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Agent. Mr. James E. Qiven ii authorized
to receive all moneys owing for subscriptions
to this paper In the routes of the Northern
Liberties, hcretoforo owned bj Mr. John Mat
thews. Noticc. The patrons of this paper residing
In the first ward are notified that Mr. Dillow
is no longer our agent, and all sntns due for
the paper must be paid to Mr. L. 13. Parker,
who is now the agent for that ward.
Stone's Statue or Hancock. It will be
recollected that during the rear 185G, Congress
passed an act appropriating the sum of $10,000
for a marble statue of John Ilnncock, one of
the signers or the Declaration of Independence,
and awarded the contract therefor to Dr. Ho
ratio Stone, of this city. Dr. f-'tono has just
completed this statue, and a magnificent work
of art it certainly is. For four years he has
been steadily employed thereon, and the result
of his labors is a statue of which any man might
well be proud. It is seven feet in height, and
represents Hancock as he is in the act of ad
dressing the members of the Federal Congress,
after the actof the Declaration had been passed.
It is the speech in which be is endeavoring to
impress upon the minds of the members the
importance of the step they had just taken and
the necessity of concerted and united action
that speech in which he says, referring to the
bold manner in which his own signature had
been affixed, and in reference to tne large re
ward that had been offered for his head, " John
Bull may read that signature without specta
cles. Let him double his reward." The statue
has been visited by large numbers during the
past day or two, all of whom have been lavish
iu lis prune.
It will be placed in the interior of the Capitol
in the conrso of a few days.
Dr. Stone has also just finished a beautiful
marble monument for senator Foster, of Con
necticut, representing the guardian angel and
the rewarding angel guiding the mother and
her three children, as they are ascending to
heaven on a cloud.
Colombian Lyceum. At the regular meet
ing of this Lyceum, held last night, the follow
ing officers were elected for the ensuing term :
John M. Duncanson, President j John P. Tor
bert, Vice President; T. Edwin Brown, Re
cording Secretary; T. W. Soran, Assistant
Secretary j William M. Dunconson, Sergeant-nt-Arms;
John Y. Bryant, jun., Treasurer; T.
M. Freeman and John Y. Bryant, jun., Editors.
We understand that the Lyceum is at present
in a prosperous condition ; and its debates,
which are at all times open to the public, are
of the most interesting character. Their hall
is at the corner of 13th and II streets.
Sonr Room. The Sisters of Charity at St.
Vincent's Asylum, corner of 10th and G streets,
have opened a soup room for the poor. Soup
and bread are distributed daily at the Asylum,
between the hours of 1 1 and 1 o'clock. Tickets
nt 10 cents each ran be had of the Sisters.
Charitable persons can obtain these tickets and
give them to poor deserving families, who will
obtain soup and bread sufficient for one day.
Donations of money, bread, vegetables, & .,
thankfully received by the Sisters of the
The Injured Painting. The injured paint
ing in the rotunda of the Capitol, " The Em
barketion of the Pilgrims," by Wier, which
was injured by the falling of a piece of timber
from the dome above, is now under the hands
of the artist, who says he will be able to repair
it so that the defect will not be seen. A tem
porary structure has been erected around the
painting, in order that the artist may carry on
nis work without disturbance.
An Exciting Scene. Quite an exciting
scene occurred in the Theatre on Monday night
as " Our American Cousin at Home " was being
played. While tlio panorama of the Hudson
was passing before the audience, a view of
West Point was presented. Lord Dundreary
(Mr. Sothcrn) asked what place it was; Miss
Shaw answered, that it was the place where
American officers were made, where our Major
Andersons came from. At this answer a lew
hisses were heard, but in an instant the cheers
of the audience drowned them ; the gentlemen
cheered, and the ladies, who are ever true to
their country, showed their patriotism by
waving their handkerchiefs. In the mean time
the orchestra struck up that patriotic tune " the
Hed, White, and Blue," which added to the
already exciting scene.
Diiess Dhii.l. Captain Allen's new compa
ny, the Metropolitan Hides, hud a dress drill
in their armory under the " Old Congregation
al Church," near the City Hall, on Monday
night. Fifty-two members made their appear
ance in the neat uniform of the company, and
made quite an impression ou the spectators.
It is expected that this corps will parade on the
'22J, and we predict that the public will be
astonished at the proficiency and appearance
of the company.
Election of Officers. The Franklin Firo
company, at its annual meeting, held on Mon
day evening, elected the following officers for
the ensuing year : President, Oral ton Powell;
Vice President, A. S. Dant ; Secretary, George
II. Crossfield ; Treasurer, W. II. Fanning ; En
gine Keeper, William Uutton ; Captain of En
gine, Edward J. Crampton ; First Assistant,
Thomas Martin; Second ditto, William Hutton ;
Cuptain of Hose, Fred. U, Fridley ; First Di
rector, J. II. Hilbus ; Second Director, John
S. Sessford ; Third ditto, R. E. Mooney.
Fike. Last night about 9 o'clock, a fire
broke out in the clothing store of Jonas Glick,
ou Pennsylvania avenue, between 11th and 12th
streets. The Franklin, Perseverance, and
other fire companies, were promptly on the
ground, and extinguished the lire, not, however,
without considerably damaging a large amount
of clothing in the Btore. The fire, it is sup
posed, caught from a stove in the room,
The Sandwich Islands. On Monday eve
ning last, an interesting and instructive lecturo
on this subject was delivered by Rev. V. D.
Collins, in the Fifteenth street Presbyterian
Church, before a very large audience, accom
panied by some excellent music by the CJioir,
The lecture embraced a great variety of mat
ter, in the way of coral and volcanic forma
tions ; natural history, geography, ancient re
ligion, and missionary efforts; condition, hab
its, sports, and employments of the people, and
graphic descriptions of the craters of the cele
brated volcano, Mauna Loa, lava Btrearas, kc.
As the houso was completely filled, the re
ceipts were quite large, which are to be expend
ed for the benefit of the Church. The audienco
was made up, for the most part, of the most
intelligent colored people of this city; and in
dress, demeanor, and atteution, were highly
creditable to this class of our population.
The Church lurchers over one hundred mem
bers, possess a fair edifice, a small organ, and
n stated worship, and should be encouratred by
the Christian public. The Pastor is Rev. B.
S. Tanner, an educated man. Mr. C. has prom
ised to lecture again at an early day,
IIianwAT Robbert. Lato on last Saturday
evening, as a negro man, belonging, we learn,
to a farmer named Hill, of Prince George
county, Md., was reluming home from market
In a wagon, when but a short distance from
the Capitol, was stopped by three white men,
who demanded from him the monoy he had re
ceived for his produce that day in market.
Upon refusing to deliver, a cocked pistol was
placed at his head by one of the ruffians, who
threatened to blow out his brains unless he
immediately forked over the " chink," which so
frightened the poor fellow that he delivered
over the money some $10. The rascals, not
satisfied with the money they had obtained,
also carried off a lot of groceries belonging to
his muster, which were in the wagon. No
Highway Robbery on Pennsylvania Ave
nue. At a late hour on Monday night, as Mr.
John Monohan, a workman at the Navy Yard,
was walking along the Avenue, near the corner
of Seventh street, lie was approached by a large
man with a heavy cane, who, without any pro
vocation whatever, dealt him a severe blow,
felling him to the earth, and then robbed him
of a pocket-book containing about$20 in money.
Though severely injured, Mr. Monohan followed
his assailant for some distance, but finally lost
sight of-him. He thinks, however, that he
would be able to identify him.
The Threatened Attack on mi CAriTAL.
Captain Goddard, of the city police, was before
the committee yesterday, and questioned closely
concerning the secession principles of those
under his command.
Wo desire to call attention to the appeal to
be found in our columns from Company A, of
the Union Regiment, for n little material aid, to
assist them in creditably equipping their com
pany for activo service. We hope our citizens
will promptly respond, particularly as the sum
asked from each is so very small.
The Artillery Horses to be Poisoned.
General Scott received an anonymous commu
nication the other night, notifying him that an
attempt would be made to poison the horses at
tached to the different batteries now here, in
order to render that arm of the service useless.
Arrested Again. On Monday afternoon,
Arthur G. Smith, who was some time since
discharged from the Insane Asylum on the tes
timony of the faculty that he was not insane,
was rearrested by Officer Dow, his mother and
two of his brothers alleging that his conduct
was of such a character as to renew their fears.
He was taken before Justice Johnson, who re
quired him to give bail in the sum of $G00 for
his appearance at court. Messrs. L. Norton
and D. Dailcy became his sureties.
A Stabbinq Cask. On Monday night two
men named John T. Davis and Cornelius Iloylo
got into a political discussion, on New Jersey
avenue, near K street south. They soon came
to hard words and at last to blows; but were
soon separated. Subsequently they encountered
each other near the same place, and renewed
their altercation, when Davis drew a knife and
cut Boyle severely on the chest. Davis was
soon after arrested by Officers F. S. Edelin and
Joseph Z. Williams and taken before Justice
Cull, who, after a patient hearing of the case,
held Davis to bail in the sum of three hundred
dollars to answer before tho Criminal Court.
Dr. Dove was called to attend the wounded
man, whom he pronounces not to be danger
ously wounded.
The ladies of the third ward are going to
present a beautiful flag to Company A, .Union
Regiment, we hear.
Circuit Court. Yesterday, the case of
Clement Woodward vs. W. J. Sibley and B. F.
Guy, wus tried, and resulted in a verdict for
the defendants.
Thomas Carherry vs. John O Meara. Ver
dict for plaintiff for $120.00, with interest on
$123.21 from July 11, 18G0.
Criminal Court. Yesterday, the verdict of
tho jury in tho case of Varnell was opened; it
found tho accused not guilty.
William T. Sullivan was tried for an assault
on Mary Conroy, and found guilty. It ap
pears that the assault was committed on her on
account of her accusing him of the robbery of
her store.
John Quill, colored, was tried and acquitted
of the charge of arson, in setting fire to a barn
belonging to John Ddancey, near Tenallytown,
on the 8th of November last.
J. P. Cannon, indicted for stealing a five dol
lar note from a man named Rolf, was then tried ;
but tho jury had not rendered a verdict when
the court adjourned. This is a case growing
out of the confidence game we noticed last
William T. Sullivan was then tried for rob
bing the store of Mr. J. II. Simons of about
$250 worth of clothing,
Mr. Simons testified to his store having been
robbed, and to the articles stolen.
John Starr, who is being used as State's evi
dence, stated that Sullivan had told him and
Luckett about the store, and that they ought
to rob it. He pointed it out to them about ten
o'clock on tho same night of the robbery, and
went out towards Mrs. O'Dwyer's. Luckett and
witness went to the store about twelve o'clock,
and pushed a panel out of the door ; they then
uulocked the door and went in. They took the
goods and carried them to Mrs. O'Dwyer's.
Some four or five days after, the witness and
Sullivan went with the goods to Baltimore.
Mr. Gittings took them over in his buggy. Part
of the goods were sold for about $40, and the
balance given away. As for Luckett, he did
not know whero ho had gone ; ho had heard
that he was in South America.
Mr. R. T. Gittinjjs testified that he took them
to Baltimore in his buggy, and that they had
a large salt sack filled with something along
with them, but he did not know what it con
tained. They had hired him to take them
The case was then given to tho jury, who re
turned a verdict of not guilty.
William T. Sullivan was then placed on trial,
charged with breaking into tho store of Mary
Conroy, and robbing it of a quantity of goods;
but, owing to the lateness of the hour, the court
adjcruraul, after empannelling a jury.
Central Guardhouse. Befoic Jttstkc If.
Tlwmmon. William Truman was brought in
on a charge of being drunk and disorderly, aud
fined $3.12.
John Mahony was arrested on a similar
charge, and fined $2.12.
John Irvin was biought up for the same
charge, und sent to tho workhouse for thirty
William O'Conner and William Douster
were, arrested on the charge of stealing four
turkeys from II, C. Smith, and committed for
a further examination.
Matilda Wade was brought in for 'being
drunk and disorderly, and sent down to tho
workhouse for sixty days.
Only One Dollar and Fifty Cents.
Any quantity can be had at
feb 1 eo3w No. 520 Seventh and I) sts.
Georgetown Correspondence.
Georgetown, Feb. 5, 1861.
The funeral of Mrs. Washington, widow of
the lato Hon. George C. Washington, who died
so suddenly on Sunday night, of apoplexy,
took place this afternoon, and was followed by
a large concourse of friends to Oak Hill ccm
ctety, where her body was interred.
The grand masquerade and fancy dress ball
came off last night; although slightly attended,
it was made up for in enjoyment, for every one
seemed to have gone there bent on fun. Pro
fessor Wagner's band discoursed those waltzes,
polkas, Ac, so characteristic of the German:,
in a manner that he can well he proud of. I
noticed a great many of our principal Yankee
citizens there also; among the most prominent
were Messrs. W and D , W. II. E ,
Dr. K , Lieut. L , Sergeant W ,
Mr. W , all.of whom mingled in the giddy
dance. Among the ladies I noticed Mrs.M ,
"Mrs. A , tho Misses W , and last, but
not least, Mrs. K ; all of whom looked re
markably well, and acted their parts accord
ingly. Enjoyment seemed to be their mot'o,
and it was full 4 o'clock A. M , before the
company began to disperse.
It is a subject of general congratulation
among our citizens the glorious news from
old Virginia. Who could supposo thot the Old
Dominion could be led astray by such men as
Wise, I'ryor, Floyd, and other disunionists7
There are too many Union-loving, sensible men
thereto bo humbugged, and their vote of yes
terday has laid all tho would-be disunionists in
the dust. '
To the Public. Company A, Union Regi
ment, of Washington city, consists of one hun
dred able bodied men some of the best young
men in the third ward ; the roll is on file in the
War Department, and the citizens of Washing
ton can judge for themselves ; they drill every
night, and the most perfect discipline is ob
served ; only two men have been guilty of in
subordination aud appearing in the ranks in a
state of intoxication; they Were promptly ex
pelled by the company. One man hesitated to
obey the order of the captain ; he was immedi
ately arraigned before the company, and, upon
explanation, he was excused, and allowed to
remain in the company. We hope to make
a company creditable to the city. But we
need a littre material aid, and appeal with
confidence to the citizens of Washington city.
who are uetermmed to protect their homes and
maintain the integrity of the Union, the Con
stitution, and the laws. The members of the
company are generally poor, but proud ; and
we have determined, therefore, to receive from
any citizen of Washington not less than one cent,
nor to ask of him more than ono dollar. The
committee authorized to collect contributions
consists of tho following: Sergeants Joseph
Murphy, George Gordon, and George Fas
naught. These olficers will wait upon the citizens of
Washington city with a subscription list, bear
ing upon its face the certificate of the captain.
The Captain, lieutenants, and treasurer, are
authorized to collect contributions. No other
memhers of the company, except those above
named, arc authorized to collect contributions.
By Order of the Company. It
TION. officers.
B. B. French, President.
J. J. Coombs, First Vice President.
Martin Bucll, Second Vice President.
Lewis Clephane, Secretary.
Woodford Stone, Treasurer.
John Hines, G. H. Plant, Job W. Angus, J.
F. Hodgson, James Lynch, G R. Wilson,
and Henry M. Knight, Executive Committee.
Meets at the Wigwam, corner of Indiana
avenue and Second street, every Thursday
W. Krzyzanowski, President.
Dr. Briegleb, First Vice President.
G. Dilli, Second Vico President.
Joseph Gerhard, Secretary. '
John Lerch, Treasurer.
Meets at Gerhard's Germania, every Tues
day night, nt eight o'clock.
Foster nenshaw, President.
J. H. Wise, First Vice President.
Jesse Apler, Second Vice President.
C. F. Crump, Recording Secretary.
A. Denmcad, sen., Corresponding Secretary.
It. A. Milstead, Financial Secretary.
John Grinder, Treasurer.
Meets eery Weduesday evening, at Joseph
Smith's, corner of Second street cast and I
street south.
S. A. McKim, President.
Georgo A. Bussett, First Vice President.
George It. Run, Second Vice President.
Charles Sleigh, Recording Secretary.
J. L. Henshaw, Corresponding Seeretary,
William Dixon, unnncial secretary.
John Grinder, Treasurer.
Meets on tho first and third Tuesdays of eve
ry month, ut Odd Fellows' Hall, Navy Yard.
J. J, Coombs, President,
G. A. Hall, First Vice President.
A. Duvall, Second Vico President.
J. C. Clary, Secretary.
Martin Buell, Treasurer.
Theodore Wheeler, President.
Edward Lycett, First Vice President.
A. Edson, S cond Vico President.
William J. Murtngh, Secretary.
William Hendloy, Treasurer.
J. R. Elvans, J. Dillon, G. W. Garrett, Wil
liam Martin, U. H. Larcombo, and G. B. Clark,
Exeeutivo Committee.
Meets at Island Hall, (third story,) corner
of Virginia avenue and Sixth street, every
Wednesday evening, nt half past seven o'clock.
John S. Paxton, Presideut.
W. W. McNeir, First Vice President.
J. W. Deeble, Second Vice President.
II. G, Divine, Cor. and Rec. Secretary.
Jesse Chick, Tieasurer.
Lewis Clephane, President.
Georgo II. Plant, Vice President.
A. C. Richards, Secretary.
Henry M. Knight, Cuptain.
M. Smith, First Lieutenant.
R. M. Downer, Second Lioutonant.
Meets at the Wigwam every Monday evenj
Virginia Election.
Norfolk, Feb. fi. In Princess Anne, Gov.
Wise was elected a delegate to the Convention
bv decided majority over Montague, (seces
sionist.) North Carolina.
Raleigh, Feb. 6. Tho 8enato to-day passed
a general stay law.
Tho House is employed on the military bill.
Tho militia will be thoroughly reorganized, and
volunteer companies raised and armed.
The news from Virginia elates some and de
presses others. It is all the talk here to night.
From Charleston.
Charleston, Feb. fi. There is nothing trans
piring here worthy of record. Tho story of the
Times' correspondent about Fort Sumter's
being reinforced is false.
From New Orleans.
New Orleans, Feb. fi. Tho Custom-house
opened yesterday under the Stito authorities.
A rumor reached here yesterday, that tho
Texas convention had passed the ordinance of
secession by 151 to 6, and the sentiment in
favor of uniting Texas to the Southern confed
eracy was largely in the ascendant.
From Albany.
Albany, Feb. a. The Senate has passed a
bill appropriating $100,000 for the Kansas suf
ferers. Judgo Ira Harris was to-day elected by the
Legislature to tho U. S. Senate.
From Richmond.
Richmond, Feb. 5 Tho Legislative pro
ceedings are unimportant. The Senate ad
journed to Saturday.
Later from California.
Fort Kearney, Feb. 6. The Pony express
from California on the 19th has arrived.
The Governor's message is strong for the
The letters from Congressmen Scott and
Burch, advocating a Pacific Republic, are se
verely denounced by the papers.
Judge McAllister's decision confirms the
New Almaden mines to the claimants against
the Government.
A coalition has been formed between the
Republicans and Democrats, to elect a Senator
to Cougress.
The New Mexican Mail.
Independence, Mo., Feb. 4. The New Mexi
can mail from Pawnee Fork arrived today.
The snow on the Plains is from two to four feet
deep. The mail was compelled to travel part
of the way on pack mules. They were three
days making six miles.
Nothing had ben heard at Pawnee Fork of
the murder of Major's men in the Rattoou
mountains, and the presumption is that, if it
was so, they would have heard of it, as they are
in weekly communication with Fort Wise.
The Southern Confedcrntivc Convention.
Montgomery, Feb. 1. The Southern Confcd
era ive Convention met nt noon to-day, and R.
W. Barnwell, Esq., was appointed temporary
chairman. After an impressive prayer by Rev.
Basil Manly, on motion by Mr. Rhett, Hon.
Howell Cobb was elected permanent chairman,
and Johnson J. Hooper, Esq., of the Mont
gomery Mail, secretary, both by acclamation.
All tho Delegates were present, except F.
Morton, of Florida.
Mr. Cobb, on taking the chair, made an elo
quent address, in which he said: "The oc
casion which assembles us together is one of
no ordinary character. We meet as represent
atives of sovereign and independent States,
which by their solemn judgment have dissolved
all the political associations which connected
them with the Government of the United States.
It is now n fixed and irrevocable fact that
the operation is perfect, complete, and perpetual,
and a great duty is now imposed on us to pro
vide a Government for our future security and
" We can, and should, extend to our sister
States, and our late sister States, who aro iden
tified with us in interest, feelings and institu
tions, a cordial invitation to unite in a' common
destiny, and be desirous at tho same time of
maintaining with our late confederates friendly
relatious, political and commercial."
The usual form was gone through with, and
the Convention adjourned until to-morrow.
Commissioners from Massachusetts.
Boston, Feb. 4. The Senate yesterday pass
ed a resolution appointing seven commissioners
to Washington, and tho House will probably
pass it to day.
Latest from Pensacola.
Fensaiola, Feb. 2. A truce has been con
cluded, and the Mississippi troops will return
home on Monday. The Alabama troops will
icmain until they are relieved.
Troubles about Custom-houso Duties.
Louisville, Feb. 4. Tbe New Orleans custom-house
officials refuse to deliver foreign
goods to the Louisville importers, unless the
Louisville suneyor will grant cancelling cer
tificates for the goods and the duties thereon,
to be paid at New Orleans.
The Democrat (Dougla3 paper) hoisted the
national Hag over its otlice today.
A Demand for Seized Fire-Arms.
Albany, Feb. 4. Governor Morgan, it is
said, has received a messago from Governor
Brown, of Georgia, demanding the immediate
restoration of the arms belonging to Georgia,
seized by tbe Now York police on the steamer
Monticello, to which Governor Morgan has not
yet replied.
Louisiana Conrcntion.
New Orleans, Feb. 1. The Couvention to
day appointed a committee to adopt a flag for
the State.
A proposition to adjourn ns soon as possible,
on account of tho expense, was referred.
New York Markets.
New York, Feb. 5. Cotton dull sales of
3,000 bales; uplands middlings, 12 cents.
Flour heavy sa!c3 of 12,000 barrels ; Stat",
$5.10 (d, $5.20 ; Ohio, $ j 55 $5.70 ; South
ern, $5.o0 (a $5.90. Wheat activo and easier
sales of G5,000 bushels ; Western red, $1.30
$1.32. Corn is lower sales of 27,000 bushels ;
mixed, 07 08J. Provisions are unchanged.
Lard dull, at9J 9. Whisky is firm sales
of 1,000 barrels, at 18 18 cents. Sugar
steady; Orleans, 4 ($ 5 cents. Coffee is
firm sales of 3,000 bags ; Rio, 10J 11 to
13 cents; Naval stores are dull and unchanged.
New York, Feb. 5. Stocks aro activo and
higher under the election news from Virginia.
Chicago and Rock Island, 54 j ; Cumberland
Coal Company, 8; Illinois Central shares, 74;
N. Y. Central, 77J; Reading, 42; Virginia
0's, 72 ; Missouri ti's, 05.
rHAVR In store Maryland New HAMS, sugar
cured, prepared for family use.
327 Pa. av., between Sixth and Seventh
nov 28. streets, south de.
BENJAMIN 1IOI1D3 begs leave to Inform his
friends and tbe public generally that he bat
taken and fitted up In a superior manner tbe
Restaurant at the southeast corner of Pennsyl
vania avenue and Sixth street. i will nt all
times be prepared to serve all wbo may favor
him with a call, with Hie best Wines, Liquors,
and Cigars, ns well as Oyrters, Game, and other
delicacies of the season. Star. feb 4 lm
WARRANTED Gold Band Window Shades,
BulT, Green, and Dlue Holland Shades, all
sizes, made to order.
Also, a handsome assortment of Picture Cord
and Tassels, all lizes and colors.
Purchasing for cash, and allowing no old stock
to accumulate, persons needing the above goods
will find It to their advantage to give me a call.
All work executed and superintended by
practical men, who have served a regular ap
prenticeship at their trade.
Satisfaction guarantied, or no pay required.
Please give me a call. Remember the number.
No. 486 Seventh Btreet, eight doors above
nov 20 Odd Fellows' Hall.
George D. Lipscomb is our authorized agent
for Georgetown. Subscriptions and tdvertlse
meets may be left at bis store, No. 113 High
street. The paper will be promptly delivered td
" Now let ihose intur who ne'er insured before,
Anil lliose who have, let them insure the m6re.M
The Potomac Fire Insurance Company
of Georgetown, D. C,
THE Stockholders and Directors embrace many
of the most wealthy and respectable citizens
of this District.
JOHN MARBURY, President.
HENRY KING, Secretary.
AMOS HUNT, Travelling Agent,
Office and residence No. 51 North A street,
Capitol Hill. Box 454, City Post Office. Orders
attended to immedlitely. Losses paid promptly.
Cart for home, and hone will care for us.
278 Pennsylvania avenue.
Parton's Life of Andrew Jackson, 3 vols., cloth
price S3.
Cotton Is King, large 8vo, sheep, price $0.
Life of Abraham Lincoln, 12mo, cloth, price $1.
Van Dtke's Great Sermon, paper, 10 cents.
Hsrdeo's Tactics, 2 vols., price $1.50.
Artillerist's Manual, $5.
Field Artillery, price $2.50.
Bayonet ExercUe, price $1.25.
Sword Play, price 50 cents,
tide Practice, $1.75.
Cavalry Tactics, price $2.50.
Scott's Tactics, 3 vols., price $2.50.
Jomlnl's Art of War, price $1.25.
Military Laws of the United States, price 50 cents.
New Books Just Received.
The Shadow In the House, a new novel, by John
Saunders, 12mo, cloth, $1.
Marion Graham, or Higher than Happiness,
12 mo, cloth, price $1.25.
Romance of an Irish.Glrl, 12mo, cloth, price $1.
The Dutch Dominie of the Catskills, by the Rev.
David Murdoch, D. D., 12mo, cloth, $1.25.
Any of the above sent free by mall on receipt
of price.
The usual heavy discount on all books bought
for cash from us.
A large and beautiful asssortment of Valen
tines for 18G1
The trade supplied at New York wholesale
jan 23 3w 278 Penn. av.
N addition to the able Editors and Writers con
l nected with this veterau Monthly, the Pniscu
or WniTKns for the Young,
(whose Harper's Story Books, Rollo Books, Lucy
Books, and other charming Juveniles, are hs fa
miliar as household words,) is engaged to fur
nish cholco articles, beginning with the January
number for-1801.
The Museum is designed to old in the forma
tion of good character, and in storing the mind
with ustlul knowledge. It is literally a Treasu
ry of Knoweldgo and Gallery of Amusement
filled with Tales, Sketches, Poetry, Enigmas,
Puzzles, Ac, &c.
It forms Two Volumes a year, embracing 384
pages, and 150 choice Engravings all nt tbe
low price of $1 a year, in advance. Single copies
10 cts. New subscribers will marvel that they
have been so long strangers to this Youxa Peo
ple's Favorite.
JCQf Every person, sending one new name be
sides his or her own, with $2, will receive promptly
n copy of Manny's New Book ok Puzzles, free of
iQf A male or female Agent wanted In every
town in New England.
Address the Publisher for New England,
(i. W. LIGHT,
jan 24 12 Tremont street, Boston.
Fine Family Groceries, Teas, &c.
Ray's, Welch'j, and Bond's Family Flour.
New Virginia and Pennsylvania Buckwheat.
Fresh Corn Meal.
Choice Goshen Butter.
Prime Leaf Lard.
Cboice Green and Black Teas.
New Sugar-cured Family Hams.
Just received and for sale low by
353 Penn. avenue, near Sixth street.
SURGEON DENTIST, continues his operations
at his old stand on Pennsylvania avenue,
one door oast of the St. Charles Hotel, where he
will be pleased to have a call from all persons
desiring anything done in bis line of business,
nov 30
WE have sold many dozens of the above
arm, and find they give satisfaction.
Theyjwelgh only eight and a half ounces, and
aro warranted, at
nov 20 Sales Room, Brown's Hotel.
I HAVE now ready for eihibltfon'aaYidif hiy '
stock of PURS, to which I Invite the tten
Hon of the ladles. I have taken great can la
the selection, and feel assured they are1 unsur
passed in quality, style, anil workmanship. The
assortment consists of aU the most fashionable
Hudson's Bay Sable,
Canada Sable,
Stone Marten,
Royal Ermine,
Russian Fitch,
Siberian Squirrel
and many other varieties.
FUR of all kinds for trimming,
A large assortment of CHILDREN'S FURS,
A fine variety of OARRIAOB ROBES.;
I solicit a call from the ladies, and every effort
will be made to please.
All Furs sold by their real names, and war-'
ranted to be as represented.
nov 20 late Todd k Co.
all kinds, and Game In season, for aale by
J. 0. STEWART, at bis stand, No. 322 Centre
Market, and residence, No. 131 Thirteen-and-a-half
street, Island, near the Long Bridge,
jan 1 lm
Wines, Brandies, &o.
Choice Old Madeira, Duff Gordon Sherry,
Old LD Port, Fine Table Madeira,
Old Carasquedo Sherry, Superior Brandies,
Fine Old India Madeira, (a very superior article,
not usually found In this market.)
Curaco, Maraschlo,
Annesette, Absynthe,
Congress Water. For sale low by
353 Penn. avenue, near Sixth street.
Massachusetts Clear Mess Fork
For sale low by
353 Penn. avenue, near Sixth street.
JOSEPH GERIIARDT'S, Germania Hotel and
Restaurant, No, 340 O street, between Four-and-a-half
and Siith streets.
Refreshments of all kinds. Also, the finest
Oysters, In every style ; French, Hungarian,
Rhein, and Moselle Wines, Champagne, Bol
linger, Mumm, and Heldslck; with the best of
other Liquors. nov 30
THOSE who desire to select from new patterns,
with the advantage of a reduction in prices,
will call early and examine.
We would also call the attention of persons
about Introducing gas into their dwellings to our
increased facilities, and consequent low prices,
for this branch of our trade.
Inviting all who desire their work done
promptly, and free from gas leakages, to call at
2C9 Pennsylvania avenue, between Tenth and
Eleventh streets, south side.
nov 20 J. W. THOMPSON & CO.
DR. SCHENCK, of Philadelphia, finds it Im
possible to visit Washington every week,
and has made arrangements to positively be In
the city the third Wednesday of every month.
He has a suit of rooms at the Avenue House,
where patients can obtain advice free. He only
charges when it is necessary to make a thorough
examination of the Lungs with the Resptrome
ter. S. B. Waite is agent for Schenck's Pul
monic Syrup, price $1 per bottle, for the cure of
Coughs, Colds, and Consumption ; Schenck's Sea
Weed Tonic, price $1 per bottle, for Dyspepsia;
Schenck's Mandrake Pills, price 25 cents per
box, lor Liver Hiueus uomplaints ana constipa
tion of the Bowels. Dr. Schenrk would be
grateful to those who have been cured by bis
remedies, if they would leave their certificates of
cure with S. B. WAITE, corner Seventh street
and Louisiana avenue. dec 21 3m
No. 500 Eleventh street, between Pennsylvania ave
nue and E street.
ALL kinds of Ladies' Garments, Dresses,
Cloaks, Mantelets, Sacks, Zouave Jackets,
&c, Ac, cut and made to order, by every fash
ion plate, in the latest Paris and London styles,
at tbe shortest notice. dec 3 3m
Chartered by Congress,
offers to the Property Owners of the District the
cheapest and as safe means of Insurance against
Loss by Fire, as any other Company, as will ap
dcar by an examination of its-principles.
Tbe fact that all of the Insurance Companies
of the District are declaring large dividends to
their stockholders, at once shows the great
profit on their premiums, and the consequent
saving to persons insuring with this Company.
ULYSSES WARD, President.
MATUEW G. EMERY, Treasurer.
Office adjoining (north) the Bank of Wash
ington, nov 26
JL Bathing Sponges, Velvet Sponges, Bath
Brown Windsor Soap, Honey Soaps.
Lu bin's Soaps and Extracts. ,
Genuine German Cologne, all sixes, wick
ers and plain bottles.
Bazin's Soaps and Extracts.
Phalon's Soaps and Extracts.
Pomades of all kinds.
Hair Tonics, ic.
With a full assortment of new Perfumery.
Hair Brushes, Combs, Tooth Brushes.
Fresh Medicines, Pure Chemicals, &c.
Just received ut GILMAN'S
New Drug Store, 350 Penn. At.
Congress, Empire, Saratoga, Bedford, Blue
Lick, and White Sulphur Waters, always on
hand, as above. dec 3
391 Penn. av., between Four-
and-a-halj and Sixth sts.,
(South ilJe,)
Importer and wholesale dealer in
DRUGGISTS, Grocers, and Liquor Dealers,
will find it to their advantage to give me a
call. I will sell the goods direct from the Ous-tom-House
at New York prices.
Old Cincinnati Kye Whisky always on hand,
with a cboice assortment of Wines, Brandies,
Gins, Cordials fcc. dec 3 3m
DU. JOHN G. F. nOLSTON, Surgeon, Physi
cian, and Accoucheur, No. 373 E st. north,
between Ninth and Tenth sts. west. Jan 3 3m

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