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NO. 7.
1 The ltebel War HUKtntr HautswIUe liar
J Arrival et aatharaptaa tn Darn.
j Iho Ship Ilarr.r Blreh Wlt alia may
; do.
1 Hv thri arrival of the CUt of Baltimore from
i Liverpool on the 20th nit, we learn that the
lehcl steamer Nashville, which ran the Ubaries
ton blockade, arrived at Southampton en (ho
21st int.
On the 19th Instant, the Nahvlllo boarded
tbp American ship Harrey Birch, Inund from
Havre for New York, t.i ballast, look offCapt.
Nelson and the crew, and then burned the ship
In the water's edge.
The Nashville landed Captain Nelson and
the crew of the llarvey Birch at Southampton
and remained there herself, with the rebel flag
flying. Captain Nelson taya that Commander
Pegram. of the Nashville, denies being a priva
teer, and yet he says ho has a commUston as a
war steamer.
A writer In thi Philadelphia Bulletin thus
expresses his views touching the operations ol
the rebel war steamer Nashville :
ti.. nana tw iho fill nf Baltimore rerjorls
u arrival of the rebel steamer of war Nash
ville at Southampton on the Zlst instant, Din
does not state whether the United Sta'es steam
er James Adger had left Southampton. (She
was due at the las', previous advices.) As the
Nashville and Adger are ships of nearly tbe
same sire, and probibly of nearly equal force,
we may look to hear nf a spirited action bo
tween them when tboNi'hvlllo leaves her neu
tral anchorage. ShnuM the Adger have sailed
from Southampton before the arrival of the
Nashville, the latter has an opportunity to make
n capture that will Blartle the North as much
n any event of the war, namely, that of the
'VTnlted States mall steamship Arago, with Gen
eral Scott on board.
The Arago was duo at Cowes, twelve miles
lulow Southampton, on the 23d; she there
lnnrt the mall, and Daasemrers. and proceeds
across the British Channel to Havre. A few
hours' run from Southampton water wouia laKe
the Nashville outside the Isle-of Wight into a
position that would make her Intercept th
Arago and capture her outside of British Juris
diction. Should the Araga reach the Needles without
molestation, she would be safe, as Cant. Lints
would be warned of the close proximity of the
pirate, and would hardly risk the ran across
the Channel without a sufficient start to enable
him to reach the French coast ahead of the
Nashville. The distance from the Nab Light,
near tbe cast end or the lute of vignt. to uape
Li Iliye, on the French coast, Is 90 mile.
The New York Pott, of Saturday evening,
One 'f the most beautiful of tbe packet ships
that sail from this port a pride and boost of
our commercial marine -the Harvey Birch, be
longing to Mr. J. H. Brower, of South street
has fallen a victim to tbe piratical lust of tbe
rebels. Returning to this port from Havre, in
ballast, after a prosperous outward voyage,
suu was seized by the steamship Nashville and
burned to tbe water's edge. There are rea
sons, it Is said, why we should not particularly
commiserate the owner on his loss ; bnt be
that as It may, the circumstances of the case
excite many reflections. Her crew, a body of
innocent sailorB, prosecuting an honeit and
honorable vocation, were seized by the law
less rovers, put in irons as If they had been
criminals, and in that ignominious condition
' carried off to a foreign port.
Whether tlm Nashville professes to bo a re g
nlarlv commissioned vessel of war. or a pri
vateer, does not appear. The probability Is
that she is neither, and that she U cruising, like
a pirate, on her own responsibility. But what
ever BUG no nuuiiuuiiy, irua uuuegn 10 tuo oautc,
one of the grosFest that has yet been Inflicted
upon the flg of our country, and the honor
at well as properly of our oil nens. New York
must feel the Insult and the wrong to her very
heart. Seldom before, in her history as a
' .commercial metropolis, has anyone dared to
r question her right to navigate the great ocean
which Is the source of her wealth and suprem
acv. In all the Beas of the world foreign pow
ers are glad to acknowledge the emblems of
her enterprise, are glad to cultivate the most
friendly relations wun ner representatives, anu
triad to do all In their power to foster and ex
tend her commerce. But these rebels do not
senmle to arrest her merchantmen, sink them
In the Great deep, and subject th-lr crews to
tbo IndlgnitieB which civilized nations reserve
for felons.
Gen. Webb at Rio Janeiro.
Disnaiches havo been received from Gen.
James Watson Webb, which will assure the
Government of tho country that treason is as
vigorously dealt with on the South American
ciast ns hre. When our new minister arrived
at lllo, there were forty peven American ves
sels in port (previously there had been seventy
two ;) Bome of these were commanded by se
cession captair.s, and orenly displayed Irom
the fore, and everywhere, except thr ppak, tbe
rebel flag. Our consul remonstrated, but they
called the flags ' signals," and claimed to dls
ulav anv signals thev pleased.
'' Minister Webb brought the matter to an
issue by instructing tbe consul at that port,
und the eight other ports under his jurisdiction,
to givo notico to all concerned, on their arrival,
that, upon tbe display of u rebel fljg Irom
any pait of an American ship, the master
would be Instantly removed and the vessel be
placed under tbe command of tbe first officer
or some other suitable person, and be sent
bome to her owners ; that she will be treated,
in all lespects, as if retaken from her captors,
her voyage be considered as terminated, and
sent home, as the readiest way of restoring to
loyal American citizens their property, rocap
tured Irum the rebels, who may have had poises-
Bion of her I
This vigorous and determined policy checked
the evil at once In Rio, und frightened tbe rebel
masters out ol their demonstrations. Its effect
ulong this wbolo coast, including nearly forty
denrees of latitude, cannot be but moBt salu
tary.tf. 1'. World.
James Mullen has been committed to prison
t Mnntral. ou a. chariM of enllstlns! men In
ii,a Fieni servlec Thu trial is to take place
at the Court of Qn-en's Bench, on tho 24th of
March next.
Lieut. Conhlln, of the Thirtieth New York,
died on Friday, nnd his body was yesterday
escorted to the cars with military honors.
Sailing Masfcr J. K. Pierce, of the steamer
Governor, which foundered on tho passage to
Siiuth Carolina, and Ibe company on boatd of
which were saved by Ibe Siblne, arrived In
Boston on Satnrday, having left Port Royal on
Monday morning at i o'clock Ho came to
New York city In the Bteamor Illinois.
At the time of Ihi sailing i f the Illinois, two
oiinbouts were lvlnir off Beaufort, and on the
s'uoday night previous two hundred men were
sent up It laEe possession oi me piaue.
Fifteen tnousana soiniers were iransporieu
in the vossels composing the naval expedition.
With the exeplinn of about two thousand at
Fort IfcauregAtd, Bay Point, they are now en
camped at Hilton Head. Forts Walker and
Beauregard have been considerably strength
ened since they fell Into G in Sherman's hands.
Eight heavy rifled carmen have been mounted
upoo them in addition to their former arma
ment. It wu remrted that there was one barn full
nf cotton, in bales, at Beaufort, and another
barn, with about the same amount of cotton
impressed. The fields are white with this sta
ple, waiting to b i picked. The encampment
of tbe troops at Hilton Head Is In an immense
cotton Held.
The escape of the enemy from the forts at
Port Uoyal would havo betjn prevented by the
fleet hal our officers been uware of the depth
nf the water around the Islands upon which
the fortifications were situated. If this fact
had len known, the entire rebel force wonld
have been taken prisoners.
It Is stated that our guuboalscan easily pro
ceed within a veiy short distance of the
Charleston and Savannah railroad, land a force,
and tear np milts ol the track. When snffl
rlent reinforcements ehall have reached Port
Royal, (none had arrlveJ there before the sail
ing of th.e Illinois,) a large force could be
placed upon the mainland, und it la believed
that either Charleston or Savauuah could be
captured without much reference to the forts
constructed lor the protection of the e cities.
An extensive expedition was preparing to
sail for some other point on the Southern coast.
It will comprise fourteen ste.meft. The Ori
ental, Ariel, Baltic, arid Cabawba will be
umonir the fleet. The Baltic. It will be remem
bered, sailed from New Yurk. a few days since,
forPoit Royal. The Ben Defordisto carry
the general and his staff.
About five thousand troops are to embark in
the expedition, tho vessels carrying them belli g
conveyed oy several neavy armea gnuooauj.
Tbe destination of the fleet Is either Brunswick,
Georgia, or Feruandlna, Florida most likely,
the first named of these places. The posses
sion of Brunswick Is almost as important to tne
national cause as that of Port Royal.
Before tbe mjulh of tbe Savannah river fell
Into our possession, and since tbe occupancy of
Port Koyal, four schooners from Savannah
have run tbe blockade. Three of these have
been captured by our ves-els, and one bad as
her cargo guns, swords, and other implements
of war.
Notwithstanding the length of time which
has elapsed since Port Royal fell Into our
bands, the cargo of neither tho Vanderbilt nor
Ariel, two steam transports, bad been touched,
and It remains as it was stowtd In New York
city. Boston Transcript, 29(A.
The following Is Col. Bayard's report of his
expedition to Drainsvllla :
Camp Pierpont, Va , Nov. 27, 1861.
Sir : In obedience to orders, I started from
tliis camn vesterdav. at 9 o'clock in the even-
lig, for the purpose ot marching on DrainsviUe.
We reached positions above and behind Drains
viUe shortly after five In the morning, after a
very tedious and toilsome march. Major Bur
rows advanced on the town by the northern
pike, which leads to it, with two companies of
the regiment, while I, with the other eight,
gained tbe rear ol tho town and advanced by
the Leesburg pike. There were but two pick
etmen In the town. These were cavalrymen
belonging to Col. Stuart's Virginia Horse, and
were caDtured, with their horses and arms, by
Capt. Sladelman's company B. I arrested six
of the cltzens of Drniusville, who are known to
be secessionists of tne Ditterest stamp. M neir
names are as follows :
John T. Day, M. D., DrainsviUe ; R. II. Gan
nel, Great Falls, Va.; John T. D. Bell, 0. W.
Coleman, DrainsviUe ; W. B. May, M. D., J. B.
Fair. Upon my return, some miles from Drains
vllle, a fire was opened upon the head of the
column Irom a thick pine wood. Assistant
Surgeon Alexauder was seriously wounueci,
and Private Joel Ilongbtallng, I iear, mortally
wounded, and I bad my horse killed. Surgeon
Stanton received a ball lu his overcoat, and his
horse was shot twice. The woods were lu
stuntly surrouuded, and Ibe carbineers dis
mounted and sent within them. We killed two
and captured four, one of whom ie shot twice
and not expected to live. I captured two good
horse-t, fire shot guns, ouu Hall's rifle, nnd two
The names of the prisoners are as follows:
W. D. Farley, first lieutenant South Carolina
Volunteers, captain on Gen. Bonham's staff;
F. I)a Coradene, lieutenant Seventh South Car
olina Volunteers; P. W. Carper, Soventh South
Carolina Volunteers; F. llilderbrand, A. M.
Whltten, Thirtieth Virginia Cavalry, taken at
Drainesville, on picket; Thomas Coleman, cltl
Z"n of Drainesville, dangerously wounded. Wc
killed or captured all we saw,
I cannot close tbo report without speaking
of the ppleodid manner in which both men nnd
officers behaved. The fine manner in which
Majors Jones, Byrnes, second lieutenant Fifth
Cavalry, and Borrows, acted, cannot be too
highly appreciated. All acted well, and I can
not but thus publicly express my admiration
for their truly admirable behavior.
Very respectfully,
George D. Batikd,
Col.First Pa. Regiment, Oivalry.
Colonel II. I. Binm.E,
Assistant Adjutant General.
Marshal Kane. The Boston Transcript of
Saturday Bays:
Tho report that bo attempted to escape from
Fort Warren last week was erroneous. Tbe
story aroso from tho fact that he was seen ou
uoam a Doat at the island wharf, lie had per
mission to pass the guard, and was attended
by a soldier at the time. Wo learn from one
of the officers at the Fort, " that Mr. Kane has
never made an attempt to escane. or evinced
any disposition to break the rules which Col.
Dimick has established for tho government of
the prisoners. Ue-has at all times, since bis
confinement at Fort Warren, conducted blm
seUwIth propriety, and no person among the
whole number of prisoners has given lees
trouble than tbe former Marshal of Baltimore."
unu. a'tik.
TWixiter Boliodulo.
On and after MONDAY, Nove mb.r 18, 1S1 the
Part iger Trains batman Washington and Haiti
mora will run at follow :
lornlng Kxrrets leave Wathington 0 10 a. m.
Arrive at Baltimore 7 Ma ra.t PhiladelDhla 13 so n
ru : New York spa ; Ilarrlsburg 1.16 p m.
Morning Accommodation leave Wahlngton at
"Ham. Arrive at Baltimore 9 SO a. m No cou
nt -Mont at Baltimore.
Now r ork Mall Train leave Washington at 11 a. m
fcrriv. at Baltimore It 40 p.m.; Philadelphia 6 91
p m.; Hw York in p a
aiternoon Aroommoaauon leave watmngiona im
p m. Arriv.atBelllraor.tMp m ; Ilarriiburt 31
p. m.; Philadelphia in OS. p m. '
Breuing Kxpreaa laava Washington 6 p. in Ar
llTeatUailioJorej.tlp.nl.; VhilaJelpnla lOMp. m ,
New York 4 a. as , Ilarrlsburg l a. m
Leave New York at 7 a. m.: Philadelphia 11 S'i a.
m-; UaltlmonS.6ep.BL Arrive at Waehirgtou fi.JO
V m-
Leave New York at p. m ; Philadelphia 13 60 p
in.; Baltimore 410 a. a. Arrive at Washington o
Leave New York at 11 .
ra.; Baltimore T.W a. m.
o it a. m.i
m ; Philadelphia 3 to n.
Arrive at Washington
Accommodation Traits leave Baltimore at 0 a. m.
ud 6 p. ra. Jor Wailing ton ; arrive ihere at 11 a. m
and 7 p. in. .
Passenger Trains leaving Washington at 7.13 a m.
and 3 05 p. m , and Baltimore at 7 36 a in and 8 CO
p ra , maka direct sonneetione for Annipollt at (In
junction. Trains leave Annapolis for Baltimore and wain
laf ton at fl.so a. ra. and 1 49 p. m.
Pis'enger Tralni Uavlag WaiAlngton at fl 10 a m
11 a. ra and 6pm, and Baltimore at 4 'JO and 7.15
It m and Wuingbn (KtU) Junotunf .
vav raMCDgarsmaHiiKe mo iomwioafion rraua
Trains will 1ave Waihtng on and Baltlmm
pi ontpfly upon cara time,
Master of Transportation, Ualt.
agent, Oamden Stati'ra, Baltimore.
Agent, at Waiting-ton. nov 21
The Camden and Amboy and Philadelphia and
Trenton Railroad Companies' Line from Villi, A
KENSINOTUN DEPOT, will leave ai follows
At 0 A II , via Camden and Amhov, (O an. I A
Accommodation J
At e A M., via Camden and Jenty City, (N. J
At t A M. , via Camden and Jersey City, (Horning
At UK A. U., via r h vtoa and Jersey City,
i vv eaters e.xpresi
AtlSXP M.,laC.. ... and Amboy, (Aceommo-
At a P. M., via Camaan and Amboy, (C. and A.
At 4K P. L, vl Kensington and Jersey City,
(Evening Kxpnas )
At 4X P. St., via Kensington and Jern;y Ufr,
(Second Glass Tlaket.)
At P. af., via Camdea and Jcrny CMy, (Evenly
At 11 P. M., via Camden and Jersey City, (Month
era MalL)
At 6 P. K,, via Camden and Ambor, ( Accommoda
tion, freight and pantnger, Vint Clan Ticket )
The a P. Mall Train runs dally. Tne 11 1 P.
II. Mall, Saturdays excepud.
For Btlvidere, Kaiton, Lambertvilla, Flemlngton,
k:., at 7.10 A. M.; and X r. M., from Kemlnetnn.
For Water Oap, atroudebnrg, Saranton, Wilae
barra, Montroe., Great IVncf, io , at 7.10 A, M ,
from Kenilngt.i, via Delaware, Lackawai.a, and
Weetern Railroad.
For Ma.ch Chunk, Allentawn and nethlehem,at
7.1o A. M. and 6X P. M , from Kensiugton depot:
the 7 10 A. M. Ha. connects wit hthe train leaving
Kaston at (36 P.M.
For Mosat Uolly at 6 and I A. II and 4 and y
For Freehold at A. V. and I P. M.
Nor Briatol, Trenton, to., at 7.10 A. M.,4i and
til P M , from Kauington, and IX P. M. irom
Walnut street wkarf.
For Palmrra. Rlverton. Delano. Bererlv. Bur
lington, Floranaaoo. Bordentown, An , at 12V, 1,3!
4)(, and 6 P. U.
oieamcr l renion, lor uoraemown, ana iniermeai
ate places, at 8J4 P. M.,frora Walnut ttreet wliar:.
star- For New York and Way Lines, leaving Kin
elngton Depot, take the cars oa Fifth svett, above
Walnut, hlf an hoar before departure The cur'
run into tbs aepot, and on arrival ol tralni run from
ma a.poi.
Fifty pounds of nagfjge only allowed to car h
paaeenger. Pawengem are prohibited from talting
anything as baggaga but trmir wearing apparel
All baggaga over flity pounds to be paid lor extra.
1 tie company limit tnelr reipon tblllty for baBi;t
Ui on. dollar per pound, and will not be liable for
a ir araouat beyond one hundred dollars except by
i)ieclal contract. WM. H. OATZMKK,
uug 1 Agent
KJ F O U T U E W E 3 V , ifo
KxpretH Tralnt leave New York dly depots ol
Hudson River Railroad dally, Sundays excepted, as
'rom Chambern ttreet
From 31st street statlnu
At 7 25 A M,
11.13 " ft Hi P M
6 63 P M
1.45 P. H
t 7 00 A M.
11 00 "i 6 P. M.
3.80 P. M.
Ilnntreal and Buffalo
Train v. Mil sleeping
oars, 9 16 P. M.
Connecting at Albany with the New Yoik Cen
,ral RultrOiJu lor Sclu-neotsdy, Uoch-ser, Utlci
itatavia, Rome, and station on Rome end Wt-tcr
town Railroad, Buffalo, Syracuse, Niagara 1 all
Suspension Bridge, Auburn, Geneva, Cn-jimd-iUii t
Tralnt in conneollnn leave Buffalo and SuspeUHOn
tttii l.aae miorc, uuuaiu anil i.aae in
Western Railroad, for Hamilton, To
Chicago, Toledo, Mtlwaukle, loud
CriHee, Madison, Prairie DuChIeu,Ga
fi.i Lake snore, uuuaio ana i.aae uuro i und ureal
, loronto, iiciroii
oud Du Lac, La
fl.l.H. ll. .nllll
VirUVS, UHIUUU, . IB,, ,v VUVUHU,u.lctl.,l'UUinll
Dubuque, Pesrla, Rock Island, Musoatine, low aCity,
llurliugton, Quiucy, Springfield, Alton, ht. Loui,
Cairo, Terrs Haute, Indianapolis, LouUvlllc.Clncln
iiatl, Dayton, Coluinbut, Cleveland, and all point
Wett, Northwest, and Southweir
Connecting with Trains at Troy, with Troy am!
Boston, and Reus and Saratoga Roads for Saratov,
Whitehall, Rutland, Burlington, bt. Albaus, Rou e
Point, Platttburgh, Ogdennburgh, Montreal, Ao
XeT Freight Arrangements by this route at above,
without ckauge ef Cars, Irom ilie Depute in (. lum
bert and Canal streets, are at all times as favorable
at made by ether Railroad CompanieR 1 he luclll
titt of thtt great New York Route, totue Wc? ,coin
mend it to the confidence of merchants aud rhlpper
for promptneu and UUpatoh.
Paaeenger Tralnt with Smoking and Sleeping
Cart, run in connection on the New York Central
Road. -
For particulars as to local train land Height ar
ranaenieuts. Inquire at the depot, 18 Warren etrcut
a v mm ii
tug 20
MUNN si CO., proprietors of the uefctillfu
Amerloan,and agents for procuring American ui"
With .Sixlfen 1'ears Erveriencn in the Uusiiuw.
Refer to Hon Judge Mason, Hon Joseph Holt,
nun W, D. Bishop, ex-Commissioners ol Patent-,
nnd to more than fifteen tbousund Inventors whr
have had buslnt-M done through Mtuui A t o ' Par
ent Agency.
Pamphlet of advioe sent free by mall
Patent Laws and Regulatlour,100 pagtn, 5 rent
No charge for consultation , orally or by mall
Prellmluary Kxaialuatlon In United Stales Patent
Office, $6.
OfUces.No 67 Park Row, New York: Washington,
corner Of F 'and Seventh streels.oppoeltothe Patent
OBea marU-iniir
1 10,000 Whisky and Brandy Bottles
Cash on delivery.
norsott 33 D ttreet, faoing V avenue.
Seventh. St. CIO
1. .1. II LL VV A CO.,
MKriotcains' osr roa inn sal or
Fine Golil nml Hntcd Jtu dry, Merlin' Silver
Platnl Wnre,
In Job lot for Dealm. Sutlers, Pcdlan, ht.
BID '''Tinlli Hit ttt.
Three dnoia s. utli .! Odd Feilnws' Hall,
WAnnlMlTOV, D. o ,
(rortnrlyuudrr Natloi.al Hotel )
We gua, ant e tn II our customers various articles
of Fine Jewelr), I'ver Plated Ware, Notion!, Nut
len' end IVulaii' Udtiils, at ess lhan New York
r Phiiadf lphli price , In los to ( ult putchaierr.
We sell :
... Gmen nUtl Prtc.
Fine Cornland Cam'oStttti.... toslti, for $1.00
KlrcMo-nlc ami LaiaSrtli. ,. to s. for 1.0fl
Une Lltltmeled and Jet hctta... 4 to 7, for loo
Inteidand liogne Vase SetU... 4 to 7, lor l.W
Fine atone Cameo and litdatnre
Sttt- 5to 10,for l.M
Splendid Carbunole and Ruby
-ett Tto IQ.for 2.00
Splendid Oarittt and Coral Setts 7 to 10, for 2 00
Splendid Vo"t and Guard Chains 6 to 10, for 1.00
Locket and Medallions, every
Mte made 8 to 0, for 1.00
Full tcttH ol Oent'i Btuda and
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Ellegant ltcoMng Pins, ery
flue 4 to 6, for 100
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Bntton, separate 2to 3, for 60
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l'ins 2 to 3, for 60
Full SetM of Klegent Threaded and
linied biivcr Plated Table Forks und
Moot. for 160
Full Sett oi Une reapoon. to match,
general reta I price 12 to $4 for 1.00
To and C'fl'te Pots, Drinking Cup,
Mug'. Pitchers, Salt Kttnda from f 1 to 2 00
The biRt niwortm'M t ol Fine Oold Plated
Daml lliaclm i-i the L'nIUd State, In
evry erlety In the trade . .each from 1 to 3 oo
We ll the !lnet Cofoanut and other Uafr OIL,
Fancy Colognes, French Kxtractx.lalotstjnultpur.
We 'ell V rsley's, Taylor's, aid other Fancy
?oape in variety, pur up It family boxe to euit
purchaser., at 2, iercclit Ie' than regular prlis.
We fell Portli-llo', Meraormdum BouVv, nocket
Hooks. Moncr Purser, Pocket i umh and Qla-we,
Loug, lire log, aud Round Ccmos, ClotU aud Hair
Brule3, Fli c Tooth Combs, Miavlng and Tooth
llruhe.i, with various ottier Sutlers' and Dealer
Staple (jood-t . nil of which e offer to the Trade
ai d the publio generally at lesi than New York
tt e rcspectfull be to call the attention of every
Lady and Uertleman to our New btock of Double
tll.ded I'liot.iraili and l'ictuie Frames, every s'ze
made. We aiesillingthepc goods from 76 cents to tl
each, or about oue l.aif tho maker' retail prices
Tho Trade respectfully solicited We are receiving
New Goods from the anuiacturcri dally.
Remember the New btore.
no 610, 6in, sin, ho.
lu, m, sk". miv.
jnanuiaoiurers- Agents.
We have a large and splendid assortment of Fancy
Patriotia Stationery, New Styles and New Mottoes,
direct from tle Manutaciurere, which we offer at
20 per cent les than tho regular prlcee Call and
sen this Hue I nov J tl
.. . . -. .
FIN'LKY lllnGER, (late Itegl-ter of the U.S.
Tnaeury,) and C1I ARLKb F SHERMAN, Ouu
bvlior at Law, v-iu devote their tntiie attention to
the iirotiecutiou end settlement of demand aghlniri
the Uol ed Statel, growing out of the present war,
luoluiliug the Accounts aud lalm of Matej, Cou
Tractors, and Disbursing Offlceis: app Icitioue toi
the restoration ol proi trty tllegntl eieze.-! or cap
tured, and for ci mini-atioa lor tl e use of priva o
property lor nov, ruini'iit purro eH,andlordamjgKe
l,jr tlio injury ol such jroierty tj the army, t r
military pay, tvn-lou4, and bounty lands; ann for
-i-trilmtive ehaieit ot monies pnysble at the Trea
sury aud due to eub contractors anl others
Tney will also give legal adlce to claimants, con
tractors, aud to unpr-iteMd'nial agente lnlltlgtte'i
cae, ami prepare u rllUn arguments when desired
Will Nou miJi-ut Agenis who may Mud them
claims, an cijiluble division ot oommlt.ions will be
UndUputed Demand will be collected and
rrouiptly remitted for a commission of from a half
to two and a hilf ir ceLt depending on the
amount, and negotiation with the Department
tonducie I on moderate terms.
y pro ii t attention, nsederste elmrges, long ex
lerieuvt aid a inn ute knoovltdge of thu of luws,
r ifulutlnti' . ruin and nrecedeiits. ttoverninir this
cIum ul bulucft at the Departments, they hope lo
rt-ii'ltr tueir sirvicet u-eiui to claimants uuu puouo
Riferenoe n.ay be made to .Members or t'ongne-,
und itllcert ol tlin ilnwrnnient, and eepeclally, b
li rmllon, to tbe ilni I-limia WitirTLLtcT, ir-t
:omiiliollerol the Treasury
,ddrer)t "Messrt IllUGER k SHEllMAN,
Washington, 11 0 "
Office, No 215 F street, near Treiiury and Wll
lunln' lloti 1. novsrm
11. LKLANIl'8
Anti-Rheumatic Band!
HHEUMATISV, in lU rarvwifomu,
lUI'UKITIEI cf Iht lll.OOD,
AM the e'til tt rf ihnuiy
It i a convenient!) ar. angi d Hah or Belt, con
I lining a nndicutel compinud.to lie warn aroJnJ
the bidy.hboui -he wai-t rqUALLT APrecTlsa ail
rARTS, uhrrerir the dura' wittv fce,ard eati be worn
Hithmd xnjw v t- the m it drtwive perKin
Ity till trHtm-nt tlie liwliciual prop.rlles e -n-lali
cd lu tbe Hani, li, fn nl h Ai-;Mi (iriwiju-ami
iiJi'tle na'iii-e, aid oiidl of betig rrvhlj alj 'i-'l
thnnujt tli J.'iei ' l-AlH,culiie Into (firert CfnlCLt with
the tiiooi Hod uepuat uiciila ton. wlllluut first i h.i.
i.g ihrt ull III nio-ee-iit UUertion, whithwould
te-d, not only toil tiactl om heir curative -oers,
but tn linnulr the interim lor ,'tns an,ldtiage tht
ingestion aWo thus sv- Ming tbe injurinui eilerti o
oPeti the lu-ult oi tn'ertal rewierlwi, and itltOtiiga
jAifixtcitre, by pHrlyiny irul 'qjnluirv the eircutn'iiil nf
he mil JtiinU nn.f rrtbtrinri the Jrli afclM taa healthy
cn-Uim 'Hit IIan Is till a nt-n innivr'iif ' Asti
MrntLulAi. aqent " uld will entirely rriure the iys
,m leom If ie,rij 1 itil rfe ii
Uotlern'em' i c curt il In a few days, and wi are
rmihtintiy receiving L-n,biiIteiillmonIats to whult
we lnlte mpei inn M ourotlice of tlulr elncucy lu
ayuravhtei iae ni hmj tijuanuf
Price Two Dollars. Sent by mall upon recoil t ol
ti oroyixi-ie t lerywhere. with nil itrfkaiy in
nrih"i , from tuu pri iclptl oltlce of
tl bill 111 CO , Pniiuletor"
491 llroadway, New tork.
N. it Drnplire arcnlari lent flee
o- I tiis "and will nut Interfere with the roldler'e
I'utles. nov 16 ly
mUUll A ! D UUAhl
On hand, a luM snpply ef all kinds of AK1 HJCA
srarCoal kept la ooal licuM-d, well screened bttore
2,2101b to the ten
Wood, of all kinds, prepaeVi, or dellvmd 'Ord
IrKtIS r A ill I
T. .1 IV M (, L1,
No M2 Pennsylvania avenue
au J 1 . tf v . tweeu 11th and Utli Htcc'd
WANTKD 51 femalM to leain t" make Vlrta
A pers'in can In a rlurt time, nutie, ,r wwk.irom
$1 to f 1 hvq utre, lor particulars, oi 4i.TSevenflif.t
between 0 and 11 novlt tt
K T A 1. L I
AHMO 11 .) i j
Pennsylvania Avenue, near Eleventh Street
sept 21-11
A pniltlve and specifta remedy for uUeaaea of tbe
madder, Kidneys, Oravel, Drerry,
Hladder, Kidneys, Gravel, Dropiy,
Bladder, Kldeeye, Uravtl, Dropsy,
Hladder, Kidneys, Gravel, Diopey,
"ladder Kldneyi, Gravel, Drenay,
hrxu.il Organs. Sexual Organs, Sexual Organs,
Sexual Organs, Sexual Organs, Sexual Organs,
Htxual Organs, hexnal Organs, Sexual Organs,
nexnal Org ins, Sexual Organs, Sexual Organi,
Sexual Organs, Sexual Organs, , Sexual Organs,
arleing from excees, early Indiscretions, expoeuice,
nnd Imprudences, and removing all Imprcper dls
riiargr9,wneiuer exuung in
Slialcor eml Male or lrcmali
Male oi Female, Male or .Female.
Male or Female, male or Female.
it a r act long nnce ettaDiisned, that perwnf March 1861, In th. name or Damsel K. Jaskway,
uOering with any dlseaMof thee, organs aie afreet and (ranted ra th. 1st day of Aagmit.ltll.
ed in bodily health and mental powers, and expert I No. 1,104, for lCOaeree, larajad under th. act ot
encs many alarming nymptoma. among wnlch wll March, 1866, In th. nam. of William H. Tarranoe,
ne louna: IndL-poeition to lix.rtion, Loee of Memory, and granted on the 18th day 1 July, IMA DMeen
Dlffloulty of Breathing, General Weakness, Horror ' berti, 1861.
of Dlease, Weak Nerves, Trembling, Ilorrar oi Nov 14,946, for 80 acne, Issued under th. at of
Death, Night Sweats, Cold Feet, Wakefulness, Dim "entember. 1660. tn th. namaol Levi fradwll.an
nest of Vulon, Languor, Universal Latcitndt of the
Muscular System, often Enormous Appetite, will.
i'ylKluu ojmpujm, not nanus, a laening OI tne
Rudy, Dryness oftbe Skin, Pallid Countenance, and
ttrupllens on the Face, Paint In the Back, lleavineo
of the Kyellds, frequently black spots flying befort
thn Eyes, with temporary Suffusion and Lost ot
nes These symptomt.ti allowed to go on, which
this medti lne Invariably removes, soon follow Lai
n Power, Blufiy and JSrBirtic Kt, I
no cm say marines, excesses are not rrequenti)
followed by tho-e direful dlteatee, INSANITY ace
;ONBUMPTIONf Jherccordtofth.Intane Aej ,
lums.nnd thi melancholy deatht by Consnm tlon '
In ar cmple wtnees of the truth of thin assertion
I. acertalu.tale, and speedy cure, from whatevei ,
otuse tne may have originated, and no matter of
jiuia i.uuu omuuiuir.
How Lone- Standlnr.
flow Loug Htauqliig, Mow Long stanatng,
now i our cunuiuz. now iDoe aianaine
It ie taken w.thout Hindrance Irom Buiine, ana
little, If any, change af diet.
Is pleasant In its taste and odor,
And immediate in its action
It yuu arc suffering with any of the above dlrtre
ihj ailments
procure tub rk1itdt atvxcr,
procure the hfhkdy at okch,
procure the rkuedtat once
iiflubold:i extract bvciiu,
v.h medicine hich mmt benefit everybody, lrc
he simply delicate to the oonnaed ana deepaltii
Price tl per bottle, or ef;i,ucii,eiu to jAiy au
'rest Prepared by
li i iiejL.ainui.Li,
Depot, 104 South Tenth siren.
Below Chestnut. Phtlede!T-M
Dfeoribe lymptoma tn all ifenuuuniiationa.
Uho erdcevur to dlsjioee 'or thus own" at
Tlelmbold't Genuine Preparatloos,
" " Extraot Buchu,
" " Santparilla
" ' Improved Rose v-fliih
Sold by Z D OILMAN
8. B. WAITE,
S C. FtiRD,
And by all Drnggttte ever,whiic
Aek fur ilelmbtild's Take no other. Cnti.ntlli
idvertii-ement andeiud for lt,and avuid Imf-oiltlo.
undexpoeure. hp Co.
Jut urrlred, a dlrei,t importation per steam
Fulton, from Europe, a very fine and large aseori
meut of Marine. Opera, field Glaetss. and Tel
ucoiice, which I will sell a very Uttl. above the oor
0iie, w
n Paris
As to the qualltUs, there are none tu
rlor to be had, having been seltcted purpoeely v
this market. Also, a large aud well aheot ted eto
ot Opera Glastit, Microsoopes, gold, silver, aud ett
Spectacles and Kye Glatets, suited to thu sl;ht 1
the use of an Optometer A oonelderable number
ct rtlfloa es 10 be seen at ray office, from gentlem
who have been suited at tny cide.tebll'hment.
UG Ptnnsylvania avenne, betwetn Fonr-aiul-B'
half and Sixth Strttts.
My establishment la up aialrs.
OIoiKi fitted to tuit. Tbe trade supplied .
oot 10 ly
iVoi 471a:kM78 (uttmd) togtOiitrHttbclwm D ni '
Flnt Ola ITorwn and VfhiclM, (MDK)f or doable,)
nd attcntW IItt1er, always on hand
npr S Cm Proprietor
(lIlKUl'ljAHiJU ..(JINK I'lKltJ,
without mttal plate or cl'pt, y
PH. S. 13. SlOKHMONl)
i'l Hrosidway, New York; andvCOVeiinn Mttiue
het 1-tli and Mh sta , Waahington, U C
'iiM the utti r lonot the publio to h tullomnif
uautjRfrjOl his impravedeyatrm:
t r Ihetttetho.hismanuracturewlUnevercuirotle
nor change oolur by any acidn, and are thrt fourth-t
It Kilter than euy t tlier.
:d No ttth or toots need be extracted, tutbe
urtirtclal oneestan be Inserted over them
.'d. Ihn root will be made iiKiffsoalra and narer
to ache
1th No temporary teth are nededt aa rrmanent
on?ti can be made immvdlately. therbr Drecfcr.iiic
ihf natural exmi tlun ot (he face, which, under thu
old nyntpm, I frequently dlrfkared.
6th IhU woik haji ben fully tej-ti'dj for over H
yearn, by many ot the first ChemUU and PhyslcUuM
of thU und thu old country.
Dr is hks alio LnTente! a white IndMructlblts
metal fllllna with whloh th moet lonmtlve tteth can
be tilled without pain, aud can buildup a perfect
tftund tooth on any aide roota, which will lat
through i liittlme.
He rulVro to thn following ffentUmen Or V Mot
Dr lJorerau, frolovor oi ChetaUtry. lion A
Mann, jun , Capt Crabtree, Vioe President of the
Emigration Co of New York; Hon Judge Wayne,
ot tho Supreme Court, of Washington,!) 0. , and
thousand Qf others.
Call and examine for yourielve. nov 8 Cm
SI. T. PA Hit Kit, K
lAtnanaav.,lei.GtKandtlha.'i, ej
norm Mae,
Ilavlne comnlsted lilt arranatments. Ie now ready
to attt-nd. even more vigorously ttitn ever to
In oil or lit various Draneme Having secure tne
service ot a oorps ot exoeuent workmen, i am pre
pared to do Flags ami Banners In the best style and
on the tniiM rea,ontble terms nov 11 eoVm
rou sr.NDisu
Monoy to Gormany
Anil all Parts of the Country.
Holiday presents per Hamburg tteamer of the 30th
18 Market Space
AT" Sign of the German Htg.-C
nnvM tf
IIUAICUINU. Klcht or Ten Gentlemen
Jj can be accommodated with BO AUD and LODO
ING, on reasonable terms K street, between Filth
and Sixth, No. iM. tDeoU"
QomnN 'tobiasX
A plication having been mad. ander th. aetof Wd
Jane, I860, for th. reissue of the land Warran's te
eciibed herein, which an alleged to lav. bean lmt
cr destroyed, notice is hereby given that, at the date
following the dMcrlption of each warrant, a new
certificate of like tenor will be famed, If ne valid ob
jection should then appear.
No 67,103, for too Acres, lsneet aider the aat of
.".larch, i;s; In the nam. f Uanneh. widow of
of Jamas Wilson, and granted en the XMh day ol
February, 1867 December 60, 1841-
No. I,0S, for 160 acres, iaeued ander th. net ol
March, 1W6. in th. nam. of Alexander Mctrnain,
and granted on th. 11th day of October, 1666 No
vunber U.IIN.
No 9,769. for 120 asm, Isned under th. act .1
March, 1866, in th. nam. of Daniel W.it, and grant
ed on the 14th day of July, 1 HI 7th Deoemser,
No. M.860, for 110 acne, Issued ander the act ot
jaarcD, u&o, in in. nam. oi auui, wiaow or A.
drew Mellon, and granud en tie 16th day of April,
J6S Uecemter 11, 1841.
No. 3,103, for ISO sens, itemed uiir th aot of
granted September 29. 186'
no, Bi.tus, lor to acre, lasuea anaer in. tame an,
In th. name of Al.l rlatla.and granted Ztovember
S8, 1161 December 38, 1861.
N 69268, tor 169 urn, ltaned under th. i of
Maroh.1156. in the nameof faethLova, and granted
m th. S3d day of June, 1667 December St, 1861.
No. 79.U10 for 160 acres, (act 1847) In favor af Jtl
tinor Dryant, formerly widow, and Lawr.no.
Vloan, only turviving child, heirs at law of Mlsluul
or Mltchel Sloan deceased, late a private ol eom-
pauy " C," eleventh United auta Inlanlry,
January 4, 1861.
No 11 624, for ISO acres, hntt under the aot of
March, 1156, In the nam. of Thomas Johnson, and
granted on the Oth day of September, 1667 Jan.-
ary 4,1862.
So. 41 114, for 80 acres luued under the actol
March, 16I, in Ike name ol Polly, widow of Joan
(7tnin.ai.ri wai reanteri on thaaad dav elf Rantaanhar.
1 1860 January 4, 1862.
uage pto. aa,4o, lor iou acret. uvuea muoer Hie ma
of March, i'66,ln the uni of William Sco'.t,and
wu granted on tbe let day of May ,1856 January
Ho. IS 666, for 80 acres, bused aider the act of
March, 1856, In the name of Simeon Teamster, and
waa granted March 26th, 1166.
Mo tl.sot, for 166 a.ret, Issued anaer the aet of
March, 1666, In th. nam of Naaoy Joknsoa, widow
of John Klcbaraa, and was granted August 24. U,
l69 18th January, 1162.
No. 49,077, for 60 acres, IstuMd nudtr the act of
March. 1865. In the name of Rarsh. wld.w of Evert
Yanvtckle, and wu gtantxd November IS, 1860
J juary 26, 1862.
u. 47,130, tor 160 tores, Ituea ander the act of
Varch.lSll.in the nam. of Cyru S Ward, minor
child of Cyrut 8 Ward, dtai.d, aud was granted
October 10.1866 January 15, 18(4.
Mo 86 61, for 116 acres, laaned under the aot el
j'crcli 3, 1866, In the name ol Joanna M . widow of
John Van Btuklrak, aa was (ranted August 17,
No 48 223, for 80 aerts, Issued nudtr the set ol
Maroh, 1865, in the nam. or Jacob loek!r,aid was
granttd August 60, 1868 February , 1862
ro It THIS
QrAATteis Arret GtaaaAL's Orrica,
Propotals are invited for oonetructiag Guakoata
upon the Weetern rivers
SpecUcatlont will b. lmmedlat.ly prepared, aud
may be examined at th. Quartermaster's OfUM at
Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, and at thtt offlce.
Proposalt from bat kuildtra and euglna builders
rflone will be eonsidercd
Plant submitted by bidden will he taken into eon
dderation. M. C. MEIGS,
jure 19 Quartermaster General United Statu
Consequently, I shall remain in Wathlngten, and
eontluue to pursue my occupation of
GILDINO in all Its branches Old GLAZING
promptly attended to Painting and Ornamenting
Cottage Furniture, in the beet ttylt. I also call ai
tentlon to th. Painting of Hoofs aad Brick Walls.
All the above I will do at cheap as the chtapeit
1 therefore solicit th. patrunagt of mv lileadian
How citiaent ol the District. Punctuality bi lot ly
observed, and work done in Ike t-ett manner.
You will please mind your ttope, and lUii at
M. T l'AUKKtt'fc
Painting FsMbllshmtBt,
No 6S Louisiana avenue (north elds),
between Sixth aad Seventh streets
P 8 Signs put ar free ol charge, sj usual.
$H per hundred I li per hundred I l per hundred I
lUTLEm, ttintioni
Th. attention of Sutlers, and dealers generally, it
respeatfully invlttd to tha ltrge assortment of
Plea, Cake, Brand. Ilolle.iIIulernlt, Air.,
kept oonstantly on haad and baked .vary day hy
lite Ubdeitlgued
Ilutlersoan rtly ra getting a good Tie at th. lew
price ol S3 per hundred, and have thtm at all timet
trah from tn. oven.
The sub.crlber w.uld respectfully call tke atUn
l Ion of the public to his aMorUMLt, and while tuank-
ln them for the patronage already beetowed, eolloft
their orders, which will ke promp-ly filled
N. 881 New York avenue,
between Tenth and Eleventh streets,
tails 266 and !87 CenUe Market,ai.d ml Northern
Liberties Market nov Is lm
Q H. LBWIB. M. !.,
J Soiitsil Surgoon,
lietwun Tuxtflk and TkirUtntk .ttresfj,
WASurNOTOK crrr,
Ueepeetfully tenden hit professional services to
thr pubtto Having had an extensive practice lu
Philadelphia, he leele himself fully eompeuat to dls
c'large bis duty lu every case slilcu may be pretente!
to nu care.
Dr. L hat secured the right to (re the new Imprar.
nwnt, patented by Drt A M t J L. Aaay.ol rhll
adelphia, for fuienlag arntclal uh to gold, silver,
or platiaa plates, which prec ud.t tbe peWblUiy of
n.'.lva or foreign maUr'alt aeartttag b.twa then,
at the same Mm. rendering the operation anor arm,
natural, and of mere uii.liy to lm patt.at,dlipens
Ing with the ordinary mod-s f fMUnlag.by rtrat
Ing or tolderlog, which to oiten canstn th. nrlnglng
of pistes, and Matequently an lmpsrfaet aaapeattm
to the mouth.
He would rrsprotfully Invite thepublle tohli offlee
to examine this iupr.vetnent. To do to is to be cou
visaed of its superiority ever all methods herttosVN
The dental profession Is also invited to sail and
examine Its merits and utility. . ,,
Alto, dentists can ba furnished with teeth of all
kinds, at a lata prioa than they can be bought else
where. aoO-ltn
instant, are Invited for mrnlshlug the U 1. Sub
sistence Department with flour.
About 12,000 barrel! will be required ef a high
grade of extra Flour, to ee neni.. i. t ""mt
ton-at the railroad depot, or at warthousasia Wash.
Ington or Georgetown, soraetlrae between the 1st
Dsfceraber and th. )th Dteember, 1191 Bath
barrel of tho flour to be Inapaawd Jut bcJtM It is
1 he Hour must be teual In quality to the brand
known as Lyon's Union Floor.
Illds to b directed to Major A. BKOKWITlI, O.
g t u, i. A., endowed " Psoposals " n.vU
Bertrmher B, 1S61.
Notice U hereby glv.n that the Library ol Can.
greet will not be $&$&gX
sepio tl lAnutaa.

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