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Pnblijhtd Daily, Snndny Bxetpted.
Kg- The publication ofllca of tbe JValiorwtl
ttrpublcan Is ut the northeast oornet of D arvi
Jventb strsot, seoond floor, oyer W. D. 8hei
,ird's store. Entrance ou Seventh streot.
Monday, December 1, 18M.
W limiting Matter on avery pag.-sa
To CoBRtapovDiiin's. No attention will le
paid to anonymous communications.
CON'ORrss. The tesslon of Congress wh'th
commence to-day, will bo tho most memoi
ble which has jet occurred in tbla country,
under either the Atllclea of Confederation, f r
the present Constitution of the United State;,
not excepting even the session when the Dec
laration of Independence) wan agreed upon.
We have; eight times tho population which then
existed, to be aflecb-il by political events, and
the questions now presented for solution, are
more pregnant with lmmsdlale and practical
Now,-ai then, there Is a course of affilit
which Is Invincible la It general current, but
it may be partially modified by the policy ul
legislation, cleared of obstacle by a wise fort
eight, of dammed up for a brief period, only
to become at last a more Hweeping and des-
tractive flood.- Let us trust that a body which
ought to represent the intellect ot a great peo
ple and a great age, will rise to the) " height
of this great argument;" that tomo Mlrabeau
will appear' tat our National Assembly; and
that revolutionary events will be met with
revolutionary sagacity, promptness and coui
We publisti, on the outside, some interesting
and autbentio accounts of the behavior of the
negroes near Port Royal, and of the measure
being taken by tbe planters on thri coast cf
South Carolina and Georgia to pratant their
property of that description from falling Into
our hands.
The letter pt General Drayton confirms th
statements made here about a week agoby a
lady just from that vicinity, that the majority
of the negroes are disposed to remain peace
ably upon ttatlr plantations, and to continue
their ordinary labors. Undoubtedly they ex
pect to be freed, or rath'r. they suppose them
selves to be already tree, by the flight of their
old masters and overseers. But Instead of
their proving to be ferocious savages."! tlooie.''
as the phrase is, to murder, ravish, and bum
as the case has been pictured to us in fancy
sketches, they prove to be docile and peace
able, just as we know the negro to be In plain
prse and matter of fact. Tbe same alarms
were sounded to the British people, while the
Emancipation Act was under discussion, but
the event proved that tbe eight hundred thou
sand negroes liberated uuder it, passed into the
condition of free lorn wilhjut a slaglj act of
violence, and they have proved themselvis,
now for more than thirty years, the most loyal
and law-abiding subjects of the DrltUh Crown.
The Fame thing has been true iu the more re
cent experience of tbe French colonies, and
wonld have been true of St Domingo, it eman
cipation there bad not been complicated with
wars between the whites and tbe free mulattoes,
and by the attempts of France to retain "its
hold of the island by force of arms. It will
prove to be true in this country, to whatever
extent emancipation may result, either from tbe
wise policy of those who wield national power,
or from the good fortune of events.
The coast planters In Georgia and South
Carolina, as well as the slaveholders of the
cities of Charlestons and Savannah, are, as will
be seen, hurrying off their slaves Into' the Inte
rior for sife-keeplng. Their masters, Instead of
drawing an Income from their labcr, must now
feed and clothe them, in the hope of the return
of the time when they may be worked cgaln.
The losses of the planters, wherever our ar
mies go in regions like that of the South Caro
lina coast, must be ruinous. The whole crops
of the year are lost, and substantially nil their
negroes, because tbe few they can save by run
ning tbem eff will hardly pay tho cost of keep
log them in Idleness during an Indefinite period,
Tbe entire slave property of South Carolina,
convertible into cash before this war began, at
more than two hundred millions of dollars, and
yielding n heavy per centage upon that valua
tlon, is in jeopardy, and Uh most its owners can
now hope is to save some little remnant of It.
Such an engulfing of private fortunes has not
been witnessed by this generation. The cupi
tal of the Charleston bauks, which consists of
tbe notes of planters, or of merchants whose
solvency depends upon tbe solvency of plant
ers, disappears like vapor before tbe sun.
South Carolina will continue to exist on the
map, but tbe South Carolina as we have known
it In politics and in Industrial economy, Is
now in its death throes. Its milllonairei of
yesterday, are paupers to day. Their punish
ment equals tbeir crimes, and has been as
speedy as It U signal.
So loDg as the great slaveholders of tbe
Southern coast bad nothing to do but-to Bend
to their Northern border to fight, the " poor
whlteB " of whom tbey were only too glad to
get rid, and to Bupply tbem with arms ttolen
from the national arsenals, they were able to
regard the progress of this war with compara
tive complacency. But now that it Is 'brought
borne to their own doors, it is a ery different
affair. It Is the vulnerable heel ot thl rebel
Achilles, wblcb is found at last. Tin negroes
upon the great plantations, wboie labors have
sustained Southern crodlt, are now reached,
and the whole fubrlo la tumbling luto ruin.
Great und memorable will bo tbe fall thereof.
Wintkii QuiRTLns. -The Cltronlcle of yester
day sayB, we know, not upon what authority
that " It is generally understood that General
UcUlellan bis Issued orders for tho estab
lishment of winter quarters am ng a large
portion cf the army," but that it must m,t bo
understood that It Iu nny way inu rferes ulth
tbe advance of the army, ur lis progieM to
Tub Cnnoxicui and Skcrtart Cameron.
We notice with great pleasure the change In
the tone ofrtbe Sunday CbronicU, on. the sub
ject of Mr. Cameron's endorsement of Colonel
Cochraue's mode of conducting the war. Sud
den conversions are not uncommon, and are
sometimes profitable. We hope now to have
the aid of our able contemporary In sustalulng
the Secretary of War la his manly and sensible
course, as evinced by bis late declarations.
The Chronicle, after citing Croswell's arid
Dickinson's approval of Colonel Cochrane'
and Secretory Cameron's views, says :
" So much for tbe cspeolal friends of Brock
Inrldtre. W have now before n n letter.
written by on of the most eminent advocatrs
ot Douglas, a gentleman wno nas occupied one
of tho htehest judicial positions in the frit
States, and who broke loose from the Dem
cratio organization, and rejected all the offer
of the Administration four years ago. lie says :
" I am a convert to the doctrines ot Jonn uocn
rane's speech, endorsed by General Cameron
ind you mav be sure the WIIOLE NOllTII IS
Tun Feeling in Richmond. Lieut. Selden.
of the'U. S. Navy, lately confined In Richmond
as a prisoner of war, has just been exchanged,
and arrived here a few days ago. He says that
the feeling of angsr, indignation and chagttn,
at the arrest of Slldell and Mason, was beyond
all description They had previously beeu
exulting In tho success of the rebel envoys In
reaching Cubs, and they wero certain that they
would reach Europe without difficulty. H
states that It I the severest blow which the
rebel Government has yet received.
Seizure or A Canadian Steamer. Informa
tion his reached here of the seizure, on the
North-western coast', of a Canadian sleam?r.
hden with 10,000 mukets, a large quantity of
caps nnd powdr, Including n number of other
contraband articles. The steamer is said to
tmvo cleared from Canada, and was consigned
to part!) 1 1n the Southern States..
Fiikcu Naval Officers in Washington.
Admiral Reiwid and Cant C. Marquis de Mon
nlgnac, of tho French II et now on our coast,
arrived Iu Washington yesterday, and on Fri
day were preien'cd to the President by Secre
tary Seward. During the forenoon they visited
the imvy yard, In company with Secretary
WVlles, wherw they were received by Com
mander Dahlgren nnd other officers. In full
Irefs. A silutewa" fired, aud the stars nnd
s'rl ten hoisted with the French trl-color In
lie evening they were preent at n dinnr
given atS'cr Ury Seward's. Si-crotary Wello,
Wlstint Secretary Fox, Commodoro Golds
uirnuzh. a'lil U'entnander DaU.grcn, were lo
among th Invitwl guets.
Lyki Vai.i.ky Com. For several diys
past we have been burning the Lyktn Valley
coal, furnished by J. Mngdon Jc Co , and rno-t
cheerfully commnd it to thoe who use coal.
It Is eisy to Ignite tho heat is intense, does noi
produce clinkers, and but little ashes.
The Lfcti're Association. Gentlemen in
It-rested in sustaining a course of lectures, by
'bo "IIvj"' men and women of the day, will
meet at the residence of Lewis Clephane, E'q.,
No. H25 G street, betweeu Twelfth and Thir
teenth, to morrow (Tuesday) evening, at seven
And a half o'clock.
Secsetarv Chase'a Instructions. Tho Sec
retary of the Treasury has prepared Instruc
tions for those who are to act as Government
agents, In gathering and shipping Sea Island
cotton on th coists of South Carolina and
Excitement at Norfolk. Seo last pigo for
an Interesting statement of off lira at Norfolk.
District Court. The D. strict Court has con
demned tho schooners Olena and John T.
Evans, heretofore seized under tho blockading
Prisoners at the Old Capitol. We ascer
tained yesterday that there are now confined In
tbe building kuown as the "Old Capitol,''
seventy Ave prisoners of war.
J3S Ex-Senator Green, of Missouri, arrived
here yesltrday, on parole.
pXf Thomas, (he " French lady," since hie
incarceration in Fort McUenry, has been sham
ming crazy iu order to obtain hN releaee.
New Yuiik Ilustrated News. A letter re
ceied by Shlllington,News Dealer of this city,
from the New York Illustrated Xews Office,
stat-s I hat the next number of their paper,
published on Tuefday, the 3d Instant, will con
tain a large 4-pag illustration of the Great
Review at Bailey's Crops lloads by Geueral
VlcUlellan. This picture will be 13 by 42
inches. It will be far superior to anything
ever before puMUhed In any newspaper In this
country. Every person Bhould immediately
send tbe r orders to Sblllington's Book, News
paper and Stationery Establishment, Odeon
Building, corner of J J street and Pennsylvania
From tho Sunday Chronicle.
Public Etertjiivments We want a new ibo
atro In Washington. Mr. Bland has a little
box on Elcvpnth street, which does verv well
as a teuipmar) contrivance, und Is a great deal
better than nothing. But without wishing to
be unkind to the manni?er. he must ullnw us tu
Boggest that there Is greit room for Improve'
meni uoiu in nis noum ami nis company.
The Qironkle Is light. We do " want a new
theatre," ard must have one. Tho " little box
on Eleventh street" Is a disgusting hole, not
fit for decent people to enter, and should be
levelled to the earth, that upon its site a new
temple, worthy of the drama and tho capital of
the nation, might be erect' d.
PoKTd to uk Oi'ENf.u. The Government ba
determined to open the ports of the counties
on tlu Extern klnre of Virginia to trada.
These small porls liuvo not really been block
ailed, Tbeir trade is almost exclusively coast-
wlj, wllh New York, Philadelphia and Balti
mor. to wt.li h cities they supply lurge quan
tities! I oyiiirs klnilliug wood, und some grain
and other urtir-lei The Eislcru horo is fairly
back in the ITiiluii. without huidly knowing
that it had ever been " secede I.
The .Seorelary of War vis tid den. John I itz
Pol ter's beadquarteis ou Tiuuarglviog day
From the N. T. Com. Adv., ot Battrday evening.
Late News from Fort Eoyal, &o.
The United States transport Ocan Queen,
Gapt. Seabury, has arrived from Port Ilnyal,
which place she left November 27th at 1.30 P.
M. She bad no passengers and but a small mall.
As she came out of Port' Royal harbor, the
steamship Bienville, hence, was going in. Oui
modorn Dnpont had transferred his flag from
the Wabash to the Susquehanna.
lie, together with General Sherjnin.hadjii't
returned to Hilton Ilead In the steamer Mc
Clellan, having landed a force of United Stales
marines on Tybee Island, who had commenced
repairing the fortifications and constructing
new ones. A fleet of eight gunboats was tit
anchor ofT Tybee Island to cover the troops In
case of necessity. The rebels had sunk two
vessels between Tybee Island and Fort Pu
laski Iu the narrow part of the Savannah
river channel to prevent the fleet from get
ting to that city.
A small schooner had been sent up to one
or the islands to losd cotton, and would sail In
a few days by order or the naval authorities.
The fleet that was fitting out at Hilton Head
for another expedition, was ready, and await
ing orders, which were cxpeotcd by the Bien
ville, Just arrived as the Ocean Queen came
Beaufort was still unoccupied, and was not
considered of Importance at present. Two
gunboats were still at anchor off that place,
t'he city was visited dally by officers of the
army and navy.
But little or no use could be made of tbe
negroes, as they do not care much at present
lor any unnecessary exeruon. aueyarouav
Inir cood times, loo (rood to work.
The transports were busy discharging their
immense stores, ine vnnaerDiu wouiu nan
for New York in about two days.
Wharves and storehouses had beeu erected,
and were being rapidly filled.
The health of the troops was good.
Si.ivrs takiso the Oath. When the prison
crs from Hatteras Inlet reached Fort Columbus.
two slaves belonging ti an officer, and brought
with the others, were placed on the island and
no further notice taken of them. When tbe
prisoners were removed the contrabands still
remained, but insular life not being pleasant,
nnd supposing themselves 10 oe neia as prison
em tinder a Mionosltlon of disloyally, they for
warded a request to Washington, stating that
tbey were willing to take tneoatnoi allegiance.
The Government having no prejudioe against
color, sent an order to the military authorities
on Governor's Island, (In the bay of New York,)
to administer the oatn oi allegiance anu re
lease them. X 1'. Times.
Not Vert Gentlemanly. A complimentary
dinner was recently given at Washington, to
Mr. George D. rrentlce, of the Louisville Jour
nal. Secretary Camorou made on the occasion
a brief addrefa, complimenting Mr. Prentice,
and indicating In some degree his policy in the
war. Mr. Prentice receHedthe compliment",
and made no sign of disent from the Secre
tary's policy. A few days havo elapsed, and
thu Louisville Journal makes Ibis speech the
basis of a bltt-r philllpplc on the Secretary.
and In-lsts that, on account oi sentiments men
avowed, the " lime has unquestionably arrived
when Mr. Cameron should be compelled to re
tire from the Cabinet. His remaining in it
longer will bo a disgrace to the Administration,
nnd a sore evil to the country." If Mr. Pren
tice is responsible for the article In the Journal,
bo has played the psrt certainly not of a pen
tleman. Tbe Arabs have a proverb which re
quires good faith between a person nnd oni-
wtiosa salt tie nas eaten, ii Mr. rrcntice couiu
sit and sip wine approvingly over Mr. Came
ron's speech. It Is In tho worst possible taste to
make that complimentaiy banquet the ground
of eo Intensely hostile a publication. Mr.
Prentlco owes It to himself to say that a sub
ordinate forgot his duty and placed his chief
In a vrry awkward and ungentlemanly posi
tion. Utlca Herald.
Gen. Frekont at the Astor House. Gen.
Fremont and lady are still residents at this
hotel. But few citizens called on blm to day ;
among tbem were Judge Davies, Senator Man
nlere and others. Soma deputations bad ap
plied to him, with a view to listen tojn ex
pression of his opinions, political and other
wise, but the General has refused to comply
with their renuest. bellevlntr It to be Inexne-
dient in tbe present aspect of public afftfrs,
and the relation which he ocjuples to them to
do so. no merely desires to see them In
private. Both himself and lady looked in
excellent health. Tbe officers composing bis
staff. Captains Raymond, Oliver, Howard and
Tracey. were in attendance on him during the
day. JT. r. Com. Adv., Saturday.
Oni.t Two States Left. Tho National flag
now floats over the soil of every seceded State
except Alabama and Arkansas. In Virginia
it floats over one-third of tho State ; in North
Carolina, at Hatteras Inlet; fa South Carolina,
at Port Royal and a half dozen neighboring
Islands ; In Georgia, on Tybee Island ; iu
Florida, at Key West, Santa Rosa Island nnd
other points ; in Mississippi, at Ship island ;
in Louisiana, at Chandeleur Island ; in Texar.
at El Paso; and In Tennessee, at Bristol,
uizauetbtown, ana other points la tbe eastern
part of tbe Stato.
Life and Deatu. A Richmond correspond
ent of a Southern paper gives this notice of a
birth lu tho rebel President's house, and a
death In Governor Letcher's :
The angels of Life end Death were hovering
over the hsbiiations of those high in office last
night. Tbe Presidential mansion was glad
dened by another little occupautyesterday, aud
this morning tbe Governor's house held a beau
tiful corise. At half-past ten a sweet Infant
daughter of Gov. Letcher, four yearsold, passed
away to heaven.
When Maon was at Bunker mil, at the In
auguration of tbe statua of Gen. Joseph War
ren in 1857. he said:
" And when I return to my home, I shall
have the satisfaction of assuring my people
that the spirit of Bunker Hill yet lives in Mas
sachusetts." Unitkd STAThS Deuand Notfs Forty men
noa i.nr clf-nltm TT.it, a. 1 C ,iu .l.i.nn.1 i
uo ,. dotting vuiwuutttrg UCliiUUH UUU3B,
each averaging about 3,000 dally The amount
ol money daily manufactured Is from $400,000
to $500,000. Tbe amount Issued to date is
about $23,000,000, r quiring 5,000,000 signa
Heart (1
dUeoso sudlenlv killed John Wilson.
on the 17th Instant, at Cherokee Gamp, Tuo
lumne county, while laughing and playing
Death (if a Ecu web Private John T. Hob-
litt, Company b. Minnesota First, died on Tues
day, thu 2Gtb tilt., at Camp Stone, above this
city, a victim ol typhoid Itvrr. He was a young
mau, with a mind unusutlly clear and aleit,
with flue sensliillilies and s thorough education;
brive, Impulsive, and g"nerous to a fault: and
voluoteert-d to lake the chances of battle as a
private In I ho runks, through tbo most high
loned und devoled p trlollra. Ho was formerly
editor nt iho Mnlnger (Minn.) Journai. Do.
ceusul loaves a brother In tbo regiment, who
nan mugui, in ms mem over our two mont ilisas-
I ui-ii- iriu-, uuu lunng parents, urotners a-m
mm r In tho Statu of his adoption. The re
mains are on tbo way thither. W. A, O.
trnis Held", and loving parents, brothers a-id
To alt xcliom U may Oonctm:
Satisfactory evldencehavlngbeen exhibited to
me that Gustav Schwab has been appointed
Consul of Bremen, at New Tork,TI do here
by recognizi him as such, and declare'hlm
free to exerclso and enjoy such funcllors,
lowers, and privileges, as are allowed to'tlie
Consuls of the mot favored nations in the
United States.
In testimony wheieof, I have caused these let
ten to be made patent, and the seal ol
the United States to be hereunto affixed.
Given under my band, at the city of
L. s. Washington, the 29th day of November,
A. D. 1801, and of tbe independence of
tho United Stales of America tho eighty
sixth. Abraham Llncoln
fly the President;
William H. Seward, Secretary of State.
To nil irAoro U may Cbncern:
Satisfactory evidence having been exhibited
to me that Charles n. Pandorf has been ap
pointed Consul of Sairtny, at New Orleans,
I do hereby recognize him as such, and de
claro him free to exercise 'and enjoy such
functions, powers, and privilege, as are allowed
to the Consuls of the most favored nations In
the United States.
In testimony whereof,! Have causod these let
ters to be made patent, and the sea of
the United States to ba hereunto affixed,
Given under my tand, af the city of
L.B. Washington, the 7lh day of November.
A. D. 18 il, and of the Independence of
tbe United States of America the eighty
sixth. Abraham Lincoln.
By the President:
Willum H.Seward, Secretary of Slate.
To all tehom it may Cbncern ;
Satisfactory evidence having been exhibited
to me that Gustav Zlcl has been appointed
Consul of Hamburg, at San Francisco, Califor
nia, I do hereby rtcognlzi him as such, and
declare blm free to exercise and enjoy such
functions, powers, and privileges, as are al
lowed to tho Consuls of tbe most favored na
tions, In tbe United States.
In testimony whereof, I have caused these
letters to be made patent, and the teal
of tho United States to be hereunto af
fixed. Given under my band at tbe
i.. x. city ol Washington, the 29th day of No
vember, A. D. 1801, and of the lade
pendencn of the United States of Amer
ica tbe eighty-sixth.
Abraham Lincoln.
By the President :
William II. Seward, Secretary of Stale.
MII.ITiKY wiawAHs. '
Winter quarters or otherwise, the Third
Pennsylvania Reserve Inlahtry man to be on
the safe Bide. Nearly all of them are cosily
domiciled in a species of wigwam, compounded
of sticks, bnisb, corn shucks, and any other
come-at-able thing; the whole boiog overlaid
with a liberablo allowance of the "sacred
soil." The huts, wigwams, tents, or whatever
else they may be called, arc quite diversified In
pattern. Those who with to know bow snug
habitations can be constructed wllh the rawest
material might learn something by visiting this
camp, which is pleasantly situated on a Bleep
hillside. If all our soldiers were as Ingenious
and Industrious as the men ia this regiment,,
camping in wlntor would not be very detri
mental to the health or efficiency of tbe army
Reports from Richmond indicate that the. loss
by death is much lighter than was supposi'd in
the California regiment at Ball's Bluff. There
was but fifty to sixty killed. Many supposed
to bo killed nre alive In Richmond, prisoners,
and tbe wounded are still at Leesburg, in the
Private Henry Lee, Company A, Mew York
Fourteenth Vbluuteers, died on Thursday, and
was burled at rail's Uhurch with military
William Moody, missing from Third Penn
sylvania uavalry since the skirmish last Tues
day, returned to camp on Friday. No dead
bodies have since been found on the spot, as
Cars now run dally to Acotink Creek, three
miles beyond Springfield Station, on the Ma
nassas railroad. Tbo rebel scouts, however,
do not come ueyona rohlc creek, three miles
lartner west.
Tbe report of Maj. Belger, Quartermaster at
Baltimore, is sattsiactory to tbe War Depart
ment, showing that be has dispatched the for
aire of two hundred and three vessels bv rail
road to Washington within the last thirty days,
being an average of 2,000 tons per day, be
sides a large amount of stores to the Subsis
tence Department. '
Thomas Colemao, the rebel wounded In a
skirmish recently with the First Pennsylvania
cavalry, died last night, In great agony. He
suffered terrible retribution for the part he
played In the barbarous butchery and mutila
tion of the four scouts from Gen. Banks' com
mand, who were wounded, six-weeks ago, Id
tbeir neighborhood. In this be was assisted by
bis brother, Charles Coleman, Dr. Day and
Philip Carper, who were made prisoners .
Eighteen hundred letters were sent from
Port Royal In the last mail.
On tho 29th instant, Miss Birsir Bcott, aged
69 years.
The funeral services will be held Monday,
(to-day,) at Trinity Churob, nt 3 o'olock P. M.
On Sunday, the 1st of December. Patbick
John O'Bkieh, son of Patriot B. and Fonora
O'Brien, aged 2 years, B months and 17 days.
His funoral will take place to-day, the 2nd
Instant, from.hls parents' residence, No, C7I,
oorner Tblrd and L streets, at 2) o'olock.
lewis JoiMjrsojr ay c.,
B A N K E E 8,
Cobmkx or PssHsn-vasiA Avkkve axd Tbxth St.
Lewis Johnson, of cur uim, having ben ap
pointed a Subscription Agent for I he National Loan
authorised by the act orCongress of 17th July, 1861,
we are prepared to futnlah, to part es desirous of
making Investment, any amount of 7 3 10 Tresiury
Notes, orconvenlent sizes
dec S-tf LEWIS JOBNSOff k CO.
lww, awwHtffi .11 mtMTSTir Vi-l'm.TZf
November SO, 1881.
Nottct U hertbr etna of tti reidlntM of thl J De
.jrtmtnt to redeem ths Treuary notes aaihorlied
by tne set or Cong rets approved 171b, December,
i8o. r
The laiereit on sued Trtvary notes. will ens on
tha tint day of February next, by the terns of the
above act. , i
Seeretarr of the Treaiarr.
i dec 5 Siwlw I i
nv OUKJBH dl WlL.liI.AJ!li, Ausiloaaer.
OaTIIURSDAYMOKNINO next, December 5th,
vt Auo to ltooms No. MOSeteath and V, streets,
the assortment comprise In all the most extensive,
uperlor and valuable colleoiloa ever offered at aoy
one sale la this city, consisting In put, tl:
Kvery variety or elegant Qoli Watches
Valuable Diamonds, Bleb and costly Gold
Jewelry orarery style, aod very extensive tsiort
mentors large number ol Uems and Ladle
trie Onld Chairs
Bapetlor doable and single barrel Bird and Dork
Q una
Colt's and other celebrated Uevolven, Swords, Itl-
fles.l'Mol, Mae Cutlery
10O Silver Watches, via:
Patent Levers, Detached, Lmlnes and other styles
A larva amount of sterling Hirer, and rleh plated
Musioal Instruments, Opera Glasses, c, ho.
The largretussrtment and mt superior stock of
Oenta Clothing In great variety, aver sold at any
forfeited sale In Washington city.
KemnanU and pleozs of Cloths, Cattlmeres, Vast
log, (to , to '
Ladles alegaat Clothing
Fine Cantoa Crape and o'her valuable Shawls
Sets of costly kTnra, Huffs, Ao
A verv larff nnantltv of lUDerlor Bedtlnff
Also Feathtr Beds, liilr MattrrS'es, and Carpets
l ogewer wun many omer anicies noi enumera-
. Pawnbroker.
daots-d ' Anc-tloneera
-vYsTams bYSTKHlT '
I iik uvr.itLAisu
It now prepared to furnish Bestauraots, Uotelj,
Sutlers, and Private Famlllss with a .f
FBEartt!Y8Tn3,brtbegtllonB (KtUlAJ
In cans of all sues. Jiw
Tae Oysters arrive dally freh from 'SS'
iha waters of tha 'Chesapeake Bay, and are of the
best quality.
The company Invitee the patrontga of the dealers
and tbe publln In geaeral, and guarantees a prompt
attention to all ordera.
Offloe 41 Market Space. (Avenue noma,) between
Seventh and Eighth itreets.
deo 2 Im
OR RfcWAtlD. trayrd or stolen about
pt) three week ago, a red aad white Helrer. Steer,
looking COW; very large; niver had a calf. The
above reward will be given If brought to owner,
Kith h and U, Gerton sueet.'Navy Yard,
deo 2-3i DAVID ATKINS.
ner wanted with $1,000 ro tl.S'O, to take the
oharge of the sales of a beaut ful aruo'a or Knife and
Fork, for the uw or the officers andecldlera In the
army, which are sold to sutlers exolnslvely. Uy
oilllngat No. 510 Seventh street, parties will find
this a very plea ant and profltavla business, and one
rarely met with, and the Induoement unomminly
gao deo it if
rpv OTIL.1TAHY MKff Wn offer Te ra
J. variety Swordi. flashes. Belts. Eosnletj. Shon,
der Straps, Bugles, Wreaths, Caps.tilovea, Cauut
1,-ti Aft. . Urn
Also a large a-sortment of Military Clothing of
every dtacrlptlon.
Clothing ot all klnd made to order at short nolloe.
dje I lflm " 3;a Pennsylvania avenue.
TO IIVNT A nice close Carrlaaa and
IIoBSES will be rented cheap to a tamlly for
the winter. Apply to
Comer of K and Fourteenth lt.,
novli " Opp- WllUrd's Uoul,
BOAR.OINa.A number at OentUmeu
and Ladles aan ba accommodated with pteaauu
ooaniing at the nonje no. 415 is sueat, between
J'.lgh'h and Ninth," formerly occupied, by Mrs
igsiota, as a yaung laaie-i seminary. ' Alo, a
number or. table boarders oan ba accommodated.
umber of.
nov 8 im
FARM TO U1CST. A Farm or 19 acres,
and Dwelling tlon-e, about two miles from the
cltr.on Bock Creek.
Apply at JJJ u street, corner or Twelfth,
nov S4 lw
ON Account or their non-eorroslvancss
there ate none in use eqaal to
Data short time has elie1 ilnsethe above pent
wera Introduced into the United metes, still a very
marked trelerecce Isclrenthem-oterall other me
faille Pens, for the following reasons : C Barsard'e
Vulcanized Pens da not co.'rtide, do uotcut through
the thinnest paper, neither will they 'spatter over
the roughest surfaced piper. Nnmcrops testimo
nials have been received, certifying to tbe goad
qualities of C. Barnard's Pans, a few of which are
respectfully submitted :
I have need the Metallic Pens of Mr. C. Barnard,
...J hl-hlu nn .,. '
Signed C. Baxstow,
President of St. Nicholas Bank, New York.
Wa have used the Pena of Mr. Barntrd, and And
them to ba aa he represents, and take pleasure In
recommending ttiem to the .public
Wsus.Faxao ACo.,
Signed A. MuiaiOA,
Ca.hU r
C. Barnard's Pans have been tried, and an highly
approved in this ofllca. ,
elfned 8. O. OoDtx,
Auditoi U. S Cuttom-IlouseNew York.
Having tried the corrugated Pena made by Mr.
Barnard, I can recommend thiru as excellent.
Signed Sau'l L Hkiisi,
Commaadant Navy Yard, Brooklyn. '
I have tried C. Barnard's Penns.acd my experi
ence Is, that these Pens are superior to the ordinary
UetalUo Pens.
We add oars to above recommendations.
Signed II. B. Ciomweh.. f ,
New York.
I have no hesitation In siylng Barnard's Pens are
decidedly the best I have ever used
Signed 8. C. Mav.
Agent United States Express Co., New York.
We can confidently recommend Mr. O. Barnara's
Antl corrosive Pens as the best ever brought uuder
our notice, without exception.
Wiixissox, Bttisox & Co.,
isriruvD,x,sw lira.
Sl(ned T. B. lluams,
We have been using the Pens of Mr. O Barni rd,and
take great pleasure In recommending them to tbe
publlo, as they aia an excellent article, and all be
Signed A. J, Ctiaros,
Secretary Eagle Insurance Company,
WaU aireet, New York.
Upon trial, we havo found Mr. Barnard's Pens to
ba excellent.
Signed Fxid. Paoasv k Co.,
Broad street, Now York.
I would recommend Mr. Barnard's Fens al a supe
rior article to any I have used.
Signed Goirn. Kiiibli,
New York.
Wa add ours to the above recommendations.
Signed UxotBHiu., liAviLAiin at ro.,
Vesey street, New York.
Of all pens I have ever used. Mr. itarnard's has
given me more satisfaction, andean recommend them
to the publlo as being entirely antl-corroelre.
Signed K. l'otaiia,
Broad street, New York.
After six months' constant U'e ef C. Barnard s
Antl-corroslve Pens, we oan conrldently reoommend
It as the best Melalllo Pen wa bare ever used, rind
Ing, trom the above experteac, that It docs not actu
ally oorrode.
SI ned f. HcLtitr k Co.,
Park Place, New York.
Manufacturer of Corrugated Metal Pens,
Depot for supplying tbe U S. and the Canadas,
nov 88 NEW YOKK.
and Board wanted for a widow lady, wlrere the
quiet and comforts of a none may be had, In a prl
vata family. Address " O. B ," li-fMican olllce.
pnoaumu or blavkry
Copies of tale work are for sale at the publication
offloatheJVorional Rep&Uant, corner of Seventh
and fj atresia.
l Bonnd edition, f I per copy, ramphlet edition, 2S
oenta per copy. aprH-tt
JBW nwlsi been authorised, by the
War Department, to rale and organise a regiment
of Infantry, to serve In the District of notnmbla a
-3L? ?r . .-?.- -. --- T""- -
y home guard, persons wishing to raise a d com-
iuuu wuipMicaui una regiment win reporr to me
General Kecrnltlng offloer, at hU headquarters,
r on No. 10, Washington Buildings, corner Vinn
ylvanla atrenne and Seventh street, third story.
WasnlaTO, D. C., "
November 11, 1MI, 1 'novll
- Company A, Dntteit Statea Kngl-
neers Fifty tntallbrent'and able-bodied men will
be enlisted to fill tbla Company ti tta maxtmora
fixed by law, llo men. Inquire; at No Si J O street
Pay from 13 to M par month, besides food and
olothlng. , aug Sl-tf
' ' ."- Yi i .
49 Th Union Prayer Meeting will be,
holden, evefy day hls week, In, trmfcrigllih Lav
tderan Church,' corner Of Eleventh and II streets
to comtranc at oarjO'clMlr,. To ba continued ont,
hour only ' ' ojts f
General Hooker's Division,
Ths steamer leaves Jones's Whirl, foot
of Elcteuth ,tre.et, on
at 9 o'clock, a. ml, (returning from ths Dirisloa,!
leaving Bum Point, Hati aw amau Crtakf
at the same bourdon .,
jr-Tusengere and light Freight tatan, (except
alcoholic liquors.) v r
Fara to or from the Camp. ,i , ,i, ....... 1 1
Fare for the round trip, (returning next day,) 3
Passengers are not required by th Government
to bare t-aaSM, axoept priVatas Iron their comaum -IngofStars
.,. .
No meals furnished.
O" Freights to b pr pa Id.
nvr .) WILLIAU'B. KieilLi
nov SO lw 1 Captain.
30 tirventh 8r., near Northtrn Ms net.
I have tow on r-and a good assortment of If otis--hould
Furniture, conrittlnr of Chamber Belts, from
$15 up; Uofai, Chairs, Tables, Bedtttads, Kureaus,
Hattrtsref , Palls, Tubs, Brooms, rillovrs, Blankets,
A call from my Bepnbllcan friends, and all good
Onion men, ii soLcItat. bxrkasta snao iatx,
nov 80 Itlt T. II. 11BOWN, Agent.
Qmnty 0 M'atkingtcn, lovriL?
I hereby certify that Ueorge.Copenhater, ol
Waahligtnr county, brou ht before me, thi sub
scriber, ono of the Justices of 1hj Pesoe la and for
said county, this 20ih day of November, In the year
91,aa astray, a BAY CtiLI'.two jean old; baring
a vrniieiace,ana leit itina loot wnite.ana oeing
about foarteen hands high. The owner of the ahove
desoribed Colt is reqaee ad to prove property, pay
charges, and take him away,
Given under my band r
nor 30 3te 'Eighth streetJ between D and K.
1 i
UAeeor'apertntendenV, No. SIOllthHt.
Paraons who have laetr property are rcqaested
to report tnelr losa to tbla Deparunent. Large
qutntltles of list prjparty' eow In the offico
nvao saajtf.' 18'ar J'iMo'. H.-WKBB,Supt.
CAMM TO TIIK'slunsltiitinkIt UN TtlK.
118th last , s dark chesnul sorrel HOKKK, with1
white spot on foaaluad; abaut six-years old. The
owner oan hare ttfe same by provljg property and
paying cbargta, en applying to,Wlulau Lyman, la
charge of Government Ferry, Georgetown, D C.'
n.,v30-3t WILLIAU LYMANWil
I hare now on hand WagonvLampa, Springe,)
and everything abiertqaliite frrCarrlafe or Wagon
Work r
jaarltspatrlng promptly attended to
boy 30 lw Coaobmaker, Kiihth ttret.
Also, 200 barrels Charcoal, p- hand and for sale
by r It. W.BUKE,
nov to 3t Cor. of Seventh tt. and Ma a Av.
rfin a a r. v i wtrmt m,a nt
f O.VURlCOE HOItSKS, bred in Duchess
county, New Ybrk.
Aho.twoHADDf.K HOKdES.
inquire oi
nov 3? ilfl
a. vtouD,
450 Pennsylvania Avenues
FOUND Ces tlllcate or Oepoalta.-Apply
at Ottloa Metropolllin Police,
nov 3" at Star.) W. B.WEBB, Sept.
FOUND A light nay Horse, with whlta
mark on forehead; waa lound last, Light, on
Seventh street, near" the bridge. The 'owner can
bare tha horse by calling at theLnlon Eatiog House ,
Seventh street, near the bridge, by proving property
and paying charges. nov k9 Jt
At the Glove Depot of
3U3 D atreet, lacing Pa. avenue,
nov is tf Pbilharmonio Building.
TM'ov. a, isai, nov. a, isoi.
The shorlei', quickest, and best route from Balti
more to the
On and after Sunday, 2tth November, Pas&eoger
Trains will arrive and depart from Calvert Station
as loUows :
Msil, at 8 21 A. M.
BurTdlo Express , 3 00 P. M.
Parkton Accomodation 4 oo P. M.
Pittsburg and Uarri.burg Exprrsi s 30 P, 1. .
Parkton Acoommodatiaa, at sro A. M.
Buffalo Expres- 8 80 A. M.
Plttaburg and llarrUbnrg Express 2 eo P. M.
Mall 030 P.M.
The IA.lt, Train from Washington connects with
the 8 20 A. M. Trln iroin Il.lllraore lor the West,
and for Buffalo. Elmtra,Uoehater, Dunkirk, Canan
daigua, and Niagara Falls, and lor New York
Tbe 11 A. M. Train from Wellington connects with
tbe 8 oo P. M. Train from Baltimore, to Wct,North
and Northwest, and Eirotra aud Buffalo and Ro
chester. The 6 00 P. M. Train from Washington conneots
with the 8 80 P. M. Tnln from Baltimore for Pitls
burg, Hirrjburr, and the Watt, and la a direct con
nection for Lebanon, Easton, Allentown, and New
York, via Central Railroad ofNew Jersey.
Try this route to New York.
trjr The only Train leaving Btltlmore on Sunday
Uuu 8 00 P. il. Train, for ILirrisOurg, Pittsburg,
Chicago and the West
The only Train a' riving In Baltimore on Sunday
is tbe 8 20 A.M. Train
UOV 27 JAB. O CLARKE. Sup t.
xOJ Just received and for eile by
LY'.i; ft COFFIN,
No, (9 Louisiana avenue.
tzf 11IIDS.
OU received and for sale by
No. 69 Louisiana avenue.
FLOUR, III Mure anil for
No. fill Louisiana avenue.
30 Q tale by'
Also, agency lor Avoudala Extra and Family
Flour. Wheeler'a best brands receiving dally For
sale by. LYLE k COFFIN,
nov 27 lw . No. 60 Louisiana avenue.
BAKKHS WsTKD.-Two Gooil Dakar
at the New York Pie and Cake Bakery, on
Seventh street, near Maryland avenue, (Island )
nov SO S. PATEN.

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