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NO.5, , ,
Gen. Lane at Springfield, Mo.
Another Speech on the Megro' Question.
lie Dilnu Ills PoalUoa, s-n that of Ha
Kmill Brlguc, on am - .
Hlavei jr.
, About nine o'clock Tburtday evening, tfo
vembtr 8, the Twenty fourth Indiana regiment,
under the jommand of Lieutenant Colonel
Garvin, appeared at the headquarters of Gen.
Line, ami the regiment il Dinil dlsoourse.l-H
beat mirtUI and other mnilc. Most of the
Kiaiu brigade gathered around the Indiana
regiment, and joined, with Item in oills for
Lane Graeral Lino I Jim Lane, the Libera
tor I On these names and titles the changes
were rung for n lew minutes, when the General
appeared In plain citizen's drew, la front of his
quarters. Again the welkin resounded with
cheers and hums, as the sound of some two
thousand or mora voices was borne off on the
'........ ID... HnnAml warn nnn A aA n fnllnW. .
Gentlkiien and FnxLotr-Bou-tuis : The re.
ceptlon of l his compliment was as far Irom 017
expectations at from my deserts. I am aware
tbeie demonstrations are not Intended so much
for me ns for the Kansas; brlcade 5 jet I should
be the first to appreciate au J acknowledge any
honors which louy come from ihe noble State of
Indiana. CanlfnrKctlndlanu? Never! Cheers.
" If I fjriret thee, let my right hand forget her
iMinnfnir." It was the olaee of mr birth, and is
the place of my moth-r's grave. .Indiana has
clveu me legislative, executive, military, and
1 llrmnrcaslonal honors. 8hi has nursed me as
" a fond mother brlogs up her child, and let my
heart grow cold, ana my tongue cieave 10 tue
roof ol my mouth, when I cease to bo grateful,
or Ml to speak well of my benefactors. Loud
cheers. But the home of my adoption, and
toils and strife, is Kausan. She was a prairie
waste when Qrct I set, foot on her soil, but,
through desperate odds', she has fought her way
nnlnta the sisterhood of Stum, and already
her Utile army has beoomo Iambus throughout
the nation for its bravery and patriotism. For
Kansas have I wrestled as wrewtles tho mother
when she brings forth her first bornjnto the
world. Thundering oneer.i inaiaua, as a
nart of the nast. is enshrined in mr heart
kansa, as my home, and as the living present,
absorbs my tnougnis ana sways my aesumy.
Once I obeyed the voice of Indiana, and bon
ored ber : now, I go at the bidding of Kansas,
and love ber. Loud cheering. Bat, gentle
men, I am proud and happy to see the two sis-
ters of our glorious Union striking hands with
each other on the toil of 'rebellious Missouri,
determined that our united blows shall brush
out this most c. useless and wicked rebellion,
and preserve the national heritage left as by
our father.
Gentlemen: I shall not conceal the fact, that
In one respect I differ from some ol my com
peers in commind ns to tbo mode of warfare
which is bent calculated (0 bring ttiii wretched
contest to a, speedy, durable, and honorable
close. The point ol d fferenoe refers, of course,
in tlnvorv the rauaei nf nil dlTreniii the
Pandora's box from which bits ls-ued all our
national troubles. My creed is, Ut slavery take
tart of itself. If It can sarvivo the shock of
war, let It live, but If between an upper and
nether millstone It be grounlito powder, end
the winds drive it away, it is not for me to
gather up the dust again: I do not propose to
make war upon slavery, nut upon reoeis, una
in the meantime to let slaves und slaver; take
care of themselves. An oligarchy more erne)
and Droscrlotive than ever scourged and cursed
a nation, ancient or modern, has brought on
this war for slavery, and If we are required to
protect, defend, or In any way help slavery,
then we are required to co operate with tho
enemy, to help him, to defeud him, and to work
fur the same end. (Jan we ploco ourselves thus
iu alliancu with our deadly, and barbarous foes
and at the' same time bonquer them, subdue
them, orush them! When leaser contradictions
are reconciled, we will think of harmonlzlog
War. at best. Is a terrible calamity to a na
tion. In all the country through which we
have passed, the malls are stopped, schools are
suspended, CDurcieB ore iura:'u into nospuuis
for the sick and wounded, and general demor-
allzatlon prevails. I'rotract the war one year
and desolatlon,'moral and material alone, would
mark tho traok of arms. Justice, humanity,
and mercy require that tho conflict should term
inate as soon as poatible, and' with the least
practicable shedding of blond.
Astounding as It may appear tVyou, gentle
men from Indiana) yet it is n fact we have re
peatedly demonstrated, Hut a heavier blow is
dealt out to tho realm of Seccssla la tho abduc
Hon or fieedoin of a slave than the killing of a
soldier iu arm.;. Ys,,nd I may put the truth
iu a stronger light mill. Abduct from I ho
same family a slave, lind kill Iu nrmi a Bon,
and the loss of tbo slave will be regarded as
the greater mlslortuue the calanaUy,lor which,
there Is no healing balm. I could bring up
mnrn than. a thousand wltnea-ea whose obser
vation aud experience qualify 'them to spcuk
. nf the truthful candor ol rav remarks, lf.then.
' by allowing tbo blavo to fall Into the wake of
the urmy and unu i-u priceless uoon 01 iree
dom, we avoid bloodibcd, savo property from
destruction, and strlk. death dealing blows'
upon the head and front ot this rebellion, does
not every consideration that is go' d and just
require thai; this policy be adopted? This war
is lor slavery let us make It the mighty engine
for slavery's, destruction, and the rebels will
soon cry enough. They will ea that, like Sat
urn In the fable, they are eating up their'own
children, anu win consent to cut short the re-
Cast. Every guarantee that is given to slavery
y the Government strengthens the rebels in
their course.
The Kansas brlgado has met the enemy In
battle, and Touted him In evry conflict, ttu
have destroyed Osceola, a sort of half town
end hall' iniltary post; but alt then.) Ihinga
combined have not brought the rebels to Iheir
knees as has the escaping of it low hundred
slayee, by following the back track of the
army. Cheers. Gentlemen, my logic teaches
that we cannot defend und make war upon the
same foo at the same time ; and, if it Is the
purpose of the Government to crush the reb
els und prevent their slaved from stampeding,
two armies should be sent In the field. Au
advance force mjght be called the treason
1 crushing arrav. aud should be armed with of
tensive weapons. The other should bo called
the slavery restoring army, and should move
about ten miles Iu the rear. It should bo clad
In a defensive armor of triple steel, ior such is
Ihe meanness ol spirit which is bred iu the
and s avf holding, that Ihe mislen would creep
Into 'very place of aninu h, mid fire upon
thnp wtin were gathering up and returning
lh-ii fugitive bum in propUly. It would re
lllpol Imale for the slavery-restoring army to
r Jturn the flre.r.' they might harm some of ihe
ppu and darlings ior wnotn uey are so gener
ously! acting. ...
Therefore, give Ibern tho dcfenBlvo arm,
hut n'n nnVnulve wennons. Snch an arrange
ment, novel as It might seem, must bo bad if
slavery is to ne preserved in me rear or nn
army, which moves with a force sufficient lo
cru'h this huge rebellion. In my opinion', the
- 3 -I.....1.I W . k.aa. mm Ilia
secouti nriuj rutmiu uu uuiuciu w .u
first, preserving Slavery win cosi me uot-i-rnment
ten tlmi ns much as crashing tho re
IHIIon. Voices Tbal'sso."
The policy inaugurated by the Kansas brig
ade, which I have tho honor lo eommand, was
not adopted In a' moment, but Is the result of
much experience. In a spe"ch recently made
In the city of Leavenworth, my feelings of in
dignation becamo wrought up to such a pitch,
that I was betrayed into the use of language,
which was justly condemned by the religions
sentiment of the country, and which in cooler
moments meets my earnest disapproval. But
whether excited or calm, whether my languago
be rough or smooth, principle and duty require
that bur policy be rigidly adhered to until con
demned bv the Government : and If It ahonld
bo condemned, if the Government demand of
the brigade obeisance in tne Genesis 01 sla
very. I shall consider ihi question of with'
di awing from the field.
Since the reoeis nave laueu 10 nationalize
s'avery, their battle cry Is " Down with the
Ilnlnn." Let slavery lilt ud its crest Iu tho air.
and here I solemnly vow, that if Jim Lino is
compelled to add a note to such an infernal
ClinruB, UR creates nis sworn anu qurn toe ueiu.
Thundering applause. Let us De Doid in
scribe "freedom to all" upon our banners, and
appear just what wo are ihe opponents of
slavery. It Is certain as if written In the book
01 laie, mac inia point must ue rrucueu ueiure
tho war Is over. Take this stand, and enthu
slaftn will be Inspired la the ranks. In steadi
ness of purpose and courage each soldier will
be a Spartan hero. The spirit of the Crusader
will be united with the iron will of the Roman,
and au army of such soldier U Invincible.
Coder. These thing lo you, Indlanlans,
may' appear strange, but when your military
eduO-iuon nas receivea mat peculiar cost wuicn
experience Is sure to give it, and which now
pertains to the Kansas soldier, then will we
march shoulder to shoulder, and victoilously,
too, against tha enslavers and Drutallzera or
men, and against the traitors to Ihe best Gov
ernment on earth.
Soldiers, we have a commander, on whose
courage, skill, and kindness of heart we may
Always confide. General Hunter has a Kansas
education; he has suffered with us because of
slavery, end he will, I know, endorse tho policy
I have advocated to-night.
It should be the bnslness'of Congress, at its
coming session, to adopt a law directing the
President of the United States, by proclama
tion, to order the rebel States, wtyhln thirty or
sixty days1, to Jay down their arms and return
lo their allegiance, or, Id 'default thereof, de
glare every slave free' throughout their do
maihs. So far as I pm concerned, I hope the
Almighty will bo direct the hearts of the rebels
lbat,llke Pharaoh, they will persist iu their
crime, 'and then we will invade them, and strike
the shackles from every limb.
Provision, too, should bo made for settling
the African In Hay II, Central or South America,
and let the race form a nation by itself. Llbi
rlahas served u glorlous'parpose In teaching
the world that these oppressed and wretched
people are capable of supporting themselves,
and of self government. I look upon the lie
public of Liberia as the bud yes, the f u 11-
Dlown nope or me wnoie 01 Airica. anu wisn
It ever; encouragement and success. But it is
too many thousand miles for. us to transport
lour million or slaves, rnis ago nasi not me
low and patienco requisite to such a task.
But our own continent has room sufficient
with soil, climate, and produoiions, sul'able
for the accommodation of this people, who, in
the mysterien of Providence, have been thrown
among us. Transportation to the places named
may be made a practicable reality. The good,
of both races require.' their separation. Ages)
ol oppression, ignorance and wrong, have
made the African a being inferior in intellect
and social attainments lo thin Caucasian, and,
while lozether. we shall always' have low.
cringing silrvility on the one hand, and lordly
domination on ihe ether. It is better for both
parties that each enjoy the honors and respon
sibilities of a nationality of his owl). In snob
an ovent, our common humanity would makes
vast stride towards perleetlon.
, As such a proclamation might have the ef
fiot t liberate the slaves ot miny loyal citi
zens, I would cheerfully give my consent to
have them paid out of Ihe National Treasury
for any loss tbey might sustain. Let ui dare
to do right, trusting to the principle, that right
.makes might ; and the great republic, oiich the
wonder ot the world, nil) emerge fiom these
troubles purer, wealthier, aud strouger than
bese are among the roasous why freedom
to nil should be the watchwoid of the Kansas
'Brigade, and, would lo God I could publish It
throughout the army, and to the whole nation.
Let the wind waft It over the prairies of the
West. Let tho thunder of our cannon speak it
in tho ears 01 traitor tyrants. L.el me moun
tains of Pennsylvania, Virginia, and New Eng
land echo 11 to all their people; let tho souud
swell from earth to heaven, and the great God
of angels and men, as Its patron und friend,
will give It (success.
Again I thank you, friends, of Indiana and ol
the Kansas Brigade, lor the compliments ot this
occasion. I bul you all a hearty good night.
Cheer after cheer then rent the air. The
Kaon i boysthen left for their tentu, evidently
a little proud ol thelf commander, and tho In
dlanlans were not la tho least luollned lo re
UaquUh their birthright interest Iu the earnest
and eloquent advocate of liberty, Jim Lauo.
Wlntor Sota.ciTJLo.
Oa and after MOr7DAT,Tfovembr 18, I'M. tha
l'epgfr Trains netwten Washington and llsltl
mom will run as follow i ,
Morning Kxprtu leave Washington 6 10 a. m.
Arrive at ll.lilmore 7 r.5 m.i Philadelphia It 5J p
m t N w York A p-m i !!arriiti.rit-l.is P m.
Vorntog Acoommoiuilon leavn Wa-ulogton at
7 Aft a m. Arrlvs at Baltimore 9 00 a. m. No con-
A-.lAn. at rttltfmnr...
New rork Mali Train leave Waihlntton at II a. m.
r.ie at IialUmort 11 10 p.m.; rhlladrliihui 6 SI
p in t New Yoric lu p m
afternoon Accommodation lravt Washington 8 05
p,m.'ArrlYKtHUimorNn.m ; llarrlnburgoao
p. m.t rhllidelphli 10 tw p n.
SiTenlag Kxpre.. leavs Washington 6 p. m Ar
live at U.illmor.8 42 p.m.; Pbiltaelpula 10 03 p. m.;
Mew Xork 4 a. n., llarrlsbarg 1 a. m
Leivs New York at 7 a. m.: Fhllvto plda 11.80 a.
ui', II jltlmor. M p. m. Arrive at Wa hlrgtou 6.40
Leave New York at S p. n.; Philadelphia 10 50 p
in.; Baltimore 4 0 a. la. Antra at Wellington 6
I,f are New York at 11 p. n ; Philadelphia 3.T.0 a.
m ; llalUmore 7.44 a. m. Arrlva at Wa.hlnjton
0 vu a. m-
Accommodatlon Trains leavs Btltlmort at 0 a, m
and p. m. for Wuhlagtoa ; arrlr then at 1 1 a. ni.
and 1 p. m.
roMtager inuni leaving wuningion a. 7.4ua m.
and 3 06 p. m , and DalMmor at 7 Si a m. and 8 to
p m., roakt dfreot oonneotloos for Annipolli at Ihe
rrales leavs AnaapoUl for Btltlraore and Wtii.li
lnir0B at 0.60 a. m. and 2 41p.m.
I'at cnger Tralai Watlne Washington at 0 10 a. m
11 a. m and 6 p. m , and fialtlmorc at 4.'J0 and 7.:tt
a. m. and 8 60 p m . will wtm ony at Annapolis Jvne-M-n
aAd WaiMnglon (Helai) Junction.
Way 1'asMugers must Lk the ocoranVtaifm 7Vatnj
'. .
Train, will 1 are Washing on and nalUnnr?
ninmilly upon cat&tinu.
w. r. SMITH.
Master of Transportation, Uatt
agent, flamd u Station, Dalllmore.
Agent, at Waihlngton. nov 21
The C.man aad Anbor and Philadelphia and
Trenton Kailroad Companies' Line from Pill I, A
KKNSINGTUN DF.FOT, will leave a. follow.:
At A It , via Camd.n and Ambor, ((! and A.
Aoeonunodation )
At A. M., via Camdtn aud .Icrsey Cllv, (N. .1.
At 8 A M., via Gamd.n and Jersey City, (Morning
At UK A. M., via Kinslngton and Jerwy City,
(Western Kxprew.)
AtliifP M., via Cam iad Amhoy, ( Aeeommo
At 2 P. M., via Oamiku and Amhoy, (0. and A.
At AH V. it., via Kensington and Jersey City,
(Evening Rxpreu )
It IK P. M., via Ken.lngton and Jeriry Clly,
(Second Class Tlgket.)
At ( P. M., via Gamdsn and Jersey City, (Kr.'nlng
At 11U P. M., via Camden and Jersey City, (.South
ern Mail.)
At 6 P. M.,.vla Camden and Ambor, ( Aoeotntaoda
tlon, freight aad pauungar, Vint Clam riokct )
Jktir.M Mall Tiaui ran. daily. The 11 1".
fi. Hall, Saturdays excepted.
Kor llelvidere, f.a.ton,LatnterUille, Flernlngton,
lo., at 7.10 A M.; and AX r. M., from Kenilngton.
Kor Water Gap, Ktrowubnrr, Seranton, Wilkes
lurre, Mojtrose, Ortat Bond, 4m , at 7.(0 A. SI.,
trom Ken.lngtan, tU Delaware, l.a(.kawana, and
Weitcrn Kailroad. '
Kor Maach Chunk, Allenlewn and Ilelhk'hem.at
7.lo A. M. and 6; r, M , from Kensington depot;
the 7 10 A. M. line conned, wit lithe train leaving
Kaston at S 36 P. M.
For Mount Holly at and 8 A. M and 2 and 4,',
For Freehold at A. M. and 1 P. M.
Nor Ilrlitel, Trenton, to , at 7.10 A. M., AH nnd
6 ',' P. M , from Kensington and t( P M. Irom
V atnut street wharf.
Kor Palmyra, Klverton, Delano, Beverly, llur
llngton, Florenneao, Bordentown, Ac, at 12X, 1,8,
4,tnd6 P.M.
bteamer Trenton, for Bordentown, and Intermedl
ate places, at 1( P. M.,from Walunt stnat uliari.
aw For New York and War Lines, leavl.z Ken
sington Depot, take the cars on Fifth street, above
Walnat, hlf an hoar uclor dtpartare. The oar
run lnid the tepot, aud cm arrival of trains ruufroru
the depot
Fifty pounds of bagg.ga only allowed to each
passenger. Passengers are prohibited from taking
anything as buggaga hnt their wearing appand
All baggage over Airy pounds to t paid ior extra
The company limit their resporuiblllly tor baggage
to on dollar per pound, and will not ba lluble ior
any amount beyond one hundred dollar, except by
clal contract. WM. II. QATZMF.lf,
augis Agent.
Ol!o &oventh St. C510
I'. .1. UKLLIOW A CO.,
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Fine'CoW and Plated Jewelry, Sterling Silver
Pl.teil Ware,
In Job Lotfoior Dealers, Sutlers, i'edlnn, le,
J1A0 Seventh street,
throe dewrs smith of Odd Fellows' Hull,
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IWland Pmilart' (IochIs, at its. than Nw Yoik
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A tOilUye and speciflo remedy for dUessesvf tha)
tiro pay,
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KINLF.V ItinflKH, (late Itegl.ter of the U S.
Tre.Miry,) .U.1C1IAHI.K..S R. BliKUMAN, Coun
sellors at Law, will devote Iheir entire attention lo
the prosecution sbd settlement of demand, against
the uni cd State., gTOwing out of tbe present! war,
Including the Accouuts and lalms of Stales, Con
tractors, and Disbursing Offlcers: app leationa lor
th restoration ui properly HlegaUy siczed or cap
turcd, and for compensation for the use of priva.e
property for ilovrrumeut purpo.es, and lor damages
lor the Injury of such property b; tho army; l r
military pay, pensions, and bounty lands; an4 for
nutributivo shares ol monies payable at the Trea
sury and due to sub coutractors and others
Iney will a'so give legal advice to claimants, con
tractors, and to unprofessional agent, in lltlgkted
naso; and prepare written arguments when desired
Wl h Nonresident Ageuls who may seud them
claims, an equitable division of commls.loiis will he
Undisputed Demands will be collected and
promptly lemltted for a commission of from a half
tu two and a half per oeut depending on the
amount; and negotiations with the DcparluignU
conducted on nv.demte terms.
By proopt attention, moderate charges, Ioug ex
perience, und a minute knowledge of the of laws,
rrgulation., rules and precedeats, governing this
ulass ol business at the Department., they hope to
runder their sirvlces ueelul to claimant, and public
Heferenco may be made to Members nf Cengtia-,
and officer, of the Government, and especially, by
p nulsslun, lo the Hon. lluu Wunrlasxr, Hr.t
Comptroller (if tho Treasury.
Addres " Messrs 1)1(1 UK It S snEttMAN,
Washington, D. O "
Office, No. 116 F slrtot, near lreosury and Wll
lards' If otel. nnarin
Madder, Kidneys, (travel,
maaaer, iviaaeys, uravel,
Bladder,- Kidneys, Gravel,
Bladder, Kldueys, Q ratal,
Bladder Kidneys, Gravel.
Nexnal Organs. Sexual Organs, Sexual Organs,
Sexual Ora-ans. Sexual Orc-arut. Rexnal Orrana.
Sexual Organs, Sexual Organs, Sexual Organs,
Kexual Organs, Sexnal Organs, Sexual Organs,
Sexual Organs, Sexual Organs, Sexnal Organs,
arising from excesses, early ludlsoretlons, exposures,
anu imprBuenuen, pnu rem'jTing all improper m.
charges. whether exlstlaff In
.Mialnr lnlitle Slalsor Fsiaals
Male or FamsOav Male ar Rmale,
ftlnlit or Female, Ulalc or AScmsUe.
It ts a Fact long Since established, that persons
s-iifeilng with any dlseaof these orgass are affect
ed In bodily health and oienul powers, and expert
enca manv alarming svmDtotaa. snoss wnlcti -ll!
no touna: Indi.po.iUon u.xertion,Lossof Meraory,
uiuiouity oi ureaining, uenerai weainef-s, uorror
or Disease. Weak Nerves, Trembling, llorrar ol
Death. Night Sweats, Cold FeetWakefuIneu, Dim
nesi of Vision, Languor, Uolrerml Laseltude of the
Sluscular System, often Knormous AnDetlte. with
Dspeptlo Symptoms, Hot Hands, Flushing of the
Body) Dryness of tbe Skin, Pallid Countenance, and
l'.motliuon the Faoe. Pains In Uie Hack. Heaviness
of the Kyelids, frequently black spots flying before
in nyes, viu temporary nauusiun ana ijoss Ol
SiKht.want of Attention, graatAlobi1lly, Kestlcse
ncM. These symptoms, if allowed to go on, which
this medMne Invariably removes, soon follow. UJ
ft Ptatr, rbuity and BpiipHr Us.
Who can say that these excesses are notfreoututU
fllowed by thote direful diseases, INSANITY ami
t UNdUMPTlONf l he records ol tlw Insane Asy
loins, and tht melanoholy deaths by f onsutu tlou
bear ample witness of Uie truth of tills aairllon
. a certain, tale, and speedy cure, from whatever
oiuse they may have originated, and no matter of
How Long Standing, How Long Standing,
How Long Standing, ..ow Long btanaing,
How i oag Standing, How .ong Standing,
It Is taken w.thout Hindrance from Buslnei., ani,
little, If any, change af diet.
Is pleasant In It taste and odor,
And immediate In Its action.
1 f yuu are .uttering w ilh any of the above distress
log alliueuts
PKUVirHB 77 MUlKbr AT tlA'CA,
i.s a medicine which rau-t benefit everybody, fron,
he simply delicate lo the oonnned and dfwpalrtc
fl avujl jo ij tub ruvnu,
NO KiiVAL it rri HE POUND.
Prloe tl per bottle, or e f.-s i-e-od to any at
urea Prepared by
Depot, 104 South Tenth street,
Below Chestnut, Philadelphia.
Describe symptoms in all communications
M'ho endeavor to dispose "or mala own" an.
ilrlmbotdv Oenuine Pnparations.
' " Kxtract Buehu,
" " " 8araparllU,
" Improved Rose Wash.
J tv au. trrroM it mat cokomum,
Atpllrallon having been mads under the act of lad
.Tunmisso. fhr the reissue of the land Warrants de.
soilbed herein, which are alleged to ran been lost
or uestroycu, nouoe u ncreor giren tna as uie aaie
following the deeoriptioo Of eaoh'erarrantj'a new '"
certificate of like tenor wuIbelAsuadjlf nq valid ob-, ,i;,,
Jection should then appear.
uo,,iHu,ivr ido Aoree, usneaianaecTJiv'aof oi '
March, 1S66. In the name ef Hannah, widow of
of .lames Wilson, and granted' en the iota day of
February, 1S67 December SO, 1Mb , ., ,
No. 8KIS, for ISO acres. Issued under the ut ot
March, 1666, In the name or Alexander MeAJaln,'Vy
an4 fronted on tha 12th dav of Octo&er.lBLA No..
vember 80, list.
not y,7ov, ior iv aone,issnea naser tne not .,.' J
March, IS66, lu Uie nasneof Daniel West, and grant:
ed on the 14th day of July, I8S6 Tt DeoesakerV
met. ,,
No: 4,tM, fog 110 acres, Issned llhder the act of
w.rch.mt, Ui the name of Martha, widow of An- r .
Jrew Mellon, and granted on the 16th day of April,
Deosmterll, 1161. e . J.iqi".
Nn,3,'un, for ISO acres, Issued nnder the-acL.nf '
March ls6, hi' the name of Samuel K.Jack way,
md granted on the lit day of Angnrt, lS6
No, 8,104, for ISO aoree, Issnea ender the act ot
March, 1866, la the name of William B.'Tarranoe, '"
and granted on the 18th day of Jalv.lSAA Decern, 'a
No. 14 .916, for 80 acres, lamed nnder the) aet of' i"-
eptember, I860, In the name ot .Lev! Treadwell,and ,
uraiited September It, 1861
No, Jl.cus, for 40 acres, Irsned nnder tho same ast, ,J
Hi Uie name of Abel Plaits, and granted Norembrr
2 1K61. Derenb. rll,isui. J ,r ' '
Na 09 233, ior IcS acres, Issned nnder the act of
Miiroh. 1S65. in 1h name of keth Luv6, and granted
ii Ihr asd dav of Jane, tut Deoember 28.1681.
No. 7jil0 ioriM) acres, (act 1647) In faver ef El
Anor Bryant, formerly widow, and Laurence
-loan, only surviving child, heirs at Jaw of Michael
r Ultcliel Moan deceased, late a private el com
tuny C," eleventh United States Infantry,
Jannaay 4, 18C1. '
No 79.624, Tor lso acres, Issued nnder tbe act of
11srch,lH6&, In the name or 1 nomas Johnson, and
rranled on the Dili day of September, 1867 Janu
ary 4,1802. , y
No. 41118, Tor 8fl acres. Issued under the' set of
March, 1K&6, In i'm name nl Pollys widow of John i -Camp,
aad wa granted on the 20d day of September, ,
ISAS Jannary4,ltS2.
Case No. 23.4J6, for 100 acres. Issued nnder the act
ol March, 1165, In the nam' of William Keo'(,and
was granted on the 1st day of May, 1M January .
11,1802 ... ,
Ho. 81,666, for 80 acres, Issued nnder the aet or
March, 1666, In the name or Simeon Teamster, and
was granted March ieth, 1S68.
No sa.Roa for loo acres, lasned nnder the aet of
March, 1866, In the name of Nancy Johnson, widow
jt Jon" nicnaras, ana was-grantea August as-n,
m6t 18th January, 1881.
No. 40,077, for 60 acrta, issused uuder the act of
March, 1866, In the nam. of Sarah, widow of Kvrrt
Vanvlckle, and was granted November 16, I860 (
January 26, 1662.
47,130, for ICO acn.s, l-sued under tha act of
irch,1866, In the name of Uyru S. Ward, mlcor
ch.ld ef Cyras B Ward, deceased, and wai'granled
Dctoher 10, 1868 January 16, 18C1.
No 86 801, for 1M acres, Issned nnder the act ol
starch 1, ISSo, In the name ol Joanna M , widow of
John Van Burktrck, and was granted August 17,
If 06.
Ni 48.223, for 80 acres, irsued under the act of
March, 1866, In tbe name of Jacob Focklsr,and was,
z anted August 8o, 1868 February , 186.
Comrolealouer. '
Sold by Z D (lILMAN
8. II KNTW181LK,
And ty all Druggists even where
Ask for llelmbold's. Take no other. Cut cut th
aihirtikement and end for It, and avoid ImposlUoi
1ndexpoure. septa Em
Jut arrived, a dlm.t Importation rer steame
Fulton, from Europe, a very flue and large aai-orl
ment ol Slarlue, Opera, Field Glasses, an 1 1e
Mioiics, which I will sell a very Utile above the cos'
lu Parts As to the qualities, there are none suit
nor to be had, having been svUctcd purpo-cly fo
this market, .ilso, a large and well assorted stocl
ot Opera Glas?, MIcriMcopea, gold, sliver, and stei
Spet-tacleaand Kye O lasses, suited to the sluht b
the itrte ofanOptoaraeter a considerable numberr
oi'Ttinca cs to be seen ut my ofllce, from gentleme
whe have been suited at my old establishment.
QBAsvaaaasTxa GaxaxAL's Orrica,
WathtnpUM, Jwss 17, lSalr
Proposals are Invited for constructing Oun boats
ujion the Western rfvere.
Speclnoatlona will be Immediately prepared, and
may be examined at the Quartermasters Office at'
Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, and at this ofMOe.
Proposals from boat Guilders and engine builders
alone will be considered.
Plans submitted by bidders will be, taken Into con
slderation. M. C MKIG8,
June 18 Quartermaster ueneral united Duties.
,AsoTHErt SoimiKiw ExruninoM Ciptaln
David D. Porter, United States Navy, la In New
York getting together tbe materials t'oranother
expedition to the Southern coast. The destina
tion of Captain Porter is not known. There
aro now about eighty Government ve"ols,
of various sizes and classes, In New York,
ready, or nearly renjy, for Bailing. Oitieis are
preparing fur service.
hearts ot men by sluve breeding, slave trading, honored.
A oorrospondout of tho Opinions Nathnale
writes from Turin to say that, in crossing tho
field of battle ot Mugeutu, on All Saints Day,
lie found the crosses placed above the graves
of the French soldiers Illuminated, la nccord
rtnee with an Italian custom to place light, at
that Jde, on tho graves or persons loved or
j Be pu INT or TUB
r.eomrd Scott h Co-, New York, continne to pub
tltti the following leading llrHlili reiiocHcaU, vis :
I. The London Quarterly, (Comterratlve.)
'. the K.dlnburgh llcvlew, (Whig.)
X The North Hi.il.il Kerlew. (Free Church.)
4. i. lie w esrmin inier nrview, (iviDerai.j
&. pUokwood't hdinburgh Magaxlne, (Tory.)
flicse rerlodical ably reprtnt tho tkri'L' grat
political nartloiol Great Uriialn Whig, 'lory, and
itadlcal but iwlUlcw forma only out leutureoi lUt-ir
character. Ai Organs of the mrwt profound wrl'en
ou faciet.ee, Literature, Morality, and Kellgton, they
tttand, as they erer hare KtooO, unrlralled In thu
vvitrld of letters, being considered Indispensable to
uie nci.oiar atia me uroictuionai man. wmie to uie in
Ulllgent reader of e rery etata they furoith a more
correct and satisfactory record of the current litera
ture ot lueuay, uirougnoui nieworiu, man can ue
powdbly obtaiuad from any other source.
The receipt of ADVANCR SHEEr.S from the
Oritlflh publivhera glrea addlt-lonal value to tltvwe
Ke print , inasmuch as they can now e placed in the
hands ol subscribers about m soou as the origluiit
For any one of the four Keviews. peraunum V
For any two of the four IteTle ws, 6
For any three-eai tha four Keviews," " 7
Forallfourof the Ueriews, " R
t'er U lack wood's lfagailne, n " 2
For Blackwood and one Kevlew,, 6
Kor Blackwood and two Reviews, " ,...7
ff or lllackwood knd three Keviews,1 " 0
For niackwood and the four Keviews, l ... 10
rayments to he made In all cases in advance
Honey current iu the Htate where bvutid will bo rw
oelved at par.
A discount of twenty Ave percent from the above
price will be allowed to Clubs ordering four or more
copieaof anyone ormoreof the above work. Thus
hour copies of Blackwood, or of one Kevlew.willbe
sent to one add rem for ; four copies of the four
Keviews and U lack wood for $30 ; aud ho on.
In all the principal cities and towns, then' works
.il, v.- .8.1 1. ,-,, l1 If I'll. ll' 1 tibial I illL .8 1.....
Will UV UIIT1VU 1 1IIJU J V 1 ULllillin, IT I1C11
sent by mail, tbe rostage to any part of the UniWd
bUtee will be but twenty four crnl a year for " I. lack
wood," aud but fvurUan caUs a year for uach o! the
Ka views
N. Ii. The price in G rent Itritaln of the live l'eriod
lcals above named is Ml ier auuutn.
Kemlttances tor any of the above -publication
should always be addressed, post paid, to the pub
lUhers, LEONARD dCOlT k CO ,
noviifl No WOoldst.,New York.
Anti-Bheumatio Band!
RMVitATiaV, in ittvarvnu forms,
aotrrami neuralgia,
IMPUlilTIESof the 11LO0D,
Ami Ihr hiil IffoU ff M.rcury
It la conveniently arranged Uatt i or Hut, cod
l diting a nudicaied lOinpuiind, to be worn around
tl.tf b.Uy,ubu the wa -t tqcailt Arrn.iiK ail
yi.in,wiwn,tf th? tufijUs may U kLd tan be worn
ituttuiit ttjury to the in-tt itrlu ai person
Uy tlii trJatm-tit, the medicinal jiropfTlIr-s cm
mined in llie Uam bilng ol a AiyIy amm-aix iimI
tliUtU tiaimet ami nnaJJe of being readily alMrlM
ihnntyh thcre vf th Knttom into duniomtcuLv ith
ill r-ii.uu fiinl utnti al cxrcul l nn. without lirl L.l-tr
iug Ihrtjugti th prortrii ol digestion, vbUh would
to ilt notoi.lv tod tiaot ticitn iheircurnUve powers,
butti Impair the internal oraui and dera ge the
uigcriilou alo thus avoiding the iryurwus rjftdt, so
nfien the lerult ot tnttrial rcmedwj, and rflVoth g a
jKrfeUcur,by purfying anl equalising tht enculation of
the Mat Jtnvlt, and retturtng tU fart ajferied Ut a iitaUhy
ffrMt-lf-l HIM 11AM Ut K1BI lA'-N I'sVVr lit " rti.Jl
ilKscuniAL aorht " and will tiUtetty rdxetx the t.ys
tern Irom lt prrnicwiii tfftttt
ftlivieruteoassate cured in afewdavs.and we are
conntantly receiving undoubted tenilmonials to which
we inY.lt innpecttou ut our olllce of their tflloacy In
S). rnviited canes of long ttandiiui
Trice Two Dollars. tft by mall upon receipt of
J,r uy exittfrK everywhere, with atl nnataiy in
vructwH-t froM tim prlndpil olBce of
(3 SMini&CO.,rmhrleton,
491 Hroadway, New York.
X. It Dttcnptiie eircuian tent free
jjrf-1 UU Hand will nut Interfere with the roldier's
limits. nevlft ly
Uti Pennsylvania avenne, between Four-and-t
half and Sixth Mrecti.
fly Kstnbllaliment 1 sap stair.
aiafj fitttd t wit. Tbe trade euppll4
out 10 ly
Coadeqveatlyt I aball remain In Washington, and
continue to punne my occupation of
-3E AiNTiNa :-
UILDINO In all Its branches Old GLAZING
l ro(nptly attended to. I'a luting and OrnasenUng
i ottuge Furniture, in the beet style. I also call at
untlon to the Palntlnir ol Kooft and Brlok Walls.
AU the above I will do u cbap as the cbeapfxt
I therefore e-. licit the patronage of my ftlendsAn
tetlow eitUens of the DUtrlct. Funetaality stheitly
ib-erved, and work done in the bet aantter.
Yoa will pleas ml ad your steps, and stop at
Pointing fcitabllshroent.
No. M Louisiana avenue (north aide),
between Sixth and Seventh rwU
r S Signs pat p free ot charge, as nmiai.
VKHV, rf.
V4 471 ami 478 (it-- tub) Fujktk rtyf , hitnrmjnd J
First clas Ilorci and Vehicles, (single or double,
i n w 1 1
jir3 dm
On. band, a lull siinnly ol all Vluds at ANrilUA-
Cll'l. COAL.
84- Oual krpt In ooal liouses, well soreensd br'ure
J livery.
i2lulbs to tha ton
WooU, ol all kinds, prepared, or delivered icl
T.J ftW. U UAL'I,
No. - I'.nusylvaula aveuue,
i-K 17 if ...Iwsen Hill and l;lli strei's
wllhnut metal plate or clvps, by
L)lt. S. ii. SIGKSMOND.
Ml'i Broad wny, New York, and "GO Penua. avenue.
oei, i.iii kiki i.nu m , i uiiinj(ljn( i' ".i.,
lull"! the attiii'ionot the publio to the lolloulog
I'.uanUgts ot his linpreved system:
tt 'I he teeth nfhls manulaclure will newrtoirodt
noi tlitiiigi cdor bv any acid.,, and are three lo.irtln
I.nlittr than anv t.lher.
2d u Ueih or rooU need beextraoled, as the
ertniciai ouescau ue inwriea ovrr intra.
3d Ihe roots wilt be made iiiolTeuslve and noer
to ache.
Oh. No temporary teeth arc needed , as permanent
O'-tscan be made immediately, thereby prtnervlnj
iitf n.uurai ex pie nionoi me uce, wmen, ULuer mc
old svstem. is rrrnneutlr distiaured.
th. 1 his work has been fully te-ted., for over live
years, by many ol the first Chemists aud I'liyslciauM
of this und the old country
Dr. H has ali invenud a white hulostructlble
metal filling wlih which tlu most t-ensatlve tteth can
be tilled without pain, aui can buildup a perlrct
sound tooth nu any side roots, whkh will last
inrougn i iiieiimo,
Me refr-ritotli-'followintf tn
lr l.oreiuu., J'rolerwor of Chemirtry. lion A
Httnn, jun ; Capt Crabtree, Vice I'tesldent of the
Kmlcrattoii Co of New York. lion. Judue Wayne,
. ..' .. -. -'-. t. v .- .
oi IMC nupriiue uuur.,oi v asuingion, 1
thnuiinds of others.
Call oqd examine for yoursehes.
C , and
nov 8 tui
WANI'ICU-fin females to learn lu inLo skirts
A ix.ri.mcau, iu n short timt. make, ter wetk. Iroln
it to tl Inquire, for parllculats, at 4(7 Hi vent list.
tsetwei u (J hi ii II nov 14 I'
K T I. 1. 1 C
BOAUUINti KlRlit or 'IV n Uenllitnuii
n.n h A.minnr1-tAit with 1U1AH1) aoil l.OtXl
(NO. on reasonable terms li ilrut, Wtw.tD Kljtti
nd Sixth, No. 1W. t Deo 15
A R M O R v i L
A U K X 0 Y ,
Pennsylvania Avenue, near Klovonth Strwit.
Jjnitiiana av . Ui. (Va ad tth iff
north Klde,
llaliiK comiltel his arrangements, Is now ready
10 attend, tvtn mure vigorously than vver tn
Id .11 of Its various branches. llavluK su-urrd tht
services of a corn, of excellent workmen. 1 am itre
11 irra tn ao r lags anu uannsr. in me eesi siy is aim
on the run! r.-tNi.hl. team. nov II oWn
A HUUK t'llltK.for Hleedllig, llluid and Itrlll f
I'll.rS.Mcrittulu. t-sll Uh.uin. und Dlheusc. of the
1km Cne bottle warranted to uure In all oaeen , It
tint, dvulrrs ale jarttcutaih tequetUd to rvlund the
money Only rive bottles In a thousand returned
aud these wire cases of Fistula. Hundred, ot let
ters ana certltlcutes are hum In ihe proprietor's pus
netlon. which ean be p. en upon application Send
tlT circular
Prepared by IIKNUY I) FOWI.K, Chemist '.
Prlnre slrtet llmlon, and for sale by JOHN Wl
1.1'. , corn. r Third street and Tennsjlvatila avenue
u.lilnjilou House, sole aaent fur astilneton City
and vicinity Certllloales with tacli bottle, " Hi
On. lkilr " sept .il .in
SM per huadsed I (8 per bandred I $1 per hundred I
The attention of Sutlers, and dealers generally, la
respectfully Invited to the large assortmeat of
Plee, Cake, Bread. HolIs.T-l.eun, we.,
kept o.mtantly on band aad baked every day by
the undersigned.
Sutlers ean rely on f etllnft a good Fie at the low
prlco ol $ per hundred, and have them at all timet
lre.li from the oven.
The Mitiscrlber wenld resi-tfully call tbe atten
tion ol Hi. publloto hl.aseor-nuut.and while thank
ln them for llie pstronage already betrtuwrd, Mllclt
th.irorder., hich will be pronp ly lled.
No ?01 New York avenue,
between T.ulO and Kl.veuth .Irsaia.
italls :(and -7 L'enlre llaiket,ui.d lui Northern
I.lterties Market nov It lm
I, I It. -KWIK. SI. 1).,
O. . Qoutal BurBoon,
Bttuxxn IWU and Thirittth Slrtdt,
Itevpeelfully Under, bis prole.Jonsl services to
ihe publls Uarlng had an extensive practice In
riilladrti hla.b. leela hlDuell fully oomiwtent to die, ,,
clurme nis duty In every oae Mhlcumsy be presented
1 1 his care . , ''
Ur. L has sicurcd the rlglu lo ue the new Improve.
inent.patentidbyDra A M Si J. L. A.ay.of Phil
udeiphla, for laiienlnr artlUolal teeth to f old.allveiy
or ulatiua plates, which preo udes tke possibility o.
llt a or f.'Slfn mster alt srorttls( bstween tkeu,
at the ram. Uwe rendeilna the oixration more f mi,
ualural,andef mors utility to toe patient, dispens
ing with tk. ordinary mode, of faeUelaijby rivet
iitg or soldsrlng, which so olteu eauea th, sprlnslag
ot plates, and coaseneutly an tmperfeot adaptation
to the month.
Ho would rrspeotfully Invite the publls to hi. ofllce
to examine tbls tmprveaeut. To do so Is to be eon
vlnc.d of Us superiorltpover all methed. heretofore
The dental profession is also Invited to call and
eiamine Its merits and utility. ,L . 1(
Also, dentists oan be furnished with teeth of all
kinds, at a less price than they oan be bought else
where, nov lm
IO Instant, are Invited for mrnlsbing the u. 8. Sub
sistence Department with Flour. ,..:,.
About Vi.ooo barrels will be required of a high
vrade of extra Klour, to be delivered In 'Washing.
inn , fh r.llroad dsnot. or at warehouse lm VTiuu
tnaton or Georgetown, eoinetlnse between the 1st
December and the 20th Deoember, 1881. ICaeh
b.rtel of the lour to be inspeoted Just before U Id
Ihe Flour must be eeualm quality to the brand
known at Lyon's Union Flour.
Hid. to be directed to Major A. DECKYflTH.O.
8., U.S. A., endorsed "Proposals" ' rovM "
.Sspleiaer 9, 1M1.
Notice Is hereby given that the Library of Con
gress will not be open until the 1st ot Ootober next
top 10 tf Librarian.

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