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PublUhcd Dally, Snndap Excepted.
BY W. ,7 M"'KTi -U ft).
. IK. tVe tan
lice of the Ifa.iui: il
M.mlHi m northeast corner of Da a '
seventh street, second rluor, over W, D. Shs
"' . . . i
herd' storr Entrance on flevsnth street.
Friday, Noveajier 29, 1861.
tar tleadlnB Matter cm every paga.-te
To Corskspondbnts. No nt'cntlou will .
paid lo "( njtno'i cn-rtr.'iU"'.l!oni.
,, , ,, , , ,. . ..
Among IO leading article aro Ihe follow! tr :
Eloquent Oration ov,r tbe dead body ol
Mr. Shoar. ThU gentleman, who claim'
bare been eleotod to the United Slaten I o
greiw, from the Fin trees Monroe district, l.m
written a letter lo Gen. Dlz, In which he it.
clarvs Uut be and bli frlendi will take np oniH
against the Government, It this war ia to be ko
waged aa to destroy ' Vie. great institution "of
tbe South. The sooner Mr. Segar gla bis aruis
ready the better.
The principal argument urged by Mr. Segxr,
Is based upon tho wonderful dIacov.-rv.ih it If
slaves are emancipated, there will be notbluj I
tnr .h. thiifth. ,.nr..nt.lnn .i. ,.t ,i I
Constitution to operate upon, and nothing for I
.k- -j..i i r.t. -I... . . . .
operate upon. He might have added, thai II
slavery ceases to exist, the Fugitive Slave Ait
of 1850, one of the " healing measures" of ifa.it
epoch of compromise, will alsi become oteo
lete. These are, undoubtedly, terrible result.
Mr. Segar fears that the dread of emancipa
tion will frighten off the Union men of Mary 1 an d ,
Missouri, and EwitTenneswe. The pro-Mavery
Union men of the South, of the stamp of Mr.
Segar, are a mere handful. The great mas .'
the Union men of tbe South are found In lo
calities, as In Northern Maryland, St. LnuK
Eastern Kentucky, Western Virginia, and Y.xrf
rn Tennenee, where slavery se vrcxly exl-,
and where public sentiment is averse to the
Institution. An overwhelming majority ol ibn
true Union men of the South are ready f r
emanclpition to-day. If that step is necesmry
to put down rebellion Mi. Segar's s'atemems
to the contrary are entltkd to no credit ulu'
Eua.icipation Movement in Kkmxckt
New York Time ot yiterday says :
" We learn, from a perfectly autheutic pour" ,
that a bill bos already been prepared and nln
Boon be lntr Mined into the Legislature of Kin
lucky, confiscating the property of Ket.tucltr nb
eh: and ibat it will undoubtedly bee, in .1
Tradv and Specie. For the first three weeks
In November, the trade returns ol New York
city were as follows:
Imporls $5 332 OT 2
Exports 10Ji97.ir7
From the 1st of Janua'y lo the 21st of N -vi
mber, they were as follows:
Imports $1 12,987 07 1
Export 120542 H7
Tbe receipts of the precious m-tals Into in
country, from January 1 to November 21, hivo
Foreign ent red at N.Y 30 407.0 iu
Foreign forolen at Boston 7,711,000
California at N. V , 30 998 11OO
Total since January 1 7611COO0
As the export of tho precious metals In 'he
same time has been only $3,293,000, the n t
gale has been $71,821,000, which must be 1
creseed, by tbe end of thj year, to nea lv
eiijhly miff ions cf dottirv.
Henry Winter Davis on this Wah. This gor -tlemangavea
lecture, In Brooklyn, on Tuesday
evening la-t, when be ventilatod his views on
the war. in tbe course of his remarks bo al
luded. In sneering tones, to the deeds of manit
mbsion elgned by John C. Fremont This wes
greeted with applause, hisses, and a few crl. r
of "Shame." Then a voice In tlu audience
called out for " Three cheers for John C. Fro-1
moot." which were eiven with a heartlne.s .
wbleb apparently tomewhat furprised Mr. Da
vis. ne believed lb it ample power had been '
given Governraen' to deal w'tli the r. In Hon
In any emergency that had or might arise, Ith
out transcending tbo Coo'titntlo i.
The M'sqcluanna. We have seen a led r
written on board the Susqiiohadna, Novcrn'i r
9, which gives smB Interesting partlciilr f
the affair at Port Koyal. Tb9 enemy, uicu d
ing to tbls writer, regirded victory as so c -r
tain that some of tbem came within right s
amiteur spectators of the tbjht, In sm nl i-teain-ers,
retiring, however, very hastily when iln
batt'e was lost. Too writer says ho taw bIx.v
of the enemy burled in one trench.
Berdan'h FHAiipfluom-KRs Tho authority o
nlse companies and reg'ments of Sharpshooli r
granted to Col. lljrdan Inst September Is if
voked. The oinpanws and reglmenU whl.-h
have already been rals-d will.ni'verthe'esB, bo
mustered into Rcrvice, and procod to Wa'i
Troops at Fohtrpsh Movhoe Thirty thou
sand troops at e expecb-d shortly to arrive n
Fortress Monroe, and an ord:r was read 1
those already there to tbe effect I bat tbiy wou d
not be furulsh-d with winter quarters, 'ill
wou'd BBem to Indicate an advance, especial j
as no more flags 0.' tritsu will leave that po't
for three weeks.
&r Of tho crew of the prlvsteer UanregHtd,
twenty 1 hrte in number, slxleeu wue hot 11 In
Europe Only four were born in the secUo-i
Tbe newfort trTbu r,ftf" t tTio mn-ith lit
the Kenncbeo mir in M ne, on wlilch the
work nf construction s Iitii indentl. mm
mercenictit In bn made forthwith, has been
nint npproprfati ly uarfled, by thu Secretary (
War. KntiT PopiIam. The cnrromrndercp nil
". on flIa In tha War Oillc
i,,. . i
" To tho Hon. Slmon CAitriiov.
Secretary f War
1 Tim tipilerrdgnod, citizen" ol Mmii" i -:
, Hilly P quest ihV tl"' n lor' ! W v a il
I tho inomh if llw Kernel"" tiro', in M ,
! mav he named Fort I'i rttiM lu honor tit Oft.
Ueo'gu Popbam brother ol i e li trni-l Ch i'l
1 Jus Ice Pop'iiin. ol Enghnd
Uipt. lie-orgo roptiani. u in u vir i n m
Ihf flrtt Easll'h Colony In Nv England, tml t
ii toil nt or ti'Mr tbo ui'j ol ihe piupu-eil lo
oi Ihf y- .r 1007. wtere li" ''l''d iMiinir ."
IGOH, and was b Med. Wlnis tin-flrt par n i
I.!.. ..-.. ...I...... !.... j .... .. I il.l l..,t .rll I .
n - IIH..' ll"-l" ...into '. ' ' '". '"
foll o N ,M E ,gl v1(li ftm, wnrt ,,,.,. nl ,
HpiMprhtfly biitkul b,.
Ihe f il that t ib
UI4 place u mil il.
John A l'oon,
Rpcll Willi iMj.
Wamiimitox, Nov. 18. 18G1."
ThU pr, pr b1 tor n n mm was favorably re.
celitd u- He Euirntr lime u by (J.n-i.l
T t t ii, whnlald thmi'tiv bef ie .li -
tary o' War.
' Oj th' 2:11 of N'.v. mbei, IJ.n. Catuti..n
) 110'ed m the Mr,ioln. p irl' s :u.d euliinl
I oil then. :
' Naci" pppi iv d
I ftlUni. AMlltllS iCU't.lT) vl Vi
I War Dii'AiirMKNT.
Wnihwjtuii. .ft. 3 1801 '
The historical laeia to Inippily br ugbt loi
ward by the dUtlngulshcd citizen- tl 31a.'iv,
whose letter we have given nboo, serve
the double, purpose of recalling some ot
tbe most intitvs'lng events of our early I U
tory, and or fixing them more itroDgly lu miiid,
The Orat sett eranit pi NowEnghnd wm mad
TV "1ch-,'",f APr" ?"
I'opUom, Qia illiiKtriouu and lei
under ihn ch.irttir of April 10, lnor, Sir John
arncd Chief Jin-
tlce, of Ea bf l "PP01"1"""" ' ' E"
betli. and Sir rcnliuan lo Gorgt, tl e Fa.li,
UorgtJ, tt e U.ier
f nS,W' ""'''''" '" Anrie
who rr -
cured thl gn-nt charfi r, under which the Eng
lish raceway phnlel here, haro been olleii
overlooked. and were ofici rn fquoted and tr.i.
duced by tho I'uriU'n f Maaciiti'0lU, why
ca-ne out uuder ill 1 protection of t'jrr charter.
Tho i'lymou b pilgrims whs ctrni over in
1020 from L y leu. were invited thither by
Uor.--. as earl as 1017. to aid him in li 1 1I11 '
the euun'ry og-.li -t the French Uiipt Georijo
i'oplum's letU'i t - King Jauie, .viitten ftoiu
,,..,, . ,,. ... , r .1 t .. . 1
i-ort at. Ueirtv-. ut the mouth of tbe Iv urn- ,
bee, 1 Udoemue , 1007, in tm I. HI 1 linu .;'',
t-hiii lil- inului-luu lo li' vary cul uie. 1'U.S
letter Is tound In ilw lounh vol'imo nt the "Jol-
1-cions ot the Jriino ll'Hoitcal 01 ci ly.
Tbe numu ol G.-rg s :s pcrpetiuted by tho
uen lort in Ponliiid btib.ir.to ti c.i his ntni.
his been frrm, ni.i lint of i'op'iam n.l. bo
equally well pres rr.'d by lb ' n c .t i.' I ih 1
S.-cr taiy of War fli Iltnrs4 nl th il j;
i.aliOan will be obvia.is lo all.
llllVK AMI .-L'lllUIL. toll .Mil. DILI'S
Ai tu.,tiiui 0.1 U..JV.1 a fie
IUuh andfLliool.' 1 - .lie 'u.'a 1
p n.l'c'd i' or the niv.i'1 111
'n '1 o lv
11 and h. p
3 1 li-i- f
New Yi.rk 1 g nieine, Im
b en I hi. hi ii in :.n
city o N w Ytrk, by a ru. .ber 1 be.u vt.ir.ii
I ladies. Ihey liavo already gaih-ie.. uln-ttl
slxtj children, who had been Itf d.nuui ,- 1,1
I conteqneiKe of thi lr fitkers' e 1. rlnii w 1.1 tho
I army, ud Iheir muthiiB' ioab.llty lu tain caio
ot 'hem
iLuiityid Nen Yuil; iu.dd an upproprai
t'0,1 ol bait a in iliu'J ot d illtrs 1 r the benefit
ol mj diets' laT.'..le?, hi' th-'. wiii o n be ex
penJed, w'leii, wo eiipp "-e. tlu Common Coun
cil w 111 mike a.io:h-r arprj,.tli' 0 ; but this
I has 110 reti ronca to ibo toil reu o t-oldiers,
nor to tbc'r ol ict 0., whli.li lo n ,w trovided
for by tie b -litn 104 nsabiie uotloisl. 'Ibo
. K 1Uj h.v ft h,Ul r -oUtl,a for tu arn
? . , ., , ., , .
' nn,i duc"0-1 ol lh ' ,t. ir-i 01 Brtt'-li i-ol-
,011s, whica Is 'uipr'rud ctilno it-ly by tba
An ageut tor Ihe N-w York itiblllulloa has
been hero lr the pii',10 .- of oiemn un 11.
I tercet Hr It ' 1 1 1. A i ot t" ' Potomac, and
thus tr he hi' lienipp "i"cisrul S.ud- s
ii n je iv-iuuie limn is ai n in , . ji I
cuiitnbuto Illnally t-iv.-ard'- llulr m-teni'i ',
and a tnull am unt m ii'.y will eiuuiu the
caro an! dii"HiiiF itin o iildwa. When
tha claims 1 1 ih.s iirt.iu'loii iv. re presented to
tbu Ganbildi leurunt, tb;y mad-a viry g..'U
oious rti-piLse, Col. u'Uta hy lo.itu'jiiiu, 10
per month, avl tlw v.aoleregin nt ihili.tj - s
monthly coutri'iiitioa ol ti8 Wn hnjin oi'utr
regimm's will li' n - ie.ou', u'. 1 I i'ie
army wl.l Ink cir .In -IIium-iiI ipho'ii
for theli o j 1 did -liii b: lib tally -is
i '''bitd-
Ge. Cas-i on Mas a am, lih.-ix. An ur.i
clobasjaU ippiarfd in II Diitr 11 i'ee'ms
llodertooll to have t-eu wii'ti'.i hi Ujj 1 il
Cas, which 11 it o 1 y ju-Mfl-s 1I111 irre' o, il t
B)n ami S id I In' 71 t'ur it w.i in stin.t
accordan e ,vi h h ,jo i!ioi of i'.j C'V 1
ment upan il illicit o S'.i h q lean in r.i m . 1
ta'ued iutin'Cvi. rpood iilc iu h th Iln I,
Government in I&'jS.
jPBCakb 15. WnIi , ol Pli.' nl jdi'.., ,1
openul 11 new iii'ai'srt eem nil d Milton dour
ihe 'niuuiu';. I iv pin. 1 .1 I no I Moitibont
between Wa I nig' .id Ili.il V 1'irij, It
beadquarti'is in IfL'uf.al Hooker's division.
ESr-The Baliiinor 1 Ltn g iawess fays:
" Wo nottoo that tlio Hntioual lltpilirun 1 as
Just entt red up 11 11- 1. uty -r fhe JUpnh
tican Is h 1401 d ti n-wpin. r. It id' uites.w ti
irdor, Free S ol UnUiiui.: u
11 ugh pu'i
, 11 tho 01 dst
' 1 Virgi '' 1
, ,11 d h ml.'
llshed in the el y of W.,' 11,1
of two t-Uve SI 1I0H, M..1 l.il"!
Iicsttalin 1 t to peat, "it 1 1 1
what It c .no lies to Lo iiii' "
Mor Can..()s T'.Ii.o 11 1 ill 1 caa.10 i, Ij
III" G iver nm nt, i.ir vc.l iu N"W Yolk, ws'i-r
1 d.y, 10m
Li, ,t.ri.v, .nt. u 1 11 jr. im' 100
ill ibo- of eat ying 11 ii . 1 Iivh til 1,
I pound, r.
which o'j 1 1 1'ijurevj ',,.,r .
The P., in l'lrt,
uen'slioui Itu
Corslnl Itiniii ..,,
pub 1.
Ttire.' y
."1 II d
1 -t
ille, M'lm-,
, wnn iii'erni-
, 1 St P tt.ii.
.1. ul then
ue oliices of Ibo
ed the lee 11: t 1
liir ' ni li
1; 1.1
M'llo Il'gdinoii, uli ,.,.. 1 ft
teciet police.
An i t Uigem hn.l j fjotl: gctiti miu f
ItbTi Etrtb. resident I'i this oily. wtlte lo his
yoiict; lileml in the Faleril army:
" For you, mid for overy 11 ibto man, of wha'
ovor ko, or ellmo, or oountry, h ho lm voltni
tented In dofenco of Ills oountrv, In this most
wicked and atrocious robelllon, I havo thorn t
litrlfelt refeird. Ond hles you all, xnet pro.
serve you and save you to your families aid
fi lends. But should you fall by disease, or by
the asssln'8 bullet, or In tho rhook of battle,
In defence of free government. Justice, and
equality, yours will bo a noble de-itb. It will
be tho proudest romombnuico or mcnuuM
vim oui lo ivii to t oso who know and bive ymi
that you fought Hnd Ml fur your oouutr).
Your memory and liunu will animate How
who survlvo ynu, nhllo you will look dnwu
f-om heaven with corapluoonoy on the destruo
lion ofnti Infernal syatom that seeks to csUh
bsli the dcpoilsin of perpetual and unlveisd
Imeryontlio ruins of the noblest and freest
tf'ivornmenl that ever existed. But Ood'iijii"
iu'O mid Ood'i meroy will imt allow suih niu
lienilnus uvl eii'irmous wickedness to prosper.
God forbid 1"
Ti.e Irreprt'f.ble conflict preclptlaled upin
us hj t'.o s uvo power Is by this writer, as by
ev.ry uti-opbl tlcated mind, recognized as th
living kmt1 ; and thn iiitlmenis expressed nr
those which IrMunen, of all peple oil eirib
should niMst devotedly cherish. " Tre de"
pot htu of slavery," is tob resisted and crusln d
o.-fei gjwruaieiil is at an end. Thin truth
mint bo pilent lop-wry mlud willing to re
ceive tbe truth.
"knatoii ScMVKn os tiik Wail 0.1 Tius U
ax'-', Hun. Cha.les utunor nddri-s'ed an liu
niei !e audlctcn. at Hie Cooper Institute, In the
co. ol New otk. Mr. Sumner argued itu
U rv wa the sole cause of the rvbelllon
fiat It wus snstulnid by slavery, and that tl r
eli.ui Bjftem was now the most powerful ele
ment of strength u-ed against us, and that the
only remedy adequate to meet tt was emiuci
patloti. We extract a single paragraph from bis
sjeHcb, which furnishes the army with a Battle
Cry, which henceforth becomes the only cry of
the at my and the nation, and he who attempts
to resM It, falls, like Lucifir, to rUo no more.
It remains for 119 to encounter tbo robelllon
calmlr and surely by a fnrco superior to its
own. Dot to this end aomothlnz more will ho
needed than men or money. Our battalions
mint be re onlorood hy ideas, and wo must
sti iko dlrectlv nt the or cm and maln-siirlni'
the rebellion. I do no say now In what way or
to uiim extent: but slmnlvthat wo must strike:
It may bo hy tbo system of a SlaMacliuseltn
uenorn uiiiicr; 11 may oe uy mat or Fremont;
or It may be by the grander system of John
O.lincv Adams. Reason and sentiment hoth
lonour In this policy, which is only according
10 1110 ini-Bi common principles or numitn 00 i
duct, in no way ean wo do so muoh at so little
con 10 11 0 enemy, suon a blow will be 11
terror; to good men It will be an encourage
ment. and to forelcn nations watchlnc this con
ivi, it "in u mi ei licit "i fluuieiuuiK ooyono
rt moI.e carnival of battle. Therohas been the
test, tt will be an earnest of something beyond
cry, " On to Richmond," and still anothei
cither Is tho cry, " ON 10 FREEDOM!" Let
this be hoard lu tho voices of your soldiers; I
aye let It res mud In tbo purposes of tho Gov
ernment, una victory must oe ours.
I- was an able and eloquent oration, and,
at its conclusion, the fullo-vlng resolution was
adopted by acclamation :
Ileolced, That the doctrino enunolatod by
Mijor General Fremont, with respect to the
ominclimtlon of tho laves of rebels, and the
I mure recent utterances of General Burnslde.
......... l..,nn.. ...,.!. t rt n .. . -.
cvnnLi'i ,i iiai.ii, itiiu 1110 ui'ii. ueurKn uancrou.
in 'his city, and of Colonel John Coohrans mid
tho Hon. Simon Cameron, at Wnshlnctnn. f.ir
el-adowhig the eventual roottnc out of slaverv.
as tho cause of tho robe'llon, Indio te alike a
mural, politic il, aid military nooesslty ; and,
in the judgmsnt or this meeting, tho public
sentiment nt the Nnitb is now fully In sympa
thy with any piactlcablo scheme which mai
bo nresoi.ted for ibo extirpation or this national
ovil, and will accept such result as tho onlr
cniisisteut Issue of this contest between clvilf.
zatlon and barbaiUm.
The rriluiwi says Ibat after the dismissal
of th- last assemblage, at Ihe Cooper 1 1-sllt-ile,
a number ot the friends of Mr
Su -iner entertained him at a collation
at CirolV, No 712 Broadway, where brilliant
speed es were made by William Curtis Noyn,
Esq ; the lion. Ctnrles Sumner; William M.
Evarts E-q ; tho Itev. Mr. Conway, of tho
Haw kins Zouaves ; the Kev. Prof Hitchcock;
Cephw Bralnaid. K'q ; Richard C. McCorm'.ck,
E'q.; nnd K linti C. Cowdln, E'q The ss'iti.
ra-ot tliit iiuatitlpallbn wus to be the meats
of crushing tho reb'dlle'i the mans of pros
ecuting the war, aod not Ihe end of tbe war
ruled the hour.
A Vmcij FitoM Missoiiti Tue SEniETAiiy of
Win PcsTAiMtD is Asotufr Slave State.
From all parts of the loyal freo a!l slave Stab s,
we hear tho notes ot rejoicing over the doc
trines cauuchM by Colonel Cochrane nnd
Secretory Csmeron. Hear what tho Missouil
Democrat tays :
" What the War is For Tho Missouri Dam-
oci at mj:
" riio war is not one to destroy nor to sustain
si ivery, but to destroy the robelllon and main
tain tho Goverrmont. It should ho prnseoiited
nlthoat referinoe to tho lnterosls ot slavery
olthtrfororagiilnst. Tho question list-) tliotroit.
muni of slaves by our ("jneials, Is purely a mil
Itarj 0110. Each bell'gorent parly Is expected
to ui-o all tho tnn.'tim ill its power to secure suo
ees, nnd should prefer the most humane. Is
it in t better to make freemen than to Jhoot
l-rrmenl Lvou 11 it no an evil to rreo slaies,
I- it not .1 In. a ono thm tbo slaughter of white
nii'i.lo? We insist, therefore. 11a tbo whole
loial coiintiy will soon loudly insist, that this
benetluonl and tfTactlvo mode of warf.uo le
thoroughly udo ltd. Itwotildasstiredli'shorlen
the Hr, nnd thus really render the best possi
ble mtvIco lo ulavory ftsolf. The hope of the
latter lies In tho restoration of the Union, and
loruis 11 c in won aturu to ue oompoiloa t
make ct cat sacrifices."
Till! Exiii.isit IlEUhivs. Wo are Indebted lo
Hudfoii Taylor, 334 Pennsylvania avenue, for
litirktcooi foi N ivembir, at d lor tho London
li'Uirlerty and DlUJtvrg Jtrvi'im for Ootober.
The most Iiiviticg notice we c 1 ,;ive of thm,
is to copy tb-lr tablea of contents :
TJ'icA-woo'f. Chronicles of Carliugford : The
I) .uor's Family No. 11; How tho W, rid
Tr.'iits Dlscorerers; Captain Cliitteibuck'e
Oliarnpigne A Wen Indian Reminiscence
I'. r II: Mr lluikle'j Scientific ErroisjSir
lei-Hell Crcsswed ; Th" Stage of Wcliuar ;
t 1 I uind Sea ol Japiu; The Cramming Sys
n'lii: Mr Ernest Henan ; Tiio Uecanlalioii ;
I 0 n -arch ; f liu Li'o Eirl of Eglingtoii.
Ihe Loiidon HnurUily Life of Shelley;
Llle Iiitsrpriie, mi 1 P' ill in Coal Mines ; Toe
Immutability ol Nature ; Niwton as a ccien
till: Dlrcovirer; Iln Growth of Enclish Poet
rv ; Plutarch ; Elucitto'i rf fie Poor ; Aloxis
d ii ci'itiillo, Church Hates.
77m JjUhb irglt, Macula) 'a History ofEng
linii, (littti voliimo ;) Montttlemboit's MoiiUb
nt 1 tie West ; Ijiveiime on tilts Airrlcultiire ol
Fraiui-: O'Dou nbue'sMnnoirsof llieO'BrierB:
Cut Lb K'tJin's Clmrch History ot Scotland:
I' niory in utir.it IMjil ; ungl'aU Jurlspru-
'bn ; Tulets's II lobitlo ot tho Hundred
t i.js ; riio Works ot Ei zibeth iiarrot Uruwn.
i.'k ; Di Ileihoi' Hampton Lectures; The
w.auiuoa 01 America.
Vron ths rrinkfort (Ky ) romironwalfh
OOL, tM-L, Ct.yV'iHA'VM KUfll.UKJlJC.
In mpljlng loaomu stilctitrfs made by the
Democrat, tho CbmmonteenKA says :
" We said that tho policy indicated by John
Cochrane was just and right, and we siy to
yel. What Is it? It Iilo weaken the cuemj
la every pos-iblo point, by eosflscatlcg bis
property and using it for the bencOt tf Hie
Government. If these , means faik then, a n
tnst rtsort, Mr. Cochrane, before be wou'd sur.
render this Government, would arm the rlavi
of traitors lu arms. He did not advocate II e
arming of slave" as a muter of policy, but
a'luded to It ns a possible continpeuoy."
Having thus disposed of the ietnocrnl, the
editor thus notice the
micro rkqiukxts or looisunai
The rebels have two lull reglmeits of i.e
gro -s in Liui'lana. They have three or limr
regiments of Indians In tho Held, armed wlih
tn'n.tbavvks and scalping knives, ia addition to
tho ordi. ary weapons of warfare. They have
1 batulion of Nashvllio State prison convicts
lu the Held, (tlu Bull I'ups.) commanded by 1
b'at that served ten years la our penitentiary.
(Bed Bill.)
What do these professed Union men. who
aro so shocked about tbe contingency blob d
at by John Cochrane, say to these factt Tbej
approve them of course. The poiifi.derate
.an do ujlhl ig wrong. If they violatu the
Constitution, th : rales of decency! and the taws
ol clvlllz dwaifuv. It is all right, becaU'ellit'y
have no Constitution, uo decency, and uo clll
Iza'lon. But tho Government must adb-oe
siricly to the Constitntloa, and throw its prn
'ecilng arm around the traitors who are tryloif
to destroy it
Out upon sneb hypocritical csnt, say Me.
A straight out open' and avowed rebel U in
finitely above such Union men.
' - "ll7' ' I
Wo have further, particulars &f the skirmish
at DraUsvllle, on Wednesday, between a rc-
connolterlng parly pent ont 6y Gen. MoCall
and the bdvance guard of tbe rebels. 1
Thirteen rebel prisoners were captured, In
s'ead tf eleven, as staled yesterday. Two ol
Ihem were so severely wounded as to prevent
theft bilig brought In with the other prison
ers, and Ihey were, therefore, left at Tennally
town, and placed la the hospital there.
Among tha prisoners taken were Dr. Day and
his Bin, two notorious rebels, who are accused
of commuting numerous revolting atrocitl b
upon Union troops, such as kllllog soldiers who
had been wounded while scouting near D.-alnj-vllle,
and casting tbelrdead bodies to tbe hogs
Ac. Day was captain of the picket. Anotbi r of
tbe prisoners boasted of having cut a wounded
soldier's head cfT, which he pHced upon the
top of a polu In the villsga of Drainsvllle.
fhe civilians taken at Drainsvllle are charged
wlth comntInK outragts on some of our prls-
oners captured while on picket duty. Seven
of the pilsourrs were captured while asleep In
tbelr beds.
Surgeon Alexander, who was shot In the ab
domen with a musket ball, died ot his wound
yesterday. His body will be sent homo to
morrow. Col. Biyard received a severe flesh wound
la the hip, from a musket bill.
As our troops advanced towards Drainsvllle,
a considerable force of Infantry was discovered
on the right in the wo.'ds, but they did not at
tempt to show flzht, retreating as rapidly ns
The reconnolterlug party, while returning
from Iheir expedition, were met by GcnerAl
McCnll and staff, with tbree batteries of artil
lery and four regiments of Infantry.
Captalu Farley, of the staff of General Bin
ham, uud Lieutenant Carderees, of South Car
olina, wero among the prisoners captured.
Fairfux Court House has been entirely df
sirloj. Tho reconuoitering parly sent out by
General WaiUworlh, found but twq persons In
the village, and they were women.
A Wise Old Dctcijsian'. Tha Missouri cori
respondent 1 f u Cincinnati papor reports the
following aa the language of an old Dutch
slivtholdlng planter in Westport, (Missouri,)
speaking of himself ia the third person:
Old vogle't got lots 0' niggers Government
ay take 'em all burn old Vogel's last house
mm mfco ma nurses una oaiue whatever thei-
want or old Ti gel's they can 'ave. Old Vogle's
got Ave thousand aores of land In Westport. If
docchu wins, nni voeie's land not worth a dob
lar an acre; drlvo them off, and old Vogle's land
Is worth $25."
It may be presumed, In respect to " old Vo-
gle," that he Is u money-making Dutchman,
who, finding himself in a country where slave
labor was uted, concluded to use It himself,
upon tho old maxim, that II people are In Rome,
tbey must do as the Romans do.
" Old Vogle," however, loves money, and not
tlavery, and if be has worked bis acres by slave
labor, it Is not from any special devotion to the
' inetllutlon," but simply to make profits, and
be Is too wlso to loo s'ght of the end, by hav
ing his whole attention directed to the means.
if he con, upon tbe whole, be more than com
pensated for tho loss ol his negroes, by arise
In tho value of his lauds, " old Vogle ' is will
ing lo let his negioes go. " Old VogU " may
not bo a philosopher, but ha is evidently a man
of sense.
The great mass of tbo native slaveholders of
this country do not reason as "old Vogle"
does, or, rather, they have become blinded by
a fanaticism which deprives them of the power
of reasoning altogether Tbe foundation of
slavery, of course, Is nothing else than avarice
and tho lust of gain, seoklng their gratification
by obtaining labor without paying wages. But
controversial paslcns, and the complication of
the subject matter with objects of political
power and ambition, have to absorbed men's
minds with tbo means, Ibat tbey lose sight of
the end, and are absolutely fighting against
their own prosperity.
" Old Vogle," who Inherits uo prejudices on
the subject, his the true wisdom, and wo 00m
mend his homely expression of it to the owners
ot lands and slaves at the South. Negroes are
valuable, or have been to, but it is capable of
tho most abundant demonstration that, as a
body, tho landholders of the South, who are
also the slaveholders, would make money by
em inclpatlng their slaves
The art'sdo world of Paris his to regret the
departure ot its best marine painter. M, Gu
dki becomes a rerldent of England, in cons,
quence of tho death of Lady Jane Hay, whose
daughter be had married.
Additional ftoni Fort Pickens.
QitUivln-ChUlliisnCllia toaiMr.Oaoraa'AatJ8KitetwjMjhatltJtUattt aTllaDAT
body, rrora Fort Pickens, has given tbe fellow-
Ing particulars of tbo condition of Bintft Bosa I
slat d, mid the plan of attack wlilch was In
tended to be made by the troops of Oeueral
Jragg: -rsv .T 4.
'Therrre at preperit cloven bundrarlTegu
tars In Port Plcken, ( About'one quarter, (if a
mile from th fort there Is a deep ontrenobment,
divided by A plank road which enmmnnioates
with tha enoampment of Wilson's .Zouaves,
which Is about 11 m!ta'dlstant.The day pickets
Vrocoed only about ono mild from Camp, and
those at night about four m'lcfl, leaving tho
Island open at any tlrao to tho iiescentof tbo
Sinoe the tost battle Col. llrown, the com
mandant of tho f irt, ha Issued orders, In caso
of an attack, for the Hiuaves to loavo their
quarters and prnco.d heilnd tbo onlrencli
menls, which aro strengthened with howltznrs
and mortars on all sides other than the one
diametrically opposite the rear of the fort,
where the guns nro ready to beloh for(h nt any
time through the opening at tho rebels. If they
should land. The greater part of the Island Is
thus to bo vacated, to bring the wholo avail
able force to dolend tho foit
The almost semi clroular range of robel hut
torles, extending from Fort McRea, Fort Bi
rancas, to tho l'onsaool.i imvr yard, has, It Is
said, led to this stratoglo order, us one Imperii
lively deminded, Iu the entire line there uro
about one hundred and fifty guns, of long range,
while tbo number of plocei available at Fort
Pli kens and Its surroundings are only sixty,
and tho troops to defend them are only seven
teen, hundred, while the rebel forco opposite
amounts to about eleven thousand.
A few weeks since, Col. Brown was advised
of a plan of attack meditated by Gen. Brace.
A synopsis bf It Is, thai tho rebel force should
'make a landing at .1 point between the Zouavos
and the fort, and thus draw an engagement
with tbem, whlls other rebel forces should at
tempt to land near the fort Itself, and divert
the aotlnu, of Colonel Brown's troops from ns
listing the Zouaves. Tho, onemy seem lo con
sider that, their molt formldsblo foe are the
reguiatrj, ,111m inn; uyt hit tut-ui, iuo ivinnu
would be annasy prey-.'' 'tt'ls said that Dcf era!
Bragg- had determined to'place'H large force ni
Deer Point, whloh commands the Important
ftosltlon'of the Island, for this purpose. Tho
nformatlon thus received led to tbe ordor for
Wilson's Zquavea to ooncentrate near tbe fort
In caso of an attack. Colonel Brown, though
expressing .bis confidence In the, Impregna
bility of the fort, Is anxious to receive rein
forcements. ,
Captain Butler succeeded, 11 few weeks since.
In having the rebel batteries photographed,
and copies wore left with Oolonol Brown.
The officers on board the I'eabody do not
credit tbo slatemont as ropnrtod, that a battle
bad been fought nt Santa Bosa Ulaod. They
state that Colonel Brown had expressed his In
tention to attack tbo rebels, nldod by tbo Nlag
ara and Colorado, and that the report might
have originated from that faot.
When tbe Peabody was at Tortugas, the feel
Ing between the rogulara and vnluatoers was
so bitter that two howitzers, loaded with irruoe
and canister, wero placed in the sally-port of
me ioti to xeop me parties irom ngnting.
Tho inntlneors. fifty In nnmber.now confined
at TortugHS, complain bitterly of the treatment
thev are receiving at the hands of the Govern
ment Ttfay are used to keep tbo fortoloan,
and do much ot the work on the Island, such
as coaling vessols, pnloadlng cattle, 4o.
The United States steam frigate Mississippi
left the anohorage ofTFdrl Pickens on Sundsy,
the 10th Instant, leaving, at tho time, .the Pea
body sailed, the frigato Niagara and the gun
boat Hatteras.
From Western Virginia.
The Parkersburg Gazette of Monday last
Yesterday we oonversed with a gentleman
who leftGauley on Tuesday. General Rosecrans
was at Tompkins' farm, while the forces under
Benham and Bbcnck that pursued Floyd had
returned to tbelr old quarters at and ttbovo tbe
bridge. Thocampawere woll supplied with pro
visions, and the soldiers wore In good health.
The Kanawha region was entirely qnlet.
Our letter fromCabell states tbe Jenkins' men
are up In Logan still marauding. Jenkins him
self ia certainly wounded, but we cannot ascer
tain bow badly, II s boiibe was burnt, and bis
hogs, cattle, and corn are all taken. Tbo last
lot was taken up ths Kanawha on Thursday.
Ceredo Is now well defonded and fortified. In
all that region there Is much anxiety about the
guerillas, but no apprehension of Inoreased
force from elsewhere.
The marauders In Wirt are more quiet sinoe
Bagg's men went up; but there seems to be
generally but little cbango In tho status thorp
as we learn from thoso who oomo down.
A gentleman a ho loft Cheat Mountain on
Thnrrday says that tbo roads from Webster
were almost Impassable. He saw six, horses
stalled with a wagon carrylrg nine hundred
pounds. It will be Impossible to keep up the
supplies for the 12,000 men under Gen. Reynold
through winter. The opinion of military men
Is that 2,000 is enough for;he position, and thai
the balance might be sent to Gen.Kolloy, to
assist his movement on Winchester. Gen K.
Is fortifying hlm'elf at Romney, but not, we
bolteve, with tbo Intention of remaining any
longer than ho has the force for a turo forward
movemont. Ho Is deoldedly the man for the
position he ocoupies, and lie will use every
means in his power to senuru Wincbosler, and
thus the track to Uarper's Forry, Tbe com
pany, wo learn, are roady td repair tho rood
as soon ns It Is safe.
Buoh ts a synopsis ot tho position of tiffalrs
in western Virginia, ana to us ineyaltord room
lor strong oouSdenco In the early lostoratlun
of quiet, and the establishment of business.
A Letter rruna tlieUovcinur of Lolortsilo
Wo have been favored with the followlog
extract of a letter from Gov. Gilpin, of Colo
rado Territory :
" Dr.NTtR, Nov. C, 1861.
My labors here are inceisant, and tbe strug
gle with treason is a perpetual deatb-st'Uggle.
Emissaries swarm bero as they have done In
Baltimore, Washington, and St. Louis, iu the
woist lime of linurrectli n. I hiv theLigls
latute, the Indians, tho tiillituiy, the courts,
aud this wonderful popu'atlon 80,000 (till
male) to manage, without u tingle skilled
assistant. Society is ' ns the sea, when windH
and waves contend which is the mightier I"
The human element Is, In everything, in
tense. This Increases ns tho mountain Knows
interrupt tbe mining, and dilve tha laboring
population down to lowland towns. You know
that tho appropriations for tbo new Territories
entirely failed. Tho want of monoy, together
with the tital oblivion by tbo Government of
tbe critical condition eau'ed by the withdrawal
ot its military forco, tbe agitated condition ot
tbo Indians, and tho extreme cost and scarolty
of food, (where it has nil to ba imported,) com
plicate the tungled condition ot affairs, and
tiain Iko llgauvuts ol government to u perpelu
oily bumtiug trndon.
I have nearly complete mi elaborate report,
and mars of this Territory, together with
specific Illustrations if the route ttirojgh Ihe
Cordillera, lately explored and located."
.sT-JohuTyler'slonse, near II mpton, which
Is large und well bullt,now comfortably shelters
a large number of contraband negroes.
DESKKTkLI from Camp Ulcltatrdeou,
near Port I.von, Virginia, trun the Third regi
ment Michigan Vclunt tri, U' mpiny II
Irritant Otorge A Btmult fslr complexion, dirk
ty, catk hair li 6 fmi 6i lochei high and ii years
oi age, of gouttet ajiieardnoo. oooupaiion, a book
keeper, dreated lu blue soldier's ilother.
Voipnat Otnrgt W lltnnett, fair complexion, griy
eyes, blaok bur, t fat T' Inobrs in height aud 12
years of age, dieeied ia biue soldlsr's cloihea.
Oirrwiol Jliqih Ji'ud, tilr cruipUxlgn, dark eyes,
dirk hair, I feet 5 laches In height and 21 yrarj of
rte thre leftotmptogether,November2(itli,1851
A rawurdof thltty JulUr, ul.l ic nld fo their ap
prehension K D iiiiYaM',
Cspta n Uompaay u,
Third Ueyimeuc Mleb Vulauieers
nov 23l3i
TOAHD WANTKD.-.l Purnlslied llooni
jlj sua iioara wiuttd lor a wide a Udy, where tlit
qulit and comforu of a home may be lud, in a pri
vate family. Address
nov LU dt
v rjitrns Clttb nlllotUbratc ths annlrcmnr
kviwiho,) at Dormsn'a Hotel, 638 seventh
ei.opposlU Avenas Uouse Happtron the ttble
at 7 Ma A. Tlctsts to be hid at ths bar of tha
y ft Bcontarr.
Mr" Il'aMrttfc been authorized, br the
War DtftaftftMt. to rats and orrit tzo a regiment
of infintTy.tJ) serve In the District o Columellas
a borne ftufd, persons wUblnir to rale u tl irm
maad cotaprnJetla this reelment wl.l renort to tbe
tleneral WrelUor oBlcer, ot his lieadainrtcrs.
rjom No. 10, Washington Buildings, corner l'oon
sylvsnla avenutsd Baveoth street, third (tory.
Waamsaros, OJOa.
November 11, Uet. uor 11
MT Company A, Unlt-M Mtatcs r.ugl-
r.ee.i Flfiyjntsaigtnt jn4.ab!o-bodied raca will
be e -.Hated to flit tbls Company to tee maximum
llxedby law.JM rata rjoqabf at Jo, t2U stteet
ray from' IU lb npPtadnl,besl4ee'f6od mid
ij-1li bnfon"trafzer -sleeting will be
'N.'rV.WM!-' this, week, la, the English lu
iviK Cfufrcfl, cortVr'df Eleventh sis' II Streets,
to cota-eJi-ter'tlV fast o'dlock.-'-'rd1 tie eonf lined one
hour only oet 8 t
FOUBP-rAfffrorfii HM-B,iwitli,srlitte
mirk on fortlied.wai toned list light, ou
Seventh (.treit, nrr-tHe bridge-. The owair on
hire thshersebyoalHngatlhe Lnton Kiting House ,
.seventh strut, utsr the b.ldge, by (.roving properly
and payldgtohargesA-i ' f iov9 3t
J.u.ayr inccwirvKjo.
. .tl . TiiCr, FUin g-Ai.iB',
1,000 do1b4i")ii'd)iTr.oo;en 8iclt,
1,000 doi. bind mt! Wool n "ocks,
l.C'JO doi. bind mi!e Woolen bci,
1 'Wdo.Whl't.' dolfon Ulovei,
0i i'oj While Cotton Glove,
,0J dox White CoUon Gloves..
A,i' !
A large ai-ortment of
India Knbbtr OvtKoati,
' illibxets, Boo's, ao, ik.
Toxstber with k large supply of Butleia' Goods ot
very description, which -will be sold at llis-,vary
lowest prices, for cub,
We are receiving, dally, Lincaster county, Term-r-ylvanla,
Butter, Potitbes, Api les, and Onions.
Abo. a large lot or Mine ilea , la 40 pound tube,
aid 60 barrels new Sour Krout
An examination or our stock l rcspectru'Iy io-
I.UIUUAII c ttuimuioun,
No. Ml Moth street,.
nov M-St
jovri4, isot
sear resn;Ivanla avenue.
NOV. , 1801".
The ahorte.', quickest, and beat route from lialtl
Taore to tbe
On and after Sunday, Jlth November, I'aitenger
Trsiat will arrive and depart from Calverl Station
as tollowj :
Mill, at 831 A.M.
ItulTslo Express , ,.3oj 1. M.
ratkton Aooomoditloa 400 P.M.
Pittsburg and Uarrlibnrg Express S3 P.M.
I'arkton Aeeommodatleut SCO A. IT.
UufTalo Express,,.! 8 20 A.M.
ntuburg and Harriabajg Express 'J.eo 1. M.
am ."....; io p.m.
The e A. M. Train from Washington connects with
the S 20 A. U. Train Irom Baltimore for the West,
and for Buffalo. Elmlra, Rochester. Dunkirk, Oanan
dtlgua, and Niagara, falls, aud for New York
Tbe 11A.M. Train Irom Washington connects With
the 3 oo P. M. Train from Baltimore, to W eat, North
and Northwest, and E mira and lluffalo led Ro
chester. The 6 CO P. 51. Train Irom Washington connects
wlih lbs 8 80 I. U. Tr.ln from Baltimore for Pitts
burg, Hirrjburr, and the Wett, and is a direct con
ntlon for Lebaaon, Laiton, Ailentowp, mid New
York, via Central Railroad of New Jersey,
Try this route to New York.
mr The only Trmla leiTlng Baltlrriore 03 Sunday
U tee 8.00 p. il, Trala.for Uarrisburg, Pittsburg,
Chicago and the Weet ,
The only Train ai living In Baltimore on Buuday
Is the 8 20 A. M. Train, '
nov 27 J A3. C CLAEKB.Sapt.
Bat a short time has elapsed sines the above peni
were introduced Into Ihe Cinlied blatei. Still avery
mirked preference la given them over all other me
tallio Pens, for the following reasons ; C, Barnard's
Vulcanized Pens do cot corrode, do not cut through
the thinnest paper, celther will tbey (patter over
the rongheat surfaced piper. Nomeroui lutimo
nlits hve been received, certllylng to the goad
qulllties of C. Barnard'a Peis, a few of which are
respectfiilly submitted t
I have used tbe Metallic Tons of Mr. ''. Btrntrd,
end highly approve of tntm
blgned C. UiasToir,
President uf at. Nlobolit Rink, Xiew York.
We bavs used the Pens of Mr. Barnard, and Hnd
thi ra to be m be represents, and tike pleasure iu
reoummtnalng tbem to tbe pubbo
Wiua, Faxoo k Co.,
Blgned A. MceeioAH.
C. Uirmrd's Pens have been tried, and are highly
approved in tbls office.
rlgned 8. O. OdDix,
Audlto. If. S Custom House, New York.
navlna; tried the corruiited Pens mate by. Air.
Darunid, I can recommend tbira ns excellent.!"-"'
Uigned Su't L. Iiisiisc,
t'ommandint Navy Yard, Brooklyn.,
I hive tried 0. Bsrnird's Fenns, aid my experi
ence is, that these Pns are superior to the ordli ary
Uttillio Pens.
We add ours to above recouune ndatlous.
Blgned II. B. CioMircet. k Co ,
New York.'
I hive no hesitation in sttyiog Uarnard's Pons are
decidedly the best 1 have ever tucd
Btgned B. C. IUt,
Agent United Stltca Expresi Co , New Yurk.
We can confidently retommcul Mr. C. Birnard's
Antl corrosive Pens as the best ever brought under
our notice, without exception.
Wilhiksov, Stetson & Co.,
Park r lieu, Naw Yi rk.
Bl.ned , T. II Iluonu,
WcbavebeennaogthePecsofMr.O Btrn'rd.snd
take great baaure in recommenillug tl urn to ihe
lotillc.ns tliey ate an excellent mticle, nnd all be
represen a them to be.
feigned A. J. Clistov,
Seoietary Eagle In urai.ee C, mpiny,
Wall street, New York.
Upon trial, we hive fouod Mr. Birmrd's Peneto
be excellent
Signed Fkid Pioiai it Co.,
B oud street, Niw York,
I would recommend Mr. Barnard's Pens ara stipe
rlor article to any I have used.
Blgned Goe-vi. Km an,
New York.
We add ours to the above recommendations
Signed Usmihiil, Uxvieesu lio,
Veaey street, New Yurk.
Of all pens I hire ever used, Sir. ilirnard's has
given me more sitlsfiotton, andean recoaunend tbem
to the public is being entirely autl corrutlve.
Blgned II I'oimn,
Broid street, New Yoik.
After fix months' constant ue of C. Barnard s
Antbcorrosive Pens, we cin confidently rceooimeod
it tile uest jneuuuo I't-a we mivo ever Urea, mill
Ing, irom the above experieior, that It iloei not actu
uuy c
r corrode.
bi ned
S. MoLbak It Co.,
Pirk Place, ew York.
O. Tt A H.ANT3k.3R.X
Manufacturer of Corrugated Motal Fens,
Depot lor supplying the IT. S and the Canadis,
nov 23 IIHW YOltlt.
At the Qlore Depot of
r. 11 HASlINUrj ACO.,
03 L street, Ucing Pa aveuus,
Pbllbarmonio Building,
nov 2d tf
: )

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