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On Seventh street, near K, opposite the Oeneriil
Post Office, by
One iqaara, three days ;.$1.00
One! square, fonr daya 1.25
One aqnare, fire daya 1.B0
One! aqnare, alzdaya i... 1.1ft
Oni aquare, two weeka..... 2.75
Oni aqnare, three weeka 3.60
One tqnara, one month 4.00
One aqnare, three month 10.00
Oni aqnare, alx months. t ; 18.00
One aquare, one year 30.00
Every other day adrertlaementa, fifty per cent
additional ; once a week advertleemenu charged
ai hew for each Insertion.
Ihierted only once, ten centf a line.
Advertisement Inserted Inside, 33$ per cent.
To city subscribers itx and a quarter centf
per week, payable to the carricn.
To mall subscribers, three dollar! and fifty
cents per annum, payable In advance.
uui...u. .1 11 f vj :. . '.onu1 ,:;' ' .i-' : ' r
V0iu.w i,Mto1 .r j WAiaiNGTON, D. 0., FRIDAY, JUNE 21, 1861. "
mi "' ' . i ii i
No. 175.
Tea imea or loss constitute a aqnare,
r i or ma rational itapuDiicaD.
xuvj oi-i. uuiNUticu ai sLiiA&nuKu,
Tennyson baa Immortalized the charge of the
gallant Six Hundred at the battle of Balaklava,
and the writer tblnka that the exploit of the Six
Hundred at Alexandria rtcently, ahonld likewise
be commemorated in song; and aa It, like all na
tional anthems, signalize) some great event, It
can be appropriated by the Southrons, aa its
versification la well suited to the air of " Dixle'a
Twas a lovely night In May, that Virginia's F.
P. V.'a
Were In Alexandria quartered, for soldiers, quite
at east,
When an order came from " Terrett " for the rifle
men to form,
Aa the enemy were coming, to take the town by
Now, It must be borne In mtnd, that it waa their
frequent boast
That ten to ono must be the number of the
Before the chivalrous South any fear at all would
For "Sco t'a hirelings ' were not foemen worthy
of their eteel.
By multiplication fair, six thonsand thna were
To make good the worda they had ao valorously
But the sequel will ahow plainly, that these Vir
ginia braves
Were scattered far and wide, by the much de
spised "Zouaves."
With braveEllsworth In the lead, they landed on
the shore,
Disappointed not to hear the fearful cannon's
Dp the clty'a streets thay marched, by the pale
light of the moon,
To find the valiant soldiers gone, horse, foot, and
In conclusion, then, my readers, with me yon all
will say :
"Thna may it ever be," until that eventful
When, convinced of their great error, submis
sively they'll bow
To that glorious starry banner, floating o'er their
city now.
U. U.
Washington as a Camp A Graphic Picture
of Military Life The Advance of the Sev
enth Regiment into Virginia Work in the"
We copy, from advance sheets of the July
number of the Atlantic Monthly, the graphic
description of camp-life contributed to that
magazine by the lamented Major Wlnthrop,
late of the seventh regiment of New York,
serving aftorwards as aiddo-camp to General
Bntler, and killed at Great Bethel, June 10,
We marched up the hill, and when the dust
opened there was our Big Tent ready pitched.
It was an enormous tent the Sibley pattern
modified. A simple soul in our ranks looked
op and aaid " Tent I canvass I I don't see it ;
that's marble 1'' Whereupon a simpler soul
informed ns " Boys, that's the Capitol."
And so it was the Capitol as glad to see the
New York seventh regiment as they to see it.
The Capitol was to be our quarters, and I waa
pleased to notice that the top of the dome had
been left off for ventilation.
The seventh had had a wearisome and anx
ious progress from New Yoik, as I havo.chroni
cled in the June Atlantic. We had marched
from Annapolis, while " rumors to right of ns,
rumors to left of us volleyed and thundered."
We had not expected that the attack upon ns
would be merely verbal. The truculent citi
zens of Maryland notified us that we were to
And every barn a Concord and every hedge a
Lexington. Our Southern brethren at present
repudiate their debts) but we fancied they
would keep their warlike promises. At least,
everybody thought, " They will fire over our
beads, or bang, blank cartridges at us." Every
nose was sniffing (or the smell of powder.
Vapor instead of valor nobody looked lor. So
the march had been on the quivive. We were
happy enough that it was over, nnd successful.
Buccessiui, Decause juuiudo duinoo was not
installed in the White House. It is safe to call
Jeff. Davis Mumbo Jumbo now. But thero is
doubt that the luckless man had visions of
himself receiving guests, repudiating debts, and
distributing embassies in Wasbiugion, May 1,
1861. And as to La' Davis, there seems to be
documentary evidence that she meant to be at
" At Home, in the capital, bringing the first
strawberries with her from Montgomery, for her
Mayday soiree. Bahl oue does not like to sneer
at peoplo who have their necks iu the halter ;
but one happy result of this disturbance is that
the disturbers have sent themselves to Coven
try. The Lincoln party muy be wanting in
finish. Finish comes with use. A little rough
ness of manner, the genuine simplicity of a
true.soul like Lincoln, is attractive. But what
man of breeding could ever staud the type
Southern Senator? But let him rest in such
peace as he can find I Uo and his peers will
not soon bo seeu where we of the New York
seventh were now entering.
Tliev cave us the Representatives Chamber
for quarters. Without ruuning the gauntlet of
caucus, pmnary, and election, every one ot us
attained mat sacreu slirino.
In wo marched, tramp, tramp. Bayonets
took the place of buncombe. The frowzy crea
tures in all-made dress coats, shimmering satin
wuiscoats, and hats of the tile model, who
lounge, spit, and vociferate there, and name
themselves M. C, were off. Our neat uniforms
and blight barrels showed to great advantage,
compared with the usual costumes of the usual
dramatis persona! of tho Bcene.
It was n dramatic business, our entrance
there. The new Chamber is gorgeous, but in
effective. Its ceiling is flat, and panelled with
transparencies. Each panel is the coat-of-arms
of a State, painted on glass. I could not
npn that ilin inmnrtial sunbeams, tempered by
this .skylight, had burned away tho insignia of
the mulconteiit States. Nor had any rampant
secessionist thought to punch any ol tho seven
lost Pleiads out from that firmament witha
long pole. Crimson and gold are the prevail
ing hues of the decorations. There is uouuity
and breadth of coloring. The desks of the
'members radiate in double files' from a white
marble tribune at the centre of the semicircle.
In caroelhajiewnctprs otvthitsbeue; ifturv
presence nere waa tbe inevitable aequel or past
vents.) iVfe- Appeared with bayonets and bul
lets' because1 of the' both utterfdoh this doory
because of tbe bills with treaaonable stump
speeches in their bellies passed here) because
of the cowardice of the poltroons, the imbecili
ty of the.' dodgers, afadl the arrogance of the
bullies, who had here co operated to blind and
corrupt tho minds of the people. Talk had
made a miserable meaa of it. The ultima ratio
was now appealed to.
' Some of our companies were marched up
stairs into the galleries. The sofas were to be
their beds. With their white cross-belts and
bright breastplates, they made a very pictu
resque bodvot spectators for whatever happened
in the Hall, and never failed to applaud in tbe
right or wrong place at will.
Most of ns were bestowed in the amphithea
ter. Each desk received its man. He was to
scribble on it by day, and sleep nnder it by
night. When the desks wero all taken, tbe com
panies overflowed into the corners and into the
lobbies. Tbe staff took committee rooms. The
colonel reigned in the Speakers parlor,
Once in, firstly, we washed,
Such -a wash merits a special paragraph. I
compliment the M. C'a, our hosts, upon the
water privileges. How we welcomed this chief
luxury after our march 1 And thenceforth' how
we prized Stl For tho clean face is an institu
tion which requires perpetual renovation at
Washington, " Constant 'vigilance is the price"
of neatness. When the sky here is not travel
ling earthward in rain, earth is mounting sky
ward invdust. So much dirt must have an im
moral effect.
After the wash, we showed ourselves to the
eyes of Washington, marching by companies,
each to a different hotel, to dinner. This be
came one of the ceremonies of our barrack
life. We liked it, The Washingtonians were
amused and encouraged by it. Thrco times a
day, with marked punctuality, our lines formed
and tramped down the hill to scuffle with awk
ward squads of waiters, for fare more or less
tolerable, in tnese litue marcnes we encoun
tered, byand-by, tho other regiments, arid,
most soldierly ot all, the Rhode Island men, in
blue flannel blouses and bersagliere hats,
ot them nereatter.
It was a most attractive post of ours at the
Capitol. Spring was at its freshest and fairest.
rvery uay was mure exquisite mail tin lurcruu
ner. We drilled morning, noon, and evening,
almost hourly, in the pretty square east of the
building. Old soldiers found that they rattled
through the manual twice as alert as ever
before. Recruits became old soldiers in a
trice. And, as to awkward squads, men that
would have been tho veriest louts and lubbers
in the piping times of peace, now learned to
toe the mark, to wbiak their eyes right and
left, to drop the butts of their muskets without
crushing their corns, and all the mysteries of
flank and file and so became full-fledged he
roes before they knew it.
In the rests between our drills, we lay under
the young shade on the sweet young grass, with
the odors of snowballs and horse-chestnut
blooms drifting to us with every whiff of breeze,
and amused ourselves with watching the evo
lutions of our friends of the Massachusetts
eighth, and other less experienced soldiers, aa
tbey appeared upon tne neia. iney, too, line
ourselves, were going through the transforma
tion;. These sturdy fellows wero then in a
rough enough chrysalis of uniform. That shed,
they would look worthy of themselves.
But tbe best of tbe entertainment was within
the Capitol. Some three thonsand or more of
us were now Quartered there. The Massachu
setts eighth wero under the dome. No fear of
want of air for them. The Massachusetts sixth
were eloouont for their State in the Senate
Chamber. It was singularly fitting, among the
many coincidences in the history of this regi
ment, that they should be there, tacitly aveng
ing the assault npon Sumner, and tbe attempts
to bully tbe impregnable Wilson.
In tho recesses, caves, and crypts of the
Capitol, what other legions were bestowed I do
not know. I daily lost myself, and sometimes,
when out of my reckoning, was put on the
way by sentries of strange corps, u Reading
light infantry man, or some other. We all fra
ternized.' There was a fine enthusiasm among
us; not the soldierly rivalry in discipline that
may grow up in fdture between men of differ
ent States actiner together, but the brotherhood
of ardent fellows first in the field, and earnest
in the cause,
Alt our life in tho Capitol was most dramatio
and sensational.
Before it was fairly light in the dim interior
of the Representatives Chamber, tho revalles of
the different regiments came rattling through
the corridors. Every snorer's trumpet sudden
ly paused. The impressive sound of the hushed
breathing of a thousand sleepers, marking off
the fleet moments of the night, gave way to a
most vociferous uproar. Tho boy element is
large in the seventh regiment. Its slang dic
tionary is peculiar and unabridged. As soon
as we woke, tbe pit began to chaff the galleries
and the galleries' tho pit. We were allowed
noise nearly ad libitum. Our riotous tenden
cies, if they existed, escaped by the safety
valve of the larynx. We joked, we shouted,
we sang, we mounted the speaker's desk and
made speeches, always to the point; for if any
but a wit ventured to give tongne, he was
coughed down without ceremony. Let tbe
M. C's. adopt this plan aud silence their dunces.
With all our jollity, we pren-rved very tolera
ble decorum. The regiment is asset bien com.
posi. Many of its privates are distinctly gen
ilnmon nfWprlini' and character. Tho lone is
irminlv annd. and the esprit de corns high. If
the colonel should say, " Up, boys, and at 'em,
I know that the seventh would do brilliantly in
ilm field. I ununk now of its behavior iu-doors-
This certainly did it credit. Our thousand did
the Capitol little harm that a corporal's guard
of biddies, with mops aud tubs, could not repair
in a forenoon's camnaiirn.
Perhaps we should havo served our country
better by a little vandalism. The decorations
of the Capitol have a slight flavor of the south
western steamboat saloon. The pictures (now,
by the way, carefully covered) would most of
tbera bo the better it the figures were bayonet
ed and the back grounds sabred out. Both,
pictures and decorations, belong to that by
gone epoch of our country when men shaved
the moustache, dressed like parsons, said "Sir,"
aud chewed tobacco a transition epoch, now
become an historical blank.
Tho home correspondence of our legion of
young heroes was illimitable. Every ono had
his little tale of service to relate. A decima
tion of the regiment, more or leas, had profited
by the tender moment of departure to pop.the
question, and to receive the dulcet "Yes."
These lucky fellows were, of course, writing to
Dulcinea regularly three meals of love a day.
Mr. Van Wvck, M. C.,and a brace of colleagues,
were kept n& ' work all day giving franka
and saving three-pennies to the ardent scribes.
Uncle Sam lost certainly three thousand cents
a day in this manner.
What crypts and dens, caves and cellars,
there are in that great structure 1 And barrels
of floor in every oue of them this month of May,
1861. Do civilians eat in this proportion- Or
does long standing' in the " Position of a Sol
dier" (eta's "Tactics" for a review of that
graceful post) increase a man's capacity for
bread and beef so enormously?
It waa infinitely picturesque in those dim
Vaults by night. Sentries were posted at every
turn. Their guns gleamed in the gaslight.
Sleepers were lying in their blankets wherever
the stones were, softest. Then in the guard
room the guard were waiting their turn. We
have not had much of this scenery in America,
and the nhvaiosnomv of volunteer militarv
life is quite distinct from anything one sees in
European service. The people have never had
occasion until now to oocnpy their palace with
armed men-
We were to be sworn into the service of the
United States the afternoon of April 26th. All
the seventh, raw men and ripe men, marched
out into the sweet spring sunshine. Every
fellow had whitened his belts, burnished his
arms, curled his moustache, and was scowling
his manliest for Uncle Sam a approval.
We were drawn up by companies in the Cap
itol Square for mustering in.
Presently before us appeared a gorgeous
officer, In full fig. ' Major McDowell I " some
body whispered, as we presented arms. He is
a' general, or perhaps a field marshal, now.
Promotions come with a hop, skip, and jump,
in these times, when demerit resigns and merit
stands ready to step to the front I
Major Colonel General McDowell, in a sol
dierlv voice, now called the roll, and we all
answered, " Here 1" in voioes more or less I
soldierly. He entertained himself with this 1
ceremony tor an hour, ibe roll over, we were
marched and formed in threo sides of a square
along the turf. Again the handsome otficer
Stepped forward, and recited, to us tho condi
tions of our service. " In accordance with a
special arrangement made with the Governor
of New York, says the Major, "you are now
mustered into tbe service of tbe United States,
to serve for thirty days, unless sooner dis
charged " and, continues he " the oath will
now he read to you by the magistrate."
Hereupon a gentleman, en mufti, but wear
ing a military cap with an oil-skin oover, was-
revealed, until now lie nan sremeu an impas
sive supernumerary. But he was biding his
time, and, with duo respect be it said, saving
his wind, and now, in a stentorian voice, he
"The following is the oath!"
Per se, this remark was1 not comic. But
there was something in the dignitary's man
ner which tickled the regiment. As one man,
the thousand smiled, and immediately adopted
this new epigram among its private counter
signs. But the good-natured smilo passed away as
we listened to the improssivo oath following its
We raised Qur right hands, and, clause by
clause, repeated tho solemn obligation, in the
name of God, to be faithful soldiers of our
country. It was not quite so comprehensive
as tbe beautitut Knignuy pledge administered
by King Arthur to his comrades, and trans
mitted to our time by Major General Tenny
son, of the Parnassus division. We did not
swear, as they did of yore, to be true lovers as
well as loyal soldiers. Ca va sans dire in
1861, particularly when you were engaged to
your Amanda the evening before you started,
as was the case with many a stalwart brave
and many a mighty man of a coporal or ser
geant in our ranks.
We were thrilled and solemnized by the
stately ceremony of tbe oath. This, again, was
most dramatic. A nrand nublio recognition
of a duty, a reavowal of the fundamental belief
that our system was worthy ot tbe support, and
our Government of tbe confidence, of all loyal
mem and there was daneer iu thu middle dis
tance of our .view into the future danger of
attack, or dangerous duty of advance, just
enough to keep any trifler from feeling that his
pledge was mere holiday business.
So. under tbe cloudless blue sky. we echoed
in unison the sentences of tbe oath, A little,
low mnrmur of rattling arms, shaken with the
hearty utterance, made itself beard in tbe
pauses. Then tho band crashed iu magnifi
cently. We were now miserable mercenaries, serving
for low pay and rough rations. Read the
Southern papers and you will see us described.
"Mudsills" that I believe, is tho technical
word. By repeating n form of words after a
gentleman in a glazed cap and black raiment,
we had suffered change into base assassins, the
offscourings of society, starving for want of
employment, and willing to " imbrue our coarse
fists in fraternal blood" for the sum of elevon
dollars a mouth, besides hard tack, salt junk,
and the hope of a Confederate States' bond
apiece for bounty, or free boot in tho treasuries
of Florida, Mississippi and Arkansas, after the
war. How carefully from that day wo watched
tbe rise and fall of United States stock 1 If
tbey should go low among the nineties, we felt
tbat our eleven dollars per mensem would De
We stayed in our palace for a week or so
after April 26lb. the dav of tho oath. That
was the most original part of our duty thus I'ar.
New York never bad so unanimous a deputa
tion on tho floor of the Representative Cham
ber before, and never a moro patriotic one.
Tako care, gentleman members of Congress I
look to your words and your acts honestly and
wisely in future I don't palter with libertv again j
it is not well tbat soldiers should get into the
habit of thinking they are always to unravel tho
snarls and cut the knots twisted and tied by clum
sy or crafty fingers. Tbe traitor States already
need the main de fer yes, and without the
aant de velours. Let us beware, and keep our
selves worthy of the boon of self-government,
mau by man I I do not wish to hear, "order
nrras I "and " charge bayonets I " in the Capitol.
But this present defence of free speech and
free thought ends, let us hope,, that danger for
ever. When we had been ten days in our showy
barracks we began to quarrel with luxury.
What had private soldiers to do with the desks
of lawgivers? Why should we be allowed to
revel longer in the dining-rooms of Washing
ton hotels, partaking tho admirable dainties
The May sunshine, the birds and the breezes
of May invited ns to camp, the genuine thing,
under canvass. Besides, Uncles Sam and Abe
wanted our room for othejf company. Wash
ington was filling up fast with uniforms. It
seemed as if all the able-bWjjd men in the
conntry were moving, on the first of May, with
all their property on their backs, to agreeable,
but dusty lodgings on the Potomac.
We also made our May move. One after
noon, my company, the ninth, and tbe engi
neers, the tenth, were detailed to follow Captain
Viele, and lay out a camp on Meridian Hill.
to be continued.
ERNST LOEFFLER takes this method to an
nounce to his friends and the public gener
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certs on Sunday evenings, lie bas always a
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Also, the very best lager beer from his own
brewery. Re also furnishes lager beer to persons
throughout the city. A bowling alley and gym
nasium have been fitted up for the Accommoda
tion of visiters. may 24 lm
Progress of Slavery in the United States.
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apr 2
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Wabuikoton, D. C, April 30, 1861.
TO-DAY, while the old mrssrnger was work
ing some colored convicts In the garden, as
he has been accustomed to do for the last two
years, two of them (Noble Grayson, confined for
setting fire to Shreete's stable, and Edward Duck
ett) ran off. The Warden will pay twenty-five
dollars for the delivery of either of them,
may 1 II. I. KING.
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Seitnth street
If you want to have an office, buy a nice suit
of Clothes from SMITH. No. 460 Seventh street.
If you wish to look nice, buy a suit of Clothes
at SMITH'S anyhow. feb 28 6m
A NY person having a good-slied
house to rent, or who would like to rent the
house and sell the furniture, on terms suited to
the times, may perhaps find a customer by ad
dressing Box No. 247, City Post Office.
may IB tf
GOOD Boarding, with or without rooms, ean
be had on accommodating terms by apply.
log at No. 428 Duff Green's row, Capitol Hill,
mar 27 tf
W. 0. BERRY,
No. 487 Seventh street, between D and E streets,
feb 20 6m
Philadelphia Lager Beer Depot,
No. 381 Pkkkstltakia Avenok,
Between Four and ahalf and Sixth Streets.
may 25 2m
IN consequence of our having to pay cash for
every article of goods we purchase, we are
forced to reduce our business to cash exclusive
ly, for tbe present. We have In store a very
Urge assortment of READY-MADE CLOTHING,
for man and boys' wear, which are selling at a
much lower rato than usually.
322 Pa. avenue, between Oth aad 10th sts.
June 8
Qrirt BALES of ptlme Timothy nay just ar-
0JJ rived per schooucr Ned, aud tor sale
fromvesBel. PEl'ER UERttY,
jane 13 Ot 85 Water street, Georgetown.
SMITH'S, No. 400 Seventh street, is the boat
place in town to buy Clothes, Furnishing
I Goods, llaU, and Caps.
feb 28 6m
Twit uySttMLu A Via
No. 271 Pennsylvania avenue, Washington D. O.i
ca Bonks bound In (very stria, Turlror, Morocco, RuS
lla, snd Calt.
Jqne 7 3m
THOSE who deslro to select from new patterns,
with the advantage of a reduction In prices,
will call early and examine.
We would also call the attention of persona
about introducing gaa into their dwellings to our
Increased facilities, and consequent low prices,
fori this branch of our trade.
inviting all who desire their work done
promptly, and free from gas leakages, to call at
26i Pennsylvania avenue, between Tenth and
Eleventh streets, south side.
nor 30 J. W THOMPSON & CO.
C G.SCOTT respectfully announces to pa
, rents, that she wlllbe happy to give lessona
on the piano to both sexcs,from seven to four
teen years of age, at their own homes; at $10
per quarter, or CO cents per lesson,
may 16 Ne. 44 Missouri avenue.
f Lato Maniaer of tbe Washington Stanch Ofllcn of the Scicu
UHc American 1'atont Asonty of Ittura. Mann 4 Co ,
and for mora than leu years oOclallr connected with
said arm, and with an experience or foartecn
years tuevary hranbrciutinrtotneratenl
Ofllce, and the Interest of Inventors,
Office In Washington, D. C, N. E. corner of
Seventh and F streets, second story, directly
opposite tho Patent Ofllce.
From Hon. Charles Mason, late Commissioner oj
Wasbikokw, D. O., Ocfo4r4, 1860.
Learning that R. W. Fenwick, Esq., Is about
to open an ofllce In this city, as a Solicitor of
Patents, I cheerfully state that I have long known
him as a gentleman of large experience in such
milters, of prompt and accurate business habits,
and of undoubted integrity. As sucb, I commend
him to the Inventors of the United States.
Keeps constantly on hand
aud all other articles In his line.
EVERY description of harness manufactured
to order, and sold atwbolesale or retail, cheap
fef easb, or on an approved credit. Old Saddles,
Harness, or Trunks, repaired or taken in exchange
for new. No. 373 Pennsylvania avenue, between
Four-and-a-half and Sixth streets, opposite Na
tional Hotel, Washington, D. 0.
'may 17 6m
Fowle's Pile and Humor Core.
A SURE CURE for Bleeding, Blind, and Itch
ing PILES, Scrofula, Salt Rheum, and Dis
eases of tbe Skin. One bottle warranted to cure
In all cases j If not, dealers are particularly re-
? utsted to refund the money. Only five bottles
ti a thousand returned, and these were cases of
Fistula. Hundreds of letters and certificates are
new in the proprietor's possession, which can bo
seen upon application. Send for circular. Pre
pared by HE.NRY D. FOWLE, Chemist, 71 Prince
street, Boston, and for sale by JOHN WILEY,
corner 3d street and I'enn. avenue, Washington
House, sole agent for Washington city and vi
cinity. Certificates with each bottle. "Prie
One Dollar." mar 20 3m
aOOD BOARD can be obtained back of the
Heights of Georgetown, in a retired and
beautiful situation. AKo, a furnished Cottage
with board. References will be required. In
quire of R. W. Barnard, corner of Ninth street
and Pennsylvania avenue ; R. T. Z. Clssel, Bridge
apd Congress streets Georgetown. apr 22
499 Seventh street, opposite Odd Fellows' Hall
Silver Medal awarded by Maryland Institute of
Baltimore, November 7, 1860.
Also, Medal by Metropolitan Mechanics' Institute,
Washington, D. 0., 1857.
I AM CONSTANTLY making, and havo on
hand, of tho best material, every description
Fin Sole Leather, Iron Frame,
Ladies' Dress. Wood Box,
And Packing Trunkj,
Carpet and Canvas Travelling Bags,
School Satchels,
Saddles. Harness, Whips, Ac, d-c-
Superior Leather and Dress Trunks ; also, Ce
dar Trunks, (for keeping Moth out of Furs and
fine Woolen Goods,) made to order.
Repairing, and Trunks covered, neatly and
with promptness.
Goods delivered in any port of the city, George
town, and Alexandria, free of charge.
mar 22 y JAMK3 S. TOPHAM.
Successors to llutlock Si Herbert,
No. 399 Seventh st., bat. Hand Ists
Keep constantly on hand Cloths, Casstmeres,
and Vestlngs. mar 18 flm
sortment of OKAY snd BLUE FLANNEL
we Invite all cash purchasers to examine before
making their selections.
322 Penn. avenue, between Ninth
may 23 and Tenth streets.
Fashionable Tailor,
.No. 618 Garrison street, between I and Vir
ginia avenue, Navy Yard,
L10NSTANTLY on band a full supply of Ready
I Made Clothing and Gentlemen's Furnishing
goods. jan 10
LL IN WANT of Clothing should not fail to
J. call on Smith. No. 460 Seventh street, to
buy their goods, as he will sell them bargains. I
feb 28 flm

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