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fc SwtEVaDE to Caul Senear. Last evening,
a large number of our Gorman citizens, accom
panied by Wagt.or's Band, serenaded Mr.
Bcliurx at his nuartcn. the Oermatiia Hotel.
After an op propriata air by the band, Mr. S. ,
in iue nts upprnrnnce, anu was auoresica m
German by Mr. Daumgras. Mr. Schurz re
plied in a few appropriate remarks.
Wo are compelled to omit the speeches to- ' to
day, but they will appear in full In, to-morrow's '
Presextatiok. At a meeting of Company
C, Washington Light Infantry; last evening, a
committee of the Zouave Corps, through Lieu
tenant Walter Benner, presented the corps
with a handsomely engrossed set of resolutions,
neatly framed. Captain Stevens, in a neat
address, received the tiifk on the part of the
Company? The resolutions are intended as a
compliment to Company C, for the many acts
of kindness rendered the Zouavo Corps.
Tho concert ar.d dig presentation of the
Washington Light Guard, which was to have
taken place to night, has been postponed until
tho 21st instant.
The Fisheries. Tho fishermen all along
the river are busy mnkiug preparationafor the
Oltniug of the reason. Tho geicral impres
sion is that the suuon will bo an unusually
Buaccssful one.
Joe .Telfersnn, Iho colobrated comedian, will
be-in Waihiuglon next ireek, to fulfil an cn
gageuient at the Theatre.
Accident. Abont six o'clock last evening,
as a small bov. named Ludim Beulc. was cross-
sing M street, near Twelfth, he was frightened
by a horse which was passing: nud in running
to got out of the way, fell and broke his arm
between the wrist and elbow.
Daxocriius Sp.mivLast evening, two horio
men, dressed in tho uniform of United States
soldiers, amused themselves by riding at a
regular racing paco down Seventh ktrcet.
Their horsemeustiip was certainly very credit
able; but, for endangering the lives of persons
crossing tho streets they deserve to be cen
sured. Wo notice that 1I13 workmen, under the direc
tion of the Public Gardener, are very busy just
notv, in trimming the trees along Pennsylvania
aveiuc, and in nnd nboat tho many handsome
public reservations.
The Mount Versos. A private dispatch
received in Alexai.dri 1 on Tuesday, states that
the Monticcllo arrived there on that day, and
was to have left for this city yesterday, "(Wed
nesday.) She reports seeing the Mount Ver
noi swinging at anchor insidj tho bar at five
P. M. on Tuesday, with lighters alongside.
Her cargo is not thought to be mucn damiiged.
Chesapeake asp Onto Canal. The canal
Is now open its entire, length, and business has
again commenced in earnest, eight boat loads
of coal having arrived at Alex.uidrU on Tues
day. Lammond, on Seventh street, has just re
ceived an additional supply uf fancy goods,
which he is telling at prices to suit the times.
Drop in.
The Cmbentiok Restaurant. This fine
establishment, which lui recently been started
oil tho coiner of Sixth ktrcet anil Pcnnijlvaiit.i
avenue, under the Claiend.m Hotel, is rapidly
crowinir into Invor with our Washington con
noisseurs. Tho lact of the matter is, that
Hobhs understands so well tho maiiut r in
which such an establishment should be con
ducted, and then makes use of that knowledge.
Give him a cull.
Criminal Court. Yesterday, the oaso of
Thomas Ferguson, charged with stealing two
pairs of guitera, valued at $S, was taken up.
The prisoner was found guilty of tho charge,
an 1 sentenced to eighteen mouths imprison
ment in the penileiiti.it.
Georgo Evans (colored) was then placed on
trial, chaigcd uiln stealing a coat, valued nt$C,
from Wall it Stephens. He was found guilty,
nnd sentenced to imprisonment in the peniten
tiary for one year.
Joseph Thorn is (colored) was then tried for
steulinga coat, valued at $13, from John Waters.
He was found guilty, and sentenced to impris
onment in the penitentiary for eighteen mouths.
Patrick Culhun was thou placed 011 trial on
two separate indictments, the first charging
liim uiih an assault uud battery oil Thomas
O'Sullivau, and thu second with an assaultant
battery on Michael O'riullivuu. The jury re
turned a verdict of nut guilty on both indict
meLts. The jury in tho Wigwam caio came into
court about 12 o' lock, and stated that they
were unable to agree upon nveidict, and asked
to be discharged ; tin. y also stated that 0110 of
their number (Mr. 11 union) hail been sick
during the entire night. Mr. II. came forward
and reported himself ns well jeaterday morn
ing j whereupon J udgo Crawford ordered the
jury back to their room.
Central, GcAMinocsr. Before Justice
Donn. John Pierce, stoning a house j ruled
for trial.
John Edward?, colored, drunk and disorder
ly 1 fine and costs, $2.15.
Isabella Penny, same oflenco ; fine and costs,
Georgetown Correspondence.
Geiiroetows, D. C, March 13, 1801.
Mr. John Wilson, whose extreme illness I
mentioned in my letter of yesterday, died to
day at about noon. He has long been known
in our midst, nnd was much respected for his
sociable qualities nnd generally alf ible dispo
sition. Mr. Ignatius Clarke, another one of
our vcnerablo citizens, is now lying (juito low,
The duties of tho ollico of hay-weigher, an
officq which ho has held for )cnrs, he has been
obliged of lato to perform by deputy.
C"ptnin Stuart's company of Mounted
Ouards parndid our streets this afternoon.
They proceeded out lo Drover's Rest, and there
underwent n drilling for some time. Company
A, Anderson Rifles, Captain I! oilier, wero out
last night on tho streets, parading nnl drilling.
It would ba well lor tho powers that bo to
have an ee to tho selections which uro bjiuir
made for oper.itois on the woilc on the line of
the Aqueduct, 1 nave learnt u 1n.1t soino 01 1110
selections made by C.ipt. Meis have been per
sons who are avowed 8ccsioiiUta, men who
boast of their defiance of the principles of the
Ilvnuhlic-an nirtv. Won to thut party which
nurtured in its bosom sicrcl Cues and treacher
ous friends. They will prove tho canker-worms
to its strength. Let the tippointees be each
subjected to n Bifting etaiiiiiiiitinn as to their
opinions and expressions 111 regnrl to the great
matters of policy at i'suo, and let no wooden
horio bo ulloneJ to enter the Republican camp,
and convert it into a II lining Troy. I am quite
Burothat audi men, however quilified in other
respects, if known to entertain sentiment) thus
hostile to the welfaro of our country, and of
iter another air uy tno Dana, ana a son? nott be ranks be chilled Into htiioss Uv the coM.
iho German Glee Club, thev rermirod to ' r-hillr. tlmhl. unil rraepii itv nf in .77.... '
ards' Uotel, and were addressed bv the i imprudent t Such fi-irs as lluko disarrnv and
ii. C. M. Olav. dhtoririinizc nil atrnuir injsjc. u'iJ.ciiti.riliiii
seditious tendency against its good order,
would never have received Capt. lleigs'a ap
proval bv reappointment.
Our citizens are awaiting with much interest
to hear of the District appointments whiih arp
to be made. Even dav'a dolnvnrms the tmlit-
icl foes of the Republican pari; with means
nnd weapons to carry on their war against the
Republicans, while, to the name extent, it dis
arms and vrrakens their friends, nnd keetii
them in a stale of weakness and suspense. Let
the winds. No uarlv can be faithfullv n-rrtcl
by'trcachcroui friends, nor by smooth-raced,
miling foes. Let them be sweDt out. and
give place to reliable and trusty men.
An Honored IUuivfnt. The First Regi
ment of United Slates Artillery cnu hoast the
following brave nnd patriotic etHcers :
Mnjor Robert Anderson, who has so justly
acquired the adiniralion and fovor of all Union
loving citizens of tho United States, for Lis
gallant retention ofFort Sumter, notwithstand
ing the menaces of South Carolinn.
Lieut. A. J.SIemmer,the hero of Fort Pick
ensj at Pensacola, in Florida, who, next to
Major Anderson, has set a brilliant example of
lojnlty and chivalry to all United StatesJolUcers.
Cant. Bennett J. Hill, who, in Texas, first
dared to disobey the treasonable order of Gen.
Twiggs, and, relusiug to surrender the Govern
ment properly under his control to his coun
try's enemies, avowed his purpose to dufond it.
and called in reinforcements of tho United
States troops to eunblu him to do so, and also
to recapture other United Stales property al
ready seized by the Texas authorities.
uapi. j- " hickcus, commanding iort
Drown, in Ttxas, who, imitating the example
of Capt. Hill, also refused to surrender the pasT
uuuer 1111 cimrgr, llticwise ueiungs iu lue same
Firtt Regiment United Statu Artillery,
New York correspondent of the Philadelphia j
Prat writes! "1 be publishers of the Tiibun't'
have at last porlected the experiments they
have been making for upwards of a year past,
to stereotype their daly forms, after the manner
of the London Timet. The Iriiune entire is
now stereotyped every morning, and on two
days in the week double sets of plates are
made. By this procoss Ihe paper appears as
011 new typo, and au hour and u half is gained
cn-jli morning in time a consideration of the
first importance for morning papers. The
Tribune has accomplished this important result
aftor the expenditure of much time and money,
and will doubtless reap its reward."
Another Crinoline Accident. A woman in
a dry-goods store in Buffalo, N. Y., had seated
herself on one of the revolving stools now in
use in front of the counters in such establish
ments, nnd on rising got her hoops so com
pletely and (irmly entangled about and under
revolving top as to anchor her for the time
being to the spot. The only method of reliev
ing the lady was by unscrewing the top of tho
revolving neut j this being accomplished by the
gallant storekeeper, the fastened fair one was
set at liberty.
The Locisvillr Journal on Soctii Caro
lina South Carolina lies been trying how
"not to do it" long enough. Don't sho kuow
how to do it? Wo will tell her:
Sonth Carolina Sumter wants,
But of bloodihid has a horror;
Let her glvo Floyd tn ptr cent.
Tho rogue- will steal it for her.
The TlOehcslcr papers announce the dealb, at
Hornellaville, N". Y., on the 4th iniL, of Calvin
Granger, formerly of Rochester. He nus one
of the earliest pioneers in western Now York,
and was enptaiu of the canal boat, Youne Lion
of the W(st, which convened lie Witt Clinton
and suite from liulfalo to New York, with their
" bottle of water," to connect the waters of the
upper lukca with the Atlantic, at thu gieat con
vention on tho opening of the Erie Canal in
A Hard Hit. The San Joaquin BeuubUcan,
in describing tho antics of a crazy Ciuuaniuu,
who " hopped on one leg, whirled, shouted, nud
screamed, udds, " We did not Bopposo bufoto
that a Chiuumnn hud bruins enough to bo so
m 1
A catamount was killed a few days ngo,
near Wullpack, N. J., measuring Bix feet four
inches iu extreme length. Fur many nights
before he undo tho neighboring woods resound
with his cries, and was so ferocious that ho
had commenced uu attack on the party that
killed Mm.
WASitiNOroN, March 12, 18G1.
Mr. Editor: Among the many candidates
for tho position of postmaster at Baltimore,
Maryland, there is not one more worthy of it
than Dr. William J. Nichulls, of that city.
No firmer friend has the principles of tho Re-
fiublicau parly, and no member o( that party
abored nioro earnestly, and with a better will,
to promote its interests, fan Dr. N. Like a
faithlul sentinel upon the watch-tower, he has
stood by it during the battle of the late cam
paign, ever ready to guard nnd defend it from
Us enemies, and to welcome with an open heart
and hand its friends. Always ready was he to
contribute to its wants and purposes ; and now
that brilliant success has crowned that party,
such uieii us Dr. Nicholls should not be lor
gotten. As a private citizen, no 0110 lu the city of
Balti noro enjoys more fully the confidence of
his fellow men. Intelligent, energetic, kind,
nud amiable, he is just the geiitleiuitii suited to
such a position.
I sincerely hope, with a largo member of his
Republican friends, that full justice will bo done
him, and that he will be rewarded by his party
for his noble and successful efforts to serve it.
mar 14 It IUmimouk.
Proprietors of tho Silentlfic American, and
Agents for procuiing American mil Foreign
Willi Sittten Ytari Vtftiitnte in ihe Ruiinm.
Refer to Hon. Judge Mason, Hon, Joseph Holt,
Hon. W. 1). II shop, ci-CoiniuUslcneisot 1'aleuti,
and to mure than hltiin luousind inuulurs
who have had butluess dune thiougli Muuu &.
Co.'s Patent Agency.
Puuiublet ot adv ce sent free hi mall.
Patent Laws uud Uigulalious, 100 pages, 2S
cents, mall.
Oltlces No. 37 Park Row, New York ; Wash
ington, corner of F and Seventh streets, oppo
site lliu Patent Ofllce. mar 14 Cu
Bv Amaxucu Lexk,
Late 0 If. C. Mtuerotl'i Mailc Store.
Attention will be given to all ordrs which
may ba left at this office. mar U Ira
I ho New HatnpMiiie Election.
Concord, March 12. The elecliju to-day
called out nbonl the iH'ial vole. Nathaniel S.
Berry was supported by Ihe 11 publicans for
Governor, and George Stark by tho Opposition.
Threo members of Congress were also voted
The vote of Concord wast Berry, l,.1l!2i
Stark, Hd.-.. "
Manchester, Berry, 1,5011; Stark, flofi.
Nashua, Berry, 'JtiH j Stark, S.5(j.
The refill in ,',:t Iiihim fuols up, for Bi-rrv,
12,5e!5 lor htaik, u,2UU: scattering, 42.
SraVt MT ' ' ' ' '
tor Congress, Marston, Rep., 712 ; Marcy,
Dcm., 141. Democratic gain over last year,
11.30 P. M. 102 towns foot up, Berry,
21,881); Stark, 18,012.
One hundred and seven Republican Repre
sentatives are elected to the Legislature, in
the towns heard from, ar.d 26 Democrats.
The vote already received indicates a majority
for Berry of 3,500 to 4,000. Rollins, Repub
lican, for Congress, in ihe Second District, will
receiiefrom 800 to 1,000 majority. All the
Republican candidates for Congr.ss are elected,
four of the five Councillors, nud eight or nine
of the twelve Senators.
JMiotlo Island Politics.
Procidtnce. March 12. The Democrats and
CpnstitulibW Union Conventions, in the East
ern District, to-day nominated William P. Shef
field, of Newport, for Cougress. The Constitu
tional Union Convention of tho Western Dis
trict nominated Georgo A. Browne, of Glouces
ter, whotathe Democrats had previously uorui-
The Southern Confederacy.
Montgomery, Match 1.1. The tariQ act has
been made public, nnd goes into opera ion the
1st of May. As compared with the tariff of
me u nued mates, most ot the articles paying
30 per cent, are reduced to 25 per cent. ; the
larger portion of those paying 24 and IU per
cent, are reduced to IS. There is also a large
iu per cent, schedule, and a very small free
The Alabama Convention ratified the per
manent Cocstitution by a voto of 87 lo 5..
Gen, Jamisou, formerly a leading co-opera-tionltt,
took abold position In favor of ratifica
tion, -i'V'-
Hon. Jeremiah Clcmensdiaa been appointed
Major General pf the Alabama army.
Election in Petersburg.
Petersburg, March 13. This city voted to
day on the Question to instruct our delegate in
the Convention to voto for the secession ordi
nance. Tho polls remain open two days. The
result on closing to-night was 51 majority for
the instruction. Tho secessionists expect to
largely increase the maioritv to morrow, and
nre parading the streets with music and ban
ners, t eight to night, Messrs. Pryor, String
fellow, and other,", are to speak in the public
Virginia' Convcntipn.
Richmond March 13. In the Convention
to-day, Mr, Tyler spoke ably against the Peace
Congress propositions. Without concluding,
the Convention adjourned.
From Texas,
Kac Orleans, March 12. Texas advices
received hero state that the troops formerly sta
tioned at Camp Ringgold had arrived at' Fort
Brown, on their way to the coast.
Tho steamer Daniel Webster was outside the
harbot of Brazos, waiting to transport the Fed
eral troops to New York. jj'
It Is reported that 1,500 inns weie m.-
lioned nt Rio Grande city, and reinforcements
wero still atriving.
The collector of customs for the district of
Brnzos had resinned his otllc; under the United
States, and then resumed the discharge of the
same duties under the State authority.
Col. Ford was ul Browusville, Gun. McLeod
was in command at Brutus, and Gen. Nichols
at Poiut Isabel.
r Later from California.
Fort Seamy, Maichl'2. The express brings
Sun Francisco dates to tho 27th February. The
geneiul ncs is uninteresting.
The Legislature met on the 2Clh, after n re
cess of one week. Iu a caucus of the friends
of General Denver, to nominate him to the
United States Senate, they could muster only
forty-four members. It requires filty eight to
Naval Intelligence.
JVeid Yolk, March 13. A steam frigate is
In low, coming up. It is supposed to be the
K(,rfotk,MamchlX Thi war steamer Poca
hontus, from Vera Cruz, arrived in the Roads
last evening. The Columbia is hourly ex
pected. New York Markets.
Kcto York, Manh 13. Cotton firm sales of
1,800 bales. Upland middling llj((i)lli.
Flour firm sales of 12,000 barrels. Wheat,
declining tendency; Bales of 88,000 bushels.
Western red, $1.2J$l.:tO; do. white, $1.52
$1.55. Corn, declining tendency; sales ot
71,000 bushels mixed, 5'JG7 cents; South
ern white, 70 71 cents; new yellow li:iGK
Poik heavy mess, l(i 87$'7 prime, $ 12.50
0413. Lard heavy at 9 (j? y cts. Whisky
steady. Siigar liemy muscovado, 4) Gets.
Codec steady. Molasses unchanged. Spirits
of turpentine stcidy at lid cents. Rosin
heavy at $1.2:1. Rico steady.
iVcio Yoik, Match 1:1. Stocks heavy. Chi
cago nnd Rock Islaud, 57; Illinois Central,
shares, 80 ; do. bonds, 07 i Michigan South
ern, 15J ; N. Y. Central, 78; Reading, 1.1 ;
Hudson River R. It., 15 ; Vu. G's, 78 , Mo. G's,
GGJ ; Government C's of '81 coupon, 035 i reg
istered, 951 ; Treasury 12's, lOIIj.
AFOUIi-Slory Brown Front Brick House, on
Thirteenth street, between L street and
Massacbusetis avenue. The House is furnished
with Gas, Water, etc. Potsesalon given 011 the
1st of April. The gentleman about to decline
housekeeping would have no objection to selling
the Parlor, Chamber, and Hall OarpetJ, (all te
cently purchased,) together with ininy other
desirable articles of Furniture, at very reason
able prices, if early application be mnde.
Apply on tho premmoi, between three, nnd
four o'clock, or at T. W. DOWNING'S, No. 517
L street, belwicn Seienlh uud Eighth streets.
mar 13 2f
rPIIE two five-story Brick Dwellln; Houses,
L situated on and adjoining tho comer ot
Fourth and D streets, 01-t of the City Hall.
mar 0 it No. DO Louisiana avenue.
A FINK PAULOU, on the first floor, and three
Chambers on the floor above, at No. 27C
Pennsylvania avenue, two doors eaet of " Kirk
wood ijouse." dec 1 if
B. B. French, President.
J. J. Coombs, First Vice President.
Mat tin Uuell, Second Vice President.
Lewis Clephnna, Secretary.
Woodford Slotii, Treasurer.
John B. Ilines, 0. II. Plant, J. W. Aligns. .1.
F. Hodgson, Jnnes l..-i.cli, O. R. Wilson,
Bud Henry M. Knight, Incentive. Conimittcn
Jlcil at thn Wtain, corner of Indiana
aijsfcii' ana Secjnd str.et. eiorv Thursdai
J. J. Coombs, President.
U. A. Hall, First Vice President.
A. Duvall, Second Vice President.
J. C. Clary, Secretary.
Murliti Buell, Treasurer.
Foiter Ilcnshaw, President.
J. H. Wise, First Vico President.
Jesse A pier, Second Vice President.
C. F. Crump, Recording Secretary.
A. Deuinead, sen.j Corresponding Secretary.
R. A. Milstead, Financial Secretary.
John Grinder, Treasurer.
Meets every Weduesday evening, at Joseph
Smith's, corner of Second Btreet east and I
street south.
or nun us.
S. A. McKim, President.
George A. Bassett, First Vice President.
George II. Ruff, Second Vico President.
Charles Sleigh, Recording Secretary.
J. L. Henshnw, Corresponding Secretary.
William Dixon, Financial Secretary.
John Grinder, Trenurer.
Meets on the first nnd third Tuesdays of eve
ry month, at Odd Fellows' Hall, Navy Yard.
ATION. oiriri.Hs.
John S. Pnxton, President.
W. W. McNeir, Fiist Vice President.
J. W. Decide, Second Vice President.
H. G. Divine, Cor. and Rcc. Secretary.
Jesse Chick, Treasurer.
BV GREEN & WILLIAMS, Auctioneers.
SALS by order of thi Orphans' Conrt, of the
personal effects ol the late Benedict Ran
dom, deceased. O 1 Monday, the 18th Instant,
we shall icll at 10 o'clock A. M., nt the corner
of Tnenty-first nnd I streets, first ward, all the
stock, material, tools, 1c , iu the wheelwright
mm uijcKsrmiu snop ot uie deceased, viz:
The wood work of new Carts and Wagons com
plete. Lots of seasoned Spokes, Hubs, Felloes, and
Timber. '
Lola of Bar and Scrap Iron and Steel.
Lots of Wheelwiiglit ani Blacksmiths' tools,
Bellows, and Anvils.
Willi a Urge lot of other article;, which we deem
uunccisiary to enumerate.
ALo, nti excellent Family work Horse and
Buggy. The horse aud bugy will bs fold nt
12 o'clock.
Tornie all 6ums under $20 cash, over $20 a
rrodlt of thty aid nlmty days, for notes sntis
fa.torily mdoricJ, bearing Intticst.
By order of the administrator.
mar IT-4t (Star.) Auctioneers.
BY GREEN & WILLIAMS, Auctioneers,
Ao. 520 .Vrcii'i ami I) Uteris.
nt auUlon. Ou Tbutsday, the 14th Inst.,
wo shall sell in (runt of our auction roams a
general ussortment ol Hardware nnd Carpenters'
Tools, consisting of Binges, Locks, jtrcw3,
Siws, Planes, Chisels, Ratchets, Bolts, Rules,
Squares, Hois, Scythes, fork", k, i'.
The attention ot builders is requested to the
aboie sule, as they will be sold without reserie.
Terms cash.
mar 12 3t (Star.) Auctioneers.
THE suhscrlbir delivers Tore Country Milk,
morning and evening, as usual, tu bis cus
tomers. Strangers cotnnicuciug housekeeping iu
this City, who de Ire Milk, can have their orders
promptly attcuded to ny upptjiiig at tins olttce.
mar 13-lf DAVID MILLER.
A GENTLEMAN und wife, or two gentlemen,
cau obtain Board iu a Private Family, with
in one cqunro of the Patent Office. Apply at
this office,
ltelcenees given and required,
mar 13 3t
SEVERAL Ccntlcmen cau be accommodated
with board aud ledging by applying nt No a
Louisiana avenue, between Four-and-a-balf uud
Sixth streets, nearly opposite the City Hall.
mar 9 Ct
A bandsomo furnished pailor and chamber,
with gas, iu a quiet neighborhood, near Patent
and Post Offices. Inquire at 432 Seventh street
betneen G and II. feb 23 If
ATWO-STORV llrick House, No. 327 G
street, between Twelfth uud Thirteenth
streets, containing seven rooms. Possession
given Immediately. Apply at this office,
deo 22
HKAnCji'AiiTritH Dn,T. of Cot, Militia,
Adjutant (ftittrul'e (jhie, Wnthitigtojt,
hiuruani 23, 18C1.
The "Mechanics' Union Rifle Company" Is
hereby attached to the command of Colonel J,
A. Tail, First Hegluunt of Infantry, District cf
Columbia Volunteirs.
By order ol Major Gen. WEICilll MAN :
feb 28 Mujor A. D. C.
IltAOQi'Aitn us I). C. Militia,
llWiii.oir, J'ett. 18, lfltil.
Ccnipnules A, II, and C, Union Volunteers, are
hereby organized ns a llait ilion, iud are at
tached, si an additional It million, tu Hie Fourth
Regiment ol Infantry
By order ot M .jor lien. WEIOHTMAS :
feb 28 Major A. 1). C,
LOT FOR SALE. Lot Five, in Square 1012,
containing about 13,000 square let t. Price,
three cents per fout. Apply at this ofllce.
QMIIU'S, No 400 Seventh street, Is tho best
U place iu town to buy Chillies, Furnishing
(Jjods, Hals, and Caps.
feb 28 Cm
OFFICE No.3C0 Fifth street, between G and
U streets. dec 4 dm
Prospectus of the National HepuMlean.
Believing that the time bus arrived when the
great fiepuollcan parly of the United States ought
to be fairly represented iu the dally prets of the
National .Metropolis, we have embarked In tho
enterprise of supplying the citizens of the District
of Columbia with a daily publication, under the
title or the " flATioNAt HtrUBLiCAx."
I In its political department, this journal will
! advocate und defend the principles of the Rcpub
1 Hem purty, nnd endraior to disabuse the public
I mind ot groundless prejudices which have been
, engendered 11 pi Inn It, by the false accusations
ot Its (ntmlcs. Having the utmost confidence
that Ihe administration of Mr. Lincoln will be
1 such as to merit our approbation, vnS expect to
I yield it a cordial, but not a servile support. la
tue great issue that is likely to be marie with bis
administration, by the enemies of the Republican
party, the people of Washington anl the District
of Columbia have more ut slake than the peopl
of any other portion of our common country. We
believe that to support Mr. Lincoln's administra
tion will be synonymous with maintaining the in
tegrity of the Federal Union, against the machin
ations of those who would rend It aiuuder. No
one can doubt upou which side of this issue the
people of Washington will be found, when they
come to realize that it Is fairly forced upon them.
We feel confident, therefore, that In yielding to
the administration of Mr. Lincoln a cordial sup
port, we shall have the sympathy of un immense
majority of the people ot this District and vicin
ity. It is not our design, however, to make the
National Republican a mere political paper. We
intend, that as a medium of general and local
newp, it shall not be inferior to any other journal
published in this city. We shall p ly particular
attention lo questions of local policy, and advo
cate stub reforms as we may deem essential to
tho prosperity of the city, and to the advance
ment ol the moral und material welfare of its
We deem it unnecessary, however, to multi
ply promises, us the paper wll'. immediately make
Us appearance, and will then speak for Itself.
It will be published every morning, and de
livered to city subscribers at six cents per week.
Mail subscribers, $3.50 a year, payable in ad
vance. The publication office is nt the corner of Indi
ana avenue aud Second street.
Of all tho ills that nfllict men and women, few
are so agoulzing us Dyspepsia. It is a scrt of
combination of many diseases. What is still
more unfortunate is, that the treatment of the
malady is not generally understood. The medi
cines usually taken do no sort of good whatever.
Thanks to science nnd Da. Uiiezliy, a tjieeiic
has now been obtained. Okeelev's Bouuuox
Birmts take straight hold of the disease, and at
once begin a cure. Thousands of well-attested
cases of cures of Dyspepsia, Indigo tion, and Fe
ver nnd Ague, cveu of the most desperate kind,
are in the possession of the proprietors. For sale
by druggists and grocers everywhere.
314 Penn. av., bet. 10th and 11th sts.
I li.ivejuft received a fine assortment of black
cloth Frock Coats, HusineS" Coat', black, plain,
and fancy Oaisimere Pants, which I will sell to
suit Ihe times. feb 19 lm
N addition to the able Ed. tors and Writers con
I nected with this veteran Mo ithly, the Puince
or Wuiteus for the Vcuug,
( whose llarpei's Story Books, Rollo Books, Lucy
Books, and other charming Juveniles, ate as fa
miliar us household words,) is engaged to fur
nish choice Mtlcles, beginning with the January
number lor 18G1.
Tub Muskcu is designed to uld in the forma
tion of good character, and in storing iLe mind
wilu useful kuoniedge. It is literally (treasu
ry of Knoweldgo and Gallery of Amusement
tilled with Tales, Sketches, Poetry, Enigmas,
Puzzles, lie, &(-.
It forms Iwo Volumes a year, embracing J84
pages, aud 150 choice Engravings all at the
low price ol $1 ayear, lnndwitice. Single copies
10 els. New subscribers will mariel iLut they
have been 10 lung strangers tu this Voc'.so Pio-
liSf Every person, tendiug cm new name be
sides bis or her owu, Willi "2, will receive promptly
a copy of Mkiiuv'a New B001: or PczzLks, tiee of
figy A male or female Agent wanted la every
town in New England
Address the Publisher for New England,
Jan 24 12 Turnout street, Boston
APPLICATION will Le mnde to Ihe Commis
sioner ot Ihe Geneial Laud Ollico of the
Uuiled Statis fur the renewal or duplicates of
the following pieeeB of Land Scrip, wlih.li havo
I ecu lost through the mail, to nit: No. 7,3G7, lor
20 acres, Issued for the Revolutionary service of
CHARLES COPEri.a Private; No. 12,157, for
62 acres, issued lor the service of Capt. JOHN
Caveats have been filed in tbe General Land
Office, and all persons tue cautioned not to pur
chase the said Scrip. GEORGE HAG BY.
mar 12 lanCiv
I WILL huie In store In a dav or two Choice
GOSHEN BUlTKIl arid CHEESE, of ns line
quality us can be had, to which I iuilte the at
tention of purchasers.
327 Pa. av., between Sixth and Seventh
nov 20 streets, sou h side.
Fresh Fruits ami Vegetables.
Green Corn, Gieeu Bians,
Guen Tomatoes, Fresh Peiuhes,
Bmudy Peachef, Lima Beai s,
Flinch Peas, Asparagus,
Mushrooms, Cajerj ncd OHvij,
Olives Smiled in Oil. rqisnUh do.
New Ituislus, Almonds,
Dates, Prunes, Figs, be.
For sale low by
303 l'enn nnnuc, Lear Sixth slnet.
I AM receiving a lut of Green and Black TEAS,
nniongwLUh aro tonic ol as linn guides us
can be had, M ubuh I Imlle the iit'entlou of nil
lovers of cliohe tiieen ami Blink Tins.
J East: 11. WILSON,
327 Pa av , Iclwieu Sixth and Seventh
not 20 si ecu, tomb side.
ONl.i GOOD POimiAlr
Eier published, just out, nnd lent by mall free
on receipt ol ii lents.
The trade aud clubs of twenty supplied nt low
prices by FRENCH & RICHsTEIN.
niarO tf
D" R. JOHN G. F. HOLSTON, Surgeon, Pbjsl
clan, and Accoucheur, No. 373 K st. north,
between Ninth and Tenth sts. west, jan 3 3m
Odeon Hall t Odebn Hall !r Odeon Hall I
The Cheapest and Best Spring and Summer
Clothing in Wasbiogton can be had at
Corner of Four-and-a-half street and Penn. sir.
Spring Overcoats and Dasters,
Elegant Dress Suits, at lowest rates,
Beautiful Basinets Suits, at trifling rott,
Business Suits for young men,
Business buits for middle ages,
Business Suits for all ages,
Dress Suits for weddings,
Dress Suits for parties,
Dress Suits for best wear,
Coats by the thousand,
Pants by the thousand,
Vests by the thousand,
Boy's Clothing for the youngest,
Boy's Clothing for all sizes,
Boy's Clothing for larger boys,
Cheaper than tbe cheapest,
Finer than the finost,
Belter than the best,
Are the garments,
Save your money, as
a very few do Isrs
Will give you a splendid outfit for summer,
If you call ut
mar U tf Cor. Penn. av. and 4). St.
N O T I C El
T WISH all gentlemen to bear1
in mind that the plan which
adopted, six years ago. of selllnsr
IIATd and BOOTS at greatly reduced prices, for
cush, Is In successful operation. Just received,
n full bupply f the latest New York styles of
DRKSd BATS. Tbe very finest Hat at $3.60;
11 flrst-rate Hat, $3 ; nnd very good, fashionablo
Hat, $2.50. All of tbe latest styles of soft HATS
and CAPS, at the very lowest prices. I am
constantly supplied with a very large stock ol
those fiuo DKK5S BOOTS, at $3.75 which (
have beeu telling for many years as well ai
the very belt quality of Pateut Leather GAIT
ERS, at $3 50. Fiuo French Calfskin Gaiters,
from $2 to $2 50.
Terms cash. No extra charge In order to oB
set had debts. ANTHONi , Agent for the Manu
facturer, Beventh stieet, second Hat Store from
the corner, opposite Avenue House, No. E40.
nov 2G
or ALL OIUDIS and miois.
WARRANTED Gold Band Window Shades,
BulT, Green, and Blue Holland Shades, all
sizes, made to order.
Also, a handsome assortment of Picture Cord
and Tassels, all iizes and colors.
Purchasing for cash, nnd allowing no old stock
to accumulate, persons needing the above goods
will find it to their advantage to give me a call.
All work executed aad superintended by
practical men, who havo served a regular ap
prenticeship at their trado.
Satisfaction ptiarantied, or no pay required.
Pleake gii e me a call. Remember the namber.
No. 480 Seventh Jtriet, eight doors abofe
nov 20 Odd Fellows' Hall.
Fine Old Whiskv.
I J Id b.urels superior old Bourbon
5 barrels Gibson's XXXX old ryo
10 do. do. aa. do.
2n do. do. XX do.
40 do. do. X do.
SO do. medium Rvo and Bourbon
100 dozen old Cabinet, Rye, and Bourbon
25 five gullun demijohns vory superior old
In store, and lor snle by
E. E. WHITE it CO.,
No. C3 Louisiana avenue, between
Sixth and Seventh street;, opposite
dec IS the Bank of Washington.
In.WE in ttore and a-n receiving from the
Noitberu uiaikets New Crop Layer RAISINS,
in whole, half, and quarter buxes; Malaga Bunch
Raisins, iu whole, half, und quarter boxes; New
All of which will be told as low as can be had.
327 Pa. av., bclwecu .-iitb and Seventh
nov 20 streets, soutb side.
Encourarjo Homo Production.
LAMPBLACK of all qualities, and packed la
all of ihe different sty les known to the trade.
Aud also used tor slate aud tin roofs. Manufac
tured aud tor sale by
Twenty-second street and Cbespeake and
Ohio Canal. Office adjoining Bank of
Washington. nor 20
Plumber and Gas and Steam Fitter
60 1 7l tnth Knit, near Canal IlnJgt, Washington.
ALL orders executed at the shortest uotice, In
the most substantial manner, and on fJ
tonalle terms.
J'tnonat attention given to every department
of the business. nov 20
Xolnry Public, Commissioner of the Court of
Claims and for the State of California, and
Attorney fur business 111 the several Depart
ments, IS piepared to take Depositions for tho Couit
ot Claims, and the Courts iu tho several States
aud Tirrltorlis; aud al.o to act as Couisellor
and Attorney Tor business beiore the different
Uepaitments ot Government.
Deeds, Wills, aud other Writings, prepared,
and AikuonleJgiuinls taken.
Otlice, 402 I' street, next to Soventh street, op
posite the Post Oillee and Patent Office,
die I 2a3m
Jl'sT RECEIVED, at Smith's, No. 400 Seventh
street, a lurge lut of Spring Clothing, Hats,
and Caps. All for sale, at very low prices. All
persous in wunt of goods in our line will find It
greatly to their udvuntuge to call before pur
chasing elsewhere, as our prices are lower than
at any other house in town, feb 28 in

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