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Washington telegraph. [volume] (Washington, Ark.) 1839-1871, January 25, 1865, Image 1

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vol. nn.
Wtiiliiajtoß, Ark., Ju. IQ, 1385. >
I - --j L-L‘ ® ; rßlt'jbS for articles herein named, adopted hr Ceiusrisaiea
T ■' "*Vr»a? t i-’.rsuas to law foi Ls isUtc of Arkausx*. is for -L» infortaatira
cn«« ap,J: i- . . ' ~ ‘
.■i" ' ' *
PJiua jy. hi'-3 ur Red BcsLelof «Olb* $& 00
-C-- Goad furnishing
iukß I 100 lbs 31 oe;
j’rino jlt chuek nt etlb Biuib.el of 581bs 2 sis :
L.j hLx-J Qtxsd *' “43 lbs 2CO
" “ ” 50 IL* 3 GC
“ laohoaf 100 ibi 3 0C
* Cleaned Bushel of <0 lbs 4CO
jly,,-. * Amy ." offiGlba fc CC:
Petaier* * Sweet ” of 50 lbs 4CC •
Turnlpa ‘ ” ofbOite 125
gj c 9 * ** Clean Per lb 1 25!
° Blade 100 Iba < 00!
j'f.y “ Bulsd, Grass ICO lbs L 00'
“ Dried pooled Bushel of 38 lbs BGO
•’Bgsj Common Brown Pound 1 65
gm-ae Prime or eho’eo Kicwb do 76;
Itgsr Good White clarified do 1 24
y.alsseos " Moreb&ntable Gallon S 00.
* ** ” do E ®0 ’
gait * “. dry | Bushol of fiOlbs 5 00'
Whiabey “ Distilled from e«>m er ryu Gallon S 00;
Tobaeo-;, “ In baud Pound. . 5 00|
fobao«M>. “ St* tamed twiei do t» Q'i '
i's»;4c», ” Pressed de | 10 00;
•• Heg reaud, maat f:d so j 28-
t.te •• “ ” corn fed i de 331
•• - - Id. «ei
Urd " Not I io :
" Beef I «e 43 i
Ciadloe “ Tallow de 40 ’
Coadlos “ AdaiEaat’ae do 60 j
Ocxiito “ Sperm da 1 fiG.
4fc*p. “ H~d « j SO I
S-.p, ” S«tt ’ de I £O,
•• nlasgktored Net.Uanr.uor'a to be added de I kSj
..fieef C«*teta ; Araragv , 4 yrs old « upwards trans-
portation to bs added ' Head, on feet 63 00 j
Ne 1 Artlßary 'Hack 800 001
M«-~ He. « “ i da 730 GO
K*l« iMo 1 Draejbt I de ?CC 001
talcs • I « I ie 600 00
1 “ixa’.n'a, warden aiU de i 703 CO;
' ?’’«■ 1 j P»ar “ “ “ j do ; 00 J
W».joaa Ma 1 ' Six ’ iron “ ! de 803 001
Ftipwa Na. 1 yaur •• ■• “ | de 1700 SO
Ilaresßt Ueed i Heeee r~ male 1 Sett { SO GO
C'kaiac u ; Pair I SQQ
Jr. 5 " ! Pound i 100
U-ihr> “ UPP*' I *• ! S 00
“ , lianteea j de j 175
Bidee “ Dry ! d«
f-S Ai»x •* ■ Gtee* <l® i 95;
CAsit*. * take, j do 85 j
kseer • Terd C 00
j .■><».< • ‘ See.y bose made, filliijl
1 ell wec-1 ! Turd *. 8 CS,
-ji t, X7l i Gset'a fecaxcsadeA&a'ideeelad: P&ir j S 601
Siwee 9 Pair ) 5 00;
- — ■» >
s »»1« er s«x i.kji.4. ks.« . >'••’, rau.wj f..igo furri.’tT by U.r’at yer day sls jj i
Sstal. .r 8 Uiuata* ra!i»as and fer-tj. fer-isa. lby tie ovrasr, “ “';7 0v I
■ Mle.rS “ “ “ “ “ “ " “ “ “ Gor’nt •• ‘ • ?
4 ael. »r S “ " owa.r “ •« 13 001
t Mtu. .? 4 “ * “ “ “ ‘* “ “ '* '* Ov”’at “ •* 6 VCT
5 MHii-j .r 4 “ “ “ “ “ '' “ “ “ *’ ewa-r, •• •• BSt >
yw.l'l - Ta.« la K!s>d!, r*ti«*s, ferag. aad fcivar feriJsi.i by swrs: .f‘irb *??
p.ead. f*t mile, f tsau. >
Sr.aXslr eA.r i ret'a*., forage *s< ’ J .var Aci by t?*a, az -i 100
.-.2.-i *sii'4 - - - - - - Seente.
■ar-i '-w*. seal, vrsgsn sua csnaisi isxd far .11 803 jseaa •.» j;«r b«ad.
?fc!Ms' •'• mate 13 e.ina pfc iay: ex teaaa, 14 r:'.»s p.r dry. u the Ut4 ar
t-» gTeato.- .r 1X 3 Gi*4 ab.va. ta. yiicas '• vwr areerdisgly.
c . ' . - . • • • • U .
*• •• “ Railroad • • 15 oesis pel raJ».
*• *• “ " b un'i>9st • b cr.'ns per mil., rabene furaUiaad by Ssv’tJ
. znJ.F Act »f 17th i
Gt: jr-r neci.. ;«r sarh '■-. i’anreeteJ »r ear«'.l3d, GoreraaaaEt furbishing eielhiiig,,rations, .
t-.'haa ar.i ■*- wa lap.-c »i . wiieb ar.** u.t th» pr.dnct cf Ihis fJ.it*, or .f the county i* vhicb
t»». i2"i, i-stf : •:•“.■ •: v-tr isrtiticu will b» ."owed from the p;«a *f prcdecuoa to the
? a..' r. c.f imj tau dw.tuv. U> L« computed sueeg the most cheat aud ascally trare!ed
W mi prig’s are sliow-td ci g- sny t>r erib, ‘be efiirsr? es th.- GoTOraassat ttty, to faetHac*
4«d-. z- '±r tKc a :be;'. <2 :f,"' cf usn.-perrswon, or hire or impress ®*g.,as for tho pur* o»o. :
psviaj f v J -Jien: the sehtduio prices.
-• a ' isup: crL.crs and eitiaees is s’peihL r directed lo ta. fallowing section i
«flh« Amendatory Act, approved February J£th. JS64 :
"bi- . s.—TLjt the Act amandatory of th*-above recited Act, (*. ». Ac* ,of April 27th |
if'-'.', i. •■■ •;?.r.h es the frst s«'etinn of the saia Act (*.e. Act e: March 25th. Jooo,) a* squires
-■■ s.' :. , ■: ba m'vio by 're sv t- r, er hi* s/ st, that si ch proput ly v.m grown, raised oi pro
dt- rd ly #-?.• owr ar, or Laid or has 1--v purchased by him, not !9r sale or speculation, but far ■
Wt •■«>. ■.» , toa...:c'.?iioa, b» and the »»me is hereby repeated.”
Th. uew 1„. .- uabane jf .’- • A-Fniaat and Inspector General, iaaaed March 7th, 1854, <froct, |
Ast ‘'lo- 7 zy be cis .■> '.udcr orders from the i enera c conmanaing *:*/•«, d*r art-1
n»Mf, - -■. clvAlosut, and by co. of detached yarv*.*, when e necessity arise* thero-j
•■'ri-'fe.-v try liapr'x.’K.'r-'. satd be i:;sce, ’he ianpreeriEj-.fficer or his awent will zait» it oh".; ,
t» . : : ? ru-. ' - Iriie-t. f.j-.-..t, •.. s>rtm/ for tue pnreht.ee es the property, dricrib;.->g rhe I
F?l-<nty be wishes to } . re .i s, ihs price he is wiiliup to pay. and the uiea<- o puyian*'- ’
"Ko ct? -7or a >.-in. will im/.-ss the ucces-. >.ry supplies which any pr ear. raey have fcr t»» ;
m mhiataelf b's family, empbeyeas or slavee, or tonarry enhiaordinMymoahaa a) *
•aav.j.- TMi. / or agrf. n t-urai er-;ployx:en«;. The amount *o he retained by the owner must L>* ;
44»re 'ey local UTjiiraiaers, freaa’whcse decision the. - is bo app»eah
JNO. D. ADAMS, > o -
»SXJj F. JtlT, Ba., 5 M.a-'v*
nary Gtl», 1865.
' ° ' i
KOTiCE ja Lorsh. '•-■ —l» Et ’ w ’* *^ 9 Dalor Beres* Department es the Dis
ef Arkansas, at Was g i sapbured XI 2ZO£B, behagiag to tfco following name*
Htecns, and of th* hri'iewicy caecriptioa, to-wit:
* „ £ *> «
< 2 2 <> c «t
« 7 2 a sj c.
1 ? i ’5
to e u •
ll'sfaryAnn, (Mary giitElta, ;F : aek. k
\ CLariat Hiil; I " I I I
' I «’o i ~ 1 z *
Mworsftfcx Hoary Dctkery, I
Jamea Wilkias. ! *• |
,j®' **» de illulatto,
itrfs *-<■» do ; *•
Ji. * Br y» Mary Pt as Vs, i M I
Henry Opekery, i*!ack. I
Qoediy Malone, ••
iir. B “ a > [John Lanier, i •* 1
t,?* s «y, A. Uqubart, t " I i
; AdamM*Wil2e, I Pine Btaf. Oct. Ss;h, HB3.
;51 j V|Bs3, i Beeoek, | '* ” “
!W. f>. Dur.a, “ “ " •’
lor. Jcha Berry, “ « . -
.'“V'red, (Edward Sparrow, Blaek,
•r Jj&mes Bradley, ••
4 w ! '*k> ffhomas Wilkins, “ I
I: ? llrs. M. Bard'-s. i ••
jlirs. E. Wheeler, [Copper | j
T «' !f ' W r* rs 0f tko *h« v ® r e » ar * hereby requested to eewe forward with proper proof'
> ■’ sorsbip, and «»©s. iiUinW a resist fpr sama wi'l be immediately delivered to them.
Tzsfe*W. D A
». irk., j,-». 9, ires. J
T> Fw gs tke »f C'ltf.a,
j !* ;««<. tjii.-ttsiyyi, .Safipt cn4 3r. /rowels —
j GIWtW:
j '-{L ’ ‘ 'ccr-.-ljy < rsraaa '*i to epen asd
, JE_ fee’- *n Elaciiioi in yow rrspectr-e ceun-i
: ; -r z-.
J.i.'.T-J' '.. fill tb» f*i; , n-’-r
; vaea *n ef'a <V,-t C f .'btrid «n el-. -.
• ien ea th* M «f ;"»•?.a. •>. ’ " . m
< Cue Senator for >•» . 4ta Dieulet, *4Mip<«s*d ;
, of th' coanti«>> of M*topi era C-'ittcOi •?
HepsJsoatethr** i w; M.* uulj ot B’..
Oat for -„ch of ths cannli s '
:of Gims. Crittenden Miesisaipyi *r-< -alina. j
. Cnw QGttttty 5."- i Probate » 0 7 Cl :k,
; and Über iff, m» Ceraner, oa» Treasurer, our ‘
; County Surrey**, one Interne! linprvV'tatt-ni
• C'oißzie.donxr, Cen.won brJsool Cu l . :»«-
sieaor, and the aunib*: of Justices of th© Pea •«• !
• »zd .'■■■!■& aatberir -d I;- l.w f* c-rn
• th* eexntHi rs Gr?-’.n, Cti-t«r:den, Mlttisslyp-. •
! S*iin- *u:d Sc Francis.
j Oas A&sessor and CoHeotor of Taxes iCu c-ict
[ef th* eotistlue*f Ciitteu • s ead 8:. i\x ,cis. •
Otte A;»r«»8r at Twees for tho caturte of!
’ <9re*n.
Tae SieriCs cl th si. rsep-etir* cceutiee a-o j
' hsreay to cause said JBl.jvtiua to txrl
■ k*ld ftcco-.Jist to law.
: la i- jdmsuy v. -.-z T-if, F hrve berms!.: *-» my :
I baud, and wanted tie B»al es the btote ‘
si to ba sjficud, at Warniatc- ’
.tojJ&S I Aii.i7.as3, v.v thia the 92i dcy of*
Jaaewy, A. D. IdCJ.
■ 9y ths Governor;
! O. K. Oavxs, #»o. of State.
i 1 «"• eo— ' c; ter of eay ndlitsry fere* ,
, roay order au election w V: h*.'d by tee c!tis-as !
•is £i* eemmoci es •<ny »* the above eenntios, j
!. er }’? e ’ “ -atariv •*, snpointi?; fhreo judges I
i j clere... su.l .£* retnraa to i« - I
j 3sus.A.y of £:*•♦. e-rt:syt«g, c> honor, that i
■ lite sansa was held by h t otier. Jndgvs as 1 ;
i eyerie cay .twear os* h other.
' Any ». ma*»r et (net ’.-•?« ti»T.t test) *
;-jtay vote at any p:*rin*?, for 8*;j» < s end |
i k:p.e««ntfcd»e», & ene oi -sr pa,:-~sA’ •
;>» z- 3. uk of l»> Ceent* whore tie el«u-ilea :
v brie, wke ofcail {fa: ard as alr.ras! to the ,
lev.ctaiy •/ State t» In M i’ttt c*mr.
If, :n s*v et th .{Coeut'.-M hero be a«C!«rk, i
; -i? *t. 1 <,u»t th* Jpc!t-u««xa
l tej ie be<r**aty of 3 v.'.
! In.kelaiag these e.sctioos, th* f*rm«r laws
j »f '>.*- S:*ie a-.* , ia Cher rc.»ps -ts, V ebs*rv-1
;e«l. M. FLAHASjf?;. 1
Z’Aiic® np 1
A T Mto ’: - - -n.;
■ . • ■ •. ■ ' ■
: e»mb«r lest, t- Ui.A C'x HORSE, abect s» vea :
I yrars *'*.’< *x; 1* h jb, terso vhiie t j.«et— I
»v3te whi‘« spots n’« ■ '~
»w«*t is io -eiu* ferwa?d,.
pro* -,?iopv.«y, pa; , - . •-! take h:.-r •• *■ ;
Jaaaary t q.i‘
'^J’OTfCS —r ■ v-three kt> ’r’.i-J* ».?••£ >»r- i
A” Cats.* will be said *'A ■ -b-J
i lie Auction for tush ia h~®4, at Lewisville,!
; Ark,, sn Satarday the day Jaeva-.y. ’
i 1665. A. M. WARD, C*pt '•
' Ja*.|7,'Ml —"ts-v and A. C S.
• ■ 1 ■• 1 I ■ l ■> “ • • —-— - ... —■■ —_ , r I
a .. ■
have ieauod, ?r who are *lh*rwii>t in p-.g- '
: *esslo!X es, any hooks 'uei'vpiaj :. w. wj" <
| oblige m • fey ;»U * =-tb»s jL-«> t.-» Toho !
. Usmn. Al 3BIST ? X C
; January 13. IBS. 44 3w j
It OST I—jDolwsea Syrian Hill and Co- mb’-»
]l4 p T «b*>iy in t*~ a-'.|*b. se»J o'.'r. c ir-■
t ringiam’o, a largo Hook FUR CAPS, b I ■**• 1
l Ing tealusdy. Thcf-.2e.-w ,1 b» lib* ;s iiy •
| wt.-dse by briuplag it te Ai *id*e S f th* lidltsr
! *f tit* T»K»*r*fb.
j Jaawory Ute, JKE. 4v-2“ j
! 'UiTA ' ■ E.-O.v» er twog.-.** mileb Cowii
; « ’ :*■ r»ki*h a reasonable y.ic* will bel
l**‘d .’a CoKfade.'ck« aeency, or «c'..«e «*...» »x-j
<«u{U. Apply to ' C L. SC TICS. 1
TsurgrapL Ofieo i
H». Qza., CoußiKit LrvM. Dior. A».x. ? '
Wsehiuguon, Jan 3d, $
t r * '• *h ’.astro *.;.3s . • • J >:
Used idua.-t»*«, ■ e*'ter-Mastor and Com- is-1
! «*ry S'.t-tror will oat h« srut fey tt,» r.-juiat '
wCI cr by sowik; -v .-rs/soe* The nttvuiifcr j
*f Qatr.-r M r:
ia t* s L- .st., is .*tp*sclfc » ♦4,:sd te tb ; ": siiee.
SKJIJ. TC 8a if id, C \»t., Coos'd'ij
45-4 w Cenuer L!a» a Jdist of Ark.
:f WILL ree*-ve 6«r 10 pupils te bc» d .-.I
| A rzy itetuo. a’ SSO per naor.ta. io advauo*.
Itoard*rs in*t bring a pair of blaeketM or
j quuta wita th-m. J. A. STAKLI.Y
| Watnot mui, Ark., Jas. 4, 1365. 45 3w
FOR F?.NT.—> wiil rent one Funraeo at the
Relliuf Fark Ka’.t Worka, Siovi*r ersnty,
i Aikansta, >rt Sharet. Any pmoa with nito
*.«”«» a*l e-te team can nuke •• 10'! ;;-r day—er
w.tii Su.te a hasdi ,-nd tea-u 3*3< ,r > per tl*y car
|bo made chat oi rert. Beef, park, b.i:-«a, corn,
».•*>, fls>*’.-, <s;o . .j b« had at th* Works U
• for aalt. I elvo was* to hi>-« J 5 s *-
| . u*r. lor •sh. r. I will i -7 kn«-a h tt>:
peed base* * tut woui. end .= r .-*- r *itios. >*oi
; eihsr* te dear b_*.daad n< k* a c *p lee c»ai-
I lay ssastn. N. W. PfcRJOSS.
i Esdina Fo.k Salt Vforkst Sevier ecuty. Ar
| s ani. Jun. 2,1365. 4S-S*
Jldf’: *r..-i »'4jy‘r G*mv<»’s
ilv tiK.» id, AugustS?, 1?64. ■
»tear*! Orders i<o J*:
VI. Every sxoM.pts.nd d*t iled r-an nn'le.’
I tai* act, rhall tr to the Enrolling Ok*.-er
j in his report a detailed ataemteut of t ..o uark
■ eaolo surplas preduced and sold with
I tefriiraaay that thtacVs w*rs la th* roveru
■ men ler te scldisrs’ ."amsliea. Which s.ato
si«at tkr’.l bo s"nt to :La cctei-.uuc’.er es Con
acripte f*r *A. gixt-', and there, -za sausfaa
tien upon bis feuud shall be oa‘*r-d;
By Order £ COOPER,
sed Inapeotcr Gon.
K. L. CLAY. * 4f:Cw
' qpo HIRB. r EJEGRO WOMAM, wka is
It. good Ho-tee fiervt at, aud who «xe Card
*«d Spin, and • in?ambervd wit’s abildrcn.
Ai.se, a MEb.'.O BOY, who can drive an er
wagan. Ix the »ts ace of th* undersigned,
p«i.*«ns w’.shiw,- t* hir* setvants will call ea
ifr.j John D. Adam*.
Deeombor 14, 1364. 42-ts
gale ©F Geeds at AnctSon.
"J WILL SELL, at Auetien, et N«bville,
JsL Hemnotead eonuty, en the 12d iuste.nt, a
liEMNANT of ROODS, consisting of sundry
articles of Hardware, a few Dry Goods and
Medicut'-s, Also, Two Setts Counter Seales, «
I pair of large Platform Scales, and a pair «f
j Balances, aad au Iron Safe. T nns of sale—
j ss Surviving Partner of *
1 J« B. TA>wd, dve’d.
] Jtocw&w tab. IQtS. 4P-14
~ “WJ* rw« Aww>.»». **r(aoo< si -■a-. ~.
■ DECISIONS GF l a. oJb-J. <
■! 9i<te ArMonaas,
J.T'Lx iER If, £1.36*.
: STAT'j 0? ARKfi>SAS v R. W. fit'Al- -.,
I* XTiey.srr ixointt} ci T”? wrarr.
(On Jiforisn /->r <>a» Ifurmtto.}
•'.'cTilrn-Vpr -Ccnsfittithraa! Lar,—Qtsa.
i fIW• ?-’ .•
i JL *o*3l*l In v, thu frail of a e«unpa t b*tw*~* :
. ill k:r eiticens. By it th* ,• iop'.-> ere*.,«d * r.tu- i
nicipal et r,notation, an id>ui nait, the <uiity of
lae msnifuld-tesa of the -*rwy»M' •* ‘
'»- aggregate s .d m gmen es all the SdiH*|
e.nais. It has individuality in law ; ta r ys?*»n I
ir. l*w,’»u,i p*.w. r arid capacity te rrare eea-•
I tneto, iacur dobto, grant frnncbiMs, exercioe,
! the powora of govnrMMc'Ut end th* Ilka, as a
! tk-'»:ato are not ia law th* debt* of any « ah 1
jo: fe rci:;t»3i. Its
. thair; con tracts, iu action i» aetjn law their an-!
I tion. But '• -* fie!’-, eir s’l’y be rcsertr'l to '
J for beneficial purpetas. ft bt used to j
| abridge the righto el th a noealo, ei ia aaywiw J
ito xjare them, fitu'uj the fieti«u a’w <ja iios *
j th* reality that ihc scry raters *.;■! the corps-!
• ratten toe Mntas, the ewesr and that the action i
.of v.-? et.a •i< lh-‘ : ■ •; es h*r citizen?, d*.i« 1
! by <*en» by MteaHS Ct ofiia*:*, wka are .fzir |
i t .. urtofer it irs. ■ tae :
!b> aeEcial ck'vts <*r wbich goTt.nmen:* ar- 1
l cr-st-xi. th; 'elien will disappear, and t ■» ronli-1
jtv teseo H* pteao io argumus: and iu &• dodnu-;
I Uea of ruieo et practice iu g»v«n*mrnt fcoia |
I first p:’Bripi's.
: The Cuae’.’-ut'-'M te es. ag;--. rfira*. a **m*Mt
land its whole lore ;**u vn’idily enbsis‘a la
I that. By :h< CcMu'tutirn a., agree In’
| SMaaer only th* wifi of the ■ .
!. apreaoed *» as te%o ia law the n ill es a!!.—l
i Every e*B!ti: ntioßnl law is ti c- the
•of tbe -ill of erory iaei-rido d : .» much aejuf ■
>- j el>a .<* -4 . ■>; tu*oft a. n -i- »
• ter it. Dy the C iuadtausn, ete„ all n S r.-. «a i
to want powers er gurerrmaat they w. .*i -1
; teo J-iatly U th c corporate cap. Uy by tu* -
; bttarvcßtiv.: >o 1 ageaey of tha eineets, wltos*
. a-s w.titin ’.ti • s. of their au.«i». it-, tr* -fee ‘
*&ts et lb* ft.xtes: i. a; is, t-f ai: tb* of I
ho Stat* • • .
ay waatsy* i*: t-.'.y will ex.-r- .-. :**,• pew
loro; and what powers wilij>»i eneraisari
I the latte Agreement eftca taking the skaao c: I
(a tz.li or ii'iclau ivu i>f I—phis, el the tij-Lvi
jef the lathulual citizta* And inthclihensjjK* I
.k. ■■ •*Jo' hisuult te nbey the tew wfeieh »*b-
«uta;ien*’'y etpreeo tbe joint will, »nd to do.
'and teriaia ireu particular a«te: the lai ter como i
I Hm-a i»» *g, ia'ic.-n, prohibitive* or leeUalnto
I .mneseo on Lim-, butinr-aiity •*'.'lu/OMd re-!
I itriction* resdeg In Cvutract. *
i The f;7ople do not, *lrietly »p* >kinr jfrxnt '
I »ev>*. s cy the Censiltatieß; fertgure they do '
• xet pt.it with th zn. bet ietout t*: zttd only |
| ■•■•.*.•• end agre to wiiat extent and when aad
Ike. : >y »J7Ji «5 Uhl joiu-.’y »1 >r
| etee teem.
j * .*:« r.■<-*.*i e.»•_...□, z,.-j la ■ j B
I fe.ee, .a .va/ aad ia peace.
of c;rcu.jt„---.-.« can *br*g*u «r j
I 1 snryacd any part er prer'tieu it t *.:•*« It 10, •’
as if :‘*»d iu itself.
M'ssx rcr any dcpirtmeei er oKeeraMrvkes j
I yow»4* which he people Lav* u*: egrrnd te I
i *.-»*( :.-.* *y bi* *»*ncy, fe» or 11 is a 'o r.— :
; And rhb at .-•>.» time or »-s*sr. whalOTor.'
Iftoenrarpatfeniaa b M -., >. !
| come for tb« .:aa*. a simple deapetirm, which ,
any c-ihoa the rig’-» to r*»i*t by arms : anr to’
j uk* lu'e ir. th* ma.u.aiu'ap w : ** -«• ,
'1 her* te nethlcg ia .bo aatnro of a Coi skta-
' >'* :. which requires it to bo cukitrnod with sub- ’
| ti- ty or eth*rwfoe tixa elhsi instr*mrn;* uro, f
i •»• «by y.z.n a zu to e* read -ml uabr > ot-4 i
!by p.*’it men, no* for ainlstir purposes of f -e -
!»»«»’ -ate:cor te coue** :jy».<’'.. is ». x
| avowed object-..
I Whoso norttaiM pruvisteae in rai *•
I Italian, m <J»iegat»* n us the i gtte oi
! sl», whether thwie rigut' -*e peiiotial o. pelitio-
. ■ . .
Rd wneievpi it pt. vid. n far the eniinary and
■ beneficial pewers oi self gorsrnuicnt, tb»r*> iz
{ a* ir« r a for c.uet eaa«U uc ion.
1 he per. •:» if ga’ara !'»r«*-feld —
l tla- pew.r e'l-.-.u . ig tkt laws, I’ a power of ex-
I ’■• 'T she*n between iadtvWso i aad between
1 tee State and it** citizeoa
j Fae’r. Is exoruxsd by the State tkrengh tk«
1 pr< p«r itepxrlmcnt er cE <r. i
<-. is tre ifta:* tbatslirovd de-:,'*® ’n i-;
i c rt*. a* i. is th* State that ]rgkd*t«s.
A’.a it* de isien of tho C-crt te the ?.<■>>» :
lef ia» fi ! .“te: that is, ot ail th* p**/l» •/ tae |
c .z.r a ll *f eurv <
For»<-- ’\E of ts- prwvr :. e t •'f-gora.-r st -*t ;
wjthr.uiauy *>-,.»;ior, ia ‘'aoYvtotgat;** ia th-
Amei sb svnav of the Uim.
'• a ■ j..- ...-iary pow: i* usiy &3w sev: **iga
LL» th-e.h*; ptw’u. %
It the means are n-ip-. rid»d for *xer».i te„ -
auy perti~ b of the judicial gi- *.- by
% ousiitutien, the aiat« •« <ar abd..u’.at .!.
fauctiwu of govornsnent aad .-ir.*scui-»>r its*!;. ]
This arlf mal’httou is tot to be piesaineil. 1
vor, except by ike n’t*! airlngeßi ucc**i.iy o’!
aonstruotteo, admitted.
A*writ of ijav *ra*Tsuto at ccroruon law w?» ft
high pxorogxti'* writia . «' uautte «’ a r :«’>f
right forth i K’.r.g, ajr . ’’;l wl •ck >i ed cr i
nsurped any efens, francki*- er liberty of the I
•rown; and it al.-.e tey in case es non-use, <r’zng
Begl**t es * tianchisa, or mlsuarr orabusoof ii.
State ts. Aeltley, 1 J .A.
A wiftnd*t»ne w..a also * pit rojafire writ.
It was net a writ of rigkt an. te issue as a
mx'ter of eoarae.
Auu *o oi lu* write e! v cuielticn and ero
***">< it.
A!'r.«»o w.te w*rs ate” r.Y 1 ucue tbe I-sr,
remedial writ*
An tofAnaatiea tn the uatu's »f a cn« war
re te v.as orifcl.'.ally • mim'aal pixeev'Lhg, but
a:te.-wai lt bvcjza* a nmtheri iter by which to
i -posscs* the king of the frasthtee ust’rood, if
it could b> pe’t ■•■**ed and on: »te.' by f-liuiao I
if it eonld net then te east the def-aitant of ik
It s»*a c*m.. to a* the p:s< ■ - to u-« the in
fsrasMi.-n u * suggvetteM, ss the mod* es !r-
Ja'.itL.iuga . >t*lj citi;j-.-« -r l":.'-* tj-< FiiitO.
:h* kii’to o-iz* too franchise er oi-u! the uaurj -
lay psctcsso*, i « I t-* b»irp- r
drill i. mm th* King’s suit br» .gh hy’the
Attorney Ventral, aad not at the i » ttanc* *ron
th* ro>: .n es any * rivals p. «
. It wt.* mb much tn* ialestfoa es tbe Constitu
tion to oenfor original jt
pr* » tfeurtin . erisin »y«cii;*<l <tx>-'*i; as it wao
tc invest it with goa.Hal ap pe lated/Ttediiiion. '
,! The writ of foo aMrreoto !■; a writ original
’ and ti' «e'ornen-*a*«r>t el a euti.
Whor. wetdsare lairly su: *pi.ibie of t»ro in-
I tarp-.vtati<>i:s aceoxiiug to tii 'ii cc.umon ten-''
, ■ axfi two, eae es which would defeat one *r all !
, ib» objetto for which the law was obviously
made, and the other *f which would prcseite
vud promote all, th r former ought te c« rejected
and ae latter to be held the tin* intorpretaiiwn.
Clute va. Asblay, uii np.
Th* gener*! object o! the Constitution was to
invast tkio Court with general appellate juris
diclicn, and with qrigiual jurisdiction ia csrtein
Where the meaning of a Statute cr Ce..«;:'c
> lion is plain, tburo is no room ir.to
■ And wore it proved that the person* who
framed a coitaiu elauo iu th’ CcMiitution
meantthatit nhould have a c -rlxln affect this
r.ouH not prove tha: such was lb* iu ration of
tbo Constitution itself.
Although the first grest objeat of the Cssati-'
p--ha.i wu te toe dupr.jm Court vrith
■ - . - - '
tot*:.*- <■■■.—.-•<•, . ski etjf - 8.1 h-af-ntt'esco ,
case* r *.we*e r- ..a - jar.i»«. and art.: ,j>ih
iin •»' i«b the t ; *.- ir’gh* be itr-e-tod *r « •
;. r kuiin wii j a.- eroi-inty cr
I'.ob-J, ppww and frr.-’chise* wer» notinvclve'i; i
! still iu c<i«s alfictißg Ite **a-a. M-r era toe
■>s opa acanioi* *'io» -u to* g*.-- -« .-■■f-'i :■» •’ ,
j.-h r-xica thM.whoiop’ ip's haw a., in m*.diaf*
. • •
tin light or feanehiu* w;.* th* subject ■> * t<: es
■ «.-.y, to* Supreme Coart Is inywotod I
- :*ks vi. A*« -
, iu aiigio J jnrisdlu’iu* oi this C!*u.-t Oraaot j
dssclr : tai vary with ike tarrvt-ta i
; aad S.M tuig a-.e s •< oatoipal eireumouaa*--
*a. , *; tt* te weiiara. <n l«»
• most ir taia nt ]■- partly of priva.e right*;, .olbo j
i ih:s Court rs it « (..hik i»t aet <3oaferied by I
|ih* Cen»tlta:ia=.
I. Supieme ufrari io invested with fb* pow- •
•r of hsxr.ag aa . d?teru*ioir.g aaooo com * i.»«J ,
• by <;»’!>.- mu*» vip-ve; g-x -t.
’ In cases in.* vi-g -- . vi. t;_. i» t ‘ha s.a a >
jOSx.Vcxrlga, af;-di, • *ir:nal.j j.* eharactnr
aad tiio propir ato.i* .»t«: 4 a e. ...s gov..*,
m nt. in
' interest. ;.rt mi .* .ac light tea pub-’
'lie j-’*-, i£ —. ' .cir, i P’i’teg* IO -.-■
( by !he Co.-.* itatteß i^r-»i. i 3 -.j* * ji ’
risdie ion,*to b. ex.-rcistd laann- el a Efi o’!
; /tft.us a. j-. - actordi**" a« the ■
..... '
j to naus* th* B&ate'irA of th* t roptr p«r**a ;a, ’
:9/ to «Q>l tho party illof ally UGiCtag, of such |
pubUoeaire, freyk -S, -• -I I; or I-;7;! .;U-, trri': i
I powa* net only to tune too writ, butt** boor f
• :.-xd d.termjEo lh«* oaf !»- y-u?...- vt'zt, '
: -elk « first hietsaee and ib t! c .'as* v- i
j W! *n a fr.fi*3!Mlos i-giron. every»hji»g is te '
.bo hold to ;« As - giv«r v. life, at u : .cA tn* j*t->
l .'iodictisn oaaso* b' e-arci«ed.
Tue nro law »cd
- • I ■ . ■
of tbe law of thia Htstm
T»« decicioao es th» English Ccert? -on to I
; r«.» .l uay -p.a th* m »ning. r^-slrcr■ ;n_ I
! nwd apptiestioa »< :fc* g-ceial -Ta'ciM rr.erto 1
. 1507, anJ a. to »r! at •! . cams*** .aw in then 1
e-u-* nor nrior te h«-. . c-', o:o leceived by n* !
| a* authority.
I The raintaly by i*fo:’na!ict will cot l » «z-1
• tended .-.< o*a it-, luai * rr»;e. .hsd -,« the ».a
!w/t. |
Vyr w.il private pt.soM b* >r a'.ttoc fto !a-1
' •ei.vro and j-.z roia- In thioC-ert.
’ Tc« wri of uao ncrranio will lie in thio ’
effu.*: uu4uot iu those es private «teeea, fraa-i
>cL*-te, ii»*r.:e« *r privileges.
i The sit •of A Homey tieaoral is very «vl-1
! d»r.l ly a r-ukiu eftK*.
i f>o me- jof the ca-- • f Allis Krparto, 11 A rb., >
IIS, «K.<.4r;*res that toto Court hu no original I
| jurisdl*tion to issue write es Tnandjtmuß, Ua.'tm ■
| .-vr/.u* and <pt/> irj.ras.s ia ovorrokd, and ike!
; of tr-it Coors in tao -as* of lb* 1
. Stats vs Ashloy. ui: tup., u opt: j.
; When .he people cf this State !u Ccsv*r.L'*x '
. poi*--4 ■. j O.t'sl .Ece vs >*’ tsivii wheroby t|« |
• ft neciten with tb~ Ur : tef Siatr- wag e<Yc..:a.!
Tbi* v*«r» eamet inquire ia * the’ ugh fa’.,
neon es th* a«t for iba pa-pose of i-in--* hise i
j .•''Ss-.sx - yir t'• & ' '.I-;. i. r iht Si*i« eon
1 tinr.isg to zxor.lf* psrt e ..c judicial . *w«r of .
: .’*ati»ar»#.ix;a»>zi* i .-.nth* -jib-? r ■-;«»:-Bns-!
t <ho Coavont'ou war tavwtej withJaK the l
i|. «Kielaj. i iftpa-var, s.iiuary and extra*:-,
1 aLnary.
!«. o*.»h‘ng te .\zr*ike sarxaitig of * n y ;
( pui tioa of tJioCaeritutiea of tbe United State*. I
. w»mastapp7 .*> esarc re’»« *f iOUMructJonas '
[an to other ixm' utaaa-o
Tk«*-t t lues are a** arbitrary er Invented, but;
;th-: i giiintkte and rational xnov.e es attaioh.g
j w tk« -utb.
Whore tie language it .:»! . w’lgcea:; or oh-1
scare, *t x .it fci i**.-!;. losart cra
a>t be ha. .a other so•**.<> of aoortaiiring it»
■•as * an.-. iato.ificv sack a* the *>-.at•* in ib« 1
Ctei*v».-: tLri it, or th*a'iArte*tia*o- .
<■-• --<■». t.k. w» : a:_i i;s jf that r»-re..- i
Wlui**.'. « *9oso, as ascertained by legalnilos.'
is not denbtloi, it *u«*'. be va c- qualitirb i
by • **! _sim* it was at>: soiateo<i<d.
ln.ii; s».e. l*gt*i*iuioe tuxd CenvenHunsor*
aliko <« a r , -I by tho - ain OManix* of- *it j
! w».r * te avar *h»t they cs«< them in a ttm’ia.j 1
'•r l.sfe.-cs iftuer. . g
D*. st.? b st. . lan !*w.';i’.andl»gitim»toani I
'.« the uiteipreuuen us ia* , ..'axienk> of a punoe
(es *i»o eo.-upaets or nMicas.
Batvsen Hascuct i»o i.:—U t* eoxtteditt tue j
•: a *f»’ .• !■* -«•
! Bu* .v««c;’v j t!".»E.htlti r-'iroVtKSWf. te ~j.'
tbe true M'xre ot * o-.-n:pa*. wv.e * the lan-'
gusgol-.arooH jn doubt, ■ r u c.-!irm lae o- n- 1
Sts. she Ccaci.'iivEs mi ivralir »•<. 'oyaliy flow-!
'-ff I'-'.’ f e jt miy !*’»*:.* • y
tnd 1b the iuicrjii u* ’
le be. r? .•4 in ai<*.
V«a- ' !<■* al qystions, •1.-?'-»<'•- a-on I
I eeaxkuv-iei* *» ue C u;.*:i itavlf aiost bo j
| «rasider*<l by is* aid of hjal :-■** rad legal 1
; p-indplag.
Wer Js .tad-.craai keewa te bslawmus* level
lite mcraißff aflived io I i -m by the law.
Axil toe rropo, rffn.* and -itert of *»-uelev .
anC. ._c n*tac« uita ejects of r-iati zus bet a ***
I pally arid ; *rty, «.r p. incipn! Mid *g«u., »l:u*t te I
claimed cd.l eseo'jiee'l bv .ti-zm of the well
eelablteltod L; »’ ral*s ar-d p-inripies of g- r«r I
xi. aiuina.-, ~xd kf.iwn
f. a* p.« t «us i'a» S'» ta’ £ «tes eo'npfti’.ig
too Uaiteu States wore united ss panie* to a 1
<'eaititUlLrixi vi’wprct, io wldc.li he ptop eof
•oeh >-i‘» »» 4 ;ftd*c a* a aeparsieaev rzlye cem
nausity, ?ach binding itself by its own pxrtlca
larrstciratieu; *rd il-.o vai»o of which that
was the feond w*. a euiea !**.««•» th*
Ktatea and es th- States v.kkh lalklad ti.* tin
T e gi'raruuK-et «f t>.< United dial*s was
iau'-f.U v-’j it adouU-?n *1 i*e bn* ci
ito peop'e el vach Blate ac'iag at. a Slate,in<2«-
peo'tontly »■ th* c*epla of or<*y ottar Stat*. I
T’a* tavaral Status hefer the Tatiliearira of I
■ .
ted*. e» i>*ration witii i rs' .J power* for ear- I
lain pn; f *sas mens' a-. 2 ■•> '.h<- erdu’.-;- efUon- :
f«c» ration.
j’i. : .a national corporation celled “Tbe United i
Stat?/’ wascoHtinusd by toe Blates, watoh wer* j
he »; io v- • pora'ei».
rojja >rez and fraßcU’ l '* , f-. •.■ .a: i capaci-
ties vi tbcsev«rsl Blate* or ta»y e.gr*--d by the
! Coailitution it should possass and exercise: that
[ is, «* tr-tg agreed joint. I .’g ieexerciz* through and
j : j’i- oc*ncj- of rid* naiion.'l eerpemiou.
T.M'-'a eolso te refrain from *x*r
! erdsivy eortala ota -r powers, which, though
- not to •x- ••> rd by th* nation. w*re contrary t
good tnofnla, or . w.ta ti.*l. noir I
teiaiiens looaeh other..
And certain OUer p werx not b*fe • Iwl nj- j
fag to any State b«cae«<- powers of control over i
th*m, i. w»i agreed wig* ; be «xercia«d Uy the
national corporation.
A* in via.' tp. tec corporators arc tba corpora- j
lion,, and the people are the State, so, in reali
ty, ia* several Stale* ar* the United Stat**,
tue nation
It is uh in Sa;;il l* la, >1 principle that when
ever a fiction ia interposed, itisdeno in ord -r
'to give cC-.-t to toe rights, te pretoet valuable
jutecests, tu attain justice rad oocond and make
i efpetoal the intentions »f the real parties.
I The fiction cans** b* made an instrument es
evil, cr an invader of rights.
It cavsot b* n.*.’d for the pnrp< m of o'a&i.'o.’-
ths fntealiotix of ski parties ; be* to always a« |
ieitramoui »nd o’gautom by wh.’-’ tc -a-h to* (
Th* fiction et » eorporotii-n ’* - .v<sit»<i »r* ,
luzod fa the protection es tbe corporator*to
make th»lr joit.i *«.-:••>« iff-xtuA '*;• *e; ■ -.a-- **■ '
■ mt-its-.d ixvtsting ft with unity r- »dl, •»
aatry into effect tfelr '-«• inten'leni.'
’’ tan nev*r fen 1-citt-Batei; »w4tsw:i?r
1* I pTMS I M 4. •■. ei.t ■ ’ 1
; r*’at *h» and «*M»ltal «* . ■; e .
I tw*>>n thcaa.
. ’Ai-rce. !. U-iMirts-rttr!-, >a r- *r I
‘ 3fivc effarfte ih«ir righto, the fiction wl.I -asite
1 1 m .‘t it»«’ will otoac. t»o ital*ly, u ■» .s
j*oc a- uh of th* .-.*»<• x. i*«i. »»'i ks: d«.
i Uy »lio CoßSlltn'c*. tke <i fcjuau’X- .t.
■ were d--«ar'.<! "«»t--’e- to atl t!:*y:lvif*g»»«u*
timtMtin ‘.at »! 't-’v-r* is tho s*v- ciateo.
j Tl-i* wax :: *• aesip vi t*- lor »6t-:v.
I As tk* Sial.* a *a* u-.-sj oaod tae I »a~
In ra to* Unit’• Btoios, i ally and h u
, 'aoly ft liowal, that M oar ceuld be • dtieon j
[*f th* United State* exeaptby fcv.rg or beorm- ■
!i>g* eitisen* of »rm« b.»te.
i It is usc -xirti* teat ..-■» es IS.'- a‘i:a» ■*.- ,
|tauaatod te bo * a ur*U ia t!
.. • ■
' th* Onidtetviu (o tiny pritiMfigao or imui*..r-J
t ifc* of citizen* in any c »**. Only c.umus of ■
< sorro M*!* war* anua-** tc .-h*ae.
Al-*gir»tt- i* * duty a c'tiz*- ff-x-s to b> ’
' . try cf c’-«yfng h«r law*, w<i •-. ir x-c
! ternplatios of z* h< ts om of ts--poc-ptomako*, ■
. of respecting tin hwfal auihoiitiak, and of do- j
i fouding kts e»-.iu;ry, wl-h Lu» lift, if steeu '*»,!
1 Bjniust all **r*n!es.
i I Sris aiieg ; *nc*> it fini in* by ri.c eitlson te '
I his St*'*, m it d under the 1 ■•d«re. so etd« '
Itob C.2*->;a»e Oeuotitadcn;
’ ae«i *u;y b*Cltt*o, *.»■-. n.‘.»j4..«0 to r«r: »
ihaowas it to ib» atb*r F ’t»s je atty with a*.,'
'-a sfr is rise -:.<l tL**o ti'.stes have ogr-»o by:
oMtitutiomjoititiy te-.-xnaiso s. • ptmcrl
iof sovereignty and gove.'cvn t.
I Iu other words, I* owoj tach nllogiar' o to
' Ao natien, a* part c-; V-m a’ -s’au-- te iri; State,
l ar lift be Ba»-t *b-y al. cars: Bti*-ial law* ei
- f . - r - . • - •
IdatM : ’ « .J.r of it* la *fa - < ae:-.- e-
Ast: <.ateb*s sg-rad th*: *1 * wri. i so-!
, [i-aV-J* i*:*- the w*r pow»r, l"-i »‘.>fi*nse
| binds hint to serve c-_-d d*i<sd the »suon by ;
I* arms ayaieri ill ♦*-» -s, »a Iceg as the i*.*‘*
ceni.h.iu*i le boo «. :nt- r e! Viriun.
Nor ttn i e’uiaen of * 3*.!«, zfier * .» as*
w .itdriiwu f»a the Urrie’i »lt‘. remaining ia
| the St?:- -shethtr b* wi l ) *’*ey her taws er •*» ’
lo* dee: H-p .-a 1. «-i. -.. t*a. ■ « -»c ns ilgh* er ■
I Shot She Stil! owe* oltegianeo tu th* trited
.Pt•* : Ta»r* is** are-irieu in tae < »<ra-l.*- ,
i lira which forhiee to* * thi.aws! « Kioto
i trem the L’v.ua. Tiio *otira es too blow wm
i final ; baaacss lite State Muld nil eel funhei on
’the guektien ttrevgis h*r »wa judiciary, t*
* whom h*r legislative er ccuvex..ur.». aet ea
I seek subject was final* nor through th* nstioo-.
i aljudkivy, b***uze »h* tad nevor agreed to
I in.-mi: **eh * to end wooid sot ia •
i tew hoprisrat Acre caocurriog wit* ♦ .• ather
j States, or u* party t* th«ix aoll.-a, if ike Sa-1
• becaas* ad«cisioe cf the laj- rißo Court bleu*'
J a St*-.* fwly botaur .t ■- is in »-sßu<:rp jdira es ’
*!aw tber* rire msl coneßrrtogiaand glrtog
i the deeislen.
Therefore tbeofs't a State in irtthirawfag
fioai Ao Union blac* al’. U»i citizsss, **« t
.-.« sc; es *ll »ad eoeh one if ,t ew. »• wueh of,
I those voting egeisst it, »» es tfevse v«Q»g fei .
I It. '
| If her ewneitixcui take »I*.s ogatoat her, i
I they ar* gairiy of tiftwu.
« - ■’ - - .. •
! owed Ms »llegi*BC-* :• his Sire, wwiug i: *;lter i
j t* her «-.por*t- y, *r. *e iat iu th* had agreed j
the*, he raen.J no **, te her an-i all A* -torr :
| States jeiady united as a slngl* y*r**n la the,
I JfatJ'in;** tieo**n wo* in roa-ity always _b cf-j
(fence *|raia*t tae Stat* ;eilbe-r against her atone,
i or ** iar as she haa agreed i» should k* agaiost
I b»r raa the eib«-r Siu»*» jointly united into r 1
■ •isg’.' prrien. the Nariaa.
For oilegiraco I* the fruit and «4ai«qtte*--*
’ citisvnil ip ; and tr*».*en ia tbe greatest vielt
:i-*.» by a dtixou es to* duties erutea by or
jfiewiog Iromsitircna’’>.
ifaoy eae lev;** war *gi.ia.*! a ate- jo n*ly
(■with the o’b'ru. that '* sgalari the nation, cr
’ whet- the oat «n is at wr adheres te its pnb’r.o
’ «aomi*e, givfag theta aid and camtort, 4* Ir
,gm or tr*aeee again;b» Uaitts States
It at- ie -i*» war a-ainal the Stat* aloe*, ax by
! *ade*v*nßghr are;* to svuveti K-- giv«i«-
I moat: he i* guilty es trrasva agnln«i th* State.
I Tr*»**n t.«s*ors _-ly is io reality always
I agsics*. th* f xtta; r. kvi ag»in*t Lot a'.oae er
..~*ia*4l;*, aud A* ».*-:-r a.ti'i 'cia »m * ua
' lieu.
A* it is Milythreugh ! :• fit. te v.«.l a; » eiii
' can er’ it. teat any on* »w*« ailegiaaee to th*
L--r-,-0 tisuudy-otititi te-x O< L.- »-.ct*
. - ■ll a&vh ngsuist th* Uulted fitataa.

! the Uettoi fitates, end ewee t;*m n* b.l gl
\’< uoe a civil coaUral is made a.r.l eutc od
. ‘sto. ...-twi** pß.i. * *•.■■-,»• -«•. to C'-Hirset,
< - I to fiscal
■•■..* V ;X .. ■ - r ti ’ - : *y tbo 1
I ot’tarjparly.
| Tk* pro».’* • co.-.tak *» ha it »ra r- xir.at.
!-.hoe* ot eno ike ec.-dtkratiex te those .f th*.
! ether.
i So a oonhact will be ressiudod, when «r»»
[ without > iibor ps«ty ■-.■rug in fault Ae -.iu - -1
' ttaaees Lave s* ebcaged x« that it* lxn.M»
Itr-ant tn hf necured b/ tb* enatraot to ei’hv
i p. tty can no lengvr ‘ba sui*i:serially attsiuad, |
: xaea*j -v u.a. .ko p..rpvS- • of ik« uontraxt |
;’*"*, *r- »-u it u..- Lt »vx.i <M.oir or tu»rens or !
lit than, cqr.i'ly. .th* «.. ridetattoa. of ai* !
• ».?-* r s fail*, ano u would be iniquitous o!
j hold J.itn te the e». ..a. ante v> .a* Lui-Lag cf
ll.« irrg.iE wi, a he-.'au st I'.'-g r Hap toe
Lftueflt* in ccßsidi-ruMa es which L* ccusont
od to acmme th* burdens.
K*r d* ties* ru I ** spply to contracts of a
;• «a;ar lines, c: a higher er l*w*r g.s4e es
ilireity, euly or « peeislly.
lint being j:L* simple utt-ruces es juailo*
aad reaseu, ih»y up-'y to all contract*, »g.-»o
--m>ai* aad compact*, ;y rad Lotweau whomso
ever Eiasie; ns leliy ti te toe*e b**v. ea* rea ait
, red as.-ms, tbe g.teeralcg eud gererued, as !
, *• iv> .-.-I. p.-.Tk’i Ci’iiti. iu :•!<, tr.te.i!«»t p<«-*-
xiary aJ«‘.,s
ludeo-I they would, If poaalble. ciare striti
. gantlv obtain between States, the pwfermaßee
I of wli' »* prem-.EH is ccly s*«.u-o4 by their I
I *• od faith, who are Leu* . »• th* •btcrvanc*
' or the snott p i;*et aal pencil . eua g«xi faith,
! !.; «rr«.-c oi’.U the can r-o. -Uv for *•?•»--
[ .c--.»--i !».-*i6h cl tec* it fttsln IV
ho.-aro a-»j ca'awilttea e " war which equally
off’ et .ha innocent and »h» guilty State.
fh'o piigfet--* faita cf tbo&atr* w: i the ciriy
lasaattioof obtisnruaM
Federal Uaiea.
Cv .-Zta .uti pr- viiicei Lav* te* rig:.; of
rev* r ,»*•» vnpreHod by lb* **vci*tgi: »r
* :pr:,*r: bat whsv a *>*»■>:;, «>>
■ party Ttolavs it, th* ether u eased.
I Ko Stat: .an incapacitate i«**; 'by any her
g*is, *;• by as abiicasien e. it* tev*r*>grty,
t* provide for the welfare :*d iaf*:y of ito p*«
I pie.
| Tk« Dt-eiaration es In dependence aeveanvod
lit'.* bo th* right of cvesy p**pi» te siter or
1 fth*: ih their gova. vrh*n«rcr it sbesld
L* dcatraetivo es tbe ends fcr which :t was In- 1
■ tct«d. end te institute now (-*vorau*nta on
sueh principle* and *ith w*»Ji exgaulneuon of
pow- .s a* to t*am skeald sorria m«jt likely to
afiect tholr safety and happiness
Upan th* so .ndsiica and ftikh th* nalverael
raeogeitien es this right, to* governmaat of
‘ <hft United H «te» wa» eota'O -«d; and »il lb*
I State* wac abanlntely evt , t«« tray toe
I r
ito.. •?» ttep; • v -. • >ri d*Al«.
NO 48
( Tt-. ( . tee, dty*-'t * . -■ *> ' -.w
m -.4. ofanivaie
I the ei * ‘S-: • -r»m»*t
. f« ( ]*dieald !• eita,stag t. ■' ti ■«» -»’-■» f-'
i which H wvs fra:r.»u rite rizhz es ‘ . .1
'so len.cr sraifited ’.* vrit-.c- *»■ ■ii- -.
i tfaten and s»ek by tk*»»*!.»«a t
' -i: ri .■!' s< <’•'■ **’ -v'-v .-•' : <- • -
' •.Volk*?*, r«y degree noa fec-pht * * ■ -
jof thc<Jou»4iiuilon, efeeuf-r . - t
iet it* f •vi'-;t3«. i»» e’v'.-■■ ?• *■ •'■• ■ ■■ •
'govo.ior n. iiaM »>-k i-r •*; • •
tr-apas* Oe th* rueeivod . '
«ny v.ray* *r elr<a;c* tn.- t t*». »
i*r»t .r area*, umg .x a
■ rte* ’ es» te-s- e* te y»‘t es t;.- -:»i ’..-■-
■w-. ,c-*e’a t lerigßtof tL'r .-. ..-vt
I S.at-s •» wkhdraw, or jealify b
| lb--tig at, the right of aveesat.-..-H r -
,-S ediul-.toa, »ed the cs. to' -* .
!a- tc tor *y tai -i. f-- ..-f.
! O* tfeei qnc-riin tat -tet.U ?•-♦*!.. .
! jrdga icr ha»ait.
■ *,*:.■ fcl <r s.-y: .-S Vto :. toil*
10*15 gOiiM.ra H J -
] Tb* p*w*r of ee*-' n‘j’»le wi':. r;ew » t~
; et» *b«t can b* *»eT.-i*e-l bysb s= ■’ - -
;.r~ > . *
! The po *er te di** Jv« *. e: j or ■. ■' - * -
1 ciear v;oi*t-i>n of ito term* is .••«-.%'zy.- -
I erase tbi'Tight enhl* !n tL« nsiur-i i: • -
J oira. that won ngtiootiou which •< «■-■ - -

T*i* eeuit is c'/tid iiwi by ' »♦ '• ■■ -- ■
Jif i« w«* uet.fit w*iiM wet heatteto *Jfe.; z
‘’vdeßt«nk *nd fleeter* liet too ea’wis - *
; sSrple.
In.-arao ''ied. F.•• ’•rere jja -sd . . •
• tetri.,” iu thsheneetted upright rtd -■-« -
; k-n. .f xn-’. her p-. ? !■ t>* f-'»“ <r- r--
aa n’jdeuiahlwend inaltenobte r’fif.. »> *'
• snepte end eafta's-. t<*•-*», lid ’'»
: meat »c-tz:cß aei fom'! oiprieriea ». -
i, . V- 1 » .' DUTCI ■- *'.'t *U« • -•
j >” ---j-*pl*. with the #'4t*e ••:
'o' te» w»i- * oouriuwcd peii’i
[ listed *» the Uattod States a.’ Ani‘ >’*
‘ J ■ I ' . '■ *
people, !ik* tor rest cf m»ak*<? *»*&'-■ *
■ war. petkkps in p-»«» te beoooeHwdE.
j Aci.k;s .tacitran es '.boStateeoicln ** -r •*
'I; » n'.< bo*. c» sc--- *-•»;'».-* n. h!» ■
•-»: e ttotea, a*»matter ho* :e*ire v • ’
• ■.. te hi* cptoto* o? to his vote os c.t- :>
« Af;rr thus £wi*bdrawiag f:«m tii
■ utates g*ver*»aofct, *a* *.ata b».-oi*e •.-— -.’
; Aecons.-lncn.t of the fi S*f»det: * a’to -
’ thereby betowe * party HAo w<r waf*d •
the UxiteC ‘.pon ib* Ur' i,'- b* *'
• A rein dteidee thv cut: • ar.c v? xt
i cf her eitinene. mah eg tk*i» nlftgiraev t.r.
i lie Uo»fi**7a:* -r -.s.* .
s*t*nt *> the narioß m*3 *k'» ccoet! -.■ »
i<kt te require c '‘-'. r; f A*sikv, *r
• ley»Uy «u*i ietilfli.: fi.»ttvs*.
Brery ehieen of Arktecae vv- y• *• *-
;*f say ctii*r one «•* tbe < as_'*di.<to
! :omU:r within het ilrnuU. sei t*M *11*;?* »»
aad if hr joins th* er eai-sot inaT’oitvi t--
f giri.xg tsew bv *v«l a:!» a*d ae« **> ■>
• ■ i .
, '.i. {Confederate ntxt**
I’.beFtate E€t«dcd t a. . ..-t;*'- r-:. -• ’ ■
.»: 'iu:’l», icb? s~* c-f •-e Ual -< i ttv » •
' if*- Arkuses j' -f r* • •- to •* »»
jUoi’-cd S’<**», bto «U *-» r-gc:- -r 't i :
1 <s’-.*--*tcHra''-ntiri*- :e lb* .-<ri'-■£ -« .rt
; muuirie* u s ritixsnxL !y te xxr oxv c - i ‘~- *
i einro-en of see<a»:on emd eceid Mt be&ai-to *
i e:i;s«B t! a''b‘.ste es tUo United ftietw
1 bytn*;uialtaa..*M
If he mr* •alvrxlfx-- '.h-?; e’i j *•; rtc » -{ :- r
| tew orset es tbe Btawa or Geegiftse th.' P’ -.
al i kanosi* weulfi teh be ssco any aL/;-t.
Ition *- eouitsey er;*arity er olW t
Gm* of peace it recegn--xe she rigL * o' c . . . *
‘ her e ’z-.-i to tbicw ar’Li* krir/t. »e:
r> as' f. ,e- tbt •4H er power of say to.-. •
‘ cs.’.er az State vy trarnr*: g-a jt- * et
trad te hi* eiUsecebip v: ike Strata ei *»•
;er relievo hi** es any o' am rinuc* »• »♦' - ’
I s*u.-.»»d much loos would *1 c *_ j
'raoitempl «• us auy vtirri y is t’m- >f v»_
She weald poseese UtUla »:!f rc.»pe*t. It --
jehonld permit hci <-.iti«eao. wl.a led fe. »
... - - .
. ~n- a»« cf«il ofti* .u her om .1* .»■« c
• th*ir *l'*<:»<« a j’- . jxr* *•: -■ * - .
(to tbt «v**By*e.«oJMtt7. ot v»hhi . >* tiwee *•■
:as .Istotiy ;.*t:ikv wish watt rids: j»» ; * .
,L*«euj. er aroewtii g *Jvu * * r
1 other evert acts, tc incite o. cn-jete x*t«
j *,-»»*. bire’tags of tyvnay to :»
« Ari .' x*as ' ‘,rk..’-..a -
and frsadulsa* g >rfnw.:v-: < -nh ’.-: .-1 by F
j iral eu&crityfior tha S ate j- kikr sa.Li *
lIUK-k, *' executißK auy cl vj. prr- .:•<>.£ law
id - nrd. ■* of its dcpwiKat-.U, o; t«Ck •>
he i-tg to ttta' spun: is get tramwr':. rcor; •
ing it *e lav-fi! c» eeeirioa s< * l btata eß*>« -_r..'. -
j it. a.-B guilty es i ’xh bvaeou
I royezeigh *ad irtdCj-itod-utJi.a;- <*f Atkuuoc*.
fir tuk.ug tae ami siy oolhtif *”'*tr.rriu ta
- -
: .v-L-reaaddu . Edh.ro th* U; ?-<
’ WLaewr - takes the 0.-it t?. cujs,>
j hit »'*-<.** h?iVirtus :. nah : r.- *-. *1 t .- *
* tte Confederate B.«i?s.. - pat ty ■ o As war w,.**
• ig. u*t Ihl Dl.
; How fir rJ-t’-; -tar-eve • ~ fc 'y *»- k* *r '• -•
f> rijto.e tic do ••.- u-.drr i.r ?- ee • * 4- .
now, or w* ’.jp? al ul- to say. t
But It >» not to bv doubted Lol wt -s * <Vw
.•Lit? .r.;-.. t.-:, s- . -. •
of dhcrttionjfevetuuiafUy i*kra ti*. oath in wißt*
- -
peacddutttt, it la an act c-ftrcaata
rpuiicns govormnunt of loeSsa'.* nr cm*
to ecc--pt such ofiee »i-J ; .n- !t< hiriA.-ri 1, r
voted for. el « romtniw an ov-.-rt let. eu-ee *.s
tlicrtby voluntarily rtcegn’-rf .nc legty*.;
aud ratbi-rity us iL.I p.--.; r ra*l rt,:-.?-,!
aadei ite authority u-idcr width it * ra ciea te
■ <ed suta’to himself to '.’ * behesifeft -ith
■ .:-■
-e ■•*■•■ «• 'hr V: ri ’■: ■•■ ul hl
cilisea-i '-p *: ‘ter Ucit'd <.zi - rf^: •'»'• ■
as an eucsty of ?h. C-‘-.t. d ;*»:« S ri-v: 1- .
t..T* k.» h to -1. r-, fit »
. - -
and rt - proctetnsttoa cf-lie Prts - ■
■ .' . j I • ■-.••
sa:, *. di. -rl the 1 ■ .U ‘ - --
' ■ . *• »
ttat.r. cr -uutr*-.- lirtlri 42 <ir«ffto,. . t*.
■ I*ajq earing te ths cccrl that tbe
li*s:des ia Ptilntal e nnty.| wtitc!; Te jadi; *1;
Ihnr-wu to'be ouiirt te be j.n pcta-***toa ..'li*
! -Uftrny, ro that the v :• xr cm.
|;+ «-Ht thitbe .it is ordered that •' « writ * vow
; morrwtrta io thia -uw ’■ dir3 e • -in
cf ihe oou-.ly cf Hempncail e-4 ’but *i she
■ !>r.tie *ta">e tae cf i; ln> t-.a.i* hr *.->y
; ;a * newspaimr. u-.?. f et J A# d. f.-udx:tt f» . te
! app &r uu trie re urn day lv <« c-st. ua. .t f ♦
: judged of the r.ilico ol 3totrrt A .rrr if 1 w
■| r’l.lb <!’*i.-:»* &• J ■
j dcfouH; th? jnil};ire.t te »*■ f! x. . d v • •!; x
;f l’« f.>‘! .•> ;>“sr > -to -•*, *- x v w

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