that it should have the two strong
worth ending the inning with a fly to: est teams of the year. Eddie Tarn
right field. j and Young Ting and the Yee brothers
In the sixth the Asahis got their ate the survivors to the finals,
lone tally. Tom oka bunted and wen: At the opening of the tournament
end, especially Wells Cummings in the to pocond on the overthrow Ishibashi I the Settlement club was the only one
box. ! bunted and also went to second on the i 10 enter the full five teams the rules
! overthrow and Tomoka scored. Waka- permitted. Puunene entered four
yama was sale on the fumble of his teams. I'aia three and there were two
Tournament Will Be Unoffici
al With No Title Or Cup
At Stake; Maui Players
Hard At Practise
Inter-Island polo matches may be
seen on Maui this year, according to
a report given the Honolulu papers
by Frank F. Baldwin, president of the
Hawaii Polo Club.
The tourney will be unofficial as
far as title or the awarding of a cup
will be concerned, but the possibility'
of an unofficial tournament was tone
Heavy hitting In Hie pinches rather i0VPr Rn1 ,he 8njpf t taken favoiatity
than tight ball gave I'aia n victory
over the Haiku aggregation, 0 4. Loose
fielding marked the game throughout,
I'aia being charged with 10 errors and
Haiku six. Despite the striking out
of 13 men by Reeves the Haiku twir
Ur, the Paia nine accumulated eleven
safe hits against four allowed Haiku
by Abrew.
Three hundred fans attended the
Maul players have been gathering
in practice for several weeks past and I
are considered by spectators to be in j
the top of form. The squad has been1
divided into three teams and a regular
series has started which is expected
to continue until the middle of Au
gust. Krytwn as the "Beds," "Whiles"
and "Blues" the games between these
teams have been exceptionally fast.
Many youngsters to the game arc prov
ing just as fast as the veterans.
The Reds are captained by Sam
Baldwin and include David Fleming.
Captain Janion, Errol von Tempsky,
Dr. Baldwin and Dwight Baldwin.
The Whites under the guiding wing
of Harold Rice is comprised of Bill
Clark, Harold Rice, Jr., Jack Molr
and H. Ro'.ph. The Blues are a Bald
win team, there being four scions ofi
that family on the roll. Frank Bald-i
Win Is cantain and his three sons Tvil. ' i
ward, Lawrence and Asa are under
his tutorship. Dr. Fitzgerald is the
other member of the team.
Major and Minor BaSS
Wacs Open Strong
At the jump the Wacs looked like
winners. Asam's hit which was mis
judged by the Haiku right fielder was
good for two bases. Silva was safe
and Asam landed on third on a field
er's choice. Silva stole while Lyons
was striking out. Wells Cummings
singled and Asam and Silva came
home. Cockett
entries each from the Lahaina Tennis
Club and the Malu-ulu-o-lele Club, al
so of Lahaina. Tarn and Ting won
their place in the finals through the
defeat of Walsh and Walsh 6-4, 6-1,
6-3 and Yee brothers defeated Gor
don and Gannon of Lahaina 6-2. 6 2.
6-1. The final matches are looked un
burn. The runners advanced to sec
ond and third on a passed ball. Yanagi
and Hirai were victims.
In the last half of the inning two
more came over for the American
Chinese. Atau Yee singled and Wong
laid down a bunt that sacrificed him
to second. Soong sent him to third
vtl UUI, SCLOnO IO on n Rinr n Kilvn Gnni-Minofl if rtfel nn In ltnv Bnma r n,.,
fli'c Dnn,.:nnin r... . . o- ....... ....... , - ........ .mv vl LiuarM ami
.o., v.uiimimBs 10 seconu. : and Atau Yee scord, Soong going to hardest played tennis seen
x-.aiin. uni mi. iu couza wno tnrew third. Shim was safe on an error of i
wide to first and Cumminca rnmox-oi, .i o j I
home. Bal eoinc to sernrul wi.ro i,0 . . , ... I in
i r. 7 ... .......v .... w-ui till tlic luw IIIIOW IO Slop I11S
was lelt when Waiwaiole went out. pilfer of second. Hake was out, short
Souza to Haole. t0 first.
Trouble For Leandro , i No further scoring to awaken in
For Haiku Chartrand was assisted telest
out at first by Wells Cummings. Souza j Firet Game
received a pass. Chris Cockett flew ' Wacs
out to center who made a great throw '
to first in an effort to catch Souza Asam, cl-lf
who had gone toward second. Robin-! J'- I Silva, If
son singled to right and Souza went ! THU Cummings, rf ...
to third. Robinson stole second. Then Lyons, ss
came the disputed decision. There j Wells Cummings, p
were two strikes on Coleman and he Kill Cockett, 2b
struck at the third but Leandro called ! F Bal. lb
Souza home and let Coleman strike at ! Waiwaiole, rf-cf
another of Wells Cummings shoots, j Freitas, c
The Wacs gathered around Leandro 'Jas. Alo, 3b
in protest, spectators howled and hoot-!
ed, an afternoon of trouble for the Totals 38 5 8 24 11 5
umpire was started and then the game Haiku
naa ir.-miueu. jicunK manager rereira at u rr rr
.5 2 3 1 0 0
.4 1 1 0 0 0
.1 0 0 0 0 0
.40131 o
.4 0 0 10 0 0
.4 0 0 1 0 0
. 4 0 0 0 4 2
Coleman, cf 4
Jones, rf 4
, Rolph, 3b 4
i Haole, lb 4
; Yamamoto, 2b 3
b" iiuuue laier ui a protest on tne Chartrand, If 5
decision. Wacs 3, Haiku 1. ' Souza, ss '. 2
Wacs Lose Lead j Cockett, c 4
Both teams went out in order in the Robinson, P 4
second. In the third the Wacs all but
scored and then lost their lead. Lyons
popped out to Robinson and Cummings
was out Robinson to Haole. Cockett
sent a Texas Leaguer to left and went
to second when Chartrand fell trying
to get it. Bal was safe at first on an ! Totals 34 8 3 27
error but Cockett was nipped at the Hits and Runs by Innings
plate on the play. j 123456789
Yamamoto beat out a slow one to Wacs 3 o 0 0 ) 0 2 0 o- 5
short but was caught napping at first; Basehits '. 3 1 1 1 0 0 2 0 0-8
a moment later. Chartrand was safe Haiku 1 0 3 0 0 i x 8
on an attempted one hand pick up at Easehits ".. 1 0 3 1 1 3 0 0 v- 9
third and Souza walked. Then came Summary Three-base hit Yamamoto
calamity for the ball was thrown over 2 base hits: Asam, Freitas- stolen
second baseman's head and the run- bases: Asam 1, J. I. Silva 1 ;hit by pitch
ners sped around. Chartrand scored er: Yamamoto; double plays: Lyons to
easily but it was a close decision as Cockett to Bal; bases on ballot- off
to Souza and Leandro said he was Wells Cummings 2; slrrek out by
sate. Then the Wacs howled and pro- Wells Cummings 8; bv rosier Pol.in
tested again. When play was resum- son 9; Umpires: Leandro and Bealo;
ed Chris Cockett singled and Robin- Time of game: 1 nr. 50 min Scorer
sons single was misjudged, Cockett Jos. Xavier.
scoring and the big pitcher keeping
S 4
this year.
Ladies Doubles Start
the All-Maui ladies doubles one
match has been played. Mrs. Fitz
gerald and Miss Frances Baldwin de
feated Mrs. Wadsworth and Miss
Simons 8-6 and 6-1. The first set was
one Tull of good playing and the tide
of advantage swung in the balance al
most to the end. Miss Young and
Mrs. Kunewa are to play Mrs. Deinert
and Mrs. Hughes some time this week
and the winners will play Mrs. Fitz
gerald and Miss Baldwin for the title.
Other Maui Championships
Entries have opened for the men's
singles and the ladies' singles Maui
cnampionsinps and can be made with
Eddie Tarn, Secretary of the All-Maui
tennis committee at the Baldwin Bank
Kahului up to and including July 30.
It is now in order for the various
clubs of Maui to send in their en
trants in both tournaments, accom
panied by the entrance fees. Clubs
may enter five candidates in each
Settlement Champions
In the finals of the Settlement
Club's men's doubles handicap
Tam and Ting are the winner. Sel
dom has such tennis been shown on
the Valley Isle as in the finals be
tween Tam and Ting and Yemoto and
Jim, three of the sets going into ex
tra games. Tam and Ting took the
first set, 7-5, but their opponents fur
ther stiffened their play in the next
and took the set from the former vic
tors by the same score. The third set
was easier for the chamnionshin con.
tenders and was taken 6-2 and then
Yemoto and Jim made a last desperate
effort only to lose the decisive set,
Men's Handicap Entries
Entries are announced to be open
for the Settlement Club's men's sin
gles handicap. They close with Eddie
Tam, the club's secretary on July 30.
Honolulu Ball
Sunday, July 16, All Around Chinese.
8, Stanford University 7 (11 innings);
Wanderers 7, Braves 4. (15 innings.)
Coast League
Sunday, July 16 Vernon 4, 26, Salt
Lake 13, 11; Oakland 6, 9. Sacramento
4, 3; Portland 1, 5. Los Angeles 5, 6;
Seattle 3, 0, San Francisco 9, 6.
American League
Sunday, July 16 Chicago 4, New
York 0; St. Louis 2, Washington 0.
No others.
National League
Sunday, July 16 Philadelphia 10,
Chicago 7; Pittsburg 2, Brooklyn 6;
Boston 5, Cincinnatti 4; New York 0,
St. Louis 1.
Ths Sportfolio
j? 1
How did Cobb, Hornsby and Sisler
bat during the past season of the
Pacific Coast Winter League? (G.
R. D.)
Has the Kentucky Derby ever result
ed In a dead heat? (E. J. H.)
What Is the ski-jump record and who
hold its? (R. J. C.)
What is Wills' weight and when dd
he first start to fight? (N. P.)
What was the total attendance at
the Baltmore-Louisville series last
fall? (T. F. O.)
Jimmy O'Connell, the Pacific Coast
star for whom McGraw is said to
have paid $75,000, plays first base.
Johnny Buff has only been knocked
out once, by Mickey Delmont, in the
third round of a fight at Jersey
City, January 26, 1920.
The intercollegiate regatta was
rowed at Poughkeepsie, N. Y., June
John Henry Meats holds the record
for a trip around the world thirty
five days twenty-one hours thirty
six minutes.
Anson, Young, Wagner, Lajole and
Gleason are the only major leagu
ers who have played big-league ball
for twenty years or more.
Iku, cf 5
Tomoka, If 4
Ishibashi, c H
on to second. Coleman and Jones both
fanned. Three runs, and the score
Haiku 4, Wacs3.
A great one handed catch by Haole
off Asam's bat prevented the Wacs ty
ing the score in the fourth. Freitas
had singled with one nut nrwl p-nnn In
second on center's bungle of his hit Wakayama, 3b 3
and Alo had popped out to Robinson, j ana.si, 2b - 4
The ball from Asam's bat looked safe ; ,"al' - - 'l
but Haole spoiled it. Cummings ran. ' Matsumoto, lb .. 1
ned Rolph and Haole and Chartrand r.ueda' ? 2
flew out to right. 1 amaoka, p
In the filth the Wacs went out in
order. Cummings struck out Souza
and Chris Cockett, Robinson beat out' lo,als
a bunt and went to second on an over-'
throw but was left when Coleman i
went out third to first. Silva, cf
Disaster Follows Fast .... Shim, If
After the Wacs had been retired in ' !'.a!,,ifi-,
order in the sixth Jones singled for '," lial- 60
Haiku and Rolph was safe on short ! f;nos- 2b
stop's error, Jones going to third and " alswfi'th, e
called safe by Bento on a close de-' Ah fau Yee M -
cision, Rolph going to second. Haole 1 ongl .
Second Game
Nakamura, ss 4
was thrown out at first by Wells Cum
mings and the runners held on bases
and then Yamamoto sent out a clean
four sacker. Chartrand flew to sec
ond, Souza went to second on an over
throw from third to first and Chris
Cockett singled, scoring Souza but was
left when Robinson flew out to short.
Four runs, Haiku 8, Wacs 3.
In the seventh the Wacs made their
final rally. Freiias was sate on sec
ond's, muff of his fly. Alo whiffed.
Asam singled to right and sent Freitas
to third. Asam stole. Lyon's was
safe on Rolph's bungle and Freitas
scored. Asam scored on Wells Cum
mings single but Wells was left when
Cockett breezed.
Soong, rf $
..::3 1 5 21 13 8
..23110 0
..4 'JO 1 0 0
. 4 2 3 0 r. 1
. 4 0 0 3 1 0
.10 12 1?
..4 0 0 7 2 1
..4 1 0 0 2 1
.2 0 0 J2 0 3
..4 2 3 50 0
..32 8 S T. 11 7
I "
Market Prices
The other May an eminent citizen
was heard to remark that appearances
are not deceitful. S'funny aint it.
When Bambino Ruth was suspended
until late in the early part of the sea
son the Yank's had a healthy lead in
the American flag race. When Babe
came back the Loo'eys proceeded to
annex first place. Ban Johnson gave
Ruth the gate a short time back and
the Yankee's started right In to win
again. S'funny aint it.
Jack Dempsey isn't such a smart
feller, after all. He doesn't know just
who he will fight next, or when. Yet
most any old editor can tell you both
of these things.
Reports have it that the treasury
is beginning to wonder what to do
with its ammassed gold reserve. But
wait. Dempsey's going to fight Harry
Wills pretty soon.
Hits and Runs by Innings
123456789 I
Asalii 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 11
Basehits 0 2O11OOO1-5
C.-A 1 o 2 o a ii ii v.
Basehits 1 1 2 0 3 1 0 0 x g
Pitching record: off Sued.i, 7 hits,
6 runs in 4 1-3 innings; off: Yamaoka,
1 hit, 2 runs in 3 2-3 innings.
Summary Two-base hits: Soong;
sacrifice hits: Nakannna, Silva, Shim,
Wong; stolen bases Iohibashi 1: Na
kamura 1, Yanagi 1. M atsuiuoto 1,
Sueda 1, Silva 2. Shim 1. Haake 2.
Question. (From a newcomer to
thecs here parts.) When will the
Asahi's stick their heads out of the
cellar? Answer Ask Okamura.
e uetiing tne done on Jess win.
aid, what he lias done and what he's
going to do, is about as easy as find
ing out which one of t lie revolting
factions in China is on the top. It all
depends upon which one you are read
ing about.
hoongl: baies on halls: off ll:i:ik. 1-
In the last half of the eighth the off Sueda 1. off Yamaoka 2; struck out
Wacs pulled a pretty double. The by Haake 7; by Sueda 1, Yamaoka 1
Wacs bolt was shot, however und it 1 Umpires : Leandro and Bento; Time
was one, two, three for them in the of game: 1 hr. 48 min Scoier- J
eighth and ninth. 'Xavier.
"Benny Leonard to Box Rocky Kan
sas," said a headline. Box? Or a
wooden kimona?
(Extension Letter July 11)
Beef (dressed, weight), per tb., 16
17c. Pork (live weight), per lb., 25-28c. 1
Poultry (live chicken), pelb.
Stew chicken 55
Broilers, friers, l-llbs. 75!
Roasters, 3Ibs. up 75 i
Ducks, young . 55
Rabbits 25
Eggs, Hawaiian, per doz. (to pro-'
ducer) 65
Produce and Fruits
Bananas, 214-2c lb. for export, lo- j
cal market prices about the same but
variable according to quality, quoted
all the way from 2 to 3 Vic lb. by the
bunch, 4V6c rb. by the hand.
Cabbage 3c lb. j
Cucumbers variable, quoted from
45c to 65c dozen, according to size !
and quality.
Egg plant at l-3c lb.
Papayas 1 to lc lb.
Pears (avocado) more plentiful, i
about 3 to 3 '4c each for average
quality, up to 10c each for fancy. i
Pineapples 2Vc lb., $40.00 ton. !
Potatoes (sweet), 1 to 2c lb.
Irish potatoes (Hawaiian), 3 to 1
String beans at 5c lb., scarce. j
Taro steady at 21c. lb.
Tomatoes variable, quoted from 1 '
to 5c lb.
Watermelons 5c lb.
George Cummings avows the Wac's
are in the race to win. Well, George,
there are four other teams in the I
same fix. I
We Live To Learn
"I never knew till I got a car," said
Bishop Eight ly, "that profanity was
so prevalent."
"Do you hear much of it on the
"Why," said the Bishop, "nearly
everybody I bump into swears dread
fully." Philadelphia Inquirer.
Vineyard Street, Second House above High, Wailuku
$5 TO $18 SAVED
Does that sound worth while? Those are the reductions we are
now making In the prices of tailor made suits. I have just received
new samples and new lists.
Agent for Klaas made to measure shirts, that have class.
New stocks of ties, shirts and other men's goods.
All persons are hereby forbidden to hunt upon any and all
lands owned or controlled by the Raymond Ranch without first hav
ing obtained permission in writing from the manager of said ranch.
Said permit must be carried at t.ll times and shown upon demanded
by any employee of the Ranch.
Any persons caught hunting on the above mentioned lands
without such permit will be prosecuted as provided for in Act 4, S.
L. 1919, amending Section 607 of the Revised Laws of Hawaii, 1915,
relative to unauthorized hunting upon private lands, and to provide
for the punishment thereof.
Engineer and Architect
(Member American Association Engineers)
Designer and Builder of Homes for Particular People
Opposite Maui Book Store
The School
in which to equip for a business career.
Miss T. Bigelow Phillips.
Assisted by
A Staff of College Graduates,
all of whom have trained especially for the
work of the deartments which
they supervise.
This institution appeals to that, class of young men
and women who desire business training of a superior
order. Its courses are distinctive; its methods original;
its service personal. The atmosphere of the school
radiates enthusiasm, efficiency and the spirit of helpful
ness. Subjects in which this School Specializes:
English, word analysis and word building; Penman
ship; Gregg and Pitmanic systems of shorthand; Touch
Method of Typewriting; Elementary and Practical Book
keeping, Mechanical Bookkeeping.
Special Courses in Secretarial, Law and Court
Join the Live Ones and Boost With Semi-Weekly Maui New

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