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On Seventh street, near E, opposite the General
Post Office, by
To city subscribers alz and a quarter cents
per week, payable to the carrier!.
To mall subscribers, three dollars and fifty
cents per annum, payable in advance.
One square, three days $1.04
One square, four days ijj
One square, five days 1.50
One square, six days ,m
One square, two weeks j.jj
One square, three weeks j.BO
One squara, one month 4.00
One square, three months 10.00
One square, six months 16.00
One square, one year 30.00
Every other day advertisements, fifty per cent,
additional ; once a week advertisements charged
as new for each insertion.
Inserted only once, ten cents a line.
Church and other notices, and waoU, twenty
five cents for each Insertion.
Ten lines or less constitute a square. ""
Vol. I.
No. 115.
That Dnblln mawldge twlal bawl
Most chawmtng hlstowy to tread I
Paw fi'llah I what a hawwid haw,
A cwuel case fair him, Indeed I
I should not caw faw waiving mobs,
And baring all the pwess at one;
Bee use they're such a set of snobs,
And vawtuous Indignation's fun.
These nine days' wondaws soon elapse,
What I should feel Is being In,
By Jove I faw bigamy pawbapa;
At any wate faw lots of tin.
I do admlaw the lellaw'a pluck,
Who, deeming manufactuas mud,
Owns be don't pay the common wuck
The same wespect as gentle blood.
It miy tawn out all wight at last
Most awnestly I hope It miy J
And be, when all the wow Is past,
Will be Lad Avonm w some day ;
But still, whoevaw feels bencefawtb,
Inclined to do that sawt of thing,
He'd better not go too faw Nawth,
Nor tampaw with a wedding wing.
London Punch.
Count Cavour'ss Speech Rome ths Capi-
ital of Italy.
From the important speech delivered in the
(Sardinian Chamber of Deputies, on tho 25th of
jriarcn, Dy uount uavour, we mane tne louow
ing extracts. It will be seen that tho location
of the capital of Italy is in a fair way of defi
nite settlement:
The first truth to be proclaimed is, that it is
impossible to conceive a constituted Italian
kingdom without Home for Us capital. If wo
have a right if it is our duty to wish to pos
sess Uoine, it is becanse of this impossibility.
Eminent and sincere men mar feel a prefer
ence for one town oranother, but it is incontesta
ble that if Borne were once our capital, all
discussion on this point would thenceforth be
impossible. The fact alone would bring about
an absolute and universal agreement. I avow
that, personally, I perhaps prefer the simple
and plain streets of my native city to the an
cient and modern monuments of tho Eternal
City. But my resolution is taken, like that of
ay countrymen like that and I speak now
as the representative of Turin of the noble
city which is resigned to that sacrifice which
the country demands of it. We must go to
Borne, but without trenching upon the inde
pendence of the Pope, without bringing; the
Church under the domination of the State,
If, though I believe that lojpe impossible,
France fonnd herself powerless to oppose our
entry into Home, we would not, in order to
effect that entry, use violence towards her. Let
us not imitate Austria in the iogratitude avow
ed with a deplorable courage by the lips of one
of her statesmen.
When, in 1859, we asked for the support of
France, the Emperor did not dissemble to him
self the difficulties of tho situation in which
this war would place him with respect to the
Court of Rome. We cannot, after having ac
cepted the boon, aggravate tho embarrassment
in which it may involve the benefactor. If we
can succeed in convincing Catholics that the
reunion of Romo with the rest of Italy cannot
place the church in a position of dependence,
tne question will nave maae a great step to
wards solution. Many conscieutlous people
think, indeed, that if the Parliament were in
Rome, and die King at the Quirinal, the Pope
would lose much of his independence, and
would be nothing more than the grand almoner
or the chaplain of the King. If these fears
were well founded, I should not hesitate to
say that this reunion would be fatal, not only
to Catholicism, but to Italy. No greater calam
ity can befall a people than the concentration,
in the hands of the Government, of spiritual
and temporal power. When these powersare
united, liberty disappears, the rule of caliphs
prevails. It will never be so in Italy. Let us
examine, under all its aspects, this question of
the influence of Rome wi.h Italy upon the in
dependence of the spiritual power. Now, in
the first instance, does the temporal power ren
der the Pontiff really independent ? If it were
so, I would hesitate to solve the problem. But
no person caa maintain such a view in the
times when sovereigns, resting upon the Diviue
right, regard their domination as a right of ab
solute property over men and things.
I am not the defender of tho temporal power,
but I must be just towards it. I hold neither
the Pope nor his ministers to be responsible
for the atrocious acta to which, at certain points,
the reaction tended. These acts ouly prove the
deplorable influence which such a regime exer
cises over human character. I believe I have
sufficiently established the antagonism which
exists between the Holy See and tho popula
tions. If that be so, this power is not for the
Pope a guaranty of independence. It is said
to be necessary for Catholic society, and that
it ought to be guarantied by the Catholic Pow
ers. Are human sacrifices still necessary to
render the gods propitious ? Is it in the name
tl- el Tli up. e .1 14 !.
U! uuu wuu gave uis me iur mu wurm, me
sacrifice of a nation should bo demanded for
his representative? It is said : But the Pope
may conciliate the people by reforms ; and those
who think thus make effort to obtain from the
Pope such concessions, never suffering them
selves to oe ciiscourageu Dy remains.
But this is asking what the Pope cannot
grant ; lor his position as a political sovereign
is subordinate to his rank as head of the Church,
since bis temporal power ought to be to him no
more than a guaranty, a ealeguurd for his spirit
ual power, which latter must stand supreme.
By muking concessions, he would violate hit
duties as a Pontiff. He may accept and tole
rate certain institutions, but he may not conse
crate them. Thus, for example, he tolerate!
piril marriage in Prance, but he canuot pro
claim It in his own dominions. It is the sami
with a host of other institutions which arc op
posed to Catholic precepts, but of which It is
nevertheless, necetsary to admit tho existence
Qhe Pope should not be reproached lor tha
which is in reality not obstinacy, but firmness
and lor which I bold that Uatholics ougntio u
grateful to mm ns a i
duty. I have often
meritorious fidelity to hl
combated tho opinion ot
those who have insisted that the Pope should
grant reforms, and have blamed him for not
conceding them.
At the Congress of Paris I was asked to point
out which might be exacted of him. I refused
to indicate any. I professed openly the opin
ions which I nm npholding hero j and, in con
Junction with M. Minghettl, who took an im
portant part in these negotiations, I declared
that the only means of governing those coun
tries without military occupation was the abso
lute separation of the spiritual from the tempo
ral power. All theso efforts will be defeated
by the radical impossibilities which result from
the confusion of the two powers. Europe has
long been laboring to invent reforms for Tur
key: there is not an effort which has not been
made for this purpose: it has been sought to
reconcile there the rights of civil life with the
Government, such as it is there constituted.
The attempt has not succeeded, and never will
succeed ; the union of the two powers renders
itsTViluro inevitable. Thus the temporal pow
er does not make the Pope independent.
Can it be said that in losing it, he will only
change the form of his subjection ? No ; we
can give him the independence of which he
stands so mu h in need. It is precisely the
separation of the powers which will give it to
him. When the Church is once emancipated
from all connection with the temporal authority,
and separated from the State by distinctly
marked limits, the liberty of the Holy See will
no longer have to suffer from the shackles im
posed upon it by concordats and the preroga
tives ot the ciyil power, which the temporal
power of the Court of Rome has alone rendered
necessary up to the present time. I believe
thnt every sincere Catholic desires, above all
things, such an eofrauc lisement. The only dif
ficulty is to discover by what guaranties this
liberty of the Church will be assured. We will
give it ample guaranties : we will inscribe tho
principle of the reciprocal independence of the
church and of the Mate in the fundamental
statute of the kingdom, and we will insure by
all possible means its complete realization.
But tho surest guaranty is the thoroughly
catholic character of the Italian people. Italy
has often made great efforts for the reform of
ecclesiastical discipline; but she has never
raised berhand against the religion with which
it is connected. .The country of Arnold, ol
Brescia, of Dante, of Savanurola, of Sarpi, of
Oiannone, has ever, like them, sought only the
reform of the Church ; that ardent desire has
always been accompanied by the firm determin
ation that the Church, purified, should subsist
and become more free. That freedom will be
better insured by the love of 20,000,000 of citi
zens than a few mercenaries. It is said these
hopes are fallacious ; all your proposals and ne
gotiations are repulsed. I shall not enter into
any detail upon this delicate point. I admit
that, up to this time, none of our efforts have
succeeded, but I also declare that, heretofore,
we have never explained our intentions openly
and fully, as we explain them now. We may,
therefore, still cherish some hope.
History shows us that Rome, invaded by the
Spaniards of Charles V, saw the Pope some
time afterwards crown Charles V, and ally him
self with him. Why may we not see the same
change wrought ou Pius IX at the present
day 7 11 ut il the .Tope should repulse us, as
he has hitherto done, wo shall not cease to re
main faithful to the same principles. Arrived
at Some, we shall yroclaxm the separation of
tne unurcn from tne mate, ana the tweity oj the
Unurcn. When tnis has been done, and conse
crated by the representatives of the nation, and
when the veritable tendencies of Itulians and
their sympathy for the religion of their fathers
have been made evident in the face of Europe,
tho great majority of Catholics will approve,
and will cause to fall on tho riant head the re
sponsibility of the struggle into which the Court
ot Home would Rave sougnt to enter with tne
nation. At the risk of Deing considered Uto
pian, I avow my belief that when these princi
ples have been proclaimed and consecrated by
you, the soul ot Pius IX, opening itself anew
to the generous sentiments which earned for
him such hearty approval some years ago, will
stimulate him to seek the i mmortal glory of
having reconciled the Italian n ation with the
church, and religion with liberty.
Mrs. Mary Gaines is thus described, as she
appeared at a late Presidential levee, leaning
on the arm of a young gentleman, a relative ot
her family : " Her figure, short and slight ; her
weight, perhaps one hundred pounds. She
wore a Quaker colored water silk dress, cut low
over a full bust ; the very short sleeves reveal
cd a finely-proportioned and fair white arm,
that would have graced the belle of the assem
bly. Thongh ber age is about fifty, no one
would estimate it over thirty five. She wore
bright gold bracelets upon her wrists. Her
hair, which is black and glossy, was confined
in a netting of gold lace, and two long bright
curls fell, one upon either shoulder. Her eyes
are black, restless, and expressive. Two small
ostrich plumes of white and blue were par
tially concealed in the dark folds of her hair.
Her step is elastic, her manner graceful She
is very conversational with her acquaintances,
and her countenance indicates unusual intel
lectual ability. Thus let your readers form a
conception ot Mrs. Gaines, as, with a magnifi
cent white camelia upon her bosom, she elided
round and round amid tho gay and happy
throng in the great east room ot the President's
The Youno Ladies E.scouruaiNa the Vol
cnteers sou Plnsacola. The Atlanta South
trn Confederacy, recording the arrival and de
parture, on the 1st inst., of several companies
of Georgia troops for Pensacola, says :
" Two hundred and twenty-three young
ladies of tho Atlanta Female institute came
in a body, and were formed in a line at the
Atlanta Hotel, under Prolessors Ma) son aud
Howard. Each vouug lady had a small flue
of the Confederate Slates, made of paper cum
brie, with the 'bars' and 'stars' beautifully
printed thereon. Each flag also had the in
scription, ' From the young ladies of the At
lanta Femalo Institute. None but the brave
deserve the fair.' Miss Kane made a few re
marks, wheu all the young ladies in a body
stepped forward and presented to each member
ot the Gute City Guards one ol the very beau
liful miniature tings which they held in their
Hands. Three cheers for the ladies of the Fe
male Institute were given with a hearty good
will Dy all who were present, and then three
I more were given by the crowd for the Guards,
' " At two o'clock, all the soldiers had takei
their seats in the cars, and tho train of the
Macon and Western road moved off with thir
teen passenger cars attached, amidst the burn
ing of cannon, and the cheering and Bhouting
of unnumbered throngs, and waving of hand
kerchiefs by the ladies from the windows and
balconies contiguous-"
Vert Embarrassing; on Both Sides. It
is strange what mistakes sometimes happen
when ladies are going shopping. A nice,
precise old bachelor, the pink of politeness and
essence of dignified propriety, is the owner of
the principal "dry goods" emporium of ono of
our large Inland villages. He regards the la
dies as " fearful and wonderful " is a little
afraid of them, to confess the truth, and, as the
saying goes, wouldn't touch ono of them With
a ten-foot pole. The ouly semblanco that he
tolerates is in shape of "dummies," of which
he has two or three for the appropriate dis
play of lace, shawls, bonnets, and dresses.
Coming out of an inner-room, the other day, in
great haste, he saw, as be imagined, one of
these figures standing directly in his way, and
he very unceremoniously picked it up, round
the waist, and swung it to one side. Conceive
his feelings when a voice from under a bonnet
squeaked out : "Here I what are you doing?
I'll tell my husband." Unfortunately it was a
fair customer, not a lay figure, whom he had
treated so uncavalierly. " Excuse me, madam ;
I thought you were a dummy I" gasped the
luckless mortal, retreating breathlessly towards
his room, as the only practical refuge. Ima
gine his horror imagine the lady's trepida
tion imagine ths irrepressible giggling of the
feminine shoppers who had witnessed the whole
scene I Altogether, it was rather a disagreea
ble predicament for an old bachelor to get
rpUE subscriber offers for rent a large and well
JL furnished House, with all the modern im
provements, situated on Sixth, between B and F
Also, a very desirable and well-furnished
House on I, between Vermont avenue and Six
teenth street.
Persons desiring either House until the fall
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They will not be let as Boarding Houses.
J. 0. McGUlflE k CO.,
Auction and Commission Merchants.
aprC Ct
to tub
Corner of Seventh and E Streets,
EVERYBODY In want of well-made and fash
ionable garments should give us a call, and
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lowest prices. apr 6 2w
LEONARD SCOTT k CO., New York, con
tinue to publish the following leading Brit
h Periodicals, viz :
1. The London Quarterly, (Conservative.)
2. The Edinburgh Review, (Whig.)
3. The North British Review, (Free Church.)
4. The Westminster Review, (Liberal.)
6. Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine, (Tory.)
These Periodicals ably represent the three
great political parties of Great Britain Whig,
Tory, and Radical but politics forms only one
feature of their character. As Organs ot the
most profound writers on Science. Literature,
Morality, and Religion, they stand, as they ever
have stood, unrivalled In the world ot letters,
belne considered indispensable to the scholar
and the professional man, while to the Intelli
gent reader of every class they furnish a more
correct and satisfactory record of the current
literature of the day, throughout the world, than
can be possibly obttlned from any other source.
The receipt of ADVANCE SHEETS from the
British publishers gives additional value to these
Reprints, inasmuch as they can now be placed
In the hands of subscribers about as soon as the
original editions.
For any one of the four Reviews, per ann. - $3
For any two of the four Reviews, " - 6
For any three of the four Reviews, " - 7
For all lour ot the Reviews, " - 8
For Blackwood's Magazine, " - 3
For Blackwood and one Review, " - 6
For Blackwood and two Reviews, " - 7
For Blackwood and three Reviews, " - 9
For Blackwood and the four Reviews, " - 10
Payments to be made In all cases in advance.
Money current in the State where issued will be
received at par.
A discount of twemy-five per cent, from the
above price will be allowed to Clubs ordering four
or mora copies of any one or more of the above
works. Thus : Four copies of Blackwood, or of
one Review, will be sent to ono address for $9 ;
four copies of the four Reviews and Blackwood
for $30 ; and so on.
In all the principal cities and towns, these
works will be delivered, FREE OF POSTAGE.
When sent by mall, the Postage to any part ol
the United States will be but twenty-four emit a
year for " Blackwood," aud but fourteen cents a
j car for each of the Reviews.
N. B. The price In Great Britain of the five
Periodicals above named is $31 per annum.
Remittances for any of the above publications
should always be addressed, post paid, to the
nov 26 No. 54 Gold street w York
OFFICE No.,360 Fifth street, between O and
H streets. dec 4 6m
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DR. SCUENCK, the Lung Doctor. Tbe Pro
RUP, the Inventor of SCHENCK'S RESPlROME
TER, the only Instrument that can to a certainty
detect the slightest murmur of the respiratory
This Is of great Importance to Dr. SCHENCK,
to know the exact condition of the lungs, whether
It Is Tuberculous, Pulmonary, Bronchial, Pleu
ritic, or Dyspeptic Consumption, and whether it
is both lungs or only one that are diseased.
It requires constant and long practice to be
come familiar with every sound or rattling of a
diseased bronchial tube. Patients come to Dr.
SCHENCK to get examined that have been ex
amined by thtir family physician, who told them
that their lungs were almost gone; when, by a
close examination with the Respirometer, It Is
often found that It is an affection of the bron
chial tube, and, by getting a healthy action of
tne liver ana tone to tne stomacn, tne sufferer Is
soon restored to health. Sometimes medicine
that will stop a cough is certain death to tbe pa
tient. It locks up trie liver, stops tbe lrculation
of the blood; hemorrhage follows, and, In fact,
stopping the action of the very organs that
caused tne cougn.
Liver complaints and Dyspnsia are the causes
of two-thirds of tbe cases ot Consuuip'ion. Per.
sons are at this time complaining with dull pain
in the side, bowels sometimes costive and some
times too loose, tongue coated, pain in tbe shoul
der blade, feeling sometimes very restless, and at
outer times drowsy; everything tnat Is eaten Ilea
heavy on the stomach ; aciaity, belching up
wind. Hundreds are complaining at this time
In this way. Let them take a heavy cold, and,
before they get rid of It, then another, then Is
the time to know what to do, then Is the time to
go to Dr. SCHENCK and get your lungs exam
ined, then Is the tlmo to know what cough med
icine to take. Stop that cough sudden, and then
the lungs, liver, aud stomach, are all put into an
Inactive state, and, before the patient is aware
of his situation, the lungs are a mass of sores,
and death must soon follow.
pectorant which does not contain any opium,
nor anything calculated to check a cough sud
denly, but, when assisted by tho SEAWEED
TONIO, to Improve tbe tone of the stomach, and
restore a healthy action ot tne digestive organs,
with tbe MANDRAKE PILLS, to bring about a
healthy action of the liver. When these are ta
ken together, or as Indicated, they are sure to
bring tne constitution tmcK to a bealtny state
wuen aneclea oy any ol tne anove diseases. Dr.
SCUENCK believes that too much cannot be said
In tavor of the curative powers of tbe MAN
DRAKE PILLS. Their action Is peculiar, but
certain, in all cases of torpid bowels or diseased
liver, which is too frequently the primary cause
of a broken-down condition of the whole system,
and otten passes under the name of CONSUMP
TION, when that disease does not exist at all, or
if it does, is readily curable by a proper atten
tion to restoring u healthy action or tbe stomach,
liver, and other functions, whose duty it is to
eliminate and carry otf the unhealthy deposits
which clog and render sluggish the wheels of the
animal organism.
Schenck's Pulmonic Syrup will prolong life
sometimes several months, by keeping tbe bron
chial tubes free from tbe putrid matter which
Impedes their functions, wben the lungs are too
far gone to cure There is no medicine that can
cure Consumption when both lungs are much
diseased, and Dr. Schenck would rather every
one would know their true condition before ta
king bis medicine.
lie treats no diseases but those of the Lungs,
Liver, and Stomach, and makes no charges lor
advice, or examining lungs In the ordinary way,
or as physicians generally do ; but for a thorough
examination with tbe Hi spirometer he charges
three dollars, and wishes every one, rich or poor,
that bas a Cough, Pain in the Side or Shoulder
blade, troubled with Costiveness or Diarrhoea,
Sallow Complexion, Loss of Appetite, Low Spir
its, Restlessness at Night, or any other disease
leading to Consumption, to call on him as above
and gel his advice.
Often, a tnenty-five cent box of SCHENCK'S
MANDRAKE PILLS will remove tbe cause of
tula great terror ot the country Consumption.
All of Dr. SCHENCK'S medicines are prepared
under his own supervision, and sold, wholesale
and retail, at his principal othco In Philadelphia,
.iu ou uunu oixin sireei.
Price of th. PULMONIC SYRUP, $1 per hot
tie. or six bottles lor $5. SEAWEED TONIC
sane as &YRUP. MANDRAKE PILLS, twtuly
five cents per box.
Dr SCUENCK can be seen In Washington city
the third Wednesday of each month, at his rooms
at the Avenue House. S. B. WA1TE, corner of
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Paper-Hanger and Upholsterer,
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WAsjnvoTov, a c.
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Piano, Voice, and Violin.
PROF. W. A. LOVELAND, continuing bis vo
cation as Music Teacher in the city of
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improved system of instruction, including the
departments of Harmony and Composition.
Having had nearly thirty years' experience in
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ingly and pbil sopbtcally to the comprehension
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common In musical d sc pllne Is obviated, and
study and practice rendered highly attractive.
Prof. L has taught in this city several years,
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Terms moderate.
Prof. L. will keep In tune the pianos of his
pupils without exira charge. Orders may be left
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Fowle's File and Humor Cure.
A SURE CURE lor Bleeding, Blind, and Itch
ing PILES, Scrofula, Salt Rheum, and Dis
eases of the Skin. One bottle warranted to cure
In all cases; If not, dealers are particularly re
queued to refund the money. Only five bottles
In a thousand returned, and these were cases of
Fistula. Hundreds of letters and certificates are
now in the proprietor's possession, which can be
seen upon application. Send for circular. Pre
pared by HENRY D. FOWLE, Chemist, 71 Prince
street, Boston, and for sale by JOHN WILEY,
corner 3d street and Penn. avenue, Washington
House, sole agent lor Washirgton city and vi
cinity. Certificates with each bottle. "Price
One Dollar " mar 20 3m
WARRANTED Gold Band Window Shades,
Buff, Green, and Blue Holland Shades, all
sizes, made to order.
Also, u handsome assortment of Picture Cord
and Tassels, all fizes and colors.
Purchasing for cash, and allowing no old stock
to accumulate, persons needing the above goods
will find It to their advantage to give me a call.
All work executed and superintended by
practical men, who have served a regular ap
prenticeship at their trade.
Satisfaction guarantied, or no pay required.
Please give me a call. Hemembcr the number.
No. 486 Seventh street, eight doors above
nov 26 Odd Fellows' Hall.
Plumbor and Gas and Steam Fitter
664 Seventh street, near Canal Bridge, Washington.
ALL orders executed at the shortest notice, in
the most substantial manner, and on rea
sonable terms.
Personal attention given to every department
of the business. nov 26
CONSEQUENTLY, I shall remain In Wash
ington, and continue to pursue my occu
PAINTING. Gilding in all Its brancues. Old
Glazing promptly attended to. Painting and
Ornamenting Cottage Furniture In the best
style. I also call attention to tbe Painting of
Roofs and Brick Wulls.
All of the above I will do as cheap as the
cheapest. I therefore solicit the patronage ol
my friends and fellow citizens of the District
Punctuality strictly observed, and work done In
tbe best manner.
You will please mind your stops, and stop at
M. T. PARKER'S Painting Establishment, No. 63 1
6311 63111 Louisiana avenue, north side, be
tween Sixth and eventh streets.
P. S. Signs put up free of charge, as usual,
nov 20
No. 368 Sixth st., between O and II Us.,
FRESH CAKES every day; Candles of all
kinds ; Wedding cakes, Fancy cakes, pyra.
mids of all kinds and sites, Charlotte Rush,
Blanc Mange, and Jellies, made to order. Far
ties, Suppers, Balls, Excursions, Weddings, and
other entertainments, furnished on the most rea
sonable terms. Ice Cream and Water Ices, f 1.25
per gallon. feb 16 6m
DRS. LOCKWOOD 4 DARRELL are prepared
a new and improved mode. When made oa this
plan, they are comfortable to wear, and much
rllO.nap tha,. nnw nil. 1 1-n T...L f I
............ ....... ..j wUi(, 4.v, Aociu luiericu on
Gold plate, and all Dental operations of any kind
l.a n.a tin J..I..J AAI .. I
iua.b ui vv uc.ircu. vmce room, no. o, tn the
Washington Building, corner of Pennsylvania
avenue and Seventh street. feb 15 Jra
Fashionable Tailor,
No. CI 8 Garrison street, between I and Fir
ginia avenue, Navy Yard.
CONSTANTLY on hand a full supply of Ready
Made Clothing and Gentlemen's Furnishing
goods. Jan 10
33T Pennsyhania aienue, opposite Brown's Betel,
Recommends himself to the publio in general to
do all kinds of work in his line, and guaranties
the same. Charges low fe0 IS
Iinrxjrlzr and j-vily in
French, English, and American Paper
Hangings and Window Shades,
No. 365 New York av., bet. 10th and Uth sts
ajiusuw: utx.
All work rtersnnnllv MtAnrieil tn a-A ..,i.r..
torily guarantied. feb 18 6m
And Coals of all kinds,
ALSO keep constantly on band Building Ma
terials, such as
Office, west side of Seventh street, at Canal
Bridge feu 16 3m
Opposite the Post Office Department,
HAS fitted up, In connection with bis estab
lishment, convenient accommodations for
affording to his customers and tbe public th
luxury ot COLD or WARM BATHS, at any time
during business hours. His charges will be mod
erate twenty-Dve cents for a sligle batb, or fire
baths for a dollar, when tickets for that number
are purchased aud paid fur in advance.
Mr. Scbaefer lakes this opportunity to inform
bis customers that this desirable addition to bis
es'abllsbtpent will In no manner Interfere with
bis regular professional business. On tbe con
trary, he hopes to add to his present facilities for
insuring prompt attention tn his numerous pa
trons in the line of SHAVING and HA1R
DUE3S1NG. And to the Ladies who patronize him In the
line nf Cutting or Trimming their own or tbelr
children's hair, he begs t (ay that be has pro
vided for tkem better accommodations, in having
fitted up a small room and appropriated It ex
clusively to their use. mar 20 lm
D street, between Seventh and Eighth streets,
nov 26 Washington, D. O.
House Decorators & Upholsterers.
We would respectfully notify all in
want of an Upholsterer or Paper Hang
er that we are prepared to execute all
work intrusted tu us in tbe molt supe
rior manner an) on tbe shortest possi
ble notice. All work done by us is
under our own Immediate supervision,
and satisfaction is guarantied in every
case. JOSEPH T. K. PLANT It CO.,
350 D St., bet. Ninth and Tenth.
Refer to Messrs. Louis F. Perry k
Co., Dealers hi Carpets, Oil-cloths, Ac,
corner cf Ninth street and Pennsylvania
avenue. feb 20 ly
-Vo. 487 Seienlh street, between D and E streets,
feb 20 Cm
No. 07 Zouuiuna av., opposite Bank of Washington.
BAR, Sbret, and Hoop Iron; Horse-shoe Iron,
Norway Nail Rods, Burden's Patent Horse
Shoes, Horse-shoe Nails ; Cast, Shear, Mid blis
ter Steel ; Anvils, Bellows, and Vices ; Sheet
Lead. Bar Lead, and Lead Pipe; Leaded Root
ing Tin ; Bright Tin ot all kinds ; Block Tin,
Zinc, and Copper; Iron, Brass, and Copper Wire.
Carriage Bows and Curtain Canvas, Hubs,
Spokes, Rims, and Axles, Locks, Hinges, Screws,
Nails, Brads, Sash Weights, Sash Cord, PulWys,
Planes, Saws, Chisels, Files, Boring and Mortice
Machines, and Grindstones, Axes, ShoTels,8pado3,
Rakes, Forks, 4c.
All at the lowest prices for Cash, or to puac
tual i ustomers on short credit. nov 36
LOT rUR SALE. Lot Five, In Square 1032,
containing about 13,000 square feet. Price,
three cents per foot, Apply at this office.
fUBSwBH&nBBaBF ' jL.

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