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Washington, March 23, 1865.
The following Genera! Orders are published
for the information and guidance of all con
cerned. B. F. DANLEY,
Commandant Conscripts, D. A.
Hk Qrs. Blre au of Conscription, T. M.D.,
Marshall Texas, March Sth, 1865.
General Orders, )
No. 6. $
I. The following extracts from General Or
ders, No. 10, D- pariment Head Quarters, are
published for information:
Shreveport, La., February 13th, 1865.
Genera! Orders, (
No. 10. j
11. In accordance with the above order all
details of men who do not hold certificates of
Medical Board, sh .wing unfitness for service in
the field, are revoked with the following excep
tions: Men detailed from Department Head
Quarters on the ground of justice, equity, and
necessity, where chat ground still exists, and is
st* lin the m tier of detail; clerks who are ex
perts and whose services are indispensably ne
c ssary, not exceeding one for eacn officer, ex
cept in the Bureaux at Marshall, Texas, and
these in the service of the Post Otfice, Treasu
ry, and Adjutant General’s Departments ; men
detailed in field service, in which class is em
braced those constantly engaged in collecting
ca-.<--, ho: -st aUn :u .th-, and m hauling indis
pensable supplies from ode port to another; ar
riians, ui< names, and p. i soiis ot scientific skill,
in the service of the government, contractors
with the government, whose persona! services
are certified by the Chief of the Department
with whom they have contracted, to 1. ■ iuoi
pensable to the execution of their contracts, and
whose individual attention is given tnereto.
VI. Abb bodb 1 agriculturists *who .are de
tailed from Department Head quarters, and
whose details are hereby revoked, will be al
lowed until Ist of May, 1865, to renew their ap
plications. If they are not re detailed by that
date, Enrolling Officers will send them to their
commands without delay.
VII. Men detailed as mechanics, artizaus, or
persons of skill, other than those in the service
<>; foe go. e'uui- , will be allowed until the Ist
of May, 1865, to have their details renewed. If
nos renewed by that time they will be sent to
their comm mds.
• » » » • •
By command of
S. 8. Anderson. Asst. Adjt. Gen.”
11. By instruction of the Department Com
mander, the foreg dug order will not be so on
strued as to interfere with those dttails which
were made i.i furor of King & Co., K-u?. Ken
nedy, A Co., nor with eases where tne detail
was granted for a limited period, an d for the
a- eotnplisnmeut ui a specified object.
11l All able-bodied men who have been de
tailed from these H. id quarters, other than me
chanics, artizans, and p- rsons of scientific skill,
in Government service, and those detailed lor
the purposes named in the exceptions to the
above ree.it dor ler, will h allowed nntil the Ist
of May next, to have their details renewed. If
not re-detailed by that time. Enrolling Officers
will send them to their commands, or Camp of
lustruction, as the ease may b
By command of
Brig. G-n-ral GREER,
5-3 w.] W. Stedman, A. A. Gen.
Head-Quarters for Collecting Absentees /
From Commands East oi the Miss. >
Natchit ■ lies, La., March 17t;., 1865. )
General Orders, I
No. 3. i
I. In obedienv- to th-- following Order, to
Shreveport, La., March 13th, 1865. )
General Orders, I
No. 20. $
I. Brig. Gen. Harry T. Hays has been as
signed bj the Secretary of War, to the duty of
collecting and forwarding to their commands,
all officers and men, in this Department, who
belong east of the Mississippi river.
11. Ail officers and ui-n who have come into
this Department by anj authority ether than
by special order of War Ilepartment, will itnme-
lately report in person, to Brig Gen. Hays, at
Natchitoches. La.
111. All officers and men belonging east o f
the Mississippi river, who have been assigned,
to con:man-Is or duty, by Department, District,
or subordinate commanders, will at once be re
lieved by their immediate commander and or
dered to report iu person to Brig. Gen. Hays,
st Natchitoches, La.
By command of
General E. Kirby Smith.
Assistant Adjutant General.
All officers and men belonging to military or
ganizations serving cast of the Mississippi river,
■nd absent t her'from without proper authority,
will report forthwith to these Headquarters, or
to one of the auxiliary camps for the collection
< f absentees established under the authority of
tL.se Headquarters.
11. All officers not of the detail authorized
•y paragraph XXII o: Special Order No. 160,
'-rieg et 1-64, of the Secretary of War, and en
- aged Ist solici ting absentees from Cis-Missis
;ppi command-, will report by letter to these
By command of
‘ Brig. Gen H arry T. Hays.
An auxiliary Camp is established at Camden,
Ark., Lieut. J. A. Reeves Commanding.
By command of
>-3w S.am’l. .Flower, Capl &. A A. G.
THE PUBLlC—particularly Tax Collectors,
t are warned not to receive a Certificate tor
7 change of Issues, commonly called a “New
■ »sue Certificate,” for s*>.49o, dated June 11th,
”14, in favor of H. P. Thomasson, drawn i>y
1 F. Khali, late C. 8. Depositary at Camden,
trk., a* most of th- Old Issue deposited for
■at Certificate proved to be counterfeit.
JOHN BROWN, C. 8. Depositary,
5-5 w Camden, Arkansas
The State of Arkansas, (
County of Hempstead, )
Office of the Clerk of the Hempstead
Circuit Court, in Vacation, 16th
March, A. D., 1865.
John S Robertson, Executor of’
last Will and Testament of Petitioner.
Susrn R. Neal, deceased.
Sylvarus 8- Neal, Joseph S. Pres
tridge, James Prestrilge, Robert :
P. BrnJberry, Msry S. Bradber
ry. Sasun J. Bradberry. Mary - lu
W. Neal, Harrison M»on and I n
Sonhrona F. Moor , his wife,
and Joseph F Max .veil and So
phia W. Maxwell, J-is wife.
Petition for Partition of Negro Slaves.
I ■ lIIIS day came said Petitioner, by his At
-1- tonieys, and filed his petition herein. Hie
object of which is to obtain partition of the
negro slaves belonging to the estate of the said
Susan R. Neal, deceased, among the heirs and
legatees under the will of said deceased; and it
appearing from the allegations of said petition
that said di endants. Joseph F. Maxwell |and
Sophia W. Maxwell, his wife, are non-residents
of the State of Arkansas: It is, on motion of said
Petitioner, ordered by me, the undersigned
Clerk in vacation, that said non-resident 1) fen
dants b- notified of the filing of said petition,
the nature, and object thereof, and that unb-ss
they shall appear by themselves, or Attorney,
on or before the third day of the next Term of
our Circuit Court, te be holden at the < ’ourt-
Ilouse in the Town of Washington. County of
Hempstead and State of Arkansas, on the third
Monday of May, A. D , 1865, and ph ad to
petitioner's action, judgment will be entered
against them herein: And it is ordered that
this notice be published once a week for tour
weeks successively, in the o ashington Tele
graph, a newspaper printed in this State, before
the next term of our said Circuit Court.
Teste: S. T. SANDER Q Clerk.
Copy from the record.
Teste: 4-4 tS. T. SANDERS, Clerk.
Washington, Ark., March 25th, 1*65. 5
■VTATHEW V. CHEATHAM is hereby ap
4.’*- pointed Quartermaster General of the
State of Arkansas. Under the above authority,
al! contracts for transporting cotton to Mexico
will be made through Gen. Cheatham.
Having accepted the office of Quarterm.aster
freneral for th-* State of Arkansas, all persons
.’living business t<> transact with me in rnv offi
cial capacity, will call at the office of 11. L.
Brittin &. Co., at Washington, Ark where the
aame will be attended to by myself, or. if ab
sent, by W. W. Andrews, Esq.
Qr M. Gen. for State of Arkansas.
March 27th, 1865. 5-3 w
1 WILL sell at Public An tion -n < ATUR
■A DAY, 15ttl April, at my Residence, elev
en mib-sSoath of Washington and four miles
North ot Spring Hill, on the Shreveport and
Washington road, the following Property :
Fifty heal of Cattle ; Seventy-five head of
Sheep. A_c.; Household and Kitchen
I urniturc—consisting of Bedsteads, Bureaus,
T ables, Desk. Safe, Andirous, Chairs. Pots and
Ovens: a large Wash Kettle; Ploughs; Axes;
Hoes; Cradle and Scythe; Grindstone; Looms;
Warping Bars, &e., and manv other things too
numerous to mention. Also, SOO or 1000 pounds
of Bacon.
r erms—Made known on dav of sale
V in Red River County, Texas, containing 250
acres —l5O in cultivation—and in one mile of
C laiksville, with corn, meat and farming uten
sils, stock, hogs, Ac , &c., will be sold. Title
oj th btst.
Wagon and mule teams required iu part pay
ment. The balance can be paid in negroes, or
any kmd of money. For further information
a- dress me at Clarksville, Texas.
' ;P2m D. C. RUSSELL.
County of Hempstead. $
Office of the Clerk of the Hempstead Circuit
Court', in vacation, January 27 th, .1. D. 1865.
John W. Page, Plaintiff.
ts [ Attachment in Debt.
Edward W. Gantt, Defendant.
I'M US day came said plaintiff, by his attorney,
i and he, having on the 13th day of October,
A. D. H 64, filed his declaration herein against
said defendant for the sum of Two Hundred and
fifty dollars debt, damages Om- Hundred dol
lars, upon which an attachment was issued re
turnable to the November Term of our said
Circuit Court, A. D. 1864, and it appear ing from
the writ issued herein, that the same was duly
executed by the Sheriff of Hempstead county,
by attaching one lot of Books and an old Book
Case, a' the property of said Edward W. Gantt,
and said Sheriff certified on his return upon said
writ, that said Edward W. Gantt could not be
found in his county, and said defendant having
failed to appear on or before the third day . f
said November Term of said Court, and plead or
otherwise answer to the plaintiff's action. It is
on motion of said plaintiff ordered by me in va
cation, that said defendant be notified that an
attachment has been issued against his estate,
and that unless he shall appear by himself or
attorney, on or before the third day of the next
Term ot our said Circuit Count to be holden at
the Court House iu the town of Washington,
county of Hempstead, and State of Arkansas, on
the 3d Monday of May. A. D. 1865, and enter
his appearance and plead to plaintiff’s action,
judgment will be entered against him. and his
estate sold to satisfy the same; and it is ordered
that this notice be inserted for two weeks suc
cessively iu the Washington Telegraph, a news
pap'T published in this State, at least rour weeks
before the first day of the next Term of said
Court S. T. SANDERS, Clerk.
A true copy from the record.
6-2 w. Teste, S. T. SANDERS, Clerk
RESPECTFULLY announce to their friends
that on the Ist day of February, 1865,
they will open a
Which, with their
And tbeir Connections with responsible Houses
Offers facilities to their customers equalled by
few and surpassed by none.
They will receive and sell Cotton, or ship to
any part of the world.
And will Purchase Goods and Merciiandize as
6-3 w ordered.
Office Quarter Master General, i
State of Arkansas, ?
Washington, Ark., March 31st, I~'a>. )
JAM authorized to offer, on the part of the
. State of Arkansas, the follow ing liberal prop
osition, viz: The State of Arkansas will pay for
good merchantable cotton when delivered in
San Antonio, Texas. One Half of its value
there, (as exempted Cotton) in Specie; and the
other Half to be paid in State or Confederate
money, at sixty cents per |M»und. AU Cotton
in transitu will be protected from Impressment,
as well as the transportation in going to and re
turning from San Antonio.
Persons accepting this offer must give bond,
and get exemptions before starting.
[6-tf J Qr. Master Gen. State of Ark.
Office Chief Clothing Bureau. T M. D ,
Shreveport, La., March 30th, 1866.
THE Clothing Bureau desires to make addi
tional contracts for Leather, and offers the
following inducements:
A detail from active service to one white
man, and an exemption for five (5) negro m»n
to avery person who will contract to tan and
deliver within twelve months. 12.00 sides of
well tanned and finished 1< ather, to be paid at
schedule rates. The party contracting will be
required to enter into bonds iu the sum of thir
ty thousand dollars, for the faithful execution
of the contract, with a penalty of a forfeiture of
that sum iu event of failure, an 1 a revocation of
the detail and exemption.
Contracts w ill only be made with parties who
have tau yards in operation, and sufficient,meami
to carry them out.
Applications can be made to the following
named officers:
Capt. E. \\ Taylor, A. Q M., Houston,
Texas; Major W. D. Beard, Q. M . Huntsville,
Texas: Major J. J. Busby, Q. M., Mound Prai
rie, Texas; Captain A. I’. Wright, A. Q. M.,
Gilmer, Texas; Captain Jo>- W. Bossert, A. Q.
M , Shre.veport, La ; Captain Wm. N. Peav,
A. Q. M , Falcon, Arkansas.
Major and Chief Clothing Bureau.
7—2 w
Washington. April 10, 1865. )
\LL persons in Ib-mpsfi-ad County, Arkan
sas, between the ag> a as »wenteea and fifty
years who claim Exemption on account if phys
ical disability, are hereby notifi-u io appear be
fore the Medical Examining Board, which will
meet at A ashiugtou, Arks ~ on the TENTH
DAY of MAY next.
This notice is intended to embrace all persons
who have heretofore been exempted from the
service, as well as these who have b'-en exempt
ed from field service only, whether detailed or
Those who ara unable to attend at said time
and place, on account of feeble health, will send
up certificates from their family phy-n >ns
under affidavit.
7-3] Capt. A F.u Officer Hemps cad co.
DISTRIi-w quarterm am sr s Offick, j
2d District, State of Arkansas,
Washington, Ark., April Ittth, 1865. )
• TN accordance with instructions from the Con
± trolling Quartermaster of this State, I have
taken charge of the “Tax in Kind" in this Dis
trict, comprising the ceunti-s of Hempstead,
Sevier. Pike, Lafayette and Columbia, to take
effect from the Ist instant.
The assessment and closing thereof for the
year 1-44, is in my hands, and will bo as vigor
ously prosecuted as possible.
Ail communications and reports relating te
the “Tax in Kind” in this District, should bo
addressed to me at this place, and wiil meet with
prompt attention.
7-3 w Capt. and A. Q. M.
Lost Mules—ssoo Reward.
STKAY’ED from the premises of the subscri
ber, on th« Shreveport Road, two miles
south-east of Washington, on the evening of
31st March, one Lay horse mule, 15 bauds high,
marked bv harntss, mouth badly cut on both
sides by the bit, and shod all round. Also, one
bay mare mrde, 144 hands high, marked by har
ness on the sides, and unshod.
The above reward will be paid for their re
covery, or proportionality fer any information
which will lead to their recovery, on application
to me, or to W. W. Andrews, at Washingtan
April 12, 1-65.—7-lw
Lost or Stolen.
ON or about the 27th ult., a small, black
Pocket Book., containing five 8100 2 per
cent. Confederate Bills, one hundred dollars in
Arkansas Treasury Warrants, and two Notes,
one drawn iu favor of A. J. Burt, by A. E.
Stuart A. Bro , for about and one in iny
favor, by B. F. Woods, for $425. 1 will give
SIOO reward for the Pocket Book, aud no ques
tions asked. H. E BURT.
April 10, 1864.—7-2w.*
Hd.-Qrs. Brook*’ Bri<.ai>b C.At ai.ry, >
Fulton, Ark , April 9th, IHib. J
General Orders )
No. 14. J
fl In obedience te instruct ons from District
Head-Quarters, all leaves of absence and fur
leughs heretofore granted to officers and aoldit r»
belonging to this Brigade, are revoked. Ab
such now absent will at ©u«e rejoin tbeir retn
By command of Col. John L. Looaw
~7-lw E. A. WARREN. Jr., A. A. G.
I’roclanint iou.
George G. Vest, elected Rep
r j ih® Congress of the Con-
federate States, irom the fifth congressional<iie
tnet ot the Plate ot Missouri, has been appoint«d
aud qualified as a Senator from sa d Slate in said
Congress, wrl ereby a vacancy happ-nvd in
the representation from said Suite,
Now. therefore, in obedience to the con
stitution oi the Confederate States, and by rir
tue of the authority thereby vested in me as the
executive authority of said State of Missouri I
tssne tbta writ of electmu to fill sa , d vacancy
and hereby order that en the third M mday of
July next, au election be held, accordwg to the
laws of said State and the aet .f uongrea. in
that case made and provided, for a r.tenta
tive from the tifth congn-ssional district of the
State ot Missouri, iu the pn «mt Cci.g: »s of
the Ceniedcrate Stat s.
Given under my i.and and g ,„ at o1
thnState of -Missouri, at mv Execute-office,
7 ‘htß seventh day <.f M a, in the
y, '*. r ® f " ur Lorrl - •«€»>'» t n hundred
auj s.xty-fivt
Governor ot the State of Missouri.
Attest: H. W. Lyday,
Secretary of State.
Marshall, Texas. Mareb 10, 1F65.
[Correspondence of the N. Y. World ] '
San Francisco, January 15
An Extruikuixary Storv Rm.arirni.
lit ANCE and the sew Empirk —Th. I)„ Inv
cratic Press, which is likely to be w 11 acquaint
ed with the views of Dr. Gwin and his friends
m this city, who are numerous here, publishes
the tollowiug statements:
We have retrained from indulging in specu
lations or expressing any opinion i B r - -ard to
the many report' and rumors relating to the
position and designs of Dr. Gwin in M>'.xi o un
til w e could give th- facts and ununput folv
avouch tor them. This wc are n uw prep-u. dfo
do by information received from Barr lay 11-n-
ry, E'<|„ accredited ag ut of Dr Gwin, under
the protection ot the Emperor of M -xieo Max
imilian Las conveyed by tntsrdeed t«> the Em
P'-ror Louis Nap..!■ Sonora, Seuatoba, and
oth.rbtai.-s ot northern Mexico, the boundaries
ot «h eb have not yet b., u det. rmin -d upon to
be held ano governed by the latter, Rader Mex
iean prot. .non, as o< ~ ity forth. payment of
the claims ot I rance against M. xico, the same
to lie restored to Mexico in full upon the pay
ment of the said cla.ius, with ail the prAatc
ngbts seenred under French occupation con
Dr Gwin is governor-general or vice secret a
ry of the Emperor to the French, and is invested
with pb uarj powers for the government oi tba
btat- s which have been ceded, and to dispose of
the pul)lic Unuffi and mines.
Dr.Gwin has drawn up a co d e ol laW( , w]livh
Lave Men approved by the Emperor of the
I reneii, of rhe most ItMral kind, guarant.-. i ■ r
civil aud religion* liberty, providing for pr*
.-mption pin. base of the pubifi- (..nd,, rt
latiug the te n,s u t occupation and the Us , ot
1 b« Emperor of the French guarantees a niil
itary force, under foe direction of the Gwem
or-geueral, sntfieieut to maintain foe public
peace, aud the people of the Sum,
against it.t< rua* at. j external force. The ix.ln y
ot Dr. Gwiu, wiiieh h->s th.- approval of both
emp-rors, i- t. .n. ourap.- etuigrativn from :he
American St .i. s. by ofi. ring th- most liberal
terms to settler*, m <j cr t . b:mg
iudnstry, .-tiergy, and t nu-rpris , f 0 th-
opment of the w : known reftoarcefi of that re.
gion, so highly favored by the ..amraJ adiant*.
gee of the soil, cUmate, and iniuacal wealth. a*d
to form an culightoned and su -tantiai popula
tion, w hicb will assure permanency and se<uri
ty, and give strength and pow -r to defend foe
States from tiliibusleriug expeditions. wh>eh ue
appropriated riches and semi barbarous condi-'
tron of the people have hitherto invited. Mr
Henley is associated with Major J. C Kidg- »,
and both will act as the agents ot Dr. Gnia.
They are here for iuviting emigration to that
Brownsville, Ma TT'tl, i-4.-,.—The Van
k--I have, tis yet, made no demonstration to
wards advancing aud I can scarcely imagme
why they hate bee* reiuforccd hr both cavalry
and infantry, unless i be for tb* pur po ge o f
forming a flanking force to protect a me vs that
might be made from Matagorda B-y u, Kan Au
Large nnml-or* of deserters arc returning
from M-xico and rewining, cr wisfong to re
join, foe commands to which they llelon?—
1 h- y say they hav.- become of Mexico
Ih.y petitioned Gen. .Slaughter for pardon
which was granted. Quite a la<g- number ai*
on the other side, and all will now return e*
the assurance of pardon.
Now York. March 23.-Tribnno s correapou
dmit avers upon what he de-un- to b« b-at au'-
tlionty, that Richmond is now b.ing evacuated
as fast m possible, .nJ i B a few ~ wjJl b
occupied by Union forces without battle
'[be ReWl Raw “Neuae,” destroyed by the
bite bad a crew exclusive of officers,
ot 9*l men. who surrendered. Herald’s corn-s
--pondent of foe 20th, of 2d corps sajs there i.
an army of rebel deserters in West.m North
Carolina, under the lead of one Kirk, all arm d
an 1 organiz d for protection agaiuat conscript
ing officers, and wflict such injury upon the
rebel cause as will best contribute towards a
sp. Ui ai in itfoa of th* war. ai.d .nahle then,
to return ot ■
rhe 3; :< < co.resp udent ot the 29th. say*
heavy nimldiug as ol trains crossing pontoon
bridges; is heard every night from within the
enemy s lines, showing that thsj are aetiv. Jy
engaged iu some movement.
NO. 7.

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