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Splendid firouiids (if nmplo nreii luivc lteen secured, nrnded,
liiid (ml inlo nice course, bull fields, drives iind walks; pbmtcd willi
Irees, lawns and shriibs including nne of llie lest exliibits of hibis
cus in the islands.
Buildings of all kinds, for exhibitions, 'rand-stand, skating
l ink, auditorium with stage, for lectures, concerts or dancin', arc
The plant has cost in the vicinity of .t200.0d0.00, and is being
steadily added to and improved.
All this has been called into existence thru the medium of a
i i . i i . .! 1 n I
private corporation, managed oy ine nest cxecuuve aiui nnaiiciai
Entered at the Post OfTice at Wailuku, Maul, Hawaii, aa second-class matter.; lacnt on tnp island; but at no private profit. All receipts of the
m,mBCP nr THPAMnmATED PRESS Tha Associated Pres. Is ,r I corporation are devoted to carrying it on. any surplus going 1oward,U
clustvely entitled, to the use for republication of all news dispatches credit-' Pa.vi.ig for or improving the plant or promoting it a object r.
ed to It or not otherwise credited in this paper and also the local news ;
published herein. !
Semi-Weekly Maui News
A Republican Paper Published in the Interests of the People
Issued Every Tuesday and Friday
Proprietors and Publishers
M. R. PEREIRA, Manager
I O. Box 86
Phone 135
Office Hours:
Sundays 8 to 12 A. M.
8 to 12 A. M., 7 to 8 :30 P. M.
Office in the Home Supply Co., building Kahului.
A third reason is that the executive management of Ihe organ-!
ization is an object lesson in personal community cooperation. j
-1 In no other section of Hawaii is there such hearty and cordial
OCTOl'.HK (i, 1!)'J2 ; cooperation between all classes and nationalities.
. : In particular it. is an inspiration to see the full spontaneous'
; EDITOR and cordial participation in all forms of community entertainment,
taken by the native llawaiians especially the women more so
POOR POLITICAL TACTICS ilhan is found in any other part of the Territory.
! A fourth reason is that, as a whole, the roads of Maui are in
Candidates who accuse their rivals at the primary election of , belter condition than on any other island; automobiles are good and
seeking to influence voters with cash, w ho make charges of the ! plentiful and prices reasonable. Incidentally to attendance at the
raising and spending of a "slush fund" have no place, rightly, , fair a birdscye acquaintance with the surrounding country can be
in any party. They place their own will to power at a higher val-jmade.
nation than" the fair name of their party and furnish to the enemy j It is diversified to the last degree, ranging from the grandeur
ammunition which may be used against the parly at the general; of lao Valley and Ihe little known but spectacular "Kaluikuloa
election if the rival or rivals against whom they direct their at- Drive," to the seaside drives along the coast from Kahului both
t;icks be the nominee I ways; along the bluffs overhanging the sea between Wailuku and
In the party election the candidate should remember that it Lnhaina, and from Lahaina along the Molokai Channel to the Ho-;
is a primary and the success of the party at the general election j nokohau gorge, the bottom of which is planted from bank to bankj
which is to follow depends largely on what lie may say in his public; with taro. j
utterances, whether or no he is to be eventually its nominee. In! In contrast with this natural scenery there are the most en-j
his speeches it is proper for him to set forth his own claims to suf-! tensive cane fields; artificial forestry development; intensive pro-j
ro.... .,!... nliilitv nn,l (m.-witv but in fairness to ! d net ion of forno-.i crons including ihe Krauss Tiisreon nea "the
liw lwirtv nml its cb.-inces he should ever remember that if he directs ! wonder cron" developed on Maui .and destined to revolutionize!
..... . 7 ..." - - a
attacks against the ability, honesty or integrity of his rivals he is
faithless to his party allegiance since he may fail of nomination.
The man who is a traitor to his parly is unworthy of its support
at election.
And again, the candidate for a nomination on the ticket of the
party that is in power who criticizes the administration which his i apple fields, one rises up and up thru the homestead region to the
party s giving the people, who finds fault with the acts of that party, j 01 inda section, where from an elevation of 4.000 feet, middle Maui
is seeking to sacrifice it in his own interests. On the one hand bellies spread out like a raised map, with the deep gorges and peaks
is seeking its support. On the other hand he is pointing out its j of West Maui forming the background of a magnificent stage set
weaknesses 1o the enemy party, i ting.
There are few men n public life who are better than their! Returning down the mountain through the Haleakala Ranch,
party. If they consider themselves better than the party then they; and thence thru the Kula section the broad rolling, almost lawn-like
stultify themselves by belonging to it and in claiming allegiance grassy fields, cause the involuntary exclamation "this is surely
to an organization which they assert is unworthy. They arc res-( Hod's country!"
ponsible for the being placed in office of the incumbents and must j The wonderful Kula sanitarium another remarkable illustra
shoulder that responsibility. As well might an organization in ; tion of community effort is directly en roule and visitors are wel-
convention condemn its own acts of the past and promise to undo Iconic!
The Ability To Pay-
depends upon the Companies whose financial and
moral standing guarantees the reliability of their in
surance contracts, both under ordinary conditions
and in settling claims which have arisen in conflag
rations. Why Stand In Jeopardy?
We represent leading companies of the world.
C. Brewer & Company (Limited)
(Insurance Department)
P.O. Box 347 : : Honolulu. T. H.
the stock industry of Hawaii, if not of the tropical world.
Miles of pineapples planted "up hill and down dale," on steep gcxjcxxxxxxsressxv
hills hundreds of feet high and in gulches hundreds of feet deep,
vary the landscape in far more piclureque style than on Oahu.
In a few minutes after ridiiiQ thru the hisrhlv cultivated nine-
If you are iot now receiving the REXALL MONTHLY
MAGAZINE please send your name for mailing list. The
Magazine has recently been enlarged, and improved by th
addition of stories by prominent writers and pictures of cur
rent events.
The old Makee Plantation now the "Raymond Ranch," is
just beyond and the upper view from the end of the auto road, of
the tangle of lava flows at the south end of Haleakala, is among
the unique scenes of Hawaii.
The drive to Makena at the beach IkiOw the Raymond Ranch,
thence via a new and practically unknown drive, along the coast,
thru an algaroba forest and fishing village after village, across the
last lava flow on Maui as fresh appearing as the Alika flow of
two years ago, in Kona, leads to the delightful little village and pic-!
jturcsiiue perfectly protected harbor of Ke-o-ne-o-i-o.
Kvcry point that 1 have mentioned can easily be reached by
' ! auto in two days, and all within reach of the hotels at Wailuku,
While the long sought for fountain of youth was a fable so! which are among the best in the Islands,
far as it related to the existence of a flowing liquid which when l?y all means visit the Maui Fair and draw inspiration there
imbibed or laved, revivified banished age and restored the body to from and enjoy the surrounding scenery; and while about it, take
them if returned to office.
In this campaign such a course has been followed by some
candidates. Voters who are party men and women can hardly be
true to their allegiance to the organization if they countenance it
and ballot for the man who puts his own wishes against what is
or has been the policy or policies of 1hat organization.
What has been said may be considered open to criticism by
some but so long as there shall be party organizations it is sound
political sense.
The Rexall Store Box 426 Honolulu, T. H.
its condition of years before, there is a fountain of youth, one for
which it is unnecessary to go upon long journeys to find, one that
is right at hand and within the reach of all.
The fountain of youth is not something physical and material.
It is merely a mental attitude, the will to seek the cup of oppor
tunities for clean, wholesome pleasure and to drink from it. In
physical appearance the man or woman who drinks from that foun
tain ages and alters less than does he or she who refuses so to do.
In mind, the drinker from the fountain ages hardly at all, merely
gains strength and wisdom.
Next week will be fair week on Maui. All should attend the
"liig Show" for there the fountain of youth awaits them. They
can, if they will, throw off the burden of years. They have but
to let themselves go, to enter into the spirit of the Fair and to
take and enjoy all that has been prepared with so much arduous
care for their entertainment, instruction and enjoyment. They have
only to enter into events or to gaze upon the sights that will be
there with a zest, and they will find they are young again.
In the Fair grounds one will meet one's friends. It is not
hard with them, to live again earlier days with the renewal of
earlier associations. With them it is not hard to be thrilled by a
close- and exciting finish in a race, to be keenly interested in the
improvements that are seen in articles in the commercial exhibits,
the better fruits, the finer vegetables, the finer class in the livestock
that Is thoroughbred and so much more attractive than the mongrels
of older days.
For the time being, too, dignity can be east aside and levity
given rein. And by following the course suggested, those who visit
the Fair will find themselves years younger for days and weeks to
in the trip to the top of Haleakala the greatest sight in Hawaii,
and return thru the crater and the "ditch trail," which Jack Lon
don has immortalized as the greatest and most beautiful in the
world. Good horses, guides and accommodations can be arranged
for, enabling this wonderful trip to be made in comfort and with
out care or worry.
Yes! By all means take in the Maui Fair.
It is reported that counterfeit 20 and 50 dollar bills have!
reached the banks of Honolulu but none of them have been seen on!
Maui, probably because the average Mauiite who goes to Honolulu
docs not bring that much home with him in his pockets.
Your legislators ,if rightly selected, can do more for your county
than can the county officials. As the voters sow tomorrow, they will
reap in home benefits, or lack of home benefits, for two years to
(liy LORRIX A. THURSTON, in the Advertiser)
(I know what I am talking about in this article, because I was
"raised" on Maui; can find my way in the dark anywhere on or in
Haleakala and have attended and studied the Maui Fair organiza
tion and operation.)
Maui holds its fifth annual county fair on the 12th, 13th and
14th of this month; that is, on Thursday, Friday and Saturday of
next week.
I earnestly advise every one who can possibly do so to attend
this fair, for several reasons.
In the first place, it will be an eye-opener as to what can be
produced in the Territory of Hawaii, in the way of diversified agri
cultural products ami live stock, big and lit 1 1 including pigs and
chickens as well as horses and cattle.
it will give a conclusive answer to those who assert that small
farming cannot be profitably conducted in Hawaii if it is done
intelligently and under favorable conditions.
Maui is practically a demonstration station as to what can be
done in diversified farming. The homesteads around Haiku, and
the ranches being carried on by (irove Ranch, Harold Rice, Sam
Baldwin and others, are exhibits.
A second reason is, that the Fair premises themselves are a
whole chapter on cooperation in securing a community asset.
Don't Gamble With Fate
The hand of Fate is continually throwing dice for every one.
The five dice represent the five great hazards of life sick
ness, accident, disability, old age and death.
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Don't gamble with Fate!
Let a great company carry all the risks for you, so that you
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