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First Monday
1 Sal
A Most Extraordinary Economy Event
This Sale Will Be Held At The Grand Hotel, Wailuku
As you read this advertisement the priees on the
various items may not impress you as being particular
ly startling, or so very unusual, but when you have
visited the salesroom and have examined the merchan
dise itself, and have had time to make comparisons, you
will wonder how such low priees are possible.
Particularly will the dress values impress you as
being most extraordinary there is a reason: the fall
and winter months are approaching and people
throughout the mainland are thinking of warmer
clothes. Manufacturers are now making heavier dresses
and are disposing of any and all summer styles which
hey may have on hand at almost any price. Of course,
it being summer here all the time, we want summer
frocks all the time. The styles which mainland firms
ire now closing out at very great reductions are just
he right styles for us.
We purchased a lot of these dresses and are now
jiTering them to you at about one-half the price these
same dresses sold for at the beginning of the season.
Here are the most extraordinary dress values that
have ever been offered on Maui, as really splendid as
we have ever offered at any time.
Charming Summer Wash
Frocks $6.00
In this assortment of dresses there is a varied
choice of styles. There are plain chambray dresses
cleverly trimmed with organdy and bright colored wool
flowers; there arc novelty ginghams with braid insertion-like
embellishment ; there are fine check ginghams
trimmed with linen and striped cbambrays with big
pearl buttons both these last two styles have patent
leather belts.
At this same price, there is a selection of smart .
styles of English prints in neat patterns.
These are all in the most charming of styles such as
may be worn at almost any hour of the day.
Fascinating Organdy Dresses
There is something so very magnetic about an or
gandy frock perhaps one is attracted by its usual
simplicity, its crispness and fresh summery appearance.
These in white and delicate corn and lavender shades
are quite irresistible with their clever ribbon belts and
frills and ruffles.
another ensemble of
Organdy Dresses at $8.50
offering a greater variety of styles and a more varied
choice. In this assortment there are, besides white,
quite a few bright, gay colors, most of these dresses are
embroidered in one way or another and feature many
charming trimming motifs.
Morning and Marketing
Frocks $3.85
These smart dresses are quite unusual, they are
fashioned of colored cotton crepes in the cleverest and
most unique arrangements. Many of them combine two
shades in their effort to obtain more attractive and
varied effects, some are trimmed with adorable wool
flowers, others are trimmed with various appliqued mo
tifsall are exceptionally good-looking and you will
like their unusualness.
Other Dresses at this same
Price are or CRETONNE
These are equally as unusual as the crepe dresses,
although perhaps more colorful hardly more effective,
but equally good-looking and attractive. They are as
gay as cretonne would want to be and are trimmed in
various ways with organdy. You will like them, too,
at $3.85.
Under the Direction of Mrs. Marion Drake
Our regular Monday Special Sales, which were inaugurated sev
eral years ago, have become the most freely patronized sales of any
Honolulu is familiar with. They are becoming increasingly popular
the reason, or course, for this is that they offer timely, seasonable mer
chandise at much less than average prices, and people recognize in
them an opportunity to supply many of their immediate home and per
sonal needs, at a very great saving.
Our Island customers have expressed themselves, repeatedly, in
no uncertain terms, to the effect that we are partial to our Honolulu
customers and that they (our Island customers) are never privileged
to participate in these great money savings events.
We would like to serve everyone equally well, and have given
much thought to different plans that would enable our out-of-town
customers to attend, or, at least, participate in some way in these sales
offerings. In this Sale, we feel we have found the right solution: in
stead of your coming to the sale, WE ARE GOING TO BRING THE
Instead of Your Coming to
this Sale We are Going to
Bring the Sale to You
We have been working on this event for some time, and have
made special purchases of merchandise which we feel will be particular
ly interesting to you. We are sending it almost to your very door so
that you may buy with the same advantages as those in Honolulu.
Don't think that we are sending a lot of merchandise which we have
been unable to sell, and are anxious to get rid of we are NOT. This
is all new goods which have never before been offered for sale it is
all fresh, fine, first quality merchandise; usable, practical goods which
will fill an everyday need, and it is offered to you at the same low prices
as though it were offered in our store, much lower, in fact than the
same grades could possibly be purchased any other place or any other
Mrs. Marion Drake, whom you all, no doubt, know as beincc the
manager of our Mail Order and Personal Shopping Bureau will be in
personal charge of this sale, and will conduct it after identically the
same plan as our regular Monday Special Sales in Honolulu.
This sale will begin Monday morning, August 21st, at 8:00
o'clock, at the Grand Hotel, Wailuku, and will continue until Wednes
day noon, unless we find it advisable to make other arrangements in
which case we will advise you. The continuation of this sale of special
ly priced merchandise will depend entirely upon now it is received
i( our Maui customers are as eager shoppers as our Honolulu custom
ers, this merchandise will be disposed of long before Wednesday noon.
Women's Fine Silk Hose
The Best Hose Values We Have Ever Offered
On several occasions recently, we have held sales of this quality hose and,
in every instance, we have sold entirely out in the early hours of the day, prov
ing beyond a doubt the unusual worth of the offering. Feeling certain that
our Maui customers would appreciate a sale of this character, we arranged
for an assortment especially for them. For a time, we were afraid the hose
would, not arrive in time for this Special Maui Sale, but they came in at the
last minute on the "Matsonia."
These hose are what are termed sub-normal. They are not really "sec
onds" nor are they "firsts," although they are what most manufacturers in
clude as firsts. The Humming Bird Hosiery Co., is the only concern we know
of who makes this fine distinction. The imperfections in this hose, which
mark them as sub-normal are so slight that none but an expert can detect
them, and are not in the silk part of the hose, but in the lisle top, heel or toe.
The wearing quality or appearance of the hose is not affected in any way by
these slight flaws, and one need not even give them a thought, for they are
negligible. The perfect stock of this hose is the well-known Humming Bird
brand which you buy regularly for $1.50.
In this assortment Ihere are black, white and brown. Sizes 8y2 to 10.
Many of tin dresses offered for tliis sale are tin1
well-known and quite famous Sassy .hum creations.
They have gained their good name through strength of
worth and eharaeter, the best of materials and the
finest artistry going into their making. Sassy Jane
dresses are recognized hy their unusual cleverness and
individuality you can always distinguish a Sassy Jane.
Simple Styles of Tub Silk
One likes such simple attractiveness as is to he
found in these dresses. They are simple styles of neat
stripe wash silks with most unassuming yet compelling
trimming effects.
Milady will find such a dress most sensible for
motoring, for shopping or even for the informal after
noon affairs.
Gingham Dresses
No dress can quite take the place of a gingham
dress, if they arc nicely made with a thought of style
and niodishness, there is nothing quite as smart if the
quality of material used is at all worthy, there is no
dress that can give quite the service.
These are of a good firm quality gingham in bright
checks attractively fashioned in many charming ways
some are trimmed with pique and some with sheer
At this same price there-are several styles of cheek
voile trimmed with organdy.
Besides a few plain white and colored organdy
dresses in simple style which offer exceptional value.
Men's Imported Silk
Four-in-Hand Neckties
We have had many sales of men's neckties hut we
have never offered such really splendid value as we are
offering in this sale. These ties, during the season, sold
from $1.50 to $2.50 each and were considered fair and
reasonable value at those prices. We got them as a
season-end close-out, which makes this decidedly low
price possible. There is a wide and varied assortment
of designs and colorings in this lot, every one of them
a regular man's tie, radiant with smartness and indivi
duality. One couldn't do better than to choose a dozen
from this offering; it will pay because such regular
values are so few and so far between that i similar op
portunity may not come again in a decade.
This is the only offering for this sale that was not
purchased especially for it. These ties were bought for
a Monday Special and were put out hist week, but as
there were so many of them (odd dozen in all) a few,
naturally, remained it is these we are offering in this

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