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Personal Mention
August I'otnbo returned from Ho
nolulu yeatetday.
County Attorney 13. It. Bevlns will
resume the duties of his olllce to
morrow. Mrs. V. L. Hoogs and daughter of
Watkupu leturned from Honolulu
Mrs. Edwatd Soper has consented
to head the community Christmas
tree committee I'ot Waihee.
3. 13. Phillips, manager of the Iloyal
Hawaiian Sales Co. will return to Ho
nolulu by the Kllauca tonight.
Prohibition lMtector E. C. S. Crabbo
Is in Lahaina on business today and
expected to return this evening.
Former Judge L. L. Burr who has
been seriously ill on the Coast is re
ported to be considerably improved.
Lorrln K. Smith Is expected to re
turn from Hono'ulu this afternoon
utter attending the meeting of the Ha
waii Tourist Bureau.
' I j. It. Ladd of the Maul News staff
has accepted a position with the Hilo
Tribune and with Mrs. Ladd wil'
leave fjr the Crescent City Saturday
Mrs. C. E. Morris, formory of Wai
luku, underwent an emergency opera
lion for appendicitis a few days since
in Queen's Hospital Honolulu and Is
reported to have stood the opeiation
well and to be making good progress.
Stanford Will Build
"Roughs' Roost" Cafe
P. Mail) "Atmosphere" is being
sought by Stanford University officials
who are to establish an old-style cof
fee house, to be known as the
"Roughs' Roost," in the room now oc
cupied by a cafeteria in the basement
of the Stanford Union building.
Battered tables from an early-day
college resort at Mayflcld are to be
put in the "Roost," which is to be
dim in color, generally blue with to
bacco smoke and presided over by
some picturesque character who must
be an expert at carving a roast.
Before Mailing Yoirr
Incurs Them With Us
Value $ 25.00 Premium 5c
Value $ 50.00 Premium 10c
Value 5100.00 Premium 25c
Bank of Maui, Ltd.
You'll Be Satisfied
The Maui Drug Co.
"The Home of Service"
You'll enjoy its fresh and delicious
flavor. It is the brand for New
Zealand's choicest product, the
finest in this Territory.
Maui Soda & Ice Works,
"We Serve Your Needs"
Phone, 128 Walluku
For Christmas
Curling Irons
Waffle Irons
Tea Pots
Emersion Heaters
Wizard Lamps
Warming Pads
Radio Sets
Christmas Strings for the Trees
All at Mainland Prices
Maui Electric Co.
A Home Company For Home Folk
Pertinent Paragraphs
. i-,
Walluku Starts Grind Walluku
Sugar Company mill began grinding
1923 sugar yesterday afternoon.
Qo To Coast Misses Armln and
Lorna von Tempsky and Errol von
Tempsky left for the mainland last
Pata Makes Ready Plans of Maul
Agricultural Company are to start up
Its mill for the. 1323 campaign an Dec
eember 20.
Announces Dinner Dance Mrs.
Russell Bridgford, manager of the
Grand Hotel announces a dinner dance
to be held Christmas night.
Puunene Club Meeting. A general
meeting of the members of the Puu
nene Athletic Cub will be held Mon
day evening next, December 18, at
Important Meeting A meeting
which promises to bo somewhat pro
tracted will be held by the directors
of the Maui County Fair and Racing
Association tomorrow afternoon at 3
o'clock. Several matters of consider
able importance will be taken up at
the session.
Nominating Committee Named
Vice-President J. J. Walsh has named
W. A. Baldwin, E. C. Mellor nnd C. C.
Campbell as a committee to nominate
a ticket for election of trustees of the
Chamber of Commerce at the annual
meeting which will be held in the
Territorial Building on the evening of
January 11.
Chamber Directors To Meet Vice
Pi esident J. J. Walsh lias called a
meeting of the trustees of the Maui
Chamber of Commerce for Friday af
ternoon ,al 3 o'clock to act on the
plans for the entertainment of the
officers and crew or the British war
ship Cape Town, expected to arrive
in Kahului next Monday.
Exhausted Land Birds
Find Haven At Sea
LIVERPOOL, Nov. 2S. (By A. P.
Mall). Thousands of American land
birds, blown out to sea by unfavorable
winds, sought safety on the decks of
the Cunard liner Scythia on her last
trip from New York, and stayed on
board until she docked in Liverpool.
When mislorlune overtook the feath
ered travelers they were migrating,
probably from the north Atlantic
states to the warm lands bordering
on the Carribean. Now many of them
again are free, but in England, thous
ands of miles from their destination,
and those supposed to be wise in bird
oi e have not yet been able to give sat
isfactory answers to the questions of
interested passengers as to whether
canaries, lobins, linnets, thrushes,
the birds would still endeavor to reach
their summer haunts In the West In
dies, or join the robbins and linnets
of England in their winter flight to
southern France and northern Africa.
The great llock, several thousand in
number, settled on the Scythla's decks
when the steamer was about 400 miles
from the American shore, and trans
lormed her into a lloating aviary. Wild
sand pipers nnd juncos, tluttered
around the decks, perched on the rig
ging, and even penetrated the lounges
and engine room. The passengers and
crew cared tor them, giving them
warmth, food and shelter, but even
so many of the smaller birds died
from exhaustion. Three owls and a
score of pigeons were easily captured.
Old sea travelers say they never
i have known birds to alight before In
such large numbers on a single ship.
Thursday, December 14 Directors
of Maul County Fair and Itacing As
sociation meet at Chamber of Com
merce rooms 3 p. m.
Friday, Dec. 15 Championship
basketball games at Walluku Gym
at 7:30. Meeting of the trustees of
Maul Chamber of Commerce, 7:30 p.
Saturday, Dec. 16 Puku Nanl Hui,
High School Dramatic Club, presents
"At the Movies" and "Maker of
Dreams," Pala Community House, -8
o'clock. Dancing after program.
Sunday, Dec. 17 Luau at Keahua
Catholic Church immediately after
mass. Football, Kahului vs Lahaina
at Lahaina, 2:30.
Monday, Dec. 18 General meeting
of members of Puunene Athletic Club
at Puunene Club House, 7:30 p. m.
Tuesday, Dec. 19 Meeting of Foot
ball Committee, Chamber Room. at
7 p. m.
Saturday, Dec. 23 Basketball, Maul
team versus St Louis College, Wal
luku Gym at 7:30 p. m. Basketball
and dance, Mills School versus Yan
kee's, Lahaina Armory at 7:30 p. ni.
Sunday, Dec. 24 Football, Maui
team versus St Louis.
Monday, Dec. 25 Chrisini.is Day:
Football, Maul team vorsus St Louiss;
Baseball, Mills School vorau Yan
kee's at Lahaina Athletic Park.
Coming Events
Swedish Film Firms
Resist High Rental
For American Reels i
STOCKHOLM, Dec. 1. (By A. P.
Mall). Swedish "movie-fans," who
have paid more than 18,000,000 crowns
for admissions during the last theatri
cal year, chielly to see American films
rejoice at the news that hereafter the
price of motion picture tickets may
come down.
Tills hope is seen in the united
front which Swedish film distributors
are showing against foreign price po
licies. In die past tho rentals paid
for American films have been tie
niendous, and In some cases ruinous.
It hns been complained that Scandi
navia, with Its population of 10,000,000,
pays higher rentals for these films
thnn does France, with a population
of 50,000,000. A consolidation between
the Swedish Film Industries, Ltd., and
tho Film Central, went into effect
November 1. It is believed this will
result In more powerful resistance to
the price policy of foreign film distri
butors. Another Scandinavian coin
bine lias been made witli the object
of organizing and controlling the ,iur
chaso and import of German films,
which are rapidly gaining .i foj lold
in the Swedisli market.
In tlie meantime the production of
high-class Swedisli films is being con
tinued. These photoplays and educa
tional pictures aru popular witli tho
Swedish public as well as in other
European countries, especially Eng
land and France, and have been bo
gun to make inroads in the United
Some alarm lias been caused by the
report that America may deprive
Sweden of two of her most celebrated
stars, Victor Seastrom and Goesta Ek
man, who have received offers from
one of the largest film companies in
the United States. Victor Seastrom,
besides being the best photoplay actor
in Sweden, is a director and lias been
called "the Griffith of Sweden." Goes
ta Eknian is the favorite matinee idol
of the Swedisli stage, and is equally
popular on the screen.
The Swedish government has deriv
ed about 2,500.000 crowns in taxes on
motion picture admissions during the
last film year.
Women Sn London Far
Outnumber Mere Mea
LONDON, (By A. P. Mai)). A rcc
cord increase in the number of fe
males, as compared ith ma'es, in
the city of London during tho last
year is shown In the census figures.
In the interval between the census of
1911 and that of 1921 the female ex
cess in London rose from 1,127 to
1,165 as compared witli 1000 males.
In actual figures the female excess
in London is 341,365, an increase in
ten years of 72,302. Tho effect of the
war on the female population is
slioAii by the fact that nearly 20,000
of this increase, or about 3C per cent,
is accounted for by widows. While
the inumerated population of London
fell nearly one per cent during this
period, widows inci eased in number
to 12 per cent.
Although there was a considerable
Increase in the number of persons
between the ages of ninety-five and
one hundred in this period, the
centenarians fell from twenty, five
males and fifteen females, to sixteen,
six males and ten females.
The Proper Word
"James, have you whispered today
without permission?"
"Only wunst."
"Leroy, should James have said
"o'm, he should have said twict."
Winnipeg Tribune.
Wailuku Hipp Wallace Reid and
Bebe Daniels In "Nice People;"
second chapter of "Winners of the
Kahului Theater Japanese Pictures.
Puunene Theater Tom Mix in "The
Night Horseman," also a Comedy.
M. A. Theater, Paia A great Western
play, "Squarin' It;;" "Adventures of
Tarzan" and a Comedy.
Wailuku Hipp Special Feature At
traction, Rodolph Valentino in
"Blood and Sand;" also second
episode of "Winners of the West"
featuring Art Acord,
Kahului Theater Goldwyn presents
Reginald Barker's "Bunty Pulls the
Strings," also a good comedy and
Fox News.
Puunene Theater Japanese Pictures.
M. A. Theater, Paia Tom Mix in "The
Night Horsemen;" "The Hound of
Tankervllle" and "Mutt and Jeff."
- V
Maui Theaters
I .j
Efforts To Curtail
Powers Of Saltan Of
Sulu Are Dangerous
MANILA, P. I. (By A. P. Mail).
Warning is given by Senator Hadji
Hutu, one of the most prominent
Moios in tho Philippines and senator
from the district of Mindanao and
Sulu, against any attempt to curtail
the religious power.-) exercised by (lie
Sultan or Sulu. He declares that an
attempt on the part of the govern
ment to destroy the p'ostige .of tho
Mohammedam religion will be met
with disastrous results.
Governmental Conflicts
Senator Hutu's slatement is in an
swer to a proposal of the piosecuting
attorney of Jolo, the Sultan's homo,
submitted to the governor general
and the secretary of justice, to cancel
the semi-Judicial powers which the
.Mohammedan religion, laws and cus
toms give to the Sultan of Sulu as
inherent to his oillcc. The piosectit
or, who 13 a Christian, asks cancel
ation of the Sultan's power on tho
ground that civil government estab
lished in tho Sulu aichipelago is often
in conilict with the use of this poweV.
'.'he power referred to in tho proposal
is the"sultan's right to act as judge
or arbiter on leliglous matters which
parties concerned voluntarily submit
to him for diclsion and which chiefly
related to marriage and divorce.
Old Ectabllshed Rights
in a statement opposing the pro
secutor's plan, submitted to the gov
ernor general anil the secretary of
justice. Senator Bulu. says:
"Tho Mo:o popuation is still Mo
hammedan, and as long as it exists
it must be permitted to practice its
religion and exercise the preiogativos
which belong to it through its chiefs.
11 is their inherited right which lias
been recognized in all the treaties
made by the Mohammedan people of
the Philippine Islands, and should the
religious powers be withdrawn from
tlie recognized head of the Moham
medan church and given to civil
authority, the story must be rewrit
ten in the same manner. The politic
al history of a people can not be
effaced by a single dash, especially
when tlie same is written with b'.ood.
Tlie Moro people lias its past written
in this manner.
"We can be Mohammedan and at
the same time love the Philippines
and our national ideals, and any at
tempt on the part of the government
U dentroy the prestige of ihe Moham
medan religion will he met with disas
trous results."
Disturbances Forecast
Senator Teopisto Guingona, who by
appointment of the governor general
represents the non-Christian tribes in
tlie Mountain province, also is op
posed to curtailment of the sultan's
powers, and has submitted a state
ment to tlie governor general against
the plan on the ground that such a
move would bo unwise at tills time
and if carried out may result in
disturbances in the Moro region and
thus undo tlie work of pacification
and assimilation which has been car
ried on for nearly ten years. Senator
Guingona who was at one time gov
ernor of Sulu province in his state
ment says:
"In treaties signed between tho
United States government and tho
Su'tan of Sulu as the sole and legi
timate lepresentativo of his people
in which he agreed to abdicate ids
temporal powers, it was expressly
provided that the government should
recognize him as the supreme and
titular head of the Mohammedan
church, with powers to hear religious
cases not covered by our laws. It is
also expiessly provided that the Mo
ras bo given complete liberty to exer
cise their own religion so long as this
exorcise is not diametrically opposed
to basic piinciples of law and govern
ment. "This concession is necessary and
convenient. To do otherwise would
not only be unjust but might militate
against tho work of pacification and
assimilation among the Moros, for to
wound their dearest leliglous senti-
, nients might mean serious danger to
tho county in genoial. I consider ti3
extremely dangerous any steps taken
j to change tho present situation."
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Finds Easter Island
Awful Place To Live
LONDON, (By A. P. Mail). Easter
Island, the land of mystery of tho
South Pacific, virtually devoid or
vegetation and without bird life or
any kind, is a horrible place to live,
according to n New Zealand scientist
who is now in London arter a five
months stay on the island.
No trees grow on Easter Islnnd bo
cause it lacks water and tho heavy
winds wreck them. No birds live
there because there are no worms in
tho dry soil; there are no mosquitoes,
but tills lack Is more than compensat
ed by vicious local dies.
Tho island is triangular, 12 miles
by nine by seen, and is remote troni
tlie track of ships. Two hundred Poly
nesians inhabit it, and- they suffer
perpetually from huuger, according to
tlie investigator, who is Professor
J. MacMillan Brown.
It Is lamous for its high carved
images, tho origin of which nover
has been determined. Proffcssor
Brown says tho Island cannot have
been long Inhabited. Ho fixes 1000
as the date of' the first settlers, and
consequently or the sotting up of the
strange stone gods. It was first sight
ed by white men in 1G8G, and first
explored 1772, when it had 2.000 inhabitants.
The Puka Nani Hul Dramatic Club will present
See yourself as others see you
Learn how to season your dreams
Paia Community House, Saturday, December 16, 8 P. M.
The Newest New Store, Opposite the Hipp
Your custom is solicited.
neckties, silk shirts, souvenirs. It's the best stock we
ever had and its selling fastest.
Three suggestions: Beautiful new silks, just in.
Finest China teas. Canton Ginger.
Dr. A. Robarts, optometrist has opened an office at
his residence just off Central Avenue, Wailuku.
Spectacles and Eye Glasses That Satisfy
Muscular treatments and diagnosis of the eyes
Phone For Appointments Wailuku 43 -A
1 nmwMnunmn
Today's Quotation on
Copper ...1334 lb.
Rubber, N. Y 22c lb.
Rubber, Singapore 21c lb.
For further Information re
garding local and foreign secur
ities see
PHONE 5701
One Thing Needed
"Mama, Tige's begging. Must- I
give him a piece of my cookie?"
"Of course you must "
"Well, 1 haven't any cookie!"- Life.
Rare Months
The months during which we feel
free from Income-tax worries are thoso
that have a "q" in their spelling.
Chicago Journal of Commerce.
For Christmas Gifts
We are displaying a new
line of Chinese Articles such
as Chinese Linens, Neck
laces, Mandarin Coals and
Novelty Goods.
Also we have a greater
line of Toys, Christmas Sta
tionery and Cards from
which you may select.
Maui Gift and Art Shop
Agents for the Baby Shop
Market Street, across from the
Wailuku Hipp.
e. GOO
But we were ready for it and had
a new stock on the way and now its
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ful gifts for men and for women,

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