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Pertinent Paragraphs
Rizal Day. An elaborate program
has been uranged by the Filipinos to
be held in Puunene on Saturday morn
ing. Installation Of Officers Lodge
Maui F. and A. M. will hold installa-
Hon of ollicers tor the-coming year
this evening. St. Joint's Day, at 7-30.
Korean Found Dead. The body of
a Korean was found near the Hospital
Camp yesterday. Dr. Sawyer per-1
formed the autopsy and found heart
failure tho cause of death.
Program Changed Instead of theie
being two Fred Duller meetings In
the Haiku Dlstilct tomorrow there
will be but one. to be held in the Pau
wela Chtuch at 7 in the evening.
Fisherman Dies Keknpu Punohu, a
Walluku fisherman, was stricken with
bens i trouble off Camp 1 beach Satur
dnj while in deep water. He called
lor aid and was brought iiahoiv but
sueeuiibed to his double.
Jan only Place. Wong Chu was
committed to jail for six months this
morning by Magistrate Mossman, as
there was no other place to send him.
The man is crippled and almost blind
and has been begging about from
house to house.
Guests Have Tree Walluku Hotel
guests had a merry time or it Christ
mas night when the Hotel had its an
nual Christmas tree. There were
gifts for all and most of them had a
taste of tun and humor attached
which made the affair the more enjoy
able. Dance Enjoyed. The dinner dance
at the Grand Hotel Christmas night
was much enjoyed and besides the
dinner guests there were numbers
who dropped in for the dance later,
afcer a family dinner at home. Eddie
Tarn's oichestra furnished the music
and the decorations were thoroughly
Clerk Office Altered. Alterations
ta the ollice of the clerk of the Cir-
cult Court are about completed. The
counter has been moved back and the
pubic is shut out fiom entrance be-
hind it. More room Is given for books
Bank of Maui, Ltd.
Maui Women's Favorite Shop
Next R. It. Depot, "WntluUu
I rf 4swjuuh f-as
New Year
Maui County Fair & Racing Association
privacy for
Personal Mention
Wld Alfonso expects to
return to
Honolulu tonight.
Miss Hebecca Akana returned from
Honolulu Saturday after attending the
Ktnerson lectures.
Mr. ami Mrs. Trunk Haldwln expect
to go to Honolulu tonight, returning
on the Mauna Kea Saturday.
Miss Adele Cornwell returned from
Honolulu Saturday after having at
tended the lecture course there on
child nutrition.
Educators Meet In
Kahukii Tomorrow
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Committee On Paid Secretary
Miss Josephine Ueyo, Mr. James 1
Awa1' MiHS Mnr' "nnclmrd. Miss M.
Louise Johnson. Miss Mary Ann ICau
liaihau, Mrs. Agnes Kahalekai, Mrs.
Agnes K. Payne.
This committee will consider thb
need o a paid secietary ofr the asso
ciation, the work such a secretary
could inaugurate and execute, and the
prestige that such an olllcor would
give th ell. E. A. They will also
seilously consider the question: Aro
v. e ready lor u paid secretary?
Industrial Training
Mr. Ken C. Uryan, Mr. F. A. Clowes,
Mrs Clave F Smith Mr Tnlin Grace '
l-lalL ammi, .n. jonn urace, ,
Miss F. Osborn, .Mrs. Agnes Kalmle-I
kai. Mrs. K. Pavne. 1
mis commutnee will consider caro
fully the problem of agricultnral
liaining in Hie schools; in what grad
es and by what means this can bo
most successfully accomplished. It
will also consider any other problems
connected with the broader subject of
Industrial Training,
Health Legislation
.Miss Carrie Thompson, Mrs. Alice
A. Cartr-r. Mr. Win. Haia, Mr. E. A.
Brown, Miss Mary A. Kauhaihau,
Kodak Supplies
We are the Maui agents for
these Cameras.
given prompt attention
Tho Mad Drug Co.
"Tiie Home of Service"
That next year I will let
Electricity work for me
Maui Ekctris Co.
The Home Concern For
Home Folk
Maui Aiuuscniu.nl Company
announces the engagement of
the Kniincnt (Hungarian, violinist-composer,
author, car
toonist as a special attraction
for Maui.
Wednesday, Dec. 27, Wai
luku Hipp.
Thursday, Dec. 28, Pioneer
Theater, Lahaina.
Friday, Dec.
29, Kahului
Mary Hoffman
PRICES: 30, 50, 25 CENTS
without any more
clerks within.
Schwartz I
, Mrs. llRttle Snirory, Mrs. Agnes Kalia
1 lckal.
This committee will consider spe
cial problem? related to the health of
our school population, and now themo
problems may be solved.
Committee On Pensions
Mr. E. A. Drown, Mr. Harlan Itob
erts (special), Miss Iluth Shaw, Mrs.
T o,l,. Ct.u,. M.. Tnl.n rl..nn At..,. ,
...... .. .. .,.. " ' ,
Charles Fern. Mrs. Agnes Kahalekai,
Mrs. Agnes K. Payne. .
This committee will discuss the
Pension Dill so carefully and labor
oriously prepared by the special com
mittee on that subject, and will pre
sent to the general assembly its rec
ommendations in regard to this Im
portant matter.
On Hevivising The Constitution
Mr. E. A. Drown, Miss Mary Dlnn-
ehaid. Mr. E. V. Sayres, Miss Frances
N. Fox.
This committee will receive, on
Thursday morning, any proposed
amendments to the Constitution. Its
special duty will bo to di aft a clause
that allow us to form branch "Dpeart
meriiit" of the main Association, so
that the Department of Primary Edu
cation may be organized.
On Nominations
Mr. 15. O. Wist, Miss Carrie Thomp
son, Mr. F. A. Clowes, Mrs. Agnes Ka
halekai, Miss Huth Shaw, Miss Mary
Fleming, Miss Frances N. Fox, Mrs.
Affiles K. Payne.
No better story of motion picture
purposes has ever been utilized than,
IUIL- mull 1U1I11S LI U Ul
I)lcUiie now on Maui Circuit
,.., , ,
1 iwuiiiiiu iuyu luwuii jmuuic; comes
.. winy, ijuiuiuci .unui Jioiei at 0 anu
"Hotjort ed Miss nir. the Owen Moore1,. . ..
into possession ot the Boyd Shipping1 ti -j,.. 1,- n 1 .,
. , ,, ,,, 11 1 Thursday, Jan. 11 Annual meetings
Company inheritance. This company , ,,,,. ., ,. , ,
1 J ,and election ol tho Maui Chamber of
has an option on a huge fleet of ships , rn1mo,.,. .,witn,.ii i,.i.,i
scheming Oriental shipping magnate.
Y.oung Boyd, who has been an idler, I
noes not seem to care whether Oman, i
the man in question gets the ships or1
not. In fait he doesn't seem to enjoy 1
anything except a good time. The i
early scenes showing Boyd after a !
wild night are full of laughs. Paulino!
j Dunn, who is more .than ordinarily
'interested in Boyd,, detei mines to 1
make him get down to business, she
uiges him to save the ships fo.- Amer
ica. Boyd agrees to this ami gives his '
w.ard that lie will exercise his option. !
This infuriates Oman who determines j
to kidnap Boyd. This he does and is '
compelled to also kidnap Paulino who 1
raises an .outcry when Boyd is spirit-!
ed away
away. The two are put aboard a
,.,, , ... ., . .
i winch goes to sea. with the inten -
lion of keeping Boyd out nt the way
until the option expires. A storm
comes up and the ship is stranded.
Pauline's uncle demands that Oman
return the girl. This the Oriental
agieea to do. lie searches for the
lost ship and upon finding it sails for
home In his high powered boat with
the girl aboaid. In the meanwhile
young Boyd is rescued by the crew of
a battleship. lie gives chase to Oman
hi a navy hydioplane. Oman wins
the race, however, and makes the girl
a captive, hoping to hold her and in
this way make Boyd give him the
The young man fearing for the girl,
agiees to do this and goes to Oman's
house to carry out his part of the
bargain. However, on his way he ad
viaes some of ills friends from the
battleship of his intentions. They ad
vise him to fight it out and not give
up ills option. With their assistance
he succeeds in getting tho better of
Oman. In the light at the house the
O.iental Is killed. Boyd rescues the
girl and later exercises his option.
BALTIMORE, (By A. P. Mail).
Twelve years ago the Pennsylvania
railroad gave away an old bridge over
the Susquehanna River at Havre de
Craee to private interests; the build
ing of a new bridge had made it, ap
parently, valueless. Automobiles ever
since have been crossing the struc
ture in increasing numbers, and the
men who got the bridge for nothing
m itiio recently soul it to tho state ;
of Maryland lor $585,000. And in the
I- years it was in their possession, ,
they pockoted S370.000 n dividends.
in 1010 recently sold it to tho state
they pockoted $370,000 in dividends,
an in ton cnarges collected from mo
tni cars.
Bofids To Stabilize
Philippines Currency
MANILA, P. I., (lly Associated
Press Mail).-The period or uncer
tainty In local exchange transactions
and of llutuations in the rate of ex-
i change against the Phllpplne peso will
hn nvnl. v. ,,. ,f ,.,
ceeds of the sale of $13,500,000 worth
of insular bonds, which aro to be sold
in New York, in December, are receiv
ed here in time to enable the govern
ment to resume the permanent sale
of exchange on January first, 1923,
accoidlng to U. P. Wright, special
bank examiner for the Philippine gov
ernment. Dy that time it will bo pos
sibe to put the new currency sys
tem into operation and the parity of
the peso will be maintained from then
on, Mr. Wright believes.
Censing Events
Thureday, Dec. 20 Opening of Con
vention of Hawaii Educational Asso
ciation, Tcriitorial Duilding, 9:30 .1.
j 111. Afternoon session at 2 p. ri. Re
ception at Grand Hotel, 7:30.
1 Friday, Dec. 29 Convention of Ha
waii Education Association, sessions
at 9:30 and 2.
', Saturday, Dec. 30 Annual Costume
I Ball of the Maui County Fair and
Uacing Association in the Territorial
1 tiulldlntr
7,urstj,-,y jan
4 Young Peoples
11. .11.. rt . . . .
Sun'c -amiMi unurcii at
' saiuroay, Jan. u uance St. n-
1 thnnv Almtin.nv WiillnU-ii finn
First Impressions
By Laszlo Schwartz
Ever since 1 have giown from my
icons I have been touring around the
globe. Among those twenty years of
travel I have never learned to debate
with myself as well as my numerous
author friends about the literary value
first impressions. It is only since
1 h.iv boon roaming about these won
derful islands, that a conviction has
bent rr.'-slallizcd within me, one
vhich lias finally brought peace to my
liiln.l it linn .l.iv'tm.l i,,w... 41... I
. 1 "
'these first impressions are to be
1 , , ,., , , ,
v.tiueu lino so many rougu sueicnes
that I dr iw of fascinating faces I pass
here and there and everywhere. I
mind this thought as a Prelude to
my article so the kind reader may
judpe the following verbal sketches
I rem a similar angle. Like with the
learning of good music, so it is with
tho unfolding of scenic beauty, or a
glimpse at a backyard, or a peep into
a garden, a wistful glances into tho
heart of the forest, back and every
one of us sees and feels something
rise. Beauty and tragedy may awak
en similar -feelings, hue never the
same. Following are tho emotions
and thoughts awakened within me by
"First Impressiions" on my way to
Wlid Ride In The Night
After the peaceful lulling sea journ
ey, the gently rocking boat that
brought us to shore, followed a wild
wild rido through the peaceful tropic
al night. Time I have been landed
hero safe and sound, with my ribs,
legs, nose, and other bony part of my
anatomy in good shape, I have be-
i uitju iwiiYiucuu, iiuii, uie jmiii who
whisked me hero Is no daredevil
no exception to the rule. Nor will I
believe boasiinb Hnwaiians hereafter
who will tell mo fables about this
island being void of snakes and epi
demics. It may hold good to snakes
fo rout side of centepedes and scorp
ions. I only had mosquitoes muggllng
close to mo at night, but ns to tho
fairy tale about "no epidemics" well
I'm immune to believe that sort. 1
There is an epidemic and its scientific I
name is Hawaiitls Speedophohia
, klm, 1.emlm. fn, flnd ,
, le Ictlonai.y it ls 0Illy bucause
Wel)BU.r llied t00 a00 t0 learn about
.. ....
,. ,
The moment we snorted away from
the boat landing, the steel monster
t- n.m 10 piunge aneau. until we
reached the Pall Road, all I had was
si lleeiiug glimpse at giant palms that
..onii-il about us. I had a peep at
i he moon hiding behind a cloud so as
not to see what will hapen to our car
when we take the next turn, and 1
heard the sea sighing with fear and
whispering to mo how much safer wo
would be in her lap then on that tnad
ly bouncing and plunging auto. If
i here is anyone on the island who can
manage to extract the elements of
lyric poetry from a Maui night while
hi.-, di-ivei is llirting with death, I
would appreciate all the dope on tho'
On The Dead Dragon
All I know is, that I sighed with
reliei. when with tho begining of tho
Pall Uoud. nolens volens, our car set
tled uovvn to a more moderate pace, j
The Stock Market
1 1
Ewa 371,
H. C. & S. Co 423, ;
McDryde 69,
Oahu 331,
Olaa 6?. 1
Pioneer 25 V.
Engles 1.4"
Waialua . 29 .
Walluku Asked 31
Haiku Unquoted
Sugar 5.5
Honolulu Oil 7?,
Snn Carlos 2 13,
With better regulated breathing cairn
mote rational seeing and thinking.
As we slowly made our way up up
along that serpentine highway, m
imagination took a dlzzeningly swll'
lligt. and took 111c back 25 or 30,00" HlP1. ver the way body of the dragon
years (few thousand one way or an- r 0)(i struggles against to high grade
other matter little In this hand o anti K,-avlty in order to whisk me In
plenty) when a huge lash serpem (() Walluku.
wriggled his fiery way from this crai i,'10ni beneath the palms came the
or lair to the very edge of the gnai 1 echoes of tinkling ukuleles and guitar
blue sea. it iought the unslaught of , iis they gently accounted the singing
the persistent waves for a long long 0f :l row serrcnading Homers. The
time, but finally it gave up in disgus
and turned vigid with a paroxgsm 01
So as not to cause an argument
witli grouchy geologists, from my
part, 1 111 pertectly satisfied to have
them ascribe other less poetical tea-
sons lor the harding process. At any
the Lava Dragon is a dead one,
and now into its rigid brown body
i uule human ants have built frail road
ribbons over whih they send a spin
ning tiny steel toy monsters with eyes
that pierce sharply the dark veils or
Hie night.
Instead of the huge fiery column
ol smoke and hissing steam that blur
red the beauty of the night when Mr.
Lavadragon reigned supreme. Now
these little monsters puff and snort
less viciously and vomiting only
smells that swell the millions of J. D.
Strange old world says I to myself
as we dashed down from the ribs or
the dead dragon," the struggle is
changes" 25,000 years ago the Lava
i J
i fli
Brass and Copper 11
II I Sheets I I
I NOS. 201-202-203. MAUI, T. H.
WILHELMINA January 3, Pier 15, 10 a. m.
MATSONIA ....January 10, Pier 15, 10 a. m.
For particulars
It Now Saves Time and Materia!
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the breaking of a joint any number of times. The gasket can
be reseated without breakage, loss of time or subsequent leakage.
Agents in Hawaii for Johns-Manville power specialties
Agent In Hawaii for Johns-Manville Power Specialties
Today's Quotation on
Copper 14J4 lb.
Rubber, N. Y 27c lb.
Rubber, Singapore 27c lb.
For further Information re
garding local and foreign secur
ities see
PHONE 5701
Dragon struggled against the pitiless
blue sea. and now the modern 111011-
simple melody, like the magic of thu
night seemed to embrace me to car
ess me, and my beautiful trance only
came to a sudden end, when, tlio
"Distance Murderer tapped me on
the shoulder, saying with a kindly
smile Walluku, "Grand Hotel."
S.o these ends my tale or a wonder
ful will and so I'll wish you: A
dreamful good nights.
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