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A ' . j
Personal Mention Pertinent Paragraphs
. 4
Harry W. Craig arrived Wednesday
and Is registered at the Wailuku Ho
tel. Charles H, Kel.ey relumed to Ho
nolulu after a short stay on this
Mrs. C. E. Morris returned from
Honolulu on the Mauna Kei 'ed:x
day nipht.
David Fleming manager el' (lie Ho
nolua ranch returnee from Honolulu
Wednesday night.
Worth O. Aiken retm n''d I'tom a
short visit to Honolulu on the Mau
na Kea Wednesday.
E. H. Cort left Wailuku for I.ahain.i
today ami will depart Irom that pent
to Honolulu tonight.
J. M. Reynolds and A M. Aldrleh
of the American Factors returned to
Honolulu Wednesday nipht.
Hiram Eong of Armour and Com
pany departed on the Claudine. Weil
nesday nipht. for Honolulu.
Hen Seelip of the dry goods de
partment of Davies and Co.. is re
gistered at the Wailuku Hotel.
Douglas Brewsler, ea-liier of 1 lu
Baldwin l'.anh was a Honolulu pas
senper on the Claudine Wednesday
lien r.iuns advertising manager
for the 1!. 1!. C. medicines returned
to Honolulu hy the Claudine, Wed
nesday. M. J. Curran the new head .of the'
Royal Hawaiian Sales Company and
James J. Phillips returned to Hono
lulu on Wednesday.
V. E. Hicks represent ing the Lig
gett and Meyers tohaeeo company
arrived hy the Mauna Kea Wednes
day ami is registered at the Wailuku
S. Vincent Urown, formerly with
the Los Angeles Examiner and now
on the staff of Maui News, arrived
Wednesday. He is stopping at the
Mrs. Edith Sinclair who has ac
cepted the position of court steno
grapher of the circuit court and her
laughter, arrived by the Mauna Kea
Louis Fladel who is with Eddie
Fernandez in connection with the
joy zone concessions for the County
Fair arrived on Maui Wednesday and
is a guest at the Wailuku Hotel.
Joseph H. Gray editor of Maui
News is expected to return from Ho
nolulu Saturday morning where he
has been in connection with the Fifth
Annual County Fair number of this
Coming Events
Sunday, October 1 Hisebr.ll at Ka
hului. Return game whh Molokai and
Haiku vs Chfnese to decide second
series leadership. Annual and Fair
and Bazaar, Kuau Catholic Church at
Monday, October 2 Meeting of
Maui Woman's Club, Tenit.ovial
Pudding, Kahului.
Thursday, October 6 Manage'-
night with Diek P. Harris ai Wailuku
Saturday, October 7 Primary elec
tion. Makawao Ladies Aid atnuuil
bazaar at Paia Community house'. Con
cert and dance benefit L. P. S. at Ka
hului Community House.
Monday, October 9 Meeting f
Lahaina Outdoor Circle at home of
Mrs. Arthur W. Collins.
Thursday, Outober 12 Maui Coun
ty Fair Opens, Japanese Day.
Friday, October 13 Maui County
Fair, Children's Day.
Saturday, October 14 Last day of
Maui County Fair.
(Associated rm:ss
WASHINGTON, Sept. ) Accord
ing to a report tiled today by the l-'e e!
eral Depart men! of Commence'. ex
ports on cotton were considerably elect-eased
in volume fur the month o.
August but considerably increased h'
total valuation. A total of '212, S()S
bales, valued at $:!1.mm,ihmi v,e;e ex
ported as against 42o,4!)l bale's valued
at $26.000, OuU for the same month
last year.
Bank of Maui, Ltd.
Makewell Sails The Matson
freighter Makawele sailed from Ka
hului last night for the mainland
with a cargo of some 10,nnn cases of
canned pineapples.
Vag 90 Days Emiliano Corpus was
arrested Tuesday and entered on the
police register as a vagrant, the
charge being that he had no lawful
visible means of support. The de
fendant plead guilty and was sen
tenced to three months imprisonment
Meeting Postponed Owing to the
temporary absence of President Mrs.
Arthur W. Collins of the Lahaina Out
door Circle, the first meeting of the
Circle" under its new administration
has been postponed from October 1st
to one week later, Monday, October
Slh. j
Manulani Tomorrow Advices re
cedveel from the Kahului Railroad j
Company Ibis morning state that the
Steamer Manulani which was due in
Kahului harbor this morning will be
delayed one day and arrive tomor
row. She brings 560 tons of general
Fined $90. In the ca;-o of tie-' Ter
ritory versus Ah Wai. charged with
the- violation of the National Prohi
bition Act, having transported liquor
in the- Territory, a fine oi t'MK cr.sts
remitted, was meted the defendant
by Magistrate Harry Mo:stu.i 1 's
I terday morning.
Gaming Charge Nakahara and 12
others were arrested early this week
anei were entered at the Wailuku
police station on the charge of gam
ing with dice. The case was called
in the Magistiate's court Tuesday
morning. The defendants failed to
put in an appearance and forfeited
bail of $5 each.
Forfeits Bail K. Todakuma who
was arrested Saturday nigln on a
complaint of driving an automobile
while under the influence of liquor on
a" charge preferred by County En
gineer A. 1 Low, failed to appear in
Judge Mossman's court this morning
anil his bail of $25 was declared tor
feit by the court.
Changes Made Postmaster A. F.
Costa announced yesterday that the
Kilauea will make a slight change
in her schedule during the Couniy
Fair week. The steamer will have
Honolulu Thursday night OcUber 12
and arrive in Kahului Friday morn
ing. She will return at the regular
time Saturday night October ll.
Fire At Paia A conflagration re
sulting in the complete destroyal of
a house in the Spanish Camp of the
M. A. Company occurred on Wednes
day at about 6 o'clock in the morn
ing. The cause of the fire has not
yet been determined. The personal
belongings ot John DeMello and his
three children who occupied the home
were entirely destroyed.
More Billiard Cases T. Yeshita, T.
' Hoshi, T. L'gimori and T. Hirata ar
1 raigned in local District Court sub
mitted an agreed statement of facts
in a test case where the Territory
is made the plaintiff, the above
named defendants alleging the ter
ritory statutes fail to designate be
tween pool and billiard tables and
claiming therefore that lincence tees
for the operation of pool tables can
not be enforced.
Kuau Church Fair The fair and
bazaar of the Kuau Catholic Church
is such an annual fixture that its com-
iner iw alwuva InnUori fnrurarH tn Snmo
beautiful embroidery and other goods
r iilu'ura clmu-n in fait It iu olu-avn !
one of the most attractive bazaars
ot the fall months. This year there
has been added to the things that will
be offered for sale many articles of
use to the children. October first is
the date announced.
Seats On Sale Tickets calling for
reserved seats in the grand stand for
the Maui County Fair, October 12, 13,
and 14, will be on sale w ith Eddie
Tarn at the Baldwin Dank in Kahu
lui commencing next Monday.
Alleged "Slush Fund"
Brings On Political
Upheaval, Is Report
churches are placing women on their i
regular Church Boards. Of course
that Is as It should be. Both men
and women are needed to get the
full understanding.
"Men have written all creeds, cone jrwa 3414
nil the interpreting of scripture, great fI c & g q0 Unquoted
u .
The Stock Market
,h . g
Today's Quotation on
The Republican meeting In the fifth
district was enlivened when Norman
Lyman facet lously referred to the
"slush fund" charges and A. K. Vier
ra, chairman of the meeting, mis
construed his marks as a reflection
upon himself.
Lvman said he had heard talk of
a slush fund. "If there is anything
like a slush fund and anybody gives
you $2.50, put it in your pocket."
But when you go to the polls vote
as your own judgment and con
science dictates, just as the chairman
here. If they were to give him five
dollars a day t.o do this kind of work
he would be foolish not to take the
money,' Lyman renmrneu.
Here Vierra interrupted. ''Your'e
a liar," he declared. "I am a good
Republican and nobody is paying me
nny money."
The incident was passeel without
further argument.
Wise Appeals
Senator John Wise from his bed in
the Queen's Hospital appealed to his
friends to ignore the "slush fund"
charges made by Charles King and
challenged King to show that any
political worker was being paid one
cent by anybody in the Republican
"The charges will do no one any
gootl and do everybody harm," de
clared Wise. "They will not help
King's qualifications nor aiel his
chances of election."
Debate Renewed
Yesterday Clarence Crabbe, cam
paign manager for Senator John
Wise, one of the three Repub
lican candidates for the nomina
tion to delegate to congress at the
coming primary, and Charlie King
also a candidate to that office
continued their debate at a Repub
lican rally in Kaimuki concerning; the
alleged 113.000 "slush fund" supposed
to have been raised by HoaoKiu
business interests to secure the nomi
nation of Wise.
Crabbe reiterated his previous
statement that. "I haven't 13 cents
working for Wise." "The business
men of Honolulu, and not ihe 'Big
Five', met and selected me to repre
sent Wise in this campaign." "I ac
cepted because I thought it was only
right that one of his friends should
come to his help while he is sick in
the hospital."
King, following Crabbe said that
Crabbe had told him only a week
ago "Ton might as well lay down,
both you and Norman Lyman. The
'Big Five' are out to get you." "They
have made their slate with Wise as
delegate and Woolley. Mclnerny t nd
Charles Chillingworth in the senate."
Two days later. King declared.
Crabbe had told him, "Charles, I tohl
vou it was the 'Big Five.' I should
have said the merchants and th hnsi
ness interests."
"I submit that it is not fair for r.ny
group of men or business intereats to
make up a purse to be expended lor
the benefit of one candidate against
others," King continued.
ly to the detriment of the Church and !
the world. Until rather recently
most theological schools have been i
closed to women. Oxford a little ,
more than a year ago, opened to wo
men all her schools except theology. ,
That is still too sacred for her to en
ter Could the mother heart and brain
of the raco have had its rightful
place in creed and counsel, some
chapters of Church history might
have been written differently. It was
never meant that either half of the
human race should rule alone in any
realm of life."
On Tuesday evening Dr. and Mrs. j
William Osmers celebrated their j
third wedding anniversary by eii'tv-'
taining a host of friends at a well j
appointed dinner at their noma ;n !
High Street in Wailuku. An even
ing of bridge follow ed the delight fill
repast. The tables were decorated (
very prettily wilh old fashioned bou
quets. A large wedding cake sur
rounded by sweet peas made a love
ly picture.
Mrs. Dan T. Carey won the h-dies
first prize at the bridge tables and
Mrs. T. A. Brown the consolation
award. Mr. Paul Lada turned in
high score among the men and re
ceived a handsome prize. Walter A.
Engle won the men's consolation
Doctor Osmers presented his wife
with a beautiful writing desk set.
Those present were the Messers
and Mesdames F. L. Hoogs, Hosmer
Rolph, R. E. Howe, H. B. Penhallow,
P. H. Ross, It. H. Wilson, Williamll.
Engle, J. H. Foss, T. A. Brown, Dan
T. Carey, and Mrs. George Trimble,
Miss Frances Seibert, Paul Lada and
Walter A. Engle.
McBrvde 1
Oahu 32 ,
Olaa 7s
Pioneer 26 Vi I
Waialua 331 !
Engels 1-33 ,
Wailuku 274
Haiku 32 I
Sugar 4.71.
Honolulu Oil Unquoted
San Carlos 25
Hiro, The Tailor
Is Rsady to Make Your Latest Style
Spring Suit
Good Fit Guaranteed
Tel. 213-A Market St. Wailuku
472, F. & A. M.
Copper "o lb.
Rubber, N. Y -14c b.
Rubber, Singapore 12c lb.
For further Information re
garding local and foreign secur
(ties see
Still Danger
The Rector "And now, I suppose,
you are out of danger?"
rarishoner Well, zur, not exactly:
the doctor says he be acomin' one or
two more time." London Opinion.
Stated meetings will be held at
Masonic Hall, Kahului, on the first
Saturday night of each month at 7:30
Visiting brethren are cordially In
vited to attend.
W. A. ROBBINS, Secretary
FOR SALE One 1920 model Cole
Speedster. Guaranteed in A. No. 1
Condition. Mechanically excellent.
Apply at Moura'a garage, Wailuku
FOR SALE One 8 foot fountain in A
1 condition. Inquire by mail P.
O. Box 141 Kahului.
HONOLULU. Sept. 28 Dr. f
E. Trotter, President of the Territor-j
ial Board of Health announced llieie:
were no new cases of the recently 1
reported plague since September 15th. !
Trotter said he had hopes that the,
sporadic outbreak had subsided.
Regular n.eotlngs will be held at j
ihe Knightu of Pythias Hall, Wal-I
uku, od the second and fourth Friday
of each month, at 8 p. m.
All visiting members are cordially
invited to attend.
LOST One brown suit case between
Maalaea Bay and Waikapu, Sunday
night, September 17th, tag marked
"Mrs. Louise Morris." Finer please
leave at Maui News Office.
(Sept. 22, 26, 290
FOR SALE Two Japanese grass
rugs 6x9 feet, never used. J. M.
Reynolds, Puunene.
FOR SALE The only shoe repairing
shop in Lahaina. Good Business.
Reason for sale is the owner de
sires to leave for the mainland.
Resonable price takes it. Apply to
M. Cruiz, Lahaina, Maul. tf.
Flying Fishes Play
100 Miles Mandalay
Men And Women Hav2
Identical Interests
Woman Preacher Says
Oriental Leader
Denies Intrigue
C Sure As jfe
Way Xm
a MM
n m&
SHANGHAI, Sept. 29 Sun Yat Sen,
former president of the Canton fac
tion, today officially denied charges
that he was guilty of attempting to
furm a triple alliance with Germany
and Russia as the other two factors,
through the Bolshevik!.
Charges of this nature was hurled
at Sun Yat Sen shortly after he fled
from Canton as the result, it is said,
of documents discovered in his priv
ate safe.
' HONOLULU, Sept. 29 Federal
; oflicers arrested four persons here,
', who are charged with possessing
drugs. One of the four confess 1, ihe
! report slates, that cocaine which is
selling in Japan at 480 grams for $5,
brings one dollar per gram in Hono
lulu. Officers are convinced that all
four of the men bedong to the same
WINONA LAKE Ind., Aug 24 (As
sociated Press Mail )The age old
idea that men and women have dif
ferent spheres of interests and acti
vity, mutually exclusive, is rapidly
passing, according to Rev. M. Made
line Southard of Winfield Kansas pre
sident of the International Associa
tion of Women Preachers, speaking
at the annual meeting of the organi
zation here recently.
"A vast amount of sanitary and so
cial betterment has come since wo
man has taken an active interest In
public affairs," she said. "Women in
legislative and Judicial positions have
taught us that women, married or un
married, carry the mother view into
these fields and that this is most de
sirable. Over-Feminized
"In the past the home, considered
woman s exclusive spnere 100 ouen
was turned over to her. Men shirked
responsibility beyond the pay-check.
Sometimes women denied it to them.
This is always a distinct loss. Many
homes are over-feminized. Children
need the masculine touch upon their
growing spirits as well as the fem
inine. Men need intimacy with litttle
children, women need the nerve-rest
that a man who takes responsibility
in the home gives to them.
"Also, in the past, men have quite
cheerfully turned the realm of moral
life over to women. They have consld-
MANDALAY, Burma, Aug. 16 (As- !
sociated Press Mail) With its thou-!
sand pagodas, its deserted palaces and
its picturesque ruins, the city of;
Mandalay continues to be a place of
chief attraction for the European or1
American visitor to Burma.
The palace grounds, surrounded by
a wall and moat, are about a mile and
a half square. The buildings have a
cheap gaudiness about them which
compares in many ways to that of an
American street carnival. Still pre
served are the throne rooms and the
apartments of the king, the Senior
queen and numerous junior queens.
Mindon Min, the next to last king of
Burma, married 57 ' wives seeking,
evidently, to discover what the "57
varieties" are like.
From the palace grounds an Ameri
can taxi takes the visitor to the foot
of Mandalay hill, one of the holy
places of Burma Buddhism. Here
those who are adherents of the Budd
hist religion and are willing to remove
their footwear may obtain great merit
by climbing the nearly 400 steps
which lead to the summit.
The zayats (rest houses) built at
the foot of the hill are interesting
chiefly on account of the pictures
which appear along the walls. Most
of these depict supposed incidents in
the life of Gautama Buddha, and pro
vide good instances of an inconsist
ency which is typical of Burmans.
Though Buddha was an Indian, he is
always pictured in Burmese clothes.
And though he lived about 500 years
before the time of Christ, electric
lights and electric fans are to be seen
in the same room with him.
Arakan pagoda, on the other side of
the city, presents a striking appear
ance by its being plastered over with
gold leaf. The image housed here was
For the benefit of the Kuau Catholic Church
Early Mass 8 o'clock A. M.
High Mass 10 A. M. with procession following
Fair and Sale in the afternoon.
Saturday Evening, October 7
Paia Community House
Your Stationery Tells A Tale
When YOU receive a letter does the quality of the
stationery attract YOUR attention? Does it indicate the
character of the sender?
YOU write a letter almost each dny.
We have just received a new and complete line of
fancy stationery. Also French and Italian hand-made
writing materials. Our first shipment of holiday cards
are here. Your choice in all colors.
Market Street, across from Wailuku Hipp and the Maui Drug Store
Agent for the Baby Shop
stolen and carried away from Arakan j
by the Burmans in 1784. It was cast
during the reign of a king who sue-
ceeded to the throne of Arakan in the ,
year A. D. 146. The old IHn man kings i
used to try to please Buddha by mak-;
ing war on their neighbors, carrying
off, as the fruits of victory, all the
images they could find.
Mandalay has been dwindling in
population since it ceased to be the
ennital of Burma. People say that
everv other man in town is a monk.
ered it the part of chivalry to play an(i 'one out in the street early in the
up or play down to the standards of
the woman with whom they touna
themselves, Insisting that it was up
to her.'
"It easily followed that men in this
country often turned religion over to
women speaking as though it were a
kind of feminine attribute. Without
doubt we have a larger proportion of
men today taking moral responsibi
lity squarely upon themselves than in ,
centuries cone by, and there is still
plenty of room for improvement.
Men Control Religion
"While the mass of men may have
considered morality and religion to
be peculiarly feminine qualties, eccle
siastical and theological matters al
ways have been kept carefully under
masculne control . There is much
unwritten history in the various de
nominations of the effort of women
to administer funds raised wholly by
women and for the women of the
world. The Woman's Missionary So
cities have all grown up out of the
complete failure of the church to in
vite her women to bring their point
of view into the general counsels of
the church. They were bitterly op
posed by many in the beginning, but
have compelled men to recognize wo
men's executive ability, and have led
to the place where a number
mnvnine would almost believe that
this is true. There are usually several
yellow gowns and black begging-bowls
for each block. Although there are
already more than 1,000 pagodas in
and about the city, new ones are now
In process of construction.
Unexcelled is the proper word to use when announc
ing the arrival of a consignment of Ladies and Girl's
These, undergarments of Crepe de Chine, Baptiste,
and Nainsook are offered in a wide choice of styles and
we guarantee them to please. They are priced at from
$ 1 .00 upwards.
p!!!l!l!i I LSIIIIIHIiMi! W
1 Big City Stuff, You'll Say
When you see the lovely, absolutely charming pictures artistically and beau- Ei V
tifully framed we are offering. These are manufacturers' samples from which we
will make deliveries of orders in six weeks. There are pastels, etchings, colored S
photographs and other pictures and in every instance the frame harmonizes abso-
lutely. EE 4
No such variety can be secured from any art store in Honolulu, only in the
largest mainland cities can they be duplicated. "
or i auiiiiHisiiiiiiiiuia 4

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