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firised 4,800 .bales, arid sis the last ship is
oaded and off, business may bo regarded as
suspended until th9 receipt of.tho new crop.
Louisville, June 20. The Memphis Bulletin
says that 600 muskets shipped by the Federal
Government ,for the men in Weakly county,
Tennessee, full into the hands of the seccders.
The Union city troops at Memphis wero much
in want of arms, whole companies being un
armed. Southern Kentucky will soon secede,
says the samo paper, and then Qeneral Pillow
will move to support them.
In Monroe county, Kentucky, near Helena,
several negroes were arrested lately Tor an at
tempted insurrect on. They were hung. Their
Slot was, that the white males were to be mur
ered, but the females and children spared.
The Austin (Texas Gazette has been in
formed of a secret Umou association in that
from foutiiess mokroe.
The, steamer Gcorgiana arrived at Baltimore
yesterday, and reports matters quiet. No ad
ditional troops or vessels had arrived up to the
time of the sailing of the steamer.
A short time before the Qcorgiana left Old
Point, a propeller of the Shriver line quitted
Old Point wharf, having on board between 80
and 90 tons of shells. At nine o'clock this
morning the propeller arrived at Fort McHenry
wharf, and landed the dangerous playthings.
It is supposed that the messengers of death will
be forwarded to Washington.
It was reported at Fortress Monroe yester
day, that Colonel Magruder had evacuated
Great Bethel, nnd taken up a position a short
distance from Yorktown.
Cairo. June 19. Mr. W.H.Russell, tho cor
respondent of the London Times, arrived here
to day from the South. He Says nothing in re
gard to Southern affairs, but complains that
his correspondence has been tampered with by
the secessionists, his letters detained, altered,
and some not sent at all from Southern post
Louisville, June 19. Mr. Mallory, the can
didate for Congress from this district, addressed
a meeting here to night, deprecating the course
of secession, and favoring Kentucky's remain
insr in the Union as lone as is consistent with
her honor, opposing coercion, but denying that
defending Washington city and suppressing re
bellion is coercion.
Washington, June 14. The Douglas Monu
ment Committee met to-day Hou. John B.
Haskin in the chair. Present, John T. Knnis,
J. J. McEohene, Geo. W. McLean, Thomas 0.
Fields, Andrew M. Ballade. They reported
that Col. John W. Forney would deliver tho
eulogy, and that Prof. Henry, of tho Smith
ttoniun Institute, had kindly proffered the use
of the lecture-room of the Institution, of which
Judge Douglas was one of the regents, for the
deliverv of the eulogy, on the 31 ot July. Pro
fessor Henry was selected to preside on the
The committee had under consideration tho
use to which the Douglas fund should be ap
propriated, but owing to the Inrge number of
communications upon that subject laid before
them, they came to no Gual conclusion thereon.
The following resolutions, proposed .by
Thomas C. Field, Esq., of New York, were
adopted :
Resolved, That an address to the citizens of
the United States bo prepared and published,
setting forth the object ot the committee.
Resolved, Thatthe Rjresidentappointnn aux
iliary committee for each State, to consist of
not more than eleven nor less than three mem
bers, such committee to report to this commit
tee. Resolved, That it is recommended that tho
friends of the late Senator Douglas, without
distinction of party, assemble in their respec
tive towns, cities, and villages, on the evening
of the 3d of July noxt, for the purpose of form
ing relief and monument associations for their
several localities, when donations ana suusctip
tions can bo received and furwarded to the
treasurer, hereafter to bo appoiuttd.
The friendly aid of tho ladies of the United
States is requested.
The auxiliary committees will be announced
on Friday evening next, to which time the com
mittee adjourned.
A special Richmond (Va.) dispatch to the
Picayune, says : " Tho veil of secrecy has been
removed from thp proceedings of the Conven
tion. The vote on tho ordinance of secession,
April 17tb, wus for secession 83, against 95.
On tho 14th iuilai.t it was signed by 91 mem
bers ouly."
The wheat harvest will commence on tho
Maryland Eastern Shore next week. The
Eastern Star says the crop in that county
promises inoro than nn average yield. The
corn, however, is very backward, and has beeu
greatly damaged by the worm.
June 20, 1861.
BY direction of the Secretary of War, a medi
citl board, to consist of Surgeon A. N. Mc
Laren, the lledic.il Dircctor.of the Department
of Washington, Surgeon L. A. Edwards, and
Assistant Surgeon T. If. Getty, United States
a-niy, will convene In this city to-morrow morn
ing at ten o'clock, or as soon thereafter as prac
t cable, for the examination of such applicant!
for the position of surgoon for a brigade as may
be referred to it by tliu S cretary of War.
Appointments will be made fiom among those
only who shall be explained and reported as fully
qualified by Bald lioird.
Tlifl sessions of tho Board will be held at No.
1T0 PcnnsjlvHiila avenue, (north Bide,) between
Seventeenth and Eighteenth streets.
June 21 St Surgeon General.
By J. 0. McOniro & Co., Auctioneers.
w morlng, Juno 22, at 11 o'clock, in frout of
tho Amnion Itooms, we shall sell, to cover ad
vances 1 new shifting top Buggy Wagon
1 new no-top Yacht Wagon
1 gnud second band Tamily Carriage for four
Terms cash, In current funds.
J. O. McQUlRE 4 CO.,
jur.e 21 td Auctioneers.
By J. 0. McQuiro & Co., Auctioneers.
J J Auction. On Saturday Morning, Juno 22,
at 10 o'clock, in fiont of the Auction Itooms, wo
shall stll, for account of whom it may concern,
1 Ladles' tins Gold Watch, with Gold Guard
Terms cash. J. C. HcGDIRE it CO.,
June 21 Auctioneers.
Plumbor and Gas and Steam Fitter
6til Stventk ttreet,ntar Canal Eridje, Washxngton.
ALL orders executed nt the shortest notice, In
the most substantial mannor, and on ria
tonablt terms.
Perianal attention given to every department
gfth business. nov 28
The fourteenth New York regiment Oneida
county volunteers, who have been in barracks
at Albany for the pant two mouths, awaiting
the summons from the War Department which
was to bring it to the seat of war, arrived in
the cars at noon yesterday. The regiment
numbers 780 men, all good, soldierly-looking
fellows, well drilled and equipped.
The Colonel has a splendid charger, fully
caparisoned, which was presented to him by
the citizens of Utlca, who hold bim in high
aitimation. The rood DeooU of Utlca (which
seems now not to be "pent np" at all) also
presented that regiment with an elaborately
wrought satin banner. The uniform of the
men is dark blue, and is very substantial and
well made.
The quartermaster, Mr. Bates, carries a
sword which was borne in the charge at Ba
laklava, the scabbard being indented near the
point, where it was struck by a rifle ball.
Tho regiment is armed with the Springfield
muskets of 1842, but expect to receive the
Sorinefield rifled muskets in this citv. Thev
bring with them a full dram and fife corps of
twenty pieces.
The following is a list of tho Held, staff, and
line officers i
Colonel, John McQuade ; lieutenant colonel,
C. H. Skiller ; major, Charles B. Young ; ad
jutant, John F. McQuade j surgeon, Alonzo
Churchill ; quartermaster, Thomas II. Bates j
chaplain, George M. Hewes ; assistant surgeon,
J. E. West! sergeant major. C. B. Mervinci
quartermaster! James P. Bailou drum major,
Thomas J. Hines ; fife major, Samuel E. Cat
lin. Company A, Utica Captain, Thomas M.
Davies ; first lieutenant, George H. Cone ;
second lieutenant, Rodger D. Crocker.
Company B, Utica Captain, W. R. Brazee ;
first lieutenant, Rufus Dagget ; second lieuten
ant, George T. Hollingworth.
Company C, Utica Captain, Frederick Ha
rar; first lieutenant, James Smith; second
lieutenant, William Rantenburgh,
Company D, Batavia Captain, Yilliam L.
Cowan first lieutenant, Robert H. Foot ; sec
ond lieutenant, George E. Gee.
Company E, Utica Captain, Lewis Michaels (
first lieutenant, Allred Bears ; second lieuten
ant, William Warr.
Company F, Booneville Captain, Charles J.
Muller; first lieutenant, William A. Rowan j
second lieutenant, De Los Chamer.
Company G, Rome Captain, John J. Bab
cock: first lieutenant, Seth L. Walworth; sec
ond lieutenant, John Stryker, jun.
Company H, Syracuse Captain, Samuel E.
Thompson; first lieutenant, Henry Goss; sec
ond lieutenant, George Morgan.
Company I, Lowville Captain, Horace R.
Lahi ; first lieutenant, George W. Barlett sec
ond lieutenant, S. W. Hagen.
Company K, Hudson Captain, William H,
Seymour; first lieutenant, Leman Bradley;
second lieutenant, Fayette Butler.
Tliey bring with teem the beaulilul national
flag presented to them in Utica, and also a
marrnificent regimental Hat? Drcsentcd bv the
Sons of Oneida in New York, in Brooklyn, a
portion of whom accompany them to this city,
of which the following is a description :
It is of tho dimensions prescribed by State
military regulations six feet by six and a half,
and its material a rich, dark blue silk, heavily
fringed in yellow. The staff1 is of lancewood,
mounted in fire gilt, tipped with a silver spear
head, and so constructed as tq fold together
when not in use, Tho device of tho flag, ele
gantly embroidered, represents the military
arms borne by our New York contingent, the
shield containing in one half the State arms,
and in the other the bars of the Federal coat.
Over the shield is the State crest, the eagle
perched upon the globe, and beneath it a grace
ful garter, inscribed "Excelsior." Under this
motto is the regimental designation, fourteenth
regiment, Mew Xork volunteers.
A great many Welsh are among the regi
ment ; and Mr. Lewis Michels, captajn of com
pany E, and Mr. Thomas M. Davies, captain of
company A, are both Welshmen. Many Welsh
men, and among them the Rev. R. D. Thomas,
Congregational pastor of Welsh Church, in East
Eleventh street, in New York city, and the Rev.
Robert Littler, Baptist minister, paraded with
tho regiment.
A poem, in Welsh, was composed on the oc
casion by Rev. R. D. Thomas, the concluding
slanzA of which is:
"Jeff. Davis, O gjrfT dlafol
DJa elyu,
A ddillant to rhwytcpl ;
A uiiiimdi ei qoB uiif asm ;
Dyaa ItUtyd yr adya ffol "
the import of which is, according to our poor
knowledge of Welsh, that they design to " sham
poo " the rebel President, aud otherwise give
eive him " particular fits."
Ou arriving here, they immediately took up
their liue of march for a beautiful spot above
Georgetown, where they encamped,
The fourth Maine regiment, 1,065 men
strong, arrived here in tho cars at niue o'clock
last night. The regiment Is accompanied by
the Rockland brats band, Prof. James Wight
lender, with twenty-three pieces, and also by a
drum and fife corps of twenty pieces. They
are also accompanied by forty men for the first
Maino regiment, in charge of Lieut. A. U.
Estes, who wero left behind with the measles.
The Boldiers are uniformed in substantial gray
suits, and are armed with tho ordinary mus
kets. Tkoy bring with them eighty horses,
fourteen army wugous, and complete camp
equipage. Tho following are tho officers of
the regiment :
Colonel Hiram G. Berry, of Rockland.
Lieut. Colonel T. H. Marshall, of BolfasU
Major F. S. Nickerson, of Searsport.
Adjutant J. B. Qreenougb, of Rockland.
Quartermaster Isaac M. Abbott, of Rock
land, Surgeon Wro. A, Bands, of Rockland.
hergeant Major a. 1J. Chapman.
Commissary Sergeant J. S. Clark.
Drum Major Isaac Priuce,
Fife Major Henry Burkmar.
Company A, Belfast Cupt. H. W. Cunning
ham ; Lieuts. Richard Ajer, Isaao T, Abbott,
(detached fur quartermaMer.)
Company B, Rockland Captain, E. Walker;
lieutenauts, O. P. Whitehall, J. B. Littlefield.
Company C, Rockland Captain, O. J. Co
nant; lieutenants, C. A. Itollins, O. 1). Green
ough, (detailed for adjutant.)
Compauy D, Rockland Captain, L. D. Car
ver: lieutenants, Thomas Glover, C. L. Strick
land. Company E. Damariscotta Captain, S. C.
Wbitehouso; lieutenants, J. C. Dow, F. E. Hus
sey. Company F, Brooks Captain, A. B. Bean ;
lieotgnants, James S. Uuxford, Charles P.
Company G, Wiscassett Captain, Edwin if.
Smith; lieutenauts, William Clark, Augustus
Company H, Rockland Captain, J. G.
Burns ; lieutenants, John C. Cobb, Benjamin
I. Buckley.
Company I, Searsport Captain, Ebon Whit
comb ; seoond lieutenant, W. S. Bergen.
Company K, Belfast, (City Grays) Captain
S. M. Fuller; lieutenants, Alden D. Chase, H.
H. Carter.
The regiment immediately mirched to Me
ridian Hill, where the other M line tegmenta
are encamped.
Of the regiment's march through Philadel
phia, ht Inquirer says: All along the route
up Washington street, the greatest enthusiasm
pruvntltd, and the appearance of the volun
teers was the subject of universal praise. Their
solid ranks, their excellent marching, and
above all, their full preparation in every respect
for the work of the campaign ; all went to show
that they are equal if not superior to any corps
which has entered the service."
A traiu arrived here at ten o'clock last even
ing, bringing the eighteenth (Albany) regiment,
New York State volunteers.
This regiment is composed of 780 men, uni
formed with light-blno pants, and jackets of
dark-blue flannel. They have the smooth-bore
musket, made at Springfield, and expect to
change them for Enfield rifles on arriving at
The following are the officers of this regi
ment: Colonel, W. A. Jackson ; Lieut Col., W. H.
Young; Major, O. R. Myers; Adjutant, J. M.
Russell ; Surgeon, J. L. Vanlngan; Assistant
Surgeon, A. A. Edmiston ; Quartermaster, W.
V. Horsfall ; Chaplain, A. A. Farr.
company a, Bdienectady CapL, Uridlev ;
first lieutenant, Daley; second lieuteuant, E.
W. Groot.
Company B, Albany Captain, HasWngs;
first lieuteuant, Wands ; second lieutenant, M.
L. Norton. -.
Company C. Fishkill CaDtain. Wiltsei first
lieutenant, A. B. Mitchell j second lioutenant,
Samuel Leith.
Company D, Poughkeepsie Captain Magin
nis; first'lioutenant, Barry; second lieutenant,
Company E, Schenectady Captain, Truax ;
first lieutenant, Willjam Horsfall ; second lieu
tenant, John Veddu.
Company F, Albany Captain Donovan;
first lieutenant, Edward Fisher; second lieu
tenant, jonn uooaey.
Company G, Canandaiga Captain Fautot ;
first lieutenant, J. H. Morgan ; second lieuten
ant, Wm. H. Ellis.
Company H, Albany Captain Uogan; first
lieutenant, T. C. Rogers; second lieutenant,
J. Garmichael.
Company I, Albany Captain, Thomas Bad
cliff; first lieutenant, George Chapman ; second
lieutenant, u. v. neaia.
Company K, Ogdensburg Captasn, D. L.
Bartlett first lieutenant, A. Sealy ; second
lieutenant, H. G. Goodno.
Non commissioned staff: Sergeant major,
Thomas M. Holden ; quartermaster sergeant,
A. B. Wands ; drum major, T. Oillin ; fife ma
jor, J. S. Green.
The regiment is armed with patent Enfield
rides, (imported.)
Tho staff officers have taken quarters at
Clay's Hotel. The regiment are particularly
pleased with their reception in Philadelphia.
& nue conation was prepared lor them, upon
their arrival, under the auspices of a society of
ladles in that citv.
The regimept is at prereut quartered in Wood
ward's building, near the corner of Eleventh
and the avenue,
Tho regiment has eight horses for the offi
cers, camp equipage, and several days' rations.
In the ranks of tho regiment is borne a
splendid regimental flag, presented to them by
the ladies of Albauy, bearing the inscription,
"Rally around it."
MENT. This fine regiment, numbering 790 men, ar
rived here at one o'clock this morning. It is
known as the Second Scott Life Guard, and is
uniformed in dark-bluo coats and sky-blue
trowsers. Each man is also provided with a
havelock, and is furnished with three days'
provisions. Thev bring with them a fine drum
corps, eighteen in number, each wearing the
regimental uniform, This regiment is reported
to contain a much larirer number of married
men than any which has yet left New York
The following is a list of tho officers t
Colonel, J. H. Hobart Ward ; Lieut. Col.,
Addison Farnaworth; Major, James D. Potter;
Adjutant, Wm. A. Herring; Quartermaster,
Charles J. Murphy ; Paymaster, Thomas Pic
tou t Sergeant-Major, Wright Banks ; Surgeon,
A. J. Berry; Surgeon's Mate, Stephen Gris
wold; Drum-Major, Michael McQarty; Field
Major. Daniel E. Tvlee.
Company A Daniel E. Gavitt, captain ; J.
11. LODuru, lieutenant.
Company B Eugene McGrath, captain ; A.
Roberts, lieutenant ; RobU 8. Watson, ensign.
Company C Robert F. Allason, captain ;
A, Scbaffer, lieutenant i A. Fusk, ensign.
Comnany D J. F. Harrold, captain ; Isaac
Jo'lie, lieutenant.
Company E Oliver A. Tilden, captain; J.
Mara, lieutenant.
Company F Hugh McQuade, captain ; J.
M. Coouey, lieutenant.
Company G Georga F. Britton, captain;
G. C. Brown, lieutenant.
Company H W. H- Baird, captain ; James
Byrne, lieutenant.
Company I Calvin 8. Dewilt, captain; C,
Barbour, lieutenant.
Company If Surauol C. Dwyer, captain;
W. H. Smith, lieutenant.
Dr. Berry is a well known resideut of the
Eastern district, and was mayor of Williams
burg when it was an independent city. Ho
took his position in the regimeut at very short
notice, filling a vacancy occasioned by the death
of the lute suigeou. The regimentis thoroughly
equipped being handsomely uniformed, fur
nished with havelocks, having a new and im
proved kind of canteen, and in every respect
well appointed. All its chief officers aro good
soldiers, having seen service, in Mexico and
there can bo no doubt it will give a good ac
count of Itself.
They are quartered at the Assembly Rooms
and at the old Trinity Church.
From Alexandria. A train arriving at
Alexandria at six o'clock last evening reports
all quiet at a distance of eight miles from the
During the early part of the day, all persons
were prevented from leaving Alexandria. The
order was subsequently rescinded.
Thero were confluent expressions among
many of tho secessionists in the city yesterday,
that Beauregard would be there in a few days.
Suicide. About nino o'clock yesterday
morning, a German named Buutis. a shoe
maker in the employ of Mr. J. Beck, comer of
L auu oevcniii streets, committed suicide by
banging btn;scit with a small grass rope, Irom
tho frame of a back room in the third story nt
Mr. Reek's residence, on Sixth street, between
O and H. No cause is assigned for the rash
act, though wo hear that, for several years pnst,
he has nut been ou good terms with his wile,
who is now in Baltimore. There was no one
in the house at the time, Mr. Beck being at the
store, Mrs. Beck nt market, and the children
at play in front of the house. Upon the ro
turn of Mrs. B. from market, a servant went
up stairs to look for one of the children, and,
on passing the dour of liuntis, she observed.
him hanging as above stated, and at once gave
the alarm. He was at fincn cut down, but life
was extinct. Coroner Wpodwnrd held an in
quest over the body of Ibe deceased, when a
verdict in accordance witb tho above facts was
The "Tunpio WinCase. Judgo Dunlop
has given hit decision upon the question that
has been raised respet ting the right nf the Pres
ident of the United States to institute a block
ade of tho ports in tho kecedfd States, rocently
pending in the district court ofthu United States
lor this District. He decides thatthe blockade
proclaimed by President Lincoln "bn the 19th
of April last was lawfully established as one of
the rights incident to a state of civil war.
Upon the political or rather constitutional
aspects of the case, the decison of Judge Dnulop
would seem to be definite, though he still holds
uuder future advisement the ultimate determin
ation of a question of fact respecting such an
alleged relaxation of tho strict law of blockade
in favor of British ships as would have allowed
the Tropic Wind (the vessel involved in the
present cause) to load cargo and rome out of
port after having received information that the
blockade had been established.
Moke Prizes, Captain Budd, commanding
the steamer Resolute, baa arrived here, bring
ing a prize schooner, the Iiuena Vista, seized
iu the St, Mary's river. He also captured two
other vessels, namely, the schooner Bachelor
and the sloop H. Day. The former had disre
garded a warning given several days ago, aud
deceived Captain Budd by false statements, and
was found by Captain Budd concealed on the
Maryland side opposite to Matthias's Point, at a
place where it was convenient for crossing tho
Potomac. The Day belonged to the same owner.
Captain Budd has detained her for use at Nan-
jemoy, where just such a vessel is needed to
watcn the vicinity where sbe was taken. Ibe
Resolute is rendering efficient service as a Poto
mac scout.
Camp Shady, Second Battalion.
Editors of the Republican :
As some misrepresentations have been pub
lished in reference to our battalion, I thought
proper, as the opportuuity presented itself of
correcting some of tho rumors. Wo started
from Washington without any preparation f6r
a longer timo than seven days, and, of conrse,
are in a baa way tor clothes and other articles.
Yet we are on the alert for the enemy, and are
willing to stay here until our time is out. No
dissatisfaction exists, with the exception of one
of our officers, and he has been superseded.
Our battalion will never go hack as long as
danger exists. We will follow to the last our
gallant leader, Harry B. Curtis, who is loved
by every member of company A, of the Union
regiment, and almost idolized ou account of
his affectionate regard for his men. He has
beeu untiring in his exertions for the comfort
of his sick, and is more popular than any other
officer ever in service in our company. We will
follow him to the death, and we know, from ex
perience, be is the man to lead us where dan
ger is prominent.
Before I close my letter, I must mention our
much loved and respected lieutenant, Ward,
who is always ready lor seeing our men com-
lortnbly fixed aud provided for after a long
match. We know whnt he is made of, as we
aro out nightly on scouting expeditions, and the
only thing keeps us here is the kind treatment
of our much loved officer. Vf'e are in a dan
gerous place, us the enemy is ouly across the
river. We have some night alarms, Sic.
M. MoF.,
A member of the Second Battalion.
Arrival or Cannon Balls. Ten entire
car loads of cannon balls arrived at the depot
yesterday, from tho North. They are being
taken to the arsenal.
Removals. James Thompson, assistant mes
senger iu the Commissioner of Customs' Office;
Richard Lee, assistant messenger in the Third
Auditor's Office; James Poole andG. G. Tyler,
watchmen at tho Treasury Department, have
beon removed.
A Fhacar. Yesterday afternoon, quite an
excitement was raised by two drnnken soldiers
in a restaurant on Seventh street. During the
melee, the barkeeper procured a musket with
which he shot at the soldiers, but missed them.
The soldiers then wrested tho musket from his
hands, but a guard of their company happen
ing to pass, they took tho soldiors lu charge,
and lodged then) at the jail.
OrriCERS or tiie Seventy-hrst. The fol
lowing promotions have been recently made in
tbe seventy-nrst regiment, Mew Xorlc state
troops, who are quartered in the navy yard :
Company A First Licutenaut D. D. Hart,
to be captain ; Second Lieutenaut W. G. Tomp
kins, first lieutenant; Second Sergeant F. B.
Oakley, second lieutenant.
Company E First Lieutenant D. II. Wade,
captain ; Second Lieutenaut T. P. Pendcrgast,
first lieutenant; G. N. Fairchild, second lieu
tenant. Company F Corporal E. Thorn, second
Company G First Lieutenaut W. J. Dun
ham, captain ; Second Lieutenant G. W. Cur
tis, first lieuteuant ; II. W. Turner, second lieu
tenant. Company I Second lieutenant B. F. Cham
berlain, first lieutenant.
Meeting or tuk Raven Club. Tho Raven
Club will meet this (Friday) evening at the
residence uf Dr. Powell, No. -133 Fifth street,
at 8 o'clock.
Subject: Henry Masers do Latude. for 35
years an inmate of the Bastile and other pris
ons, for having offended Madame de Pompa
dour, by Dr. It. J. Powell.
Musical. " Haydn's. Fifth Mass," Rossini's
" Cuius Aniiuam," and the "Grand Hallelujah
of Handel," are being rehearsed by the choir
of St. Aloysius Church for the festival of Sun
day next. The choir is to bo sustained, we un
derstand, by some of, the first voicos of the
seventy-first regiment, New York.
Proposals for Materials for the Navy,
Navy Department,
Bureau of Construction, Equipmtnt, ,Jc,
June 11, 1881.
SEALED PROPOSALS to furnish material I for
the Navy for tbe fiecal year ending 30th June,
1882, will be received at this Bureau until 3
o'clock P. If. of the 8th July next. These pro
posals must be endorsed, " Proposals for Materials
for Ml Navy, Bureau of Construction," Ac., that
they may ba distinguished from other business
The materials .and articles embraced In the
classes named are particularly described In
printed schedules, any of which will be furnisbed
to anch as deilrt to offer, on application to tbe
commandants of the respective yards, or to the
navy agent nearest thereto, and those of alt the
yards upon application to this Bureau. This
division Into classes being for tbe convenience
of dealers in each, such portions will be furnisbed
as are actually required for bids. Tbe com
mandant and navy agent of each station will
have a copy of tbe schedules of tbe other yards,
for examination only, from which It may bo
judged whether It will be desirable to make ap
plication for them.
Offers mast be made for tbe whole of tbe class
at any yard npon one of the printed schedules,
or In strict conformity therewith, or they will
not be considered.
Tbe contract will be awarded to the lowest
bona fide bidder who gives proper security for its
fulfilment. The United States reserves the rliht
to reject all tbe bids far any dais, if deemed
All articles must bo of the very best quality,
to be delivered In good order, ai,d In suitable
vessels and packages, as the case maybe, at tbe
expense and risk of the contiactor, and In all
respects subject to the inspection, measurement,
count, weight, Ac, of the yard where received,
and to the entire satisfaction of the commandant
Bidders are referred to the commandants of tbe
respective yards for samples, Instructions, or
particular description of the article; and, all
other things being equal, preference will be given
to articles of American manufacture.
Every offer, as required by tbe law of 10th
August, 1846, must be accompanied by a written
guarantee, the lortn of which Is herewith given.
Those only whose offers maybe accepted will
be notified, and the contract will be forwarded as
soon thereafter as practicable, which they will be
required to execute within ten days after its re
ceipt at the post offie or navy agency named by
Sureties la the full amount will be required to
sign the contract, and their responsibility certi
fied to by a United States district judge, United
States district attorney, collecter, or navy agent.
As additional security, twenty per rentum will
be withheld from the amount of tbe bills until
tho contract shall have been completed"; and
eighty per centum of each bill, approved iu trip
licate by the commandants of tbe respective
yards, will be paid by the navy agent at the
No. 21, Iron; NoJli, Spikes and Nails; IfW 23,
Lead, Zinc, Tla; No. 25, Hardware; No. 27,
Paint', Oils, Ac; No. 28, Flax Canvas; No.
20, Cotton Canvas: No. 30, Flax and Cotton
Twine; No. 31, Glas; No. 32, Leather; No.
33, Hose; No. 34, Brushes; No 35, Banting
and Dry Goods ( No. 37, Pitch, Tar, Rosle ; No.
38, Tallow, Soap, and Oil ; No. 39, Ship Chan
dlery ; No. 40, Stationery ; No. 41, Fixe Wood ;
No. 42, Ox Hides for Rope.
Class No. 1, White Oik Logs; No. 3, White
Oak Plank; No. 3, White Oak Promiscuous
Timber ; No. 4, White Oak Keel Pieces ; No. 6,
Yellow Pin Plank Stock Logs ; No. 7, Yellow
Pine Beams ; No. 8. Yellow Pine Mast and Spar
Timber; No. 9, White Pine Mast Timber; No.
10, White Pine ; No. 11, Ash and Cypress: No.
12, Black Walnut, Cherry, and Mahogany ; No.
14, White Ash Oars and Hlikory Bars ; No. 15,
White Oak Staves and Headings ; No. 10, Black
Spruce; No. 18, Llguumvitss; No. 21, Iron;
No. 22, Spikes aud Nails: No. 23, Lesd, Zinc,
Tin : No. 24, Pig Iron : No. 25, Hardware ; No.
27, Paints and Oils ; No 2d, Flax Canvas ; No.
2!, Cotton Canvas ; No. 30, Flax and Cotton
Twine; No. 31, Glass; No. 32, LeatherJ; No.
33, Hose ; No. 34, Brushes ; No. 35, Bunting and
Dry Goods; No. 36, Lanterns; No. 37, Pitch,
Tar, Rosin ; No. 38, Tallow, Soap, OU ; No. 39,
Ship Chandlery; No. 40, Stationery; No. 41,
Fire Wood.
Class No. 2, White Oak PJank; No. 4, White
Oak Keer Pieces; No. C, Tellow Pine Plank
8tock Logs ; No. 7, Yellow Pino Beams ; No. 8,
Yellow Pine Mast and Spar Timber ; No. 10,
White Pine; No. 11, Ash aud Cypress; No. 12,
Black Waluut, Cherry, and llahogony ; No. 14,
White Ash Oar and Hickory Bars ; No. 16, Black
Spruce; No. 18, Lignumvltn; No. 21, Iron; No.
22, Spikes and Nails ; No. 23, Lead, Zinc, and
Tin ; No. 25, Hardwars ; No. 27, Paints and
Oils; No. 28, Flax Canvas'; No. 29, Cotton
Canvas; No. 30, Flax and Cotton Twine; No.
31, Glass; No. 32, Leather; No. 33, Hose; No.
34, Brushes; No. 35, Bunting and Dry Goods;
No. 37, Pitch, Tar, Rosin ; No. 38, Tallow, Soap,
and OU ; No. 39, Ship Chandlery ; No. 40, Sta
tionery ; No. 41, Fire Wood.
Class No. 10, White Pine; No. 21, Iron; No.
22, Spikes aud Nails; No. 23, Lead, Zinc, and
Tin ; No. 24, Pig Iron ; No. 25, Hardware ; No.
27, Paints and Oils; No. 39, Ship Chandlery;
No. 43, Boiler, Tank, and Galley Iron; No. 44,
Chain Iron ; No. 45, Ingot Copper ; No. 47, Bel
lows ; No. 48, Poles. jane 12
QuARTiauASTias Ornci,
U. S. Marine Coups,
Washington, Slay 23, 1861.
SEALED PROPOSALS will be received at this
office until Tuesday, tbe 25tb day of June,
1B01, at 3 o'clock P. M., for supplying wood and
..nnl In thn lTnttit Rtnta mnrlnfa RtAttnnd at
points of delivery within thirty days after its Washington, D. O., from tbe 1st July, 1861, to
presentation to mm. l tbe 30th June, 18U2.
it is stipulated in tne contract, mat ir dciauit
be made by the parties of the first part in deliv
ering all or any of tbe articles mentioned iu aue
class bid for in the contract, of the quality und
at the time aud places above provided, thcu aud
In that caso tbe coutra'ctor aud his suretiis will
foiteit and pay to the United States a sum of
money not exceeding twice the amount of such
class, which may be recovered from time to time,
according to tbe act of Congress iu that case
provided, approved March 3, 1843.
Classes Noj. 1, 2, 6, 8, to be delivered one
fourth part nn or before the 15th of May, one
fourth part on or before tbe 20th of July, one
fourth part on or before the 20th of September,
and the remaining fouith part on or before tho
1st of December, 18G2. Classes 3, 4, 7, and 9,
the whole to be delivered by the 15th of May,
1862. The remaining classes to be delivered
one fourth psrt on or before the lit of Septem
ber next, one fourth part on or before tbe 1st of
December next, one tourlh part on or before the
1st of April, and tbe remainder on or before the
30th of Juno, 1862, unless earlier required, with
a notice of twelve days, comprising at each de
livery a due proportion of each article. Class
10, und all following, If additional quantities of
any of the articles named therein are demanded,
they are to be furnished on llko term) and con
ditions previous to the expiration of the fiscal
year, upon receiving a notice of fifteen days from
tbe bureau, the commandant of the yard, or
navy agent.
Porm of Offer.
I, , of , in the State of ,
hereby agree to furnish and deliver, in the re
spective navy yards, all the articles named in the
classes hereunto annexed, agreeably to the pro
visions of the schedules therefor, and In con
tormlty with the advertisement of tbe Bureau of
Construction, Jtc, of June 11, 1861. Should my
offer be accepted, I request It to be addressed
at , and the contract sent to tbe navy
agent at , or to -, for signature and
Signature. A. 1).
The schedule which the bidder encloses must
be pasted to his offer, and each of them signed
by bim. Opposite each article in tbe schedule
the price must be set, tbe amount carried out, the
aggregate looted up for each class, and the amount
likewise written In words.
Form of Ouarantte.
The undersigned, , of , in the
State of , and , of , in tho
State of , hereby guaranty that in case
Tbe wood to be best oak sapling, and to be
delivered, piled, rueatured,and inspected, at such
point within the walls of the marine barracks
as may be designated by the commanding marina
officer, free of expense to tbe United States.
Tbe coal to bo best nbite ash anthracite egg
coal, free from dust, and to weigh 2,240 lb to the
ton, to bo weighed, inspected, and delivered at
such point within the walls of the marine bar
racks as may be dcslguated by tbe commanding
mariue officer, free of expense to the United
States, and both wood and coal to be furnished
at such times and In such quantities as the said
commanding mariue officer may require.
Payment will be made upon the quarterly re
quisition of the commanding officer, stating tbe
quantities requlrod lor the use of bis command,
agreeably to regulutlons.
A guaranty, to be signed by two responsible
persons, whose responsibility must be certified
to by the United Stales District Judge, United
States District Attorney, or United ritates Col
lector, must accsmpuay each proposal, other
wise It will not be considered.
To be endorsed, " Proposals for Fuel," and ad
dressed to tho undersigned.
may 24 w4w Q. M. Marine Corps.
tbe foregoing bid of
for any of the classes
therein named be accepted, he or they will, with
In ten days after tbe receipt of tbe contract at
the poBt office named, or navy agent designated,
execute the contract for tbe same, with good ami
sufficient sureties ; and in case said tball
fall to enter into contract as aforesaid, we guar
anty to make good tho difference between tho
offer of tbe said and tbat which may be
Signatures of two guarantors. O. D.
K. F.
I hereby certify that the above-named
The Examination or Secessionists. Jus
tico Thomas C. Doun, who has been em
ployed iu conducting most of the cases of al
leged secessionists, has now been specially
assigned to that duty.
Recruits. Two hundred rooruils for the
first German ritlu regiment of New York have
arrived here, thus completing the number al
lowed. They will be supplied with tho new
English rifles, recently imported, in thn course
of a few da)S.
Gone is.tq Camp. Tho twonty-fouilh and
twentv-slxth Pennsylvania regiments, nnd the
first Massachusetts, all of which havo arrived
here during the present week, have gono into
camp near the Chain Bridge.
WiiiTEHURaT, No, -13 ( Pennsylvania avenue,
has a corps of artists engaged in taking views
of camp scenery, groupa of otllters, soldiers, Ac.
Call and leave your ciders. Seo his cart de
visile photographs, for sending in letters.
June 20 lmeo
LOT FOR SALE. Lot Five, iu Square 1032,
containing about 13,Q0o square loot. Price,
thrut cents per foot. Apply at this office.
are known to me as men of property, and able to
make good their guarantee.
Signature. O. II.
To he signed by the United States district
judge, United States district attorney, collector,
or navy agent.
The following are the classes required at the
respective navy yards :
Class No. 1, White Oak Logs; No. 3, White
Oak Promiscuous Timber; No. 6, Yelluw Pino
Plank Slock Logs ; No. 8, Yellow Pine Mast and
Spar Timber; No. 10, White Pine; No. 11, Ash
and Cypress ; No. 12, Black Walnut and Mahoga
ny; No. 14, White Ash Oars and Hickory Puns;
No. 21, Iron ; No. 22, Spikes and Nails ; No. 2J,
Lead, Zjuc, and Tin ; No. 25, Hardware ; No. 27,
Paints and Oils ; No. 28, Flax Cauvas ; No. 29,
Cotton Canvas ; No. 30, Flax and Cotton Twlue ,
o. 31, Ulnss ; No. 32, heather ; -No. 34, Brushes ;
No. 35, Uuntlng aud Dry Uoods; No. 37, Pitch,
Tar, Rosin; No. 38, Tallow, Soap, Oil; No. 3tf,
Ship Chandlery ; No.40, Stationery; No. 41, Kite
Class No. 1, While Oak Logs: No. 3, White
Oak Promiscuous Tlmter; No. 6. Yellow Pine
Plank Stock Logs ; No. 10, White Pino ; No.
11, Ash and Cypress ; No. 12, Black Wuluutond
Cherry ; No. 14, White Ah Oars aud Hickory
Butts ; No. 15, White Oak Staves and Heading;
OdconHaU! Odeon Hall! OdeonHallt
The Cheapest and Best Spring and Summer
Clothing in Washington can be had at
Corner of Four-and-a-half street and Perm. av.
Spring Overcoats and Dusters,
Elegant Dress Suits, at lowest rates,
Beautiful Business Suits, at trifilnc cost.
Business Suits for young men,
Business Suits for middle ages,
Business Suits for all ages,
Dress Suits for weddings,
Dress Suits for parties,
Dress Suits for best wear,
Coats by tbe thousand,
Pants by tbe thousand,
Vests by tho thousand,
Uoj's Clothing lor the youngest,
Boy's Clothing for all sizes,
Boy's Clothing for larger boys,
Cheaper than tbe cheapest,
Finer than tbe finest,
Belter than tho best,
Aro the garments,
Save your money, as
a very few do'lars
Will give you a splendid outfit for summer,
If you call at
mar 9 TTAS Oor. Penn. av. and 4 St.
Gunboats. for the Western Bivers.
Quartermaster General's Omen,
Washington, June 17, 1881.
PROPOSALS uro invited for constructing
Gunboats upoi the Western rivers.
Specifications will be Immediately prepared,
and nia) be examined at the Quartermaster's
Office at Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, and at this
Proposals from boat-builders and engine
builders alone will be considered,
Plans submitted by bidders will be taken into
coisldoratlou. U. O. MEIGS,
i Quartermaster General United States.
June It)
BY J. C. McQUIRE & CO., Auctioneers.
4c-On Satuiday morning, June 22d, at 10
o'clock, at the auction rooms, we shall soil, for
aicount of the Government
About thirty ticellcnl Brussols Carpels
Largo quantity of Curled, Hair Cushluus
Lot of piusb-eoveted Sofas and Arm Chairs
Trims cash, In specie.
JAMES 0. McQUIHE 4 00.,
June 20 td Auctioneers.
Tho Attack at Vienna
IS nolhlug, compared with tho attack on the
eiorbltant prices of our butter dealers by
WILSON, stall 215, old tiib market, back of the
scale-house. Ho brcught it down from 37 to 25
cents Encourage bim. June 20; 3t
WICK No. 36U Filth street, between G and
v rtieeti.
deo4 Cm

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