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Semi-Weekly Maui News
A Republican Paper Published in the Interests of the People
Issued Every Tuesday and Friday
Proprietor and Publisher.
M. It. PEREIRA, Manager
Entered at the Post Office at Walluku, Maui, Hawaii, as second-class matter.
cluslvely entitled to the use for republication of all news dispatcheB credit
ed to it or not otherwise credited in this paper and also the local news
published herein.
Over on Kauai fines of $10 nml $20 im reported s being assess
ed against confessed violators of the prohibition law. And yet Maui
has been called by prohibition advocates" luke warm as to law en
JULY 25. 1922
Attempts to bribe examiners in the tests for basic licenses to
teach in foreign. language sciiools will have a tendency to add further
to the sentiment for elimination of such institutions. It is
true that of all those who took the examination only
two, so far as known, were so fool hardy as to attempt to resort to
corrupt practices but the public ever pays more attention to the go
ing astray of one person than to the fact that a thousand toil along
the) path of rectitude. If a minister of gospel or a pillar or a church
goes wrong there is much to do made of it and the fact that over
whelminging majority go straight receives no comment. So all foreign
language school teachers will share to a greater or less- extent the
smirching that comes with the befouling of their profession by would
be bribe givers.
As a matter of fact the foreign language schol teachers are
probably no better and no worse than men of their nationalities in
other walks of life. The offenders in Honolulu either have not grasped
American ideals or they are "too sophisticated" according to an
optimistic or pessimistic point of view. Attempted bribery, bribe
giving and bribe taking, are, most unfortunately, offenses from which
the American social system is by no means free but an American
would know better than to attempt to corrupt school heads or school
teachers. It is crass ignorance that the two foreigners showed.
However, the point that stands out clearly is that opponents of
foreign language schools will use the incidents told of in the news
from Honolulu further to strengthen their already strong arguments.
Recently a strong effort was made to insert an outspoken statement
on the subject in tho Republican platform. The issue was not settled
but was compromised by the last legislature. It may be expected to
come up again at the next legislative session.
From the outset of the agitation against foreign language schools
there has been one and only one basic solution of the difficulty and
there is a steadily growing recognition of the futility of other means
to check the evils that are complained of. The solution is the introduc
tion of an optional course in Japanese in the government public
schools with American born and American trained Japanese as the
teachers. If it is good for the children of Japanese to know that lan
guage then children of American parentage and American born child
ren of parents of other nationalities should be accorded the same ad
vantage. From the geographical location of these islands and from
the large proportion of Japanese resident here, the Japanese language
will long be commercially important to residents of the islands. On
the face of the proposal it would seem to entail a considerable expense
but such expenditure would be in the nature of a saving in the end.
It might even be possible to attach a very small tuition fee for
those who desire such optional course which would make it in part
even if not entirely self sustaining. Under such a plan the department
of public instruction would know exactly what was being taught to
the pupils and there could no longer be charged that instruction in the
Japanese tongue had a tendency to delay Americanization and retard
the assimilation of the Nipponese in Hawaii.
As yet no poet has arisen to Bing the praises of the new "oken" bucket
that linns near the still.
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Cheer up! The Inter-Island Company has not yet chartered any one
of the Maalaea Bay sampans to substitute on the Honolulu-Kahului run for
the Kilauea.
S B 8 n
Those in Honolulu who still complain as to the brevity of bathing cos
tumes appear to spend a considerable part of their time rubbering to see
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If it were not for woman, man would be in a sorry plight He would
have no excuses to make for his own short comings. Still he would not
have to make so many excuses but for lovely woman. The fair sex is the
one best and constant alibi man has to offer even to herself.
a tx n
He or she who offers the excuse "I didn't think" is in reality confess
ing to another fault and merely aggravating the offense charged.
n n n n
Underlying humanity is like a beautiful Bprlng of crystal water. Not
until it flows through a discoloring environment is its clarity beclouded.
It is pure self conceit that leads a man to expect that the girl who likes
to go about before marriage will care for nothing but to sit and watch him
read after the honey moon has wained.
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Some persons are able to treat 1heir troubles like naughty children, put
them to bed and go on about their business. Others nurse their troubles as
if they were sick children.
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If the jazz is dead as some folk Insist it has not yet awakened to the fact.
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The man who is sure he Is always right should try umpiring a ball game
once in a while to learn what others think about it.
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Sammy Good is reported from Los Angeles to have his wife for a spar
ring partner. No news in that; lots ot lout nna ineir cniei recieawuii in
ring with their wives.
There are three things against which you should seek pro
tectionj Death, Disability and Old Age Death, for the benefit
of others ; Disability for your own protection and at the same
time a saving for your old age.
Let us quote you rates on a Policy.
The Baldwin Bank, Ltd.
Kahului Insurance Department Wailuku
The old plan and the one which now prevails works finely when
business and industry are constantly on the up-grade but breaks down
as soon as a reaction sets in. During pre-war and war times for a
number of years past there was an increase in assessed valuations
year after year and no difficulties in the way of meeting government
al expenses from taxes were encountered. Then away went the
sugar market and like the rest of the world Hawaii encountered de
creasing values, reduced incomes from business enterprises. The ar
guments that had been advanced on Maui were exemplified forthwith.
This county has been able to get along as well as it has done only
because of two special taxes that were permitted, the special school
building tax and the special tax for the support of sanitaria and
hospitals. Other counties, especially Hawaii County were not so
Revision of tax methods is necessary and the plank in the plat
form is a proper one. Such revision should be a sweeping one and
should provide that a county-may determine for itself its own needs,
raise such finds by fixing the rate for itself, and that the territorial
needs should be met in addition to those of the county, briefly that
county needs shall not ever and always be subordinated to those of
the territory.
The proposal to include a plank for reapportionment in the Re
publican platform, surely eminating from Honolulu, came to a sudden
end when it was said that if included the legislative candidates from
Maui and other counties than Honolulu would have to run as
It was not to be expected that the County of Hawaii would con
sent to a platform plank which would declare against county officials
holding legislative seats. A glance over the Big Island political ros
ter shows why the plank failed of inclusion.
Nothing drastic was done by the Republican Committee in its
revision of the rules of the party relative to the territorial and coun
ty committees and the precinct clubs and their powers and jurisdic
tion. The county organizations are retained with a member of such
committee from each precinct, the territorial committee is supreme
in all territorial affairs but is not to interfere in campaigns and elec
tions for county offices.
It appears that a breaking down of the county committee in
Honolulu was responsible for the proposal to eliminate county com
mittees which was abandoned in committee for the wiser and better
plan of building up the county organizatoins to fulfill the purposes
for which they were intended. As a m&tter of fact such breaking
down of the Honolulu Committee probably came, to a large extent,
from the tendency of the territorial committee to confuse or combine
county affairs with territorial since Honolulu is the capital. There
lias always been a tendency in Honolulu to look upon the territorial
offices as Honolulu offices to be filled by residents of the city and
county of Hnolulu.
Such a view is borne out from the published interview with A. L.
Castle in a Honolulu paper where he said that the Maui and Kauai
county committees were functioning well but that in Honolulu it was
necessary to revivify the county body.
As this paper said when the proposal was broached about two
weeks ago, the county committees are an essential part of a party
organization, and in each precinct there must be some one person at
least who shall be responsible fox the organization there. Such is
the view that prevailed with the rules committee at the convention.
Pele has not left Halcmaumau after all. She was just taking
a summer vacation and is returning to her home and setting the
house to rights preparing for a real housewarming for which invi
tations may be expected to issue soon.
Those who think that prices have not come down since the war
as they should have are recommended to the "What you can get for
$1" page in this issue of this paper. They will have their pessimism
disabused. Such a page, also, is a convincing answer to those who
say that newspaper advertisements are not generally read. Maui
News ventures to say that more than 90 percent of its readers will
find the new feature advertising page full of interest. It is proposed
to make the page a once a month feature of this paper.
Much complaint is being heard because of the Inter-Island Steam
Navigation taking the Kilauea off the IIonolulu-Kahilui run without
a substitute for one trip and with most unsatisfactory substitutes
since. The public considers the company a "utility corporation"
not a salvage and wrecking company which carries on transportation
as a secondary consideration.
The Stanford Crimsons will not be over for games with Maui. The
fans will survive and just as a suggestion to the baseball league offi
cials it might be as well to lay off spending money for outside attrac
tions until after the Fifth Annual Maui County Fair. The greater
part of the receipts from games with visiting teams goes away from
Unpleasant, disagreeable and often costly experiences are some
times necessary in order to convince where clear and lucid arguments
have failed and so it comes that the taxation plank in the Republican
platform is interpretted by Governor Farrington to mean, among
other things that "current assessments ultimately shall be the basis
for current taxes." I
Before the last session of the legislature committees from the'
County of Maui and the Maui Chamber of Commerce outlined a list j
of desirable legislative changes and one of the most important sug-j
gestions made was for the basing of current taxes upon a current !
assessment, not upon the valuation of the preceeding year. The bill
was introduced but it failed of passage and then came the lesson that
has to be learned. , j
The outsanding feature of the market for bonds during re
cent months has been the heavy buying for permanent In
vestment. Notwithstanding that this demand has resulted in a sub
stantial advance in prices for bonds in general, the present
outlook Indicates a gradual trend toward the level which pre
vailed some years ago, particularly as applied to issues of
the better grade, which still yield a liberal return.
It is doubtful if it will be possible for several years to pur
chase bonds at prices which will yield the return now pos
Engineer and Architect
(Member American Association Engineers)
Designer and Builder of Homes for Particulai People
Opposite Maui Book Store
Neat Work The product of many years experience.
Estimates gladly furnished Reasonable Prices.
The Ability to Pay
depends upon the Companies whose financial and
moral standing guarantees the reliability of their in
surance contracts, both under ordinary conditions
and in settling claims which have arisen in conflag
rations. Why Stand In Jeopardy?
We represent leading companies of the world.
C. Brewer & Company (Limited)
. (Insurance Department)
P. O. Box 347 : : Honolulu, T. H.
Paia Mercantile Co.
Groceries, Cigars, Refreshments
Lower Paia, Maui.
All persons are hereby forbidden to hunt upon any and all
lands owned or controlled by the Raymond Ranch without first hav
ing obtained permission in writing from the manager of said ranch.
Said permit must be carried at Ell times and shown upon demanded
by any employee of tho Ranch.
Any persons caught hunting on the above mentioned lands
without such permit will be prosecuted as provided for in Act 1, S.
L. 1919, amending Section 607 of the Revised Laws of Hawaii, 1915,
relative to unauthorized hunting upon private lands, and to provide
for the punishment thereof.
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Everything in paper, stationery and
supplies. Prices quoted on application
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