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Public Aots Passed at tho Second Session
of the Thirty-sixth Congress.
Osir. XUX. An An making Appropriations for the N"rl
Some fur tbo rur ending iho thirtioUi of June, eighteen
hundred and slilv-lwo.
Be it enacted by the Senate and House of
Ilepresentatices of the United States of America
in Congress assembled, That tlic following sums
be and they arc hereby Appropriated, to be paid,
out of any money in the Treasury not other
wise appropriated, for the year ending the thir
tieth of June, eighteen hundred and sixty two:
For pay of commission, warrant, and petty
officer und seamen, including- the engineer
corps of the navy, four million (our hundred
and thirty-eight thousand five hundred and
seventy-seven dollars.
For provisions for coramision, warrant, nnd
petty officer and seamen, including engineers
and marines attached to vessels for sea service,
one million forty-two thousand eight hundred
and fifty dollars.
For surge ons' necesjnries and appliances for
the aiik and hurt of the navy, including the cu
gineer and murino corps, thirty-fivj thousand
five hundred and fifty dollars.
For the repair and equipment of vessels of
the navy, two million Cue hundred and eighty
thousand dollars: Provided, That not more
than threo thousand dollars shall hereafter be
expended at any navy yard in repairing the
hull and spars of any vessel until the necessity
and expediency of such repair, and the proba
ble cost thereof, bo ascertained und reported to
the Navy Department by an examining board,
to be composed of ouo captain or commander
in tho navy, to be appointed by the Secretary
of the Navy, the naval constructor of the yard
where any vessel may be ordered for repairs,
and two master workmen of such yard, or one
master workman and an engineer of the navy,
according to tbo nature of the repairs to be
made; said master-workman or engineer to be
designated by ths bead of tbe Bureau of Con
struction and Repairs ; and not more than one
thousand dollar shall be expended in repairs
on the sails and ligging of any vessel until the
expediency and necessity of such repairs, and
the estimated cu.t thereof, have been ascertained
nnd reported to the Navy Department by an
examining board, to be composed of one naval
oDicer, appointed by tbe Secretary of the Navy,
nnd the master rigger and the master sailmakcr
ol the yard where such vessel may be ordered.
For luol for the uavy, to be purchased in the
mode prescribed by law for other materials, and
for tbe transportation thereof, five hundred and
forty thousand dollars.
For the purchase of hemp and other mate
rials for the navy, three hundred thousand dol
lars. For ordnance and ordnance stores, including
incidental expenses, three hundred and twenty
seven thousand five hundred dollars.
For contingent expenses that may accrue for
the following purposes, viz: treight and trans
portation, printing, and stationery, advertising
in newspapers, books, mnp9, models, and draw
ings, purchase and repair of fire-engines and
machinery, repairs of and attending to steam
engines in navy yards, purchase and main
tenance of horses and oxen, and driving teams,
carts, timber wheels, and the pnrcbaso and
repairs of workmen's tools, postage of public
letters, fuel, oil, and candles for navy yards and
shore statrns, pay of watchmen, and inci
dental labor not chargeable to any other ap
propriation, transportation to and labor attend
ing the delivery of provisions and stores on for
eign stationsj'wharfage, dockage, and rent, trav
elling expenses of officers and others under or
ders, funerol expenses, store and office rent, fuel,
commissions aud pay of clerks to navy agents
and storekeeper.!, flags, awnings, and pack
ing boxes, premiums and other expenses of re
cruiting, apprehending deserters, per diem pay
to persons attending courts martial, courts ot in
quiry, and other service authorized by law,
pay to judge advocates, pilotage and towage ot
vessels, and assistance to vessels in distress,
and for bills of health and quarantine expenses
01 vesseia 01 ine u-nuea otates navy in loreign
pons, eight huudred and ninety-nine thousand
dollars: Provide J, That the expenditures under
tho foregoing appropriations shall bo so ac
counted for as to show the disbursements by
each bureau under each rcspectiie appropria
tion, Forthe purchase of the right to use in the
navy, if in the opinion of the Secretary of the
Navy it shall be deemed expedient, Davidson's
boat lowering, attaching, and detaching appa
ratus, a sum not exceeding ten thousand dol
lars. For the purchase of the right to use by tho
United States, Brooke's deep sea sounding ap
paratus, five thousand dollars.
For the balance of the expenses of tbo sur
rey of tbe Isthmus of Chinqui, one thousand
six hundred and thirty seven dollars and eighty
one cents.
For the purchase of the right to use in the
United Stales navy, on steamships and propel
lers, in navy yard, or otherwise, whenever the
Government of Ihe JJniled Slates may choose
to u-e the sam, Sar .ream's steam engine gov
ernors, ten thousand dollars : Piocided, Tim
Secretary of the Navy shall consider it expe
Mai ine Corpt. For pay orofiicrs.non com
missioned officers, muiciuns, privates, clnks,
messengers, stewards, aud ten mils, for rations
and clothing forservuuls, additional rations for
five years' service, fur ULduwii clothing and
rations, bounties lor re enlistments, lour hmi
dred and twenty-five thousand two bundled
and seventy eight dollars and eighty cents.
For provmiu.iB, seventy-one thousand seven
hundred and fifty nine dollars.
For clothing, eighty-one thousand six hun
dred and ninety dollars.
For fuel, twentviwo thouiand three hundred
and forty two dollars and twenty-five rent?
For military stores, vii: pay ol armoicrs, re
pair of arms, purchase of uicoutrements, Old
nance, stores, flags, drums, fifes, and other in
struments, twelve thousand dollars.
For transportation ot ifiUers and troops, and
expenses of recruiting, fourteen thousand dol
lars. For repairi of barracks, nnd rent of cilices
where there are no public buildings lor that
purpose, eight thousand dollars.
For contingencies, viz: freight, ferriage, toll,
carriage, wharfage, purchase, and repair oi
brats, compensation to judge advocates, per
diem for attending courts martial, courts ot in
quiry, aud for lonstaut labor, house rent in
lieu of quarters, burial of deceased marines,
printing, stationery, postage, telegraphing, ap
prehension of doerlcrs, oil, caudles, gas, re
pair of gas nnd waler fixtures, water rent, for
uge, straw, barrack furniture, furniture for
cllicers' quarters, uert sacks, spades, shovels,
axes, pick, carpenters' tools, hetp of a horse
for the messenger, pay of matron, washerwo
man, and porter at the hcuniml hcadniiarlers.
repairs to fire engine, purchase and lepairof
Hugiue nose, purcnase ol lutuucr lor ticiir-his,
mess tablis, bunks, repairs to public carryall,
purchase and repair uf harness, guilty a, and
cooking stoves for inus rooms, slovei wheie
there, are no gratis, giael for paiado grounds,
repairs of pumps, lurinluru for slull' und com
manding officers' ofhee, brushes, brooms, buck
ets, paving, and for other purposes, thirty two
thousand fire hundred dollars.
Navy Yards.
Portsmouth, Nw Hampshire. For repairs
of nil kinds, twenty tlimi-und dollars.
Boston For machinery for machine shop,
twenty thousand dollars.
For repair of mariuo barracks at Charles
town, Massachusetts, nineteen thousand four
hundred and Gtly-six dollars.
For repairs of all kinds, forty thousand dol
lars. New York. For boilers for new boiler
house, sixteen thousand two hundred and twenty-five
For boilers for machine shop, twelve thou
sand five hundred dollars.
For machinery for smlthery and saw-mill,
eight thousand five hundred dollars.
For repairs of all kinds, thirty thousand dol
lars. Philadelphia. Tor repairs of all kinds,
twelve thousand nnd forty-three dollars.
Washington. For repairs of nil kinds, twen
ty thousand dollars.
For wall on west side of yard, fivo hundred
and forty feel lung, thirteen thousand four hun
dred and eighty-eight dollars.
Norfolk. -For completing timber shed num
ber seventeen, nine thousand eight huudred
and eighty-eight dollars.
For completing spar shed, twelve thousand
For repairs of all kinds, twenty thousand
For amount due to contractors for provision
store, and to complete the same, thirty-six thou
sand one hundred and sixty eight dollars.
Mare Iiland. For completing machine shop,
fifty thousand dollar.
For completing smithery, fifteen thousand
For completing coopers' shop, ten thousand
For repairs of all kinds, twenty thousand
isuc'etl's Harbor. For repairs of all kinds,
one thousand dollars.
Boston. For repairs of all kinds, two thou
sand five hundred dollars.
New York. For repairs of hospital buildings,
laboratory, and apparatus, two thousand one
hundred dollars.
Naval Asylum, Philadelphia. For furniture
aud repairs, house cleaning and nhitewasbir-g,
repairs to furnaces, grates, aud ranges, gas and
water rent, and for repairs of all kinds, four
thousand three hundred dollars.
For support of beneficiaries at the asylum,
twenty-seven thousand dollars.
Washington. For repairs of all kinds, one
thousand dollars.
Norfolk. For general repairs at hospital,
eight thousand dollars.
For the construction and completion of works,
and for the current repairs at the several naval
magazines :
Boston. For repairs of all kinds, and build
ing a powder boat, five thousand four hundred
Washington. For repairing and improving
ordnance building, six thousand dollars.
Norfolk. For shot beds and gun skids, ad
ditional store at magazine, and for repairs of
an Kinds, twelve tbousand bve hundred dollars.
For pay of superintendents, naval construct
ors, aud all the civil establishments at tho
several navy yards and stations, one hundred
and forty eight thousand one hundred aud four
For the purchase of nautical instruments for
the use of the navy: for repairs of the same,
aud also of astronomical instruments ; and for
the purchase of nautical books, maps, and
charts, and for backing and binding tho same,
twenty thousand dollars.
For models, drawings, and copying; for post
age, freight, and transportation ; for keeping
grounds in order ; for fuel and lights, and for
all other contingent expenses; and for the
wages ot persons employed attno United otatcs
Nnval Observatory and Hydrographical Office,
viz: one instrument maker, two watchmen, and
one porter, nine thousand dollars.
For the erection and repairs of buildings,
improvement and preservation of tbe grounds,
und for contingencies at the United States Na
val Academy, forty-uino thousand five hundred
aud sixty seven dollars and twenty-tire cents.
For- preparing for publication the American
Nautical Almanac, twenty-fire thousand eight
hundred aud eighty dollars.
For the completion of the charts of the sur
vcy of the La Plata, six thousand dollars.
For reducing and preparing for printing and
engraving, under direction ot Captain Cadwal
ladcr Ringgold, subject to the control of the
Secretary of the Navy of the United States,
copies ot the charts uf all surveys and recon
uoissanccs made by him while in command of
the North Pacific Surveying Expedition, nnd
of the " Coral Archipelago," nnd the ap
proaches thereto, together with sailing direc
lions, reports, hydrographic and other results,
and observations explanatory of the vuvaire,
calculated to lessen the dangers and facilitate
intercourse with the Eastern seas, China, and
Japan, in accordance with the estimates ot
Captain Ringgold, seven thousand Bcven hun
drtd dollars: Provided, 'lhat no publiiatiou
shall be made under aud by virtue hereuf, ex
cept the same be the result of actual survojs,
re-vounuisnnces, and observations, made by
Cptuiu Ringgold, or under his personal direc
tion at'd supervision.
For completing the publication of the charts
o! the exploration ot the North Pacific, China
seas, aud Ui bring' Straits, eleven thousand
six hundred and seventy two dollars.
Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That the
pigments heretofore made to the clerks of
yards and the commandant's clerks at the navy
yards of Kittery aud Philadelphia, under np
propriations made by Congress for thnt pur
pose, at the rate of twelve hundred dollars per
annum, nro hereby allowed aud confirmed.
Sec. 3 And be it further enacted. That the
President ot the United Slates is hereby author
ised to place on a retired list any medical
otTcer oT the navy who is now or may hereafter
h-i proved to be permanently incapable, from
physical or mental infirmity, of further service
at sen ; and that the payment of officers so re
tired shall bu the leave ot absence pay of their
respective grades as it existed prior to tho pas
sigu of tho act of Congress to regulate the pa)
ol the navy, approved Juue one, eighteen huu
dred and sixty.
Sec. -1. Ami be it further enacted, That all
vacancies in the medical corps of the navy
caused by the furegoitig section, shall be filled
in accordance with established usage: Pio
vided, The number of medical officers on the
activb list shull not exceed the number author
ized by existing laws.
Sec. 0. And be it father enacted, That the
third section of the act entitled "An act ma
king npropriationa lor the legislative, executive,
and judicial expenses of the Government for tho
year ending the thirtiithof June, eighteen hun
dred nnd sixty-one," approved June twenty
three, tightem hundred and sixty.bo nnd the
sume is hereby repeuled, except to lar as the
said section prohibits tho purchase ot patented
file-arms, us to which the said section shall still
be in forte.
Sec. 0. And be it fui ther enacted, That tho
compensation of the superintendent of tho na
val astronomical expedition to Chili ba ho
that provfde rjy the act ofMarch third, eighteen '
hundred and fiftr one, entitled " An act making
appropriations for the year ending the thirtieth
ol June, eighteeu hundred and fifty two," from
the seventeenth September, eighteen hundred
and fifty-five, and thnt tho amount necessary to
pay the samo be and is hereby appropriated
out of any money in the Treasury not other
wise appropriated.
Sec. 7. And be it further enacted. That all
appropriations now or hsreafler made for the
preparation or publication of foreign hydro
graphic survoya shall only bo applicable td their
object upon tho approval by the Secretary of
tho Navy, after sf report from three competent
naval officers, to thq effect that the original
data for proposed charts are such an to justify
their application ; and it is hereby made the
duty of tho Secrcterv of tho Navy to order a
board of three naval officers to examine nnd
report upon tho said data beforu ho shall up
proro of any application of money to the pre
paration or publication of said charts or hy
drographic results.
Skc. 8. And be it further enacttd, That the
pay of first clerks to commandants at all the
navy yards shall be at the rate ot twelve hun
dred dollars per annum, except that at the
California navy yard, which shall be at the rate
of fifteen hundred dollars per annum: That the
laws approved twenty-second April, eighteen
hundred and fifty-four; fourth August, eighteeu
hundred and fifty four; third of March, eighteen
hundred and fifty-five, and twelfth of June,
eighteen hundred and fifty-eight, increasing the
pay of clerks and others twenty per cent, at the
Washington navy )ard, be and the same are
hereby repealed.
Sec. 9. And be it further enacted, That the
Secretary of the Nary be and ho is hereby
authorized to cause to be constructed for tbe
United States navy, atns early a day as practi
cable, having due regard to efficiency and
economy, seven steam screw sloops of war, of
the second class, as vessels are rated in tbe
navy, with full steam power, whose greatest
draft of water shatl not exceed fourteen feet,
which sloops shall combine the heaviest arma
ment and greatest speed compatible with their
character and tonnage ; and, for tbe purpose
above specified, the sum of twelve hundred
thousand dollars be and the same is hereby
appropriated, out of any money in the Treasury
not otherwise appropriated, to be expended
under the direction of the Secretary of the
Blc. 10. And be it further enacted, That so
mnch of an act entitled " An act making appro
priations for the naval service for the yearend
ding the thirtieth of June, eighteen hundred and
fifty-five," approved August fifth, eighteen hun
dred nnd fifty-four, as requires tho nftvy agent
at San Francisco to discharge the duties of
parser as well as of uavy agent, be and tbe
same is hereby repealed.
Approved, February 21, 18G1.
CONSEQUENTLY, I shall remain In Wash
ington, and continue to pursue my occu
PAINTING. Gilding In all Us brioches. Old
Glazing promptly attended to. Painting and
Ornamenting Cottage Furniture in the best
style. I also call attention to the Pouting of
Roofs and Brick Walls.
All of the above I will do as cheap as the
cheapest I therefore solicit tho patronage of
my 'friends and fellow citizens of the District.
Punctuality strictly observed, and work done is
the best manner.
Tou will please mind your stops, and stop at
U. T. PARKER'S Painting Establishment, No. 63 1
S3 1 1 53 1 1 1 Louisiana avenue, north side, be
tween Sixth and eventh streets.
P. S. Signs put up free of charge, as usual.
nov 20
ON and after Thursday, May 16, 18G1, passen
ger trains between Washington nnd Balti
more will run as follows :
Leave Washington at 4.15 and 7.10 A. M-, and
2.30 and 5.45 P. 11., arriving at Baltimore at
5.60 and 8 50 A. M , and 4.05 and 7.30 P. M.
Leave Baltimore at 4.20 and 8.20 A. M., and 3.45
and 6 P. M., arriving at Washington at 6.10
and 10.10 A. M., and 5.25 and 6.45 P. M.
Passenger Trains leaving Washington at 7.10
A. M. and 5.46 P. M., and Baltimore at 8.20 A
M. and 5 P. M., make direct connections for An
napolis at the Junction.
Trains leave Annapolis for Baltimore and
Washington at 6.30 A. M. and 4.16 P. M.
Passenger Trains leaving Washington at 4.15
and 7.10 A. M., and 2.30 P. M., make direct con
nections at Baltimore for Philadelphia, New
Yoik, Boston, and all other points North.
All articles of freight (not contraband of war)
will be transported over the line. Tonnage trains
will leave Baltimore at 4.20 A. M. Leave Wash
ington at 7 P. M..
By order of the Secretary of War :
May 10 tf General Manager.
On SUNDAY tbe trains will leave the Depot
at 7.10 A. M. and 2.30 P. M. for Philadelphia
and New York. Trains will arrive at 6.10 A. M.
and 6.45 P. M. THOMAS A. SCOTT,
may 21 General Manager.
Attorney and Counsellor at Patent Law, and
Solicitor of Patents.
Patent cases examined free of charge.
Applications conducted upon conditional fees.
Advice on points of law and Infringement
Arguments prepared, and litigated cases eon
ducted In the courts.
Office, corner of Seventh and F streets, Wash
ington, D. O.
Refer to Hon. F. P. Bt.ua, jun., Hon. William
H. Exolisb, Hon. Daniel E. bonis.
feb 19 6m
No. 363 Sixth St., between O and II tls.,
FRESH CAKES every day; Candies of all
kinds; Wedding cakes, Fancy cakes, Pyra
mids of all kinds and sizes, Charlotte Russe,
Blanc Mange, and Jellies, made to order. Par
ties, Suppers, Balls, Excursions, Weddings, and
other entertainments, furnished on the most rea
sonable terms. Iwe Cream and Water Ices, $1.26
per gallon. feb 16 6m
rpiIE Central Shoe Store of Henry Janney, No
JL 348 Pennsylvania avenue, is now supplied
with the most elegant and extensive stock of
Ladles, Gentlemen's, Misses, Boys, nnd Children's
Boots and Shoes ever olfered in tills city.
The subscriber has a number of experienced
workmen, and solicits orders in his line. All
work warranted good, aud guarantied to suit.
348 Penn. avenue, between Browns'
may 22 Hotel aud Seventh street.
WE hare received within the last day or two
a large assortment of BOYS' SPRING
CLOTHING, embracing all styles of low-priced,
medium, and fine qualities, which we are selling
at very low prices lor cash.
322 Penn. avenue, between Ninth
may 23 and Tenth attests
WiSflfsoroN, Juris 3, 1861.
,N the petition of Richard F. Loper, of Phll
V adetphia, Pennsylvania, praying for tht ex
tension of a patent granted to him on the 13th
ot November, 1847, fur an Improvement In " ship
bul ding." for seven years Iruin the expiration
of bild patent, which takes place on the 13th
day of November, 1861.
It is ordered, that the laid petition be heard
at the Patent Office on Monday, the 28th day of
October next, at 12 o'clock M. ; and all persons
are notified to appear and show cause, if any
they have, why said petition ought not to be
Persons opposing the extension are required to
file In the Patent Office their objections, special
ly set forth In writing; at least twenty days be-
tore the day of hearing; all testimony filed by'
either party, to be used at the said bearlng,must
be taken and transmitted in accordance with the
rules of the office, whioh will be furnished on
Tbe testimony in the case will be closed on the
14th of Oi tober next; depositions and other pa
pers relied upon as testimoiy mult be filed In
tbe office on or before the morning of that day;
the arguments, If any, within ten days thereafter.
Ordered, alto, that this notice be publ shed in
the Rtpubliean, of Washington, D. C, aud North
American, ot Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, once a
week lor three Successive weeks ; the first of said
publications to bo at least Sixty days previous to
the day of hearing.
June 4 lawSw Commissioner of Patents.
Tjthe Cituins of Washington!
Dk. resiiKK bas
arrived in Wash
ington, and opened an
office, No, 444 Eighth
street, near Pennsyl
vania avenue, where be will devote his attention
to tbe practice of Medicine and Surgery In all
their branches. He will treat all diseases of the
Eye and Ear, embracing operations on tbe same,
as strabismus, (cross eyes.) cataracts, and all
deformities of the eyelids, Ac. ' All those who
aro afflicted with the following diseases can re
ceive his services, and surgical aid rendered Ip
all cases requiring medical and surgical treat
ment, such as tbe Throat, Lungs, Heart, Liver
Complaint, Hair Lip, Diseases of tbe Bones and
Joints'; also, Cancers, Tamers, Hernia er Rup
ture, Old Sores, King's Evil, Fistula la Ano,
Club Feet, and all diseases of the Urinary or
Generative Organs of the Male, successfully treat
ed. Dr. Feller will also treat Female complaints,
such as Uterine Prolapsus, Ulceration of the
Mouth of the Womb, Polypus, Whites or Fluor
Albugj Irregular or Absent Menstruation. His
Intercourse with the most eminent Physicians
and Surgeons of Philadelphia, New York, St.
Louis, Louisville, aud Cincinnati, and other East
ern and Southern cities, enables him to keep
thoroughly posted in all the Improvements In
Medicine and Surgery, thus enabling bis patients
to realize all the benefits received from our best
writers. June 11 ly
A, tho distance around the neck. B to B, the
Yoke. D to D, distance around tbe body, under
the armpits. O to 0, the sleeve. E to p, the
length af the Shirt.
By sending the above measures per mall, we
can guaranty a perfect fit of our new style of
Shirt, and return by express to any part of the
United States, at $12, $16, $18, $24, ic, c,
per dozen.
No order forwarded for less than half a dozen
shirt). Wholesale trade supplied on tbe usual
terms. Also, Importers an.d Dealers In Men's Furnish
June 4 3m No. 401) Broadway, New York.
Arrangement of the Mails.
The Noutukbx Mail closes at 1 o'clock and at
9 o'clock P. M. dally, and arrives at 6.10 A. M.
and at 6 P. M., daily.
Tbe Western Mail closes at 1 o'clock P. M-,
and arrives at 10.30 o'clock A. M., daily
Tbe Northwestern Mail closes at 1 o'clock
P. M., and at 9 o'clock P. M., dally, and arrives
at 6.10 A. M. and 6 P. M., daily.
Tbe Alexaxduia Mail closes at 4,30 P. M.,
and arrives at 3 o'clock P. M.
Letters and papers for offices In tbe following
counties In Western Virginia, are sent dally to
Wheeling for distribution :
Barbour, Berkeley, Brooks, Braxton, Cabell,
Calhoun, Clay, Doddridge, Gilmer, Hancock,
Hampshire, Harrison, Jackson, Kanawha, Lewis,
Marlon, Marshall, Monongabela, Ohio, Preston,
Pleasants, Putnam, Roane, Randolph, Ritchie,
Taylor, Tyler, Upshur, Wetzel, Wood, Webster,
and Wayne.
Tbe letters for Tennessee are forwarded to
Louisville, Kentucky,
Tbe office will open for delivery at 8 o'clock
A. M., dally, and closes at 8 30 P. M., dally, ex
cept on Sunday, when it n ill open at 8 und close
at 10 o'clock A. M., opening again at 6 P. M.,
and rsmninlug open till 7 P. M.
Proprietors of the Scientific American, and
Agents for procuring American and Foreign
With Sixteen Years Experience in the Business.
Refer to Hon. Judgo Mason, Hon. Joseph Holt,
Hon. W. D. Bishop, ex-Comtulssloners of Patents,
and to more than fifteen thousand Inventors
who have had business done through Munn b.
Co.'s Patent Agency.
Pamphlet of ndrlco esnt free by mull.
Patent Laws and Regulations, 100 pagcB, 25
cents, mall.
No charge for consultation, orally or by mail.
Preliminary Examination in United States
Patent Office, $6.
Offices No. 37 Park Row, New York ; Wash
ington, corner of F and Serentb streets, oppo
site the Patent Office. mar 14 mlf
JM FiYiSil
WE hare la store, and are dally receiving,
GAS FIXTURES of entirely new patterns
and designs and finish, enperlor In stvle to any
thing heretofore olfered In tbhr'TaafWt. We In
vite citizens generally to'Mill and examine our
stuck of Gas and Water Flttnres, feeling confi
dent that we have tho best-selected stock in
All work in the above-line intrnsted to onr
care will be promptly attended to.
mar JO 6m 376 D street.
LOR tho improvement of stock, will stand the
JC ennlng'season,lcommeotlng the 1st day of
April, and ending on the 1st day of July, at the
following places!' At the enbstrlber's stables, in
Georgetown, on Mondays, Wednesdays) aud Fri
days, nnd at McChlsley's Store, on Seventb-sti set
road, on Tuesdays and Saturdays. For further
particulars, see handbills.
HIRAM WRIGHT, Proprietor,
apr 1 Georgetown, D. O.
MLOOMIS, M. D., the Inventor and patentee
of the Mineral Plato, Teeth, attends per
sonally at, his office in this city.
Many persons can wear these teeth who can
not wear others, and no person can wear others
who oft n not wear these.
Persons calling at my office can be accommo
dated with any style and price of Teeth they may
desire ; but to those who are part cular, and wish
tbe purest, cleanest, strongest, nnd most perfect
denture that art can produesythe Mineral Plate
will be more fully warranted.
Ilooms In this city No. 338 Pa. avenue, be
tween Ninth and Tenth streets. Also, 907 Arch
street, Philadelphia. mar 15 ly
THOSE In want of a Buggy, Itockaway, or
Carriage of any. description, should not fall
to call and examine my assortment before pur
chasing. My velicles are all made of the best
materials, in the latest styles, and by tbe best
workmen this country can produce; and I will
sell them at as low prices as tnoie oi an in.enor
quality can be purchased for In any of the North
ern oities.
Made to order at the shortest notice,
)&-And Warranted to Oive Saliifaction.-a
Repairing promptly attended to.
Southwest corner of Pa. arenuo
apr 6 ly and TbirUen-and-a-half street
Importer and Dealer in
French, English, and Americas Paper-
Hangings and Window Shades,
No. 365 New York av., bet, 10th and 11th sts.,
All work personally attended to and satisfac
torily guarantied. feb 18 6m
STOP AT THE right place, and buy your
Clothing, Furnishing Goods, Hats, and Caps,
at No. 460 Seventh streot, Opposite tbe Post
Office. feb 28 6m
Proposals for Stationery.
War Dipartuixt, June 11, 1861.
PROPOSALS will be received at this Depart
ment until 12 o'clock M., on Saturday, the
29th day of June, Instant, for supplying tbe sta
tionery described In the subjoined schedule, du
ring tbe fiscal year commencing on Ihe 1st day
of July, next
Tbe stationery must be of tbe best quality.
Samples must accompany tbe bids.
The successful bidder will be required to give
bond, with approved securities, for the faithful
fulfilment of his contract ; and the Department
will reserve tbe right to older the articles at such
times and. In such quantities as It may deem
proper, as well as to Increase or diminish the
quantities below stated.
Paper mads of linen stuck.
30 reams dispatch cap, ruled to pattern, weigh
ing 16 lbs. per ream.
20 reams foolscap, ruled or plain, weighing 14
lbs. per ream.
20ft reams quarto pest, ruled or plain, weighing
10 lbs, per ream.
60 reams note paper, ruled or plain, per ream.
10 reams copying paper, per ream.
6 reams blotting paper, per ream.
150 dozen blotting boards, per dozen.
10 reams envelope paper, buff or jellow, royal,
per ream.
10 reams Manilla wrapping papsr, snper-royal,
per ream.
60,000 envelopes, official sizes, extra heavy, per
40,000 envelopes, letter sizes, extra heavy, per
1 000.
ISO gross metallic pens, per gross.
2,000 quills, No. 80, per 1,000.
60 dozen Fiber's black lead pencils, per dozen.
2 dozen Faber's blue and carmine pencils, per
60 dozsa penholders, per dozen.
2 dozen liory folders, plain, per dczen.
4 dozen erasers, ivory bandies, per dozen.
10 dozen 4-bladed knives, Rodgers and Sons', per
2 dozen office scissors, Rodgers and Sons', per
20 dczen Maynard & Nojes's, or other black Ink,
In quarts, per dozen.
20 di zen French carmine Ink, ia ounce vials, per
4 dozen Inkstands, Draper', Whitney's, or equal,
per dozen.
25 pounds sealing wax, scarlet, per pound.
10 pounds India rubber, prepared, in pieces, per
20 dozen Bilk taste or braid, assorted, per dozen.
50 dozen red tape, In pieces, assorted sizes, per
10 dozen red tape, in rolls, assorted sizes, per
20 pounds linen twine, per pound.
6 dozen large Jars mucilage, per dozen.
June 13, 18, .'6, 29
Knapsacks, &c, for Marine Corps.
QcARTcniiASTKu'a Orrics,
United States Marine Corps,
Washington, June 6, 1661,
SEALED PROPOSALS will be received at this
office until 3 o'clock P. M. , of Friday, the, 2 1 st
day of June instant, for supplying to the United
States Marine Corps, within twenty days from
the time of entering into contract, 1,000 Knap
sacks, 1,000 Canteens, 1,000 Haversacks.
The above articles to conform In every respect
with samples to be seen at this office, tbe office
of tbe Assistant Quartermaster Marine Corps,
1220 Spruce street, Philadelphia, the Marine
Barracks, Brooklyn, New York, und the Murine
Barra'ks, Charlestown, Massachusetts, to ho de
livered, free of expense to the United States, at
tbe Marino Clothiug Stare, 1220 Spruce streot,
Philadelphia, and supject to the inspection nnd
approval of the Assistant Quartermaster.
To be endorsed, " Proposals for Knapsacks,
Ac," and addressed to thi undersigned.
June 7 It Major and Quartermaster.
MjrVBSsllsiatskSlP IV
ron ttic cure or
Weakness or Debility, Flatulanoy and Nausea,
Loss of Appetite, Nervousness, Liver Com
plaints, Bilious Fevers, and all Disoasss
of the Stomach, Liver, and Bowels.
W. r. k A.W. GREELEY, Proprietors, Bolton.
THE OBJECT of all medicine la either to pre
vent disease, or to assist Nature In restoring the
various organs of the body1 to a healthful action,
and that medicine Is certainly tbe best which
will perform those offices .thoroughly, yet mildly,
and without endangering the vital forces of the
system, by whose normal condition alone health
and strength can be preserved. Most of the Bit
ters that have heretofore been brought into pop
ular favor, have only served the purpose of tem
porarily stimulating er exciting the organs into
a condition resembling healthful action, wlthont
any remedial effect, and generally followed by a
return of the disease, or a prostration of nervous
energy more disastrous than though Nature had
been left to take Its own oourse.
Dr. Greeley's Bitters are a preparation of the
nutritive properties of the grain of the fields In
combination with the active principle of many
simple alteratives and bitter tonics, and It Is a
pleasure to the proprietors to state that its use
fulness Is being generally acknowledged by the
largely-increasing consumption In those sections
where it Is best known, and by the testimony ot
many eminent physicians, who have not only
made trial of It, but continually prescribe the
Bitters In those cases for whioh it Is recom
Consumptive patients, and others, whose con
stitutions hare become Impaired by time, or en
feebled by disease, and in whom the process of
digestion does not replace the fat and tissues of
the body as fast as they waste, will find these
Bitters at once nourishing and strengthening,
and happily adapted for their use. The great
adrantage .the Bitters possess over ordinary
stimulants usually prescribed In treating lung
complaints and kindred diseases, Is the fact that
they combine many safe and certain healing
properties in connection with the best known
Will derive great benefit from it. No unpleasant
effect will erer result from taking tho Bitters, if
the directions are followed. For those who suf
fer from nervous debility, languor, want of rest,
exhaustion, aud in all cases of weakness, the
Bitters are not equalled.
As an agreeable stomachic, it is much ad
mired; it sharpens the appetite, brightens the
Intellect, and Infuses new life and rigor. No one
who uses tbeso Bitters can be subject to an at
tack of FEVER and AGUE, or DIARRHCEA.
Of all the ills that afflict men and women, tew
are so agonizing as Dyspepsia. It is a sort of
combination of many diseases. ThankB to scionce
and Da. Gbikley, a specific has now been ob
tained. Gukilky'b Bourbon Bittirs take straight
hold of tbe disease, and begin a cure. Thou
sands of well-attested cases of cures of Dyspep
sia, Indigestion, nnd Fever and Ague, ercn of
tho most desperate kind, are in tho possession of
tho proprietors.
Not a few people, ererywhere, complain of
Weakness or Debility. This is tbe gentle hint
of nature for a little help in tho way of inrlgora
tion. The bint should not be neglected. " A
stitch In time eaves nine." Get a supply of Grix
lzy's Bourdon Bitters, tako them regularly, and
our word for it you wiil led better, live longer, bo
stronger, and think and act with very much more
satisfaction. The flitters aro a tonic, and of a
nature never beforo attaiued in any medicine. It
will make tbe weak strong, tbe desponding hope
ful, the sick well. Tor any complaint of the
Stomach, Liver, or Bowels, there is nothing com
parable with this medicine.
In America, the Liver is tbe best abused of all
tbe organs in the body. It is made tho saddle
of all other organs. Asa consequence, it is often
out of order, aud not unfrequently nearly inopera
tive. This need not be ; on tho contrary, it is quite
unnecessary. A little common sense, and n suf
ficiency of (IniELKv's Bourbon Hittkun, will keep
the Liver right, and make man a man, and wo
man, now miserable, quite happy. The Bitters
regulate and strengthen the Liver, no less than
purify it.
The lucrease of Nervous Disorders, at the pres
ent day, is one of tbe most alarming indications
of the age, or rather, would be, were it not that
a most admirable cure had been found. There
ia not a phase of Nervous disease, whatever it
may be, that these Bitters will not act upon
fivorahly, and In the mot efficient maimer. All
who are unfortunately afflicted with complaints
of this nature, or with Indigestion, or any dis
eases of the Stomach, should not fall to make use
ol Uuzsley'r Bourbon Bittrus.
Chills and Fever. In many portions of the
United States this terrible disease seizes its vic
tims sb naturally as water seelta its level. The
s j stem in a particular condition invites it. Tbe
right medicine to prevent and cure this malady,
we unhesitatingly say, is Gulklky's Bourbon
Bittsrs. It breaks up the fever, drives it from
the system, and will keep it at bay, if taken In
accordance with directions on tho bottle. The
Bitters purify and enrich the blood, and this ia
return strengthens the constitution. As an agree
able touic, these Bitters have no equal.
Greeley's Bourbon Blttors are nieeliug a sale
unparalleled in the history of popular medicines.
In all diseases ol the Stomach and Bowels they
are a sovcrDirn cure. Tho worst cases of Dys
pepsia and Indigestion j leld to the remarkable
potency of the Hitters, which is as agreeable to
the taste as it is speedy and unfailing in Its good
For sale by Druggists and Grocers, everywhere,
W. F. & A. W. GHKELKY, Proprietors, Boston,
Hum. And Sold bv D. B. OLAR'f. H. II. waits'
J. U. WILSON, Washington, D. C, and PEEL i
' BTE r f18, Alexandria, Va. fcb 16

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